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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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more. take. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news has been covered. and there's more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking leaders and researchers gathered in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera. struggling to breathe the doctors accuse the syrian government of a chlorine gas attack. it's time to stop the spill on the. u.n. chief antonio guterres calls for an end to attacks on the rebel held district of eastern ghouta.
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without is there live from doha also coming up. more than half the south sudan's people of worried about where their next meal is coming from a warning from the united nations. south korean protests is rally against the north as pressure builds for concessions from washington and pyongyang the talks. the winter olympics is pulse to beijing where there's a push to get more people into the snow. opposition medics in syria say a child has died or that dozen more people are being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel held on the eve of a single this is video that purports to show the victims struggling to bring the
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syrian government has denied using chemical weapons in the war. i don't i'm not a little attention today we have more than thirty dead dozens of mints and launching of chemical weapons with chlorine sarin and other gases from iran we don't know what they are russian a common a don't care about un council decisions they still bombard us and use chemical weapons against us america france turkey saudi arabia what are they waiting for britain what are they waiting for are they waiting for us to be exterminated in eastern. at least twenty three people have been killed in fighting in. monday and that's despite a un security council resolution which was paulson's us today calling for a ceasefire then the holder has the latest from beirut. there has been no letup in the violence activists are reporting more civilian deaths women and children killed in yet another air strike also activists reporting
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a chlorine attack now there has been a drop in the intensity of the bombardment if you compare it to the first few days of this bombing campaign which were really relentless and more than five hundred people are killed a drop in the intensity but nevertheless this bombardment continues the pro-government alliance putting more pressure on the people of to surrender in the pro-government alliance at the same time trying to advance on the ground trying to push into eastern hasn't been easy the rebels have been able to hold their ground they're deeply entrenched in eastern and the government really concentrating the bombardment in frontline areas in areas and towns close to the front lines which makes it easier for them to advance because people start fleeing fleetly fleeing the area so no letup in the violence clearly the security council resolution calling for a cease fire there was a lot of loopholes one of them is that terrorist groups are excluded and everyone understands a terrorist group to mean something else the russians and the iranians making it clear they believe still held by terrorists yes even the rebel groups there say hey
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i need a sham formally al qaida linked front is present a few hundred of them but they're ready to leave but what is clear is that the government wants all rebels to leave including. people who are from eastern they don't want to leave with their families but clearly the government is going to push ahead with this bombing campaign that has one objective and that is to recapture. right let's hear from a resident of east and. now with. the. agreement about that. not. even fair for anyone to go my parents let me but you. better. be. here. they don't come out from the
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basement for a week they have to get some food for their family somewhere. and tell now they cannot go out. when you have when you're hearing about people that from. the people they have to go to get some food for their. children although the food is. right because of. that. the u.n. secretary general uses a fitting address at the human rights council to call for an immediate cease fire to be implemented in. the high level discussions are being held in geneva over the next four weeks as a serious war has taken sent to save during the council's thursday which is expected to cover the state of human rights across the plain. eastern good cannot wait it's high time to stop these health on hers and that
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remind all parties of their absolute obligation an international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times and similarly efforts to combat terrorism do not supersede these obligations. the un human rights chief deplored the current state of human rights not only in syria but around the out east to. the other besieged areas in syria it's. the cow size in the d.r. sea jan is in yemen. burundi northern rakhine in myanmar have become some of the most prolific slaughterhouses of humans in recent times because lot enough was done early on collectively to prevent the rising horrors our correspondent in geneva is david chaytor. what marked
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out the opening speeches of the session was the sense very much of frustration and anger from the united nations secretary general now terrorist said that there are a very long list of human rights abuses on the seventieth anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights he doesn't know where to start when he looks across the globe and looks across well but he did start on eastern ghouta gutierrez called that a hell on earth but he also pointed out the the situation for the in myanmar and and also he is going to develop perhaps more evidence on southern sudan almost being forgotten by the international media where there are also serious human rights abuses but perhaps the most important point was made by the human rights commission in his valedictory speeches last speech here in geneva and which he said that he wanted to be blunt he wanted to attack the whole system what he called the
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conditions for veto system in the security council is being used very much by russia in syria and that is allowed the killing and the maiming and the gassing to continue of the seven years of that conflict and so they are saying that must change the united nations must change its own order if they hope to impose a stop human rights abuses and conflict across the world. yemen's transport minister has accused the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal alm is sol it. is also warning that al-qaeda is spreading its influence by exploiting internal conflicts in the of the shia. the situation is very bad at all liberated areas particularly those in the south where there are tribal lobbies established and supported by the united arab emirates there are also provincial armies and there are gangs even al qaida is
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spreading there in large parts of the governorates has never been as present as it is right now. well as in bahrain is a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations he's a specialist on yemen he's joining us live now from beirut and adam what should we read into this statement being made by a member of the officially recognized government i mean it's certainly interesting for these comments to be coming out at this time when you look at. the tone and substance is not actually that new before he was named a minister he was frequently saying similar comments it's his position as a commentator that being said i think it does reflect the increasing tensions within the yemeni government for a minister to be saying this and in many ways i think describing the situation in yemen is even worse than it is i was in matter just a few months ago and i would say that the situation in model is actually is actually quite well internationally recognized government has done quite quite
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a decent job in restoring order there for so to have these comments coming out i think does really underline. many of many of the issues dividing yemen's internationally recognized government even if it does remain united against their wishes and what is the situation with regard to the united arab emirates owned the ground in yemen. i mean there is no question that the u.a.e. has a significant presence on the ground in yemen they're part of the saudi led coalition and probably the second most important partner after the saudis that being said i think generally speaking they continue to enjoy a significant amount of popular support and if you look at what the u.a.e. has been able to achieve in fighting terrorist groups like al qaeda in the arabian peninsula with some of the groups that want to speak has told about has been speaking about these groups have actually played a major role in pushing al qaeda out of key areas in pushing al qaeda out of the city of mahalo which they controlled for some time in pushing al qaida out of the province of shaba. so when i when i listen to these remarks there's no doubt
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they're interesting and and notable but i think they have a lot more to do with his political allies. frustrations with other other members of the internationally recognized government and other elements of the saudi led coalition than they do to have anything really with what's going on on the ground ok so does it signify a rift between the official government over yemen and its main back because the saudi led coalition. i mean you've had strong anti you a your rhetoric from many figures within. the international recognized government both publicly and privately and i don't want to paint an overly rosy picture obviously let's not forget that this is these comments do come after. the attacks in auburn over the weekend which were quite devastating terrorist attacks roughly half a dozen people including civilians killed in these attacks on. you a back to military installations in than there is
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a decent degree of frustration at the security situation has not improved. that being said i think in any situation like this it's quite common to see people try to take advantage of this for for the political and for you know these sort of two things to be tied to a great extent and environ thank you very much indeed. thank you to the people in south sudan so many of them don't know where the next meal is coming from and that number has risen to an alarming level so says the u.n. in a new report which says more than five million people that's about health of the population and now entirely dependent on eight years of conflict have led to what the u.s. is called a manmade famine in charlotte bennis has more. half of south sudan some five million people of facing malnutrition and even starvation this map shows how hard it is to get food in south sudan people in yellow areas can find just enough food
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to survive or into areas represent a crisis phase where many people malnourished and rate areas are one stage more severe where there are high levels of malnutrition and people are at risk of starvation in january one million people when the rate areas a forty percent increase on the same time last year and this is the u.n. forecast for the middle of the the orange and the raid areas grow to include areas with seven million people living what is in these maps are estimates for what the u.n. calls catastrophe areas where there could be widespread starvation from zero in january one hundred and fifty five thousand people will fall under the category within the next six months south sudan had only just experienced a famine last year was the first to be declared in any country since twenty eleven the struggle to find enough food since of war broke out and twenty three are saying a quarter of the population is displaced food prices have soared and fighting has
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prevented many farmers from planting and harvesting crops so to come here at al-jazeera preventing an environmental disaster moves to stop the lake chad from drying out. the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi rallies supporters ahead of sunday's election. hello once again across northeastern parts of asia we've lost a couple of weather fronts moving clear of japan the weather system which is moving across northeastern parts of china in the far east of russia and that is going to be bringing some significant snow for the flood of all stock minus six and windy really blizzard conditions likely there for a time but models are still across the korean peninsula and across a good part parts of central and southern japan those suckle looking at highs of
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thirteen degrees also broke the mold in beijing to move the forecast on through into wednesday we've got an area of rain coming up from the south so shanghai looks as though be turning particular waits to in the course of the day across more central and southern parts of china the weather conditions cheering choose a jury not to buy a strong southerly flow hong kong twenty two and shanghai city through choose day enjoying some roads to be fine weather with quite a strong wind but that front then begins to move in and it's to be quite active across indochina fine for annoyed them vietnam otherwise just isolated showers across laos and through parts of me and mar and then heading down into southeastern parts of asia scattered showers across the philippines but nothing particularly untoward malays in borneo seen some heavy downpours not as well as it has been for java and bali and up through them in a pinch should be bright for kuala lumpur with high series space had to reach thirty five.
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the environment doesn't know any boundaries what goes up into the environment goes around the world. the sides are pushed that it's a very modern way to do. and we've made poisons the measure of progress the domestic. circle of points this time on al-jazeera. let's have a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera doctors and rescue workers in the center of the syrian government of another chlorine gas attack they say
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a child has died in a dozen more people are being treated after the suspected attack on sunday. yemen's transport minister has accused the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal alm is. the is warning that al-qaeda is exploiting the internal conflict and spreading its influence. the united nations has a number of people facing extreme hunger in south sudan is unprecedented more than five million people that's about half the population and now in tonga dependent on eight years of conflict of lead to what the u.s. is called a manmade famine. south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to make compromises said that talks can go ahead but the white house is remaining resolute saying that any meeting must lead to pyongyang ending its nuclear program a north korean general who's visiting the south has repeatedly. expressed his
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country's readiness for discussions with the us kim young charles present at the met by protests in so many of them blame the general for the deaths of dozens of south korean sailors in twenty ten bride has more from one of the protests. continuing protests in seoul at the presence of general kim young child on south korean soil a man that many people here blame for the attack in twenty ten that sank a south korean warship with the loss of nearly fifty lives the north koreans have denied they were never involved but people here believe it's an evidence that the north korea can never be trusted under the current leadership but it's true to say that all of the people here share the same kind of optimism of many people in south korea after the build up of goodwill over these olympic games the talks though continue between the visiting north korean delegation and their south korean counterparts according to moon jay in the south korean president it is the only way
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forward to try and deescalate tensions here looking for the ultimate denuclearization of north korea but in the background is the united states concerned that this is a continuing charm offensive by north korea and that the south koreans are being beguiled the united states and also many protesters here believe that north korea has not changed despite all the smiles and that now is the time for a united front against what they believe is still a potentially very dangerous adversary. the u.n. has called for an investigation after security forces in the democratic republic of congo opened fire on protesters t.v. full were killed dozens of others were injured in violence across the country that gathered after sunday church services calling for the president to resign pizza shop reports. the catholic church has been at the forefront of demonstrations
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calling on the congress president joseph kabila to stand down. after morning service on sunday protesters took to the streets again. since december more than a dozen people have been killed by security forces and protests like these and. today there was an all too familiar response by police was tear gas quickly followed by gunfire was enough for the locals candy was shot dead before the march started. his body taken to a nearby hospital and. two others were seriously injured one of them a student serge mocha a washington george i'm not protesting by accident or in vain and not because i don't know why i'm protesting but protesting today i was just claiming my right and this is what happened to me. organizers said the protesters no longer believed in the political will of current leaders to ensure a peaceful transition of power if capital is forced to stand down i mean his good
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care is killing here is kabila condemning them he's not condemning the metol we will not end these protests we will maintain our fight and we will go up to the end with this fight as with previous protest marches internet data and messaging services were cut across the congo was whatever you want. but the opposition message is getting out. in the shooting by the security forces is for the stoking up anger to shop al-jazeera. students have returned to their florida high school for the first time since a gunman killed seventeen people there earlier this month the school reopened on sunday to help students ease in the fall classes resume on wednesday the three story building where the shooting took place there remains cordoned off that many students stop there to lay flowers and pay their respects. african leaders are gathering in the nigerian capital to address the urgent needs of around seventeen
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million people who depend on the lake chad for their livelihoods the u.n. has food insecurity and malnutrition have reached critical levels as the lake continues to shrink. there was a time when the city of both on an island surrounded by the waters of lake chad but over the past few decades life has dramatically changed. it was an island in the middle of the lake now we are ten kilometers away since one thousand nine hundred sixty six the lakes water has been receding it continues to dry up in the one nine hundred seventy s. every year more and more the lake is getting further away from us. so used to be thriving people lived on fishing farming and herding it was considered the warehouse of the deferred region where the borders of coming room child nigeria niger meet now it's a desolate city where people barely survive lake charles has shrunk by eighty
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percent over the past twenty five years and continues to recede. owns a red pepper farm known here as manga gold is very popular in both niger and nigeria business used to be good. because the chad lake is the backbone of the economy in this region people were self-sufficient and now we're facing dire problems and we need help if the lake dries up people will die out of hunger the area has been sealed for two years as a result of the war against boko haram. with the absence of rainfall in a drought prone region west african countries are looking for options to save the lake including transferring water from other sources but that needs funding and security both unavailable at the moment the rise in poverty has led to an increase in the popularity of boko haram in many places the armed group has become the only employer feeding on
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a widespread feeling of hopelessness specially among young people. many of the flora and fauna species are now extinct people have lost their livelihoods and are now desperate this enables some of the terrorist groups to attract the lakes residents to join their ranks and secure a source of income the lack of security is hindering all efforts to save the lake who work here many fronts but we need time. but time is running out. and say the humanitarian crisis around the lake is among the most severe in the world about ten point seven million people are in urgent need of assistance or else will soon face famine people who have stayed here from generation to generation now left to wonder for how much longer will they be able to live on the land of their ancestors. germany is a household coalition deal is facing its latest hurdle
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a vote by chancellor merkel's christian democratic party they're expected to approve the agreement with the social democrats at this meeting currently taking place in berlin results of a postal vote by the s.p.d. will be announced and the outcome of that is harder to predict germany has been without a government since the elections last september. the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi has addressed hundreds of supporters of his force or italia party ahead of sunday's elections though a fraud conviction balls' him from running he's hoping to be the kingmaker in a potential right wing coalition government. records. this is not an apparition of elections past but the return of the great survivor of italian politics despite the scandals the humiliating political defeats and a conviction for tax fraud anyone who gambled on never seeing silvio berlusconi
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again might feel shortchanged but not the process faithful in a theater in milan to hear his message. yesterday i read a quote from former u.s. president reagan which says they told me that politics is historically the second activity of man and i thought it was very very close to the first activity with therefore need to be respectable in politics. for his supporters it was the one and only chance to see him campaigning and. even if it's for what he's already done for us he has my support then you know he's a miracle of maturity he has so much energy it comes from his desire to see her risk on tree he may be eighty one years old she may have only just had open heart surgery last year but it seems no better schooling is back and it's a horrible volatile political stage he is being seen as a safe pair of hands but he is barred from political office because of his tax fraud conviction but in the event of election victory he would have the power to
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nominate a substitute while the veteran politician has a colorful past in comparison to today's politicians ranging from the populist to the neo fascist scorning is relatively a less controversial figure he remains pro european union a reassuring quality for brussels. despite the fact that one of his police. cicle allies is the anti immigrant anti e.u. leg up party for so italia is seen as a force to keep the far right in check this could be better to score his final comeback his political career has been declared dead several times before but so far that hasn't stopped him taking on to power so you. learn now that the olympics impi on tanger over attention to beijing the host city for the next winter games adrian brown ripples from jolie in northeastern china
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china is a nation of production lines and here's another novice skiers children mostly going through their paces on slopes partially covered in artificial snow. the ski run is in the chong lead to strict where some of the events in two thousand and twenty two will take place to begin is include funk show high whose father brought her here from their home eight hours drive away. i really like skiing i know joy the fast beat when i go down a slope it's so exciting and so much fun that fun will cost her father almost eight hundred dollars for two days including accommodation but it's worth it he says. it can be expensive if you want you really good at it but for some short term fun it's affordable these skiers won't be in china's next squad for two thousand and twenty two but they are helping raise the profile of winter sports where a lympics success for the chinese remains elusive. not so long ago skiing was
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regarded as a decadent an affordable western pastime but among china's growing middle class the sport is becoming more popular encouraged to take to the slopes by the country's president president xi jinping has set a lofty goal for three hundred million more people to take up winter sports according to government figures the number of enthusiastic in two thousand and sixteen was less than eleven million to help make skiing more accessible to the masses hundreds more resorts are being built the approach of the winter games is helping transform areas like chung leave when host spends half his day working down a nearby mine the rest managing a ski rental shop he's had more than ten thousand customers since the season began four months ago. the government now considers winter sports important industry
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investors also see opportunities ski resorts in this area now generate more tax revenue than the gold mine. just under half the venue's the two thousand and twenty two are in the capital they include several used in the two thousand and eight summit games that have been repurposed for winter events. and unlike two thousand and eight chinese a limb pick officials may feel they have less to prove now than they did them. adrian brown al-jazeera incheon lee northeast china. town for a second look at the top stories here at al-jazeera opposition medics in syria say a child has died and a dozen more people are being treated after another suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the rebel held on klav of eastern ghouta this is video of the purports to show the victims struggling to
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breathe the syrian government has denied using chemical weapons in the war the u.n. secretary general has uses a failing address at the human rights council to call for an immediate cease fire in eastern huta thirty three people have died there in fighting on monday and at least five hundred were killed there last week the high level discussions are being held in geneva or the next four weeks yemen's trials will minister has accused the united arab emirates of trying to fragment the country by creating regional and tribal armies salah al job one is also a warning that al qaeda responding its influence by exploiting internal conflict in the of. she. the situation is very bad at all the bright areas particularly those in the south where there are tribal obvious established and supported by the united arab emirates there are also provincial armies and there are gangs even al qaida is spreading there in large parts of the governor it has never been as present as it
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is right now. the un says the number of people facing extreme hunger in south sudan is unprecedented more than five million people has about half the population and now entirely dependent on aid. south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise said talks can go ahead and north korean general visiting the south has repeatedly expressed his country's readiness to meet the united states came young charles presence has been met by protests in so many blame the general for the deaths of dozens of south korean sailors in twenty ten. students of return to their florida high school for the first time since a gunman killed seventeen people there earlier this month the school reopened to students and family members ahead of the resumption of classes on wednesday the building where the shooting took place remains cooled off that many students up there to lay flowers and pay their respects. ok you know up today those are the
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latest headlines coming up next here it out is there it's inside story. donald trump and the gulf crisis the u.s. president is soon to meet leaders who imposed the blockade on call for eight months ago but what does he have to offer the saudis and their allies and wouldn't force a settlement on u.s. allies in this volatile region this is inside story.


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