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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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this time on al-jazeera. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspective american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. syrian government forces bombarded eastern ghouta just hours after the un approved a thirty day ceasefire to syria.
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hello welcome to our jazeera live from doha i multimedia and it's also coming up. one of north korea's miss controversial generals arrives for the closing ceremony of the winter olympics in south korea also coming up and. they killed my father killed my mother i feel ski age i don't want to go back to me and my her family was killed in the me i'm on military crackdown against the regime just six months on what are her prospects al-jazeera revisit some of those who survived plus we. get. one of india's biggest movies child free debbie died suddenly at the age of fifty four. so we got news just coming in from syria just hours after that tracy debated u.n. security council resolution was agreed to demand
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a thirty day ceasefire across syria syrian government troops have launched new air and ground attacks on the rebel held on klav of eastern guta at least five hundred people have been killed there in the past week let's talk now to a solid binge of aid our correspondent who's in gaziantep that's on the turkish side of the border with syria what more do we know about these latest operations where the syrian army. i mean it feels like this is the much talked about growing the kind to have been speaking about the last week there syrian troops have been converging on the side around so there is. an attempt to be to be able to tend to the boys from the don't suggest the homes damascus highway and how lost in the men should be a house. and it should be. several attempts by government forces to enter the area storm from multiple fronts but to be destructive today
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have revenue sources i think that they have putting up a resistance to this attempt but because they did fall multiple fronts they can only cope with so many areas it is also worth noting that before this began in the hours proceeding with. bob and many of the places used to include the very least it would depend claims. be evolving to be specifically targeting underground tunnels and to hide out that we could be moving to stop previous advances by the government but it seems that the government now is adamant to entities to move and he said this is happening i was up to be you know nation to get agreed to the cease fire that was the biggest when i spoke to people who had voted in google not by. the moment there is talk of a cease fire or a peace deal the government that's up to date because the actual resolution talks
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about a ceasefire being put him place without delay which is pretty nonspecific and it's his general practice isn't it when there are a cease fire is about to be implemented that there is fighting on the ground would then rush for military advantage. absolutely being the case in the tactic. and the top of. the word ceasefire because whenever a ceasefire which the government try and get as many possible for the implementation kicks in and in this case when the united nations security council. resolution it's not clear when that will be and how to have. implemented the monitors that is. really.
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again. on the ground but it's not just rebel positions that are being hit it's also. because you know densely populated four hundred thousand people have been living in those. targets underground. hiding don't discriminate. the people you are the color of fighting and all right now thank you very much to some a binge of a correspondent on that breaking news that a new syrian government operation seems now to be underway to storm the rebel held on flavors. from several different directions so we keep you right up to date of course with that situation but of course this comes just hours after that u.n. security council approval of a revolution of a resolution which actually agrees to a thirty day ceasefire for the whole of syria chorus diplomatic editor i should say
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james bays now reports. diplomats frantically to get a resolution for. syria ambassador you've got an agreement with the russians now. today we're going to see if russia has a conscience the russian ambassador conferred with his syrian counterpart whose government has continued without rest by the bombardment of eastern puter even as the negotiations dragged on diplomats have been working around the clock exhausted frustrated and in some cases angry most of the discussions focusing on the exact wording of one paragraph in the end they agreed to a place an immediate cease fire with one that comes into force without delay it meant they could vote. it was unanimous but there didn't seem to be much unity in the chamber. every minute the council waited on russia the human suffering group
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getting to a vote became a moral responsibility for everyone but not for russia not for syria not for iran i have to ask why as they dragged out the negotiation the bombs from assad's fighter jets continued to fall in the three days it took us to adopt this resolution how many mothers lost their kids to the bombing and the shelling why we negotiated this so long and that is illusion that they wanted to make sure that it is not used as a pretext for any military action because we had some trouble so what are you worrying. governments on that in the recent days any good in today some of the variability cause these negotiations were extremely hard getting a ceasefire across syria will be even harder can they get a stop to the bombardment in eastern guta there is an exemption in the resolution
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allowing continued military action against al qaida. and i still and some diplomats fear that the syrian government will assert that those fighting in eastern guta have links with those groups james pays out his era at the united nations now the man who is accused of ordering an attack on a south korean naval ship in twenty ten has just arrived in south korea kim young charles is leading the delegation for the closing ceremony of the winter olympics his visit to has been met with some consternation by those in seoul that are going to him as a correspondent joining us from a gang known and the tasha tell us more about this man and why some people in south korea a pretty here exercise about his arrival on the south or. a martini from protests at the border bridge as the north korean delegation arrived today to uncomfortable questions from reporters this particular north korean
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delegation is not getting quite the same reception as the one that had kim jong sr during the opening ceremonies south koreans were quote quite wild by her the reason is the man leading this delegation general kim used to be in charge of military intelligence and is believed to have waged numerous attacks against south korea most notably the sinking of a warship in twenty ten that killed forty six sailors and although he did not respond to questions from reporters asking him how he felt about that sinking north korea has denied involvement president moon jay in has asked koreans to look at the bigger picture look toward the future and understand that this man is likely the right man for this moment he is now in charge of south korean affairs he apparently has a say in the country's nuclear program and this is part of what president moon hopes
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will be an ongoing attempt toward peace on the peninsula and the rebooting of intercourse and relations also on that delegation martine is a senior diplomat in charge of united states affairs the u.s. and north korean delegations will be sitting pretty close to one another at the v.i.p. ceremony during closing ceremony but at least the official line from the white house and the north koreans is that there will be no dialogue living away then from the into korean diplomacy the russian athletes who are taking part in this winter olympics on the something of a of a shadow a cloud it must be said i mean they've got even more bad news. it's been a stinging defeat for the russians remember two thousand and fourteen sochi games they lead the medal count during pianka chang they're not even in the top ten this is all part of the fallout from this doping scandal that was unearthed during the
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sochi games and what happened is is the international olympic committee reiterated its position today that the russian athletes who were allowed to compete in pyongyang will not be allowed to march under the russian flag the athletes who are here about one hundred sixty eight of them were carefully screened and they were allowed to compete but they had to compete as so-called neutrals they could not compete under the russian flag and two of their athletes martine failed drug tests there was a bobsledder and a courier that courier was forced to relinquish his bronze medal dozens of russian athletes have been banned for life from a limpet competition the russian olympic committee remains suspended all right for now natasha thank you very much natasha going to live in south korea. it's six months since hundreds of thousands of ranger fled a crackdown in mi amal's iraq kind state seeking refuge in neighboring bangladesh
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the un has called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing it started on the twenty fifth of all the sas share reports sunday coming in of ranger escaping an army crackdown in retaliation for a string of attacks carried out by britain geoff ices by the end of the day the number in bangladesh was around three thousand people and within a month new arrivals had total to call for a million by late october that number had passed six hundred thousand swelled by ranger who didn't initially opted to stay in rakhine state but then who were reportedly forced out anyway by january almost seven hundred thousand rahimtoola living in squalid makeshift camps photographic evidence of mass graves emerged that rights groups said pointed to a genocide and then just to get days ago human rights watch produced satellite imagery saying that it showed me a model builders at least fifty five of the more than three hundred sixty range of
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villages attacked by me m r forces but we tracked down some of the ranger that we interviewed since the exodus began charlotte bellis reports. as usual big old was one of six hundred eighty eight thousand revenger if you g.'s who have streamed across the me and marburg border fleeing what they call a targeted campaign to wipe the males we first met her in december the nine year old had been shot three times in the leg arm in arm pit by a soldier at close range. six months she's still in pain and has decided she won't go back there and my dad they killed my father killed my mother i feel scared i don't want to go back to me in ma they were bombing houses sitting them on fire pulling people out from their homes and shooting them torturing me and i'm scared to see all their all at the moment and i still feel like dying
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a fire remember those days you are not going to. run they raped our women and you can see what they did to this child. there are thousands of is here recovering from different weapons of war these two sisters say myanmar soldiers tied them to trees and raped them their mother father and three siblings were locked inside their home which was then sister lives not much has changed since we first met the teenage girls in january they care and cooper long camp got them new no carbs although bright and colorful the girls say they remain cloaked in darkness . we can't go back to burma if we are asked to we don't have parents brothers and sisters no house to live there where should we live. the bangladesh in myanmar governments made a deal to repatriate the revenger but six months on they refused to return in november abdul fi showed us his house right across the border he says robin joe
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want a guarantee of safety compensation for the destroyed villages and citizenship something they have been denied for thirty five years rubble this idea of money we want to tell the world of we want to live like human beings we want to educate our children and we want to live a peaceful life with our family we ask the world to provide justice for us. myanmar's government continues to deflect accusations of ethnic cleansing and even genocide justice for their hanjour is hard to come by. i have no father no mother and so much pain if i have to go out to collect firewood it's so painful. those who survived the crackdown in the camps with scars on their bodies and in their minds charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. lots more to come here it is there including a surprise winner at the berkeley an international film festival that's germany's
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also gives. thousands rallied for african migrants as israel threatens to deport them. the way. hello there cold weather is continuing to push its way across europe look at the temperature chart we can see the dark blues indicating just how cold that weather is and we could see it pushing its way further towards the west as we head through sunday and into monday but it's not only cold weather we're dealing with across europe at the moment also we've seen a lot of wet weather which has turned to snow it's hit that cold air so this is what it looks like in some parts of croatia at the moment they've certainly had an awful lot of wintery weather there now all of that snow is out of this weather system here and it's continuing to spiral its way across parts of the mediterranean and it's going to stick around as we head through sunday and into monday on the
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northern edges where we're seeing that snow and then we'll see more of it as we head through monday so monday looking particularly wintery across parts of romania and all the way across to croatia once more further north that while it's that cold air that's the story here minus two is a maximum imbalance and we can't expect the temperatures in berlin to get above freezing for a good few days yet now some of the unsettled weather that's been affecting us in the southern parts of europe has also been affecting us in the northern parts of africa and it's still with us on sunday a good deal of cloud here there's a chance of few outbreaks of rain pulling away there was we head into monday to dry our weather here but there's more wet weather to come forth in robot. the i.
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tundra remind you of our top stories and breaking news just coming in hours after that face the debated u.n. security council resolution was agreed for a cease fire across syria syrian government troops and now launched new ground attacks on the rebel held on clay the eastern ghouta so far at least five hundred
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civilians have been killed there in the past week alone and that's a story we're following to stay with us for the very latest. and a controversial high ranking general is leading north korea's delegation for the closing ceremony of the appeal in china winter olympics kim young troll has been accused of planning to attack. a south korean naval ship which killed dozens of sailors in twenty ten have been protests against his visit in seoul. six months since a military crackdown in me and mom forced hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee to bangladesh the un's condemned the atrocities is calling them textbook case of ethnic cleansing almost seven hundred thousand have crossed the border into bangladesh since the twenty fifth of august are we can talk a little bit more about this now with evan sherman who's the regional media manager for save the children one of the charities that are involved with helping these
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hundreds of thousands of people who are now living in these makeshift tents almost sit is becoming coaxes bizarre in bangladesh thank you very much for talking to us i'm just wondering. how many of the seven hundred thousand refugees whose plight we have documented quite meticulously here it out there how many of them would you say the children. so we estimate did she fifty five percent involved in writing given to the arrived at children it's a huge percentage in are really just highlights the fact that this is a children's an agency you know we've seen children with their families coming across the board out over the last six months violence and. atrocities in in myanmar and now they're arriving in bangladesh now living in in really precarious situations and living in refugee camps where they're relying on the support of aid agencies like save the children for the basics to show health care and those kind of things i'm from your point of view how does a
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a children's emergency differ from an emergency of another kind. well i guess it means that there's a very big number of children that really need support and so means we need to address the needs of children and that's where actually today save the children alongside plan international and well fusion we've released a new report which was a child consultation and so that the idea of that report was to hear the experiences and challenges and see is of children and their concerns and i think you know that that written report told us that overwhelmingly up to children not really concerned about. going and collecting firewood they're afraid of wild animals and elephants and snakes and we sora an elephant in the camps just a couple of days ago children are also afraid of getting lost and girls told us that they're afraid tend to go to the trains and not really concerning she is the children that have to play myanmar not too long ago so the trauma is still that
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full of so many of these kids what is them save the children's response to that then what are the sort of services that you provide to try to try to ameliorate the suffering of these children. yes you want to be things that what you do is run to what's called a child friendly space so we run eighty six of these in the camps supporting tens of thousands of children and these spaces are really important because they give children in a safe place where they can play with it and be with their friends but they can recover from the stress in the traumatic experiences they've been through but it's also really important chop protection to fend for us because it means when children are in those spaces that they're not at risk of being being trafficked dole being abused or being exploited they're in a safe space and it's also really important federal. agencies as well all right evan men over save the children thank you very much for talking to us.
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there's been a show of support in israel for the thousands of africans who are facing deportations lots of people turned out in tel of if to protest against the israeli government that action to hand out notices to around twenty thousand male migrants saying that they risk being jailed if they didn't leave the country by the start of april that the migrants most of them from sudan and eritrea have been offered three and a half thousand dollars and the plane ticket to what's being described by the government as a safe destination in sub-saharan africa. now in an attempt to improve ties with greece macedonia has started the process of renaming its airport the airport which was named in honor of the ancient warrior king alexander the great will now be called sculpey airport greece is accused macedonia of appropriating symbols and figures is story considered part of the greek culture but both countries are now
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working to try to resolve a twenty five year dispute over this and the actual name macedonia it was taken on when the country declared independence from yugoslavia kosovo's prime minister is promising to revive one of the region's biggest companies as a push to fight youth unemployment but the mining firm trip is steeped in controversy because serbia says it owns it andrew simmons reports now from attributes. used to be one of the former yugoslavia is biggest companies mining plentiful minerals with good profits and thousands of jobs because of those war changed that you don't have to look far to see damaged buildings and the conflict two decades ago decimated this business now the few miners who remain a part of a dysfunctional company that's cut into these a kosovar albanian miles and we've recently been celebrating their country's tenth
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anniversary of independence not far away is the other half of trips run by the minority cause of all serbs they're more likely to listen to serbia's government than their senior management at the firm's headquarters on the south side of mitchell pizza leave. that to your new troops according to the law should be governed by one single executive management and they should be unified as we stand now neither us nor they can be developed it shouldn't be divided more than twenty two thousand people work for this company two decades ago before the war now fewer than two and a half files and are on the payroll the management say that if the political problems with serbia could be worked out they could make this company the biggest employer in kosovo once again. but the issue is the need for a major investment the technology for processing needs bringing into the twenty
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first century and that's one area that needs attention elsewhere whole factories need replacing it was in twenty sixteen that cause of government nationalized to save it from bankruptcy now the prime minister says investment is on its way economy and investors find their way. to ward off the fact that this will not happen. yes yes it's already in a process. of weeks to be ready for a partner but the company's management is skeptical the serbian government accused kosovo of theft when trip she was nationalized half of the workforce is culpable serb so even if the investment arrives the politics could destroy any hope of profits and jobs andrew simmons michel it's a possible tributes are being paid to the indian movie stars sridevi his died
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suddenly of a heart attack at the age of fifty four. as a child of the age of four she acted in multiple south indian language films and then went on to make it big in bollywood the romantic adventure to india was among the films that put her in the spotlight sridevi often overshadowed her male costar in a career that spanned five decades she returned to the screen in twenty two fifteen year break with a winning run as a homemaker travelling to the us a family says she suffered a heart attack on saturday whilst attending a wedding in dubai. every mania in the film about the fear of intimacy is the surprise winner of this year's top prize at the berlin international film festival tell us we know it was picked a head of eighteen other films including us director wes anderson star studded
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entry i love dogs dominic kane was there. they're going to be after him as goes to . touch me not but i do know. that when her film was entered in this year's competition few might have thought a dinner pin team would scoop the top prize but for the jury no other film and no other director was more deserving of. her. touch me not is an examination of physical intimacy where the main characters explore their emotions and feelings for each other but also their fears about opening up to one another this was its director's first full length work which explains his shock at winning both best film and best first feature we were not expecting that our oh it's so important this is coming because. we would like the dialogue that we not proposes.
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opens to the world so we invite we invite you the viewer to dialogue. rancid upward to where mean banana peels although few hollywood studio movies were in the competition the film i love dogs gained its director wes anderson a silver bear his movie offers us a stop motion animated adventure in a dystopian future japan where a form of canine flu has falsely or for a tease to quarantine all dogs on a remote island the us actor bill murray voices the role of one of the characters he picked up the award on wes anderson's behalf i knew or thought that i would. go to work as a dog and come home with. the silver bear grand jury prize went to the polish mug based on the experiences of an
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industrial worker called yet check who suffers a disfiguring accident while working on a vast statue of jesus yet check requires a face transplant and his subsequent experience and the reaction he receives depicts what the film's director feels is the changing face of poland so this festival is drawing to a close with a controversial choice for the golden bear the top prize touch me not from a dean european tilia has been described by some as polarizing opinion with its examination of physical intimacy in the twenty first century but for her this is a triumphant night dominic came out just zero. let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the breaking news we're covering today is of a continued syrian government offensive against eastern ghouta despite a u.n.
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security council resolution that was agreed demanding a thirty day ceasefire for syria government troops who understand have launched a new air and ground attacks on. where at least five hundred people have been killed in the past week alone othella binge of aid is following developments from gaziantep near the turkey syria border. much talked about. last week. by government forces. that. think that they are cutting up. to the. front. a controversial high ranking general is leading north korea's delegation for the
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closing ceremony of the pinch and winter olympics kim young charles been accused of ordering an attack on a south korean ship which killed dozens of sailors in twenty ten they've been protests against his visit in the capital. and the international olympic committee has unanimously held its ban of russia a decision that will prevent russian athletes from marching under their flag at the closing ceremony president thomas bach says two failed drug tests by russian athletes well hugely disappointing and prevented any consideration of lifting the ban it's six months since a military crackdown in me and began forcing hundreds of thousands of ranger to flee to bangladesh where seven hundred thousand rangers have crossed the border into bangladesh since the twenty fifth of august last year thousands of people have attended a rally in television protesting against israel's plans to deport african migrants the men mostly from sudan and eritrea could face jail if they don't leave five a
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south of april or a chuck stay there is the latest headlines coming up next inside story. this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate out front at this time on al-jazeera. nigeria is missing schoolgirls dozens more are abducted by boko haram the government says it's a national disaster but what's it doing to fend off the threat and reduce public anger this is inside story. hello and welcome.


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