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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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wolf is some extra features like a panic button and twenty fourth's of a monitoring of drivers. five countries. four days. three thousand konami tends. to generations. one by. syrian refugees on the soon real ten meters meeting. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how dizzying. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for getting this is that he is a live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. so if he
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says a word stand by if syria pro-government forces join us backed kurdish fighters in a free and. new details about what happened in haiti with the oxfam charity director at the center of sexual misconduct accusations. reports that a former aide to donald trump is expected to plead guilty of the ongoing f.b.i. russia probe plus. jubilation in sudan as well the eighty political prisoners are released but opposition leaders say it's not enough and far as small here with all they say sport including a court of arbitration for sport has opened an investigation into a russian medalist suspected of failing a drug test at the winter olympics in pyongyang.
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turkey is threatening to battle syrian pro-government forces if they protect the kurds in the northern enclave of afrin the warning came soon after syrian state media said the militia will be entering the region within hours the kurds are asked the syrian government for help to repel a turkish offensive it could mean syrian link forces directly confront turkish troops who've been engaged in an operation against kurdish fighters since last month syria's kurdish why p.g. has been a key u.s. ally in the fight against eisel but turkey is opposed to the group which it views as a terrorist organization and that's not the only flashpoint there's also been syrian government strikes on the rebel held on klav of eastern ghouta near damascus will get more on the situation in kuta shortly but first let's go to istanbul a solid in java is there for the latest on this operation in affray in so does this mean that syrian backed forces are going to come directly into confrontation with
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turkish troops. it's appears to be a possibility adrian in this fast moving story in the last few hours we've seen that the kurdish white b.g. the people of people's protection units have announced that they are seeking help from the syrian government and it has been agreed upon by the syrian government and then in the chronology of events the syrian government announced it will be sending not its own troops but it's going to be sending militias which are loyal to it the popular forces that it calls them which are going to be entering in a matter of hours and then we heard the statement from the turkish foreign ministry where the turkish foreign minister says that they has and they have no problems with the syrian government taking back their own territory as long as it doesn't become a safe haven for what he calls terrorists. the question is why the regime forces are entering the area if the regime forces enter this area to get rid of terrorism
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yes that's good but if the regime forces enter this area to support or keep the other militias there the no we are against that so how did this deal between syrian government backed faces and the kurds come about. we've been hearing for days and if you remember early on in january when the turkish forces announced operation olive branch to take back the city of our friend from. turkey deems as a terrorist organization. reached out to everyone including the syrian government to say that the international community recognizes you as a sovereign state you are responsible for your territorial integrity help us but they were sticking points in this agreement because the syrian regime apparently wanted them to give up their arms their heavy weapons mandatory conscription for kurdish fighters as well as giving up all of their military positions inside the
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city of we don't know how much of that has been agreed upon but there are there is a movement of fighters that is being reported by syrian sources on the ground are not just these militias but also. in the city of aleppo if you remember when the fall of aleppo was happening about two years ago in two thousand and sixteen we heard from this one particular neighborhood where syrian fighters were saying that the y.p. g. is allied with the syrian government and they have been saying that this proves that they were right all along and the by p.g. has been allied allies off the syrian government and this proves their point further complicates a very complicated situation on the ground where you've got multiple forces arabs and kurds syrians and iranians shias and sunnis fighting on the behest of multiple international powers and then it raises the possibility of syrian forces if they are supporting the will they come in direct confrontation with turkish forces or to sum up many thanks indeed let's get more now on the situation in eastern guta the
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near damascus where at least twenty five people have died so far on monday in rocket and air strikes local observers say the attacks are a prelude to a major offensive on the rebel held territory which has been under siege since twenty teams. rocket strikes activists fear the renewed bombardment of the besieged opposition area of eastern could be the beginning of a large scale military operation. it seems russian broke at the gauche ations to bring about a gravel surrender they have so far failed and in a week of relative calm yet again civilians were the victims since the end of december a stepped up military campaign killed more than four hundred people at least one hundred of them were children the fear now is that the numbers will only rise if a wide scale attack begins. the syrian government and its allies are sending military reinforcements to the edges of the rebel enclave just outside the capital
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damascus program of the media are promising victory and what they say will be a decisive battle it will be the first time they will try to storm. past ground offensives where we by rebels and people are defiant. that we have men who crashed they won't be able to capture one inch of his land. this is what we have been steadfast for seven years they tried many times and he was all kinds of weapons but they weren't able to take anything out. the syrian government and its allies haven't taken ground but over the years they have continuously bombarded residential neighborhoods the syrian government and its allies have been capturing one opposition after another. target for some time now. the government captures territory after securing local cease fire deal that
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involved opposition fighters and their families evacuated and sent to other rebel controlled areas mainly to the problems of the in the northwest. so far the people and rebels of eastern are refusing to surrender but the reality on the ground is becoming harsher about four hundred thousand people are trapped there the violence is only increasing. in. a child's cry from underneath the rubble he is alive to. say it's not usually the case. of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he joins us now via skype from. good to have you with us before we get to the politics of this what's your feeling here on the syrian government backed forces going into
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a free in to fight alongside or to replace forces. they're there to replace curtis force so there is going to a lot of differing back and forth between the syrian government and the white e.g. that's the kurdish military. that the syrian government has insisted that the why didn't he give over all of its weapons that it stand down and leave the area they are very insistent that this is the syrian government it's going to reassert sovereignty over this region and that's what's the latest agreement now for almost a month and a lot of kurds have been killed because the kurds do not want to give up sovereignty on the other hand they're being pressed by the turks and they have little choice now so are the americans the russians on board with this. that's the million dollar question the russians are in the middle of this negotiation it seems quite clear that because the turks do not like to talk to assad government directly that means russia is mediating where the united states stands on this is less clear the u.s.
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asked in a sense way on the one hand its desire to stabilize against its desire to roll back if you want because anything that's good for us is also the line and united states has stated in no uncertain terms that this is a time to roll back you want and push against its number one regional and as far as the wider conflict in syria is concerned is this a good thing. yes this is a win win for everybody it's a win for the turks because they can stop their invasion and they get the white b.g. to stand down this group that they call terrorists will be disarmed in after being the syrian government will reassert softy. it's good for the kurds because they no longer will be killed their own will be destroyed it's good for the syrian government it gets to reassert authority over this new region
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a region that it lost control of many years ago and it gets to look like it's on the side of the civilians that it is a protector of civilians rather than threatening cities and and this is good all the way around you say it's good for cuts what about the y.p. the will they have lost face here yes they have lost face but they were going to lose even more face when they killed by the turkish army so it's embarrassing for them and they have to make a deal with the syrian government did not want to do this they wanted to do it under much better circumstances and to negotiate federalism as they've demanded from the syrian government they're not getting better ways but the united states was not going to come to their rescue against turkey in fact at aloud he had said that the turks were justified in coming in at three although america pure did and did not like him doing it they said they understood turkey's national security
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interests in doing so so it kurds were getting no protection from america they could not withstand this onslaught on their own they have to put down their arms and turn themselves over if you will to the syrian people joshua could still too many thanks indeed joshua landis that all right so invites me. i saw fighters in iraq of ambushed a convoy of shia militia on the outskirts of how asia according to military sources they say that at least twenty five shia fighters were killed in the attack by members of i saw disguised in iraqi army uniforms last week the governor of nearby could cook warned that i saw still poses a security threat in the area you know these are from c. are plenty more to come on the program including the growing call for u.s. gun control after the deadly florida shows the school shooting prompts a student listening session with president donald trump search crews find an
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iranian passenger aircraft that crashed killing all sixty five people on board and it's for the best basketball players in the world face off in the n.b.a. all star game will have the details coming up later. an internal report released by oxfam has revealed that three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct in haiti the charity released the report after being criticized for a lack of transparency over allegations that its director in haiti used prostitutes during an aid mission the report says that roland how a maiden admitted the behavior although he's previously denied the claims let's go live now to london for more on this out of serious bodily phillips is there a body what else did this report say. the whole release of the report adrian is an attempt by oxfam to refute those accusations of
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a lack of transparency will be handed over to the haitian government in port au prince in morning time monday on the on the on in haiti and it comes with an apology from oxfam for mistakes it paints a picture of a dysfunctional and unhappy organization as you said three people physically intimidating witnesses into the investigation itself and they were only able to do that because the existence of the investigation was leaked from within if you follow me it talks about bullying intimidation downloading or pornography it says that sex with underage prostitutes cannot be ruled out so what are the implications of this for oxfam barbie and for the the wider aid agency community. well i think that there are big implications for both and it's important for our
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viewers to understand that this yes this does go way beyond oxfam as the report itself says oxfam needed better or needs better procedures to deal with quotes problem staff who might go on to work for other aid organizations a case in point ronald on how a myron who was allowed a dignified phased exit from haiti in twenty eleven despite all these allegations swirling around and went on to head another important job for another aid organization in bangladesh the context in britain remember this is one of the very few countries in the world and in fact by far the largest in economic terms which actually adheres to the united nations recommended guideline of point seven percent of gross national income being spent on development assistance being spent on aid that is a lot of money and tourism a and her government come under some criticism particularly from within their own conservative party about it and so questions about whether
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this is a an honorable and a sensible way to spend this money bubbling up very much an interesting developments here on choose day in the british capital the heads of oxfam save the children and the government's own department which deals with aid that's different the department for international development have been summoned to parliament for questioning many thanks bobbie phillips of them. there are reports that yet another trump aide is likely to plead guilty as part of the f.b.i.'s investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election according to the los angeles times trump's former deputy campaign manager richard gates who pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud in october is expected to change his plea the f.b.i. investigation kicked up a notch in october when trump's former foreign policy advisor george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. later the same month charges of conspiracy and money laundering were filed against
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trump's former campaign manager paul man a foot he pleaded not guilty to the charges but it's understood that richard gates will now testify against him that in november trump's national security advisor michael flynn was charged with willfully and knowingly making false statements he pleaded guilty in december let's go live to washington and a serious political hanes and hopefully help us make sense of all of this if this report from the l.a. times is true what does it say about the progress of the investigation patty. there is definitely a sense adrian that there is momentum behind the muller investigation just on friday there was another indictment thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies there is a sense that it is building and here's how investigations work in washington d.c. at this level you go after the little fish in order to get the bigger fish and these are exactly the little fish we're talking about paul mann affords who ran the trump campaign for a brief amount of time but he was the chairman of the basically the he ran the
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campaign rick gates was his principal deputy so if you read the indictment against man a for and against gates it is incredibly specific they have individual transactions that they say prove money laundering there's even is an allegation about money laundering through buying a persian rug so these are very specific financial details that they have a man a ford and gates and let's keep in mind gates was not only part of the campaign he's only one of what you just mentioned there was papadopoulos he's pled guilty he's flip national security advisor michael flynn he's flipped and i think about this reprosecute point of view if you read the indictment it seems like they've got a very strong case against gates so why would they give him a lenient sentence some people are saying that he might get as little as eighteen months for these very serious allegations but you only do that if they've got something to give you so the question now and we'll wait to see what it's filed in court is what exactly does gates have and what exactly are the prosecutors getting
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from him all right let's suppose that these reports are true then gates to testify against paul what is the impact of all of this going to be. the impact is it puts in extreme amount of pressure on metaphor to do exactly what gates is doing and flip if he has information on people higher up the food chain as they say then prosecutors might be unwilling to make a deal with him or it just puts more pressure on him to take a plea deal because a trial is going to be excessively expensive and we believe that his finances are struggling right now obviously put it perspective he has several million dollar homes but still it is an incredibly expensive thing to try and take on the special counsel this is the dream team in legal circles in washington. bob mueller is not known for going to court unless he has a dead or right so this puts an extreme amount of pressure on metaphor if he has
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anything on individuals higher up in the trump campaign he's definitely be feeling the pressure to hand it over to the special prosecutor if this doesn't fact happen many thanks. supporters of deported ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili have marched in kiev to demand his return saakashvili was abducted from a restaurant past week was thrown into a van put on a helicopter from kiev to warsaw his supporters want him back to contest the presidency challenged ballots reports. by a movement that won't be stops by freezing temperatures and a deported leader trains opposition marches on which is the premier league we came here to change as chief in our country to make our thirty's work for the people and to support the people that's why we are here today. they swarmed onto the streets to protest against president petro poroshenko and supporters deported opposition
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leader mikhail saakashvili they want publishing called peached and a new election. this was the scene one week ago when saakashvili was seized in a key of restaurant more than a dozen men in military uniforms grabs the politician and threw him in one of two white vans in seem to poland. the former president of georgia became cranium in twenty fourteen but soon turned on his friend president poroshenko accusing him of corruption. and this was how it was received publishing co stripped him of his citizenship last year and deported him you know that the usual mikhail will remain the leader says one opposition politician because support though is question that his party the movement of new forces polls at least than two percent in the ministry of internal or fears he summation three thousand people
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were at the rally reporters say it was more like ten thousand polish inker publicly ignored the rally he spent the weekend at the munich security conference lou delusionary i've known you people can't stand it anymore because there's no change the more time passes the worst we live poroshenko is dancing and having fun relaxing in the mall to eve he is a disgrace to the country. youth saakashvili faces similar accusations in his native georgia his rivals have charged him with abuse of power he denies any wrongdoing but relented his citizenship now he is stateless and so his will to a continues from georgia to ukraine to poland he's now seeking refuge in the netherlands the home of his wife there. in kiev they say his message will be heard wherever he sees. charlotte bellus ilja zero hungary's prime minister has launched his election campaign with calls for
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a global alliance against migration victor all bans party is expected to win a third consecutive victory in the april vote the right wing politician has been increasingly at odds with the e.u. and the united nations over and said that eastern and western europe were heading in different directions is that was what you're seeing when you go through for your job and the situation is that the danger we face comes from the west from politicians in brussels beilin in paris they want us to adopt their policies which have made their countries into integration countries and open up the way for the decline of christianity and the spread of islamic. such and rescue teams have reached the site of a plane crash in iran according to local media facing mountainous terrain in temperatures minus sixteen degrees celsius the asinine airlines aircraft went down in folky weather on sunday all sixty five people on board of thought have been killed iran's president hassan rouhani has ordered an investigation into the
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accident. reports. distraught family members still near have bad street into one where fifty nine passengers and six crew members departed on their fateful flight. on the other side of the journey the halls of airport where the plane was said to arrive was full of people mourning so hard. i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he assured me they'll get here the plane is not behind schedule yet he said don't worry he called later it's had the plane had crashed there a seaman airlines flight departed from her bed airport into iran but disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving the plane was heading towards the city vs in southwestern iran it crashed into mt deena near the town of semi room in the mountain range rescue teams a struggle to reach the crash site due to inclement weather and rugged terrain there's no question the roads here are impassable vehicles are here and lots of
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people too when we heard about it around eleven am or noon we began searching all the villages in the area but we didn't find anything investigators have yet to determine the cause of the crash but some aviation experts believe heavy fog could have hindered the pilots navigation decades of international sanctions and diplomatic isolation have left iran's airlines with aging fleets of passenger planes which they've struggled to maintain and modernize. you have fleets of aircraft in iran as a man airlines flight it's the only airline in the world that still flies commercially the boeing seven two seven try jet this is an aircraft which hasn't even been made for over thirty four years and so you've got effectively a block on components of. the new aircraft which is simply left iranian aviation pretty much as it was well let's say round about nine hundred eighty iran
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suffered a number of aviation disasters most recently in two thousand and fourteen when a separate man airlines flight crashed just after takeoff killing thirty nine people. since the who on curb its nuclear program it's ordered more than two hundred planes from airbus and boeing with forty four billion dollars in the hopes of modernizing its commercial aviation committed by d.c. al-jazeera the body of morgan chiang rai is lying in state in zimbabwe's capital large crowds of turned out at harare as freedom square to pay respects to the former opposition leader a sixty five year old died on wednesday of colon cancer. formed the movement for democratic change was a staunch critic of former president robert mugabe he'll be buried at his rules home on tuesday more now from in harare. people say they want to celebrate a rise they say he was a great man
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a great opposition leader and one way they say they want to preserve his legacy is to try and make sure that elections this year are three. credible. people here are his. very own shoes they didn't know much of the focus will shift the position of the party what is going to happen next some party members are unhappy. pointed acting president by the national council based here especially she will be held so people can vote they want as a leader so lots of things i think be in right now with the maybe that's the main concern. is that the leadership get back together it because unite the party could split which could we can win elections take place heavy rain has triggered a landslide of the rubbish dump in mozambique a fifteen meter high pile of garbage collapsed on top of seven homes in the capital maputo seventeen bodies have been recovered so far but it's thought there could be more trapped under the daybreak flight warnings are at their highest around
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indonesia's mount sinabung after ash spewed more than seven thousand meters into the air hundreds of homes surrounding the volcano were left covered in de vry sort of a rumbling since twenty ten but activities picked up in recent days people are being urged to keep away from a seven kilometer exclusion zone around the crater. it's a big country there's a lot of weather going on right now in the united states extremes of weather that is it's to the school where the stuff we imagine this age when you're having a barbecue it's around twelve degrees it's balmy outside this is in denver and then the next morning you wake up and it's minus eleven and snowing that's what i mean about the usa has a proper weather so let's have a look at whiles is going on then for the northwestern part it's snowing this is what it looks like in washington state that snow looks like fairly heavy wet snow but still it gives you an indication that is pretty cold for many of us here and that cold weather extends all the way across into the eastern parts of canada as well but elsewhere it's
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a lot more mild and for some of us in west virginia that mild weather is giving us a problem with some flooding and that's partly due to the snow melting and partly due to the amount of rain that we're seeing and down in the southeast ahead of that wet weather is very very mild you can see the winds here all feeding up from the gulf of mexico and that's why things are quite so mild here but it's cold air that is digging down from canada here's a denver as a maximum on monday two degrees is a bit different from the twenty degrees and sunshine that we were seeing before so there's that what weather then gradually edging its way eastwards but it's not really moving anywhere in a great hurry so still more or less day where it is really as we head through choose day because the front is staying where it is all the warm air continues to be pulled up ahead of it so the temperatures here will continue to rise as we head through the next few days atlanta twenty three there on choose day for washington d.c. we're looking at twenty four new york at ninety and the average at this time of year is actually three so we're a long way above that age. stephanie thanks still to come here on the news.
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the red carpet apartments top film awards turns black because movie stars send a message on sexual harassment and violence against women why some drivers are worried about a change in direction for the popular jeepney in the philippines. and in sport for tips that are a piece of us arias the final of the walk of both of us here to tell you why a little later. on counting the cost will fall to i.m.f. chief christine like god about how the economic model is changing here in the middle east can island break regs it find out how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. the year of the dog in china counting the cost at this time. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in
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that global perspective to see our lives. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated the perspective american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very her and her ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera.
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well i get it returning and here in doha with the news from al-jazeera our top stories this hour turkey is threatening to rattle syrian pro-government forces if they protect the kurds in the hold an enclave of a free and a warning came soon after syrian state media said the militia will be entering the region within hours turkey considers the kurdish y p g to be a terrorist. military sources say that i saw fighters in iraq have ambushed a convoy of she have alicia on the outskirts of the ija they say that at least twenty five shia fighters were killed in the attack by members of i sold the skies to iraqi army uniforms and an internal report released by oxfam has revealed three of its workers threatened witnesses during an investigation into sexual misconduct in haiti the charity released the report after being criticized for a lack of transparency of accusations that its director in haiti used prostitutes. more than eighty political prisoners have been released in sudan the group includes
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prominent opposition leaders they were arrested last month after protests against the rising cost of food to syria's mohamad fall reports. the move to release dozens of political prisoners from jails in the sudanese cup that khartoum came as a surprise. most were arrested last month after protests about soaring prices and tough economic conditions turned violent turnout. we will work hard to get rid of the reasons that have led to demonstrations and detention we will be in contact with all parties concerned we will keep and maintain the human rights and we will put an end to political polarization in the country for the sake of our nation. families of those released from prison were delighted but concerned for the ones still detained and we are happy. we need all the prisoners to be released we need our country to live in peace we need nothing but peace and security the freed
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prisoners included leaders of the opposition who are calling for all political factions to unite in order to find a solution to sudan's problems and they are demanding the release of all prisoners of opinion. and we need a full and comprehensive dialogue and such a dialogue is the only way to take our country away from this crisis the tension and prisons will never sort out our issues it is now the time to resort to the best methods to find peaceful solutions to the problems in our country the presidential decree to release the prisoners came after the appointment of a new security chief and it followed calls from representatives of several foreign embassies the arrests were made during a wave of protests in several cities against the rise in bread prices and other economic difficulties facing the sudanese people many now hope the government and opposition parties can get together for talks aimed at resolving the country's persistent crisis for our desire. a move to modernize is threatening to change the
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way that many people get around in the philippines small buses that has g.p.s. of being updated and drivers of the popular mode of transport feel that it will put their jobs at risk because general allen dogon reports from the. us think of the philippines they often have big mind it is an offshoot of the american military jeeps that were left behind after world war two since then filipinos have made it their zero zero zero and have long been called the king as the libyan rebels. for decades they've also been the solution to the country's lack of public transport jeepneys are affordable and available but have also been blamed for the city's chaotic traffic. the philippine government wants more control it says it is time to improve the education in this. it wants jeepney operators to start registering as corporations instead of running corporate it's independent and
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basically are what their station project. it can be the changing of. it entails the improvement they. include being their operating conditions. it also wants to things out jeepneys their fifteen years or older government officials want you models they say they are safer and energy efficient and environmentally friendly. it is some fair the assistance they offer is not even enough there is no other genie in the world it can only be found here and it must be preserved. cheaply owners groups oppose the plan to saying the model that the government is demanding is double the price and g.p. operators and workers cannot afford it the majority of g.p. drivers belong to the poorest sector of society they say forcing owners to upgrade without enough government assistance could mean an end to the g.p.
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industry altogether. but they said. both that. and what did he do in the end he thought them i don't care about you you can all die in hunger isn't that. there are nearly three hundred thousand jeepneys all across the country and many of been flying this cheese for decades but majority of commuters prefer jeepneys like this one modern colorful and fast. the government says the plan to improve the g.p. is just part of a broader project to overhaul the chance court system. these are often seen as a conic moving art pieces that reflect a filipino in. a tremendous here people to become a symbol of the government's neglect. dogon al-jazeera manila. back now to the story we covered just
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a few minutes ago about the political prisoners in sudan having been released the group includes a prominent opposition leaders who were arrested last month after protests against the rising cost of food joining us now from cop to mr vance foreign minister ibrahim. it's good to have you on the program we saw in that report a few moments ago jubilant opposition supporters. but many said that the government hadn't gone far enough and that other political prisoners need to be released too is the government going to go the whole hog and release all political prisoners i don't think the minister can can hear me minister can you hear me it's adrian finnegan here in doha is the government going to press ahead and release all political prisoners in sudan obviously so they can hear you you can hear me sir or not i own is the government going to release all
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political political prisoners in the areas of the. i tell you what minister will come back to you in a few minutes what's your sort of go to do it is that we will come back the voice is not clear yes i'm sorry so we're having some audio problems minister will be back with you in just a few moments once we sort that out live television for you donald trump is under pressure to act on gun violence to counter public anger over the florida school shootings the u.s. president will talk to students and teachers this week in what the white house is calling a listening session seventeen students and staff members died on wednesday when a former student opened fire at a high school with an assault style semiautomatic rifle survive as a planning a national march in washington d.c. to demand action on gun legislation. the one thousand year old suspect was declared low risk of harming others by a florida social services agency eighteen months before the attack he was
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questioned after the agency was alerted to his violent social media post the f.b.i. admitted on friday that it failed to investigate a tip off that the suspect had access to guns and quote a desire to kill people he faces seventeen charges of premeditated murder steve perry is an american educator and founder of capital prep schools in harlem new york he joins us now via skype from bridgeport connecticut good to have you with us steve what on earth could president trump possibly say to satisfy students and teachers especially the because you know in the past he's been an openly opposed to gun tougher gun control legislation short of saying that he's going to support tougher gun legislation he's going to have to just shut up unless sadly he's quicker to speak that is to think and think about the time in which he's speaking so you have yet again in the united states another school shooting and what's
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frightening about that is it is another school shooting it's not just the most recent it's another it's treated as it almost anticipated this point by us as educators we plan now as they did during the second world war for our active shooter. drills in our schools we're there now survivors of the parkland cheating steve have spoken so eloquently about the need for gun control in the u.s. since last week's. murders. do you think the president is likely to be swayed by their opinion. i you know i haven't seen him swayed to the side of empathy for anything but if there is anything that should. warm his heart is should be children who watched other children murdered by a child what do you see as the major need when it comes to what to school safety in
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the u.s. how do you answer those people who say that the guns don't kill people people do yet they're wrong that he didn't shoot people with the people he shot people with a pistol i mean with a with a r r fifty rifle so yeah that's not true but it's more complicated than simply removing guns from people's hands though that is important we have to have a more robust conversation in which we don't point fingers while the challenges of conversation such as these that there pithy and short and they don't allow for broader conversation about what needs to happen i have as an educator called the department of children family services in multiple states on children who are found to be dangerous on one level or another but they have a first amendment right they have a right to freedom of speech and we cannot just lock children up because they say they're going to do something horrible on the same token we have to do something with children say they're going to do something horrible it's a very complicated situation and people talk about making the buildings more secure
4:43 pm
well fort hood in texas is a military installment here in the united states of america and it was attacked by psychiatry's or psychologist who was on on site so we cannot. have a short conversation expect to get to the long answers it's a pretty good to talk to many thanks indeed steve perry that thank you likewise. i think we've sort of the audio problems now between heart and khartoum let's go back to sudan's foreign minister ibrahim condo to talk about the release of those eighty political prisoners in sudan minister thank you for being with us and what signal is sudan's president sending with the release of these political prisoners earth thank you very much for having me the signal is that the president and the government discord instantly. committed to fear to political freedoms to freedom of speech in accordance with a could
4:44 pm
a should do should and so the detention was not vindictive was not meant to be a longer arrest it was meant in order to keep social order following the protests after the last three years so. that is all of the commitment of the government to political freedoms and that it is primarily was very short. as it used up in the past minister in our report we saw opposition supporters who were very happy at the release of of their loved ones relatives but they they said that the government needs to go further and release all political prisoners in south sudan will the government do that we are all very happy and all the sudanese people are happy and i couldn't assure you that everybody would be released this is did we see you know the president.
4:45 pm
that is will follow ok been a lot of economic problems in sudan in fact i mean that that's what this most recent unrest was about rising prices what's the government going to do about improving the economy and will it consult with opposition parties in sudan to try and get the economy back on track. the it is the decisions that will stick and called sinning the lifting of subsidies or said to call what it is though very difficult on the unity of the sudanese people but it was meant in order to defy the problem see the economy we hope that within the coming few years the economy will be back and we hope that the sudanese people will be super patient during the last few years we've continued to support those for years though very difficult on everybody yes but it's. still going on and i'm
4:46 pm
a minister or a neighbor so know everybody minister is the government going to involve the opposition in the decisions that need to be taken to get the economy in sudan back on track we tell you that government no is formed of twenty six political parties and it is a result of the national there lo and many of the opposition parties where there the decision to rectify the economy was part of the national dialogue and i think it is possible also to have a discussion between opposition and government on how to go photoed the economy that is possible the door is open and it's always open but minister many thanks indeed for being with us i'm sorry about that the earlier technical problems but thank you very much sir that's sudan's foreign minister ibrahim gundel there in khartoum on on the landslide that rubbish dump in mozambique that we told you about
4:47 pm
a little earlier a fifteen meter high pile of garbage collapsed on top of seven homes in the capital maputo seventeen bodies have been recovered so far it's thought they could be more though trapped under the debris charles rosa local journalist joins us now on the line from charles tell us a bit more about what actually happened here. yes of course it's true love people if. it's cool to ninety. six in the garbage. leave overflowing the walls of the down to the following year we just hundreds of people who live nearby and it is also the workplace for the less fortunate people of those who are poor and what's preventing around broken glass is toxic flames and decay is essential for good materials that could be sold lenny's also the result of decades of on call controlled demolition
4:48 pm
so you notice that workers are still working to pull out from bodies and the people are still contending. i'm kind of was this morning just only expect to get more bodies as the day falls tells you you say to these these these homes were engulfed by by this rubbish you know. it slid in after heavy rain these homes we're not talking about i mean we talk about slum homes here are we. talking region where hundreds of hundreds of people live on that in a way this coverage for forty six broken teams as well as truck fixed. thing or is there anything going back here ok charles good to see many thanks charles mangano the local journalist in mozambique on the line from the puter. still to come here on news out emotional win for a golfer who says that he was close to ending in south korea story of the sport.
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4:50 pm
you. lose. that is for with the schools thank you so much adrian just three gold medals are up for grabs on day town of the winter olympics the first one went to norway's o'barr and the wrench in the men's five hundred meter speedskating event laurentian and doubt south korea's charming who in a dramatic photo finish and set
4:51 pm
a new olympic record on his way to his first winter games medal the bronze went to . china. but here's a look at the medal standings norway are now tall with tang golds after that win in speed skating two more golds on offer on monday and bob sleigh and ski jumping earlier sweden's men's olympic hockey team reached the last eight they beat finland three one to win group c. and directly advance the swedes will now play either switzerland or germany and wednesday's quarter finals. team usa have eased into their a third straight women's olympic hockey finally shot out finland five nothing in monday's sami's to advance or face either canada or the olympic athletes from russia and their stays on. the court of arbitration for sport is open to doping investigation against a russian bronze medalist suspected of failing a drugs test at the games alexander crucial netsky won bronze with his wife and
4:52 pm
mixed doubles curling he's said to have tested positive for male dhoni i'm a banned substance on increases blood flow and improves exercise capacity and athletes he's awaiting the results of a second sample. i don't think testing and sanctioning the olympic winter games pyong chang twenty eighteen is independent from the i.o.c. therefore the i.o.c. cannot communicate on individual cases while the procedure is ongoing on the one hand it is extremely disappointing when prohibited substances may have been used but on the other hand it shows the effectiveness of the anti doping system at the games which protects the rights of all the clean athletes. ball now and be a superstar le bron james stole the show at this year's all star game which thought by total change in format set of it being the best of the east and west colliding this time at ways a contest between team le bron and so home alex reports. if anyone needed reminding who's the biggest name in. game the french bron
4:53 pm
james was in fine form after hand-picked by took on the team selected by. james hadn't been. the people for the team. that looked like changing changing too soon or knocking the car is never one that particular accolade eleven points overall and didn't seem as invested in the if that's liberal the cleveland man would eventually back a game high twenty nine points and ended up being an extremely close contest. leading by just one point with on the twenty second to go le bron delivered to a persist overnight for ross and westbrook to increase the lead by three. teams deafened could have levelled it but blew the chance le bron side winning it one forty eight to one forty five with james bagging the m.v.p. award sometimes you have to improvise you know when it breaks down i was able to do that and. i mean that's the beauty of being on the floor were
4:54 pm
a bunch of stars it doesn't always work that way but when you have all the stars were queuing guys that want to play the game and play the game. it works out for the best now that the fun is over it's back to the race to the playoffs with the n.b.a.'s best. roger federer has won his ninety seventh career title he lost just four games in a straight sets win over grigor dimitrov at the old woman in rotterdam federer has also returned to number one in the world rankings and at thirty six she's the oldest player to any time winning final and less than an hour or. so ago. news now and bubba watson has won the genius open in a for his tenth p.g.a. tour title the american hold this bunker shot on the fourteenth for a birdie that put him on track to win by two shots the win and watson's two year drought on the p.g.a. circuit that victory put the two time masters champion back into the world's top fifty after starting the week ranked one hundred seventeen. and that's all your
4:55 pm
support for now more later but many thanks indeed now the british academy of film and television or bafta awards in london of wrapped up with two films winning top accolades three billboards outside everything missouri and the fantasy film the shape of water but it doesn't it wasn't just the movies in the spotlight the me two times up campaigns against sexual harassment of women made their mark of the news cast and stansell. three i think the story of a bereaved mother seeking justice for the rape and murder of her teenage daughter emerged the big winner at the bafta is on sunday night. i do anything to catch your daughter's killer three billboards outside a big one in five categories including outstanding british film and best actress for star frances mcdormand. when i was a young actor in drama school i was told that i was naturally gifted
4:56 pm
and i would have to work at it and so i did. i gary oldman one past actor for his portrayal of winston churchill in the war film darkest hour. so grateful for this incredible. and the shape of water which led the pack with twelve nominations one in three categories including best director for guillermo del toro. but politics was also center stage at these awards as the film industry reels from an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations which began last year those attending the doctors were all black to show solidarity for the times up movement in addition to that on sunday more than two hundred british actors there's no entertainers signed a letter calling for the and of sexual harassment and abuse against women in the workplace not just in hollywood in the media but across all industries we need to policy that's enough. says i think that their slogan is absolutely
4:57 pm
right time is up that's over. this actress joanna lumley hosted the ceremony the first woman to do so since two thousand and one but despite the time's up movement and the groundswell of support for gender equality in an industry heavily favoring men critics say women are still failing to make the mark at this year's bafta we can't help but look at the nominations in the categories this year through the lens of this campaign through the lens of this movement so obviously it becomes immediately apparent that you don't have any female directors despite gretta go wig . making the film. this kind of illustrates how you can you would have these amazing films directed by women providing these incredible performances and characters which then enabled the the the actors to be nominated in those catch categories but the people making the whole thing happen the overarching creative
4:58 pm
director as it were is completely ignored when it's female power to the people something supporters of time's up hope will change as more voices join the movement on a global stage happenstance or al-jazeera london. and that will just about do it for this particular news out that he has continues of course here on al-jazeera i'll be back to attention of the day's top stories in just a moment. in two thousand and eight raggy omar traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can you be muslim and american you have to be american first i really didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim be elected to the united states congress but ten years on mort has changed rewind islam in america at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks
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when people need to be heard. good to me. and the story needs to be told ages largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy l.g. zero has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and online. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique all this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion isn't of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important. to publish if you have a cue to be offensive overall it's all about eyes people just setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the frame a good logical rational or a crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. turkey says a word standby if syria and pro-government forces join us backed kurdish fighters get a free.


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