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and one that many people here think the government failed. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted sense that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and then gains others and that it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative and maybe i'll turn down it's not a marriage barb own business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. zero. zero this is the news hour live from london coming up. turkey threatens to fight
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pro-government forces in syria if they support kurdish fighters in a free. campaign is remember the foreign victims of a florida school shooting as president trump backs bipartisan efforts in washington to improve checks on gun purchases. at least seventeen people are killed in mozambique after a rubbish heap collapses burying several houses. dozens of opposition leaders are reunited with their families in sudan after a surprise decision to release them from prison. in sport norway are enjoying their best ever winter olympics that's top of the medals table after winning two more golds dates in the country. turkey's foreign minister says turkish troops will fight forces loyal to syrian president bashar al assad if they enter the northern enclave of
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a free and to defend kurdish fighters the syrian state news agency reported that pro-government forces would enter a free in within hours to join what it called the resistance to turkish aggression announcement follows order peers to be an agreement to help kurdish y p g fighters in a free we've been fighting to repel a turkish offensive there for a month it's a move that further complicates the conflict turkey sees the y p g as a terror group but elsewhere in northern syria it's been part of a u.s. backed alliance confronting eisel stephanie decker reports. syrian state television and now says that forces loyal to president bashar al assad will be deployed to a free in. turkey launch an operation against the people's protection units or y p g who are in control of the province almost a month ago ankara calls the y.p. g a terrorist organization the united states considers the group its most effective ally
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in fighting eisel. this new move by damascus in africa could mean its allied militia directly confronts turkish troops turkey's foreign minister was defiant yes in the name of the regime is in train their claims p k k m p y d and there are no problems however if i come in to defend the why p.g. the nothing and nobody can stop us the supplies to efren as well as members into the east of the euphrates river the developments when set behind the scenes negotiations the details of which are unclear if the kurds are going to accept the major conditions of the syrian regime will decide on that very heavy weapons. dance artillery and rocket launchers will they be exiting the city because the syrian regime is syria democratic forces to exit the city and to move to the east of the euphrates the kurdish why p.g. holds the areas in yellow which include the region of africa in the green areas
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land controlled by the syrian opposition supported by turkey and they are advancing on africa and under the turkish operation olive branch president assad's government controls the area to the south and the i.p.g. is territory to the east of the euphrates is where the us has military bases and personnel on the ground syria's seven year war seems to have entered a new phase with the foreign powers who have long backed different sides trying to solidify their spheres of influence stephanie decker al-jazeera. takis president has discussed the operation in two separate phone calls with the leaders of iran and russia are shipped out of one warned me of putin over the actions of the syrian government which is russia's ally some avenge of aid has more from istanbul the first batch of kurdish fighters has reached the city of free and that's according to s.d.f. which is a u.s. backed force and these kurdish fighters have travelled from the city of aleppo this is a city which is under the control of the syrian government forces so syrian fighters
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have been saying that this group proves their point that kurdish fighters off the white people's protection units have been allied with the syrian government all along there is expectations that more convenience of pro-government militias not regular syrian government forces will do the city of against this operation that has been launched by the turkish forces called all of branch on the diplomatic front we've been hearing from presidential sources that the turkish president has been speaking to his russian counterpart and he's told them that there will be consequences if the syrian government continues on its path this is the part that the foreign minister had also alluded to saying that the turkish government has no problem with the syrian government contains and controls its own territory and borders but it will have a problem and it will confront anyone who allies itself with the with these kurdish fighters that turkey sees as terrorists from on this so we can speak to camera nati
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news a senior lecturer in international relations at sussex university thanks very much for being with us so how significant is a change is it to have turkish forces potentially allying with the kurds in that region against the turkish offensive. it's quite significant but they get a lot really depends on the details of this agreement and whether or not russia is on board because if russia is indeed supporting this deployment that means that in case of an attack by turkish forces on syrian forces enough ring then and that would be you know russia will act in defense of its allies or more. easily you can close air space. full of top turkish air force to operate we should make any military operation by turkey very difficult because that's the superior joelle force is what what has given them the edge on the other hand i think the
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kurds by this move. are trying to force also americans hand because america has refused to defend them enough in my saying that they are just in the east of euphrates and that they're not there is own the design of russia in practical terms so that essentially sending this message that we can actually make a deal with our side which is seen by united states as a problem and that he has to go india and also it means that under current details which are leaking this syrian government actually does not take control of that kind of the region as a whole but simply deploy sets of some forces that means that the kurds they're still remain in control and on the ground and that that is very something which is very unacceptable on the paper to have one of them is inching is that a really big pushback has never get from turkey against this and we've had a decade turkish deputy prime minister and ask him it saying that that it would be a disaster for the region if this went ahead and they talked about serious
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consequences for syria if this happens what exactly he attacks are going to do in reaction to this. well i think that as i said it depends on if russia ends up actually approving or defending this deployment i don't think ticket can do much because that would mean they are simply not able to confront russia militarily especially in terms of using desir you have space but on the other hand i think behind the scenes what is happening is the division between russia on the one hand and iran and to some extent the assad regime on the other hand is deepening in terms of post-war was pretty structuring and situation in syria and iran is increasingly feeling that it's being marginalized in the post-war construction and geo political arrangement within syria so it's trying to actually game same russia which needs turkey in order to arrange a kind of successful exit from syria and at the moment you know way iran by helping
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and supporting assad to do this deal with the kurds you know was kind of frustrating some of russia's plans you know order to regain its position it sees as bright fill in terms of its help for floor syrian regime and i think if the deployment is based on this limited knowledge of this limited nature it in the end strengthens the kurds hand because they retain effective control and they actually kind of continue on saying that they want a federal decentralized in which they have effective control on the ground but there are many parts of syria as a state and that is something acceptable to your side and get do you see it in times i mean there's always been a risk of a kind of wider conflict because of all the various countries that are involved in this that they end up fighting each other do you think there's more of a risk of that now would you think this this is just a kind of or a small section of the conflict which is leading up to the country's century being carved up between the various phases in films i think there is the center has
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always existed but in this particular case i think it's particular is this scale aging precisely because technically because of domestic consumption. and there actually did have had internally in terms of removing one p.j. from africa india can't settle for anything less than a kind of decisive victory hundred other hand if this turns out into a confrontation between turkey ministers russia syria iran over this particular round then then that's very difficult to achieve so you know way so if state is there is locke's has locked in itself into its own rhetoric domestically which makes it very difficult to make concessions at this point and that makes the whole situation more explosive come on much and thank you very much indeed to feel thoughts nice of you thank you letter and the seventy one people have been killed by as strikes in eastern according to the monitoring group syrian observatory for human rights local observers believe the attacks are a prelude to a major offensive on the rebel held territory which has been under siege since
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twenty thirteen then heard of course from bay ridge. rockets missiles air strikes activists fear the renewed bombardment on the besieged opposition area of eastern huta could be the beginning of a large scale military operation. it seems russian broke at the gauche ations to bring about a rebel surrender have so far failed ending a week of relative calm yet again civilians were the victims since the end of december a stepped up military campaign killed more than four hundred people at least one hundred of them were children the fear now is that the numbers will only rise if a wide scale attack begins. the syrian government and its allies are sending military reinforcements to the edges of the rebel enclave just outside the capital damascus pro-government media are promising victory and what they say will be a decisive battle it will be the first time they will try to storm. past ground offensives where we by rebels and people are defiant.
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we have man who. they won't be able to capture one inch of his land. this is what we have been steadfast for seven years they tried many times and used all kinds of weapons but they were in say able to take anything out. the syrian government and its allies haven't taken ground but over the years they have continuous. residential neighborhoods the syrian government. after securing ceasefire. other controlled areas. in the north west he says. are the people and. are refusing to. about
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four hundred thousand people. without a child. he is a live civil defense volunteers say it's not usually the case. a lot. still to come on now as their news hour thousands of people pay their respects to zimbabwe's deceased opposition leader morgan tsvangirai. threats bullying and intimidation and the latest scandal surrounding the british charity giant oxfam and his sport find out who stole the show it basketball's annual showcase for its best players.
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want house says u.s. president donald trump supports improved background checks on gun purchases in the wake of last wednesday's school shooting in florida and to gun protesters have been holding a demonstration outside the white house seventeen students and staff members were killed by a teenage suspect with an assault rifle in the florida city of parkland trump is to speak to survivors on wednesday in what's being called a listening session meanwhile the gunman accused of carrying out the mass shooting has appeared in court because cruz has confessed to taking a legally purchased semiautomatic rifle into the marjorie stoneham high school and opening fire if seventeen counts of murder vents their own. the people are just beginning to move away they know here something that started as a conversation between two young women on social media on friday grew into the event that was staged here in the last hour when we saw dozens and dozens of young people along with their families come along and express the hope that if there is
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going to be action that it happen soon and there are no more school shootings they make the point that they can't vote but their parents can their families can and they're going to make sure that their voices are going to be had and how are they going to do well by things like we saw here at the white house which they call a die in where young people lay on the ground to simulate the victims of gun death we had people read out the number of young people have been killed in school shootings in the united states since one thousand nine hundred nine and there are plans for a march in washington in march and also a mass walkout in schools across the country at some point in april the young people are being mobilized by what they've seen and what the fair particularly in florida normally after these tragedies in the united states we hear for days after this isn't the time to talk about it all the young people have said no this is the time to talk about it we want to talk about it but only do we want to talk about it we want to know what the politicians are going to do to make a safe and that is why we saw dozens of them here in front of the white house
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making sure that their voices will be haired and they see that this is going to continue until they see action and i mentioned what the politicians might do is there any sign a new nose. but what we're hearing from a number of politicians is that there are laws on the book that just the meat needs to be more rigorously enforced but that isn't going down well with a lot of others particularly the young people here who are saying look that doesn't stop someone taking a weapon of war and the ar fifteen into a school and firing they've got to start looking at some sort of legislation that restricts the weapons that are available on the street or speaking to young women who said look if i want to buy a toy gun there are more restrictions on not than going to buy and the ar fifteen or any are sixteen any of the assault rifles and then i was speaking to a woman who is here in tears she's a school psychologist she told me that what they're doing is speaking to people who have been in war zones and speaking to children after they've witnessed atrocities
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there because that is the relationship they know have after some of the events that they've seen how do you deal with what happens in schools when there are mass shootings these she said she believes and she trained in the school where the shooting wars in florida she says that she sees a change now she thinks that is something different and i asked why wasn't there a change after sandy hook you'll remember their children of the age of six and seven were killed twenty of them and six teachers as well she said here the children can articulate their anger they can see what they want to see and they can make people understand what they feel when they go into school that they're not safe and that that has to change so this may well be a time of change in the united states have seen the me too movement and force change over the last year eighteen months the young people here believe that there has to be a breaking point and they think florida may well be it and the actions that they are taking no are going to push that change thank you very much. there are reports
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that yet another trump aide is likely to plead guilty as part of the f.b.i.'s investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election according to the los angeles times former deputy campaign manager richard gates who pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud in october is expected to change his plea gates would become the third leading aide to pete guilty. more from washington d.c. we should point out that the l.a. times is pretty much solely reporting this right now but it wouldn't be all that unexpected if you read the tea leaves in washington gates recently dumped his legal some of his lawyers and the reason why was under seal that led to broad speculation that he was going to make this plea deal obviously you don't need high powered attorneys if you've already done a deal it's a federal holiday here in the united states so i don't expect that we'll see anything in the courts today but if it is true in the next couple of days we should see rick gates come and plead guilty now the reason this could be important is he
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was not only part of the trump campaign but he stayed when man afford left and if you read the indictment it is very damning and the team has case after case of what they say proves money laundering they have bank accounts they have purchases they have the records so if someone does this makes a plea deal like this usually they're doing it because they're able to provide evidence on someone higher up the food too. iranian state television is reporting that three police officers have been killed in clashes with protesters in northern tehran the demonstrators were dervishes denomination they gathered in front of a police station to demand the release of some members of their religious order a number of dervishes were reported to have been injured and arrested during clashes. and he's twenty seven shia fighters are being killed in iraq when i saw fighters ambushed their convoy the bodies of the victims arrived in baghdad on monday i saw fighters were disguised in iraqi army uniforms and pretended to be on
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duty at a fake checkpoint when the attack happened on the outskirts of how we judge. the governor of nearby kirkuk one that i saw still poses a security threat in the area. and he seventeen people have been killed after a garbage dump collapsed in mozambique rescue workers in the capital maputo believe more bodies could be buried fifteen meter tall pile of garbage collapsed in the early hours of the morning in heavy rains burying several houses local media say dozens of families afraid their homes. we are as a journalist based in maputo he says the garbage dump is located in one of the poorest areas of the capital. on. average. what will flow your walls will. respond when you know we are in groups of people who buy and. sell the work dreadfully less fortunate people in those who are poor and watched around broken glass is trying to clean very very precarious you settle
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for good luck you don't run the abuse old lady is also going to fall to the very core of control is everyone's issue sure you need it for we're going to work you to pull out hard what is. the harm to people who are very articulate in our own kind don't want to be severely. an internal report released by oxfam has revealed three of its work has threatened witnesses during an investigation into sexual misconduct in haiti the charity released a report out of being criticized for a lack of transparency of relegations that its director in haiti used prostitutes during an admission report says run from have a myron admitted the behavior though he previously denied the claims fund to be phillips reports from outside the haitian embassy in london. the report has been presented to the haitian embassy here in london and to the haitian government with apologies from oxfam for what it says are its mistakes it's a revealing insight into a pretty dysfunctional operation of oxfam's in haiti in the immediate aftermath of
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the terrible twenty ten earthquake bullying intimidation downloading or pornography it says it can't rule out the possibility of sex with under age girls it says that oxfam needs to deal with problem staff in a better way to ensure that they don't go on to work elsewhere in the aid sector a case in point the country director in oxfam the man at the center of allegations he went on to work for another aid organization in bangladesh of course this is a crisis that goes beyond oxfam itself remember that britain one of the very few countries which actually meets the un recommendations of spending point seven percent of gross national income on aid many people particularly on the right in british politics arguing that that is too much money and when aid organizations are seen to behave in such a morally reprehensible way well the case for spending that much money of course is
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that much weaker and on tuesday the heads of oxfam save the children and the government's own department for international development summoned to the british parliament for urgent questioning talks have begun between togo's government and the opposition to try to end a six month political standoff for months thousands of people have been protesting against president for. demanding that he stand down and the government introduce presidential term limits has been in power since two thousand and five to ten day talks are being brokered by the presidents of ghana and guinea. so don's foreign minister has told al-jazeera all political prisoners who were detained last month will be released or the eighty have already been freed including prominent opposition leaders saddam had faced international pressure to release the detainees who were arrested after anti-government protests about the rising cost of food lamb and well has more. on the move to release dozens of political prisoners from jails
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in the sudanese capital of khartoum came as a surprise. most were arrested last month after protests about soaring prices and tough economic conditions turned violent turnout. we will work hard to get rid of the reasons that have led to demonstrations and detention we will be in contact with all parties concerned we will keep and maintain the human rights and we will put an end to political polarization in the country for the sake of our nation the . families of those released from prison were delighted but concerned for the ones still detained that we are happy we need all the prisoners to be released we need our country to live in peace we need nothing but peace and security really is that is all of the commitment of the government to political freedoms and that is primarily was very short. as it used up in the past
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we are all very happy and all the sudanese people are happy can assure you that everybody will be released this is that this is you know of the president and the rest will follow. the freed prisoners included leaders of the opposition who are calling for on political factions to unite in order to find a solution to sudan's problems and they are demanding the release of prisoners of opinion. we need a full and comprehensive dialogue such a dialogue is the only way to take our country away from this crisis the tension and prisons will never sort out our issues it is now the time to resort to the best methods to find peaceful solutions to the problems in our country. the presidential decree to release the prisoners came after the appointment of a new security chief and it followed korn's from representatives of several foreign embassies the artists were made during a wave of protests in several cities against the rise in bread prices and other
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economies difficulties facing the sudanese people many now hope the government and opposition parties can get together for talks aimed at the result from the country's a system crises. are dizzy. so. that's thank. you thank you. the campaign against sexual misconduct takes center stage at this year's baxter awards. jeepney is under threat the passage of time it takes the philippines favorite minibuses and sports the brazilian football match that ended. players and you will hear that story. hello there we've got plenty of cloud swirling around in the middle east of the moment here it is on the satellite picture buckling back around through parts of
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iraq and moving across into iran now the wettest weather out of that system as we had to choose day is going to be in the east so there's likely to be subservient parts of afghanistan probably rain forcing kabul and also some wet weather for tashkent as well i'm not safe and now in the dryer weather but that will change and as we head into wednesday we'll see that weather system work its way across us is likely to be turning to snow as it does say we want towards the west still staying quite unsettled for some of us a good deal of cloud around and a few outbreaks of showery rain as well some of that cloud still with us over parts of saudi arabia particularly in the northwestern parts on tuesday here in doha not a great deal of cloud a little bit dusty and certainly very windy and those winds will stay strong as we head through chews day at least with a strong wind it won't be too hot on maximum temperature around twenty six degrees the winds gradually ease off for us as we head through wednesday and that's as more cloud rolls its way across us and this just the outside chance that this could give us a shower i mean further towards the south and here's where most of the wet weather
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is stretching down into the eastern parts of south africa also across mozambique receives a very heavy rain here there's plenty more still to come. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion is one of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important to have a right to publish it beat up to be offensive will provoke that's all about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. discover a willful would winning programming from the world. is going to make it challenge your perceptions if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build
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a better platform then facebook. documenters debate and discussion this country that was once that the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point alger's real. they're going to one of the top stories. turkey's foreign minister says turkish troops will fight forces loyal to syrian president bashar assad if they enter the northern enclave of a free to defend kurdish fighters after last week's school shooting in florida the white house says president all tromped support improved background checks on gun
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purchases. and the bodies of twenty seven shia fighters killed in an ambush near the iraqi city of we arrived in the capital baghdad. thousands of people in zimbabwe have paid tribute to morgan tsvangirai at a rally in the capital harare a former opposition leader died from cancer on wednesday opposition members say they will try to keep the party united despite divisions over the leadership has more from harare. when morgan tsvangirai body arrived at the place opposition parties called freedom square his supporters called him a hero for defending human rights and always calling for free and fair elections this is their last chance to say goodbye mania won't be able to attend the burial and choose to head or. home two hundred kilometers from the capital they say they'll continue his work and prepare for the election in a few months. not sure that this.
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president is. really. the entire leadership of the main opposition party showed up for monday's rally but the is speculation the movement for democratic change could split if some key officials decide to walk away from opposition is what the party to congress. is they now say to be. president by the national council is illegitimate. at the rally there were calls for the party to stick to the national cancer institute into. so i did take off. the it to the article for months so if. this should go for months but this is. for now opposition supporters say they are united and will deal with whatever problems lie he'd have to morgan tsvangirai has buried. his or her body and egyptian company has agreed to buy fifteen billion dollars worth of israeli
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natural gas a deal israel hopes will strengthen diplomatic ties operators of israel's tame and leviathan offshore gas fields will supply private egyptian firm dolphin as holdings around sixty four billion cubic meters of gas over a decade israeli israel's energy minister has called it the mystic significant export deal between the two countries since the historic peace treaty nine hundred seventy nine israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has welcomed the agreement. the club says it needs we need to understand that this would put billions into the state treasury to benefit the education health and social welfare of israel citizeness many people did not believe in the gas outline we lit it knowing that it would strengthen our security economy and regional relations iranian media say rescue teams have found the wreckage of a passenger plane that disappeared in the zagros mountains emergency workers who rushed through mountainous terrain in temperatures of minus sixteen degrees celsius
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to get to the site the assman airlines aircraft went down in foggy weather on sunday killing all sixty five people on board iran's president hassan rouhani has ordered an investigation into the accident. reports. distraught family members still near her bed st into one where fifty nine passengers and six crew members departed on their fateful flight. on the other side of the journey the halls of airport where the plane was set to arrive was full of people mourning so hard. i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he assured me they'll get here the plane is not behind schedule yet he said don't worry he called later it's had the plane had crashed there a seaman airlines flight departed from a bad airport into iran but disappeared from radar fifteen minutes after leaving the plane was heading towards the city vs who's in southwestern iran it crashed
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into mt dean and near the town of semi room in the mountain range rescue teams have struggled to reach the crash site due to inclement weather and rugged terrain there's no question the roads here are impassable vehicles are here and lots of people too when we heard about it around eleven am or noon we began searching all the villages in the area but we didn't find anything investigators have yet to determine the cause of the crash but some aviation experts believe heavy fog could have hindered the pilots navigation decades of international sanctions and diplomatic isolation have left iran's airlines with aging fleets of passenger planes which they've struggled to maintain and modernize. you have fruits of aircraft in iran as a man airlines flies it's the only airline in the world that still flies commercially the boeing seven two seven try jet this is an aircraft which hasn't
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even been made for over thirty four years and so you've got effectively a block on components of. a new aircraft which is simply left iranian aviation pretty much as it was well let's say round about nine hundred eighty iran suffered a number of aviation disasters most recently in two thousand and fourteen when a separate airlines flight crashed just after takeoff killing thirty nine people. since to iran curb its nuclear program its ordered more than two hundred planes from airbus and boeing with forty four billion dollars in the hopes of modernizing its commercial aviation committed by d.c. al-jazeera and all makers in iceland are trying to make male circumcision illegal saying it falls under the umbrella of child abuse globally the world health organization estimates that about one in three men have been circumcised most soon after birth it's practiced for religious reasons by jews and muslims and or social
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cultural or medical grounds in various parts of the world the legality of circumcising baby boys who are unable to give consent for the procedure has been debated before but iceland would be the first european country to ban it. and jonathan is the president of the board of deputies of british jews here in london a group that represents the u.k.'s jewish community thanks so much need for coming to talk to us so the person who put this bill forward said that this settlement circumcision violates the rights and bodily integrity of children what's your response to that if you look at the convention the united nations convention on the rights of the child he emphasizes many times that a child has the right to be brought up in his or her own religious and cultural environment so actually we argue that contrary to the icelandic ministers few actually we have a right to be circumcised when we are very very young girl especially if she goes on to say is that it's fine to have those beliefs but she says that it's in asia to
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be able to choose when you are at a point where you can make that decision willingly what would be the argument against doing it later on. much more potent for much more hazardous medical evidence is that the best time to perform circumcision which is a very minor procedure is when a child is eight days old which is exactly when jewish people do it because that's when we're commanded to do it in the bible and so what about the i mean that i think what she has pointed out is that she realized that actually that there was no restriction on male circumcision in arson even though female circumcision had been outlawed in two thousand and five isn't a degree of i mean actually that it should be equal no there's no parallel whatsoever circumcision is a very minor procedure that causes no harm at the time or lost in harm female circumcision on the other hand is a very intrusive procedure that is
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a mutilation of the woman's sexual organs it causes search should learn urine re problems and paid for almost all women who have it done for the rest of their life it's criminalized in this country and rightly so so what about the i mean the precedent that this might set if it does go through when i send you are you concerned that other countries might follow suit we are concerned because the irony is this is coming from the most liberal countries in europe taking the very deliberate practice of banning something because you don't agree with it what about smoking so i mean in terms of just to go back to the kind of the medical side of it and it has been debated in the past that sort of been people saying or the american . academy of pediatrics concluded in twenty twelve that there were health benefits of new born male circumcision but it then went on to say that actually the benefits were not found to be great enough to recommend universal newborn circumcision so it's not something that people can say medically this isn't a good idea so it really is going to be only on sort of cultural or religious
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grounds that people want to do it well there's nothing wrong with cultural or religious grounds when it doesn't do harm and it has a degree of good will. the american pediatric association finding was that in developing countries where health and sanitation is good there are huge benefits because a massively reduced incidence of a child which is probably why across africa it's been a cultural custom for hundreds of years of privately with their german our chris thank you very much for talking to thank you our hungary's prime minister has kicked off his election campaign by calling for a global alliance against migration bitter organs nationalist party is pushing for a third consecutive victory in april's election the right wing politician has been increasingly at odds with the e.u. and the united nations over letting refugees stay in his country during his campaign speech or one said eastern and western europe were heading in different
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directions or is it was the other scene when you go through for the given the situation is that the danger we face comes from the west from politicians in brussels bolin and paris they want us to adopt their policies which have made their countries of the immigration countries and open up the way for the decline of christianity and the spread of islam. a former football coach has been jailed for thirty years for abusing eleven young players in the u.k. barry bell was found guilty at liverpool crown court of abusing boys aged between eight and fifteen on what prosecutors called an industrial scale a sixty four year old had been a talent spotter for manchester city and crew and xander during the one nine hundred eighty s. several victims told the court bell had sexually abused them on more than one hundred occasions and on tuesday over there is investigative unit looks at the long term sexual abuse of young players in british politics of british foot four should say football's wall of silence showing it oh six hundred g.m.t. on tuesday. the fight against sexual harassment took center stage at the british
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academy of film and television awards dozens of stars walked the red carpet dressed all in black in support of the need to end times up campaigns it would seem cells are dominated by two films three billboards outside and in missouri and the fantasy film the shape of water catherine stansell has all three bubbles. the story of a bereaved mother seeking justice for the rape and murder of her teenage daughter emerged the big winner at the bafta is on sunday night. i do anything to catch your daughter's killer three billboards outside of being museum one in five categories including outstanding british film and best actress for star frances mcdormand. when i was young actor in drama school i was told that i was not naturally gifted and i would have to work at it and so. i did it
9:42 pm
was gary oldman one past actor for his portrayal of winston churchill in the war film darkest hour. so grateful for his incredible. and the shape of water which led the pack with twelve nominations one in three categories including best director for adult toro. but politics was also center stage at these awards as the film industry reels from an avalanche of sexual harassment allegations which began last year those attending the bafta as were all black to show solidarity for the times up movement in addition to that on sunday more than two hundred british actors there's no entertainers signed a letter calling for the end of sexual harassment and abuse against women in the workplace not just in hollywood in the media but across all industries we need to close and that's enough oh it's just i think that their their slogan is absolutely right time is up that's it over was actress joanna lumley host of the ceremony the
9:43 pm
first woman to do so since two thousand and one but despite the time's up movement and the groundswell of support for gender equality in an industry heavily favoring men critics say women are still failing to make the mark at this year's bafta we can't help but look at the nominations in the categories this year through the lens of this campaign through the lens of this movement so obviously it becomes immediately apparent that you don't have any female directors despite gretta go wig . making the film. this kind of illustrates how you can you would have these amazing films directed by women providing these incredible performances and characters which then enabled the the the actors to be nominated in those catch categories but the people making the whole thing happen the overarching creative director as it were is complete. when it's female power to the people something
9:44 pm
supporters of time's up hope will change as more voices join the movement on a global stage happenstance or al-jazeera london. flight warning has been raised to their highest levels around indonesia's mount sinabung a whole kind of has been releasing ash clouds that reach all than five thousand meters in the air hundreds of nearby houses were left covered in debris a volcano has been rumbling since twenty ten but activity has picked up in recent days people are being urged to stay out of a seven kilometer exclusion zone around the crater. a drive to modernize transport in the philippines is threatening a much loved feature of life minibuses known as jeepneys a being updated drivers of the popular transport fair to put their jobs at risk to milan into gun reports manila. when tourists think of the philippines they often have the jeep in mind it is an offshoot of the american military jeeps that were left behind after world war two since then filipinos have made it their own
9:45 pm
zir unique colorful and have long been called the king of the road. for decades they've also been the solution to the country's lack of public transport jeepneys are affordable and available but have also been blamed for the city's chaotic traffic. the philippine government wants more control it says it is time to improve the jeep and industry it wants g.p. operators to start registering as corporations instead of running corporate tips independent. basically or what their station projects. it can be. changing or. it can. include being. operating conditions. it also wants to phase out jeepneys that are fifteen years or older government officials want you models they say they are safer and energy
9:46 pm
efficient and environmentally friendly. it is some fear the assistance they offer is not even enough there is no other job in the world it can only be found here and it must be preserved. jeepney owners groups oppose the plan to seeing the model that the government is demanding is double the price and g.p. operators and workers cannot afford it the majority of g.p. drivers belong to the poorest sector of society they say forcing owners. upgrade without enough government assistance could mean an end to the jeepney industry all together. both that. and what did he do. he thought i don't care about you you can all die in hunger. there are nearly three hundred thousand g. from all across the country and many of been flying this cheese for decades but
9:47 pm
majority of commuters prefer jeepneys like this one. colorful and fast. the government says the plan to improve the jeepney is just part of a broader project to overhaul the transport system. these are often seen as a conic moving art pieces that reflects the filipino ingenuity. but for many here to become a symbol of the government's neglect. al-jazeera manila. thousands of people.
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9:49 pm
the war in syria has ripped thousands of families apart and disrupted millions of lives it's had a profound impact on every aspect of society including family life millions of men have either left the country in force to fight or lost their lives creating particular issues for a growing number of single women got held up as hardy and has the story ali's wedding shop has plenty of dresses but not enough brides syria's war has led to less romance and fewer potential grooms. there's a lot about the men are leaving the country there's immigration and the military aspect which is taking away a lot of them as a result the women ratio has increased single women are still looking to get
9:50 pm
married but the war is changing the dating scene a growing number of women are in their thirty's before they get married if they do at all there's probably a picture for while i'm clocking it's become perfectly normal to see women over thirty who are not yet married and at the same time the age of marriage has considerably decreased in some remote rural areas especially where there were refugee camps and displaced people since two thousand and eleven more than four hundred fifty thousand syrians have been killed in the conflict injuries have reached one million more than six million are displaced omar stayed in syria but says finding a steady job and income is almost impossible which makes people think twice about marriage and starting a family they want to be a world of vehicles. under those conditions it's a crime to have a child if you have a child you have to give them medicine education and security right now you don't know when you might have to take off and take the child with you some of my friends
9:51 pm
have had to give birth in hotels. our yearning for love has led to many couples meeting online for. a couple while the so couples communicate and getting gauged over skype or on the internet now i see the brides coming into my shop alone to buy a wedding dress or organize a party before they travel to where the groom lives romance and weddings maybe taking a backseat in syria but ali says he's not too worried the search for love even in war is timeless. so the young al-jazeera. link. up now with all the winter olympics and rush the sport has andy. thanks so much
9:52 pm
lauren well for the first time in twenty years ago model has been shared at the olympics canada and germany couldn't be separated in the tsunami meaning close countries can celebrate victory samira's reports on the health of action at the pyongyang games. fine margins often decide the success and failure at the lympics but the two men bobsled to produce that rarest of sporting outcomes namely two winners. germany in canada posted the exact same time up to four runs meaning both teams get a gold medal this has happened three times in the limbic history of the event the last time was a nine hundred ninety eight to one canada shared gold with italy. canada will also have a shot at gold in the women's hockey is through to the final after beating the olympic athletes from russia five muffling for the fourth successive elim pics that it's the usa who await them in the final the u.s.
9:53 pm
beat finland by the same scoreline in their semi for once the dutch didn't dominate the speed skating event instead it was norway the harvard the ensign taking gold in the men's five hundred meters there and then becoming the first no region champion over the distance since nine hundred forty eight the netherlands one all three medals in the distance of four years ago no way to more history in the men's team ski jumping a vent the four man squad edging out germany and poland to win the title for the first time with twenty eight medals in all this is already norway's most successful winter olympics than how most all did their. aerial conformation know why top of the medals table they finished second in twenty fourteen behind russia here of course of being banned from these games for doping offensives far more goals up for grabs on choose day while some russians are competing at these games as neutral athletes in the court of arbitration for sport as i opened
9:54 pm
a door open case against one of them alexander crucial mid ski won bronze in mixed doubles curling he suspected of testing positive for mobo near muscle bound substance that increases blood flow and improves exercise capacity. the doping testing in sanctioning the olympic winter games pyong chang twenty eighteen is independent from the i.o.c. therefore the i.o.c. cannot communicate on individual cases while the procedure is ongoing on the one hand it is extremely disappointing when prohibited substances may have been used but on the other hand it shows the effectiveness of the anti doping system at the games which protects the rights of all the clean athletes chelsea will be aiming to maintain their record of keeping barcelona strike a little messy quiet the team's getting ready to meet in london on tuesday when the last sixteen stage of the champions league regimes messi has failed to score in any of his eight previous games against the reigning premier league champions by munich diving to reach their seventh straight quarter final the germans are at home to
9:55 pm
turkish champions tops their qualifying group of won the last thirteen games in all competitions for all puppets over sweetly since the dark we have to focus on tomorrow we have to face the european top team they won their group they have great names great players in their team they have quality in. their tactically very strong so we should be aware and try to be. and we need to do with a good result here at home in our game in brazil billed as the p star we didn't quite manage to live up to its name it featured no less than knowing red cards this fixture between by that soria has a reputation for violence on off the pitch and this one exploded inside life just after half time a brawl there involving both teams resulted in a long delay and seven players being sent off the referee eventually ended proceedings a little later on when the story had their gift red carded. bubba watson is back to winning titles after
9:56 pm
a to hear victory droughts the same time masters champion said his form got so bad he considered retiring last year the thirty nine year old american winning the genesis open by a couple of strokes this was watson's tenth saw title. means a lot my goal has always been to get ten wins and so this got to my tenth win. or so many emotions got to my head right now never know if you're going to play good again never know if you're going to be able to lift a trophy again. so many things out there about retirement i mean there's just so much stuff going to my head right now i can't believe i'm going to lift a trophy here in a second the stole the show at the n.b.a. all-star game the event is an annual showcase for the best players in the world's top professional league pools. if anyone needed reminding who's the biggest name in boston they go to that the all star game the french lebron james was in fine form after hand-picked by took on the team lectured by. james had an.
9:57 pm
m.v.p. potential for the team. that looked like changing too soon or knocking the car is never one that particular accolade he only scored eleven points overall and didn't seem as invested in the if that's liberal the cleveland man would eventually back a game high twenty nine points and ended up being in a dream a close contest. bush leading by just one point with on the twenty second to go brown delivered to desist overnight for ross and westbrook to increase the lead by three. teams deafened could have levelled it but blew the chance le bron side winning it one forty eight to one forty five with james bagging be m.v.p. award sometimes you have to improvise you know want to break down and was able to do that and that's the i mean that's the beauty of being on the floor were a bunch of stars it doesn't always work that way but when you have all stars were guys a high i.q. and guys that want to play the game and play the game the right way then it works
9:58 pm
out for the best now that the fun is over it's back to the race to the playoffs for the n.b.a.'s best al-jazeera. get back to lauren. and you thank you so much and that's it for me. but. thanks for watching. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because
9:59 pm
no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that there to choose and between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. was always telling you how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name a body without consciousness it is northwest representatives kind of. teacher put it. should your member of the we have the special meeting about body but dale and he said no. that's not the topic and your major this is a cover up in
10:00 pm
a piece on the on the city al-jazeera investigation football's bowl of silence this time news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife that the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. pro asaad forces come to the aid of syrian kurds in a frame bringing them into likely conflict with turkey. some of them julie went on this is sound.


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