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and reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost forever then people should be forced to move from the born rich or. the great population exchange at this time on al-jazeera. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government's real. this is al jazeera. al i'm adrian finighan this is the live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. no safe place to hide in
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eastern syria and government forces a pounding the rebel held area with airstrikes nearly three hundred people have been killed since sunday. a warning from the u.n. the democratic republic of congo faces a crisis of extraordinary proportions of ethnic violence in the east. south africa unveils its budget which the finance minister calls tough but hopeful. and i have all the latest winter games in chiang. lindsey vonn takes bronze in the women's downhill in what she says will likely. so we begin in syria and the two most important battles being fought in this latest chapter of the country's new seven year long war rebels holed up in. the capital
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damascus are refusing to bend to more heavy bombardment activists are accusing russian and syrian forces but the kremlin denies any involvement thousands of civilians are traps nearly three hundred have been killed since sunday. at least forty on wednesday eastern ghouta was designated a deescalation zone to make civilians safer it is not the only just a few kilometers away from syria's capital it's also close to damascus international airport and military sites now at the same time there's the threat of more violence in the northern region of a free and turkish forces that have pushed back pro syrian government forces after they attempted to enter the district on tuesday we'll get more from african shortly but first zain a hot i reports on the onslaught in just a warning you may find some of the images in this report disturbing i. there is no front line in eastern. residential
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neighborhoods have become battlegrounds the syrian government and its allies are bombing the besieged rebel enclave into submission i look at the suburb of damascus is under attack. i. heard a plane overhead the myside landed people were torn into pieces i was with my nephew and we were both injured what i heard was the sound of an ambulance and i found myself here hundreds killed hundreds more injured the united nations says makeshift hospitals are being hit some are now out of service there is a humanitarian crisis and there is nowhere to hide. there is no safe place i tried to convince my parents the same the first floor of our building thinking it would be safer but they told me there's no difference because buildings are being flattened in the strikes. the government said military reinforcements to
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the frontlines around the besieged enclave the pro-government newspaper says the bombing campaign comes ahead of what it said will be a vast operation which may start on the ground at any time. the thousands of rebels there are promising to repel any advance a ground offensive will not be easy the government and its allies have repeatedly tried to storm eastern in the past the rebels have strong defenses and an underground tunnel network that they use to their advantage. for the syrian government and its allies. to the capital the rebels are able to fire mortars into damascus at times causing casualties russia is now justifying the bombing campaign even though. it is pointing to the presence of fighters belonging to a group previously known as accusing them of using civilians as human shields and
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of what it calls armed provocations. many including the un are warning the battle from eastern could turn into a repeat of the battle for aleppo. the battle for aleppo lasted for months there was so much suffering among the civilian population before a ceasefire deal was reached that involved a mass evacuation of the people of eastern fear they could face the same fate into beirut in the north of syria and turkey is warning of serious consequences if syrian government militia try to enter the region again turkish backed rebels say that they're now close to inserting the own place which is mainly on the kurdish control ankara regards the kurdish y p g as terrorists president want to capture the area quote within days from al-jazeera as a solid and. free syrian army fighters backed by the turkish government to.
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effectively separated the city of offer from the turkish border and from the front they say they are in control of about ninety sites around the city of pushing them closer to the. city this comes off the back of the latest developments in the last twenty four hours the syrian government has made it inside the city of for the first time after the kurdish fighters held a number of these fighters try to enter the city of after heavy shelling by the turkish government. they turned back but some of these lied to have made it inside the city this would be this would make it defers to force winds that has arrived in the city of often enough with the asked for help they are saying that they have been facing heavy bombardment and chanting by the texas government and called on the syrian government to provide help the syrian government said that it will not send its regular forces but what we are forces are militias loyal to president
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bashar al assad will be entering the city and some of these fighters have finally made it the turkish president says that they are also moving ahead in trying to capture the city of operation and they are pushing closer and closer to the words the city center and in his words it is only a matter of days now to the rest of the day's news the un's refugee agency is warning of a humanitarian crisis of extraordinary proportions in the eastern democratic republic of congo it says poor security in tanganyika province is hindering efforts to help thousands of people in need of pallas reports. the eastern border of the democratic republic of congo isn't to morrow reports of violence to reach one thousand kemah maces north to south. clashes between a ugandan rebel group and seize military in the north east has pushed civilians to make the dangerous crossing into and some are attempting to roll across lake albert
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one of africa's great lakes and a tale of pedals and you know some died of hunger some drowned and the like there's no one to help you there's nothing to eat we surviving in the bush like animals. now the south east is reaching a tipping point where humanitarian disaster extraordinary proportions is about to hit the southeastern part of the democratic republic of the congress the province of plunges further into violence triggering spiralling displacement and human rights abuses the southeast has been plagued by ethnic violence but new armed groups are popping up in congo leads in the area traps fighters don't know who is on whose side so civilians are targeted murders abductions and rape a common good i know but they be heated people they can't open this stomachs removed the guts and lift them to die that's how they killing people. in twenty
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seven tane in eastern mated one hundred twenty thousand people fled into neighboring countries this latest violence has displaced five times that in just two months that the u.n. thinks the number of refugees is probably much higher but they are in areas two or more years and dangerous to reach those that make it to tame pre-campaign tell stories of their escape while among women who are not ones that i had to take all my clothes off and jump into the river i was completely soaked but i didn't have a choice i was running for my life. the head of the norwegian refugee council says aid agencies are overwhelmed and underfunded the situation is worse now because more armed groups are doing more attacks than ever before. just outside of town here in binny where several massacres in recent days and therefore more people
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have fled town violence began to increase and. president joseph kabila refused to step down at the end of his mandate and twenty sixteen now it's reached a new level ballasts al jazeera here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program determined to get their point across about gun control the students taking action after the florida shooting. and why justin trudeau is emphasizing canada's stand on one united india. later in sport tiger woods said to be part of this year's ryder cup but perhaps not in the way that he wants. one of his really prime minister benjamin netanyahu is closest confidences testifying against him over allegations of corruption the former director of the communications ministry shlomo felber is expected to get
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a lighter sentence in return for his testimony israeli police say that there is sufficient evidence to indict netanyahu for bribery fraud and breach of trust in two separate cases netanyahu denies all the allegations let's get more on this from al-jazeera as bernard smith in west jerusalem bernard could this latest twist in the corruption saga facing netanyahu threaten his position. well adrian so far netanyahu in a circle has been tight to water tight around it if it's true that shlomo filbert has agreed to give evidence against netanyahu then this is the first fissure or crack in the tight circle shlomo field is the head of the communications ministry he was appointed by netanyahu and he's been arrested along with officials from telecom it's the largest telecommunications company in israel and the police
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suspect that bezerk telecom got regulatory benefits and in return netanyahu got favorable coverage of one on one of israel's most popular news websites that was controlled by the former chairman of beza so if it's true that shlomo filbert is going to say this in evidence against netanyahu then he is in real trouble netanyahu denies all of these corruption allegations against him and so far the police have not officially said if shlomo phill beer is going to give evidence against netanyahu adrian so how much support does not know who still have within the country. well on the back of this today's news there were also suggestions that because of this netanyahu might be tempted to call a snap election and before today's news the latest polling suggested that netanyahu
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joe and his likud party and his right wing coalition just might be reelected just about have a majority in the knesset even though majority of israeli voters believe this is a believe the police allegations against netanyahu are to further corruption allegations against him that the police believe he should be prosecuted prosecuted for a vote is now with the attorney general and the attorney general will make the ultimate decision on whether to bring netanyahu to court a dream or a bone of many things did bernard spent their lives in west jerusalem student survivors of the shooting in the u.s. state of florida taking action to push for tougher gun control they're set to hold talks with legislators in the state capital tallahassee seeking a ban on assault style rifle so after florida's house of representatives rejected a proposal to make them illegal seventeen students and staff were killed in the attack in parkland last week let's go live now to tallahassee officers and
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gallagher is there he what's the mood among the students what are they hoping to achieve. well the students are fairly buoyant fairly determined they've obviously been praised for their eloquent speeches but today marks a week adrian since that horrible shooting in part one florida so over the past week the students have been attending funerals going through the grieving process but when they get here to tallahassee when they walk into the state capitol building behind me at the very least they want to start a conversation and some of their demands are overwhelmingly backed by the american public things like increased background checks raising the age to buy an assault rifle at the moment in florida it's easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to buy a pistol those are all achievable goals but as you said here yesterday the state legislative voted down within three minutes a bill that would have banned assault rifles which just goes to show you the kind
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of things they are up against remember these are children trying to achieve what no r.l. in this country ever has it's worth noting also that after the sandy hook shooting five years ago in which six year old children were gunned down by the very same rifle used by nicholas cruz nothing happened but what they want to do here is keep that momentum going the focus is on them right now voices are being heard not just across this country but across the entire world but convincing politicians not just in florida but across the entire nation to do things like ban assault rifles will be a very very difficult thing is it perhaps then and the unrealistic that they can to think that they could achieve their goals. i mean it depends what they want to achieve if they achieve things like raising the age limit to twenty one for instance to the to buying and buying an assault rifle remember because cruz was nineteen years old and had ten weapons that is a huge goal and something no one else has been able to achieve if they are able to
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achieve increase background checks increase funding for things like mental health again these are all big goals because going for the ultimate goal of banning assault rifle. is simply unattainable at this point in time it's something that democrats would like to see it something that the students would obviously like to see but if they can incrementally creep towards that goal any progress in this country when it comes to gun control even the smallest achievement will go down as something very large in history and something that these students could be very proud of but as i said the reality check here is that politicians in this states in particular which is very gun friendly are highly unlikely to budge in any direction and many thanks and i was there as andy gallagher there in tallahassee where the u.s. president has agreed more needs to be done to protect children in the wake of last week's shooting in florida donald trump has called for a ban on so-called bump stocks as the devices that allow a semiautomatic rifle to fire at the speed of a machine gun he's expected to speak to survivors of several mass shootings in the
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coming hours heidi joe castro reports from washington. the bomb scott's deadly threat was witnessed in october when a gunman used them to rain down bullets on a crowd in las vegas killing fifty eight people the call to bamba stocks was swift . but it took until now four months later for president donald trump to take action . after the deadly shooting in las vegas i directed attorney general to clarify whether certain bob stock devices like the one used in las vegas are illegal under current law that process began in december and just a few moments ago i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general. to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons into machine guns announcement came six days
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after yet another mass shooting dominated the headlines seventeen people mostly students were killed in a florida high school there's no indication the shooter also used a bomb stalk in the attack but trams move to ban the devices now appears to be the president bending to growing pressure polling shows the majority of americans think trump in congress haven't done enough to stop mass shootings while gun safety advocates say banning bomb stops is good they say there's still much more that needs to be done and the motion. to say. it is. very much. the young survivors of the florida shooting are expected to meet with trump on wednesday for what the white house calls a listening session expected to join them are survivors of past school shootings
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sandy hook elementary columbine high school and many others. heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington we're going to return now to a story we told you about a few months ago the fighting in the democratic republic of the congo the unrest is mainly along the country's eastern border with uganda rwanda and burundi ethnic violence between the bantu and twat groups has intensified since mid twenty's sixteen the recent conflict in tangney a province is thought to be mainly between the twa luba and other ethnic groups unrest in the east forced almost two million people to flee their homes last year alone. joining us now via skype from contrast is taja dean by wylie who's the acting representative for unicef in the democratic republic of congo good to have you with us sir. in the u.n. has a peacekeeping mission to the democratic republic of congo to protect civilians from
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armed groups it is we're told the most expensive mission in the world so why are we seeing these continued attacks in the caves. oh i think you friday before about to be a really nice story about angelica like you said bad to result into ethnic clashes that there has been a long time in that region where the situation as not being compounded since mid last year when one of the groups trying to make the lance it an armed groups so what we now have you see me something take nic large conflict against the state and you can imagine this meant of people that comps when you have such a complex you might want to rent situation so that is the context that we now are all right so where are the other civilians that live in town going to be going in search of refuge. well like you know all these are intact coming out russia so if
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you didn't come in tonight the displaced in different parts of the province and also sometimes going outlook it progressed to you probably saw all that anger so this is what we're seeing it seems population well within the country but in two different parts of the probably a sudden also young that reference is this violence related to president kabila as of a stay in power. reconciliate it's not been on for a long time because we've known that intake the clutch has been carrying out in just part of the boundary between the need to see it in that context and if we didn't use it to show that does now you're up to you also know that groups are run for a while and for which the u.n. mission isn't dressing that you should get on with this thing so what is that the government of the r.c. doing to bring about an end to this violence i recall the last year even including. i recall the last year the un to get out of the government in which
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you get a piece we're all trying to be in the communities together in addition to that the u.n. is trying to unicef ended up partners are actually deployed in my opinion after some ground working with the government what can be civil society to provide immediate support for people you mean all that we can use if we launched an appeal for twenty one million do us is sort of economy specific i mean ten data and we're making progress address an issue so manage to show education under any lights in that region all right good to talk to so many thanks indeed for being with us studying. you are now south africa's first budget under president so around opposer it's been delivered finance minister. garba has told parliament that south africa will increase value added tax for the first time in more than two decades poses government wants to cut the budget deficit and stabilize debt after years of
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economic growth let's go live now to serious family to miller in johannesburg a lot of promises made in this budget where on earth is south africa going to get the money from to pay for all of this. well that has been the main question coming from all sectors of south african society given that south africa does have very high debt the g.d.p. to growth ratio has been a depression rather has been sitting at about fifty percent so the minister has this afternoon said that they're looking at increasing the value added tax by one percent and i think this would be of some concern to the poorest of the poor the minister has said that basic food stuff like a maze doesn't are zero rated so this shouldn't impact our souls but this does really impact the cost of living for millions of south africans across the country
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given that more than fifty percent of the south africans rely on just over a dollar a day the minister has said that any increases to value added tax or to income tax will be below inflation but i don't know how comforting this will be to millions of south africans in reality you mention how many people live in. a dollar or less a day in south africa how the public going to react to these tax hikes the first in twenty years. well so africa has previously gone through a recession the government did point out the minister did point out that the economic outlook has in fact improved compared to previous projections now looking at one point five percent for twenty eighteen going up to about over two percent in twenty twenty so there is some relief there but ultimately because the cost of
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living because things like the fuel livy are expected to go up which would then impact the cost of transport so africans are going to struggle there would be some difficulty in adjusting to these increasing prices but the government has said that it's in a position where it has to increase revenue because it just because expenditure is too high. for me to many thanks a bit of a serious middle of the vive in. i know it's still early february but with has got a long way to go yet it would seem richard is here is to us about cold weather sweeping the u.s. and canada we were talking a little earlier or you may have been watching about this sudden stratospheric warming is it is that more of the same i think this is just good old fashioned winter is what it is adrian but i mean there's a buckling of the polar vortex way up there to the north is something which might have an impact on the weather here longer term less state so the shorter term this great swathes of cloud is an active weather front which is being sweeping across
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was a sweeping across is not restricted across it's been a very very slowly as a result you know high river valley we've seen a significant flooding issues there and that is going to continue i think because this front is very slow moving indeed so as we take a look at the situation there it is this front having pushed along way south now from some losses often confusing but let me take the cloud off and things become clear when to put the temperatures on and you can see then the great mass of cold air which dug down culprit minus eight with a packet minus thirteen and quite a contrast in parts of say the cold air pushing towards dallas but you still got the warm air for parts of the eastern seaboard and some big rainfall totals have been reported away from chicago in the north to dallas in the south and along that line i certainly think is a possibility of some significant sleet and freezing rain for the worse weather of any kind you can ever experience i have to say that looks as though it could continue for the next twelve eighteen hours or so as a run the sequence the front itself moving very slowly insert across parts of the
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south and the next twenty four hours we're going to see huge amount of rain accumulating hyuk i'm off to miami now you're with the news hour still to come on the program. i'm natasha butler in southeastern france as the french government reveals his new plans for an immigration law the mayor of this city kano says the state should be doing more to protect refugees. is the possibilities for it going wrong absolutely they could be absolutely tragic but tell you why some experts are sounding the alarm about artificial intelligence. chelsea boss lead us out of a champions league cliffhanger at the nou camp here with all the details in the stores. i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance
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of the other guys. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard else totals lucky to goodness they're. really really good us and my brain and this story needs to be tuned asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and on.
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but i get adrian sitting in here in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera the international red cross is calling for humanitarian access to syria's rebel held on plate of eastern nearly three hundred people have been killed there are hundreds more wounded since sunday the i.c.r.c. says the people have a critical lead of treatment forms the situation but only get far worse. the un's refugee agency is warning of a humanitarian crisis of extraordinary proportions in eastern democratic republic of congo thousands of people in tangan eco province of been forced from their homes due to fighting the u.n.h.c.r. says that port security is hindering attempts to help those most in need.
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live pictures from tallahassee florida where survivors of the florida school shooting a marching to the state capitol to convince politicians to block the sale of assault style rifles the u.s. president has already called for a ban on devices that allow a semi automatic rifle to fire up much faster. canada's prime minister has emphasized that he backs a one united india during his first visit to the country just intrude on his family on an eight day talk some though in india have accused members of his cabinet of supporting sikh separatists in test reports. justin trudeau was greeted warmly as he visited the golden temple the shrine which is in india's western punjab state is the sikh faith holiest site but the canadian prime minister's visit was sensitively organized he was careful not to meet anyone openly connected to the procol is done movement alliston is what sikh separatists want to rename punjab state if it separates from india. months before trudeau's first state visit some
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indian politicians accused him of being sympathetic to. separatists all four of trudeau's indian canadian ministers are of sikh origin this is liberal party depends on the support considerable support of the six dice part of zod most a target of the total indian diaspora in canada. and that many of their members cabinet members have been seen present during functions and sick temples that is good thought i was aware of the. those us posing the separate sentiment the so-called collis tani's arenas their banners rain slogans etc the protocol is done movement is deeply controversial in india in one thousand nine hundred four the separatists were involved in a battle with indian troops at the golden temple resulting in a number of deaths soon after the prime minister at the time indira gandhi was assassinated in a revenge attack by her own sikh bodyguards that in turn sparked the mass killing
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of sikhs on the streets of the capital new delhi. six separatists in canada retaliated by bombing an air india flight that took off from toronto killing three hundred twenty nine people but history of violence continues to cast a long shadow over canada india relations to this date whatever the case the canadian government's official policy is to support what it describes as a united india still since his arrival in india trudeau has repeatedly had to downplay suggestions of a rift between him and prime minister narendra modi who sent a junior minister to me trudeau at the airport we are the two largest democracies in the world one by population and the other by surface area we should be doing better things. to really highlight that close. the incredible opportunities is what this trip is all about and it's it's not.
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a handshake and a photo op. for the thousands of sikhs who came out to greet trudeau the political success of see canadians is a point of pride seems like this might play well back at home but you will have to balance that with his primary goal of his trip progress on trade and building stronger ties with prime minister modi lean meats on friday in al-jazeera. more now on south africa's new budget which is going on being unveiled at this hour lawrence hamilton is a professor of political theory at the university of that water strand in johannesburg he joins us now live from johannesburg good to have you with us so a lot of promise has been made in this budget but is it going to balance. well formally it looks like it will. be a lot of focus on four main areas investment sustainable employment
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governance of a series and the restructuring of the economy. the inequitable structure of the south african economy and no less generally than that this a big focus on. free the funding of free higher education. which takes a lot out of the other fiscus as does a forty eight billion rand hole in the fiscus based on poor tax revenue last time around but i can tax v.a. t. in particular as they've done for the first time in twenty years it's going to hit the poor in particular in south africa isn't it and what's going to be the implication of that so yes i mean formally it will be there didn't seem to be that much option besides. the choice was
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between that and raising personal income tax or corporate income tax. and given that person link up tax rates had been raised recently last year. really there wasn't that much option as regards how to fill that gap. and. just to say two things on that it will impact the population in a much more general sense than that more. directed taxation but there are quite a few zero rated components of the eighty so at the extreme. the as with the at the at the level of the extreme poor this won't have as much effect as some people suggest in fact what's really the take home point about this budget is an emphasis on to extremes an extreme. that is around investment and an emphasis on trying to sustain poverty alleviation at the other extreme so
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there is a a deep contradiction within the budget and partly within the original poster so in a speech about how you lift people out of those levels of poverty and get them to be productive members of of society in terms of jobs in terms of being part of the taxpaying basic cetera and i'm not sure this budget does that because what this budget does is it is similar tennessee tries to satisfy a lot of the concerns of the market might have had which i think it does and it satisfies and it puts in place a whole series of measures to counteract the effects of. that for that one percent increase in v.a. for example is a series of increases in. in. various tax reliefs at the lower level and the various. six to seven percent increases in.
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the the social security brackets for the poorest of professor really good to talk to many thanks indeed for being with us lawrence hamilton there in johannesburg. to bring you now some live pictures from tallahassee in florida we were telling you earlier about student survivors of last week's florida shooting taking action to push for tougher gun control they're set to hold talks with legislators at a seeking a ban on assault style rifle softer florida's house of representatives rejected a proposal to make them illegal u.s. president donald trump is already called for a ban on the vices that allow a semiautomatic rifle to find much faster he said to hold a listening session with students in washington d.c. later on when the state he had over ten is the executive director of action on violence it's a charity which does research into the causes and consequences of gun violence around the world he joins us now via skype from london good to have you with us at
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the end i mean here we have the president proposing this this ban on these these bumper things we have to the students today taking their fight to tallahassee to the state capital is this going to change anything. well it's a move in the right direction but really i think it's sticking plaster only gaping . the media students are focused on this day off if doing this certainly was my rifle but if you look at the statistics of gun violence in the united states longo . fifteen rifle is one of them actually is a very small percentage oh overall gun home run night so over the years in the united states happen with handguns and the media fixates on the massacres which is around one percent of all always so it's in the u.s. but the reality is the day to day off i like this mountain of debt is caused by i'm
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going i'm not in masochism aryans by to what needs to happen in the u.s. to stop that kind of gun light of violence along with the that the massacres like the one we saw in florida. well the challenge is a sort of a gordian knot of our political refusal to engage with the issue i'm on a profound level an absence of there being any state's research into the best ways to reduce gun violence a very heavy political lobbying influence by the n.r.a. the national rifle association and also a cultural reluctance to truly address the ownership of guns and the mass proliferation of guns throughout the u.s. society all of these coalesced to create a sort of a not on a holy storm where the second amendment then creates
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a legal right to bear arms and all of these small patty attempts to reduce gun violence really are doomed to fail unless they address the very fundamentals as to how people can get that have on fifteen handguns for princeton's and saw them in the basement where with with public opinion appearing to to to change but i don't know whether it is but that's the sense that you get i mean do you see any cause for optimism. well yes this might be a watershed moment. there being three of the worst mass shootings that the united states has ever witnessed on looked on trump's presidency and i think that this may cause a change but the challenge of course is that dog trump applauded the fact that he got the national rifle association's backing in his presidential campaign i mean he hasn't really spoken about anything meaningful when it comes to substantial gun control and you know addressing a very small issue like
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a bump stock to me is trying to build the way of sort of clothes and mirrors because you smoke and mirrors because in reality. the truth. and truth gets told is finally going to sort of got nothing to do with bob stocks in good to talk to many thanks indeed for being with us ian overturned the executive director of action on armed violence the french government is reviewing a new immigration bill which is expected to streamline the asylum process but make it harder for people who want to seek jobs some m.p.'s in the president's own party say that the proposals betray france's humanitarian tradition others though say the bill is not enough but reports from. a nineteenth century fort overlooks the french city of grinnel but it was built to defend the city that is close to the swiss and italian borders and tucked into the
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foothills of the alps these days the town council is doing its best to welcome people who arrive here it provides emergency shelter for refugees mainly from africa kosovo rob pena people are coming squads settlements in the city and this is a first. for them to get a stable life. with more refugees arriving in france each year the government's decided to change the country's immigration policy the government's proposed immigration speed up asylum procedures it would also provide more refugee housing at the same time it would mean longer periods in detention for the recent had their asylum requests rejected and it would increase deportation the french president says it's all about france continuing to welcome what he calls genuine asylum seekers cracking down on so-called economic migrants critics of the proposed law
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say it's too tough mayor says the city seen an increasing number of refugees and the state has a duty to protect them in the ground and decide to have a very strong and armed. police iraq. but actually this policy doesn't work at all don't these citrus you know the immigration plans of also created re divisions in the president's own party some n.p.c. french values are being forgotten they sought how dare they toss your deviancy detention centers are becoming prison switch on one of the of our republic. in last year's presidential election emmanuel mcconnell's main rival was the anti immigration candidate marine le pen for some analysts the planned law is an attempt by the centrist president to stop the resurgence of the far right the voters of by le pen haven't vanished haven't disappeared and when you see what happened in germany were chancellor merkel agreed to
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a million refugees and migrants and then had ninety two far right m.p.'s elected in the fall in the next elections i think this has been seen as a lesson for the neighboring countries of germany and particularly france where the far right is very powerful. for mack or it's a political gamble he may please some on the political right and far right but he risks alienating many on the left who've supported him until now in the meantime refugees like these will continue to try and reach france in the hope of a better life natasha butler al-jazeera. the head of the un ages eight aid agency that says palestinian refugees in gaza warns that it can't guarantee food support beyond the end of june explaining major funding cuts by the united states there's a growing concern about the deteriorating humanitarian humanitarian situation in gaza and its potential to spark further conflict with israel perry forces reports.
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nearly a million people in gaza rely on food aid handed out by unruh the un agency charged with the care of refugees from historic palestine and the descendants is facing a funding crisis after the us transferred only sixty million of the planned one hundred twenty five million dollars payment. annorah had been expecting a further two hundred twenty five million dollars from the u.s. this year now it fears that figure could instead be zero we are safe for the first couple of months in the year but if we don't get this shortfall made up by either the americans changing their mind or new money coming in during the second half of the year we will have to face some difficult decisions already funded projects such as this q eighty back to school are continuing in eleven countries have acted to help fill the funding gap that by fast tracking existing commitments not pledging new money israel's army chief has reportedly warned that a humanitarian crisis is
4:46 pm
a growing security risk calling for a steep increase in aid to decrease the chance of war israel is part of the problem israel is the one who is imposing siege blockade. limiting the number of items that enter the gaza strip so israel must put them into it's good policy instead of asking the international community to intervene there is some welcome intervention in gaza's health sector the united arab emirates is finalizing a two million dollar pledge to fuel hospital generators for four months earlier this week qatar's gaza envoy announced a nine million dollars package that also included medicine and fuel for the event. ended in a demonstration of just how desperate gaza's poorest really are is he was bundled away in the face of spontaneous protest so the tension is really wanting to hear who was members of the queen to stop and they were on strike on the sunny side on paid wages have prostration is really erupting they were hoping for some kind of announcement from macau to raise in including the payment of those wages and those
4:47 pm
hopes have been dashed and they're angry. five months pay is owed by private contractors who themselves are not being paid by the government because of the continuing delays in reconciliation between hamas and rival faction fatah guy who came together and we expected him to solve our problems because we believe the stone nation came about because we raise our voices but he denied our rights and didn't give us any help. a beer her husband and their six children surely need help they were evicted from their home three months ago now they share this shelter with her brother's family sleeping on this broken down floor three to four hours a tricity a day no working lavatory no money coming in just one family enduring the cruelty of gaza's slow collapse harry feels that al-jazeera gaza. the united states fall short. at the winter olympics will be right back.
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4:49 pm
hello again the u.s. christian evangelist billy graham has died at the age of ninety nine he provided spiritual counsel for twelve presidents from harry truman to barack obama as well as a young queen elizabeth the second graham was a strong advocate for racial integration throughout the one nine hundred fifty s. and sixty's he was friends with civil rights leader martin luther king jr bailed him out of jail he was arrested during a demonstration is estimated lifetime audience including radio and television broadcasts topped two point two billion people
4:50 pm
a warning now on the threat posed by artificial intelligence twenty six world experts it emerging technologies said that cyber crime will grow and drones will be misused over the next decade and that he would reports from cambridge in the u.k. . it is the stuff of science fiction or at least it used to be a computer able to master and a chinese boardgame without human help to win every time and a truck that drives to sell computers and vehicles powered by artificial intelligence now leading a demick so warning not to put the brakes on ai but that the technology is increasingly being used for malicious purposes for political or financial gain to extort and to gain influence cyber attacks on infrastructure as we've seen in ukraine attacks on computers in hospitals manipulation people for example we've
4:51 pm
seen some. attempts to manipulate political elections in the us and in europe recently now those have been. varying degrees of effectiveness with the techniques we have today but artificial intelligence will allow new types of cyber attacks that might be more capable than we had before very safe. from health care to walk their machine based thinking is revolutionizing the way we live exposing us to the benefits and the risks the robot here has been designed to pick up these little bricks and put them back on the green mats now this is just a laboratory setting but in five or ten years time it could be developed to work on a construction site or support in the design or wouldn't want the technology hijacked the report's authors a calling on governments in the industry to do more to protect us from all the pitfalls experts warned of the serious consequences it's absolutely right that we
4:52 pm
issue warnings with ai because the capabilities of the possibilities for it going wrong are absolutely they could be actually tragic we need to be able to get to grips with this now ai is clearly here to stay and staying one step ahead of those who want to abuse it will be a constant challenge and he would al-jazeera cambridge. makes me smile what a builder. thank you so much american skiing superstar lindsey vonn has won the third olympic medal of her career the thirty three year old clinched bronze and john chiang's marquee event the women's downhill so goes the event with
4:53 pm
a time of one minute thirty nine point two two seconds giving italy its first ever gold in the women's downhill norway's run when colt took silver while vaughan beforetime overall world cup champion had to settle for a bronze and what she says will likely be her final olympics. i wish my body was a little bit you know. because. i still have. the word that i had when i was a kid. but yeah we'll just see what happens the next four years but. i'm pretty sure. canada two gold in the men's ski cross competition brady lehman went ski to ski with switzerland's market push off burger after the other two competitors in the final collided early on. the united states won a cross-country skiing medal for the first time and it was a goal they clench the women's team sprint for advance norway to bronze and that
4:54 pm
meant that a march on your in became the most decorated winter olympian of all time with her fourteenth medal noway won the corresponding men's event to take their gold medal tally to thirteen they're top of the table in germany have just won gold in the women's bobsled they are second canada the now the lens and the u.s. a complete top five. the men's u.s. ice hockey team won't be winning gold at these games the czech republic beating them three two in a shootout to advance to the semifinals will face the olympic athletes from russia next. it is one game in regulation and i don't think you're disappointed wondering what's wrong with your head i think you proud of what your players did you proud of how we put this team together and sometimes the results don't always indicate exactly you know what you think your team and i take this team to go to battle against any team anywhere any ice surface guys you know how hard they play how they
4:55 pm
competed represented our country and. that's. now and usa ryder cup captain jim carrick has confirmed tiger woods will be part of this year's event as one of his vice captains him were allowed however the possibility of the fourteen time major winner being selected as a player and to spite woods currently being ranked outside the top five hundred and only returning to the p.g.a. tour in january for the first time in seventeen months. i want to name two more vice captains that would be steve stricker and tiger woods and when you look at our team room and you look at a lot of the youth that we have in the team room now with the younger players a lot of them became golf officials fell in love with the game of golf because they wanted to be they want to emulate tiger woods they wanted to play against him on the golf course and so to have him in the team room. really being you know that humble guy that's ready to serve in the hell then do whatever he can to play better
4:56 pm
means a lot of the material it's but he could be valuable as a player i mean i'm sure the rude one and playing honestly. but there's so much time to go i think the good news bad news for someone like tiger woods is he's played now what three or four events is it his event december and two official events this year he had a great finish in san diego we're already talking ryder cup right we're already so that's the nature of being tiger woods five time champions byron munich are as good as through to the quarterfinals of the european champions really bahrain beating bush tash turkey five now in the first like of their last sixteen tie it's their fourteenth straight win in all competitions and cheese days i'm thinking chelsea and barcelona and drew one one in london having hit the post twice in the first half million and then she gave chelsea the lead in the second half they know messi scored the equaliser and crucial away goal from their return like in spain is
4:57 pm
coming up in three weeks time. and then you can see the input for the game. and. i think we've. won the state and as you know anywhere in the. again. these are born into these type of player like me see. if you make a mistake. and create. a little bit about how it was important for us to have scored a goal here and also because this first leg score doesn't favor them but it doesn't mean that in the second game the teams won't respect their own style of playing. there are two more rounds of sixteen first leg ties coming out on wednesdays so be a host manchester united i knew cranes. are at home to roma.
4:58 pm
that's it for me but so will be back with much more coming up later on but for now i'll hand it back to you adrian for many thanks indeed to just about to for this news out the news of course continues here on. i'll be back in just a moment to update you on the day's top stories about. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about that context is hugely important we have a right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoked it's all about otherwise people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. conservation
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ease helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put every day but the message is a simplistic you have been trained good logical rational person crazy months and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides
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a true. counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera facing new realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because he expressed herself here their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. o. . calls for us here ignored by the massacres as the syrian government hubble's rebel held east and go to a number of people killed there has risen to almost three hundred since sunday.


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