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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes i'm going to schools how many children have to get shot fury and frustration as president trying to meet students and families of victims of the florida school shooting. i don't see we can let scenes go on. in these horrendous way as the outrage grows over the bloodbath in syria as east in the hotel russia calls for an emergency un security council meeting. when i was going to have a stop to this for years after over two hundred girls were kidnapped by boko haram in nigeria another brazen attack on a school. and a billy graham one of the most influential christian preachers of the twentieth century dies aged one thousand nine. s. been an outpouring of anger and frustration at the u.s.
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president's meeting with students and families of some victims of last week's deadly florida school shooting donald trump has had stories and pleas to tighten gun laws he's vowing to take arjen steps to check gun violence but that hasn't satisfied some of those who have been there. because my daughter has no voice she was murdered last week she was taken from. shot nine times on the third floor. we as a country failed our children. this should happen. i'm very angry that this happened because it keeps happening nine eleven happened once and they fix everything how many schools how many children have to get shot it stops here with this administration and me so let's be strong. for the fall and
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we don't have a voice to speak anymore. and let's not have her but this happen again please . this is not difficult these deaths are preventable. and i implore you. consider your own children. you don't want to be me no parent does and you have the ability to make a difference and save lives today all the u.s. president is vowing to take arjun's steps to tighten gun laws we're going to be very strong in background checks and we do it very strongly back when you get your response to the issues of the mental health of somebody and do we are going to need you when you are the things. that. hours earlier hundreds of students held a sit in outside the white house they said it was more important to call for gun
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control than attending class. well in florida thousands of students gathered outside the republican controlled legislature in the state capital tallahassee denman doing change and he has more on that. the survivors of last week's school shooting in parkland would not alone when they came to florida state capitol chants of no more guns and never again rang out as crowd swells. many of these students have spent the past few days attending funerals of form and classmates that determination to change u.s. gun laws is a rallying call for activists across the nation you sent thoughts and prayers as your remedy but refused to take action. well members of the legislature i am proud to announce i took your advice i have been praying. i've been praying for you. was.
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i bring you that you look in the mirror and figure out your priorities. i presume that you signed the no n.r.a. money pledge and so many of them out there. now. unless some gun owners and now destroying their assault rifles in videos that have gone viral others a turning them into authorities but on wednesday florida's politicians rejected a bill that would have banned assault rifles an indication of just how challenging any change will be that person who died because of an iowa fifteen. was. you because you sat yesterday you had a chance to stop them and you took that chance the way i was there i don't like bush don't mind our heart you might but it that you calibrate my. background
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checks and better mental health screening a widely supported by the u.s. public since the voices of children may make a difference they have to understand that this is really affected everyone not just us the kids in the school it's affected the whole community and they need to listen to us and we're we're smart we can we can talk ourselves we're not just children we can you know we can make a difference what you have here is a new generation of voices determined to make themselves heard and right now the world is listening but any change lays firmly at the doorsteps of politicians the next move is theirs and the expectations are perhaps higher than they've ever been and gallacher al-jazeera tallahassee florida ok holly dexter is a board member of the woman against gun violence who's joining us live from barbara in california thank you very much indeed for your time we've heard some really strong words from. parents and from the students and the president of the united states was in the room live on global television being told he has to do something
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to stop this from happening again how confident are you know that that can happen well pardon me if i'm a little bit cynical i'm more concerned with actions than i am with words especially considering there have been a lot of words and promises not followed through in this administration i do remember president donald trump coming out after the orlando poll shooting and saying that the solution was that everybody in the nightclub should have had guns i haven't been a fan of his solutions so far that being said if we can get some kind of sensible gun legislation passed in this administration i'm all for it one of the problems of course will be getting that legislation passed because we just saw as only one was mentioning him in his report that lawmakers in florida took roughly i think about three and a half minutes just to put down a bill that would have got rid of assault weapons so the it seems to be
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a huge hurdle to overcome to try to get legislation. well i will say that what they have done in what they did yesterday in voting that down they have really angered a very passionate youth movement those kids have cell phones they know how to use social media they know how to organize quickly and they could be bringing a revolution when it comes to gun reform let me ask you about something you did touch on just a couple of moments ago the suggestion that donald trump had picked up on of course this is just an informal meeting it's not setting policy or an agenda but he did pick up on the suggestion that some teachers or members of staff or even undercover police officers should be in schools carrying weapons tell me if you think that that is at least a step in the direction towards trying to prevent this happening again.
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it's a terrible and dangerous idea on our board of directors we also have los angeles police department and sheriff's detectives we get to go back to the l.a. crime lab which is the largest crime lab in the nation and work with forensic scientists who are experts in ballistics and firearms and i specifically asked them could a civilian stop a mass shooter they told me that police only have an eighteen percent accuracy rate for hitting a live target during a live shooting the reason for that is that when you're in a live shooting situation you go into fight or flight mode you have tunnel vision your hearing is impaired time slows down your fine motor coordination is impaired so we're expecting america's teachers who are by the way underpaid and under appreciated to now become the nation's swat team it's
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a really unfair ask and it's a dangerous ask there were several suggestions that were made by some of the students and parents and teachers as well who with their they included having increased drills for lockdowns in the schools they had addressed the possibility of looking at bullying situations that might have exacerbated in to creating a situation like this dealing with those earlier and so on a lot of it seem to be dealing with the circumstances surrounding the actual weapons themselves given the fact that as we've talked about the lead getting legislation maybe difficult is this a least a step in the right direction again to look at those issues. well definitely i think we should be looking at bullying issues and making sure that children feel included but i will also say that we have children all around the world who have mental health issues who are bullied that are not going out and committing mass
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shootings because they don't have easy access to guns and what they're trying to do is side step talking about guns and that's because a lot of these members. of congress are beholden to the n.r.a. vice president mike pence supported terrible gun laws in indiana took a lot of money from the n.r.a. and as i've mentioned previously donald trump accepted thirty million dollars from the n.r.a. for his presidential campaign so they're not going to talk about guns. thanks very much indeed as we've been talking we've just been looking at some of the live pictures that are coming from outside park in the school that's a vigil that's going on at the moment a helicopter shot you can see some of the flowers and tributes that are being placed on the street there holly thank you very much indeed always good to get your opinion on this holly dexter is a board member of women against gun violence she was talking to us from california now despite the growing condemnation syrian government bombs continue to rain down
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in the rebel held districts of east in the hotel near damascus more than three hundred people have been killed since sunday the head of the united nations is called the situation in east and go to hell on diplomatic editor james bays will have more on that but first as in a hold a look at what's happening on the ground. i. there is no frontline in eastern. residential neighborhoods have become battlegrounds the syrian government and its allies are bombing the besieged rebel enclave into submission. the suburb of damascus is under attack well hook was. we heard a plane overhead or the messiah landed people were torn into pieces i was with my nephew and we were both injured or i heard was the sound of an ambulance and i found myself here hundreds killed hundreds more injured the united nations says
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makeshift hospitals are being hit some are now out of service there is a humanitarian crisis and there is nowhere to hide. there is no safe place i tried to convince my parents to stay in the first floor of our building thinking it would be safer but they told me there's no difference because buildings are being used in the strikes. the government said military reinforcements to the front lines around the besieged enclave the pro-government newspaper says the bombing campaign comes ahead of what it said will be a vast operation which may start on the ground at any time. the thousands of rebels there are promising to repel any advance a ground offensive will not be easy the government and its allies have repeatedly tried to storm in the past the rebels have strong defenses and an underground tunnel network that they use to their advantage. for the syrian government and its
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allies. to the capital. at times causing casualties. even. pointing to the president. accusing them of using civilians as human shields and what it calls armed provocations. many including the u.n. are warning the battle for eastern could turn into a repeat of the battle for aleppo. the battle for aleppo lasted for months there was so much suffering among the civilian population before a ceasefire deal was reached that involved a mass evacuation the people of eastern fear they could face the same fate. beirut. the security council met to discuss the un's charter
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the governing document of the world organization the charter drawn up over seventy years ago gives the council the key role of maintaining peace and security a job it's miserably failed to do over the last seven years in syria as it met once again divided and impotent some of the worst violence of the war as eastern ghouta was once again bombarded four and a thousand people that leave. in hell on earth and so my appeal to all those involved. is for any immediate suspension of all war activities in eastern guta there were in fact for one day two secretaries general in new york mr good terrorists his previous sesa bank ki-moon had also been invited to speak he also expressed concern at the continued bloodshed in the syrian
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situation you'd really have must come to an end it's going to be a seventy year in for a come march tenth even the seventh year of doing daughter seven years a sore many civilian population have been killed there is now a new peace effort the ambassador of sweden hopes to bring a new draft resolution to a vote in the council in the coming days we're asking for a cessation of hostilities for thirty days throughout syria throughout syria forty or forty eight hours after that access for weekly u.n. humanitarian and convoys aid aid convoys to. areas in need particularly urgent busy areas russia had blocked previous efforts to get a resolution on a cease fire in eastern guta facing mounting criticism and bassa vasoline the benzine has now himself called for
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a security council meeting on the situation on thursday the charter which the un has actually been discussing is in effect the constitution of the world body it begins we the peoples of the united nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war now compare those words to the pictures from eastern guta history is bound to judge that in recent days and over the past seven years the u.n. has failed the people of syria james pays out his era of the united nations russia's military says talks with a. rebels to end the conflict in eastern go to have broken down it says opposition fighters are getting norrington calls to surrender on the preventing civilians from leaving the area meanwhile the russian foreign minister has stressed that dialogue with all parties is necessary to stop the bloodshed you know pretty much the book.
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it's necessary for all the external players with no exceptions especially those who have a presence in syria to realize how necessary it is to start a dialogue with the syrian government within the principle of its sovereignty and territorial integrity plenty more ahead in the news hour including south africa unveils its new budget which the finance minister calls tough but hopeful. the vatican's investigation into sex abuse by a paedophile priest in chile hits a road bump. and in sports manchester united target a place in the champions league quarterfinals santa is going to have all the latest . officials say fifty schoolgirls a missing following an attack by book a hot on fighters in a village and nobody state initially some ninety one students at the school and in the northeast were reported as missing but there are conflicting reports that some girls were found after fleeing the attack and that some may have been rescued by
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the military in twenty fourteen the armed group abducted more than two hundred and seventy girls from the town of chibok it's quite unfortunate that we're having a repeat of the tragedy yet again. this is a time when a lot of people asking questions when are we going to have a stop to these. lives disappear for close to four years now we've been asking questions guess the remaining ones. and experience us come up. how we before the security in this country and put a stop to young girls appearing from schools under streets all that it just says more from a degree in northeastern nigeria well there are differing accounts as to exactly what happened at the government goes cool in depth in your b. state our initial reports say the fight is went into town started fighting
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sporadically in there and then went to the school raided the school food store but nobody was taken then a day later after the attack or at least one student told local media that you saw some of our colleagues being taken away so when the fighters moved into the institution members of staff of the school and the girls killed the first and ran into the bushes then reports emerged that more than ninety have been unaccounted for from then there were reports that some of the girls who file are found their way back into town and back into the school back to the school now some parents also approached the school authorities telling them that in fact some of their daughters have met or found their way home so the obvious to a statement saying that at least fifty students have been unaccounted for as of the time it released that statement but said the military and other security services are calming the bushes trying to rescue those who fled and found their way why they actually couldn't get home now this is coming at a time when there are still up to one hundred schoolgirls kidnapped in two thousand
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and fourteen in chibok and now a lot of people are oppressive astray exactly what happened and many people are complaining as to why there was no clear statement more than twenty four hours after the attack. location ability is the co-founder of the bring back our girls movement it was launched after the kidnappings of more than two hundred girls in chibok in twenty fourteen she's joining us on skype from abuser thank you very much for your time i know that you have worked with some of the girls and some of the families of the girls who were kidnapped in twenty fourteen can you draw on your experience and give us some indication of for the girls might be feeling and also the families of those girls. where all of the gas. went missing from chibok on in the fourteen twenty fourteen these incidents that have happened in your busy state seems to grab the same line so. the only pretend incidents and particularly the fact that the occurrences seems to be the same
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for the parents of the cheaper girls there are some of them that are hard. they are girls come back they're excited about that they are up to about the process of we are going to titian and you socialization of the girls are wherever there are parents of chibok girls will have not had their girls back who are on sure if their girls are part of the thirteen there were reported to have died by the wall street journal report i was released some months ago why do you or the us i expect once that just same way the federal government has got the one hundred and seven girls and we sent me some policewomen and university lecturers through negotiation with this with government and the i.c.r.c. perhaps there is all the girls some would come back as well now when we look at that and do it juxtaposes sure between that and the parents of these girls who are
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yet to be accounted for one can only imagine the aggrieved and they are wonder as to when they are girls will be. there are going to be questions asked under about the efficiency of the security forces in nigeria given the fact that this has happened again. exactly on the on the table right now the question as to what extent is the winning of the war against boko effective and that is the cause why are we no longer hear of bomb blast with the frequency with which we use them while we are rescuing little one kilometer in a lot of the austerity that i've been with boko where we're negotiating for some of them to come back where communities are being rebuilt as schools are being opened it puts on the question on the extent to which this communities are still see the
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extent to which schools in particular are still safe enough for our children to go to schools if the syrians a large hill of our best option that hartland are nipped in fourteen twenty fourteen where two hundred seventy six girls were taking if that was possible the question of a week now also rules is what has been put in place so far by doing one german government our security forces are not up for us but us to ensure that we don't have that kind of large scale of abduction or we don't have any incidents of school abductions those are the conversations that are now on the table those are the questions that we are now asking are we indeed or what metrics are we using to measure that nigeria is indeed winning the war against. british and american founder of the bring back our girls movement thank you very much indeed thank you very much. a special envoy sent to chile by pope francis to investigate cover ups in the sex abuse scandal has been hospitalized and cited further pressure on the
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vatican which is already under fire for perceived in action and dealing with abuse by a catholic priest in chile this in human reports in the capital santiago. hours before he was taken to hospital for emergency gall bladder operation the vatican's most experienced sex crimes investigator explained the high profile mission that brought him to chile even. pope francis sent me to collect useful information concerning monsignor one barrel of. he was referring to this bishop accused of covering up sex abuses committed by chile's most notorious pedophile priest the well documented abuses took place in the seminary of the church that you see behind me and it was the pope stubborn defense of bishop during his recent trip here to chile that unleashed widespread criticism that his promise of zero tolerance of abuses in the church was a mere public relations exercise under pressure to address the worst crisis of his
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papacy the pope dispatched his team of investigators to hear testimonies from those whom just weeks earlier he had accused of slander among them sex abuse survivor one hamilton. it's hard time that the dirt hidden under the rug comes out by meeting with the archbishop was respectful whatever happens the vatican will know the truth of what goes on in chile over the outcome ultimately depends on the pope a spanish priest to accompany the vatican's chief investigator has taken over the interviews while the archbishop recovers wednesday afternoon he heard testimonies from three parishioners a priest and a deacon from the city where the pope appointed bishop biros despite widespread protests. we want to tell others who also want to testify. but we are confident that despite the archbishop's illness the investigation will continue with full guarantees of independence from complicit church hierarchy. in chile some
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eighty priests have been accused of sexual abuse of minors according to the american n.-g. o. bishop accountability the question many are asking now is whether this week's ongoing investigation is simply papal damage control or does it signal a new more convincing chapter in the catholic church's purported fight against ongoing clerical sex abuse you see in human scent. lots more still ahead on al-jazeera from the pacific to the arctic indigenous filmmakers find a voice at the battling film festival. and in sports or no region skier becomes the most successful winter olympian in history that is going to have all the details. of.
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how low we've had a record breaking heat along the eastern side of the u.s. we've had record breaking cold across the western side of the u.s. in between they've had some very heavy writing see this long line of cloud saints and the system rainfall coming through here over the past few days this is the same in indiana where the frosty ground the heart of frosty ground has seen some very heavy rain snow melt and that has led to a widespread flooding along the ohio river and the heavy showers well they are set to continue to go on for the next couple days tending to ease a little further east was towards the appalachians more by the coming for here so temperatures in new york earlier this week getting up to twenty one celsius thirteen degrees there was a go on through stay at his record breaking heat there for new york was more wet weather doubt down towards texas through walkin so i celsius there in dallas so the cold enough to just bounce back
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a little as we go on through friday are the five degrees that they state for new york the last you dry for the eastern seaboard high pressure keeping this rainy weather app by snow to the north that i just notice we still have some snow just around the rockies cold enough in l.a. tempest no hot and sixteen degrees at the top temperature four in seattle. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique all this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion in what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level what to publish it beat up with to be offensive or provocative about it as people did setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and for your. you're watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour people affected by gun violence in the u.s. have express their anger at a meeting with president donald trump at the white house tom was told to urgently
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act on improving gun ownership laws. ahead of the u.n. has called for an immediate halt to attacks on syria's eastern huta saying civilians they are living in hell on the syrian and russian air raids have killed more than three hundred people since sunday. and nigerian officials say fifty schoolgirls are missing following an attack by boko haram fighters in a village and you'll be state initially some ninety one students were reported as missing bots that are conflicting reports that some girls were found after fleeing the attack and that some may have been rescued by the military. ok more on the relentless bombing over eastern in syria stories of individual tragedies merging the full circle. like this man cradling his dead son who was killed in an airstrike in the village of beit silva saying his final goodbye.
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elsewhere a party was held for children in an underground bomb shelter to try to distract them from the bombing of the civilians killed this week seventy have been children . being is an activist living in eastern go-to he told us that the world has turned its back in syria. for the bust seventy two hours the shelling and bombing air raids. are not stopping. this moment. there's a lot of dead people here there's a lot of injuries medical wants out of service we feel like it betrayed really from the international community. that was there. bart of the escalation zones and southern clearly there's a bomb being and the brutal campaign on on there the area it's really where we feel
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like it betrayed. turkey is warning fighters loyal to the syrian government that they will face serious consequences for entering offering to help the kurds the fighters. on tuesday but they were pushed back by its forces. this report. the focus of the fight to control in syria's north these are fighters of the free syrian army backed by turkey they've been pushing out the kurdish forces who were in control here. but now they also face a new opponent city and reinforcements. this is the moment. media reported that. the city around twenty vehicles carrying the men were seen responding to the call for help from a goodish might be defined is against military offensive. the syrian popular forces and we have come here to support our people the civilians in africa
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who have been ensuring the fiercest of attacks from the ottomans occupies past and present we came to africa because. we are one syrian people but most of them retreated pushed back by turkish artillery shells. some of the syrian militiamen managed to reach the kurdish area it's a strange union between groups who are not so long ago were fighting each other. but they both have their reasons the kurds on the back foot in a free and the syrian government sees the turkish incursion as an opportunity and. i reiterate that we are countering to accuse action in opposing its aggression enough rain in northern syria we call on the kurdish and the arabs to unite and stick to the stance i want to stress that the syrian government forces will do every millimeter of our territory the turkish president says the operation has entered a new phase and is adamant that his forces will control within days he says the
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alliance between kurdish fighters and syrian militias will have no impact on turkey's offensive in the region. yesterday in the talks with russian leader putin and iranian president rouhani we had an agreement on these matters unfortunately as you know these kinds of terror going to zation sometimes take wrong steps but the decisions to take by themselves it is not possible for us to allow this we will pay a heavy price for this. after the defeat of ice and in northern syria russia iran the syrian government the united states and turkey are all competing for influence and control and the difficulty in a free is the latest front line turkey says its month long advance is being slow to try and avoid civilian casualties but syrians across the country continue to suffer in a war with no end in sight. fifteen people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi led coalition in northern yemen locals say the strike hit two cars and a truck traveling along a road south of sada it's damaged the main road from the city to the yemeni capital
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sana'a the alliance is trying to oust who the rebels who control much of the country's north ten thousand people have been killed since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen. a prominent human rights activist in bahrain has been jailed for five years was a leading figure in the twenty eleven pro-democracy protests he's been sentenced for posting tweets criticizing buckaroos intervention in the yemen civil war and accusing prison guards of using torture job is already serving a two year sentence and what could be a dramatic turn in the corruption case against israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu it's being reported that one of his former confidence will now testify against him shlomo a former director of the communications ministry was arrested on sunday israeli ministry is reporting he'll likely get a lighter sentence in return for his cooperation investigators say there's
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sufficient evidence to indict netanyahu over findings of an investigation into government benefits offered to a telecom giant bernard smith is in west jerusalem with the latest. until now benjamin netanyahu is in a circle of friends confidants and colleagues has kept a tight circle around the prime minister if shlomo filbert gives evidence against netanyahu then this really is the first fish or the first crack in the tight circle filbert was a former head of the communications ministry he was put there by netanyahu he's been arrested along with executives from bezerk telecom the largest telecommunications company in israel and the police suspect that bezerk got regulatory favors from netanyahu is government and in return and then yahoo got favorable coverage on one of the most popular news websites in israel that was controlled by a former chairman of besuch so it is prepared to say this in evidence against netanyahu then he is in serious trouble there are two other corruption allegations
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of corruption cases against netanyahu the police believe that enough evidence to prosecute him on those with israel's attorney general it up to the internally general to make the final decision on whether netanyahu will be prosecuted on those cases pakistan's highest court has banned former prime minister another city from serving as head of his political party sharif was ousted last year over corruption allegations that isn't could spell the end of his political career has come all high the reports from islamabad. for the second time debugger sonnie supreme court has ruled that mr nigh why should leave who was the country's prime minister and earlier disqualified by the supreme court after court option allegations against him in the panama papers scandal however the ruling party was then able to board old legislation through parliament making amendments to the election act of
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parliament whereby no why should a void be eligible to go ahead days party despite an earlier ruling by the supreme court that he could not do so all so and major said bag for the ruling party the spokesman for the government saying that they were expecting this word date but it appears that the ruling party is still on a collision course read vulgar stand your dish eighty and now why should a voice also facing serious charges of corruption is also facing a trial and the national lead down to the military court ended a landmark war date for the prime minister which god spared trouble for progress on muslim league now was led by the shady. south africa's opposition is causing calling the country's latest budget an assault on the poor newly elected president several rummel forces government insist tough measures are necessary to repair the
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economy after years of mismanagement and his predecessor jacob zuma the minimal of reports from johannesburg. it was months of protests like these that often turned violent that put free education on the government's agenda top them up where not took part in protests that began in twenty fifteen and continued last year part of the reason the protest happened that the people who get into the system are themselves condemned in condemned to pay it whether or not they finish because if you can't pay them the first year you can finish your degree of confidence or degree you can get your job now the government to set aside five billion dollars to fund free education phasing in free also ups it dies education over five years the plan announced in the budget speech targets poor and working class households free education is one of the main priorities this year some africa has an unemployment rate of more than twenty six percent there has been a slight improvement in the past year but what is of most concern to many here is
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that more than a third of people under the age of thirty five don't have jobs. the budget speech didn't however say much about job creation instead focusing on increasing government revenue by hiking value added tax and cutting spending by eight billion dollars over three years government has made significant changes to the fiscal framework firstly. new teds may just raise an additional thirty six billion linden two in the eighteen nineteen may lead to a higher vet rate and below inflation that just means too personal income tax brackets. the government is facing a balancing act in trying to raise money cut spending all the while protecting the poor it's promising to raise social grants but also increase the fuel levy making transport more expensive class war here is getting intense now we've seen this
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country rise to the highest level of inequality for wealth and income in the world and the world economic forum rates our workers the angriest pricewaterhouse coopers regularly rates our businesses as the most corrupt they have the fifth highest profit rate in the world as about africa works to further improve its economy it is however battling some uncertainty within its finance department is much speculation that the finance minister may be on his way out after last week's resignation of president jacob zuma malusi gigaba too has been accused of corruption and outside influence in government decisions. al-jazeera janice berg tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have shut down the center of argentina's capital want to say they're angry at president but it still matters a stereo to measures but there are questions around the motives of the protest organizer there is a bow is there. this is the central point of the site is completely blocked by
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thousands of people that have gathered to protest the. president and his demonstration has been called the labor union leader the most powerful labor union leader in the country. he's the leader of the truck drivers union that has around two hundred thousand affiliates and the reason why he's so powerful is because people know that most everything that runs on will the country from grain trucks. others things. i know at this point is being investigated by the justice system. and for the government the demonstration is a way off for that. against the fact his nation that this investigation however we have been talking to many of the people that have come here and they're saying that they're not here to defend madonna but they're here to protest against the government of what i need to be extremely worried about the economic situation about double digit inflation and the recent hike and you tell it is services that
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can take it to heart argentina as most valuable police have declared a curfew in central colombia after rising broke out over revelations about former fog rebels the government revealed a supermarket chain was being used as a front for hiding fock assets that prompted large protests on the targeting of super committee stores the connection could put the fog in breach of a peace to for underreporting their assets it's already sixteen agreement ended fifty years of civil war in colombia. the u.s. preacher who carried his christian evangelist message around the globe for more than six decades has died but he graham was ninety nine it was credited with delivering his sermons to more individuals than anyone else in history tom ackerman looks back at his life. like you can't ever erected a revival meeting billy graham came to national prominence as a thirty year old when he attracted thousands of people to a three month long prayer rally you know tent pitched in downtown los angeles i do
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not believe in any man. that any man can solve the problems of life without jesus christ. it was a message that the charismatic southern baptist minister continued to spread by harnessing the power of radio and then television i'm praying that this hour will be really on our decision for you and i me to consecrate it can do any good am by the mid one nine hundred fifty s. graham had expanded his range to europe where he conducted mass rallies in sports stadiums even if they were to leave any good if i ever come shot and often or i should meet graham's appeal was to some measure due to his focus on more moderate religious doctrines and never seeking to convert people to a sectarian christian faith but he spoke out strongly against communism bringing his ministry to the soviet union a decade before its fall we were certain that it would open future dollars for
2:46 am
claiming the gospel not only in the soviet union but throughout the eastern world at home graham broke with his own churches tradition and held racially mixed rallies in the legally segregated south carolina no i am a lie down to get out as well as in apartheid south africa billy graham welcomes president johnson to his crusade for christ a confidant of ten u.s. presidents and graham only endorsed one in a campaign richard nixon he later called it a mistake and in two thousand and two his reputation for tolerance was marred with the release of secret white house audiotapes recording graham agreeing with nixon's critical comments about jews thirty thirty five and on by the right. right oh. i don't know how to get all the really good out. here. graham apologized for those remarks saying he was never an anti semite in his
2:47 am
old age graham was asked what about those like. the jews the muslims who don't believe. you don't judge them you know the whole point is of no jesus a country preacher whose mastery of modern communication set an example for other men and women of religion to follow. tom ackerman al-jazeera. still ahead and al-jazeera while time breaks spent thirty seven days in the portuguese football league.
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time to get the latest from the winter olympics his son. oh one of the world's most high profile when to act lisa says that john tango will almost certainly be her last olympics at thirty three as yvonne became the oldest alpine skiing medalist came bronze in the women's downhill hallman reports. people in one hundred boast an only olympic gold medal in the downhill in twenty ten in vancouver she has forty two backup wins but injuries playing the american in recent years and that meant the winning a bronze medal in the event won by italian syfy a gotcha felt like a victory i wish i could keep going you know i it's truly an amazing opportunity
2:50 am
every time i'm on the mountain they have so much fun and i wish i wish my body was a little bit younger. the united states won their first ever gold in cross-country skiing climbing the women's team sprint three norway took groans meaning that marriage broke and became the most decorated winter olympian of all time with the fourteenth medal but the u.s. is mixed a continued as they were knocked out of the men's hockey competition by the czech republic no n.h.l. players were committed to compared to these games and it's the first time since two thousand and eight that the americans will miss the medal rounds it was one game in regulation and i don't think you're disappointed wondering what's wrong with your progress i think you proud of what your players did you proud of how we put this team together the women's bobsled event featured an african team at the winter olympics for the first time a milestone despite nigeria's last placing jamaica also made their women's day brew
2:51 am
and manage the taint from the field of twenty despite a rocky games that sold at german coach quit germany won gold from the united states and iran to see for the netherlands on the speedskating track as they would be trying to buy japan in the women's team pursuit final release home and i'll just era. well ten gold medals will be awarded on a massive day thirteen m.p. on tango on thursday the highlights include mahela shifrin going for her second gold all of the games that in the women's alpine combined that women's final of the newest olympic snowboard event big will take place and it's usa versus canada in the women's hawkie gold medal match nori currently atop the medal table with thirteen gold that's one better than second place germany canada the netherlands and the united states rounding out the top five to see united in severe have played
2:52 am
out a goal of straw in the first leg of their round of sixteen tie in the champions league united goalie there with the made a number of key saves in that result in wins is other first leg magic ukraine. don't ask be too roma to one french president in mind where my car has hosted the number of top football stars to promote sport as a tool for development in africa newly elected liberian president and football a great draw in the ivory coast the top goal scorer didier drogba. paris in paris for president jan infant tino's also in attendance as my call and asked the creation of a platform for international organizations to help professional athletes invest back into africa when. the war. would do this. young child. will do but only to go
2:53 am
for that piece of coal so you see the poor will schools. now it's often said that football is a game of two hof but there's not usually a month long delay between them thirty seven days in fact separated the portuguese league game between porto in estoril their january fifteenth encounter had to be abandoned the after cracker was found in estoril stadium the ground was given the all clear earlier this month and porto overcame a one goal deficit to four three one victory that gave them a five point lead at the top of the table. a month on from his long awaited return to the p.g.a. tour former world number one tiger woods is back on the u.s. ryder cup team as one of the vice captains the fourteen time major winner could also be selected as
2:54 am
a player that's despite the woods currently being ranked outside the top five hundred i want to name two more vice captains that would be steve stricker and tiger woods and when you look at our team room when you look at a lot of the youth that we have in the team room now with the younger players a lot of them became coffee sessions fell in love with the game of golf because they wanted to be they want to emulate tiger woods they wanted to play against him on the golf course and so to have him in the team. really being you know that humble guy that's ready to serve in the help them do whatever he can to play better means a lot of the material it's but he could be valuable as a player i mean i'm sure the rude one implying honesty. but there's so much time to go i think the good news bad news for someone like tiger woods is he's played now what three or four events is it his event december into official events this year he had a great finish in san diego already talking radhika for i were already so that's
2:55 am
the nature of being tiger woods. former cycling world champion mark cavendish has crashed out of the tour before it even started according to his team doctor the sprinter fell for the concussion after falling heavily in the neutral zone at the start of the opening state thirty four year old britain who won the first stage last year was forced to pull out of the event european champion alexander christophe took the win. and that's all his fault for me i will have more later on. this use berlin film festival is giving a voice to indigenous filmmakers who are not often represented in mainstream cinema but when it came reports from berlin. for many years this is our frogs tested its nuclear weapon believing it's pollination sessions with a perfect proving out of the way with few people's welfare to worry about in this
2:56 am
film. the indigenous community of the moon and the tougher the tallest is speaking at work seeing how we don't dish. the work is the inspiration of the belgian director and week. and writer diverting. from. the french all that matters is that they had a place for the tests and the scientists had some or they could move their programme forward they forgot all of us living around them and the impact the test would have on a form of. it was that sense of a community exploited which propelled and to put these experiences on film so. i realised there was a something tragic which every person had inside which was linked to the nuclear tests but also to the grand scale of colonisation they had suffered and many people
2:57 am
spoke about having a sense of shame of having been. in the fast tests that happened here which broke a traditional culture. that feeling of a threatened culture is present in the film three thousand which profiles the inner which population of north america using the black and white of yesterday to contrast with the vivid colors of today it's a cinematic chronicle of the people and is the work of emerging director jack she told me why she made the film we talk a lot about especially in cattle right now we talk a lot about colonization and i thought. well for a lot of reasons i thought it would be. important to have like a visual. that would actually show like show time passing and life changing they may not have the big budgets of hollywood studio movies or the cachet of european
2:58 am
art house cinema but indigenous filmmakers are at the heart of this year's barely not a clear sign that the organizers of this festival believe the concerns of those communities need to be given greater prominence dominic kane is there a girl and. that's it for me rob mathis of this news i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news.
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to. clarify. conservation is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snowed up it's just the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the
3:00 am
international least of threatened species. five countries. four days. three thousand kilometer ends. to generations. one by. syrian refugees on assume rio de me to see me. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how does either. should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it and i'm great father whose daughter was killed at a florida school shooting speaks out at a meeting with president.
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