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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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manchester city's northwest representatives can. teach a pretty cool. i said you were a member of the special meeting about the nail and he said no. that's not the topic i knew immediately this is a column. on the man city al jazeera investigation. of silence this time. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes syrian state media confirms the pro-government militia will join the u.s. backed kurdish fighters to repel turkish troops in
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a free. search crews reportedly reached the crash site of the iranian passenger plane that killed sixty five people. why some drivers a worried about a change of direction for the popular jeepney in the philippines. and i'm firing a small be here with all the day's sports including the bron james. as the best basketball players in the world a star and all star game. the battlefield in northern syria appears to become more complicated syrian state television is reporting that pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters in a free and they'll work together to repel a turkish offensive after a call from the kurds to help protect the region state television says the forces will arrive within. a matter of hours now this could mean syrian forces directly
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confronting turkish troops who've been engaged in an operation against kurdish fighters since last month syria's kurdish why p.g. has been a key u.s. ally in the fight against eisel but turkey is opposed to the group which it views as a terrorist organization live now to istanbul al-jazeera is a solid in job news job it is following the story for us from some let's start with this deal that could if fighters have reached with the syrian government forces to help repel tookey in northern syria this could could see the syrian army in direct conflict with turkey's forces could. absolutely adrian that's the fear that many analysts have that what will happen when turkish forces come face to face with syrian government forces so far the turkish government hasn't responded to what it feels is going to happen because
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it's waiting to see what is going to happen on the ground from what we're hearing according to syrian media state media as well as other media outlets pro-government outlets that is they are saying that it is not going to be syrian government forces per se it is going to be the militias which are allied to the syrian government are supported by the syrian government and its international allies including russia and iran just to give you a picture of who is fighting here these are goodish fighters backed by the united states who are asking for help from the syrian government which the united states has been calling a murderous regime and they are going to be also being backed by russia and iran who are backing the syrian government here and then all of these forces will be pitted against turkish forces turkish forces are backing arab fighters here who are saying that they are making gains around free and this is the border town where the tensions are going this operation olive branch has been ongoing by the turkish military since last month and they say that they are confident that they will be
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able to repel any sort of alliances that comes their way because they have been fighting the syrian regime for the last seven years at a summer while while we've got you want to ask you about another development away from that northern border near the capital damascus syrian government strikes on the rebel held on clay the recent goose of fourteen people killed on sunday will that eighty rockets hit that particular area looks like the strikes are probably you to some sort of major offensive that could get underway in eastern kuta. absolutely it's the humanitarian suffering in eastern guta that seems to be it that seems to have no end in sight in the last twenty four hours we've seen these relentless strikes being stepped up by the syrian government not just air strikes but artillery strikes as well and what we're hearing on the ground from syrian sources is that
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a number of government contingent who were stationed on aleppo countryside in it live and in hama have been told to fall back to words eastern huta which is raising fears that there might be an all out offensive a ground offensive in this besieged area it's a rather large on cleavage hosts nearly four hundred thousand people who are who have been without a basic necessities food and medical supplies since two thousand and thirteen the united nations and other humanitarian agencies have been calling on the syrian government to stop what it what they say is a starve or send a tactic and people on the ground in ghouta fear that once this operation this ground offensive begins everyone in this area going to be seen as opposition fight the syrian government regards all of them as terrorists and it is going to be a bloodbath it remains to be seen whether the syrian government is actually giving up on an all out offensive because it's been steadily targeting rebel positions and weakening them from the ground and on in the air. or at bay thanks indeed. that's
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not a zero sum a binge over there in istanbul this is the moment that syrian state television announced the pro-government militias involvement in that operation in a free. to follow in the turkish attacks on our families and our friend and follow in the request of our friends citizens from the regime to protect them from the ongoing tega should question that let's just say many killings and destruction it has been declared now that popular troops will end to efren within hours let's get some analysis then from now in kabul on who's director of policy analysis of the doha institute for graduate studies he joins us now in the studio and good to see you again so the battlefield in syria becomes ever more complicated what are the implications of the fact that the syrian government. supported militia could come directly into contact with turkish forces it is in fact becoming much more complicated in fact because we are having different parties with different objectives even the parties who are supposed to be fighting in support of one
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another. but the turkish intervention was made possible last month because of the agreement between russia and turkey russia allowed to keep to enter syrian territories in order to remove this forces from from a free today we are having the iranians actually stepping and with the syrian regime and trying to broker a disagreement with the core dish forces inside the city. the army and the syrian regime was a full up from the very beginning against the russian agreement on every so if there is to be managed to get the agreement with the kurdish forces inside the city that would mean is the city would return back to under the control of the syrian regime but the consequences of that will depend very much on the conditions if the kurds are going to accept the major conditions of the syrian regime will decide under very heavy weapons. dance artillery and rocket launchers will they be
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exiting the city because the syrian regime is asking syria democracy. forces to exit the city and to move to the east of the euphrates if these two conditions are met and of course i mean there are other details if these two conditions are met that didn't actually be a problem for turkey because for turkey the whole intervention in the first place was actually to force syria the market forces to leave the city and to move to the eastern part of syria to the east of the infinities these two things happen actually i think that we shouldn't be seeing any sort of fighting between the syrian regime and the could and that of course is so this isn't necessarily going to make matters worse in syria not because because as as as i said the russians will be trying actually to prevent any sort of confrontation between turkey the
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party which they have the agreement with in the first place in order to force the kurdish forces from a free in to the eastern part of syria and the syrian regime did a major ally on the ground so of these things happen i mean that would in fact should make in fact tookey happy with the consequences or that because if this operation continue on the ground. it's not necessarily that the turks will be able to take the city by force because it has been the military operation has been going on for the past four or five weeks and the turks have not been able to make major progress on the ground and they have actually been also having receiving casualties because of the fighting with the could this force so if he managed to get the could this force is now out of the city the major or the much object there should have been met in fact all right so where does the u.s. stand of all this if it backs militarily the it's been supplied weapons to the y.p. gee it's very true but here we are we are talking about their free the americans
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they made it clear from the very beginning that actually in a free in the forces who are fighting in a free in the could this force of writing if we are not our allies and we are not committed towards supporting them so in this particular area the americans are completely irrelevant it's something between the russians that iranians the turks who are trying to work something out in order as a city to prevent the sort of confrontation that many people have been expecting maybe between the syrian regime and the kurdish for the took his forces in case the enter the end of their free zone thanks for explaining that putting it into perspective for us many thanks steve now in kabul and. search and rescue teams have reached the site of a plane crash in iran according to local media the facing mountainous terrain at temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius the acid on airlines jet went down actually wasn't a jet it was a prop plane went down in foggy weather on sunday killing all sixty five people on
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board iran's president hassan rouhani has ordered an investigation into the accident. reports. distraught family members still know how bad street into one where fifty nine passengers and six crew members departed on their fateful flight. on the other side of the journey the halls of airport where the plane was said to arrive was full of people mourning so hard. i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he assured me they'll get here the plane is not behind schedule yet he said don't worry he called later it's had the plane had crashed there a seaman airlines flight departed from her bed airport into iran but disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving the plane was heading towards the city vs in southwestern iran it crashed into mt deena near the town of semi room in the mountain range rescue teams have struggled to reach the crash site due to inclement
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weather and rugged terrain there's no question the roads here are impassable vehicles are here and lots of people too when we heard about it around eleven am or noon we began searching all the villages in the area but we didn't find anything investigators have yet to determine the cause of the crash but some aviation experts believe heavy fog could have hindered the pilots navigation decades of international sanctions and diplomatic isolation have left iran's airlines with aging fleets of passenger planes which they've struggled to maintain and modernize . you have fruits of aircraft in iraq and as a man airlines flies it's the only airline in the world that still flies commercially the boeing seven two seven try jet this is an aircraft which hasn't even been made for over thirty four years and so you've got effectively a block on components of. a new aircraft which is simply left iranian
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aviation pretty much as it was well let's say round about nine hundred eighty iran suffered a number of aviation disasters most recently in two thousand and fourteen when a separate man airlines flight crashed just after takeoff killing thirty nine people. since to iran curb its nuclear program it's ordered more than two hundred planes from airbus and boeing with forty four billion dollars in the hopes of modernizing its commercial aviation committed by d.c. al-jazeera. israel has carried out as strikes on gaza following what it says were rockets fired from the strip into its territory neither caused any casualties there's been tension and violence along the border since saturday as harry for supports. a funeral for two teenagers killed by israeli fire near the gaza border on saturday night. salim. who both seventeen. israel
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says it fired warning shots towards a group acting suspiciously near the border fence witnesses talked of tank fire being used no palestinian armed group has claimed the boys as members they were laid to rest side by side sometimes father says his son was one of dozens who tried to escape the strip in recent years to look for undocumented work inside israel. all the youngsters in daraa live in tough conditions not just my son everyone suffers here and they get tired all the hardships. well the dust being marked here in russia today as a result of just one israeli operation what israel itself is calling a large scale attack on hamas targets here in gaza it's the largest such attack that we've seen since the twenty fourteen war and israel did strike it says eighteen separate how muscling targets from the air on saturday night. the israeli military says it targeted a tunnel being dug towards israel weapons making sites and military compounds one
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rocket was fired from gaza into israel striking a civilian house but injuring no one this latest round of violence the most serious in years began on saturday with the wounding of four israeli soldiers two seriously in an explosion near the border fence israel says that a virus was planted during this protest a day before reportedly hidden behind a flag which the israeli troops went to investigate. israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has vowed to eliminate the attackers adding israel views hamas as responsible for everything that happens in gaza hamas says it's israel it bears responsibility for the escalation and. that other fighting groups will not allow the israelis to impose new rules on the ground we will keep practicing our rights to defend our people from israeli aggression two things have seen the situation grow more fragile in recent months the reaction to donald trump's declaration calling jerusalem israel's capital and the continued deterioration the humanitarian situation which israel's army chief has reportedly warned could lead to further
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conflict for now the worst of the violence appears over but the conditions that created it remain in place all aware that more could follow are a force that al-jazeera gaza. here with the news of the most serious still to come on the program the oxfam director at the center of the sexual misconduct accusations in haiti now more is being revealed about what actually went on. plenty of dresses but where are the brides the problem for syria and women looking for love. and later in sport roger federer up in a hurry of the final of the rotterdam open. up. donald trump says that he'll talk to students and teachers this week about gun violence the u.s. president will host the so-called listening sessions on wednesday in the wake of growing anger at the florida school shootings seventeen students and staff members
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died when nicholas cruz opened fire at a high school with an assault style semiautomatic rifle survivors are planning a national march in washington d.c. next month to demand action on gun legislation well nineteen year old cruz was declared a low risk of harming others by a florida social services agency eighteen months before the attack he was questioned after the agency was alerted to his violent social media posts the f.b.i. admitted on friday that it had failed to investigate a tip off that crews had access to guns and quote a desire to kill people cruz faces seventeen charges of premeditated murder separately the russian investigation is expected to again dominate coverage of the white house this week the los angeles times says that former trump campaign aide rick gates will soon plead guilty to fraud charges as part of the special counsel investigation over the weekend an outraged president trump took to twitter to lash out at the russia probe zeros roselyn jordan reports from washington. the u.s.
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president donald trump hasn't been seen in public since friday the day thirteen russian citizens and three companies were indicted for allegedly interfering in the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign and for allegedly trying to throw the election tromps way on sunday the president took to twitter to blame everyone from hillary clinton to the media for the suggestion that his campaign colluded with the russian government to win the election something he has always denied i never said russia did not meddle in the election i said it may be russia or china or another country or group or it may be a four hundred pound genius sitting in bed and playing with his computer the russian hoax was that the trump campaign colluded with russia it never did the independent senator bernie sanders allegedly was also being supported by the russian operation but he said on sunday the bigger problem is how trump is reacting
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what the real issue right now is how do we have a president of the united states not saying what everybody knows to be true russia or into feed into sixteen they're going to interfere in two thousand and eighteen and we have got to do everything we can to make sure that they do not on the by an american democracy meanwhile a senior democratic senator said the indictment should alarm americans it's not yet clear whether the russians succeeded in actually changing votes what's clear is that they spent millions and millions of dollars and had hundreds of people working in a troll farm in st petersburg to intentionally undermine one candidate hillary clinton and support another donald trump on saturday night trump also criticized his national security adviser a chargeback master for not backing his view of the situation that master had told delegates at the munich security conference that the indictment was proof of russian interference in u.s. political affairs general but master forgot to say that there were. of the twenty
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six thousand election were not impacted or changed by the russians and that the only collusion was between russia and crooked h. the d.n.c. and the dems remember the dirty dossier you raney i'm speeches e-mails and the podesta company that tweet now has the d.c. chattering class wondering whether mcmasters job is in jeopardy given the president's predilection for driving out those who don't parrot his view of the world rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington the body of morgan chang lying in state and zimbabwe's capital large crowds are turning out in her audience freedom square to pay their respects to the full opposition leader sixty five year old died on wednesday after suffering colon cancer shanghai forms the movement for democratic change and is a staunch critic of former president robert mugabe he'll be buried at his rural home on tuesday also serious out of the tussle is live for us in about what exactly
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can we expect to happen that today. out of. well people are here to honor his life more than a hundred eyes but he has a right here at this location one other thing a special prayer for him we're going to take people to get up on the stage brain opposition supporters people who knew her well to talk about all the good things he did with the body talk about how brave he was and then on tuesday at his role holistically hear from people who knew him before he became the op was opposition leader people who knew him as a boy people who saw him grow up people will go with him again who finally be there in his role home on tuesday the play called will hear. one of his parting our. other concerns the in-fighting could split. his opposition party. leadership seem to be really trying to hold things together at least up until
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modern times when i haven't read the latest we're hearing now is that some of the more unhappy that nelson chamisa has not been appointed leader for the time being campaign he wants the congress to take place they feel that the needle in the party should be able to elect who they want me in the party they think nothing to me is the conduit come up from nowhere and we're going get i died he wanted me. out of money whether it was the base of congress and you can bring about if they can get it together to kind of really under way for what some people are concerned the only an election not only a few months away and that could weaken the country's main opposition are you. right how many thanks do you have serious kind of attacks on their life in. sudan's president omar al bashir has ordered the release of more than eighty political prisoners who were detained last month families celebrated outside one of the prisons where they've been held the group includes prominent opposition leaders
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they were arrested after anti-government protests over the rising cost of food violent the price of something good's increased in january after the government cut subsidies. despite its reputation as a haven for refugees canada has been deporting north korean asylum seekers nearly two thousand of them have been sent away since twenty thirteen because the government says they lied on the application for study alack reports from. putting a brave face on pending deportation these north koreans came here through south korea which canada considers a safe country but on their refugee applications they said they'd fled to china. eleven years ago kim came here with his wife daughter and son now they have two more children canadian citizens deportation would be catastrophic. on the move. along and that notice means death to me i came all the way here for
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a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in canada and we think we're going to be separated it breaks my heart there was a town on the other day in the. whole of my whole life i live there so i don't have any friends in south korea and all my friends are here. joe family could be broken up too if canada carries out its deportation order two children are canadian born the eldest came with his parents in two thousand and ten the joes admit they lied on their application but say they did it to escape a horrible situation. i feel so desperate. it's our fault what he thought what they haven't done anything wrong they have to go through this separation because of us. the north korean refugees say south korea is definitely not safe for them north korea's spies can track them down they say yet canada has been deporting people like them since two thousand and thirteen
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those who remain have only begun to fight back. or fallen by the. they our family. in north korea they will be executed or de rears sent to the labor camp the korean community in toronto is rallied behind the refugees their lawyer has met canadian officials in what she says is their last chance to stay here an appeal on compassionate grounds to the minister of immigration there's been no response yet internationally we are recognized as a humanitarian and compassionate country accepting refugees from syria and all over the world and why my question is should and the hundred fifty three many people be sent back an answer to that question is anxiously awaited by refugees who fled one of the most repressive violent regimes in the world daniel
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lackey just here a toronto. no i thought tropical storm. was last week's news of clobbering tongue apparently lost this life for the old gal get this weather stuff will tell us next year on the news then. ukraine's opposition demands ounces over the deportation of its former leader plus. i'm under guard groups us you know costa rica where one month's lifelong gardening project has turned him into a cultural icon. in sports and emotional win for a colson who says that he was close to ending his. from flowing on in the queen's to an enchanting breeze.
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hello there this is all storm gaeta was about a week ago that it hit toner and now it's working its way towards new zealand you see all the cloud there on the satellite picture it's already crossing but the north and south island of new zealand we're already seeing some heavy rain but this is the storm itself still quite a long way from us here is that the storm will gradually track its way just across the top of the north island and it will hit us in around twenty four hours time and when it does so it's certainly going to bring some heavy rain and some very very strong winds in fact some of us could see winds up to one hundred fifty kilometers per hour and the rain well we could see one hundred fifty millimeters of wet weather so very very wet and windy and not only that there could well be some very strong waves as well and that will cause a coastal inundation and make things pretty hairy around some of the coasts are choose day being the worst day by wednesday will begin to move away towards the southeast you can see it's basically disintegrating as it works its way away from us behind it though there's another area of low pressure so there's still yet more
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rain still to come for the south island so there could well be a major problem with flooding for some of us in the south and as we head through the next forty eight hours or so now talking of coastal inundations this is what a storm can do this is the great northern highway in australia this isn't a boat this is a car not supposed to be a road. the weather is sponsored by cattle and weighs. monitored truck one two five i'm value to see data being a new car poll. your data your identity is a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from a come from ah so you feel it is time to reclaim our cyber so you have to put in them a something that cannot be sold we are creators we are activists we are. give us back our data at this time on a zero we here to jerusalem bureau cover israeli palestinian affairs we cover the
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story with a lot of internet normal to recover including that we don't dip in and out of the stories we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters. i get adrian for the get here and with the use of their own top stories this hour syrian state television is reporting that the pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters in a free and they'll work together to repel
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a turkish offensive state television says the forces of life within a matter of hours. search and rescue teams have reached the size of a plane crash in iran according to local media facing mountainous terrain and temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius the asinine l.-i ends plane went down on sunday killing all sixty five people. in the us president. he says that he'll talk to students and teachers this week about gun control seventeen students and staff members died on wednesday when nicholas cruz opened fire at a high school with an assault style seventy automatic rifle donald trump met victims and emergency workers on friday. an internal report released by oxfam has revealed three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into sexual misconduct in haiti the charity released the report after being criticised for a lack of transparency about allegations that its director in haiti used prostitutes
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during an aid mission the report says that roland van how why myron how martin i'm sorry admitted the behavior though he previously denied the claims lived out a london zoo is about to be phillips can tell us more what exactly is this report got to say bobbie. well as you said i think one of the most shocking details is that three of the witnesses three of the suspects rather physically threatened intimidated witnesses during the investigation the overall impression that it gives of that oxfam operation in haiti in the post earthquake stage is that it was a dysfunctional and i'm happy place the very intimidation of those witnesses for example only happened because someone within oxfam had leaked the existence of the investigation to other staff members if you follow me it talks about intimidation bullying downloading of pornographic material it says that the use of
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under age prostitutes can't be ruled out now the names of the seven people themselves have been redacted this oxfam says is in compliance with various international privacy laws and in compliance with u.n. standards in cases of sexual exploitation sexual abuse but the full report which will be handed over to the government of haiti by oxfam later today will include those names so the government of haiti will be able to see for itself what oxfam was investigating in two thousand and eleven and the internal conclusions that oxfam reached so broadly what are the implications of this report for both oxfam itself and for the why the aid community. well i think oxfam as an organization is still very much on on tenterhooks and its future is unclear
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as the report says oxfam needs better procedures to make sure that quote problem staff don't go and work for other aid organizations yet we know that in this particular case some of the individuals including the country director to whom you referred he went on to a prominent position with a different charity in bangladesh oxfam were seems just under ten percent of its income from the british government it is agreed that it won't be good for any more u.k. government contracts until it has effectively cleaned up its act if the british government were not to resume financial help to oxfam in the long term while ten percent is a lot but i think the reputational damage to oxfam would be severe but yes this goes beyond oxfam and this is important to say for example the sunday times newspaper here in the u.k. yesterday said that it believes that one hundred twenty different members of
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leading aid organizations have been involved in sexual abuse cases in recent years of course you have the president of haiti last week and we wait to see what his reaction will be to this report and he was asking embarrassing questions of m.s.f. asking why seventeen members of its country stuff in haiti had been ordered home and why the haitian government wasn't given more information as to those circumstances are going to be many things to be phillip's there live in london. supporters of the deported ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili have marched through q. have to demand his return suckers for he was abducted from a restaurant last week thrown into a van put on a helicopter from kiev and taken the warsaw his supporters want to back to contest the presidency but it's reports. a movement that won't be stopped. by freezing temperatures and a deported leader trains opposition marches on and waited for your colleague we
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came here to change his chief in our country to make our thirty's work for the people and to support the people that's why we are here today. they swarmed onto the streets to protest against president petro poroshenko and supporters deported opposition leader mikhail saakashvili they want publishing called page two and a new election that this was the scene one week ago when saakashvili was seized in a key of restaurant more than a dozen men in military uniforms grabs the politician and threw him in one of two white vans inseam to poland. the former president of georgia became cranium in twenty fourteen but soon turned on his friend president poroshenko accusing him of corruption. and this was how it was received publishing co stripped him of his citizenship last year and deported him
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a loser mikhail will remain the leader says one opposition politician his support though is questioning his party the movement of new forces polls at least than two percent in the ministry of internal fears the summation of three thousand people at the rally reporters said it was more like ten thousand polish inker publicly ignored the rally he spent the weekend at the munich security conference. and they have no new people can't stand it anymore because there's no change the more time passes the worst we live poroshenko is dancing and having fun relaxing in the mold eaves he is a disgrace to the country youth saakashvili faces similar accusations in his native georgia his rivals have charged him with abuse of power he denies any wrongdoing but relented his citizenship now he is stateless and so his will to a continues from georgia to ukraine to poland he's now seeking refuge in the
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netherlands the home of his wife there. in kiev they say his message will be heard wherever he seeks a. shallop bellus a lot easier. serbia's president says his country is ready for dialogue with kosovo and that a compromise is necessary for the small state to be able to join the united nations alexander. came as kosovo celebrated ten years of independence from serbia in its bid it's been to join the un has been repeatedly blocked by serbia's allies russia and china who don't recognize its sovereignty kosovo has been recognized by more than one hundred countries including the us and most of the e.u. . hungary's prime minister has launched his election campaign with calls for a global alliance against migration victor or bands party is expected to win a third consecutive victory in the april vote the right wing politician has been increasingly had odds with the e.u.
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and the united nations or been said that east and west and europe were heading in different directions or is that those were the best thing when you go through when you get beyond the situation is that the danger we face comes from the west from politicians in brussels bolin in paris they want us to adopt their policies which have made their country into integration countries and open up the way for the decline of christianity and the spread of islam. police in israel are investigating the drawing of swastikas and anti polish slogans on the gates of poland's embassy it comes a day after poland's prime minister on the tail of one of the at ski. caused outrage by saying that jews were among the perpetrators of the holocaust something graffiti accuses polish people of being murderous and comparable to nazis where the weekend's munich security conference israel's prime minister told his polish counterpart that his remarks on the holocaust were unacceptable and unfounded relations between israel and poland were already tense last month poland's senate
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passed a controversial law making it illegal to assign responsibility to the polish state for crimes committed by the german third reich. indonesia's mount sinabung has experienced its largest eruption of the year throwing ash thousands of metres into the air hundreds of homes surrounding the volcano were left covered in daybreak it's been rumbling since twenty ten but activity has picked up in recent weeks. on to the next story a move to modernize is threatening to change the way that so many people get around the philippines minibuses notice jeepneys are being updated the drivers of a popular mode of transport feel a little put their jobs at risk dog and reports from the. us think of the philippines they often have the mind it is an offshoot of the american military jeeps that were left behind after world war two since then filipinos have
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made it their own. their unique colorful and have long been called the king of the road. for decades they've also been the solution to the country's lack of public transport jeepneys are affordable and available but have also been blamed for the city's chaotic traffic. the philippine government wants more control it says it is time to improve the gene industry it wants jeepney operators to start registering as corporations instead of running cooperative independent. basically our weather station project. in. the changing of. it in the improvement of. include being their operating conditions. it also wants to things out jeepneys their fifteen years or older government officials want you models they say they are safer and edgy efficient and
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environmentally friendly. it is unfair the assistance they offer is not even enough there is no other jeep in the world it can only be found here and it must be preserved. cheaply owners groups oppose the plan to saying the model that the government is demanding is double the price and g.p. operators and workers cannot afford it the majority of g.p. drivers belong to the poorest sector of. society they say forcing owners to upgrade without enough government assistance could mean an end to the g.p. industry altogether. but they. are both that. and what did he do in the end he thought them i don't care about you you can all die in hunger. there are nearly three hundred thousand g. from all across the country and many of been flying this cheese for decades but
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majority of commuters prefer jeepneys like this one modern colorful and fast. the government says the plan to improve the g.p. is just part of a broader project to overhaul the chance for system. these are often seen as a conic moving art pieces that reflect a filipino in. a tremendous here people to become a symbol of the government's neglect. dogon al-jazeera manila police in south australia say they've made the biggest c.z. of the drug methamphetamine in the state's history three hundred thirty kilograms drugs have a street value of more than two hundred million dollars they were found hidden in a container a cargo ship last month it's thought they came from southeast asia three men have been arrested. so to come up. with.
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the red carpet of brooklyn film awards turns black as movie stars set a message on sexual harassment and violence against women. and an english side is heading to wembley in pursuit of winning the f.a. cup fara that's all that's for us and the rest of the day's sport coming up.
1:44 pm
well again they are finding love is not always easy it says here. and for single women in syria the war is making it even more difficult as billions of men have left the country kathy lopez had reports. ali's wedding shop has plenty of dresses
1:45 pm
but not enough brides syria's war has led to less romance and fewer potential grooms. as you know about the men are leaving the country there's immigration and the military aspect which is taking away a lot of them as a result the women ratio has increased single women are still looking to get married but the war is changing the dating scene a growing number of women are in their thirty's before they get married if they do at all there's probably a profile while i'm clocking it's become perfectly normal to see women over thirty who are not yet married and at the same time the age of marriage has considerably decreased in some remote rural areas especially where there were refugee camps and displaced people since two thousand and eleven more than four hundred fifty thousand syrians have been killed in the conflict injuries have reached one million more than six million are displaced omar stayed in syria but says finding
1:46 pm
a steady job and income is almost impossible which makes people think twice about marriage and starting a family they want to do well vehicles that are under those conditions it's a crime to have a child if you have a child you have to give them medicine education and security right now you don't know when you might have to take off and take the child with you and some of my friends have had to give birth and hotels are yearning. from love has led to many couples meeting online. so couples communicate and getting gauged over skype or on the internet now i see the brides coming into my shop alone to buy a wedding dress or organize a party before they travel to where the groom lives romance and weddings maybe taking a backseat in syria but all the says he's not too worried the search for love even in war this timeless. al-jazeera the british academy of film and television bafta awards in london of wrapped up with two films winning top
1:47 pm
accolades three billboards outside adding missouri and the fantasy film the shape of warsaw but it wasn't just movies that were in the spotlight the me too and time's up campaigns against sexual harassment of women made their mark at the center miss katherine stansell ports three. thanked the story of a bereaved mother seeking justice for the rape and murder of her teenage daughter emerged the big winner at the bafta is on sunday night. i do anything to catch your daughter's killer i don't rebuild boards outside of being museum one in five categories including outstanding british film and best actress for star frances mcdormand. when i was a young actor in drama school i was told that i was not naturally gifted and i would have to work at it and so i did i gary oldman won best actor for his portrayal of winston churchill in the war
1:48 pm
film darkest hour. so grateful for his incredible. and the shape of washer which led the pack with twelve nominations one and three categories including best director for guillermo del toro. but politics was also center stage at these awards as the film industry reels from an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations which began last year those attending the bafta as were all black to show solidarity for the times up movement in addition to that on sunday more than two hundred british actors there's an entertainer just signed a letter calling for the end of sexual harassment and abuse against women in the workplace not just in hollywood in the media but across all industries we need to close and that's enough. says i think that their slogan is absolutely right time is up that's over to mrs right actress joanna lumley host of the ceremony the first woman to do so since two thousand and one but despite the times
1:49 pm
of movement and the groundswell of support for gender equality in an industry heavily favoring men critics say women are still failing to make the mark at this year's bafta we can't help but look at the nominations in the categories this year through the lens of this campaign through the lens of this movement so obviously it becomes immediately apparent that you don't have any female directors despite gretta go wig. making the film. this kind of illustrates how you can have these amazing films directed by women providing these incredible performances and characters which then enabled the the the actors to be nominated in those catch categories but the people making the whole thing happen the overarching creative director as it were is completely ignored when it's female power to the people something supporters of time's up hope will change as more voices join the movement on a global stage happenstance or al-jazeera london. time now for sports is for adrian
1:50 pm
thank you so much n.b.a. superstar le bron james stole the show at this year's all-star game which saw a total change in format instead of it being the best of the east and. colliding this time it was a contest between team le bron and steph curry so how melich reports. if anyone needed reminding who's the biggest name in basketball they got to game the french bron james old in fine form after hand-picked by took on the team selected by steph curry. thanks james had an m.v.p. potential for the team. that looked like changing changing too soon or knocking the car is never that particular accolade. points overall and didn't seem as invested in via fads libro the cleveland man would eventually bag a game high twenty nine points and ended up being an extremely close contest. was.
1:51 pm
leading by just one point put on the twenty second to go le bron delivered to eighth assist of the night for ross and westbrook to increase the lead by three. teams deafened could have levelled it but blew the chance lebron side winning it one forty eight to one forty five with james bagging the m.v.p. award sometimes you have to improvise you know when to break down i was able to do that and that's to me that's the beauty of being on the floor bunch all stars it doesn't always work that way but when you have all stars were guys a high i.q. and guys that want to play the game and play the game why wouldn't it works out for the best now that the fun is over it's back to the race to the playoffs with the n.b.a.'s best al-jazeera. i think it'll be there was. feelin.
1:52 pm
a court of arbitration for sport is open to doping case against a russian brawn bronze medalist suspected of failing a drugs test at the winter games alexander crucial netsky won bronze with his wife in mixed doubles curling he said to have tested positive for a banned substance that increases blood flow and improves exercise capacity in athletes is awaiting the result of a second sample doping testing in sanctioning the olympic winter games punching twenty eighteen is independent from the i.o.c. therefore the i.o.c. cannot communicate on individual cases while the procedure is ongoing on the one hand it is extremely disappointing when prohibited substances may have been used but on the other hand it shows the effectiveness of the anti-doping system at the games which protects the rights of all the clean athletes. meanwhile in the action
1:53 pm
today sweden's men's hockey team are sweet to the last eight finland three one two win group c. and directly at the hands the swedes will now play either switzerland or germany in wednesday's quarter finals. norway and germany both have nine gold medals at the top of the table just three gold medals on offer on monday in speedskating ball play and ski jumping. roger federer has won his ninety seven career title he lost just four games in a straight sets win over grigor dimitrov the world tournaments and rotterdam better has also returned to number one in the world rankings and at thirty six years old player to do so in the twenty time grand slam champion winning this final in less than an hour. it's been unbelievable again believe it or not by ninety seven. back to world number one after all these years. stephanie one of those weeks i will never forget in my life so very very special. and patrick emmett of a has
1:54 pm
successfully defended her cats are open title to back into the world's top ten the child came from the sat down to being. in three sat sun it stands for winning streak to. third tier side rochdale more than how their own against tottenham and the x. english f.a. cup rochdale scored a late equaliser against the premier league team to grab a two two draw from davies with the injury time goal the fifth round tie will now be decided in a replay at wembley some gulf news now and bubba watson has won the genesis open in l.a. for his tenth p.g.a. tour title the american hold this bunker shot on the fourteenth for a birdie putt on track to win by two shots the wins and swanson's to your drought on the p.g.a. circuit the victory puts the two time masters champion back into the world's top fifty after starting the week ranked one hundred and seventy. i mean my goal is always been to get ten wins and so this got my chance when. so many emotions go to
1:55 pm
my head right now never know if you're going to play good again never know if you're going to be able to lift a trophy again. so many things that are about retirement i mean there's just so much stuff going to my head right now i can't believe i'm going to lift the trophy here and say. and that's all your support for now more later age or sorrow many thanks indeed got some breaking news out of iraq to tell you about the four we move on we're getting reports that men disguised in army uniforms of ambushed paramilitary troops north of baghdad twenty seven people were killed we'll have more on that as and when we get it here on al-jazeera now garba in costa rica with a flair for the ornate has been drawing visitors from around the world for more than fifty years eventually stopped blanco has dedicated his life to sculpting unique designs out of the trees in his home city his work is now considered on the finest examples of topiary in the world us and gallica ripples. at the foot of the church of st raphael in costa rica central mountain range stands
1:56 pm
a testament to one man's vision over the decades the gardens of said they were being sculpted into birds and beasts by evangelist blanco a man known locally as don lister all senor scissorhands. he began work here in one nine hundred sixty four and never stopped. the parks like my family is like my children my wife and my mistresses i love it and i care for it i come here at five in the morning just to wiring it i do this little love and it cation. is the gardens matures so has its reputation there are now more than one hundred figures here each beginning life as saplings planted by gardener determined to create something unique many great works of art of being created by individuals but few require the maintenance or dedication that all of this does eventually through spent the best part of his entire adult life on this one project but it hasn't gone unnoticed these gardens are now
1:57 pm
a symbol for the city they're tracked thousands of tourists every year and in two thousand and four they named the entire place after him. the city of socio has grown along with its gardens every day the park is full of visitors from around the world it's like a. a country house in england with the taipei next thing and i was thinking when i went round it's really good for the children because it's got elephants and soldiers and bulls and carts and stuff and they can kind of at that fun stuff you have that sense of you are in a bit less in the end all be less of many time ago it's still the same is very naive i love it. in recognition of his work eventually still was given a national culture award and continues to inspire those around him as well he got up out of the ring and he's an icon for the people he's inspired the youth to follow his passion to decorate and shape trees he has a lot of patience and passion for doing this he retired a few years ago but he's continued to give us new shapes in our park. at the age of
1:58 pm
seventy nine evangelist isn't quite ready to hang up his sheers he's looking for someone with the same dedication to take over and ensure his legacy lasts and he gallacher al-jazeera pseudo costa rica jane tatton here with the latest in just a few minutes i'll see you again. because. just.
1:59 pm
to stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. in the heart of the amazon the libyan family is less than miles imperiled to harvest brazil nuts. but it's getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risking it to believe yeah. at this time on al-jazeera. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dr season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption it's
2:00 pm
a wet season month slides that are claiming most lives i don't remember every india wall when for a single day in one thousand died in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and the building and asks what the future holds if those in authority fail to act the mountain will fall at this time on al jazeera. syrian state media confirm pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters to repel troops in a free.


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