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it's sweat every. zero. hello i'm marianna mozzie this is the news hour live from london coming up after days of wrangling the u.n. security council votes unanimously to call for a thirty day ceasefire in syria. back if. this is more than
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five hundred syrians have been killed in a week because government forces attack opposition held eastern ghouta. nigeria's says it's deploying more troops to search for more than one hundred schoolgirls seized by boko haram in northern nigeria. because. of protests across italy as tensions rise in the run up to next weekend's election immigration is a key issue. and i'm tatiana phantasm hall with the sport where history has been made to n.p.r. the czech republic and that cup becomes the fast athlete to win gold in both and snowboarding at a single until. the u.n. security council has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding a thirty day truce in syria to allow aid access it follows days of negotiations at
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un over the wording of the document five hundred people have been killed in seven days of syrian government attacks on rebel held east and thousands of people are trapped in on the ground shelters many of which are providing little protection against the syrian and russian rockets and bombs. every minute the council waited on russia the human suffering group getting to a vote became a moral responsibility for everyone but not for russia not for syria not for iran i have to ask why. at least nineteen health facilities have been bombed and sunday's nineteen as they dragged out the negotiation the bombs from assad's fighter jets continued to fall in the three days it took us to adopt this resolution how many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling.
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notebook also and it is a it took us so much time to reach an agreement on the resolution because we didn't support what was in trying to be there for an immediate cessation of hostilities. because as it stood it wasn't possible to achieve this without any concrete agreement from the warring parties in syria who can't arrive at a cease fire. this kind of unrealistic approach will in no way have to address the humanitarian situation in syria. or the syrian ambassador to the united nations accused other members of the security council of backing terrorism. your governments are preventing us from countering terrorism in our territories we didn't go and fight other countries we are combating terrorism on our own territories terrorism but it's supported by the government of your countries in the session on thursday i explained the reality of what is happening in syria the reality of the suffering of civilians as a result of the practices of armed terrorist groups and i stress once again that the syrian government has taken seriously all deescalation initiatives and observe
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them. well let's bring out a solid binge of aid and gaziantep on the turkey syria border and we've been reporting on the escalation of military activity we've seen continued fighting in northern syria not far from where you are but also in and around east and over the past week what are people do people have hope that any kind of international initiative will make a difference to their lives. well i just spoke to somebody who has families stranded in eastern. trying to get hold of friends without internet connections it's been very worrying for people who have people stranded inside with them who told me that there is relief that there might be and. but there's also fear fear that the syrian government can use this phase to try and gain as much as
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possible before the implementation phase kicks in people inside who have been describing to us the horrendous conditions that they have been living in they cannot venture out because the bombing in the last seven days have been nonstop more than five hundred people have been killed at least hospitals have been taken out and more than two thousand people have been wounded people have been telling us that there is not enough food to eat they can't even treat their own patients and doctors have been saying that they have been running out of medicine for the last five years but now the situation has become critical people have been running from one place to the other trying to find shelter but many of them have been crammed in underground basements. rescuers are responding to cries for help. but. received. in moments of panic the search for children who
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disappeared in the debris. and the children call for their father. the civil defense worker says they must hurry to the basement. activists accuse the syrian government and russia for the airstrikes and shelling. of syria's capital damascus has been bombarded specially hard for the last week. the only light these days is from the fires which started after the bombing. where these children prayed in the dark in an underground shelter one of them wants the world to feel their pay her. no food no water every day we sleep on the floor my back hurts we can't bring a pillow from our house if we get out we'll get it don't you know that imagine your children being gone and what do you want me to say ask the world for
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safety. the words you have the floors are down the air is humid and it's called underground there are few basements and all the nearly four hundred thousand people on the roofs of our size the way this is call our children didn't eat for two days we can't find anything else we'll feed them this is a male god help us. syrians living in cities abroad have protested in small gatherings they reject that the fight in eastern is against what the government calls terrorists. but the syrian government iran and russia see the civilian deaths and who are fabricated propaganda. what are the next steps that are expected to happen now we have seen attempts a truce and sation of hostilities in the past what will aid agencies the un be trying to do in terms of organizing access and logistics for a deliveries. maria before i come to that is in the
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last couple of minutes we've just received at least one fighting group on the ground the. core of the free syrian army says they will affirm their full and serious commitment to the cease fire and they will reserve the legitimate right to self-defense and will respond to any aggression calling on the influential countries to push pressure the russian and the syrian side to implement the full terms of this agreement so already we're beginning to hear some reaction on the ground in after this united nations security council agreement coming back to the question of how will aid agencies respond i spoke to one united nations source who told me that we have always been ready people stand on their rooftops inside who can see the warehouses where the united nations stores food and it's been frustrating for them not to be able to provide this but aid workers on the ground in hooters saying that this is just the first step they have to see how the syrian government how seriously it implements the terms of this agreement will it allow
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food and essential medical aid to come in in the past aid convoys have been stopped essential supplies have been taken out and the aid is specially medical aid has not been allowed to enter so there is a lot of trepidation people are cautiously optimistic that there is some sort of movement on the diplomatic front but they're also afraid of the days ahead thank you very much as of engine of age and on the turkey syria border over into money a senior research fellow at the london school of economics joins me in the studio now thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us so after days of wrangling the u.n. finally managed u.n. security council passed this resolution now what we need to see in principle at least is an end to attacks on. an end to the shelling of damascus and then also fighting in northern syria way you have turkey and its
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allies on the ground so calm. situation there does any of that sound feasible to you i don't think so i think it's great that this sort of solution was passed and there is a consensus in the security council around without a consensus in the council we don't expect to see a solution in syria but only its own it's not enough they passed many reason before for cease fires nationwide they work for a short period and then they fall apart there are no montreal mechanism for smith mechanism and in the solution there is a reference to monitoring mechanism but it says it builds on the existing mechanism which are the russian turkish new ones but we need the neutral and we need these like the un to be monitoring the violation not somebody who is already part of the conflict what then is the best you can hope for some sort of access or humanitarian aid deliveries for a short period of time until fighting starts again we do we do have hope for improvement for a short period of time but i think it's enough just to wait for short improvement
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we need something more durable we do hope that the getting out the most are out of order is going to happen there are only two hundred forty people who solution still gives actually the excuse to attack the areas where there exists which is the excuse the regime was already taken to a pack of water and there are only about two hundred forty members of her buttons that are in the water hundreds of thousands of civilians so the regime can easily take this as an acute excuse to carry on its attacks which is happening right now right after the passing of the resolution what needs to happen to prevent that from from happening because one thing that really did emerge from that u.n. security council meeting was the deep division and polarized polarization that still very much exists of assyria and has vastly different narratives as well you had anecdotes from nikki haley you know the number the indiscriminate use of force an instigator and elsewhere in syria right now on the other hand the syrians and
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the russians arguing that they are targeting group. that you know have not been included in any past or present agreements and these are groups that are attacking civilians in places like damascus look it's really complex and what's worse now is that we have two members of the security council exist in syria on the ground the us is also in syria and turns committing violation to the coalition that killed many many civilians also and it's a dark and destroyed iraq so i think there are a lot so for there was also finger pointing in the in the speeches today in the security council and you can see from the text from his allusion that russians insist that russia has to be included in the solution but both now russia and the u.s. will be careful not to clued in in force when we're going to them or want to do can isms because both could be in trouble there both on the ground and no one's hands are. clean of drugs. president mentioned syria in the speech that he gave just the other day and one thing he said was the only reason we're in syria
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is because i saw with that defeat i still but now what we see is if anything a ramping up and an escalation of military activity now that i sill has been defeated how much more complicated is this conflict the coming. it's getting only more complicated isis has been defeated tourism has not been defeated the conditions that led to isis are even you know they're still there and the us is not helping a tall actually imprinting stability and legitimacy again to the areas that took isis out of so that we prevent the comeback of isis we need just to make this conflict syria again it's not syrian anymore i mean all the messaging today in the council even the text of resolution it was geopolitical message and it's not about the syrians and when you have the syrian civilians voice to be on the table or worse we will hear and really of the voice of the comfort of the armed conflict think there is not the will of the civilians let me point out but during the last
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few days we've seen attacks from the rascals on the water from a lot on the muscles on both this attack as civilians who are dying and those who are committing attacks are not being. touched at told there they're surviving they need the war to survive they need this to continue they would not have no status nor support nothing if the war can't but it's the civilians who are suffering thank you very much from the london school of economics. thank you i mean speech versus. all the stories we're covering i still is claiming to be behind it twin suicide bombings that killed at least six people in yemen southern city of aden the explosions targeted a military camp used by counterterrorism forces as well as the residence of a man's former governor ospital officials say three of the dead us soldiers and three civilians at least forty three others are being treated for the injuries. well now to nigeria where the president is deploying extra soldiers to search for
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more than one hundred girls kidnapped from their school in the town of duchy mamadou bihari is called monday's abduction by boko haram a national disaster parents of the missing girls plan to join the bring back our girls campaign which was launched off the book around kidnapped more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls from the town of chip book in two thousand and fourteen many of them is still missing and the address has more now from the capital. the mood is that of shock and anger anger because the nigerian government has failed to properly explain how many kids or how many students have been taken from that college and what exactly happened there now shock in the sense that many people expected nigeria and the security agencies to learn from the mistakes of two thousand and fourteen in trouble when more than two hundred and seventy schools go to school girls have been kidnapped by boko haram more than one hundred of them are still unaccounted for group of activists who've been pushing but i did in government to rescue the girls now we spoke to some of them who expressed shock and
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dismay that four years on the nigerian government and the nigerian security services have not learned anything from the war. before it's four years a one hundred twelve people go should be but only two who will come up on tuesday to realize that more schoolgirls were abducted and we're back to square one when many nigerians expected the government to beef up security i don't value will places like schools especially boarding schools in the northeast of nigeria now in the case of she that clearly did not happen and many nigerians will be watching the government closely as a low security agency is to see whether or not these girls are rescued in the next few days or so. the u.n. has removed a police units in the base in south sudan amid allegations of the sexual exploitation of women and a protection of civilians can forty six police officers will call for me while camp and confined to base after the complaints came to light the investigation found
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some members of the guy named allegedly engaged in transactional sex with women living at the site. hundreds of supporters of the democratic republic of congo's ruling party have stormed a church the supporters of president joseph kabila targeted the church in contrast because of a planned rally against the government the protest is being backed by some catholic churches in the country kabila supporters at the church about to sit in in an attempt to defend the homeland. well it has a victims from friday's bombings in somalia accusing government leaders of failing to protect their people the twin explosions in the capital mogadishu killed at least eight people. has claimed responsibility as victory gate b. reports. the families collect the dead hours after the latest bomb and gun attacks in the capital it's four months since the largest of a truck bomb attack in mogadishu killed hundreds of somalis the lack of protection continues to cause anger. in amman is. the government
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failed to protect its people they should step down if they can't protect us from the slaughter of the constant explosion is. one of the. fighters launched the attack at the start of friday pres targeting somalia's intelligence headquarters and then the parliament. gun battles continued near the presidential palace. as the night wore on the number of dead rose people searching for their loved ones and hospitals then at moogs many of the dead and injured on friday were civilians including people enjoying their weekend on the beach. as we came from the beach me and my two brothers we were near the hotel when the explosion happened i survived but my two brothers died. of fighters who were linked to al qaida wants controlled large areas of somalia but were forced out of major
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cities six years ago it wants to overthrow the un backed government and impose strict islamic law. frequently detonates car bombs and fights gun battles the worst attack killed five hundred twelve people in october at least fifteen hundred children were orphaned somali government leaders say they are doing what they can to keep people safe and say security forces prevented at least one bomb laden car from reaching its intended target. the somali government is backed by twenty two thousand african union troops and u.s. drone strikes following criticism after october's attack the minister of defense was sacked along with the police commissioner and security bosses despite that mogadishu's in mourning again victoria gave him be. he with the news hour live from london much more still to tell you about four deadly attacks in a single day the taliban and i so launch a wave of assaults in afghanistan two major airlines in the u.s.
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have a ties with america's gun lobby after last week's school shooting. in norway when a wreck or thirty eight from the winter olympics medal of the details from child chang coming up with tatiana and sport. at least twenty six people have been killed in a series of attacks across afghanistan most of them army and al taliban fighters stormed the military outpost in the west where they killed at least twenty soldiers security forces were also targeted and lashkar gah and another attack happened in nearby nada ali and i saw has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in kabul tony he has more from the afghan capital. another bloody day in afghanistan three suicide bombings at a large scale taliban attack on an afghan army base the first attack was in kabul at eight thirty on saturday morning the target was intelligence building afghan
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intelligence building where people were killed and wounded this was carried out by islamic state they claim responsibility the other attacks were by the taliban there is concern i think especially for the attack in kabul you may remember the large ambulance bomb that was set off in january killing more than one hundred people but after that the afghan president. ghani said there was a new security strategy you've seen on the streets greater numbers of army and police greater defenses but still with this in place islamic state able to strike so that's causing concern and of course the taliban is beefing up their attacks as well is preemptive perhaps for their annual spring offensive which they always launch but there are so many attacks going on now that basically one offensive rolls into another the united nations has released a report showing that the majority of people killed all civilians last year ten
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thousand were killed and wounded and it's the weapon of choice now is more often suicide bombs and roadside explosions. the americans are here in force they've beefed up their numbers they're using more aerial power to try and defeat in particular islamic state but so far it doesn't seem to be working and the security strategy certainly has holes in it a rally has been held in tel aviv in support of african migrants and asylum seekers mainly from sudan and eritrea in january the israeli government tell thousands of africans who entered the country illegally that they had three months to leave or face incarceration any risk being deported to uganda or wanda despite having no connection to those countries hairy force that has more. there are thousands of people here on the streets of south tel aviv not just african to silence seekers but also a notably many israelis who are out here to protest against their government's policy of frightening government. infiltrators from african nations
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mainly sudan and eritrea with either prison or forced essentially forced deportation to a third country. rwanda well most of the people that we've spoken to who may be in that situation the future they say that they would prefer prison to being sent to a country which isn't theirs which they say they would feel unsafe in one of those people is a man who's been here for ten years an asylum seeker who is from darfur in sudan and his name is thais harun and he joins me now thais just briefly your presence here is because of what happened to you and your family in darfur. and that is i'm . going to say that happened in. those other ninety three going to i started on we run away you know we our houses were van our family this is where you know most of the people work and the men who end up going to that if the majority according to polls of israelis support the government two thirds of his race support the
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government's policy on this nonetheless we've seen this big turnout opposed to it and in support of your argument here tonight what is that to fear it looks like to be honest i'd really want to thank the israeli society for coming on our i know that they met us they know that we are not here as migrants we came here because we have a problem on home and they understand that and we are very grateful for the the opportunity we just want the government to see these to see to come and need to be born and to see if it were migrant workers or we are really. vivid you thought looking for safety ok ties thank you very much for joining us and so that's the situation here we have thousands on the streets protesting again. however the process has already begun some people are in prison people have been issued with these deportation notices the israeli government seems determined to press ahead. delta airlines and united airlines are the latest major corporations to seven marketing ties with the
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national rifle association major businesses have been distancing themselves from the n.r.a. since it began a campaign against a student led push for tighter gun u.s. gun ownership delta and united say they're no longer offering n.r.a. members discounted rates and will ask the n.r.a. to remove that information from its website carolina is a political reporter with the progressive news web site think progress and joins us live now from washington thanks so much for speaking to us how important is it that you have american companies reacting in a way that basically means that they're taking a side in one of the country's most controversial and divisive issues i think after the parklane shooting last week the energy and the momentum in the united states feels very different than it has after similar recent mass shootings and school shootings part of that activism is because we had teenagers being so
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vocal we had victims and survivors speaking out on social media in particular and the fact that this social media energy in activism has translated into major national corporations deciding that they're no longer going to work with the gun lobby is a major of fact and i think that people across the country are are understanding and noticing what a difference. reaching out and being vocal on social media can have. and tell me is this momentum likely to continue could we potentially see a scenario where the gun lobby is abandoned by all its corporate allies. i don't see this momentum and being anytime soon there are still several major corporations that have not yet announced that they are ending their relationships with an array fed ex as one amazon currently streams an array to be on its platform and so people are still being very vocal on social media it remains to be seen what
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effect this will have directly on the n.r.a. is lobbying abilities but i think that it has a number of different implications one of which is that people are learning that they can have an impact by just reaching out to a company or maybe to a lawmaker pretty quickly we first reported that united and delta had this relationship with the n.r.a. last night and by first thing in the morning both companies had tweeted that they were and in their relationships so i think just showing people what an impact it can have to be vocal is probably going to have the most lasting impact and tell me how and why this pressure has built on businesses why has the feeling in the emotion in the reaction to the pomp and shooting been different oh perhaps more intense in some ways than she sings we've seen in the past.
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like i mentioned before this is the first time that we have big guns and survivors of the shooting who are very well spoken media trained who are young and ambitious and know that their voices have power and they've been speaking out almost immediately they turned their pain after this tragedy into activism and we saw them on t.v. and writing op eds and being vocal on social media within a few hours of the shooting and that energy has been infectious in this country and i think that people are understanding that not only can they go after the gun lobby but also we have elections coming up in november and if they continue to be vocal they can they can really affect policy. but it seems to be that there are limits and. so much further to go in terms of the measures because. well the u.s. constitution and where it stands on this one thing that we haven't been able to see
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is any kind of strict gun control legislation. there is but i think you can't discount the fact that for so long in the united states the n.r.a. has been has been perceived as untouchable it's been this humid lobbying organization one of the most powerful political groups in the country and people thought that if a politician accepted money from the n.r.a. and nothing could be done about it nothing could be done to damage the gun lobby is power and we've seen just in this past week that the n.r.a. is not untouchable the gun lobby has had to take down almost their entire member benefits page and now maybe people will rethink joining an organization that's not going to give them any benefits other than. have being very extreme lobbyist speak for them or maybe not even speak for them because the n.r.a. advocates for gun policies that are out of touch with
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a lot of american gun owners. all right well thank you very much appreciate getting you on this carolina. progress in washington you know the news hour still to come opposition activists break their release but say dozens of their colleagues remain in prison. alex of the people who fight the economic justice in america. since it was ignited by a civil rights icon. and to fly the flag or knowledge russian athletes await their fate to to fail drug tests at the winter olympics. hello the cold weather is continuing to push its way across europe we look at the
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temperature chart we can see the dark blues indicating just how cold that weather is and we could see it pushing its way further towards the west as we head through sunday and into monday but it's not only cold weather we're dealing with across europe at the moment also we've seen a lot of wet weather which has turned to snow it's hit that cold air so this is what it looks like in some parts of croatia at the moment they've certainly had an awful lot of wintery weather there now all of that snow is out of this weather system here and it's continuing to spiral its way across parts of the mediterranean and it's going to stick around as we head through sunday and into monday on the northern edges where we're seeing that snow and then we'll see more of it as we head through monday so monday looking particularly wintery across parts of romania and all the way across to croatia once more further north that while it's that cold air that's the story here minus two is a maximum imbalance and we can't expect the temperatures in berlin to get above freezing for a good few days yet now some of the unsettled weather that's been affecting us in the southern parts of europe has also been affecting us in the northern parts of
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africa and it's still with us on sunday a good deal of cloud here there's a chance of a few outbreaks of rain pulling away there was we head into monday drier weather here but there's more wet weather to come forth in rabbet. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you what it's about creative thinkers shaping their continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera. every year. quick look at the top stories for you this hour after days of wrangling the u.n. security council has unanimously adopted a resolution demanding a thirty day truce in syria to to allow aid in. i still is claiming responsibility for twin suicide bombings that killed at least six people
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in yemen southern city of aden. in nigeria's president is deploying extra soldiers to search for more than one hundred girls kidnapped by boko haram in the town of. dozens of protests have taken place across italy as tensions rise in the run up to next weekend's election the leader of the anti immigrant party also called the northern league as address thousands of supporters in milan but they're also being met by opposition several other demonstrations in support of immigration have taken place including in the capital run sunday gago reports. rally the crowds in milan but matteo salvini wanted the ear of the whole nation only days away from italy's parliamentary elections this was the largest gathering given by the right wing populist leggo policy it may have started out as a northern italian secessionist movement with a desire to separate from what it calls a backward southern region but this is italy politics here is
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a mecurio game sensing the change it rebranded itself as the policy full all italians with the same anti immigrant populous program. we want to federal more efficient country which takes care of the north and the south employment taxation immigration the league has grown up. in many ways mr snyder really has a lot in common with the far right of european leaders. european union gura zone he's also against the big macro dominance over the economy on what's really going to. live is an answer immigration policy and here there are plenty of people who support background given the refugee crisis that has hit that city securely. in the last four years some six hundred thousand people have arrived in italy by sea but it has coincided with a tougher session and high unemployment and the infrastructure has barely been able to cope immigration rhetoric has served to whip up sentiments hear him pass the
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phrase impress them you've got to throw in this is the government has imposed this uncontrolled migration on it's unregulated and it's not fair. i want to clean italy i want more employment less crime we have legal immigrants who are destroying it illegally the whole all over the country there is a sense of hardening attitudes in the southern city of one neo fascist group came out to defend its positions meanwhile in the capital rome the fear of a return of italy's fascist past prompted five separate demonstrations railing against the agenda of the far right this is a country which has always had sharp divisions in the political scene but there is a fear that the violent tensions of the past are making a return to sluggish economy has made many here feel hard done by and there is little trust in mainstream politicians to result it. al jazeera.
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a new report by save the children is detailed the dangers range children face living at refugee camps in cox's bazaar and bangladesh aid workers have documented at least thirty two cases of child trafficking in the camps since august but say the real number could be higher save the children spoke to girls in the camps who has said they were. afraid to use the communal toilets for fear of harassment mothers described how they kept their children close because of that belief that kidnappers were operating in the camps the charity says another concern for children is the security of their tents which are made of bamboo and plastic. agencies are doing a number of things to address some of the concerns that and raised simple things like recommending lights in the camp so that they've had to access the trains at night but also i think one of the big priorities is to increase access to. children at the moment only about a quarter of. have access to learning opportunities this is something we really
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want to scale up in the future and i think that's really important because learning learning activities and running centers provide children with a great form of protection and safety protected from homes like trafficking and things like that when they're in those running activities so that's really important this isn't a huge humanitarian crisis where it's you know everything from providing shelter and food for a new refugees to providing really important social support and i think that's probably one of the elements of this response. particularly concerning is that there are so many children and adults and that it clearly living in distress that experience really traumatic things and they need support to address the mental health and their emotional wellbeing and recovery such is the this scale and magnitude of this crisis and much. more efficient support is needed we've seen a seven hundred thousand a year arrive in bangladesh and in six months an incredibly large number of people
12:39 am
that are living in really congested really challenging conditions and in a couple of days' time we're going to see a new joint appeal and for almost a billion dollars and to support the right here in the host community affected by this crosses over the next ten months and it's really important that the international community steps up and fully funds that that appeal. we come to sudan released eighty people arrested during protests in january many more remain locked up some of those arrested with john list who say they were arrested simply for doing their jobs have a morgan reports from a hard tomb. ten days ago i might have been he was not sure whether she'd ever see her home or her children again but journalist was held for more than a month without charge or trial after she was arrested while filming protests against economic reforms. i was arrested on the sixteenth of january in the protest organized by the community party we were at the place the protests were
12:40 am
held with my colleague omar the security people came and beat us and directed us to go to a certain direction they surrounded me and said i'm honest filming us amal is filming us here all know how bernie was one of eighty journalists politicians and activists released last week by the sudanese government they were arrested during last month's protest against the government's decision to devalue the currency which led to price rises and inflation lawyer had and has and like others who were arrested says she had no part in the protests but the good the member with her had better say i was walking on the streets after the protests and they were beating a young man so i stepped in to help and and told them to leave him they turned to me and started beating me they put me on a pickup truck and i was taken to detention little funicular yet then because the prisoners were released as to international pressure on sudan's government which hasn't said how many arrests were made political and rights groups say more than
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two hundred people were arrested during the protests over high prices in january and with only eighty released rights groups including human rights watch say many are still being held in unknown locations with no access to lawyers or family visit in conditions which may constitute and force appearances and with democrats of abuse. the government has pledged to release all prisoners but says protesters who are attempting an overthrow need to be careful with the guard i see there is the president's decision to release the prisoners as a sign of good will and we released all the students women and all the members of the party and we hope that contributes in developing the plan. environment. but anyone who tries to mess with the administrative institutes of the nation and tarnish it we will not let them get away with it i'm an. amateur bernie says she's happy to be back with her family a game but worries about others who remain in detention and whether she'll be killed again for doing her job he will morgan al-jazeera caught up to him the film
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touch me not as one the golden bear award for best picture of the balance film festival remaining in director intel's drama exploring emotional relationships was a surprise picked by the. cherry the best director award was given to us filmmaker whereas anderson for isle of dogs an animated movie about a japanese city that deports its dogs to a rubbish dump during an outbreak of canine flu when it came has more from berlin. the berlin film festival has drawn to a close with a surprise winner of the golden bear the prize for best film at this festival it's been awarded to the roumanian filmmaker. for her work called touch me not which has been described as an exploration and examination of physical intimacy in the twenty first century seen through the prism of the protagonists in her film particularly touching on female sexuality and when the prize was awarded the jury
12:43 am
said they wanted to praise her filmmaking but there's also a message here from the berlin film festival from the jury about where they think filmmaking should be rewarded going forward that there is a message being sent out by by the water being given to identify until who also want to water in a different category about the the this sense of consent in modern society in terms of the other films with a point to make here was this was a film festival that attracted many different films there was quite an eclectic mix of films that were competing but the point to make here the golden bear has gone to a dinner for her work touch me not the examination of physical intimacy now in the twenty first century and it touches on the whole debate about consent in society that's the view that the jury wanted to put across. still ahead for you on the program as the winter olympics draw to a close we look at the political and economic legacy to south korea. and it's
12:44 am
a high scoring affair in dublin in the six nations between island and wales tatiana will have that story and more. still navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish are scared to the fisherman dicing with death. i'm afraid of paul and i'm afraid of dawn british i don't go by car from my family to meet the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. but you have to be a stronger swimmer otherwise and certainly risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square talking. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to
12:45 am
cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. a museum in washington has dedicated an exhibition to an iconic human rights movement ignited by martin luther king fifty years ago the poor people's campaign demanded economic justice for working class americans it ended in a six week demonstration in the american capital where thousands of protesters set up a shanty town known as resurrection city al-jazeera spoke to the curator of the national
12:46 am
museum of american history arran bryant. there were thirty five million people who were living in poverty with another thirty million people living just above the poverty one able to twenty ninth teen sixty eight the poor people's campaign actually begins with convening of one hundred leaders from across the country representing poor communities from across the country they come to meet with federal agencies and legislators on may second nineteen sixty eight the campaign officially launches every single day people would go out and they would protest at different federal agencies and that was really part of the responsibility and the commitment they made when they came to resurrection city that they would stay in washington they would live in resurrection city until they could bring about some sort of positive change the poor people's campaign was a multiethnic movement it marks a really important transition in the civil rights movement and that civil rights was transforming itself into this multi ethnic multi racial multicultural human
12:47 am
rights crusade we see more multiracial kinds of issues like the native american cultural heritage and preservation issues we also see issues related to a poor whites in appalachians which is a really important considering what was happening in appalachian to job markets and the economy we saw issues related to women and women poverty in fact the poor people's campaign opened on may twelfth with the public rally led by coretta scott king it was called the mother state rally and part of her speech was you know women it's where she talks about the important role that women would play and changing america and to a great suicide at the heart of it the similarities are really between the poor people's campaign as the symbol and this example of what the american democracy is supposed to be about.
12:48 am
it's that time again tatiana has all the latest now on the winter olympics. thanks so much marianne check snowboarder ethel a deaf guy has made history by becoming the fast athlete ever to win a gold medal in snowboarding and skiing say pretty at an olympics that was a good day n.p.r. chang from norway in south korea as well as peters that reports. or eyes were on esther the deaths go on saturday having already taken gold in the super g. alpine skiing event she went on to write her name into the in the big history books the check winning the parallel giant slalom gold medal in her chosen sport of snowboarding no one else has ever achieved this double feat at the lympics it was
12:49 am
a great day i enjoyed every run and i'm very happy to be here. first place on the men's side switzerland's live in goma remey took gold in the parallel giant slalom he beat out south korea's least sang home who took his country's first medal on the snow. big a snowboarding has won lots of fans over to limbic debut including donald trump's daughter ivanka she was in the crowd to see kyle back when silver for the usa but it was sebastian tootle of canada who got the gold i it was a special day for norway as they broke the record for most medals one at a winter olympics by any nation a bronze in the alpine team competition took their tally to thirty eight one more than the united states won at the vancouver games in twenty tain switzerland beat australia to gold in that event which sees mixed teams of four skiers compete in head to head slalom races there was better news for the u.s. in the men's curling final as they defeated sweden ten seven for
12:50 am
a first ever gold in that event a good day too for finland who wanted first gold of these games in the men's cross-country fifty kilometer mass start even eskin held off two russian competitors to win in speed skating it was a gold medal for japan in the ladies' mass start nonna to kagi was first across the line with the host nation's kimbo rome taking silver. bronze win to irene's holton from the little looms and the host nation was given something to cheer for later in the day as leaf song whom when the men's mess start gold medal the last middle of the day belgium's bought swings were second well bronze when two couldn't for the way of benevolence it all comes to an end on sunday with norway and germany in contention for more golds and south korea's goalie gould's women's curling team in contention for the ultimate prize peter sturm of al-jazeera well here's how the medal table is looking on the penultimate day of competition norway still top with thirteen goals and that record tally of thirty eight germany in second also have
12:51 am
thirteen gold medals with canada sitting in third on eleven just four medals left to be awarded on the final day of action sweden will play hosts korea for the gold in the women's curling the meant for man bobsled competition will get a new champion the last gold medalist russia was stripped of their title for doping germany face the olympic athletes from russia for the men's ice hockey gold and the most decorated athlete in winter olympic history noways marriage be a going goes for her fifteenth medal in the women's cross country thirty kilometer must start meanwhile the international olympic committee have delayed a decision on whether or not to allow russian athletes to march with their country's flag in sunday's closing ceremony they've competed as a limpid athletes from russia n.p.r. and carried an olympic flag in the opening ceremony that is after russia was banned from sending an official team because of
12:52 am
a massive doping scandal two russian athletes a failed drug test at these games complicating the i.o.c. his decision allowing them to march with their country's flag would be readmitting russia into the olympic family. so. of course we assure them that these violations are not of a systemic nature as you all the well and i hope our i.o.c. colleagues understand this also that this is more the result of negligence than malice. many russian athletes have won medals at these olympic games but of course we think our whole delegation of the athletes the coaches consider that the best reward would be the return of the national flag and the reinstatement of the olympic committee. so bull now and round the dread to recent return to good form has continued with a win over oliver's in the league at christiana and although scored twice in the game and gareth bale who'd previously been left out of the squad for a lack of goals while he also scored four nil is how it ended with current benzema scoring in the eighty ninth minute rout trial athletico madrid by four points in
12:53 am
the table and the leaders basso have now gone ten points clear at the top of the standings this after their six one thrashing over catalonian team hit on a atletico madrid are second in the english premier league liverpool have moved into second in the table that is after a four one win over west ham and murray can scored liverpool's one hundred goal of the season with the opening one of the game also on the scoresheet mahomet's the law about tiffany know and saudia monterey. alina's fit alina successfully managed to defend her to buy tennis championships title on sunday the ukrainian beat the unseated daria cut that kena six four six laugh in the final this is fifty leaders eleventh title of her career and as a result she becomes the third woman to win successive device titles after justin
12:54 am
and venus williams. yeah very fluid as of reform and. this is really. coming into this week without the next their versions of course i have grown friends and pressure but just tried to you know to the desire and be really for was an order of the records and it worked really well in rugby six nations scotland's of pulled off a quite an opt out after beating england in edinburgh on saturday hugh jones scored two tries sean maitland also across the line a spin russell put in a man of the match performance for the scots to defeat the english by twenty five points to thirteen and in dublin ireland overcame wales in a high scoring affair irish winger jacobs stockdale scored twice as the host al scored the welsh by five tries to three and a thirty seven twenty seven home victory australia's very hand denis leaves the tour of abu dhabi's cycling race into sunday's final stage denis won the individual
12:55 am
time trial stage earlier on fourteen seconds ahead of spain's jonathan a customer who is now sits second in the general classification time trial while champion time to learn had a disastrous day when a mechanical problem force him to change bikes on the side of the road leaving him in night. at a loose ball for now more later all right lovely well remember. well actually. i want to bring a story now because we were going to sneak into all of the action from the winter olympics in the venue's of chang and k'naan in the last few weeks very very exciting few weeks but important to note that the hit the area has been historically underdeveloped now an influx of investment has started to change that is actually going to has been to gang one province to find out whether the games will provide a sustainable financial legacy when they end on sunday the mountains the sea and
12:56 am
the forests of gang one province have inspired artists for centuries but the korean war divided the picturesque region and drove away investment after spending an estimated thirteen billion dollars on the so-called peace olympics as well as renew dialogue between the north and south people wonder if the tourist dollars will keep coming long after the athletes pack up their skis and ice skates who it's less developed than i thought i don't think there would be much economic benefit after the olympics going on with the it was good the north koreans came and so hell developed it would be good for unification. huge you left the bustle the expense and the smog of saw six years ago to invest in her hometown the native open this bakery with her brother she says the winter games
12:57 am
have boosted profits and she's going to expand because the future looks promising. this is special for us john has become known throughout the world and it was a boost for a bakery south koreans hope they can benefit from the costly infrastructure projects to continue hosting sporting events something other olympic host cities have found difficult to do even so some of the stadiums will be demolished because they're too expensive to maintain. gov chamberlain soon says even with the new hotels a high speed train line and a casino the most important benefit for gang one is the prospect of peace with north korea. we hope the peaceful atmosphere will continue expand and we can tackle the nuclear issue it's our role to provide a good atmosphere and for this sports and cultural exchanges are key. the hope is the picture seen on television and social media feeds during pyongyang twenty
12:58 am
eighteen will captivate prospective tourists in the way it has artists and they'll come to experience the natural beauty firsthand natasha going to name al-jazeera gang one province south korea that's it for now one is coming up in a couple of minutes. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption and it's wet season months lives that are claiming my steins i don't remember even the wall when if i think one day in one
12:59 am
thousand want to dive into means people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if there's an old guard who failed to act the mountain will fall at this time on al-jazeera the sams in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called most taco bell meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. and language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes
1:00 am
up into the environment goes around the world. best the sides are pushed on grounds that it's a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress. the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough to believe. in the ideas that will kill or more vulnerable circle of poison this time on al-jazeera. after days of wrangling the u.n. security council votes unanimously to call for a thirty day ceasefire in syria. this is more than five hundred syrians are killed in a week as government forces a.


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