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giving but compounded by corruption it's wet season mudslides that are claiming most lives i don't remember even the war when. one thousand people died in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if those in authority fail to act the mountain will fall at this time on al jazeera. syrian state media confirm pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters to repel turkish troops in africa. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up search crews reach the crash
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site of the uranian passenger plane that killed sixty five people. direct at the center of sexual misconduct accusations in haiti is being revealed about what went on. at a bronze medal winning russian curler has been charged with doping at the winter olympics. the battlefield in northern syria appears to have become more complicated syrian state television is reporting that pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters in a free and they'll work together to repel a turkish offensive after a call from the kurds to help protect the region state t.v. says the forces will arrive within a matter of hours this could mean syrian forces directly confronting turkish troops who've been engaged in a. operation against kurdish fighters since last month syria's kurdish y p g has
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been a key u.s. ally in the fight against i support turkey is opposed to the group which it views as a terrorist organization turkey's foreign minister says it's no problem if syrian forces enter afrin but is warning of consequences if they support the kurdish fighters this is the moment syrian state television announced the pro-government militias involvement in the operation. following the turkish attacks on our families and our friend and following the request of our friends citizens from the regime to protect them from the ongoing turkish a question that led to so many killings and destruction it has been declared now that popular troops will enter a friend within hours that's not the only flashpoint because there's also been syrian government stripes on the rebel held on cable of eastern go to near damascus at least fourteen people were killed when more than eighty rockets hit the area on sunday the government has sent in reinforcements local observers say the strikes
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are a prelude to a major offensive on the eastern goods which has been under siege since twenty thirteen asama binge of aid is following this story for us from istanbul let's talk about the deal first are we bracing ourselves not to see a fight between syrian government troops and turkish forces. well according to the turkish foreign minister you can't rule that out because he's made it clear that as long as their their focus is aligned with the syrian forces which is that the border area between turkey and syria is clear of what dukie calls terrorists which is the kurdish fighters on the turkish soil they are called the p.k. care when they crossed into the border in syria they are called the by the g which turkey sees them as terrorists as long as they're cleared turkey has no problem for the syrian forces and there is no confrontation but if the syrian forces which are coming in under a deal to a free to the help of these kurdish fighters syrian government forces will be
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facing the turkish forces because they say that they're adamant that they will secure their borders and they will clear their borders of all of these kurdish fighters so it is a possibility but it is a wait and see game what happens on the ground we've heard from the syrian state media that it is not going to be regular savior for syrian forces were coming into offering it is going to be pro-government militias popular mobilization popular forces on the ground which were known earlier in the conflict if you remember as the should be who have now been deluded into this into this contingent of syrian government forces also on the ground we're hearing that troops belonging to the wife e.g. these are kurdish fighters as far as the aleppo area in syria are being mobilized to come and help fellow fighters in a free against the syrian against the turkish government operation olive branch which has been continuing since january and the turkish government says that it has
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been making steady gains so it is a wait and see policy of what happens on the ground but the turkish forces their government says that its forces are ready to face off anyone who supports the kurdish fighters who would seize as terrorists and what are you hearing about the major offensive that could get underway in eastern. but this is something that has been ongoing for the last couple of weeks we've been hearing that because the syrian government has stepped up its offensive in the besieged neighborhood of eastern. it's ramped up not just air strikes but artillery strikes on more than four hundred thousand people who are stranded in this area near the capital damascus there is going to be an all out offensive there is going to be movement of drugs troops because in this war of attrition it feels that it's been winning against the rebels who've been besieged who have not been getting supplies but it's the civilians who have been suffering the most aid agencies
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including the united nations has been warning of an of a humanitarian crisis where hundreds of people need to be evacuated immediately for medical reasons and hundreds of thousands of people need food and medical aid for them to be able to just survive but it is an ongoing offensive we've seen in the last forty eight hours more airstrikes more artillery shells more civilian deaths and a number of contingent of the syrian government forces have been told to move to words just a mask a suburb in preparation for what it seems to be an all out offensive against rebels in the eastern suburbs thank you sam of in just a. moment covered on is director of policy analysis at the institute for graduate studies he's been telling al-jazeera why the situation is getting more complicated . the turkish intervention was made possible last month because of the agreement between russia and turkey allowed to keep to enter syrian territories in order to remove. forces from from a free today we are having the iranians actually stepping in with the syrian regime
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and trying to broker a disagreement with the kurdish forces inside the city the iranians and the syrian regime was a full up from the very beginning against. the agreement on three so if. to be managed to get the agreement with the kurdish forces inside the city that would mean the city would return back to under the control of the syrian regime but the consequences of that will depend very much on the conditions of the kurds are going to accept the major conditions of the syrian regime with very heavy weapons. artillery rocket launchers will they be exiting the city because the syrian regime is asking syria democratic forces to exit the city to move to the east of the euphrates search and rescue teams have reached the site of a plane crash in iran according to local media every sing mountainous terrain and
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temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius the asinine airlines aircraft went down in foggy weather on sunday killing all sixty five people on board iran's president hassan rouhani has ordered an investigation into the accident. hard to see reports. distraught family members film their habit st into one where fifty nine passengers and six crew members departed on their fateful flight. on the other side of the journey the halls of airport where the plane was said to arrive was full of people mourning so hard. i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he assured me they'll get here the plane is not behind schedule yet he said don't worry he called later it's had the plane had crashed the a seaman airlines flight departed from a bad airport into iran but disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving
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the plane was heading towards the city of us who's in southwestern iran it crashed into mt dena near the town of semi room in the mountain range rescue teams a struggle to reach the crash site due to inclement weather and rugged terrain there's no question the roads here are impassable vehicles are here and lots of people too when we heard about it around eleven am or noon we began searching all the villages in the area but we didn't find anything investigators have yet to determine the cause of the crash but some aviation experts believe heavy fog could have hindered the pilot's navigation decades of international sanctions and diplomatic isolation have left iran's airlines with aging fleets of passenger planes which they've struggled to maintain and modernize. you have fruits of aircraft in iraq and as a man airlines flies the only airline in the world that still flies commercially the boeing seven two seven try jet this is an aircraft which has to be made for
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over thirty four years and so you've got effectively a block on components of. new aircraft which is simply left iranian aviation pretty much as it was well let's say round about nine hundred eighty iran suffered a number of aviation disasters most recently in two thousand and fourteen when a super airlines flight crashed just after takeoff killing thirty nine people. since to her on curb its nuclear program it's ordered more than two hundred planes from airbus and boeing with forty four billion dollars in the hopes of modernizing its commercial aviation committed by d.c. . fighters in iraq of ambushed a convoy of sheer militia on the outskirts of her wager according to military sources they say at least twenty five share fighters were killed in the attack by members of i saw disguised in iraqi army uniforms last week the governor of nearby
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kirkuk warned eisel still poses a security threat in the area. an internal report released by oxfam has revealed three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into sexual misconduct in haiti the charity released a report after being criticized for a lack of transparency over allegations its direct in haiti use prostitutes joining an aid mission there reports israel unfun admitted the behavior previously denied the claim is barnaby phillips joins us from london barnaby tell us more about this report and the findings. well this is oxfam's attempt to be accountable belatedly you might say about what happened in twenty eleven the report as published online anyone can go and find it the names of the seven individuals who were sacked as a result or who left as a result of the twenty eleven investigation those names are blacked out but they
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won't be when the report is handed over to the haitian government later today it gives an impression of a pretty dysfunctional and unhappy operation that oxfam was running in the wake of the terrible earthquake in haiti it says that the use of underage prostitutes can't be ruled out as bullying this intimidation that the downloading of pornography and i think you know there's some embarrassment for oxfam as well the way in which the country director ronald on how the myron was allowed i quote a dignified and phased exit in return for cooperating with the investigation now the report says that one of the problems that oxfam has to get to grips to is what happens to quotes problem staff after they leave oxfam or after they leave a specific country operation we know that many were able to secure employment with
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other or aid organizations in the future run move on have them aren't being a case in point took over an important role in bangladesh after having been allowed to leave haiti and i wonder where this leaves the charity now the response to this and what it means the bigger picture here. well i think this is this is a crisis of legitimacy obviously for oxfam but indeed many aid organizations people are very worried at the moment we'll have to see how the government in haiti responds to the report but judging from remarks from the haitian president in recent remarks in recent days he sees the problem as going beyond one aid organization he's asked for example why seventeen staff who belong to med sansom frontier m.s.f. were allowed to leave the country after some sort of allegations rumors of ill conduct the sunday times newspaper here in the united kingdom published a report yesterday saying that it believed or it had information that about one
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hundred twenty members of leading aid organizations had been dismissed for various acts of sexual misconduct in recent years oxfam has said that it won't be taking any money from the united kingdom government intil effectively it is got its own house in order and it acknowledges the need for that what does that mean in terms of operations well oxfam employs i think about ten thousand people all over the world and almost ten percent of its money comes from the united kingdom government but of course the potential reputational damage if those funds were to be cut off permanently could be extremely severe bundy phillips thank you so had an al-jazeera. at. the red carpet at britain's top of film awards turns black is movie star send
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a message on sexual harassment and violence against women. benji addresses but will the brides be problem for syrian woman looking for love. and i know that we've got quite a bit of quiet weather over the northern parts of asia at the moment we do have a little bit of cloud that's just coming in going over the northwest i'm positive that could squeeze out one or two showers for the east and for the south is fine for now eleven degrees in the sunshine there in tokyo we do have more wet weather though over parts of china and that's galloping its way eastward so one stay we are looking at a good deal more cloud and also some heavy rain that will just be clipping the southern parts of japan before the towards the south and we can see with that area of what weather originated it's here also giving us some snow as well and then that
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gradually edges its way eastwards but it is replenished so yet more winds feeding in all that moisture and more rain beginning to form here to the east though fine for us for now in hong kong our maximum temperature getting to around twenty two degrees i mean further towards the south and there's been some fairly ferocious showers here particularly oversell oasdi but here they are easing so it should be a good deal dry of a choose day instead the wetter of the weather is working its way west over parts of borneo and does look pretty soggy hit during the day that gradually eases though as we head through into wednesday so still some showers but not as many as we've seen in the showers will be back force in sallow s.c.t. . more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can dora. but what were the last thing effects of this agreement there's
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a original set to sikes because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people and after that with the. psych speak of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. they're going to remind of the top stories on al-jazeera syrian state television says pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters in a free and within hours they'll work together to repel a turkish offensive turkey's foreign minister says it's no problem if syrian forces enter freedom but warns of consequences if they support kurdish fighters its
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military sources say eisel fighters in iraq of ambushed a convoy of sheer militia on the outskirts of which are they say at least twenty five shift fighters were killed in the attack by members of eisel disguised in iraqi army uniforms search and rescue teams of reached the site of a plane crash in iran according to media there facing mountainous terrain and temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius airlines aircraft went down on sunday killing all sixty five people on board. the body of morgan is now lying in state in zimbabwe's capital large crowds are turning out in harare's freedom square to pay their respects to the form opposition leader the sixty five year old died on wednesday after suffering colon cancer a form of the movement for democratic change and was a staunch critic of former president robert mugabe he'll be buried at these rural home on choose to. is in harare tell us more about what's been happening today and
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what we can expect. well the people who are here are the ones who still break in on the world and the like so far those unspoken have talked about how he was a great man i was very brave man and they say one way to honor his legacy is to try and make sure that elections to be held later this release be a credible they say that is what will the time to write would have wanted to listen to opposition supporters the bobbins you don't really need or want to particularly be diplomatic in about an hour's time also the body slows people here a little cold as role will be there. there are concerns about infighting and how it could split the opposition party and how real a straight is that. some people say it is very real right now the leadership seems to be trying to hold it together and still
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after the burial they are all just sitting next to each other but those who are unhappy that nelson chamisa has been appointed as his it was called like say that's not the way it's being run in the heart of the want of facial congress to take place there is anything they say that he will be several right who they want to be because they say well there's a need for the congress to come and say before moving kind of i died he wanted needs to be the possibility that very unfair that's not the postage they become agree on a way forward they could come out for a split if that does happen that could weaken the main opposition parties fifty because the legends are only a few months away james and i want to tell us about the feeling in the country at the moment overseas gone undergone seismic change i mean are people feeling excited about the future what's on the horizon. for the euphoria you saw in the capital to the away goal of lobbying that's largely died
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down people are now starting to feel a little bit lazy about the future of the economy. rather meaningless to think up a cause when i got was that it would merely have told you. going up hill i mean. he'll it's. not like anything now is what the president had and will do before the elections take place brother bob a good thing if you've done something. on the ground that could get mad and want it during the election it's not just we're trying to make sure the we've been in many parliament he beat the. thank you. so that president omar bashir has ordered the release of more than eighty political prisoners who were detained last month their families celebrated outside one of the prisons where they've been held the group includes prominent opposition leaders they were arrested after and to government protests over the rising cost of food
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turned violent the price of some basic goods increased in january after the government cut subsidies donald trump says he'll talk to students and teachers this week about gun violence the u.s. president will host what the white house called a listening session on wednesday in the wake of growing anger the florida school shootings seventeen students and staff members died when nicholas cruz opened fire at a high school with an assault style semi automatic rifle survivors are organizing a national march in washington d.c. next month to demand action on gun legislation nineteen year old cruz was declared low risk of harming others by a florida social services agency eighteen months before the attack he was questioned after the agency was alerted to his violent social media post the is the i admitted on friday that it failed to investigate a tip off that crews had access to guns and quote a desire to kill people whose faces seventeen charges of premeditated murder.
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police in israel are investigating the drawing of swastikas and anti polish slogans on the gates of poland's embassy it comes a day after poland's prime minister. caused outrage by saying jews were among the perpetrators of the holocaust some of the graffiti accuses polish people of being murderers and comparable to nazis hungary's prime minister's launched his election campaign which calls for a global alliance against migration there to all parties expected to win a third consecutive victory in the april vote the right wing politician has been increasingly at odds with the united nations or eastern and western europe we're heading in different directions. with all this the more you go through the situation is that the danger we face comes from the west from politicians in brussels bolin and paris they want us to adopt their policies which have made their
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countries of the immigration countries and open up the way for the decline of christianity and the spread of islam police in south australia have revealed the biggest seizure of the drug methamphetamine in the state's history the three hundred thirty kilograms of drugs have a street value of more than two hundred million dollars they were found hidden in a container on a cargo ship last month it's thought they came from southeast asia three men have been arrested the court of arbitration for sport has charged a russian curling medalist with doping alexander crucial need ski won bronze with his wife in mixed doubles curling at the kyung chang winter games he said it is a positive for the banned substance male dhoni i'm the russian curling federation president says it is possible rival russian athletes or political enemies sparked crucial yet skis food or drink a second positive test could prevent all russian athletes from marching under the national flag at the closing ceremony. doping testing in sanctioning the olympic
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winter games pinching twenty eighteen is independent from the i.o.c. therefore the i.o.c. cannot communicate on individual cases while the procedure is ongoing on the one hand it is extremely disappointing when prohibited substances may have been used but on the other hand it shows the effectiveness of the anti doping system at the games which protects the rights of all the clean athletes the british film and television or bafta awards in london of wrapped up with two films winning top accolades three billboards outside ebbing missouri and the fantasy film the shape of water but it wasn't just movies in the spotlight the me to end times up campaigns against sexual harassment of women made their mark at the ceremony catherine central has more. three bubbles if the the story of a bereaved mother seeking justice for the rape and murder of her teenage daughter
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emerged the big winner at the bafta is on sunday night. i do anything to catch your daughter's killer three billboards outside i've been using one in five categories including outstanding british film and best actress for star frances mcdormand thanks when i was a young actor in drama school i was told that i was not naturally gifted and i would have to work at it and so i did i was gary oldman won best actor for his portrayal of winston churchill in the war film darkest hour. so grateful for his incredible. and the shape of water which led the pack with twelve nominations one and three categories including best director for guillermo del toro. but politics was also center stage at these awards as the film industry reels from an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations which began last year those attending the bafta as were all
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black to show solidarity for the times up movement in addition to that on sunday more than two hundred british actors there's an entertainer has signed a letter calling for the end of sexual harassment and abuse against women in the workplace not just in hollywood in the media but across all industries we need to policy that's enough. says i think that their slogan is absolutely right time is up that's over. this actress joanna lumley host of the ceremony the first woman to do so since two thousand and one but despite the time's up movement and the groundswell of support for gender equality in an industry heavily favoring men critics say women are still failing to make the mark at this year's bafta as we can't help but look at the nominations in the categories this year. through the lens of this campaign through the lens of this movement so obviously it becomes immediately apparent that you don't have any female directors despite gretta go wig
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. making the film. this kind of illustrates how you can have these amazing films directed by women providing these incredible performances and characters which then enabled to be actors to be nominated in those catch categories but the people making the whole thing happen the overarching creative director as it were is completely ignored when it's female power to the people something supporters of time's up hope will change as more voices join the movement on a global stage happenstance al-jazeera london. finding love is not always easy and for single women in syria the war is making it even more difficult as millions of men have left the country catcher lopez has the story always wedding shop has plenty of dresses but not enough brides syria's war has led to less romance and fewer potential grooms. there's
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a lot about the men are leaving the country the immigration and the military aspect which is taking away a lot of them as a result the women ratio has increased single women are still looking to get married but the war is changing the dating scene a growing number of women are in their thirty's before they get married if they do at all there's probably a trophy. platen it's become perfectly normal to see women over thirty who are not yet married and at the same time the age of marriage is considerably to creased in some remote rural areas especially where there are refugee camps and displaced people since two thousand and eleven more than four hundred fifty thousand syrians have been killed in the conflict injuries have reached one million more than six million are displaced. omar stayed in syria but says finding a steady job and income is almost impossible which makes people think twice about marriage and starting a family they want to be a world of vehicles. under those conditions it's a crime to have
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a child if you have a child you have to give them medicine education and security right now you don't know when you might have to take off and take the child with you some of my friends have had to give birth and hotels are yearning for love has led to many couples meeting online for. a couple while the so couples communicate getting gauged over skype or on the internet now i see the brides coming into my shop alone to buy a wedding dress or organize a party before they travel to where the groom lives romance and weddings may be taking a backseat in syria but all the says he's not too worried the search for love even in war this timeless. al-jazeera. the top stories on al-jazeera syrian state television says pro-government militia will join us backed kurdish fighters in a frame within hours they'll work together to repel
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a turkish offensive turkey's foreign minister says it's no problem if syrian forces enter a friend but warns of consequences if they support his fighters so. the question is why the regime forces are entering the area if the regime forces enter this area to get rid of terrorism yes that's good but if the regime forces enter this area to support or keep the other militias there the no we are against that. military sources say eisel fighters in iraq of ambushed a convoy of sheer militia on the outskirts of how we are they say at least twenty five share fighters were killed in the attack by members of i so disguised in iraq e army uniforms. search and rescue teams have reached the size of a plane crash in iran according to media they facing mountainous terrain and temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius the assman airlines aircraft went down on sunday killing all sixty five people on board an internal report released
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by oxfam has revealed that three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct during an aid mission in haiti the charity released the report after being criticised for lack of transparency the body of morgan chang is now lying in state in zimbabwe capital large crowds of people turned out in their freedom square to pay their respects to the former opposition leader the sixty five year old died and wednesday after suffering colon cancer so the president omar bashir has ordered the release of more than eighty political prisoners who were detained last month the family celebrated outside one of the prisons where they've been held the group includes prominent opposition leaders they were arrested after and to government protests over the rising cost of food turned violent the court of arbitration for sport has charged the russian curling medalist with doping alexander a crucial need ski won bronze with his wife in mixed doubles killing at the
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pyongyang winter games as the headlines inside story is coming up in. thirteen russians have been accused of interfering in the us presidential election to sway the vote in favor of donald trump these indictments do not mention collusion and moscow says the charges are irrelevant but the broader investigation is far from over so what happens next this is inside story.


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