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beyond the blockade at this time on al jazeera. more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw a map. but what were the last thing effects of this agreement there's a original set to six because it's at those borders were drawn. with consulting the people after that with the. psych speak of lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. the u.n. calls for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians in syria as more people are killed in rebel held eastern go to.
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change that and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. abandoning all commitment to the peace process and we do that but you really have to find a new international alliance palestinians seek a new global partner to help mediate peace with israel. buried in rubbish rescue is a mozambique fear they'll find more bodies beneath a collapsed trash dump plus. i'm wayne hay with a rare look at the second day being constructed on the lower mekong river as laos pushes ahead with its goal of becoming the battery of southeast asia. syrian government forces and russian air strikes have killed at least one hundred
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fifteen people since sunday in an intense bombardment of eastern go to the rebel held on tape has come under increased fire in recent days local observers believe the attacks are the beginning of a major offensive that the united nations is calling for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians in the area near the capital damascus it says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control according to the union of medical care and relief the bombings have destroyed five medical facilities nearly four hundred thousand people remain trapped in eastern goes which has been under siege since twenty third teen. has this update from beirut. it's been one of the bloodiest twenty four hours in syria and in eastern more than one hundred people killed civilians women children there were heavy airstrikes heavy artillery shelling a people are bracing for the worst more than three hundred people wounded in the end of the siege an area where there is a lack of medical supplies
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a lack of doctors to treat these people and people are bracing for the worst pro-government media is just talking about a decisive battle promising victory they have sent reinforcements to the edges of eastern time the question is is this saber rattling or is this a way to pressure the rebels to lay down their arms this is what the government wants and its backers of course the russian foreign minister lavrov saying that the experiment we had in aleppo could be implemented in what he's talking about is a surrender by by the rebels so people feel that all these things drums of war really to pressure or to surrender or to turn the civilians against the rebels in order for them to surrender because a ground offensive will be costly the government house tried to storm. on numerous occasions in the past and they've lost a lot of men so the situation increasingly dire people inside appealing for help young children uploading videos on social media asking the world why are you
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remaining silent staying with syria tension is escalating in the northern region pro-government militia reported to be heading then mid-state operation against kurdish fighters stephanie deca reports. syrian state television and now says that forces loyal to president bashar assad will be deployed to. turkey launch an operation against peoples protection units or y p g who are in control of the province almost a month ago and the y.p. g a terrorist organization united states considers the group its most effective in fighting . this new move by to. could mean its allied militia directly confronts turkish troops turkey's foreign minister was defiant you know certainly. if the regime is interested to clean. in there are no problems however if i come in to defend the wipe the nothing and nobody can stop us this applies to efren as well as
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ma'am and to the east of the euphrates river the developments hence said behind the scenes negotiations the details of which are unclear if the kurds are going to accept the major conditions of the syrian regime will decide on that very heavy weapons. or will they be exiting the city because the syrian regime is also syria democratic forces to exit the city and to move to the east of the euphrates the kurdish why p.g. holds the areas in yellow which include the region of the green areas land controlled by the syrian opposition supported by turkey and they are advancing on africa and under the turkish operation olive branch president assad's government controls the area to the south and the i.p.g. territory to the east of the euphrates is where the u.s. has military bases and personnel on the ground syria's seven year war seems to have
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entered a new phase with the foreign powers who have long backed different sides trying to solidify their spheres of influence stephanie decker al jazeera joshua landis is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he says despite their differences the kurds desperately need assistance from the syrian government. the kurds and the syrian government have had a lot in common they're forced competitors they don't want the same thing syria is hoping to reimpose its sovereignty over uppity the kurds one of course autonomy but they're in no position to make demands today as the turkish army closes in on them and has killed over thousand or so putting it's really been thrown under the bus unfortunately the united states which has defended the kurds its partners that y p g in the east of syria has refused to defend them in the west that syria has divided northern syria between turkey the united states along the euphrates just
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heard there don't want announced he's going to take everything the west of the euphrates including upbeat that's why the syrian government and the kurds a lot of comedy they do not want the kurds to take up being they do not usually want the turks to play out and the kurds are accepting it seems like they're in the final stages of accepting a syrian takeover of the region in order to save their homes and avoid a loss of life the palestinian president wants to set up an international alliance to mediate with israel that's the message of mahmoud abbas will deliver to the united nations later on tuesday marks a step away from a longstanding policy of accepting the u.s. as the main into media and then its most reports from ramallah in the occupied west bank. donald trump's promise of the deal of the century turned into what the palestinian president called the slap of the century it's forced mahmoud abbas and his team back to the drawing board. has been involved in palestinian policy making
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for decades he now believes the u.s. is losing its dominant role in the world in a world that is changing i mean the calculation is not only on our wishes it's also on our and that is is what's going on in the world including what israel now practices israel is seeking very much better relations with the russians was the chinese was the indians with the with the japanese israel itself knows that the world is changing and it cannot ignore these other important forces abbas has been telling leaders from europe russia china and elsewhere that he wants them to have a role in mediation with the israelis while retaining u.s. involvement. for any new form to work though the israelis would have to be willing to take part with trump at his back there seems little incentive for now the prime minister binyamin netanyahu to change tack i doubt that can be and the renewal of
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the peace process especially that the alternative sponsorship will be refused by israel we will witness a period of no process no solution what's a period i mean probably the coming one to two years at least a massive fairly bleak outlook isn't it that's right but this is less harmful to the palestinians from continuing with a process in which this sponsor of the united states might come up with a proposal. that can be even more harmful than the continuity of the current difficult and clique reality that we're living angle with donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital came with criticism of the palestinian leadership for depending on u.s. mediation for the last twenty five years it's felt the pressure to come up with an alternative we have no other option we don't want to go back to violence we are not
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abandoning our commitment to the peace process and when you do that then you really have to find a new international alliance a new legal methods and ways and means of really saving our country from being totally overtaken by the israeli colonial project as the palestinians cast around for a new mediation the reality on the ground is that illegal settlements are expanding day by day eating up more and more occupied land time is not on the palestinian side but it's with al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. drones have discovered the wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed in iran's zagros mountains search teams have now been deployed to the area which is at the four thousand meter mark of mt dinner the airlines aircraft crashed in foggy with on sunday killing all sixty five people on board high winds hampered search efforts. leaving demonstrations in the
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brazilian city of rio de janeiro it's in response to orders by president michel tema for the military to take over policing the government says it is to counter rising gang violence but many brazilians fear soldiers on the streets would worsen what they say is excessive force used by some police are sources of my force on the the armed forces the national forces the federal police the hollywood patrol a called upon by the commander the president of the country for a fundamental in the defense of democracy to combat and to defeat organized crime it is not a military intervention far from that we will vote a decree of intervention of the federal government in the state of being a decision near a case already of you know let's say a band that's just what would solve the violence is to arrest the drug traffickers arrest the big ones those white callers who buy and traffic the drugs intervention does not solve the problem of security but on the contrary intervention will kill
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the poor blacks and the people living in the favelas and the workers a coach in peru has ordered former leader alberto fujimori to stand trial of a mass killings in one thousand nine hundred two he was pardoned on health grounds last month after serving less than half of a twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses during his rule but the court ruled the pardon doesn't apply to the new case the same e.g. nine year old is accused of ordering the torture and murder of six families paramilitary troops. still ahead on al-jazeera. in the hot seat the head of charities faces tough questions from british politicians about a prostitution scandal in haiti. my colleagues are providing crisis intervention at this time. psychologists and students joined together in protest against u.s. gun norms.
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we're seeing some very wet weather into britain i recently cloud and rain producing seventy millimeters of rain in the space of twenty four hours is really where the two into some are two hundred six millimeters of rain here in the same time period lots of cloud there's you can see stretching out solve. northern parts of indonesia and the heavy showers they continue across a good part of borneo as we go through wednesday and on into day showers along the spells of rights who have been affecting a western parts of australia and over there is the way that very disturbed here of course we have tropical cycling kelvin that still produces some very lively showers some wet weather there too just around south australia of the sort of the water as well new zealand keeping a close eye on ex-tropical cycling gaeta which will of course bring some very wet
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windy weather through central parts of new zealand in the coming hours i suppose of australia we've seen some very dry weather on the other had an arsenal dust storm has a brute up here but for eastern areas of the country just along the coastal fringes it's been particularly wet townsville twenty nine self-sufficient big downpours and those heavy showers will continue as recall one through thursday if anything becomes a little more widespread meanwhile for western australia it will turn somewhat drier and quieter. monitored truck quantify i'm value to see baby be a new car for. your date or your identity is a commodity you have to understand where pumps probably come from our sleeves it is time to reclaim our cyber so we have to give them a something that cannot be sold we are creators we are our push.
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back our data this time. with are you watching us is there a mind of our top stories this hour the rebel held enclave of eastern goods continues to come under heavy bombardment from syrian and russian forces another five people have been killed in airstrikes taking the death toll to one hundred fifteen since sunday the united nations is calling for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians. the tension is escalating in syria's northern african region pro-government militia reported to be heading their mitts to take it operation against kurdish fighters turkey said it would confront the syrian forces
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if the help of the kurdish y p g which it considers a terrorist group. palestinian president will tell the u.n. later on tuesday that he wants to set up a new international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas is abandoning at twenty five year old policy of accepting the u.s. as the main intermediary. sons buses are to face questions from u.k. politicians in the coming hours of allegations its aid workers used prostitutes the british charity has apologized to her. eighty's government off that stuff was accused of sexual misconduct joining a mission and internal report that occasions that three staff members threatened witnesses during and cation john hendren reports. the regional director of oxfam came to haiti with an apology to the country's government and to pledge we communicated that to the minister. and we've given as best we can
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explanations to as to what happened in two thousand and eleven. and we are open to collaborate as much as we can in further investigations as necessary with the haitian government the allegations involving oxfam staff in haiti emerged earlier this month they were accused of hiring prostitutes at oxfam properties while working in haiti after the two thousand and ten earthquake one of those said to be involved was the n.g.o.s former country director roland van how are myron. it was decent it was just the same as meeting the lady in belgium on monday in oxfam report dating back to two thousand and eleven was released it detailed allegations of sexual misconduct and threats to the safety of those investigating them haiti has warned oxfam its future in the country is now in jeopardy uses the make. believe oxfam admits the use of prostitutes by their staff in two thousand and eleven they've made it with all the evidence they even used their offices for such
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activities now we're working to see if there were a cover up because their report never made it to the haitian authorities this scandal has dealt the reputation of oxfam a devastating blow and threatens to complicate the work of other charities oxfam's funding in the u.k. is now under review and on tuesday oxfam's chief executive will testify in front of a british parliamentary committee john hendren counters here yet again the parts of new zealand have declared states of emergency as former makes landfall tens of thousands of homes are without power while some towns on the west coast of the south island by flooding the minute she was deployed to err is expected to be hit the hardest is don't cause serious damage to the pacific island nations of tara and fiji last week. rescue workers in mozambique's capital say they are unsure how many people are buried under a mountain of rubbish at least seventeen people have been killed in the period after rubbish dump collapsed on a number of homes on monday child bennis reports. this is what
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hundreds of people who took her have built their lives at home to rachel ray moved the mountain of waste until it collapsed on top of homes the rubbish buried residents as they slept. there was a survivor but his wife and son died and also this lady from this house and these one two three and four houses the gold the area that collapsed early monday morning was three stories high risk it was unsure how many people of barry's. i could only hear screaming from my neighbors there was no way to help even if i was close by there was no way to help there was so much water running down the trash pile was collapsing it took down the houses family as the children died in the landfill has been for closure but remains open growing by nine hundred tonnes a day with laura's he's want people to leave because of pollution and toxic fears the collapse has pushed some residents to say goodbye to the wasteland. that is
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we're packing our stuff because we're afraid to stay here otherwise we could experience the same thing somebody by the excavator and also people went to help move the body somewhere trash we were moving our stuff to go where the government allocated. those who live in a dump the only official dump them up who toes one million people is the size of twenty football fields the city's poor spend their days combing through the garbage looking for food and things to sell. in the last year rubbish dumps have killed dozens of people in the continent ten people died when a landfill collapsed on to houses in guinea's dar es salaam in august. and then slide it ethiopia's largest rubbish dump last year killed sixty five people and injured dozens. hundreds of people who rely on addus only landfill to
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survive every time there was heavy rain before they collapsed. this was no different when stale thora these introduced water rationing because of a severe drought then tropical storm dinny or hit the country the ground was hard and flooding follows in the estimated twenty two thousand homes and public buildings were destroyed as heavy rains shifting the foundations of what people in hellenic call hard charlotte dallas al-jazeera. libya is deporting more than two hundred people tunisia part of a voluntary return program organized by the misrata detention center and international organization for migration many refugees and migrants have been stranded in libya after a failed attempt to cross the mediterranean to reach europe. and libya's coast guard says it's picked up more than three hundred people near zero water they were trying to leave on to rubber dinghies the number of refugees crossing the mediterranean from libya has dropped since july libya has been under pressure from
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the european union to stop people smuggling. the white house says u.s. president don trump is open to supporting better background checks on people buying guns the move follows last week's school shooting in florida in which seventeen people died trampled made survivors on wednesday he's been speaking to leaders in congress about a bipartisan bill to improve checks on people purchasing weapons activists states a protest outside the white house on friday helen fisher has more on. it started as a social media conversation on friday afternoon it became a mass protest in front of the white house dozens of students from around the washington area backed by the families gathered to mark this spate of school shootings in america and demanded argent action to stop them i don't see this as a republican or democrat issue it's more life or death really shootings happen every day and weapons don't belong on the streets they don't belong in school or as
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they belong in war have to be charged have to. be read out the names of the victims of school shootings in america since one thousand nine thousand nine. hundred one thoughts sing their own emotions very much shootings in america in the past there have been protests in the past but this time the people think something is different but this time change can be achieved but then came the most dire students live in the growing sending a message that the politicians in action was no longer an option it's about the fact that kids are dying american kids are dying and they're sitting in classrooms in the crowed a school psychologist who trained at the school in parklane florida where the mass shooting took place struggling to contain her emotions and her anger like holiness are providing crisis intervention at this time in over fifteen twenty years that they've been practicing they've never seen such heartache. typically we train to
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fight intervention support for death of a teacher or a student and the stories that they're hearing it's like a war zone the flag above the white house still flies at half staff in memory of the florida victims the young people here know that many of them are too young to vote but they insist their voices will be haired and they will not be ignored. alan fischer. washington. the un children agency says the world is failing newborn babies for seven thousand dying every day most from preventable causes a report by unicef has found infants born in the poorest countries are fifty times more likely to die than those in rich ones newborns in pakistan have the least chance of survival with one in twenty two dying within their first month of life while in central african republic somalia the suture in afghanistan twenty seven babies die out of every a thousand the agency blames poverty conflict and the weak institutions babies with
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the best chance of survival are born in japan iceland and singapore a doctors in central african republic say they are facing a crisis conflict that has led to shortages of medical staff and equipment that's putting babies in danger as catherine sawyer reports on briere. new life in the second worst country in the world for a child to be born in the only pediatric hospital in central african republic nasa's and sure that babies little hearts keep beating of the roughly thirty children born each day in this hospital in the capital bangui an average of two die it's a free government hospital taking in hundreds of patients daily but medical supplies are hard to come by the hospital is understaffed and badly needs more specialist doctors. dr goddy chrysostom one of just five pediatricians in the
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country he says they try the best they can to keep mothers and their children alive . see central african republic of sixteen regions in the or depend on this raised again. crisis. centers because this attrition is not sustainable. cradles her son in a human incubation care system called kangaroo it helps premature babies when there's no incubator baby man doris tween brother died when they were born arlie. zambia has been assured that man dara will be fine but she worries about him and how for the children back home only a third probably where. my husband doesn't work i do casual work my children fall that means all the money goes to hospital bills then what. the children here are lucky to get some help the farther you get away from bondi the
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more desperate the healthcare situation medical aid agencies are helping but even can't be everywhere doctors without borders and the international medical corps support this hospital in bria in the north east after months of fighting between rival armed groups the hospital is now not just taking in patients but has also offered more dated families that have fled from their homes there are places where the. groups continue to stand in the way of accessing people but we also have. funding issues we don't have all the resources that we need. for example for the area of maternal and your natal health back in the bungie children hospitals kangaroo ward as they call it the new mothers continue to bond with their little ones and hope they'll get to see all the milestones catherine saw al-jazeera bria central african republic the first on the lower macungie river may
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start generating electricity earlier than expected the controversial. is in laos in the communist government says it needs to prove the project to improve its economy when i was given rare access to the site. this is one of the most unique places on the mekong river just before it flows from laos into cambodia it disperses becoming eleven kilometers wide and creating thousands of channels and islands the mekong was the largest inland fishery in the world but in this part of the river those who rely on it for food and income say something is changing because the number of fish is decreasing to cheer it seems like there might be staying deeper for some reason i think there is too much noise in the reef or. something part of the answer could lie a short distance from where lurd fish is in one of the channels a dam is being built as the lao government works towards its goal of becoming the battery of southeast asia while china operates six dams on the upper make on the
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dawn so hong is just the second being built on the lower reaches both are in laos and the government has plans for at least seven more this is a relatively small project but is attracted some of the strongest criticism downstream from laos cambodia and vietnam both of which had been calling for a moratorium on the construction of dams on the main stream of the mekong river or seeing what laos is doing cambodia has given up on that now and is forging ahead with its own plans to build at least two dams on the make kong one of which will be in the province just across the border from here. neighboring countries had criticized last for not being transparent enough about dawn song and the potential trans boundary impacts it's being built on one of the only channels in the area that fish can migrate up and downstream year around seventy percent. then make their terrific abstracting my question now would me. and the patient
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stopping the whole region. the developers and the government say they're widely and deepening other channels to allow fish to swim through they're also conducting daily surveys of fish stocks in the area which they say aren't being adversely affected. internationally are you put a book company to study and. rizal subsidies that have been shared with stakeholder. is leading the race to harness the power of the lower make home and generate income it's a race that opponents now acknowledge they can't stop and can only hope to slow it down wayne hay al-jazeera home district southern laos. top stories on al-jazeera the rebel held on klav of eastern goza continues to come
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under heavy bombardment from syrian and russian forces another five people have been killed in airstrikes taken the death toll two hundred fifteen since sunday united nations is calling for an immediate end to the targeting of civilians. from beirut. people are worried there are fears that this could be the beginning of an all out offensive but we have to bear in mind that so far what the government and its allies have been doing is promising civilians targeting residential neighborhoods they still have not tried to storm the push for a ground offensive they tried that in the process and they feel that's not going to be easy so the question is the stepped up military campaign is it to bring about a surrender before a ground offensive begins saying with syria tension is escalating in the northern free in region pro-government militia are reported to be heading their midst a turkey led operation against kurdish fighters turkey has said it would confront the syrian forces if they help the kurdish y p g which it considers
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a terrorist group the palestinian president will tell the u.n. later on tuesday that he wants to set up a new international alliance to mediate with the israelis mahmoud abbas is abandoning a twenty five year old policy of accepting the u.s. as the main intermediary. a court improves ordered former leader alberto fujimori to stand trial over mass killings in one thousand nine hundred two he was pardoned on health grounds last month after serving less than half of a twenty five year sentence for human rights abuses during his rule but the court ruled the pardon doesn't apply to the new case. expected to face tough questions from british politicians over allegations its aid workers use prostitutes during a mission in haiti the charity has apologized over the allegations but its government is threatening to cut its funding. the un's children's agency says the world is failing newborn babies the seven thousand dying every day most from preventable
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cases reported by unicef says infants born in the world's poorest countries face the worst odds those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera but first it is rebel geeks. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera digital technology is the ominous intimacy and he's mentally and even longer not. the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems to be discovered a need and. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended. that is convenience profit and they.


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