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the nature news as it breaks they is a sense of renewed hope with the president enjoys why he'll with details coverage they are dodging distractions that appear to be hurting president trump's ability to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in the south korean database for separated families. should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i agree father whose daughter was killed at a florida school shooting speaks out of a meeting with president trump.
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logs of the you're watching al-jazeera lines my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes i don't see we can let scenes go on. india's or in this way as the outrage grows over the bloodbath in syria's eastern guta russia calls for an emergency un security council meeting. also dozens of nigerian girls affair to have been abducted out to an attack on their school bible koran. and from the pacific to the arctic indigenous filmmakers find a voice at the berlin film festival. could have you with us there's been an outpouring of anger and frustration as a meeting between the u.s. president and students and families affected by last week's deadly school shooting in florida donald trump pleas for reform and has responded with his own ideas
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including arming teachers and reports from washington d.c. . a meeting with the president dominated by emotions and raw pain i'm very angry that this happened because it keeps happening nine eleven happened once and they fixed everything how many schools how many children have to get shot that stops here with the cid ministration and me this man's daughter was shot nine times at stillman douglas high school in florida last week this student lost his friend i turned eighteen the day after ork up to the news that my best friend was gone. and i don't understand why i could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war described as a listening session by the white house trump joined by his vice president and
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secretary of education said all ideas to prevent future school shootings are on the table that includes arming teachers an attack has lasted on average about three minutes it takes five to eight minutes for responders for the police to come in so the tack is over if you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms. they could very well end the attack very quickly the students and parents invited to meet the president were handpicked by the administration some said security and better mental health should be main priorities was but outside the white house students who continued their protest wednesday were united in their opposition to guns we will continue to try to get gun legislation until congress listens to what the white house was. trump said during his meeting with shooting survivors
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that this was no longer the time for just talk as in the past but elected by a pro-gun base and backed by the powerful gun lobby it remains to be seen just health far trouble go to bring meaningful reform heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington now in florida where last week's shooting took place deputy sheriffs who patrol school grounds have now been told to carry rifles the state is at the center of a big a student mobilization against gun violence known cheese day thousands of them gathered outside the republican controlled legislature in the state capital tallahassee to demand change and was that. the survivors of last week's school shooting in parkland would not alone when they came to florida state capital chants of no more guns and never again rang out as crowd swells. many of these
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students have spent the past few days attending funerals of forming classmates that determination to change u.s. gun laws is a rallying call for activists across the nation you sent thoughts and prayers as your remedy but refused to take action. well members of the legislature i am proud to announce i took your advice i have been praying i have been praying for you. god. i pray that you look in the mirror and figure out your priorities. i agree that you signed the no n.r.a. money pledge and so many of them out there. now. unless some gun owners are now destroying their assault rifles in videos that have gone viral others are turning them into authorities but on wednesday florida's politicians rejected
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a bill that would have banned assault rifles an indication of just how challenging any change will be. partly. because of a big team. was. because you sat yesterday you had chance to stop them and you took that chance the way i was there and i. don't mind. you might but it. was time to background checks and better mental health screening a widely supported by the us public since the voices of children may make a difference they have to understand that this is really affected everyone not just us the kids in the school it's affected the whole community and they need to listen to us and we're we're smart we can we can talk ourselves we're not just children we can you know we can make you know. what you have here is a new generation of voices determined to make themselves heard and right now the
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world is listening but any change lays firmly at the doorsteps of politicians the next move is theirs and the expectations are perhaps higher than they've ever been and gallacher al-jazeera tallahassee florida. well they've been out as the former president of students for concealed guns and carries a carry and he joins us from akron in our highest could have you with us via skype mr bennett i mean what the president is suggesting about having teachers to is not really the right move and is it the right message in such a scenario at the moment an environment where feelings are so high about the issue . well what i heard the president say was that all options are on the table and i think that that's the right approach to this the reality is that these schools did have gun bans ions they actually are prohibited by law so i think it is a question of whether or not banning them harder is necessarily the right approach
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you know these are these guns these schools are not gun free zones there is legal gun free zones nothing stops the perpetrator in this school from carrying out his attack so i think it's the appropriate approach for the president to be considering all options including armed security at schools oh he wasn't just talking security of what we're hearing now about security personnel carrying rifles i mean what most politicians are going to grab hold of certainly from from that meeting is the fact that he's even suggesting that teachers who are not experienced in arming all being armed could be armed and that to actually teach not to be shooters. well certainly with the requisite training i think that arming teachers or at least allowing certain teachers to be armed is a solution that should be on the table i mean look our government is one that says they talk about the solution and see something say something and that didn't work in this case because the government did not do anything people reported this guy to the authorities and the government didn't step in the red flags were screaming that this person had a murderous intent those school children had it as
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a joke amongst themselves that if anyone's going to shoot up the school this guy is going to do it so it's a question of what's the best way to stop it you know if i'm a teacher the system failed me the police failed me the f.b.i. failed me the parents failed me the system failed me i want to have something more than a pencil to throw back at a madman with a rifle that burst into my school room but of course many students would still disagree from what you've said because at the end of the day the issue about security isn't just about arming yourselves the debate is about the control of god so you see the control of guns in society and when you have examples such as in the united kingdom where people are not allowed to carry guns and that you have an armed police force on the streets in australia where there is zero tolerance for for guns in the public domain it seems that lead to america who wants to lead by example is not even listening to its international partners and seeing how they approach the issue of gun control well the question would be how could we perpetrate
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a system like the united kingdom's which by the way isn't affected because we saw many shootings in the past few years including he does not shootings on the scale that we've had in the united states where we have over thirty children also killed in several schools as we have over the decades you just don't have that in the united kingdom i'm from the united kingdom so it just hasn't happened in the same way with one or two yet you got a lot more one way you have an excess of violent crime problem in fact the crime including firearm crime across london is actually increasing and it is actually rival that of new york city so i think it is more of a question of you know. if i'm a teacher and i'm in the classroom i don't care what's the gun laws are in great britain i don't care what the gun laws are in florida i want to protect myself. the question of whether or not that we should be listening to school children who are minors. i think that they are not allowed to these children are not allowed to own firearms in part because they're emotional because they're impulsive because they're irresponsible and because they're incapable of thinking about their actions
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that's the argument against i mean minors to own firearms indeed so i think we need to. i think it's early to listen to them when they come up proposing the gun control legislation that we you know so many people at myer in this country appreciate what you're saying but you also had a young person go in and shoot up a school and his fellow colleagues what we've been talking about holly dexter is from women against violence she was one of our contributors on al-jazeera just a few hours ago and she said i want to quote it's terrible a dangerous idea and she goes on to say that. about teachers being armed they told me that police only have an eighteen percent chance of hitting a shooter if he goes on the rampage a reason for that is that we go into flight or fight mode we're expecting america's teachers to become nations the nation swat team it's really unfair to ask it and it's a dangerous ask. the debate is going to continue fundamentally if you have teachers armed who are inexperienced and yours and the president is saying
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we'll give them the opportunity to become experience we've even heard on twitter some teachers saying the day i am armed is the day i will quit are we looking at a much harsher debate in the coming days. well again i think it's a question of status quo the school in florida did not permit guns to school in sandy hit hook did not support guns or allow guns on campus the virginia tech did not allow guns on campus. the question remains what's the amount of training at which a teacher can carry guns remember we're not saying we're going to force teachers to carry guns but we're saying that if you get the right amount of training then maybe it will be allowed if you're in the classroom to protect your children so what's the right amount of training or if we put teachers through are we ok with teachers going through military training at some point there has to be a level that we're comfortable with a few individuals carrying. to see what does happen david really appreciate your insight and your point of view thanks very much for joining us from ohio on
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al-jazeera thank you. despite growing condemnation syrian government bombing continues on the rebel held district of eastern damascus more than three hundred people have been killed since sunday that of the united nations has called the situation eastern go to hell on earth all diplomatic at the james bays will have warned that at first they will hold the looks of what's happening on the ground. there is no front line in eastern. oh residential neighborhoods have become battlegrounds the syrian government and its allies are bombing the besieged rebel enclave into submission i look at the suburb of damascus is under attack well look was. we heard a plane overhead or the messiah landed people were torn into pieces i was with my nephew and we were both injured or i heard was the sound of an ambulance and i
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found myself here hundreds killed hundreds more injured the united nations says makeshift hospitals are being hit some are now out of service there is a humanitarian crisis and there is nowhere to hide. there is no safe place i tried to convince my parents to say in the first floor of our building thinking it would be safer but they told me there's no difference because buildings are being flattened in the strikes. the government said military reinforcement to the frontlines around the besieged enclave the pro-government newspaper says the bombing campaign comes ahead of what it said will be a vast operation which may start on the ground at any time. the thousands of rebels there are promising to repel any advance a ground offensive will not be easy the government and its allies have repeatedly tried to storm eastern huta in the past the rebels have strong defenses and an
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underground tunnel network that they use to their advantage. for the syrian government and its allies a victory in history that would remove a threat to the capital the rebels are able to fire mortars into damascus at times causing casualties russia is now justifying the bombing campaign even though eastern should be a deescalation zone it is pointing to the presence of the fighters belonging to a group previously known as el nostra accusing them of using civilians as human shields and of what it calls armed provocations. many including the un are warning the battle for eastern huta could turn into a repeat of the battle for aleppo. the battle for aleppo lasted for months there was so much suffering among the civilian population before a ceasefire deal was reached that involved a mass evacuation the people of eastern fear they could face the same fate as.
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beirut. the security council met to discuss the un's charter the governing document of the world organization with charter drawn up over seventy years ago gives the council the key role of maintaining peace and security a job it's miserably failed to do over the last seven years in syria as it met once again divided and impotent some of the worst violence of the war as eastern ghouta was once again bombarded four hundred thousand people that believe. in hell on earth and so my appeal to all those involved. is for any immediate suspension of all war activities in eastern guta there were in fact for one day two secretaries general in new york mr good terrorists his previous sesa bang ki-moon had also been invited to speak he also expressed concern at the
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continued bloodshed in the syrian situation you'd really have must come to an end it's going to be a seventy year going for a come march tenth even the seventh year of doing daughter seven years a sore many civilian population have been killed there is now a new peace effort the ambassador of sweden hopes to bring a new draft resolution to a vote in the council in the coming days we're asking for a cessation of hostilities for thirty days throughout syria throughout syria forty or forty eight hours after that access for weekly u.n. humanitarian and convoys aid aid convoys to. areas in need particularly urgent busy areas russia had blocked previous efforts to get a resolution on a cease fire in eastern guta facing mounting criticism and bassa vasoline the
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benzine has now himself called for a security council meeting on the situation on thursday the charter which the un has actually been discussing is in effect the constitution of the world body it begins we the peoples of the united nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war now compare those words to the pictures from eastern guta history is bound to judge that in recent days and over the past seven years the u.n. has failed the people of syria james pays out his era of the united nations letter to africa now a nigerian. police say dozens of schoolgirls are feared missing following an attack by boko haram fighters on a village in the bay state there are conflicting reports of some girls have been found after fleeing the attack and that some may have been rescued by the military in twenty fourteen the armed group of ducted more than two hundred seventy girls
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from the town of chibok there was just yesterday around six thirty we were at the school eating some of us were going to prayers between the christie ends and the muslims then heard the shooting of the guards and we don't know where we are going we just moved far away but today they released us and we are going back home. well and it is or is has more from my degree in northeastern nigeria. well there are differing accounts as to exactly what happened at the government goes cool in depth in your b. state initial reports say the fight is went into town started fighting sporadically in there and then went to the school raided the school food store but nobody was taken then a day later after the attack or at least one student told local media that you saw some of our colleagues being taken away so when the fighters moved into the institution members of staff of the school and the girls killed the first and ran into the bushes then reports emerged that more than ninety have been unaccounted
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for from then there were reports that some of the girls who have found their way back into town and back into the school to the school now some parents also approached the school authorities telling them that in fact some of their daughters have met or found their way home so the obvious to become an issue a statement saying that at least fifty students have been unaccounted for as of the time it released that statement but said the military and other security services are coming the bush is trying to rescue those who fled and found their way why they actually couldn't get home now this is coming at a time when there are still up to one hundred schoolgirls kidnapped in two thousand and fourteen in chibok and now a lot of people are perceive us to exactly what happened and many people are complaining as to why there was no clear statement more than twenty four hours after the attack. well still lots more ahead here on al-jazeera including a friend turned pro a dramatic twist in the corruption case against israel's prime minister. also
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thousands rally against the government in argentina but the protest organizer rescues just having all teary of motives that story after the break. the scene for us where on line what is a very nice time in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. in the heart of the amazon the libyan family is the clan lives in peril to harvest brazil nuts. which can sing the congo to the capital is an
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even more dangerous challenge. risking a tool in the libya. at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching all just their arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories people affected by gun violence in the u.s. of president donald trump to improve gun laws during a meeting at the white house trump told them he supports the idea of arming teachers if they receive special training. also the head of the united nations has
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called for an immediate halt to attacks in syria's eastern guta saying civilians there are living in hell on syrian and russian air raids have killed walls and three hundred people since sunday. and dozens of schoolgirls all of it missing the following a boko haram attack on their school in northeastern nigeria there are conflicting reports that some girls have been found and rescued after escaping the assault in the province. to middle east the way israeli media say a former confidant of prime minister benjamin netanyahu may testify against him in a corruption case. is a former director of the communications ministry but he was arrested on sunday by police looking into government benefits that were offered to a telecoms giant investigators say there's sufficient evidence to indict netanyahu ben smith has more from west jerusalem. until now benjamin netanyahu is in
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a circle of friends confidants and colleagues has kept a tight circle around the prime minister if shlomo filbert gives evidence against netanyahu then this really is the first fish or the first crack in that tight circle filbert was a former head of the communications ministry he was put there by netanyahu he's been arrested along with executives from bezerk telecom the largest telecommunications company in israel and the police suspect that bezerk got regulatory favors from netanyahu is government and in return netanyahu got favorable coverage on one of the most popular news websites in israel that was controlled by a former chairman of basic so if it's prepared to say this in evidence against netanyahu then he is in serious trouble there are two other corruption allegations of corruption cases against netanyahu the police believe there's enough evidence to prosecute him on those with israel's attorney general it up to the internally
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general to make the final decision on whether netanyahu will be prosecuted on those cases. turns of thousands of anti-government protesters have shut down the center of argentina's capital borne desirous the angry president. crazy the measures but there are questions around the motives of the protests. from the demonstration. they belong to one of argentina's most powerful labor unions. thousands of truck drivers that on wednesday took over the streets of when our societies they responded to the call of their leader. who for decades has been one of the most influential men in argentina. the government doesn't understand that we the workers want the country in peace but they have to understand that in order to have peace you do it with decent salaries for their families can feed their children this is what we are demanding. now a target of
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a crusade against corruption which has already landed members of previous presidential administrations and other union leaders in jail economic. and demonstrations but if. it is being used by the truck drivers you to protect them from the corruption accusations of running him by the people here in the fifth wrote that have. people. worried about economic situation. and that's why people have decided to march against what they say is a government that rules for the rich. mining whatever since they took office there's been no one single policy to help the working class a rising utility services transport and there are no measures for those who need it the most. says she came here to demand help for her daughter who suffers from down syndrome she has not received
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a subsidy in five months the fact that they took the pincian away from us i was able to cover only one. month recently and i need it because i don't have a job. came to power a little over two years ago with a promise to tackle inflation and fight corruption but his popularity has suffered in recent months after implementing this. and the passing of a pension reform. big government needs to transition out of this period but even though it's bad it isn't as bad as it could have been because on the other side there is a divided opposition the for now poses no real challenge. mackie's main challenge continues to be to improve argentina's economy demonstrations like this one show that there are many who are not happy with what he has done so far. as. well the show's berlin film festival is giving
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a voice to indigenous filmmakers who are represented in mainstream cinema when it came reports from berlin. for many years now this is her frogs tested its nuclear weapon believing it's polynesian possessions with the perfect proving grounds out of the way with few people's welfare to worry about in this film and. the indigenous community of the moon and found that the tallest is speaking at work seeing that we don't do this. the work is the inspiration of the belgian director and week. and to his writer diverting it. could. give other friends all that matters is that they had a place for the tests and the scientists had some or they could move their programme forward they forgot all of us living around them and the impact the test would have on our form of. it was that sense of
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a community exploited which propelled and to put these experiences on film. i realised there was a something tragic which every person had inside which was linked to the nuclear tests but also to the grand scale of colonisation they had suffered and many people spoke about having a sense of shame of having been complicit in the fast that happened here which broke a traditional culture. that feeling of a threatened culture is present in the film three thousand which profiles the in a way to population of north america using the black and white of yesteryear to contrast with the vivid colors of today it's a cinematic chronicle of the intimate people and is the work of emerging director a sinner jack she told me why she made the film we talk a lot about especially in cattle right now we talk a lot about colonization and i thought. well for
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a lot of reasons i thought it would be. important to have like a visual document that would actually show like show time passing and life changing they may not have the big budgets of hollywood studio movies or the cachet of european art house cinema but indigenous filmmakers are at the heart of this year's barely not a clear sign that the organizers of this festival believe the concerns of those communities need to be given greater prominence dominic came out as there are. you watching all just their arms the whole rom and these are all top news stories people affected by gun violence in the u.s. of express their anger at a meeting with president donald trump at the white house trump has been told to take action to change gun ownership. i'm very angry that this
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happened because it keeps happening nine eleven happened what and they fix everything i'm going to schools how many children have to get shot it stops here with this administration and me it's i'm not going to i'm not going to sleep until it's fixed now trump says he supports the idea of arming teachers and school staff this would only be obviously for people that are very adept at handling a gun and it would be it's called concealed carry where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them they'd go for special training and they would. be there and you would no longer have a gun free zone gun free zone to a maniac because they're all cowards a gun free zone is let's go in and let's attack because bullets aren't coming back
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at us. the head of the un has called for an immediate halt to attacks on syria's east and guter saying civilians there are living in hell on earth syrian and russian air raids have killed more than three hundred people since sunday. dozens of schoolgirls are feared missing following a back of her arm attack on a school in northeastern nigeria there are conflicting reports of some girls have been found and rescued after escaping the assault in yobe a state in twenty fourteen boko haram abducted more than two hundred seventy girls from the town of chibok israeli media say a former confident of prime minister benjamin netanyahu may testify against him in a corruption case shlomo filbert is a former director of the communications ministry he was arrested on sunday by police looking into government benefits that was offered to a telecoms giant and tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have shut down the center of argentina's capital but desirous that demonstrating against the
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president's austerity measures those were the headlines i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes next it's risking it all here on al-jazeera ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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