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about museums about forming a new part of life its culture. want to. see a new car for. your data your right. is a commodity you have to understand where i'm going to come from our sleep it's time to reclaim our. something. we are creatures we are. our data at this time. the palestinian president calls for an international peace summit to resolve the conflict with israel and save the two state solution.
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live from london also coming up. another bloody day in syria's rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta unicef is so outraged it's a blank statement saying words are not enough. that we are ashamed of. an apology and an admission oxfam says it's investigating twenty six new cases of sexual misconduct. and a final farewell to morgan tsvangirai zimbabwe's late opposition leader is laid to rest in his hometown. under the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas has called for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine within the next few months is a world powers at the u.n. security council to back the process and says any settlement reached must suspend america's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital our diplomatic editor james
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bays is there first sir james how much is the scenario that abbas has proposed. well he certainly needs to try and kick start the system the international system to make this happen and his way of doing things is not the way of the united states certainly clear that until now during the trumpet ministration the rest of the u.n. security council has been giving way to the u.s. to lead diplomatic efforts as they have done very much in recent years and jared cushion who is president trumps son in law and also his chief negotiator on this was actually at the u.n. for this meeting of the security council city wind the u.s. ambassador nikki haley but president abbas in a rare appearance here normally these monthly meetings are attended by his embassador basically made it clear that he no longer thinks that the u.s.
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can lead this process he's lost trust in the u.s. because of their recognition of jerusalem as the israeli capital and that cuts to the funding of the u.n. agency that helps palestinians under and he's proposing a new way forward is to learn to be more close over and over. we called for the convening of an international peace conference by mid twentieth in pierced on international law and the relevant year resolutions with broad international participation and including the two concerned parties and any settlement for most must be the solution of settlement activities in the territory occupied since one thousand sixty seven including east jerusalem and suspension of the decision regarding jerusalem as well as holding the transfer of the us embassy to jerusalem and james what was the response from israel. well what happened is that the palestinian president president abbas after he spoke decided
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to leave the security council now in many ways is pretty normal an issue of protocol he's a president everyone else there is an ambassador and so he left his seat and left his ambassador in the chair and actually have an excuse to leave anyway because there is a reception going on as i speak in fact just down there a short time ago where ambassadors of their own receiving line missing president abbas but of course it meant that president abbas then didn't have to shake the hands of all the other participants of that security council meeting including the u.s. ambassador and the israeli ambassador and the year is really about the dunny dimona was certainly making of something of the fact that president abbas left early i expected news that are to stay with us and have a dialogue unfortunately even once again running away look what just happened in this room is that abbas game in you put is the man on the
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table in the left and expecting you to deliver the results it's not going to all that way the only way to move forward if they wrecked the negotiations between even in the palestinian. the u.s. ambassador nikki haley also even though he'd left the chamber addressed her comments to president abbas making it clear she said that he had a choice the u.s. had a plan and it was there she said it's arm outstretched to the palestinians to come and negotiate with the israelis she made the point that jared cushion or the chief negotiator of the u.s. and jason green blatz who works with him were there sitting behind him in the city behind her in the security council chamber she said the palestinian president had a choice and he could engage right now but she said that offer would not be there forever. thank you very much neal.
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opposition activists are calling it a massacre france says it's a violation of humanitarian law unicef is so outraged it's released a blank statement with a footnote saying no words will do justice to the children killed or referring to the furious bombing campaign by pro-government forces in syria targeting the last rebel stronghold near damascus nearly two hundred people have been killed since sunday this is eastern good has been besieged by the government says twenty thirteen four hundred thousand people in the rebel held enclave being bombed by syrian government troops and their russian allies and it's all happening on the edge of the capital damascus it is only a few kilometers away from the government center of power the presidential palace there are fears the bombardment is a precursor to a larger ground operation santa ana reports. panic in the
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streets was. this huge. fear in people's faces. neighborhoods flattened the airstrikes are almost continuous the towns across eastern huta are coming under intense fire was survivors emerge in shock children traumatized. the zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero the sound was on the phone to some four hundred thousand people are trapped in this besieged syrian opposition enclave nowhere is safe. the sound of fighter jets in the skies frightens the population. mohamed and her son the same say they can only hope the walls in their home will save them if a shell or an airstrike hit nearby. i didn't we have no choice but to stay in our
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hearts despite the it strikes and shelling out building and those in the street said i don't have underground shelter. the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is spiraling out of control because of what it calls an extreme escalation of hostilities scores of civilians have been killed since sunday and the number continues to rise. there are hundreds of injuries as well doctors are appealing to the international community to force the government to allow supplies in several cars food we have shortages in medicine and medical supplies because the regime has been hitting this area for weeks we've had to deal with many injuries imagine we know how longer have blood bags to be. the un is demanding an end to the targeting of civilians but for the syrian government and its allies this is a military tactic. they hope that by inflicting suffering on the
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population they will turn against the rebels and force them to surrender. eastern hooter's the last remaining opposition stronghold around damascus comments made by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov about what he calls using the experience if . there are causing for the syrian government regain full control of the city of aleppo like the south and it's after months and a full blown military assault that. the main opposition body the syrian national coalition is calling the latest wave of violence a war of extermination it is also condemning what it calls the international silence. this is not the first bombing campaign in eastern. hundreds of civilians were killed in weeks of bombardment earlier this year many believe the renewed bombardment could be the final assault senator.
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president says his soldiers have forced fighters loyal to the syrian government to leave the kurdish controlled area freeing turkey's military is said to have fired on the fighters as they entered the enclave president. one has vowed to capture the area within days earlier images of the syrian forces arriving in the region were broadcast on a t.v. network run by the lebanese armed group. the fighters were going in to help kurdish y.p. g. forces defend themselves against the turkish offensive that some of been driven joins us now from things are changing fast. from afraid in that area. well as you heard earlier from the turkish president who's been saying that these fighters of belonging and close to the assad government have turned back from the city of a free and it's been a fast moving through i was very we saw these fighters going in state t.v.
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and these private networks who are close to the president bashar assad and his government played these videos off these vehicles who were heading towards the city of our freend from the villages close by in the province of free and so these fighters were heading and there was artillery strikes by the turkish government to warn them of going to words the city of are free and according to turkish sources they were about ten kilometers away from the city of often before these artillery shells forced them to turn back now this is a fast moving story in the last two days actually even kurdish. fighters these are the people's protection units who hold the city of a free call for help from the city and government these are u.s. backed fighters who are an uncanny ally of the assad government but they say that because of territorial sovereignty and the assad government in charge of this country that it holds it should protect them and then they do were promised that
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the they will have reinforcement not in terms of as regular forces but militias loyal to the assad government between come in and help them and now it seems that dollars have been turned back heard earlier from the turkish president that his forces are moving into a new phase of the operation just been ongoing since last month and very soon they will surround the city of offering and reach a city center what you all want to be indications on the kind of diplomatic maneuvers that are happening behind the scenes with turkey russia and iran and how they kind of thrash out who doesn't doesn't go into the area. but from the earlier statement of president president vegetative or the gun it was . very clear that the situation had been deescalated only when he spoke to the president of russia and iran so it is clear that the decisions that are being taken on the ground are not entirely being taken by a president bashar assad's government we know that turkey went into this. by
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reaching out to the russian government which had a presence in the city of offering and it pulled out its forces from africa turkey could launch this operation it is all interlinked to other parts of syria where russian forces are backing the syrian government to go often that. they're also carrying out strikes in one of the one of the two areas which are still held by these predominant the arab syrian fighters who've been opposing the bashar al assad regime for the last seven years so the near kick of the syrian conflict gets more and more complicated by the day because people are changing loyalties those forces who are fighting against each other are calling for help and using each other so you've got now in syria the presence of lebanese. syrian fighters as well as iranian and american forces so it is a complicated issue and we are expecting that what is going to happen in the north
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of syria is going to get more complicated as these forces become come head to head . thank you very much. still to come in the program it's the second worst place for babies in the world we report from the enemy pediatric hospital in central african republic boss. i'm wayne hay with a rare look at the second day and being constructed on the lower mekong river as laos pushes ahead with its goal of becoming the battery of southeast asia. the weather remains sprit active across a good part of the middle east relatively activists should say from outs of cloud over towards that east the side of iran pushing into afghanistan easing up took many whose books donald says seeing some cloud based pieces of snow easing
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a little further east was clear skies to come back in behind a fourteen celsius for couple fourteen celsius a little grayer there for a towel round at the western side of iran still seeing a fair amount of clappison pieces of just me right coming through here some of that western weather that bad weather also affecting pos all serious and heavy into southern parts of turkey for a time and it will make its way little further east which as we go through thursday price guys come back into the east and south of the med by route looking good seventeen degrees degrees celsius with some sunshine but a little clout that coming across iraq could see a little bit of bad weather possibly a few spots of rain there secure way but i think it should stay as is the case across the arabian peninsula so that cloud extends its way down northern sections off the golf fondant dry temperatures typically getting up into the low twenty's over the next few days meanwhile it does stay dry across the western side of africa but shallow as a further east will. on
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one of the top stories. for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine within the next few months. world powers at the u.n. security council to back the process. one of syria's last rebel held areas has been on the heavy bombardment by government and russian forces hundred people have died since sunday. and in the north of syria president says his soldiers forced the syrian government to leave the kurdish controlled area soon after they arrived. to capture the area within days from the. let's get more now on our top story the palestinian president's new plan for peace with israel as. the director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the joins us live from the cattery capital so what did you make of this idea of an international peace conference by mid twenty eight team given the situation with jerusalem and the kind of what looks
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like in the peace process. well i think it's a reasonable idea it's the only idea someone like a bason is very difficult position is very desperate situation can can offer he's trying to internationalize the situation beyond the american intervention of course i've said all the palestinians have been fully aware right from the beginning that the united states is not impartial but at least they have they had hope that it has the power to try and force israel or to exert some pressure on israel to reach a resolution but now with their position over jerusalem with the attitude that they're seeing from the trauma administration it has become clear that even that. quality the united states has a as a mediator it's not willing to use and if anything is going to use it to the disadvantage of the palestinians so his position is trying to more parties in the
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situation the same way they've done with the general assembly the same a continuation of the policy of trying to get palestine recognized broadly as a state and more so i think as a state under occupation what about the role of the u.s. may say were an international summit it would lead you to visit a situation where they weren't actually part of it or they're just on the sidelines and the other issue is because if they are trying to internationalize this of us also complaining about the lack of implementation of u.n. resolutions over a number of years so why trust the international mechanism if it hasn't been in their favor so far. said i think before it's very difficult when they've done and handed everything to the united states it's very difficult to find an alternative mediator in this in this context mediation usually is done either to provide a forum for communication and trust building which clearly the palestinians and the
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israelis do not need after twenty five years of mediation and negotiation this is not what they want they want to see a real result they want to see implementation and that's what they required and this is what they had hoped that the united states would provide is their ability to force some kind of of outcome and particularly on the side of the party with power. i mean these radium if you notice try to present it more as an equal situation with you know victims on both sides as but it is clear i think to the rest of the world that it's not the palestinians are occupied disempowered the suffering is immense in gaza and elsewhere and the situation in the region is seeing them. moving from from bad to worse on the basis so the situation is is explosive i think in the in palestine and this is what tried to
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bring to the attention of the international committee of the security council sort of america thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the subject senior management at the charity oxfam has been answering questions from british m.p.'s in london if i was at a geisha is that it starts paid women in haiti for sex in the wake of the twenty ten earthquake oxfam's chief executive has said charity is now investigating a further twenty six cases of alleged sexual abuse from around the world economy phillips reports. oxfam senior officials came to parliament knowing they were in for a grilling. in the chaotic aftermath of haiti's earthquake how could oxfam have allowed staff to take advantage of such vulnerable people and when it found out why did it tell the public. my colleagues at the time made a set of decisions as to how public to not all organizations choose to go public at all with hindsight they made the wrong call as to how public to be they should
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if we were going to if we were culpable which we were. they should've been completely transparent everybody knew that the aid sector was pretty rotten because if things got all these people who were abusing women and girls regularly in all countries but nobody not one organization was actually tracking it and doing nothing about it. that's shocking and they were supposed to be going to the people trying to help the world but it would appear you know it was good you should be indeed some people in toto and cease to move didn't share our values buz to the trust of oxfam the pile of books one in their hands the abuse the trust of the british public paunchy. and and turned on the people who were supposed to protect them it's true the most but he'll be deeply sorry for that to bring members
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of parliament were told that seven thousand people have cancelled their regular donations to oxfam since the scandal broke but other british aid organizations acknowledge there is nothing unique about oxfam's failings. head of save the children told the same committee that sexual abuses in the aid world not just a few bad apples it's a systemic problem it's laws we have to fix the youth. is is probably the most effective in the world is worse accountable to the return of the ford to this issue to pollute the wider discussion about the role of the youth in leadership. if the aid dries up charities argue then people in disaster and war zones will pay the highest price that makes the aid industry's credibility crisis more tragic than to be phillips al jazeera locked in. similar
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ways former opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been buried in his hometown of hara thousands of people came to pay their respects along with politicians from the ruling zanu p.f. party which also has more from the era. this was the buy in or farewell and lots of people were very sad because it was open greatly and a few friends and family got the morgan tsvangirai one more time and it was taken to the family homestead where he was buried next to the first wife who then the question now is what happens next for the party nelson chamisa was named president by the national council of the m.d.c. party but officials we know are unhappy with his appointment and any talk of the only good and judy. is that he's hanging out across the country to talk to ordinary party supporters and find out what they feel about his appointment if the majority say a special congress must be held to elect a new leader then maybe that's what they will do but for now the thing he is the
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legitimate leader the concern of course any official in the party who are unhappy with them decide to leave and let it could weaken the main opposition party just months before elections are held in central african republic one in twenty four babies die before that even a month old a unicef report has ranked syria as having the second highest rate in the world of newborn baby deaths as many women are unable to access health care due to a conflict that's displaced nearly half the population of course the town of brega . new lies in the second worst country in the world for charles to be born in the only pediatric hospital in central african republic now says it sure that little hearts keep. of the roughly thirty children born each day in these hospitals in the capital bondi an average of two die it's a free government hospital taking it hundreds of patients but medical supplies are hard to come by the hospital is understaffed and badly needs more specialist
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doctors. dr gordy chrysostom is one of just. in the country he says they try the best they can to keep mothers. and the children live. see central african republic us sixteen really don't usually or depend on this. crisis we. know the centers because this attrition is not sustainable. example arisa cradles her son in a human incubation care system calls kangaroo it helps premature babies and this. baby man doris tween brother died when they were born ali zambia has been assured that man dara will be fine but she worries about him and how for the children back home only a thirty five year where. my husband doesn't work i do casual work if my children
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fall that means all the money goes to hospital bills then what we ate. and the children here are lucky to get some help the farther you get away from bondi the more desperate the health care situation medical aid agencies are helping but even they can't be everywhere doctors without borders and the international medical corps support this hospital in bria in the north east after months of fighting between rival armed groups the hospital is now not just taking in patients but has also offered more dated families that have fled from their homes their faces where the. groups continue to stand in the way of accessing people but we also have. funding issues we don't have all the resources that we need. for example for the area of maternal natal health back in the bungie children hospitals kangaroo ward as they call it the new mothers continue to bond with their
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little ones and hope they'll get to see all the milestones catherine saw al-jazeera bria central african republic. laos is building a number of hydro power projects as it helps to become the battery of southeast asia two of the dams are on the iconic river and officials are now pushing ahead with plans for a third but many say the government is ignoring the effect on the environment when hay reports. this is one of the most unique places on the mekong river just before it flows from laos into cambodia it disperses becoming eleven kilometers wide and creating thousands of channels and islands in the mekong is the largest inland fishery in the world but in this part of the river those who rely on it for food and income say something is changing because when a number of fish is decreasing to cheer it seems like there might be staying deeper for some reason i think there is too much noise in the reef or. something part of
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the answer could lie a short distance from where lurd fish is in one of the channels a dam is being built as the lao government works towards its goal of becoming the battery of southeast asia while china operates six dams on the upper make on the dawn so hong is just the second being built on the lower reaches both are in laos and the government has plans for at least seven more this is a relatively small project but is attracted some of the strongest criticism downstream from laos cambodia and vietnam both of which had been calling for a moratorium on the construction of dams on the main stream of the mekong river we're seeing what laos is doing cambodia has given up on that now and is forging ahead with its own plans to build at least two dams on the mekong one of which will be in the province just across the border from here. neighboring countries had criticised last for not being transparent enough about dawn song and the potential trends boundary impacts it's being built on one of the only channels in the area
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that fish can migrate up and downstream year around seventy percent in the mekong river are longest then make their terrific sell abstract. my question now would mean. and give up the whole region. the developers and the government say the widening and deepening other channels to allow fish to swim through they're also conducting daily surveys of fish stocks in the area which they say being adversely affected. in. international where you put the book company to study and. resell subsidies that have been. i would stake honda. is leading the race to harness the power of the lower may call and generate income it's a race that opponents now acknowledge they can't stop and can only hope to slow it down wayne hay al jazeera district southern laos.
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could now top stories there. would have called for a new international peace summit between israel and palestine within the next few months he urged world powers at the u.n. security council to back the process. listen. we called for the convening of an international peace conference by mid twentieth team based on international law and the relevant un resolutions with broader international participation and including the two concerned parties and any settlement for most must be the cessation of settlement activities in the territory occupied since one thousand sixty seven including east jerusalem and suspension of the decision regarding jerusalem as well as holding the transfer of the us embassy to jerusalem one of syria's last rebel held areas east and go to has been under heavy bombardment by government and russian forces almost two hundred people are
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reported to have died since sunday here on the outskirts of damascus has been the scene since twenty thirty. meanwhile turkey's president says his soldiers forced fighters loyal to the syrian government to leave the kurdish controlled area of a free turkey's military is said to fadl the fighters as they try to enter the enclave president richard. has vowed to capture the area within days. earlier images of the syrian forces arriving in the region were broadcast on a t.v. network run by the lebanese armed group hezbollah fighters were going in to help kurdish y.p. g. forces defend themselves against the turkish offensive there. oxfam's top executives have told the u.k. parliament investigating twenty six new cases of sexual misconduct by the aid workers revelations that staff at the charity paid women in haiti for sex of caused widespread outrage executive director told members of parliament she was ashamed of
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what had happened. there's a top stories are under there do stay with us inside stories up next i'll have a news after you straight talked about thanks for watching. the world is failing its new games that's the warning today from unicef in a report that says the death of babies globally is alarmingly high so can child mortality be reduced and if so how this is inside story.


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