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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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right. this is al jazeera. jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes struggling to breathe doctors accuse the syrian government of another
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chlorine gas attack. it's time to stop these tell. the u.n. chief. calls for an end to attacks on the rebel held syrian district of east and. south korean protesters rally against the north this pressure builds for concessions from washington. for talks. more than half of south sudan's people are worried about where their next meal is coming from a stark warning from the united nations plus. reviving an industry crippled by civil war the first time film made in sri lanka in four decades it's the scream the. opposition medics in syria say a child has died and a dozen more are being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack
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witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel held on klav of eastern well this video is said to show victims struggling to breathe the syrian government has denied using chemical weapons in the war government airstrikes continue in eastern guta despite a cease fire resolution passed by the un security council on saturday. i don't and that's the only thing that teaches me today we have more than thirty dead dozens of mints and launching of chemical weapons they bombard us with chlorine sarin and other gases from iran we don't know what they are a sort of russian a common a don't care about un council decisions they still bombard us and use chemical weapons against us america france turkey saudi arabia what are they waiting for britain what are they waiting for are they waiting for us to be exterminated in. one of these twenty three people have been killed in fighting on monday some binge of aid reports and a warning you may find some of the images disturbing. this is what the
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united nation degree's has to stop. but hours into the un security council's thirty day ceasefire declaration bombs kept dropping on east and medics reported dozens of deaths and injuries from more than one hundred airstrikes . and artillery bombardments all of which was supposed to and continues in the rebel held area home to four hundred thousand syrians. what experiences from b.b.'s these fires in in syria don't give us high expectation it's for fish and when this fishing what's what the it was a visitation save the cease fire will start as soon as possible one this possible we don't know we don't we don't know when this one will start and and then here this is a big number of population and it won't be a solution that feeding them one or two convoys and won't be the solution and that's we evacuated one thousand or two thousand of them to be seated out of
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rudolph as feared government forces try to enter eastern huta from three sides attempting to seize as much landis possible before the cease fire is implemented reinforcements from the syrian army's fourth and tenth brigades have been circling east and who different days special forces and troops from the elite tiger battalion are also on the frontlines. bulldozers and tanks are deployed to breach rebel defenses iran and syria maintain that the security council resolution allows the targeting of what they call terrorists thanks this by keeping larger numbers and heavy rebels in. their front line so far killing and capturing some soldiers. we welcome the security council's decision regarding a ceasefire because of the burden on our families and he said this suffering must be lifted of the decision to stop the bloodshed caused by the regime in eastern as usual we didn't find any commitment by the syrian regime in its russian allies.
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northwest and go to southern whiston almost every front and has been stalled by the regime on sunday in order to achieve some advance but they haven't succeeded. many besieged people have been stranded in underground shelters for days and fear the worst to come. we can't because there's nothing to eat our sons have no work my son has five children and he doesn't know how to feed them we will die hungry without food we've been targeted no homes have been destroyed we have done nothing to be treated and targeted like this but eastern has been intensely targeted for the past week the u.n. called it hell on earth. the calls the victims in syria martyrs that have been conversations between the leaders of france germany and russia to drive persuade the assad government to stop attacks and allow in humanitarian aid that's when the people continue to face what they see is annihilation.
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of the turkey syria border. joins us live now from the lebanese capital beirut the people of eastern must have been hoping for some kind of a spike during this cease fire but the fact is the bombs have kept on falling. yes and civilian deaths continued ten people were killed in an airstrike in the city of seven were killed in artillery shelling in that same city so civilians continue to be killed no letup in the violence of course there has been a drop in the intensity since the u.n. security council meeting on saturday since that resolution calling for a ceasefire because what we saw over the past ten days really was relentless bombardment multiple towns were targeted more than five hundred civilians were killed so a drop in the intensity but the bombing continues and it seems that the government is concentrating these attacks on the edges of eastern huta it helps their forces
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push further it helps them in the ground offensive it's day two of the ground offensive the government forces they have not been able to take ground in fact the rebels have posted videos of dead government soldiers many of them in the trenches and according to the rebels they were not able to take any interest territory and the rebels are holding ground so this will not be an easy fight in the civilians of course asking the world you know why isn't this ceasefire being implemented on the syrian government forces say they're targeting what they call terrorists but who exactly all they it's you know what's the military objective here. well there are two main groups. now these groups have actually sent representatives to the astronaut talks talks that have been sponsored by the russian government but they're also a few hundred fighters belonging to. a group formally known as the el al qaida affiliates but the problem is the syrian government and its backers considered
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every our man really a terrorist and it is not enough for them. the few hundred fighters it's not enough for them just to leave it seems that the pro-government alliance wants all the rebels thousands of rebels to lay down their arms and surrender now what does this mean these rebels will have to leave with their families so you're talking about tens of thousands of people leaving their homes probably being sent either to the rebel controlled province of or to say to the south into our province and this is not what people want they do not want force displacement as a deal to end the ongoing campaign but for the pro-government alliance an all out military victory is what they want so you know thank you well the chemical weapons specialist gordon says footage he's seen confirms the use of chlorine. i think we are looking at a chemical attack at torrington's that a lot of the doctors who are treating the people who were injured are doctors that
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i know and have trained myself in my role as the chemical advice that you know syrian medical charities run a lot of the hospitals it gets us so. if they say it's chlorine then that is pretty good i think secondly of course looking at the images that you show and looking at images that people send to me. it seems so their respect problems are occurring and that anonymous. gets into the lungs mixes with the fluid in the lungs so produce a very powerful acid which then destroys or choking is very consistent with or an attack and i think the third element. of this at all if it in any way is we know that a charles has died and we know that children are more just to sack to bowl adults in january cope with a couple of lungfuls of chlorine gas and survive children car and although the guns
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are still far away it does seem a bit less than on saturday before the cease fire came into effect i personally believe and i've been lobbying the british government to do this that that we need u.n. wallaces in groups or the u.n. monitors who went into eastern alaska to allow the evacuation that were very effective well let's talk to me a done deal he's a resident and civil activist in duma that's inside the eastern good day joins us now via skype from there at mia the images we're seeing are not t.v. screens are absolutely horrific bring us up to date with what you're seeing and hearing on the ground. first of all thank you for having me and your family well why are you asking me this question. right now it's really terrifying yesterday. one of them is
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a child with chemical burns. besides this twenty. two medical treatment there is a treatment of course today and they have a monitor there was the will. be able to. do my city with artillery shells pretty terrifying we hope that. the meeting with the united nations about fire in. syria we. are really. working but obviously. in the opposite of a. ground offensive. on the line. and we are i mean you are talking about. chemical attack as we're talking to you
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we're seeing pictures of children being treated what more can you tell us about this reported chlorine gas attack. my friends i am from vermont i witnessed the second recover burn in two thousand and thirteen. it's really terrifying because people here are afraid to. their mouth because of. chemical weapons. happens all over again there are people here. don't. you go to bed of course they are afraid of doing this must. seem. doesn't help. much because of course why because this is true to the powers that is that brother in convention story and he didn't commit was it. let me get a final question from you because you talk about the ceasefire but i mean people do
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still hope the violence would have stopped but the bombs just kept falling yes yes my friend. yesterday yesterday morning. forty eight hours. after the. agreement about fifty. there was the airwaves. it's not. even fair for anyone to go out my friend correct me but. the people here. didn't come out from the basement for a week they have to get some food for their families get some mail. and tell. the basement when you hear when you're hearing about people from.
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people they have to get food for their. children all of the. right because of. that but. all right dean thank you very much for your time thank you my friend thank you now meanwhile the u.n. secretary general has used his opening address at the human rights council to call for an immediate cease fire in eastern due to the high level discussions of being held in geneva over the next four weeks and syria's war has taken center stage during the council's first day which is expected to cover the state of human rights around the world. eastern good cannot wait it's time to stop these hell on her and then remind all parties of their absolute obligation an international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians
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and civilian infrastructure at all times and similarly efforts to combat terrorism do not supersede these obligations. well the un human rights chief has deplored the current state of human rights not only in syria but worldwide. is to. the other besieged areas in syria it's eerie the cat's eyes in the d.r. see jazz in yemen burundi northern rakhine in myanmar have become some of the most prolific slaughterhouses of humans in recent times because not enough was done early on collectively to prevent the rising horrors al-jazeera is david chaytor joins us live now from geneva david the u.n. secretary general antonio ted has highlighted the main crises of the day in his opening speech focusing as we saw on syria also on mandela getting seem frustrated
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angry that more wasn't being done what was the main message for you coming out of geneva today david. i think what we saw was a real sense of the anger and frustration of the united nations that. were described as hell on earth in eastern hooter a suburb of damascus the ceasefire clearly does not apply there we've heard from inside the city on our program another sixty raids today and a chlorine gas attack meant to drive out the civilians who are taking shelter in the basements and make them much more exposed to the strikes and artillery so yes the the sector general was saying that in this year which is now the the seventieth anniversary of the you know the united declaration of human rights there is a list so long of human rights abuses that he doesn't even know where to stop but
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he did raise the issue of syria and the polling situation and he did also raise the situation of the rigging there in myanmar and he said that was clearly. an attempt to exterminate the people a genocide and then he also is going to talk about the situation it's on sudan which is not getting the media attention it should where there are some appalling human rights abuses taking taking place eyes being gouged out relatives being forced to rape each of them watched by children that's just some of the details that we're getting into where does the secretary general start when he wants to list the human rights abuses the world is absolutely going mad as the next speaker actually said following the sector general speech and david that the u.n. human rights commissioner gave his farewell speech to leave the job in a few months time what was this message. yes it was his
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valedictory speech and and he said he was going to be blunt and he was very very open very eloquent but i think the most important part of his speech again there were so many targets so many examples of human rights abuses at the moment and he was the one that used the phrase the world is truly going mad but he said the most important thing was the punisher's use of vetoes in the security council of united nations itself his client is trying to change the actual mechanisms which the united nations uses to stop these conflicts to stop human rights abuses now he said that france and the united kingdom two out of the five permanent members were developing a code of conduct supported by one hundred fifteen countries which will govern the use of the veto the punisher's speech. as it was called but he called on the three other a meaning members which is russia and the united states and china to also get on
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board to make sure that the veto is it used in the way it is at the moment to allow more conflict and specially if you look at syria russia has used a veto so many times seven years of war so many dead something has to change he said and it's got to change within the security council otherwise the authority of the united nations when it tries to combat human rights abuses when it tries to bring peace to so many conflicts will be completely undermined and that's broadly what we've been seeing over the last seven years the length of time the conflict in syria are today the chatter there in geneva david thank you well marwan bashar is al-jazeera senior political analyst and joins me live now from london marwan both u.n. officials expressed concern perhaps even indignation regarding the lack of implementation of u.n. resolution two for a one on syria do you think that calls will be heeded. most probably not most probably. officials and russia and syria are not even
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listening i don't know if you our viewers around the world have paid attention but three years ago or two years ago russia was voted out of the united nations human rights council that three year membership so in fact russia is not even a member of this council and hence it will not take anything that comes out of it seriously in so many ways what is happening in syria and the way the russians are giving diplomatic cover for the i said the regime to continue its own sloat and one of its populated neighborhood is as the u.n. secretary general said you know shameful a sign of shame for the international community to be silent as this goes on so my guess is it will continue unabated and when they address the need for u.n. security council members to take up their responsibilities the big question of course is will they. well this is the thing you know i mean second three
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general spoke in general terms about member states taking up their responsibilities but it was a little say in the commission of human rights council that addressed three particular members and in the case of syria of course they are two particular members russia and the united states and here ambassador nicky and ambassador have a cd the american on the russian ambassador of the united nations really have shown that they are able to talk and to badger one another but they've also showed a high degree of hypocrisy when it comes to for example the questions of syria and palestine they are ready to go all the way to defend their client states israel in the case of the united states the bashar regime in the case of russia and to basically paedo whatever the international will the humanitarian.
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needs and the human and international human rights laws simply to protect their client so really what we've seen this past week is is diplomatic badgering leading to nothing because the rhetoric at the united nation is not meant to serve much just a final brief point from you if we can how important are these un human rights council meetings and what do they actually achieve if anything. look we have forty seven members that a lot of them i mean here i mean take a look i mean it's china. you know the united states saudi arabia and so on so forth a lot of them are human rights or fenders so really this is like bahrain maniac firemen they speak of human rights but they violate human rights and so many ways and i would say the following you know the best thing about this council is that it forces these member states to keep up appearances of respecting human rights while
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in fact a lot of them do not buy one thank you. now south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise so the talks can go ahead soon but the white house remains resolute that any meeting must lead to pyongyang ending its nuclear program when a north korean general visiting south korea has repeatedly expressed his country's readiness for talks with the u.s. kim young child's presence has been met by protests and so many blame the general for the deaths of dozens of south korean sailors and twenty ten bryant has more from the protest site. continuing protests in seoul that the presence of general kim young child on south korean soil a man that many people here blame for the attack in twenty ten that sank a south korean warship with the loss of nearly fifty lives the north koreans have
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denied they were never involved but people here believe it's evidence that the north korea can never be trusted under the current leadership but it is true to say that all of the people here share the same kind of optimism of many people in south korea after the build up of goodwill over these olympic games the talks though continue between the visiting north korean delegation and their south korean counterparts according to moon jay in the south korean president it is the only way forward to try and deescalate tensions here looking for the ultimate denuclearization of north korea but in the background is the united states concerned that this is a continuing charm offensive by north korea and that the south koreans are being beguiled the united states and also many protesters here believe that north korea has not changed despite all the smiles and that now is the time for a united front against what they believe is still
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a potentially very dangerous adversary yemen's transport minister is accusing the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal armies solid one is also warning that al qaeda is spreading its influence by exploiting internal conflict in the other. the situation is very bad at all liberated areas particularly those in the south where there are tribal armies established and supported by the united arab emirates there are also provincial armies and there are gangs even al qaida is spreading there in large parts of the governor it has never been as present as it is right now. the number of people in south sudan who don't know where their next meal is coming from has risen to an alarming level a un report says more than a half of the population totally depends on handouts and half of those on the brink of starvation. half of south sudan some five million people a facing malnutrition and even starvation this map shows how hard it is to get food
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in south sudan people in yellow areas can find just enough food to survive already into areas represent a crisis phase where many people malnourished and rate areas are one stage more severe where there are high levels of malnutrition and people at risk of starvation in january one million people in the raid areas a forty percent increase on the same time last year and this is the u.n. forecast for the middle of the the orange and the radio areas grow to include areas with seven million people living what is in these met some estimates for what the u.n. calls catastrophe areas where there could be widespread starvation from zero in january one hundred and fifty five thousand people will fall under the category within the next six months south sudan had only just experienced a famine last year was the first to be declared an any country since twenty eleven
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the struggle to find enough food since of war broke out and twenty three are saying a quarter of the population is displaced food prices have soared and fighting has prevented many farmers from planting and harvesting crops. the philippines is celebrating its return to democracy thirty two years after the end of the ferdinand marcos dictatorship but some fear that the current president of regard to tatar is trying to bring back the era of the strongman under chapelle reports. for thirty two years filipinos have come together to celebrate a watershed moment in their history when a revolution forced president ferdinand marcos from power. in recent years that unity has been tainted by partisan politics between political dynasties and concerns of the current leader rodriguez deter take his tuna style joke of the marcos era and it's important to stand up now especially since last year we saw that this administration blatantly disregarded our history that they buried the
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dictate our marcos and now we are dying and she's from the current regime for the current government after twenty years in power marcos was toppled in an army back to revolt after he was accused of cheating in the presidential election when filipinos flooded at a main road in manila demanding an end to corruption and human rights abuses thousands were killed for voicing opposition to his rule do territories were on drugs reminds many of the darker time because thousands more filipinos have been killed. despite that and opposition from these protesters and others such as the roman catholic church do tend to say remains popular able to withstand whatever criticism he gets from rights groups the media and his political opponents and several new show on the we are celebrating decades more than three decades after being used to define what we are a nation which is
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a democratic society or republican government where there is a rule of law not the man but the problem with that case after that so we all went home. do you wish the protesters well calling the anniversary a time for unity in the name of democracy but unlike his predecessors he wasn't there to deliver his message or hear how polarized his policies have made these filipinos feel anger chapelle. not a few moments we'll have the weather the richard but still ahead here on al-jazeera we'll tell you who's replacing australia's embattled politician barnaby joyce was forced to step down as deputy prime minister amid sexual harassment allegations and it's not just donald trump who is angry about the north american free trade deal why mexican health workers have been enough for an obesity epidemic. and support china's government tries to create public interest in the winter sports focused
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shifts to the next olympic games in beijing or in the state. through tranquil arabian can you. can use and if. we are entering a period of really exceptional winter weather in parts of europe at the moment not just ordinary cold winter weather but really really low temperatures and some severe wind chills as well those are the temperatures we had first thing this morning there was a monastery in moscow manas fifteen even rome there subzero. temperatures significantly above freezing but things are strange much further towards the north as well we've had the cold air coming down from the north and we also opposed to the warm air pushing up from the south such that the north pole in recent days has been up at plus zero degrees celsius or above freezing despite the fact core system
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appear of total darkness in the heart of winter and the most northerly point on green and morris chestnut and a temperature of sixty degree celsius with temperatures remaining above freezing for entire twenty four hours even reykjavik iceland. temperatures way above freezing and compare that with rome they're up to minus one and also snow fall in the trevi fountain in the capital well the cold weather is here for quite some time and it's going to get worse before it gets better so that's what we're seeing today temperatures way way down into double digits across northern areas and move the forecasts on twenty four hours it's even worse we've got the snow we've got the wind and it really is going to be severe. the weather sponsored by cat time piece. the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. the sides are pushed on trans that it's a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress the
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domestic population has become organized enough an active enough to believe in your . ideas of good will kill people who are more vulnerable circle of poison this time on al-jazeera. winning news breaks when people need to be heard. as a lackey to good to. god said my brain and this story needs to be to be just largest catholic countries witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on and.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories this hour doctors and rescue workers in east and go to are accusing the syrian government of the full cost this child has died in a dozen more people are being treated off the suspect that attack on sunday. south korea's pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise so the talks can go ahead and north korea in general has a piece of expressed his country's brothers to negotiate with the united states kim young child's presence has been met by protests in the south korean capital seoul. and out of nations as a number of people facing extreme hunger in south sudan is unprecedented. the five million people or about half the population are now entirely dependent on handouts years of conflict and led to what the us has called a manmade famine. now a general strike is taking place in gaza has been called by the public employees
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union as. that explains government workers are still being paid despite rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah reaching a deal last year there are hundreds of schools and government solutions right across gaza like this one that are closed today let's give you some background to this story in two thousand and seven when hamas took control in the gaza strip they recruited tens of thousands of people will use now in october last year ten years later a reconciliation deal was signed between hamas and fatah in cairo with the aim of eventually setting up a unity government now the implementation of that deal seemingly remains still the status of the people that work in institutions like this remains vague and they have barely been played since october. no. we need
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a fair and just to you shouldn't we want to be integrated into the official policy nion alternative system we want to live in dignity we want to be recognized as state employees we have done our duty we now want our rights. because this strike isn't just about wages shows just how frustrated indeed angry palestinians here in gaza are having endured over ten years of israel's land. in the back of the rough a crossing with egypt in the south has also been closed around for years now it also highlights the deep rift between fatah and hamas and it shows just how difficult the implementation of this reconciliation is proving to be. foreign minister has called on the un human rights council to put an end to the blockade on his country by its neighbors saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the u.a.e. all cut ties with account are in june. and i thought he says the council must act
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and victims should be compensated. or better if any report by the u.n. shows there are grave and violent violations of human rights by the blockading countries against our citizens and residents i call on the council to shoulder the responsibility and work and putting an end to the violations of human rights those responsible must be held accountable and victims must be compensated. to barcelona now where riot police a fourth with probe independence supporters protesting against a visit by the king of spain i. i believe stop protesters from approaching the venue of a mobile phone trade show he was opening king philippe was making his first visit to catalonia since the independence referendum in october which was ruled illegal by judges in madrid the kings being criticized for a lack of empathy with catalonia and for refusing to promote settlement talks.
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germany's hard fought coalition deal is facing its latest hurdle of vote by chancellor angela merkel's christian democratic party they're expected to approve the agreement with the social democrats at a meeting in berlin results of a postal vote by the s.p.d. will be announced next week and that outcome is hard to predict germany's been without a government since the election last september. the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has addressed hundreds of supporters of his fourth party ahead of sunday's elections that were a fraud conviction bars him from running he's hoping to be the kingmaker and their potential right wing coalition government some of the diego has more. this is not an operation of elections past but the return of the great survivor of italian politics despite the scandals the humiliating political defeats and a conviction for tax fraud anyone who gambled on never seeing silvio berlusconi
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again might feel shortchanged but not the process faithful in a theater in milan to hear his message. yesterday i read a quote from former u.s. president reagan which says they told me that politics is historically the second activity of man and i thought it was very very close to the first activity with therefore need to be respectable in politics. for his supporters it was the one and only chance to see him campaigning and. even if it's for what he's already done for us he has my support then you know he's a miracle of the tour he has so much energy it comes from his desire to see her rescan tree maybe eighty one years old she may have only just had open heart surgery last year but it seems no better story is back and in. a little stage he is being seen as a safe pair of hands but he is barred from political office because of his tax
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fraud conviction but in the event of election victory he would have the power to nominate a substitute while the veteran politician has a colorful past in comparison to today's politicians ranging from the populist to the neo fascist scorning is relatively a less controversial figure he remains pro european union a reassuring quality for brussels. despite the fact that one of his political allies is the. anti immigrant anti e.u. leg up policy for so italia is seen as a force to keep the far right in check this could be better to school his final comeback his political career has been declared dead several times before but so far that hasn't stopped him hanging on to power so al-jazeera milan students have returned to their florida high school for the first time since a gunman killed seventeen people early this month the school reopened on sunday to help students ease in before classes resume on wednesday the three story building
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where the shooting took place remains cordoned off but many students stopped there to lay flowers and pay their respects. puerto rico suffered another setback to its recovery efforts after hurricane maria hit last year most of the island lost power when a substation exploded on sunday the u.s. territory struggling to rebuild and now college students are being forced to move to the mainland to finish their education christine salumi has more from new york. nineteen year old crystal medina prefers the weather back home but says she's thankful to be here despite the cold attending new york university going to school in puerto rico has been difficult since hurricane maria a lot of the buildings were being really badly damaged we had fungus in our classroom so we had to take classes and tents. there was no electricity for like the first two months there was no water for months after the category four storm a third of the island remains without power even before maria hit the government
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there cut funding to the university of puerto rico. prompting a student strike that shut it down for a month chrystal is one of about sixty puerto rican students attending n.y.u. free of charge dozens of other schools on the mainland are offering free or reduced to ition but such programs aren't without controversy as many as thirty two thousand college aged puerto ricans are expected to leave the island in the coming year continuing a trend that started with an economic crisis in two thousand and six as they leave in search of better opportunities the worry is that universities like this are luring away the best and the brightest researchers at the hunter college center for puerto rican studies say the d. population of puerto rico is one of the most significant hurdles to its economic recovery the reality. is the long term parole in the now
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is being intensified. those your people even after you train them which is part of what's up to me then the economy is lacking the skills base to live battle you know new broader new companies and enterprises that have actually promoted the going to be brought home and why you require students to continue paying tuition to their schools at home to lessen the impact on their already strapped budgets still christian cruz has mixed feelings about being in new york as an. element of guilt too because i'm over here and i'm pretty much getting a free ride just pay my city university back home and i'm getting all these benefits and they're not. but the longer it takes puerto rico to recover the stronger the pull to leave kristen silly me al-jazeera new york now the future of the north american free trade agreement hangs in the balance with the us president
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donald trump wanting it either renegotiated or scrapped but some in mexico are critical of the deal for different reasons they say it's partly responsible for an obesity epidemic as david mass explains from mexico city. like many mexicans these days. for stop on her way to work is here a convenience store. sweet and yogurt cookies and a jello cup make for a breakfast on the go it's a trend the thirty year old teacher says is impacting her health and that of her colleagues and students. there are more children who are overweight who have diabetes and hypertension i see too many students who many families with were nutrition we don't know how to eat properly. mexicans are hocked on junk food and the impact has been devastating over the past twenty five years obesity rates have tripled and diabetes is now the leading cause of death in the country eating habits in mexico began to change in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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because of an increase in foreign investment but this transformation really took off ten years later with the signing of nafta the north american free trade agreement. health experts say mexico became a dumping ground for cheap low nutrient highly processed foods from the united states causing diets here to mirror those of their northern neighbors those that use all the most of all the damage we see in our society is caused by the consumption of high fructose corn syrup. sugary drinks and it's all connected to the industrialized nation and. the money route explains the causes of the beastly. yannis mother. has witnessed this change firsthand she says persuading her family to eat traditional food like tortillas is an uphill battle in leadbelly that these days most young women don't like to cook it for the ease of buying kentucky fried
1:45 pm
chicken instead of making rice and beans instead of making lemonade they buy coke or another soft drink the changes have been bad without government intervention mexico's health crisis is expected to get worse advocates say future trade agreements should take health into account protecting the very people they're supposed to help david mercer al-jazeera mexico city. no astray here has a new deputy prime minister after weeks of mounting pressure forced barnaby joyce to quit he's been replaced by veterans affairs minister michael mccormack the conservative joyce campaigned on family values and came under fire when it was revealed he had an extramarital affair with his press secretary he also faces a sexual harassment complaint yahoo melhem has the latest from sydney. well the government is now hoping that it can move on from the toxicity and the sniping back and forth between the two parties who make up the governing coalition you've got to
1:46 pm
remember that the coalition is the most successful political arrangement in a stranger's postwar period and neither side wanted to see that arrangement derailed a prime minister malcolm turnbull had been calling on a b. joyce's affair with the former staff a shocking error of judgment barnaby joyce retaliated calling his comments inept so that relationship really deteriorated but now they're hoping for a fresh start with the election both michael mccormack as national's leader and deputy leader of the country he says that he wants to focus on uniting his team and on building teamwork and on really bringing back the focus to governing and keeping the opposition labor party out of government who have been really enjoying the spectacle of the last three weeks lots more still to come here on al-jazeera including you saying both just getting ready to kick off a new chapter in his life he tells me to speak one stone.
1:47 pm
1:48 pm
well them but total sport has for deron thank you so much with the olympics and chong chang now over the focus has turned to the hosts of the next winter games beijing and twenty twenty two it will become the first city to host both summer and winter olympics china though still trying to get its population into winter sports adrian brown reports from chong lee in northeast china. china is
1:49 pm
a nation of production lines and here's another novice skiers children mostly going through their paces on slopes partially covered in artificial snow. the ski run is in the chong lead to strict where some of the events in two thousand and twenty two will take place to begin is include funk show high whose father brought her here from their home eight hours drive away. i really like skiing i know joy the fast beat when i go dallas slope and so exciting and so much fun that fun will cost her father almost eight hundred dollars for two days including accommodation but it's worth it he says. it can be expensive if you want you really good at it but for some short term fun it's affordable these skiers won't be in china's next squad for two thousand and twenty two but they are helping raise the profile of winter sports where a lympics success for the chinese remains elusive not so long ago skiing was regarded
1:50 pm
as a decadent unaffordable western pastime but among china's growing middle class the sport is becoming more popular encouraged to take to the slopes by the country's president president xi jinping has set a lofty goal for three hundred million more people to take up winter sports according to government figures the number of enthusiastic in two thousand and sixteen was less than eleven million. to help make skiing more accessible to the masses hundreds more resorts are being built the approach of the winter games is helping transform areas like sean lee when the host spends half his day working down a nearby mine the rest managing a ski rental shop he's had more than ten thousand customers since the season began four months ago. the government now considers winter sports important industry investors also see opportunities ski resorts in this area now generate more tax
1:51 pm
revenue than the gold mines. just under half the venue's the two thousand and twenty two are in the capital they include several used in the two thousand and eight summit games that have been repurposed for winter events and unlike two thousand and eight chinese a limb pick officials may feel they have less to prove now than they did then adrian brown al-jazeera incheon lee northeast china. has won its first bit of silverware as manchester city boss tennis court is on course to complete a trophy trouble this season city defeated ourselves three nil and sunday's english league cup final club record score sergio where a scored his first city go in a major cup final captain vincent kompany double the lead in the second half and david silva wrapped up the win city are also top of the english premier league and still in the champions league it's
1:52 pm
a special you know said he'd been singin in the lead scored three goals. and they help us to understand what this means in the club because like they won titles we put they put us pressure to continue to entice us if we're able to win more titles diffuser the people who's coming here they have to know he has to entitle us and that's why it's so so important. manchester united moved back to second spot to the english premier league after willian fired chelsea into the lead romelu lukaku and jesse lingard struck to ensure a two one win for josie merinos men at old trafford who found the balance in the second office in the team more solid the team felt more comfortable to. to go into attacking areas and of course without creating chances because against chelsea that's that's not possible we create
1:53 pm
a few. and this court nominee will get us in. le bron james says his cleveland cavaliers side are in transition following sunday's defeat against a semitone you a spurs the cavs have lost two or three games since the all-star break having overhauled their roster on trade deadline day with six departures and four signings and no i've been through just so. you know it's going to be a transition period like i say we play exceptionally well maybe some games where we could have played better but one thing about our own fault on the phone tonight for washington whatever it is is. tiger woods says his expectations have gone up after finishing twelfth at the honda classic in florida fellow american justin thomas luke lift in a playoff to win the title on sunday it's the second win of the season for the twenty four year old which was with was briefly within striking distance of the
1:54 pm
leader at one point but a double bogey on the fifteenth ended any outside chance of victory still the fourteen time major winner was happy with his perfect. each and every time i have come out to tournaments and getting the feel the ground faster and i've been away from terminal for so long that sort of feel the rounds starting to get into it feel the pace you'll. get a better sense of it and the more play time because the better. and the greatest sprinter of all time you same goal to set for a major career move the eighth time and the champion in south africa last month and trained with local side among the lodhi sundowns says he's signed for a football team the thirty one year old says he'll have more details on choose de who has always expressed his passion for the game previously said it like to play for his favorite product manchester united. i just signed for was to find no
1:55 pm
one to use it for the summer ever. and that's all you swear for now daryn back to you for us thank you very much indeed the producers of the first time of film to be made in sri lanka more than forty years hope at the start of a homemade revival tunnels normally watch movies made in india because the local industry has been crippled by decades of war and lack of experience movie makers al-jazeera is mel fernandez reports from columbus. with an original script a team comprising the amateurs than professionals and a dream to take on a multi-million dollar industry. called molly kings is the first full length tamil film to be made locally in more than four decades i had made a conscious decision not to you know not to get any indian technicians or anyone walled in this movie just to prove
1:56 pm
a point. i only went for sound mixing in and apart from that everything else has been done here and that's not been done before either in the film ratnam plays a cash strapped london expectorate who travels here to attend a wedding to save money the family stays with relatives who have problems of their own the ensuing attempts to solve those problems produce hilarious results. the film which the director describes as a dark comedy is refreshing lee candid about some aspects of sri lanka's tamil community got inspired by mr. court where he says life is a tragedy in close up but a comedy in long shot and i thought that was apt for me personally and also the life of my community so i thought. the film premiere was a hive of excitement as the community celebrated the achievement initial reaction as many streamed out of the screening was positive i enjoyed very much and i hope
1:57 pm
that there's a bright future for the movies you treat argo this is all more we buy our people for us something a bit more because of the lack of industry professionals the director had to use more than eighty percent of crew from well established and prolific single movie makers in sri lanka for years tamil film goers in sri lanka have watched south indian firms adored its actors sung its songs and adopted its fashions breaking into an industry dominated for so long by south indian cinema is no easy task but the team behind kamali kings seem determined to take on that challenge one of the main challenges is to create a unique style for sure one can time the cinema we are here to establish oh and i did. in terms of your job you have done but in cinema we haven't actually takes a long time to get to cast. kings will be different things to different people but
1:58 pm
the director says it's a first step to finding an identity for sri lankan tamils cinema one that he hopes inspires others to contribute to its revival been a philanderer as al-jazeera colombo. well that's it from me jordan for this news about martin dennis miller back with more of the day's news stay with us here on al-jazeera found so much of the news out by phone.
1:59 pm
to. the frustration. on counting the cost how corrupt is your country transparency international has the latest global rankings venezuela makes history by launching a crypto currency can south africa plug a hole in its finances as cape town faces a water shortage counting the cost at this time. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president. is poised for a second time in. a series of stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scheme his reelection
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becomes more apparent we. might take. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news has been covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking leaders and research as governor in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera. struggling to bring. the syrian government of a chlorine gas attack. it's time to stop these hell on earth. coals for an end to attacks on the rebel district of.


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