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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. and welcome to the al-jazeera news our headquarters in doha with me. coming up in the next sixty minutes for a moment four of us just started running to give that she and i fell down but
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someone picked me up that was the last time i saw her she was taken. on the ground a northern nigeria as officials try to establish what happened to nearly one hundred schoolgirls. flames from the sky activists say rockets are being used to spot fires across eastern ghouta. and a crisis five years into the conflict in the central african republic half the population now needs urgent humanitarian aid. i'm joining the sport where the olympic athletes from russia have got their first gold medal in pyung chang but just hours later a second russian athlete is confirmed to us at these winter games. we begin this news hour in northeast nigeria with her. apologize for telling the
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parents of dozens of missing schoolgirls that their daughters have been rescued the announcement turned out to be false and has sparked outrage the girls were taken from their school in the town of your boy state on monday al-jazeera our interests was the first international journalist on the ground and has this report from the. disappointment induction i was after parents were told that daughters have been rescued the state government apologized saying the information was not true. for the relatives of more than one thousand students the wait has just begun. some say it's all over again. these sisters have not only escaped the kidnappers but they're all the sister wasn't just like the incident leaves them devastate. their number one in meaning as they came just after we broke out monday fast we
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heard gunshots there was chaos everywhere she tried to comfort us but it only got worse four of us sisters started running to give that she fell and i fell down to her but someone picked me up that was the last time i saw her she was taken. neighbors poured into their home to offer support for the girls' school we were refused access to from inside i would necessary some of the attackers dressed in military fatigues drove through the school gates but before they got in many of the girls alerted by the gunshots fired early on the scale of the problem with the friends of the school on this case but some girls say they saw some of their schoolmates being led into a waiting truck. so literally and his family thought they too were received fourteen year olds but she was one of the school girls taken in to tell us mothers and hospital she fainted on hearing that her daughter was and from the grief is too much for her but. she said much was expected of the second year high
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school student. for now they continue to wait hoping to hear good and definitive news about the return of their child residence the tragedy will be as long as it twenty four incident where more than two hundred seventy two goals were kidnapped from their school or the last third of them are yet to be found. al-jazeera. well let's get more on this now are joined by lecturer at commentary university and author of book brides and child conscripts a study on the plight of teenage and young adult victims of boko haram and he's joining us via skype from coventry mr mercer it's very good to have you with us on al-jazeera how could this have happened again especially given the nigerian government's proclamations last year that boko haram was defeated.
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and. i think. it's very very wrong. i apologize we don't have a good enough scott connection a sound connection with you so i'm going to have to interview there but we will try to establish a better connection with the. commentary there but let's move on to other news for now and the united nations is making an appeal to the international community to
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help with humanitarian efforts in the central african republic the agency says hof of the population requires urgent assistance fighting between various armed groups plunge the country into a civil conflict in two thousand and thirteen catherine sawyer reports from the town of brega. says she and have family anyone for their basic needs before. she leaves in brianne a town in north east and central african republic that was considered relatively peaceful but then conflicts between several groups started. all her neighbors had to flee so now they leave here in a calm for displaced people that is on one end of the town and drive to the doorstep of the un peacekeepers because. the gunfight started at night we hid everything a vase was destroyed i came here with nothing. more than seventy thousand
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people in brianne have been displaced in just over a year there's a religious element to the fighting but the rebels are also in conflict of a main drawls cattle and trade routes and what they leave behind is a trail of death destruction and misery it's really hard to imagine how scared people are as they fled from this neighborhood both christians and muslims used to live here before the fighting intensified last year different groups blame each other for their destruction. was the power also in the north is another area where there was no fighting until recently displaced people receive food aid at the town square around sixty thousand have fled from violence and moved into the town that already had forty thousand residents the fighting in central african republic is spreading fast with many armed groups and forced un peacekeepers in the national army are overwhelmed so are aid workers who are often unable to reach many of those
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leads one out of two people in the central african republic are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection and due to the resurgence of violence and the fighting of armed groups particularly here up in the north of the central african republic in power that has led to a massive displacement of people the u.n. is appealing for just over half a billion dollars this year money that will help people i could to suzanne who says she has nothing left to go back home to. a man came to my religion on sunday and we'll skip the next three my husband and her neighbor were killed i don't even know where my nephew ease their situation is desperate many of those who spoke to say they would rather be home fending for themselves by right now home is not an option catherine saw al-jazeera bria central african republic. let's go back to our coverage of nigeria now where a number of schoolgirls have been kidnapped from the. state we're going to try
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speaking again to. call them tree university i believe he's joining us from there mr most of thank you for staying so again they have been so many kidnappings and nigeria the girls who were kidnapped in two thousand and fourteen received the most attention but of course thousands have been kidnapped by boko why are we seeing this again. what we can't.
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give them. to. me. and this is why. the government said last year that the group was. obviously still able to carry out such attacks and kidnapping so what does the government need to do now that it hasn't. well. by giving. you. a comprehensive agreement is one of the. if we are.
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all the. one. who. agrees then. if there. is change. then we can now see. all right mr most i thank you very much for your time and your insights into this that is joining us live from carbon tree thank you. now the u.n. security council is set to vote on a draft resolution demanding a thirty day cease fire in syria's east and go to a place four hundred and sixteen people have been killed in government strikes on
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the rebel held on clay just this week activists say forces loyal to president bashar asad have begun firing rockets to cause fires aid workers a struggling to cope let's bring in our correspondent. joining us live from gaza along the turkish syrian border so as the security council considers asama russian proposal amendments to this resolution for a cease fire was saying the indiscriminate killing continuing and now we're hearing about these rockets causing fire is what more can you tell us. absolutely elizabeth as the united nations goes into this voting session on friday it is unclear whether the russian amendments have been taken into account the u.s. envoy nikki haley said yesterday that it is preposterous to suggest that killing civilians has to do anything with countering terrorism what we are seeing on the ground since last night is the continuation that we've seen in the escalation which
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began on sunday where. activists on the ground say that it is russian and syrian air strikes artillery strikes barrel bombs that have been targeting various residential neighborhoods in the city they say that in her rear district in particular in eastern they've used incendiary bombs bombs which cause fire this is a new development which activists say that they haven't seen before but there were not a lot of casualties because people are living underground there have been accounts coming in from there people have been telling us that they haven't seen daylight for days because they're too afraid to go out the situation is extremely tough for parents who are having to bury their children. during the day with the full circle . most of the smallest coffins the heaviest busy to thirty i mean there are dozens every day for parents saying goodbye to little children is not easy but almost every family has lost someone the number of the dead is so high that
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trenches are being dug for quick burials. if people linger outside for too long they risk becoming victims of the next bombing. living rooms and offices are now a makeshift morgue. for those who survived the attacks medical facilities on motivating. doctors without borders sister team hospitals have been hit in three days. since sunday the syrian government and its allies have stepped up their strikes in terms of the converging on the scene and. supposed to be been a four deescalation zones agreed upon by russia iran and turkey but the syrian government says it's targeting what it calls dentists in an area known to four hundred thousand people and russia denies its involved in the relentless from barbara of civilians. the situation really leaves much to be decided well as you know the responsibility for the situation in east rests with those who support the
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terrorists tunnels like these of inclusion for rebels stop multiple attempts to storm the eastern front in the past get off numbered and their supplies have been cut off but the residents say they will not surrender without a fight. or capabilities a week but god willing we will deal with this the regime will lose again would face similar attacks and it didn't fall and now again we will survive this. besieged city and say none of the words from people in power for have done much to protect them. messages for help from easton who have been nonstop street after street bodies and parents have been trying to pull their children out of the rubble the united nation calls it hell on earth for besieged people in eastern who feel abandoned by the outside world they might as well be living on another planet some of the. and that is the feeling that we got last night i sat down with an activist who
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broke down explaining to me what is happening on the ground he said that it is if you remember similar to what happened in the aleppo but it is much worse than aleppo because the liberal wasn't besieged for that long they had been run out of food and essential medical supplies they didn't have to beg for a bag of flour it is the situation on the ground which according to the united nations is hell on earth but people who say that they have been abandoned this is that there is no one who actually cares for them and as more and more statements come out from world leaders including the united nations they're increasingly saying that they don't believe them unless the bombing stops. thank you very much for that there is a joining us live from. we are going to get more on this we're joined by my head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and politics policy studies here in doha thank you for coming in to speak with us. just a credible onslaught of east and we're seeing why now i think because we are
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entering maybe the final stages of the syrian conflict in which all of the regional and international powers are trying to divide the country into regions of influence between them so we have the americans controlling the east and northeast part of the country we have days like it is under jordanians are interested with the south we have. the turks having control of the northwest and we are having the now the russians and the iranians trying to control. the central part of syria and they want to clean. the surrounding of damascus from all points in order to have the empty ones in this part of the region and what's what's happening right now is that four hundred thousand civilians are plopped in the middle of a party politics ploy between these two different regional and international powers and the whole world is watching actually dismiss a car going on life on t.v. and this is for me this is just the sickest. to civilization absolutely and the
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u.n. security council is a small as powerless because of that russian veto is russia has proposed amendments to this swedish and kuwaiti proposed cease fire if it is not passed. this will going on this will be going on because this is a petition to the scenario of two thousand and sixty. syrian regime representative to the united nations he mentioned yesterday. foreign minister he also said that we are going to see something similar to what happened in aleppo in december two thousand and sixteen in. we will continue actually bombing the decision. under the idea to leave the area. the russians yesterday they tried actually to introduce some amendments to the to the draft. they are trying actually to include that. in fact. from the cease fire that
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is going that is right now being negotiated between these different parties and i think that is that has been from the very beginning the pretext that shows you in order to the moment they are their desire in order to evacuate these. areas from the fighters and move them somewhere else maybe again to do it like this has been going for the past two three years of do the rebels need to surrender now given the cost to civilians and if they do what will the bombardment stop the problem is it's not about only seven doing this. sundering but. what the syrian regime the russians and the iranians are calling for is a complete transfer off. the pole from this spot in two different boss this is acceptable for. this is. when you try to transfer four hundred thousand
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people actually civilians from their homes displeased and so if this is going to happen. under they discussed a couple of thank you very much as always for your time we appreciate it. well we have plenty more head to all the news hour including the european union doubles its funding for efforts to fight us in africa. plus. i'm andrew thomas in. outs and i'll be explaining plans to turn those mountains and water into one of the world's biggest rich treats and a policeman dies as fans clash ahead of the europa league match in spain coming up with a school. bus in the us now where president donald trump is not backing away from his controversial proposal to teachers to prevent school shootings he suggested that
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they should be paid a bonus for trying to under pressure to pass tougher gun laws after last week's mass shooting at a florida high school a white house correspondent committee health that has more. arming teachers in the classroom is a controversy ally dhea being promoted by president donald trump prevent school shootings if you harden the sights you're not going to have this problem because these guys who lack courage will never go into those schools he says he wants to encourage educators to become comfortable with a gun even offering bonuses for those with firearms skills i want my schools protected just like my banks are protected truck made the comments on thursday at another white house listening session following the shootings in parkland florida that left seventeen people dead most of them teenagers. since the school shooting fellow students have made their voices heard and brought pressure to bear
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on trump and other right of center politicians to tighten gun restrictions arming teachers is not what they have in mind that's their plan anyway mark barden lost his son in two thousand and twelve when the sandy hook school shooting school teachers have more than enough responsibilities right now then to have to have the awesome responsibility of lethal force to take a life on twitter trump attempted to clarify his position and floated other proposals such as background checks for those buying a gun raising the legal purchasing age to twenty one and again suggesting the end of the sale of so-called bump stocks that increase a weapons fire power not zero but some of those ideas are at odds with the biggest gun rights group in the united states with national rifle association or n.r.a. pushing back against any effort to limit gun ownership the elites don't care not one whit about america's school system for them. it's not
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a safety issue it's a political issue they care more about control. and more of the gun owners agree every right to protect ourselves protect our children so if they're properly trained why not be able to use that i think that it would send a message across the nation that we are taking this into our own hands we're fighting back and we will be the first line of defense and while there is support for at least some of donald trump's proposals even the most basic limits on gun ownership will require congressional approval of accomplishment that in the past has proved difficult can really help get al-jazeera washington well as trump calls for teachers to be armed it's been revealed that the police officer who was on duty at the florida school did not go inside during the shooting he's now being investigated and has resigned from his job what i saw was
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a deputy arrived at the west side of building twelve take up a position and he never went in when the. yes he was there. when i addressed the killer killed the killer. now north korea is sending one of its highest ranking generals to the closing ceremony of the winter and empirics former intelligence chief kim yong children is believed to have plotted several attacks on south korea meanwhile u.s. president. will be leading the u.s. delegation at the ceremony on sunday but south korea says the two sides will not hold a formal meeting at the event let's go to our correspondent a good name now she is joining us from the winter olympics in chiang mai so given what we know about. about kim yong chill in the taj what kind of reception can he expect in south korea. well there is already elizabeth
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a contingent of south koreans who are voicing their discontent and it's part of a growing wave of discontent against president moon j.s. policy of engagement with north korea they say that he's offering too many concessions without getting the appropriate compromises from north korea so why the anger over general kim he's a hard liner and as you mentioned he's believed to be responsible for attacks against south koreans most notably the sinking of a south korean warship in twenty ten that killed forty six sailors so now you have the victims' families and members of a conservative party here who are saying this is not right but the moon government is saying that you have to look at the bigger picture that the general is now in charge of south korean affairs that he does have a say in the country's nuclear program and that is why he is precisely the right
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person at this moment this moment in which president moon is hoping to seize upon the goodwill that occurred during the olympics to reboot the relationship between the two koreas moons position is that the bigger picture is more important than looking to the past and elizabeth this would not be the first time that the general visited visited south korea that happened in two thousand and fourteen when he attended military talks position often conciliatory but can we expect a meeting between the north korean and the u.s. delegation settle natasha. we're hearing a chorus of nos no from the white house no from south korea who had brokered meeting during the opening ceremony weekend between the north koreans and the united states u.s. vice president pence was supposed to meet with a delegation privately at the presidential blue house in seoul that delegation
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included kim jong un sr but two hours before that meeting north korea backed out and it's largely believed that this is why sanctions north korea had been upset about vice president mike pence warning that the toughest round of economic sanctions was yet to come and now we're hearing reuters is reporting that the u.s. may announce on friday a large package of sanctions against north korea and if we look at the broader picture analysts are saying that this is really why north korea has engaged in a charm offensive during the olympics to try to ease some of the pressure from these punishing sanctions but the trump administration as part of its maximum pressure policy has said that it will continue and even if there had been a face to face meeting earlier in the month it would have only been to deliver the united states very strong message not to negotiate natasha thank you very much for
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that that is not going to him joining us bill the very latest from chang thank you . the few moments when how the weather would ever turn to the head on the news hour normal hand me downs east africa says imports of secondhand clothing from the west a killing local industry. reality t.v. star may have cost one social media company a billion dollars. and seem sacramento's fonda in the dying seconds and joe will have that coming up in sports. by the taj mahal. or is the sunsets in the city of angels. deadly floods and mudslides have for turned to indonesia lots of clouds showing up
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on a satellite picture here and you can see just around java we've had very very heavy rain for day after day after day sixty seventy millimeters of rain coming down in twenty four hour period says that for many days now and that has led to widespread flooding floods and mudslides really poor conditions here have been power cuts of course and there has been some loss of life as a result of these awful downpours it looks like it's going to get worse over the next couple of days if anything further heavy showers coming through across the region right down into cancer thirty two celsius here more showers then as we go on through saturday sunday if anything the showers sneaking a little further southwards and westward so it is a worsening picture here further north we will see the a weather start to improve for the as we head towards the closing ceremony of the winter olympics in chiang proud of the rain making its way in from a westerly direction temperatures in pyongyang getting up to around seven or eight
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celsius as we go on through the next day or two so a little warmer has been bitterly cold of course there's always the possibility of one of two snow flurries for the closing ceremony. there with sponsored by the time release. a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege what made this different was they targeted. their pain to be forced to leave would just be our fault and then again let us a little bit has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative and maybe observe downs which is normal part of business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much employed in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for it is you know it's very challenging given to me but to give because you have
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a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. that have been with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories nigerian government officials have apologized to the parents of dozens of missing schoolgirls for saying their daughters have been rescued the girls are still missing after being taken from their school in the town of of a state on monday boko haram fighters are believed to have abducted. the u.n.
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envoy to syria has called on russia iran and turkey to urgently reinstate deescalation sounds designed to quell violence the u.n. security council has had to watch on a draft resolution demanding a thirty day cease fire in the rebel held on place of eastern good. at least four hundred people have been killed in government is strikes there since sunday and north korea sending one of its highest ranking generals to the closing ceremony of the winter olympics former intelligence chief kim young child is believed to have plotted several attacks on south korea meanwhile president daughter ivanka will be leading the u.s. delegation on sunday. the e.u. is doubling its funding for an african with a tree alliance aimed at combating armed groups across these to hell region leaders of five african countries are in brussels for a security fund raising summit they need to raise money for a joint with a tree falls that works alongside french and u.n. troops the so-called g.
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five so how group is made up made up of soldiers from our cheney molly. and chad correspondent is live in brussels for eyes so will the meeting raise the target of five hundred million dollars natasha. well we heard a bit earlier from the foreign policy chief frederica more green and she said thirty year pin the european union leaders had agreed to double their contributions to this g five sales force by sixty million dollars now if that's the case it's certainly a boost but it doesn't necessarily mean that the g five force will reaches five hundred million dollars target now that's the amount of money it says it needs to be fully operational so far the money that has been raised has been used to build a headquarters and command center for the force in mali and to conduct or two operations with g five force mali and soldiers alongside french troops earlier this
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year but he says the situation is urgent we heard here from african leaders from the president of new jet saying if more is not done the region of style will simply descend into violence and chaos where the last time such a fund raising conference was held was last year it was hosted by the french president a man or my car has been one of the main drivers of this initiative in december the french president held a fundraising conference for the g five sile force back then a promise of one hundred million dollars by saudi arabia added money already pledged by the e.u. france and the us but just over half of the five hundred million dollars targeted was raised. the funding shortfall prompted the president of one of the so-called g. five nations to call for more support earlier this month literature except for us it is urgent that this force be operational the international community whose
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serious decisions in libya have disastrous consequences for the security of our countries must show greater solidarity with the. the joint military force known as to five was launched last year by the leaders of new share picking a fast so charred mali and mauritania backed by france its five thousand troops will work alongside un peacekeepers in mali and french soldiers already deployed in syal its mission is to stop cross border attacks from armed groups including boko haram and affiliates of al qaida and eisel as well as crackdown on weapons and people trafficking instability in libya is worsening the crisis is a different we have to fix the causes we've brought spread in violence the big reason is the fall of gadhafi and this is responsibility of the international community g five sile and european union leaders meeting in brussels on friday hope to raise enough money to enable the force to be fully operational within weeks more
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money for joint forces in this sensual but some analysts say can only be successful if it's allowed to fully cooperate with the national and international forces already deployed and his operations must go hand in hand with more developments in the region and it must win people's trust. it's vital that the rights of the people are respected there must be proper training you can't have troops for example who don't even speak a local language it won't work or it's a g five force can gather the necessary money to carry out its mandate it'll be an urgent we needed and important step in cooperation in a region where so many people have been killed in violence or forced to flee their homes. it was interesting to hear some of the comments from the african union commission ahead. of it early had some very strong words he called on all sides on african and european leaders all international leaders to really come
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together and take collective responsibility to stop the situation in the sile to stop the violent. he said that the international community is pouring resources and people and sort into stopping what he calls terrorism across the world but is simply ignoring this part of west africa and he also said that no international force can replace the responsibility of african leaders on the ground thank you very much for that is a pledge warning as live from brussels thank you. ok to east africa now where wanda tanzania and uganda have banned the import of secondhand clothing and that's led to threats of trade sanctions from the united states welcome webb has more from uganda's capital kampala. this sounds towns passing shoppers there's a deal on second. to these markets in uganda's capital kampala people take their pick from a pile among the more than one hundred fifty million u.s.
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dollars worth of used clothes portrayed in east africa every year mostly from the u.s. and the u.k. imports that uganda rwanda and tanzania agreed to to support their own textile industries. margery county k. doesn't agree she looks after three orphans and gets their clothes here i think it's wrong because not everybody can afford. so the poor people are not allowed most of them when they can that's actually about that so it's not going to come up with the idea that some east african governments think it is good to support the few local producers like this factory in kenya they hope to create much needed jobs i mean crease exports. for the us as a band violates free trade agreements since it threatened trade sanctions kenya's pulls out. back in uganda just next to the second hand market there are many new clothes on sale almost none
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a made in east africa almost all made in china many of the new clothes imported from china are made in western styles several african countries are used to have driving textile industries making fabric because patents like these as industries are suffered in recent decades and many of those fabrics clothing all the ones here and now made in china are instead. the reasons why it's cheaper to manufacture in china than most other places on many real. economist grafters no i gather has several things needed to revive the local industry too not just banning secondhand imports of music with a good one. but in the longer term. in this is the time to support domestic manufacture. is something that you can boast. decision. because you knew. you needed the industry you need. to invent the
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fork president image. back in the market traders make a run for it when a city official arrives you don't have a trading license. minutes later they're back in full swing a ban on imported used clothes might look a lot more on this the trade employs tens of thousands the man wish to one day have a job in a clothes factory but this how they survive malcolm webb al-jazeera come parlor uganda. a former russian diplomat and a police officer have been arrested after almost four hundred kilograms of cocaine was discovered in the russian embassy in argentina four others have been detained as part of a joint investigation between the two countries it was launched in two thousand and sixteen after the russian ambassador to argentina reported an attempt to move drugs on a diplomatic flight. the bankrupting japan based car parts apply a toccata has agreed to a six hundred and fifty million dollars u.s. penalty to settle claims that it can see also
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a defect in its airbags but the forty four u.s. states involved in the investigation agreed not to connect the payment instead they are allowing customers to recover as much money as possible the defective airbags inflated with too much force causing at least twenty two deaths china's government has seized temporary control of one of the country's largest insurance companies the founder and chairman of the and bangle is facing charges of fraud and embezzlement and shanghai the takeover seen as an attempt at protecting china's economy from financial risk. now the reality t.v. personality kylie jenner may have not more than a billion dollars off that chat stock market value with a single tweet jenna tweeted that she no longer use the messaging app and asked of anyone else that stopped using it shares of the firm dropped by more than six percent taking with it one point three billion dollars in market value of alice a recent redesign of the at has led to
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a backlash from uses well let's get more on this now we're joined by mark stein chief analyst the digital services at. that say technology research and advisory group based in japan very good to have you with us here on al-jazeera so did the share price drop because of reality t.v. star tweeted that she no longer uses it or because of that redesign that proved pretty unpopular with the so i think it's probably a little bit of both i mean i think that you know having a big internet celebrity tweet something like this doesn't help but the real underlying issue here is that snapchat is very very popular with teenage users and they are very fickle and if someone who has millions of followers says you know who is really using this this is the end of their their business model their advertising base so i think it was probably a little bit of fuel on an already existing fire and what does it say about
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a brand if it can lose more than a billion dollars of its market value when the reality t.v. star says that she doesn't use it anymore about the brand and also its uses teenage is fickle i mean does this is an issue for any based company be an instagram or facebook even you know it's very easy to download another app and if something else becomes more popular then there goes all your users and then there goes all your advertising and that's really why there needs to be more discussion about a new business model for twitter and snap chat and instagram and these kinds of companies can it work. from this and other lessons here for those other social media companies how will they be looking on at what's happened here so i think they can certainly recover they are adding users facebook is probably going to lose about two million teenagers this year and you know snapchat does well and that it has over a billion how worried will it be about those two and i think the main question is do those teenagers stay with snap chat when they get into their twenty's and their
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thirty's that's really the elephant in the room that's the big question right and and all teenage is who these apps that chat facebook going after because they don't of course have as much spending power as that's the issue so it's really a life cycle play in that once you have them you will keep them but that hasn't really been you know tried and tested i mean twitter. has recently made somewhat of a comeback with with younger users compared to you know more corporate users a few years ago so i think we really don't know the answer quite yet and so what is that all we're trying to do in terms of the uses that they knew is that they're trying to get users that they're trying to keep well i mean you know you can have one point four billion users you can have two hundred million users you can have two thousand users what really matters is how you can monetize them and that's what we really need to figure out and that is what snapchat tried to do with this redesign but it didn't exactly mr einstein it's great to get your thoughts on this
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thank you very much for your time appreciate it thank you. ok to a stranger now where a company is turning into one of the world's biggest batteries the system of lakes turbines and tunnels will move water around in a way that guarantees that electricity is always on tap supporters of the scheme a hopeful that will reduce the country's dependence on coal andrew thomas reports from taliban go and australia's snowy mountains. the plan is to turn this reservoir into a giant rich chargeable battery the hills would be its casing the water itself the battery stored power. this standard hydroelectric scheme in australia snowy mountains already catches snow melt in rainwater and uses it to spin turbines to make electricity the new so-called pump hydro scheme is different it would take the water that's already passed through the system and pump it back up from
1:46 pm
a lower reservoir so its original one no need for a new right full it would really use the same water to generate power many times over when we're generating the water will flow from ten tanger a through the power station. and then when we're pumping it just we reverse the turbines and pump it back up the hill there is one big problem more electricity will be needed to pump the water up there will be created when that water falls back down. roughly seventy percent so some people say a little bit more some people say it's a little bit less so essentially you are losing energy pump hydro schemes make money because water is pumped up when energy from other sources is plentiful and cheap water is released only when prices are high when the electricity grid needs new power fast the best thing about my dr pao is how quickly we take into action about ten seconds ago i requested that the top of the existing. power beyond.
1:47 pm
electricity markets are finally balanced producers try to make exactly the right amount of power at any one moment to satisfy that moment's demand hydropower is unusually responsive unlike solid that only works when the sun shone and unlike when that awning works when the wind blowing by drought is there ready to not matter what on earth i don't know but as well as being unreliable when solo wind farms make too much power it's often wasted because it's hard to store lithium ion batteries are changing that but the snowy pump time. scheme would still almost three thousand times the power of what's currently the world's biggest lithium battery where orders of magnitude cheaper than their trees so even if the battery price comes down dramatically over the next decade on the next decade after that. i've got a message for you to go in terms of course the hope is that palm pilot dry schemes
1:48 pm
will encourage investment in other renewables as energy created by the sun or wind when it is needed won't be wasted but converted into upstream water energy and stored andrew thomas al-jazeera helping go in the snowy mountains of australia. still ahead on the news hour the youngest victims of syria's civil war express their pain through. so not enough is enough we got a dog. and four of us. back the students campaigning for tougher gun control coming up with a job and school. you
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. know you. it is time for sport now joe elizabeth thank you very much the olympic athletes from russia have finally got their first gold medal for the pure on chang games thanks to a fifteen year old and in as a good tova won the women's figure skating title having set a new world record scoring women's day short program should be just another impressive display display friday's free skate eighteen year old should give yet about is the two time reigning world champion and she took silver leaving sang to her to become the youngest female figure skater to win olympic gold for twenty years. but that joy for russian sports fans was short lived just hours after that
1:51 pm
gold medal russia's bobsled federation confirmed that one of their athletes had failed a drug test she's been named as that is the set again ever who finished twelfth in the two woman ball but it comes just days after the mixed doubles curler alexander chris shows the ski and his partner were forced to hand back their bronze medals after he tested positive for mel dhoni and well three of the medals will be decided on friday among them the women's ski cross and after canadian defending champion mario thomson crashed out in the heats to her compatriots to chrome advantage kelsey so lead the field from the start of the final winning gold ahead of brittney feelin so it seems funny smith got the broad base. well canada has now surpassed their best ever medal haul at a winter olympics with twenty seven but it still norway who topped the table with thirteen gold medals germany in second place also have thirteen gold the united states and the netherlands round out the top five. well the united states are
1:52 pm
enjoying their best when taken as they had plenty to cheer about on thursday when they won women's ice hockey gold for the first time in twenty years beating great rivals canada it caps a remarkable twelve months for the team last march they threatened to boycott the world championships over a lack of fair wages and support from the usa hockey. this team has has gone through so much we stood for so much. and ultimately we wanted to achieve this goal together and we did i don't think that we would be standing here today sitting here today if we had gone through some of the things that we have gone through definitely made us closer. bonded us united us as a group i think united our country. and we're just source of pride to be certain of here you know our. greatest moment of our lives for american skier lindsey vonn this is been a difficult lympics both on the pieced and off it she picked up bronze in the downhill but failed to finish in the combined competition now one has also been
1:53 pm
dealing with the grief with her grief over the death of her grandfather just three months ago don killed out who taught her to ski was also coincidentally a veteran of the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. and served near to one of the three. i tried everything i could to win for him and i got a bronze which you know to me was was very special and i think you would be proud of that but before the first races i scatter his ashes at the top of the mountain and. i know that it would mean a lot to him to be back here a part of him is in south korea always. a spanish policeman has died after a riot broke out between fans of athletic bilbao and spartak moscow before they could brokenly match the riot officer died of cardiac arrest as fans clashed in the streets near the stadium and police struggled to control them five people have been arrested european football's governing body wafer says it strongly condemns the violent clashes. well spot i won the match but bilbao advanced four three on
1:54 pm
aggregate also throughout also will proceed dortmund and atletico madrid but to tell you the league leaders napoli were eliminated on the way goals by all the light sake nice have been knocked out by lokomotiv moscow the draw for the last sixteen will take place on friday. the sporting community has been deeply moved by the shooting at a florida school just over a week ago many stars have paid tribute including florida's n.h.l. team who before their game with the washington capitals on thursday eliminated the ice with seventeen circles of light on each victim's name but alongside the emotion came a call to action panthers goalkeeper roberto luongo whose family live in parkland where the shooting took place but surviving students who are campaigning for tighter gun control. no child should ever have to go through that it's terrible. it's time for us. as a community to take action it's not enough is enough we're going to take action.
1:55 pm
thank you i've been watching the news and i don't see what the kids. from douglas storm and doing. and i am very proud of you guys you guys are brave. you guys are inspiration to all of us and. you guys are worth giving us hope for the future thank you. well on the ice it was the panthers night they came from behind to beat the capitals vincent try to check scoring with eighteen point seven seconds left in the game to secure the team when. it was a much more one sided event in nashville as the predators routed the san jose
1:56 pm
sharks seven on its nationals third straight win and moved in to win a point of las vegas the west conference meet. in the n.b.a. the audiences he thought. were in danger of an embarrassing loss to the sacramento kings until the reigning most valuable player stepped in the thunder blew a twenty three point lead and as the clock ticked down they were level on one hundred seven points apiece until russell westbrook schooled this three pointer to beat the boss that now that was enough to secure one hundred ten to one hundred some point when i put this fun with him in the trash. and now i have more feeling a bit later as i very much joe now finally this bulletin the lebanese capital beirut is hosting an exhibition highlighting the plight of syrian children it aims to show the challenges and trauma suffered by millions of displaced children stephanie deck of a pool. this sculpture of
1:57 pm
a young boy and girl represents the childhood of millions of syrian children killed injured orphaned or displaced their young thoughts displayed here in beirut through art inspired by their poems insulation if you want to do anything with the aid agencies they don't call you by your name or your family name they call you by your number this is very upsetting i want to be called by my name. yeah wrote a poem called a wish this is the artist's interpretation of her dreams to have the best song this is my go i have a wish i want to finish my studies and become a lawyer so i can defend the rights of children more i don't want children to suffer like we suffer that. haunting images paint a picture of trauma experiences that have abruptly ended a carefree childhood when i was very upset to leave my country and come here my house changed from a house to a tent instead of walls we have wood and instead of assuming we have a tent cover that is it the dreams of these children and their families are simple
1:58 pm
it is the dream of millions of other syrians it is an urgent and desperate plea they want the war to end and they want to go home stephanie decker al jazeera. and that for this news alpha male is a problem thank you very much for watching. conservation
1:59 pm
is helping to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but this snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species from satellite technology to three d.
2:00 pm
printing and recycled waste to fill up our classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new what it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. for a vast distance started running to give that she fell and i fell down terry but someone picked me up that was the last time i saw ahead she was told. al-jazeera is on the ground in northern nigeria as officials try to establish what happened to nearly one hundred school.


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