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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 24, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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decades activists in seats of government we do know one thing we piled on this information and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the free for one to look we are innovators we are activists we are rebel geeks back in madrid at this time and i'm just you know. this is. live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. the u.n. security council is delayed by
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a day as members wrangle over. the people of eastern pleas for help. and casualties also ahead. this man standing outside of the school the other day doesn't love the children probably doesn't know the children the teachers love their children. the florida school shooting prompts new questions about how america protects teachers and students. and the u.s. confirms it will move the israeli embassy to jerusalem by. the syrian military. looks set to drag on after a u.n. vote on a humanitarian ceasefire was postponed until saturday well in four hundred forty civilians have died in six days of attacks on the rebel held enclave and just
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a few moments will be. said james bays but first reports on the situation in the east. there's a lot of the interview. they called for those left on another floor but in the dense dust and debris it's hard to see who left the upper floor. after some kind of you know the doctor tells me to open his eyes so he can wash medical workers in eastern who are calling for urgent assistance because of the continuous heavy bombardment. incendiary bombs are now appearing in the night skies weapons intended to start large fires when they hit the ground people and bodies are pulled out from crevices between buildings the nearly four hundred thousand people in the besieged enclave are dying in their hundreds. graphic videos we've chosen not to show you contain body parts scattered in the aftermath of the latest onslaught by the assad government and its allies how to be
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a bad what's taking place in eastern is a genocide and a crime against humanity in violation of international and humanitarian law and the perpetrators should be held liable accountable and cannot escape punishment under any circumstances russia is to blame for directly being involved in the military campaign and even apartment we are shocked by what we see happening now in eastern and we fear that the situation will will worsen the opposition holds russia and iran responsible. when the dust settles the destruction is clear people have been forced to live in underground shelters. along with the message to the security council is for a cease fire or truce for days and strikes and bombardments of forced families and children into underground shelters we can't do anything we can't even go outside to get food but when the outside looks like this there aren't many places people can go to the ferocity of the bombardment and the arrival of troops on the outskirts of
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what are battling with fighters is reminiscent of what happened to other rebel held parts in places like homs and aleppo entire populations were evacuated to new places in syria and people inside besieged with the have been cheering order flits evacuation zones convinced that this is what is going to happen to them as well as all of. the suffering goes on for the people of east and go to the u.n. is struggling to take action a vote on a draft resolution for a thirty day cease fire in syria has been delayed has said genspace has the details . yes another day of failed diplomacy at the united nations the ambassadors of the security council basically around the security council chamber for nearly all the day huddled in discussions on their phones to their capitals and at various points in a room with the president of the security council trying to hammer out an agreement
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the problem is clear there are clearly russia which doesn't like the language in the draft resolution this is the existing draft resolution amazingly i can tell you that it's the paragraph number one here that they have a problem with no one can actually agree the language on the first substantial paragraph of this resolution they've gone back and forth on it for a long time after final meeting in the last hour they've decided to perspire own everything and come back on saturday just before they postponed it the u.s. ambassador nikki haley who's not actually here at the u.n. she's got a deputy working for her here but she said it's unbelievable that russia is stalling a vote how many people will now how many more people will now have to die as a result of that that's the tweet from nikki haley i put that tweet to one of the key people who's been negotiating it the swedish ambassador last scoob one of those
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who has been drafting this resolution he said i want to ask him if he can curb with that he said certainly what he would say is he's extremely frustrated but he hopes that there can still be a resolution passed and they'll continue working he said for a forceful resolution to be passed on saturday similar language coming from the president of the security council man so i'll be the ambassador of kuwait as he left saying that they will be back again here as i said at midday new york time tomorrow for another attempt at a vote on this resolution but i can tell you between now and then they may have left this building but the phone calls the negotiations will continue. resonance and several groups in eastern. alessio with demands to the united nations backing it to acts to end the violence they say they support the resolution but are opposed
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to the force evacuation of residents from their homes and also say they hold both russia and iran completely responsible for the violence and they want president bashar assad and his government to be tried and penalized for war crimes over its use of chemical weapons. abrams as an assistant professor of political science at northeastern university joins us now from boston via skype good to have you with us we've got another day of inaction at the u.n. security council why is russia being so difficult over this vote well its strategic it's not a coincidence this is a pattern where russia has shown for several years no hope for russia has thrown its lot behind the assad government as has. this axis views the war in syria rightly or wrongly as nearly dark there's a real sense that islamic state has been interested in the rebel opposition is
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a shadow of its former self and one of the few places where that's not true we're there still is a strong rebel stronghold is in good and so russia doesn't want to start it wants to step on the gas in continued barmen doubt euro two a trip of the last remaining you know stronghold of fighters as i recall one syrian opposition group suggesting that russia should be prevented from voting in the security council tool because it is part of this conflict is that something that's possible. i think that that's a misunderstanding of how do you know your new sions is supposed to operate it's not a coincidence that the united nations is often in deadlock that there's often a veto which prevents any motion from going through that by design and throughout the history of the united nations there is often bend
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a veto and so the existence of the veto you know isn't a bug it's actually a feature of the united nations ok so russia has managed to delay this vote by some twenty four hours and also managed to implement into the draft resolution that the ceasefire won't take place for seventy two hours so that's a long time and in that time do you think the battle in east and goose as far as russia and assad is concerned will be wrapped up yeah i mean i think that the international community looks at you screwed up and they view civilians when russia. when they look at you screwed up they see a kind of an al qaeda supporters very much believe that this area is a hornet's nest of radicalism and that they need to do everything possible to crush this opposition before the international community intervenes and so oh i expect
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russia i mean regardless of what the u.n. decides to continue to doggedly go after these groups because the resolution as well as many ceasefires in the past have had a sort of loophole almost you could call it where the fight against isolette against al-qaeda affiliates is allowed to continue so even when the ceasefire is implemented at the un level on the ground you still may not see it happening at all . yeah that's always the case you know there's always an exception the international community doesn't say you know you can't attack islamics or you can attack al qaeda and frankly there is a bit of discretion as to who actually is how qaeda and so russia would say that groups that fight alongside nusra who are part of each t.r.s. and who have worked with this umbrella group that they're all sensually the same salafi jihad as that russia should be able to target and so again you know the
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united nations it represents a normative ideal but it can't actually control the behavior of superpowers and russia is one hundred percent opposed to these radical groups and is committed to destroying them particularly after such a large level of russian investment and so much success of especially against isis max iran is going to speak to thanks for taking the time to join us there from boston. now the u.s. president has spoken at america's largest gathering of conservatives living a sort of political greatest hits on familiar themes for immigration to north korea donald trump also use the space to again call for teachers to be armed and i'd say he proposed after last week's course missing and florida fisher has more ah this was donald trump a homegrown surrounded by supporters people won over by his first year successes so
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relaxed he even made a real joke about his here i try like hell to hide their balls but folks i worked hard as he started talking there was one protester who produced a russian flag he was quickly show to down and a score to go. fifteen months on from the election donald trump again relived the when i and what it times felt more like a campaign rally of old he talked about the successes his administration had brought the lotus cheer for a decision in the middle east we officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel was the address the shooting in florida seeing he'd been deeply affected by the stories of survivors and their families there are not enough tears in the world to express our sadness and anguish and he pledged his administration would take steps pushing again the idea of arming teachers and more people that work in those buildings people that were in the marines for twenty years and retired people in
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the army the navy the air force the coast guard people there are adept at dept with weaponry and with guns they teach the white house the children big announcement in the speech about tough new sanctions on north korea but caught up in the moment it was delivered almost as an afterthought with little detail that was promised i do want to say because people have asked north korea we imposed today the heaviest sanctions ever impose on a country this was this is the sort of reaction donald trump could be expected from sea power a promise to three. if we don't move from the twenty sixteen election campaign revisiting themes that he knows plays well with this course of course. yet the speech did detail challenges that lie ahead in an election year the iran deal immigration health care and the growing call for gun reform in america our fisher al-jazeera at the super conference in maryland a woman has been arrested in washington after she drove her bare call into
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a barrier outside the white house lawn trump was hosting history and prime minister malcolm turnbull when the incident happened secret service says no one was harmed and no shots were fired white house was on lockdown for a short time. the u.s. has confirmed it will move its embassy in israel to jerusalem in may bring will coincide with the seventieth anniversary of israel's founding by palestinians as nakba or the catastrophe vice president mike bell said earlier suggested the move would not take place until next year says an incentive to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem sparked protest m. palestine and around the world medical mystery action to choose the date of the palestinian catastrophe the next. move the. embassy of the day was moved in this expedition fashion reflects startle insensitivities to what goes on in this region which retreats which which three films our position that the us can no longer be
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part of the peace process the us administration has become really a part of the problem and not part of the solution and we condemn this move and this provoke a to vet the choice with the strongest possible terms. palestinians angered by the u.s. decision have saved demonstrations every friday since the announcement and it was no different this week john strafford has more now from gaza. but this is one of five confrontation points along the gaza israeli border jaime we've seen. people gathering for the last couple of hours they've been throwing stones at israeli forces close to the feints on the other side is just in the last few minutes that a second person has been injured we understand was shot by israeli forces and in the process of being taken away in an ambulance the first person we understood around twenty years old was shot in the leg and has been taken to hospital now
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we've been seeing these kind of protests in the gaza strip every friday since donald trump's announcement in december that he thinks that jerusalem should be the capital of israel but it's important to recognize that these protests here today it's much more than just that let's not forget that the people in gaza have suffered for ten years of an air sea and land blockade this being opposed on them by israel the rougher border crossing with egypt has also been closed since two thousand and fourteen and very occasionally opens up the egyptians saying that they keep that closed because of security concerns ongoing security concerns with darsheel eisel on the other side of the border so these these people have suffered horrifically and that suffering continues to escalate. i had him on the news hour including. as they came just after we broke out monday fast we heard gunshots it
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was chaos everywhere reliving moments of horror a nigerian school girls who escaped kidnappers told by their classmates who were captured. bus will examine why the chinese government is taking control of a major insurance. and then sport the olympics athletes from russia taste gold for the first time in junction we'll have the ice. thousands of soldiers along with police in rio de janeiro taking control of the west side of the city as part of a wider security operation brazil's president michel ordered the military takeover in response to a recent spike in violent crime sunday live for us now from rio de janeiro's so the scene there on the streets. well it's really
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a tale of two different cities of rio de janeiro here on a friday night what we saw is the military do patrols in two different for fellows or shantytowns earlier in the day on friday there were normal reconnaissance missions no shots were fired and there were no confrontations at all but they were doing patrols at least in two different shanty towns but in other parts of the city we've seen no military presence at all for example we're at right now is the famous copacabana neighborhood of rio de janeiro and we have seen no military here whatsoever however make no mistake about it rio de janeiro is a city and rio de janeiro is a state that is completely militarized it's now the police that are having to answer to the military it's not totally unprecedented in previous years we have seen the military do operations here in rio de janeiro. no but they were just backing up the police operations today we went to
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a shanty town called my day and spoke to a mother there the military did an operation there in two thousand and fourteen and as we found out it did not end well. irani porches is alone and still in shock she's wondering how her beloved son could have been shot by army soldiers not in a faraway battlefield but right in the neighborhood where they live. her son bitter is a family man a hard worker who stays away from any trouble but two years ago when driving back home with friends after watching a football match peter was shot by army soldiers at a checkpoint at the entrance of my day the shanty town he lives with his family though i got the call to go to the hospital and i couldn't believe how he looked i thought my son was delayed i cried and couldn't stop the military was in the middle of a sixteen month long operation troops backed up by the police stationed in his neighborhood around the clock to crack down on crime and drug gangs the shooting of the there
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was a mistake and it cost him dearly he is now confined to a wheelchair still too scared to want to speak on camera or even be filmed eventually the military occupation of the thirst neighborhood ended but now the troops are coming back with even more power than before or even that is president michel tamar ordered the military this week to take complete control over policing in rio in an attempt to bring back law and order after his surge in violence there are sixteen million people that live in the state of rio de janeiro and the security for all of them now rests squarely with soldiers from the army the last time the military played such a prominent world was over thirty years ago the time of the military dictatorship the government says now is the time to get the army back on the streets because they say here in rio the police have failed when. but lawyer credo echoes the sentiments of many here says that the hundreds of millions to be spent on
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really tries in rio would be better channeled into dealing with the root causes of the city's problems there's no short term solution to this we have an unequal society we need education better health jobs better planning there's no miracle that the military can solve but the army for sure plans to go back to my day where victor was shot and still lives and that leaves his mother furious she doesn't want them to say the military isn't trying to this they're trying to shoot to kill and now once again they're being seen to the poor communities just to give the impression to everyone else that things a safe does another kid need to lose a leg like my son did. for a mother still hurting for a son left crippled for life by the very forces that were meant to protect him. it's really unprecedented to think about it that the city of rio that four years ago hosted the final of the world cup two years ago hosted the summer olympic games
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and now the security situation is so bad that the president has to send in the army to protect people how did rio get to this point you know there's many reasons why but there's always been an image of rio being this picture postcard city and in many ways it is but below the surface the security situation here has always been very precarious it's gotten worse in the last couple years for many reasons number one is brazil is in a recession and rio is particularly been hit hard the state is pretty much bankrupt that is affected social services such as schools hospitals the unemployment rate has got very high as well and all of that up. and including the fact that this is a city that there's a stark divide between rich and very poor and what you have is a security situation that has just gotten completely out of control and the police just simply were not able to handle it so the question becomes what happens now
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nobody knows if the military will be the answer or not but the president tamar has said that the military will stay on the streets here in rio at least until the end of the year it was on day of approaching that from a just now. at least eighteen people have been killed and twenty more engineers in twin call bomb attacks in the somali capital mogadishu fastballs happened at a checkpoint in the president's residence the second was in front of a hotel away from the palace the armed group al-shabaab this time just phone support as he for the attacks. but jerry's president is promising more troops to join the search for dozens of adoptees schoolgirls kidnapped on monday. suspected in the abductions are those are where the address was the first international journalist on the ground and has this report from. disappointment induction i was after parents were told that daughters have been rescued the state government apologized saying the information was not true. for the relatives of more than one
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thousand students the wait has just begun some say it's all over again. these sisters have not only escaped the kidnappers but they're all the sister wasn't as lucky the incident leaves them devastated. and then i'm wondering as they came just after we broke our monday fast we heard gunshots there was chaos everywhere she tried to comfort us but it only got worse four of us sisters started running to give that she fell and i fell down but someone picked me up that was the last time i saw her she was taken. neighbors poor into their home to offer support at the girls' school we were refused access to film inside i would necessary some of the attackers dressed in military fatigues drove through the school gates but before they got in many of the girls alerted by the gunshots fired early on scale
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the problem at the front of the school and escaped but some girls say they saw some of their schoolmates being led into a waiting truck so literally and his family thought they too were received fourteen year olds and up but she was one of the schoolgirls taken. to tell us a mother is in hospital she fainted on hearing that her daughter was and found a grief is too much for her but there isn't much is expected of the second year high school student for now they continue to wait hoping to hear good and definitive news about the return of their child. residents hope the tragedy will be as long as a twenty four incident where more than two hundred seventy two goals were kidnapped from the school more than a third of them are yet to be found prompted greece al-jazeera doctrine united nations estimates more than two hundred twenty million people are facing hunger across the african continent here and food knacker cultural agricultural
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organization discussed ways to deal with the problem at a recent conference in sudan about morgan reports from casa. ministers government officials and other cultural experts from nearly all african countries gathered to address one of the continent's biggest challenges food insecurity all seem to have one goal in mind sustainable agriculture and food development and i am very pleased to see. there we are indeed a school friends with school since in our decision. build consensus to take some time but also after the children concerns me to help was will move forward faster in the implementation is about what you have agreed. to put in security has long been a challenge in africa the host country sudan once regarded as
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a bread basket has three point five million people facing hunger farah sudan is the length of resources and opportunities has so very much our resources not your resources which if it is utilized efficiently it could significantly to african and. this needs to love a nation which africa continues tonight should also seek to obviously resources which can be done to help in utilizing these huge resources. but collaboration amongst countries is the first step on a long journey nearly every african country was represented in this regional conference but battling the problem of food shortages in the continent will not come easy despite the conclusions from the meetings the united nations says conflict is one of the main reasons and for several african countries where has been part of everyday life for years two hundred twenty four million are deemed to be facing hunger in africa two countries on the continent have faced famine in the
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past seven years were in other african countries has forced millions to leave their homes and farmlands exacerbating an already dire situation and this climate change threatens countries already in varying levels of food insecurity some fear that while the intention to fight hunger is there more needs to be done it will take determination it will take action. because africa has the potential to see themselves. potential doesn't suit people so we have to translate that potential into action. conferences are good in themselves but they do not serve any purpose if we end up with never get action and actions that will impact the lives of millions across africa who desperately wait for a change in their situation people morgan al-jazeera khartoum. there are. on an eight billion dollars gas pipeline that means more to the country than just the economic benefits.
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one hundred years of the red army we examine how the military has been rebuilt to become one of the strongest in the world. is right down to the wire. of abu dhabi will have more in sports. more heavy rain just lingering around least central plains of the u.s. pushing up towards the great lakes. but in place for the past few days we have seen flooding in north of the border this is sudden parts of ontario we have got flooding issues in place as well states of emergency issued across central areas pushing across the u.s. into southern areas of canada seem to stay wet as we go on through the next day or
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two. texas seeing some really big rain more heavy downpours there to reflect on poles coming in across arkansas right the way up into the ohio valley further west where we have got some snow spinning out of the rockies and into the northwest pacific northwest can see more snow coming in here across the cascades it won't be quite as widespread as we go through sunday central parts of kind of the we'll see if that dusting of snow having said that for the northern plains edging towards the midwest and also into new england further south with that very heavy right as pennsylvania and also into new york and still coming down into the deep south where the caribbean is find its rise and lovely weather coming through here fred with a cloud just bubbling up from time to time but for most it will be pleasantly warm spells of sunshine temperatures in kingston of twenty nine. from satellite technology to three d.
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printing and recycled waste to fill up our classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new one it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. i mean she continued she crossed the. bridge. of the. unknown because. the name unless you. were at the. camp for palestinian refugees or. news.
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again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour the syrian military bombardment of eastern except to continue with a u.n. vote on a humanitarian ceasefire postponed until saturday more than four hundred forty civilians have died in six days of heavy attacks on the rebel held and. the u.s. has confirmed it won't open its new mc in jerusalem and may much earlier than expected palestinians have condemned as provocative decision in december to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem about protest in palestine and around the world. and u.s. president donald trump says the guard at the florida school seventeen people were
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shot dead did a poor job trump has for peace is calls to on teachers and schools and florida's governor is proposing raising the limit to buy firearms from eighteen to twenty one . criticize the florida school guard for failing to enter the building saying it wasn't his finest moment. see the security guard doesn't know the children doesn't love the child this man standing outside of the school the other day doesn't love the children probably doesn't know the children the teachers love their children they love their pupils they love their students they doing it also from love now they have to be very adept i'm not talking about every teacher i'm talking about a small percentage but people that have great ability with weaponry with guns those are the only people i'm talking about but they'll protect the student catherine to solder as a teacher from the florida school where the shooting happened she says it's sad
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that the schools resorts off as a different thing gates the gunman it is upsetting but i do think that in situations like this it's very easy to vilify people and say you know so and so should have done this so and so should have you know and he's a human being just like all of us are of the broward county school superintendent says he wants to see more money spent on trade lord for thunder fashions on campus rather than arming teachers. asking our teachers to carry guns to me that's an easy way out you don't spend any money you're spending your resources on it we've got to do a better job investing in education making sure our schools are safe as possible so if they're really serious about it pay for it to have trained law enforcement professionals on campus and allow us to have more of them don't put their hands of
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teachers they have a challenge challenge obvious it is that i don't think is the right direction that we need to go. as a criminal justice professor at pace university a former police officer in the u.s. military he joins us now from new york via skype thanks for being with us so the law to play in the raining down on this deputy scott peterson is that fire would he have been trained to confront a situation like this in the florida school. well a resource of certain asked where deputy peterson was he was a school resource officer they all all school resource officers gold will lease academy with regular i want to say our season officer such as a caesar but certified police officer so to speak so and in a car completion of the police academy that's when you're assigned to whatever you do even be in this particular case he had him being a resource or so he would be assigned to the schools but he had the equipment
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training of a sworn police officer and was it his fault i think that he could have done a better job but just understand it wasn't just geoffrey peterson due in addition seductively p.s.n. do with three of the broward county sheriff's deputies that did exact same thing and they waited outside therefore i think that this was stemming problem in policing in connection with going into schools and count hundred threats because we look at weird this practice come from it dates back to columbine we look at how police responded to the situation at columbine in colorado they had a wait and see approach as we've progressed and we look what happened in sandy hook then a move forward towards terminating his saw and directly confronting the shooter and this would happen here in florida was in diameter opposition to the new practice of countering the threat with the shooter directly ok so what what sort of being done definitely what would you have done differently on campus that there. well as
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a lieutenant i would have commanded my police officers and sergeants on the ground to go in immediately because you want to work and neutralize the threat as quick as possible because the more time the more time you waste the more innocent victims are going to be slaughtered as a result of it so i think this of up the moon orton's that we get those resources mostly resources mean officers in near as quick as possible solution lies a threat ok i've got trump solution being to take his because he says that his love keds more than these resource officers what do you think of that i mean diametric opposition the trumps approach i think the unique was fully trained officers to be to to be armed in all situations because just firearms skill is something that's a perishable skill if you're not doing it on a consistent basis then it's something that he rolls in time where is you want to have the professionals was there the professionals be it law enforcement or trained
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or trained security force to deal with that because i just think that it just it would be too much of a problem for each teacher to our horses straddle the fence that's really being a security guard its in its structure and it just added i just think it's too much essentially that the conversation in the last twenty four hours has switched from gun control to how better to arm schools do you think that debate is going in the right direction. well i mean i think that gun control is not the one fix solution it's a far more tea faceted approach you have to look at socio economics mental health. and also the people of the areas that shoot in because the demographics change from one for us to the next so we look at socio economics mental health those are really key components in deal with this coupled with education because the public or i want to see the students need to have a true understanding of what the ramifications of the unbalance up whereas if you
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just remove guns so to speak that's only a part of the equation but once again this should be a more multifaceted approach not a monolithic gun control so ok porter good to speak to that from new york thanks for joining us oh thank. now a former aide to donald trump's presidential campaign has faded guilty to conspiracy and lying to investigators has an inquiry into russia and in the twenty sixteen election. play indicates he's willing to cooperate with investigators and provide testimony against other top aides. are telling you it's happened again another member of donald trump's twenty sixteen campaign walks into the courthouse and pleads guilty to a serious felony conspiring against the united states and line to investigators gates isn't a household name but it's believed he played an important role in the campaign and
2:40 am
inauguration often seen right next to his boss like here preparing for his party's acceptance speech gates was the former deputy campaign manager for trump and a longtime business partner of campaign chairman paul man of fort gates was indicted with manna for at last october for money laundering later face charges of bank fraud and tax evasion both men originally pled not guilty gates joined the term campaign in june of two thousand and sixteen and stayed on after man a fort was fired this will put more pressure on man afford to follow suit and flip giving evidence on people higher up in the campaign he was in that critical meeting between donald trump jr jared cushion or and the russian lawyer linked to the kremlin this is now the third trump campaign official to come to this courthouse and plead guilty with that there's been a lot more talking conservative circles the president should simply pardon everyone involved under the constitution he can do that you can pardon pretty much anybody except himself it would be politically risky but there's another problem the
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special counsel's been working with states' attorneys and when it comes to stay crimes well there's literally nothing the president can do to interfere so far nineteen people have been indicted in connection with the investigation into possible russian collusion have flipped make it likely that more rest stark. i mean and making it harder to say there's nothing here it discredits more and more of the claim that this is just fake news there's nothing there there's nothing there why are people pleading guilty they usually do that in order for prosecutors to get people more powerful in this case closer to the president what's not know just how high this will go if it's possible it could lead to the president himself. al-jazeera washington construction has begun on the afghan section of a major gas pipeline linking menaced on pakistan and india the project will cost eight billion dollars and run through thousands of calls as of southern afghanistan
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it has the support of the afghan government the u.s. and pakistan and even the taliban think about it reports from kabul. in afghanistan these days there is not much to cheer about on friday there was an exception construction began on a pipeline project to carry natural gas from turkmenistan through the country to india and pakistan workers welded the first link of pipe crossing the border between turkmenistan and afghanistan's goes are a district near herat. a ten billion dollars project will bring jobs and income. but this project brings electricity gas work and life it brings like to the dark homes in afghanistan pakistan and india and also brings energy to each of our investors had with. the ceremony was watched by took many stands president the prime minister of pakistan and india's minister for external affairs who joined by video link the project known as tappy the initials of the four countries is being
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described as a new page in regional cooperation and hopes for a better future. than you have and then after a long time afghanistan is taking part in a regional project which will provide jobs for our people i'm hoping that this regional cooperation will result in closer relations between the countries and that it will help afghanistan become more stable and one that russia the turkey project brings a message of peace so it will help bring peace in our country and also in the wider region the tension between the countries in the region will reduce the pipeline will run one thousand eight hundred fourteen kilometers and carry thirty three billion cubic meters of natural gas each year it is expected to be completed by january twenty twenty security in harat was tight for the ceremony but the taliban has given its support for the pipeline reversing an earlier stand observer say this is probably because of its close ties with pakistan which will take forty percent of the gas and make
2:44 am
a profit of twenty five percent on the sale. with the security fears softened the main focus now is attracting investors to raise the capital to complete the project but for now everyone seems to be happy this project takes many boxes money jobs prestige and importantly regional cooperation and that's the kind of good news event that doesn't happen all too often in this part of the world tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul china's government has seized temporary control of one of the country's largest insurance companies the founder and chairman of the and bang group is facing charges of fraud and embezzlement in shanghai the takeover is seen as an attempt to protect china's economy from financial risk to vehicle paul and has more from hong kong. most analysts are applauding the move saying the company was at risk given its high profile buying sprees around the world amounting to billions of dollars the takeover of management though by a regulatory agency is unusual on bhang was founded by wu's yahoo
2:45 am
a man with strong political connections within china and internationally the company had a humble beginnings just over a decade ago it was a provincial car and sure and now it's one of china's biggest insurance companies and hong kong its offices are in prime real estate taking up space in the city's tallest building which you can see lit up behind me a few years ago on buying expanded to wealth investments in insurance selling financial products to chinese consumers using that money it's wrapped up its profile by buying extravagant asses around the world like the waldorf astoria hotel in new york now if the company crumbles it would have meant that thousands of ordinary people who had parked their caches and buying would have lost their money and many of them there and sars savings a collapse of the old so impact china's financial system after the whole buying had set the tone for many chinese conglomerates that just snapped up major assets
2:46 am
around the world at exorbitant prices and this is a huge concern for the government the grows in debt in chinese companies is one of the biggest challenges for president xi jinping but there are concerns about whether where the line should be drawn when it comes to regulation and there are those who call this intervention chinese style capitalism where the government is still the government guardian of the markets while it is still unclear whether this will set a president analysts say this serves as a warning and many companies in china now which have been going on international buying sprees amassing debts will start being more cautious. russia is marking its annual holiday dedicated to honoring its military veterans it's been one hundred the is since the red army was founded and despite undergoing a decline following the collapse of the soviet union it's once more become a force to be reckoned with jenna hall reports from moscow. it's a hundred years since the first volunteers signed up to serve in the brand new red
2:47 am
army almost immediately their task was to defend the october revolution in a civil war against anti communist forces. the red army would later succeed in fighting back hitler's invading nazis at a cost to the soviet union of millions of lost lives. these days the founding of the red army is much more broadly as a tribute to old military veterans in president vladimir putin's russia the achievements of the revolution to play down the occasion is an excuse for displays of communist nostalgia on a fairly small scale those non-mental not for none of the red flag is all flag it's the flag of victory in the great patriotic war children of the victors. so the red army then they began transform and also. extend this integrate especially in the beginning of the nine then there were several waves of different
2:48 am
kind of reform and now actually they're more or less back where they began and increasingly resembling a kind of you know projection of the red army which is that understandable because right now the russian army has more or less the same enemies as the red army did during the cold war and i mean enemies the united states and its allies where in the cold war number two russia's modern military has been rebuilt at vast expense both to counter the expansion of western alliances like nato and the european union and also to advance russia's own geo political ambitions since then that successful search and war of wars were georgia. crimea now syria right now yes. but russia and. maybe the. best in the world but some with
2:49 am
long memories place less military alone. there are no americans who can come here. and the world has once again come to respect russia's military might for many that is a welcome new chapter in the country's history. moscow.
2:50 am
2:51 am
live. six x. six a. that's the latest from the winter olympics now and has peta. thank you very much the credibility of russian athletes at the olympic games have taken another hit after a second competitor tested positive to a banned substance as young chang it overshadowed the country's first gold medal in these home and reports. day fourteen of competition started in a victorious manner for the olympic athletes from russia fifteen year old elena zagat targo put them on top of the podium for the first time in pyongyang after a victory in women's singles figure skating i was. the celebration was short lived with russian tame officials announcing their bobsled
2:52 am
competitor in a dish just a gave or had tested positive to a bad hard drug she'd finished twelfth in the two woman event on thursday russian cola alexander crucial netsky was stripped of a bronze medal after a positive test at the critics of russia's participation in. one hundred sixty eight athletes were allowed to compete as neutrals without tame uniforms or flags after accusations of state sponsored diving. the action continued away from the storm on friday and the netherlands collected their eight gold medal of the games in speed skating noice won the men's one thousand moves the first skated to win two golds at these games. to canadian defending champion marial thompson crashed out in the heat of the women ski cross compadre at kelsey's so were took advantage she led the field from the start of the final winning gold ahead of britain's feel it was it's been an emotional winter games for american
2:53 am
ski star lindsay vonn on and off the slopes after finishing likelihood last olympics with a bronze medal she met with a group of south korean men who wanted to thank over the service of her grandfather during the korean war john killed elder toward van de ski died three. months ago i think that i made my grandfather proud and it was definitely the most emotional i've ever been a race far far it was difficult to control everything and be focused for my competitions but in the end i gave it absolutely everything i had while another olympic seems out of bounds reach she will return to the world cup circuit next season uli's home and just there are. with two days of composition remaining norway and germany are locked at the top of the middles table with thirteen golds each
2:54 am
candidate have now surpassed their best ever middle hole at a winter olympics with twenty seven they are food followed by the united states and the netherlands despite canada's haul they are mourning the country's failure to secure hockey gold medals their women's ice hockey team were beaten in a shoot out by the united states in the gold medal match and the men's team have been knocked out in the semifinals by germany who will contest the final for the first time their opponents will be the olympic athletes from a russia who beat the czech republic to advance to the decisive game for the first time in twenty years the decision not to allow n.h.l. players to compete in pyongyang resulting in an unlikely gold medal match. meanwhile south korea's women could lose continue to capture the imagination of the host nation the team have been nicknamed the garlic girl since they hail from a rural garlic producing area or into the a limbic final baby japan eight seven in friday's semifinal. now curling is not really
2:55 am
a big sport in south korea over there you can see here the girly girls really have captured the imagination of young and old the citizens of the host nation have taken to playing the sport at home and other nontraditional places as part of a craze. my hands with quitting because it was such a close game but i'm thrilled now because we're true to the final and we will win the gold. some new sports will make their olympic debut on saturday alpine skiing concludes with a head to head team racing each team is made up of two men and two women the world's best male snowboarders will find out who is the king of the big and twenty four speed skaters take to the track in the first ever limp big mess started golds to be won in cross-country skiing men's curling and parallel giant snowboarding as well now imagine the city might be running away with the english
2:56 am
premier league but the manager pep guardiola is in some hot water has been charged by the english football association for wearing a yellow ribbon in support of imprisoned politicians in his native catalonia this is in breach of the f.a.'s regulations has been warned on two previous occasions catalonia held an independence referendum last october spanish police say the death of an officer in bilbao was not a direct consequence of football fan violence a fifty one year old riot policeman collapsed from cardiac arrest during clashes between supporters from athletic bilbao and russian club spartak moscow it happened before the europa league match five people have been detained three russians and two spaniards. sportbike won the match by bill bell advanced four three on aggregate they will play more say in the last sixteen the big game sees a similar end take on austin ill while i fear to go madrid have been drawn against
2:57 am
lokomotiv moscow the first leg of those tires take place on the eighth of march italian sprinter eleven vianney continues to lead into saturday's penultimate stage of cycling's abu dhabi to the army holds a three second advantage over alexander christophe and stage three winner phil bauhaus who took friday stage in a photo finish from fellow german marcel kittel. the oklahoma city thunder had to beat the basket on thursday to avoid an embarrassing defeat to the sacramento kings reigning most valuable player russell westbrook save the day for the thunder they had blown a twenty three point lead and as the clock take down the kings had come back to live in the game at one hundred seven each but then westbrook scored this three pointer to beat the buzzer and save face for the thunder one hundred ten one hundred seven when put oklahoma city in the west. anthony gill may not have a name to rival russell westbrook but this shot certainly did the american lebanese
2:58 am
own buzzer beater from the half court at the three quarter mark of khimki the euro league game with paraffin like us and that's all the sport will have another update for you again later. from a laura call for this these are all about their just a moment with more of the day's news.
2:59 am
organization. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year the more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and children sometimes if caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take the violence. go i also. there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for. teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards . to navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart through the
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time we finished scared to the fisherman. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid to. go i call from my family meet the man who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a school nurse for otherwise and certainly risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. the un security council is delayed by a day as members wrangle. pleas for help and another day of strikes and.


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