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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. this is zero. hello there i'm julie macdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up. four hundred people killed in five days of bombing in eastern but no will prevent
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at the u.n. on a thirty day ceasefire. hayward's of ninety one missing nigerian schoolgirls wait for news as the military admits not of the rescue. president trump says america needs to raise the legal age to buy guns from eighteen to twenty one but there's no talk of banning for eighteen to twenty one but there's no talk of banning automatic weapons. venezuela's president proposes a mega election hours after the opposition says it will boycott april's presidential poll. and on p. just same as in double the top story in sports a twenty year old drone for the garden state's ruben's hockey team as they will attend school a little shoe shop to get. their
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warm welcome to the news hour the syrian army has been dropping leaflets over eastern ghouta the last rebel held near the capital damascus they're telling residents to leave for their own safety and urging opposition fighters to hand themselves over the government's been bombing the area for a fifth straight day well since sunday these four hundred people have been killed many of them are children more than a thousand others have been wounded hospitals are being targeted in those attacks doctors without borders says thirteen of the clinics it supports have been hit in the space of three days and some of them are now completely destroyed. but syria's ally russia says the pictures coming out of east india to our media sabur taishan some hopes are fading but the u.n. security council managed to approve a thirty day ceasefire we'll have more from the u.n. in just a moment but first this report from osama bin jobby. good look at what they're look i think you're going. to subvert the smallest coffins of the heaviest busy to
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third they're in there doesn't every day for a parent think good bye to little children is not easy. almost every family has lost someone the number of dead is so high that printers are being dug for quick burials i was if people linger outside for too long the risk becoming victims of the next one. living rooms in offices are now makeshift morgues. those who survived the attacks medical facilities unmotivated. doctors without borders sister team hospitals have been hit in three days. since sunday the syrian government and its allies have stepped up their strikes in terms of the converging on the fence. supposed to be bona for deescalation zones agreed upon by russia iran and turkey but the syrian government says it's targeting what it calls dentists in an area known to four hundred thousand people and russia denies it's involved in the
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relentless bombardment of civilians. the situation really leaves much to be decided well as you know the responsibility for the situation in east rests with those who support the terrorists tunnels like these have been crucial for rebels multiple attempts to storm the eastern front in the past year off numbers and their supplies have been cut off but the reza say they will not surrender without a fight. or capabilities are weak but god willing we will deal with the regime will lose again face similar attacks and it didn't fall and now again we will survive this besieged city and say none of the words from people in power for have done much to protect them. messages for help from eastern nonstop street after street bodies and parents have been trying to pull their children out of the rubble the united nation calls it hell on earth for besieged people in east and abandoned
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by the outside world they might as well be living on another planet. well medical workers in eastern guta say they haven't been able to see their will sound nice for days as they work day and night in hospitals that have been moved underground and. some of the most remarkable but now now now a barrel bomb has just pulled near where i am now we might receive our i'm at a clinic that is really simply fortified and of course it is underground because it's impossible to stand outside fifteen minutes i haven't seen my family for two days because i can't go outside and move around the wounded could arrive here at any time so i can't leave to check on my own family i expect casualties at any moment even among my family and friends in the. iran's deputy foreign minister has told al-jazeera that tehran is working with the assad regime to try to calm the situation across the country this has been our policy from the beginning
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that there is no military solution. for for syria and we should all work for a political solution and it's a pity that. you know conflicts have a sort of thing again in some parts of syria we are in close contact with the sudan government trying to see how we can help. how we can be escalate tension and of course how we can assist people who are suffering from this violation well the u.n. security council has been discussing the situation in eastern gusa trying to agree to a thirty day cease fire algiers diplomatic initiatives base has been washing things for us at the u.n. as a james and the security council meetings been adjourned did they make any progress . there had been hopes at the beginning of the day that perhaps the security council could bring to a vote a resolution
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a draft resolution proposed by kuwait and sweden for a thirty day sees far as people in eastern guta continued to die sadly the security council has continued to argue that looks like at the moment no chance of that resolution being voted on on thursday we're now being told maybe friday the problem is that russia has problems with the resolution it says that it believes that there is a psychosis by the media and some of what we are seeing on reporting are in fact fabrications and what is happening in eastern guta is not happening in the way that is being reported on al-jazeera most of the other international channels according to the russians and they say the current draft of the resolution according to the russian ambassador is unrealistic with us butchering to his rooms are good we've got and we are very curious and would like to know what guarantees will be provided
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to ensure compliance of the cease fire but unfortunately we are yet to receive an intelligible and clear response it appears that what is most important is that the details can be thought about later this cease fire carries great significance in principle not merely for the delivery of humanitarian assistance the challenge is how to achieve this. he claimed that there were other countries on the security council who were trying to manipulate the situation in eastern guta in order to take the reputation of his country this despite the fact that he'd heard from the un's humanitarian chief marlowe kaku detailed the almost slaughter the death toll the bombardment of this currently being carried out on eastern ghouta mr local made it quite clear to security council members that as members of the united nations level in the security council they have no blog ation to act your all is
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member states aware that your obligations under international humanitarian law or and just bands they are finding all big asians they are not favors to be traded in a game of death and destruction humanitarian access is not a nice and. it is a legal requirement counterterrorism methods panel supersede the obligation to respect and protect civilians they do not justify the killing of civilians and the destruction of entire cities and neighborhoods so the point being made there james about the legality of you know safe routes for aid but of course that can't happen without a ceasefire so what are the current options. it's the same deadlock we've had throughout this war and now for some seven years mr local because you heard was very clear about what's happening in eastern guta but the syrian
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government certainly are presenting a completely different story when i spoke to the syria syrian ambassador after the meeting he said that what mr local was talking about were fabrications he said that the pictures that we've seen on our screens were being staged by the syrian opposition now that of course seems dark but remember that the syrian government is backed militarily and diplomatically as it has been throughout the war by russia and russia right now has its key card as one of the five permanent members of the u.n. security council it holds a veto that means that a cease fire that would be endorsed by u.n. security council resolution can't be done unless russia votes for it russia is not happy with the current draft resolution the current draft resolution is not going to a vote for now negotiations will continue very tired exasperated somewhat in despair i think swedish ambassador is doing
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a lot of the diplomatic work remember kuwait and sweden drafted this resolution told us a short time ago he be trying again on friday it seems he's there live with all those details of the goings on at the u.n. to thank you well meanwhile kurdish y p g fighters say they've lost control of parts of aleppo city to syrian government forces why putin says government troops have retaken kurdish held districts all the city assets fighters went to nearby a free interview a pal an assault by turkey y p g's fighting alongside government in a free and both see turkey as a common enemy. nigeria's military has backtracked from claims that it rescued dozens of schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram already this week ninety one girls were reported missing after an attack on the village of she and you'll be stayed on monday night initially nigeria's military said it had managed to rescue the seventy six of those schoolgirls but it's now issued an apology saying the security agency
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responsible for the information made a mistake the governor of you'll be state is working with local security forces on the girls' families to ensure the return david also is a counterterrorism security and organized crime analyst he says it's hard to get credible information i was of nigeria. i think that's one of the biggest problems you know the information you know comes you know and you know nobody has been able to have you know very fight information as to you know how many goes on the scene you know if book romas indeed any of the goes and this is the biggest concern to that is different but you know the government the local government you know has the incentive was obvious students back home you know for a while with brick without actually having any investigation. which of the students have been missing how many has been captured by if at all and you have to go house has been. coming up on the news hour storing on order in rio de janeiro purcell's
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military soups a prison after being put in charge of security in the city. of capetown has managed to push back day zero the day the city is expected to run dry plus interest on march fourth this next we feel a great responsibility to our fans we are completely sure that these medals are clean sport the russian cars are found guilty of doping at the winter olympics takes apps. the us president donald trump has told the national rifle association that america needs to toughen up some rules around gun control said the legal age to buy guns needs to be raised to twenty one years of age from eighteen and made the suggestions of the school safety meeting one week after a seventeen people were killed in that school shooting in florida the president also said that movies are too violent and that mental institutions need to be real
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and white has said they don't want to ban an entire class of firearms as many students have them around. we're going to do strong background checks. we're going to work or getting the age up to twenty one instead of eighteen we're getting rid of the bomb stocks and we're going to be focusing very strongly on mental health so we're going to be talking seriously about opening mental health institutions to get in some cases real. well tom's been accused of failing compassion for those affected by mass shootings after full so of his poorly concealed cue cards went viral online his notes from a listening session on wednesday appeared to include a reminder to himself to say i hear you to the friends and family of those killed in the florida high school shooting. well the response to those nodes has been fierce especially on the president's favorite social media platform twitter david gardner a sports journalist for the bleacher report says
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a man has to be reminded to listen at a listening session that editor of the opinion and culture website the tilt suggested trump should have a note saying don't forget to show emotions like a real human animal sing a democrat in the house of representatives nancy pelosi were fairing to the no in trump's hands said and yet you and republican leaders do absolutely nothing in office and off well how did you castro is live for us in the washington d.c. hi there heidi so again fierce criticism. that's right julian trump was back on twitter this morning talking about and reinforcing his idea of arming school teachers to prevent future school shootings he said that about twenty percent of american school teachers which once you do the math is about seven hundred thousand people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons if they have specialized or military training he went on in
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a second listening session held today with law enforcement officials said that having gun free zones in america's schools was akin to having come on in for ice cream signs for would be school shooters he also on twitter today praised the n.r.a. the powerful gun lobby's leaders calling them great american patriots this was even as the president of the n.r.a. spoke publicly for the first time since the parklane school shooting today saying that it was the media that was over covering these school shootings that they loved school shootings because of the ratings it provides and the president of the n.r.a. said that taking away guns or or increasing gun control would be akin to taking away americans freedoms and how is he more generally what's the view on themselves has handled the aftermath of these shootings. why as you mentioned on twitter
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there has been quite a shock to response a ridicule over the image of that cue card that was poorly hidden in trump's hands that said for him to remind himself to say i'm hearing you to show his empathy to the those who survived the horrific school shooting in florida who met with him in the white house yesterday there has also been a public poll taken since the parthian shooting by the washington post a.b.c. that found that fifty one percent of americans said having armed teachers would not have prevented this type of massacre from happening rather seventy more than seventy percent of those respondents said better mental health may have made a difference and the majority fifty eight percent said tighter gun control laws may have prevented that tragedy julie cassar there live from washington d.c. thank you. well as you just heard there from heidi the c.e.o.
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of the national rifle association has been talking way in the pierre was speaking at the conservative political action conference an annual meeting of right wing activists he backed chums for opposing the teachers should be armed and attacked those calling for tighter gun controls they hate the n.r.a. they hate the second amendment they hate individual freedom. in the rush of calls for more government they've also revealed the true selves the elites don't care not one whit about america's school system and school children if they truly care what they would do is they would protect them. has more from the seat conference. we've had from done a lot their main spokesperson of her from when and it was all red meat to this audience it was all about protecting the second amendment it was all about improving but growing change but getting states to do more as well stopping
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mentally ill people getting guns but the idea is of course that schools should be protected by teachers with guns and so the people i've been speaking to in the last hour or so very much in support of that idea on stage those mike pence the vice president who is essentially giving this audience what they want to hear the fact that there have been in his view promises made a promise escape when it comes to things such as the fifty i saw in the ongoing battle against them and also tax cuts which been very important as well he's also attacking the usual targets we've had them just have a go at nancy pelosi is a tack to the fed to deal with north korea so the deal with iran and also attack north korea and say that he was there recently the media seem to be very impressed the community owns sister but if people should remember that she is part of a to run the call regime in north korea so really giving the audience here exactly what they want to hear but he started his comments by expressing concern for the people in florida saying that he and the president will do all they can to make
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people safe and he was talking essentially again the but the president's idea of making sure that people in schools can protect themselves against someone coming into the building. and as well as president has called for a mega election so people can vote for a new congress and municipal councils as well as the next president he'll physicians' already call for a boycott of the april twenty second presidential election after two of their leaders were barred from running at they could lose the only branch of government they control as mario hahn explains. nicolas maduro appeared before an adoring crowd venezuela's beleaguered president looking energized and confident he'd already brought forward the presidential vote now he called for a megger election propose. state legislative and municipal elections be brought forward by nearly two years to coincide with the presidential poll a move that could concentrate power in his government yes see tend to be
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a model quite a bit this way we have a complete picture legitimate governors legitimate mayors a new legislative national assembly legitimate councillors genuine regional legislators and the president legitimized by the people it is a wonderful idea. just hours earlier and after days of deliberations been as well as opposition democratic unity coalition had stood united saying it would boycott the early presidential race. we want to compete we want to participate in the elections it's the government that isn't letting us because they're scared of losing but the approach is very simple follow the law and the democratic unity movement is willing to participate contesting it was never going to be easy to do as main opposition rivals have either been driven a brute jailed or bad from running against him the opposition coalition and some of its main parties had been banned from running under their party names and despite
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matilda's low approval ratings his party is still popular getting a large share of the vote in last year's regional elections. venezuela has been mired in an economic and political crisis it's all debian into corner me is in tatters and there has been widespread anger of the matildas handling of soaring inflation and recession all of that has been made much worse by crippling sanctions . the impact has been staggering according to a new study conducted by three universities been as well and lost an average of eleven kilograms in body weight last year almost ninety the saints live in poverty a jump from forty eight percent in two thousand and fourteen and about a quarter of the population. was eating two or fewer meals a day. more than one hundred people were killed last year in weekly demonstrations against due to its government but that's largely quieted down. with the opposition
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out of april's presidential race is almost guaranteed to be reelected now the opposition must consider how to respond to mcdougal's proposal for a major election if they boycott that they risk losing the national assembly which is the only branch of government does not control. the economic crisis in venezuela is causing hardship with shortages of basic goods forcing many people to flee across the border to colombia and brazil but some don't have that option animals are one of the country's largest zoos are starving to death and the zookeepers are resorting to desperate measures to feed the big cats that need large amounts of meat to survive. you know we have big cats that need five hundred kilos of money to week but now we've only got eight hundred kilos in total we've waited a week for the latest batch we're relying on donations restaurants are sending is
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meat on bones in what the new york is sort of the is a lot of really if we have a dying we have to sacrifice or humanely we're not going to bury it so it serves as food brazil's military is carried out a security operation at a rio de janeiro prison as part of efforts to restore law and order to the troubled state comes after brazil senate approved a decree authorizing the military to take control of police forces in the state dead the violence has spiked in rio by eight percent over the last year causing a president michel to merit a war in the drug gangs are virtually in control of the metropolitan area where twelve million people live gabe elizondo joins us from rio de janeiro so our troops now on the streets. well that's a complicated to answer quite frankly the short answer is yes we have seen them on the streets the last couple days we have not seen them on the streets today and that's part of the problem i guess you could say is uncertainty on how this is all
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going to play out but we can tell you that the big question the big overriding theme here is that for the first time since the end of the military dictatorship era here in brazil that's one thousand nine hundred eighty eight this is a militarized city where the army is control in control of security here taking it away from the local police forces and a general is now in control of security of this city rio de janeiro now there were three thousand army troops that were already stationed here in the state of rio before this decree went into effect earlier this week so those are the same troops that are being sent out to the streets we saw them monday to stay out patrolling some highways also doing some operations in some shanty towns or for bellows is there no one here but it beyond that we have not seen them anywhere in the middle on the major streets here as you can see it's all pretty quiet here you really never even realize that this was
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a militarized city and now the big question is is the federal government going to send more troops here and are they going to really fan out across the city something that we haven't seen so far gabe how are people feeling about saying. yeah we talked to a lot of residents here when we got in today and there are mixed feelings about this quite frankly everybody agrees in this city that crime is out of control and that the local police here simply cannot contain it crime has spiked in the last year or so of violent crime birders you name it it's all gone up here in rio where people from this city disagree is it the military on the streets is the answer to solve it or not some people we talked to said there is so fed up with the crime that they'll try any. at this point and that the military is a welcome addition to rio others are saying they're not going to solve the problem and that the underlying social economic problems in this city the division between
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rich and poor those are the big questions that are really driving. the criminality and that won't be solved by the military so a lot of mixed opinions here by people in this city and gave of course is a presidential election this year in brazil how do you think this decision might impact those elections. yeah big important presidential elections later this year in october the current president michel tamar is the one that signed this decree to put these troops on the streets here he has a six percent approval rating yes that's six percent very low approval ratings but even with that he's thinking of maybe running for reelection in october and he's thinking that maybe this big ploy of putting soldiers on the streets here in rio if it's successful could be something that boosts his popularity in this very important state and maybe for help propel him in the presidential election but others are saying that probably won't be the case listen a lot of politics at play here as well gaven lisandro there live from me.
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still to come this hour amnesty international declares twenty seven thousand one of the docket she has for human rights in recent history. president would you go to terence he pays his respects to a filipino maid found in a freezer in kuwait warns other countries he may extend his work. and his support miss avies launched a new formula one season we'll have all the details. hello and welcome to international weather forecast snow as we look at europe's weather we've still got some heavy snowfall affecting parts of the balkans through up into austria some heavy rain across much of italy cold air across eastern parts of europe there mike so minus level in moscow relatively quiet conditions across much
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of the u.k. low countries through germany france and into the iberian peninsula now as it moves the forecast on for twenty four hours she can see how the snow begins to die away still some rain across parts of italy but generally dry conditions across the balkans but the cold air for the east is going to begin to swing further towards the west in the coming days that's certainly going to be the story for europe in the coming week to ten days on the other side of the mediterranean we've got this low pressure center giving us some showers for coastal parts of chin is here and some quite strong winds expected here where we've got more of a southerly flow for so for cairo it should turn to be quite a warm day and the temperatures rise as you head on through into saturday into central parts of africa we've got some heavy showers across parts of uganda particular so sit down maybe even if you don't pause a good bond also parts of west africa few downpours likely here but for the north it should be dry in bamako mali with highs expect three thirty five on stuff a further south it should be a rather cloudy want to not cry in ghana or make some here or thirty.
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once held in one of australia's toughest detention centers now a world renowned surgeon want to win his followers dr moon. as returns to his hometown baghdad to give deputies the hope of walking again at this time on al jazeera it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to buy a real piece. of what has been talking about. the most little. a lot of police are caught up. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt
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journalism is not a crime this time on al-jazeera. the mind of our top stories here on al-jazeera so is rebel held enclave of eastern goose has been pounded by warplanes for a fifth straight day at least four hundred people have died there since sunday and security council has failed to agree thirty day cease fire. and you is militias backtracking from tains that it rescued dozens of schoolgirls kidnapped from you'll be state by boko haram already this week ninety one girls have been workforces six . u.s. president on chump says the legal age to buy guns dates to be raised from eighteen
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to twenty one he also won the national rifle association that some got rules needed to be toughened up. twenty seventeen was one of the worst years for human rights in recent history that's according to an annual report by amnesty international covering one hundred fifty nine nations it was unveiled in the united states for the first time in a move that amnesty says is a deliberate criticism of donald trump's policies particularly and has more now from washington d.c. . a bleak assessment on the state of human rights in twenty seventeen they will not look back and draw any lessons from this they will look back and they will see that they will. all of the drafting of some of the dockers chapters in modern history the forward of the four hundred page report takes aim at specific countries first and foremost me and mar accusing the government of committing crimes against humanity which forced almost seven hundred thousand rohingya muslims to flee it
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singles out saudi arabia's blockade for creating a humanitarian catastrophe in yemen all of the countries fighting i saw in iraq and syria for not protecting civilians and south sudan for crimes which forced thousands of people to flee from their donald j. trump is called it comes out the united states calling president donald trump's plan to ban entry from citizens of several muslim majority countries a transparently hateful move and it blames european leaders for creating the conditions for what it calls shocking abuses of refugees in libya it names countries it says are consistently violating human rights such as turkey china russia then israel and egypt and iran it also pointed the finger at six african countries for stifling public protests this is the very first time that amnesty international has chosen to unveil their annual report here in the united states and they chose the capitol building they say in large part because they believe
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what they call his nationalistic and sometimes even hateful rhetoric and policies of president donald trump are spreading across the globe anything that the u.s. does has a massive in a multiplier effect across the world but they want em bored and by the fact that you know trampling on human rights abandon me human values is something which is acceptable to me we asked the white house for a response but didn't hear back as for amnesty international it says it's not all bad out there it sees the rise of hate being met with the rise of a resistance from the u.s. one. to poland. the destroyer on tour. which embassy says gives it some hope that just maybe twenty team won't be quite as bleak in so many places probably calling al-jazeera washington oxfam u.k. celebrations in haiti have been suspended for two months following the ongoing control the sale or sexual abuse allegations haiti's government has revoked the british
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charities authorization to work on the caribbean island pending an investigation follows revelations that staff sexually exploited victims of the twenty ten earthquake and unicef says its deputy director has resigned after complaints about inappropriate behavior in a previous job just on for size was see all of the u.k. charity save the children and till twenty sixteen while he was there three workers complained about inappropriate text messages and comments about what young women were wearing unicef says it wasn't aware of the complaints when it appointed for size. of the president of the philippines says his ban on the deployment of workers to kuwait will continue and it may even be expanded to all the countries were to go to turkey made the comments after attending the wake of a filipino maid whose body was found stuffed in a freezer in kuwait city apartment earlier this month the libyan official said joanna demme failings body or torture marks and there were indications she was strangled the president says he intends to file criminal charges against her
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lawyers. there is a serious crime preliminary learned but stardoll be punished. but no do you blame him really being known as whatsoever in great african refugees in israel's hollow detention center have gone home to strike in protest at the imprisonment of seven eritreans who refused to leave the country. i mean a lot of. men are the first to be jailed under a new deportation scheme many of the thirty seven thousand african refugees in israel have been given three months to take up a cash off or to leave for four rwanda or face a definite time prison. migration from africa to europe gets a lot of attention in the media but the vast majority of west african. and i'm staying close it's a hole that with many of the region's economy is booming plenty of them are finding
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opportunities to work in their neighboring countries because. in senegal. she can join as a laborer from getting. she still in got my ninja near from congo and jello mason from guinea all or working on this construction site building new office blocks and city girls growing capital. this is no shit toll it's the land of opportunity. and every week i send money back to my mom and my little sisters going to school thanks to what i said. after having left my family behind i have no regrets to have children senegal i feel comfortable with people who are black africans like me i'll take that any time over being with white people and still far away from my family economist at the international monetary fund see a surge in economic growth in west africa take a look at these numbers across eighteen countries the pros domestic product is
12:38 am
a five percent africa's sleeping lion economies are now roaring ahead with ghana predicted to grow at nine percent good deed well and so they go at seven percent if you gonna give me now the u.s. president may call it a shit hole in the united states invested sixty five billion dollars in african countries in two thousand and sixteen and that number is expected to rise in two thousand and eighteen. while many europeans in north america still view the continent as poor war torn and desolate african see more opportunities at home than outside the consulate. so west africans are on the move but there are seven times more likely to move within west african countries then go to europe or north america. for the past forty years fifteen countries in west africa allowed free movement of people in good within its borders migrants from the region sent thirty three billion dollars to their loved ones last year the problem we have enough is
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not a problem and there's a lack of organization those people leaving their countries to grow abroad those are the champions those are the heroes because even though if you and there's a sprint position think about it how many people would say a minute now go across the entire sorry. to go to look for something that other african migrants to europe said more money home than those from within the region. most west africans prefer moving closer to home for again they jell-o. opportunities are here and this is where they want to build their lives because hark al-jazeera to car south africa's government says the number of deaths from listeria there has more than doubled since last one hundred seventy two people have died since the aspirate began just over a year ago well the disease is passed on through food but the precise source of the
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outbreak still known as the media has more now from johannesburg. in the last year more than nine hundred cases of listeria have been reported in south africa most of those cases have been here in johannesburg listeria is a serious bacterial infection which is spread when people eat contaminated food the most common foods to be contaminated unpasteurized milk cheese vegetables and produce this foods many of those foods can be found in markets just like this one a listeria infection include symptoms like diarrhea and can even lead to meningitis or premature labor in pregnant women the center for communicable diseases is trying to figure out where this disease originated forty's have closed poultry abbotts well where the bomb was detected listeria is a treatable disease but the concern is that there isn't enough public awareness and
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that it's contrary to the law just all break south africa's ever seen. tough water restrictions in cape town in the city's been able to push back the date when it expects the taps to one dry business is about to make big changes to how they operate the daisy will as it's called is now expected and is not expected until july charlotte bellus reports. as the sun rises over to vassar's kloof dam cape town's main water resource has never been so low in january south africans were warned days iraq would come on april twelfth the day cape town would run dry but their prophecy looks unlikely to come true. the water restrictions appear to be working residents are sticking to the daily limit of fifty liters per person per day deemed the minimum needed for survival business owners are changing the way they operate south africans have nudged a zero out another three months to july we've made it fit in trying to use as
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little as possible washing up seeing some really really we don't we often we use it consciously and mindfully. one entrepreneur has opened an eco friendly car wash swapping water for a chemical that can remove. the cost of wasted water will not be tolerated police officers visited car washes in cape town on wednesday and caught a live and using municipal water they were all slept with two hundred fifty dollars fines others a war about how costly the crisis could be to their bottom line the bad part of it if i might just need to stop i need to think about that very i want to prepare more work for people but if that happens it's going to be out of my in. prison haven't been full for more than three years because of an
12:43 am
enduring drought now the city is digging into alternative options like the aquifers that lie beneath here vassals kloof table mountain and hundreds of kilometers up the west coast there's huge access that often or any of the market. and extracting water from the well not because. they've also been helped by. farm is releasing tame billion liters of water from private reserves for the public to use cape town's full million people who just need to maintain restrictions and to win to win rain will hopefully arrive to avoid becoming the world's first city to turn off the taps shiela bellus al-jazeera kenya's wildlife service is in the process of transporting thirty elephants more than four hundred kilometers for their own safety the animals were trying to began their long journey by being lifted on to trucks now they don't look exactly elegant but rain just say it doesn't do them any harm they've been taken to the savile national park where it's
12:44 am
hope they'll be safe and porches farmers are also happy as the elephants have been known to decimate their crops. prosecuting elephants. to solve all. of these is the we are trying to be to get human life confidence is under most have been moving into people's farms for so we want to move them to a more expensive video and audio by there is minimal conflict. crim up in your skies or face heavy fines that's the warning used top court has given poland after is fined guilty of violating air quality laws european courts of justice as the country consistently exceeded the daily limits for fine particles in the air between two thousand and seven to two thousand and fifteen busying thousands of lives at risk well in response poland has immediately launched a program that restricts the use of coal for heating in private homes
12:45 am
a report by the w.h.o. in twenty sixteen said thirty three of europe's fifty most polluted cities were in poland and the effects are deadly small kills forty seven thousand people in poland every year and nearly nine times that number across the. environmental lawyer anna has stops countries can meet the pollution targets. so these limits should have been met eight years ago and we know that most you can trees are not meeting them for either particulates which is the case today or for nitrogen dioxide which is the problem that we've had here in here in the u.k. which comes from diesel cars. it is a it is an interesting process that the that the commission has to go through to bring these proceedings but we've also been taking our own cases against governments around europe we think that the limits are set sat. at a level which is supposed to be to protect human health we would obviously like to see those limits be stricter but we hope that country's commitment ten senior
12:46 am
greek politicians including two former prime ministers are facing an investigation into allegations of bribery by swiss strug company comes after a heated one thousand hour debate and a vote in the greek parliament pharmaceutical firm no vitus allegedly bribed politicians and doctors to raise the price caps on their medicines john psaropoulos has more now from athens. the greek parliament has voted to hold a preliminary investigation into whether there are political responsibilities for two former prime ministers one former finance minister and seven former health and labor ministers over the last fifteen years they are thought to have been potentially susceptible to charges of either soliciting or accepting bribes and money laundering in other words illegally processing the proceeds of those bribes if they did indeed receive them one of the former health ministers and labor
12:47 am
ministers who spoke in his own defense passionately defended his record he was the man who served as labor minister between two thousand and nine and two thousand and eleven the very beginning of greece's economic adjustment program that was the socialist government which started the serious fiscal austerity program that continues to this day and he said that he had found health and health budget that was worth thirteen billion dollars and in his time that was reduced to about eight billion dollars similarly within that budget the pharmaceutical expenditure that he found he said was worth about seven billion dollars and that was reduced by almost half so how could it be he said that i received bribes to raise the pharmaceutical expenditures of the state i was doing precisely the opposite similar remarks came from all of the other defendants all of them denying the charges against them many of them saying that they're willing for the investigation to proceed in order to
12:48 am
clear the name of the investigation may take one of two routes it could decide that there are political responsibilities in which case under the great constitution it is parliament which must effectively act as a court of law for these politicians or it may decide that parliament will not involve itself in any further and. to go from home the case back to the judicial authorities where they can pursue the charges against these politicians and former politicians as ordinary citizens. face in france of it to protest us from a site that was meant to store nuclear waste scores of police in body armor lived in before dawn to victory active assumes set up a protest camp in the woods near the town of brewery in eastern france they oppose the plan to store radioactive waste five hundred meters below the ground which still needs government approval. so ahead on the news our.
12:49 am
business updates.
12:50 am
business updates. going places. the on. the our audio the audio. now here's peter with the latest from the winter olympics and the rest of the day's sport julie thank you so much the united
12:51 am
states have won women's ice hockey gold off to one of the most dramatic contests seen at this year's winter olympics in pyung cheering they beat canada in a shoot out in the twenty year drought in his home and reports. the united states had won the first women's hockey gold medal in nagano in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight but it been a long white since they'd seen canada win four consecutive winter olympic gold medals and locked it to two after overtime it all came down to a penalty shoot out west finally the americans prevailed was. two decades of frustration arthur and a moment to celebrate the fans i'm a i think the main thing over time shootout and a sudden got shootout doesn't get any better than now it was worth every penny. i
12:52 am
don't think the united states starsky a mckayla shifrin had to settle for a silver in the women's alpine combined event behind switzerland's michelle gibson . lindsey vonn failed to finish the slalom leg of the race that was almost certainly her last at an olympic games star men's joy muscle hotshot and henrik christofferson also both failed to finish the slalom thirty five year old on dream you're a celebrating a surprise victory instead sweden's first man slalom gold since nine hundred eighty thank you i've been. overwhelmed says cross the finish line but when i got to go this simple amazing feeling. women's began snowboarding made its a limpid debut and saving her best score for her final jump so austria's and i guess clinched the gold medal was i die
12:53 am
jarius women's bobsled team may have finished last but the fact they became the first african team to comparison the event to the winter olympics was an achievement alone biggest thing that this will do for younger women in nigeria young girls in nigeria is to actually have them step more inside the box there are four years for africa's next generation of winter olympians to turn the inspiration into action elites homan al-jazeera. with just three days of competition remaining norway and germany on mic and mic at the top of the middles table they have thirteen gold medals each canada all sitting in third position followed by the united states and neverland's. now the international olympic committee is still considering allowing russian athletes to march under their own flag at the closing ceremony that's despite a russian being stripped of a bronze medal do you two doping alexander. tested positive for mel
12:54 am
dony him while competing in the mixed doubles alongside he's wife the court of arbitration for sport confirmed his disqualification from the games he had been competing as an alum pick athlete from russia after the country was banned by the i.o.c. from sending an official team following a state sponsored doping scandal he and his partner insist he did not take the drug and were not spiked. this was not done by accident this would not five year old children and do not put everything on our mouths we watch our bottles and. we feel a great responsibility to our fans to everyone who supported us to our relatives to our coaches to our delegation first of all because we are completely sure that these medals are clean you know we came here for them have been preparing for a long time so went through a lot and it is very insulting when they are taken away so easily. thirty two teams were vying for the last sixteen spots in the europa league at the start of play on
12:55 am
thursday but he tell you in leaders napoli or one of those that have been eliminated on away goals by rb leipzig the likes of lot zero and let it go madrid are also through to the next round but nice were knocked out by lokomotiv moscow currently ac milan and arsenal on course to progress to the last sixteen as well but the issue dortmund are in danger of missing out while there's been violence in bilbao before they game with spartak moscow. fiefs president giani in fenty no has hosted african football delegates in tanzania as part of a tour he's been conducting on the continent it comes as morocco bids to host the twenty twenty six world cup it's expected to receive the backing from africa's fifty four member countries in june vote football writer gary l. smith says in front tina's visit is not accidental the mark is good luck is being is looking good i mean the other thing that people have been asking is if gianni
12:56 am
wall and doors they were can be he wouldn't do that because of i mean obviously or the corruption allegations that are popping with. qatar and so on i'm sure for but i think that they were going to be it is getting a lot of traction they see they have all the bits from africa they are all the bits from all the islamic in arabic countries and of course and we're going to ramping up his is rhetoric against immigration and all of that i think we're going to get a lot of sympathy votes from around the world ok let's up the pace the twenty eighteen formula one season ribs into action in about one month's time with the australian grand prix and miss sadie's were showing off their twenty eighteen car on thursday lewis hamilton and the sadie's will be looking to defend their respective drivers and constructors' championship titles they have won four titles in a row while hamilton has won three of the last four one more title for hamilton will see him equal arjun time greats one manuel fangio five titles. have to really try
12:57 am
and figure out where you can find the determination in the drive. and yeah. i was soon in the last couple days and i saw something about being up there potentially with franjo so that is quite exciting prospect that's all the sport for now it's back to julien land. he said thank you groundbreaking experiment by scientists in the entente soko has revealed secrets about one of the oceans will some serious creatures marine biologists have attached a camera surveillance of monkey whale for the first time researchers say the whale cab scuse me helps them understand the mammals behavior the head of the project says a brace impressed by the whales speed as well as how often it heats effectively once every ten seconds what's amazing to me is how fast the animal is and how quickly it can feed and then how appropriate again it can feed a second time we're used to study blue whales and friend whales that can take up to
12:58 am
new between now between when they open their mouth and when they can do that again because it's not a process all that water these monkey whales the wondering out of the feeding right was once a crowd of ten seconds that's it for me chilling words all of this news out the back in just a moment it was much more of the day's news see in a bit. but . what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding
12:59 am
a distortion isn't what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important to have a right to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke if there would otherwise people did setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. jeannette morale is was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp so i'm going to be up that because of the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government failed. the
1:00 am
environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. pesticides are pushed that it's a very modern way to do. well we've made poisons the measure of progress the domestic population has become we're going. to be. so cool of poison this time on al jazeera. as the u.n. discusses a potential cease fire to syria the killing on the ground is to continue.
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