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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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drinking national leaders and researches government in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera facing new realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. and their strikes claimed more lives in eastern russia says the syrian army has now agreed to suspend the bung meant to allow aid to get in.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up an unprecedented food crisis in south sudan west sixty percent of the population is at risk of starvation. we hit the slopes in china where the push is own to get more people skiing at of the twenty twenty two olympics. and it may one day save the world the global seed vault home to nearly a million some poles has its tenth anniversary. russia says the syrian army has agreed to suspend as strikes targeting a rebel held enclave near syria's capital moscow called for a day pause in the fighting in eastern two allowed aid to get in and civilians to get out that's off to a un resolution on a cease fire was essentially ignored so a binge of a joins us now from up on the turkey syria border what further details do we have
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on the russian announcement and when might a truce actually come into force. well it is going to start tuesday morning from nine am until two in the afternoon local time in when the bombing is supposed to stop and this is the first time that we've actually seen some movement on the united nations security council resolution which calls for a thirty day ceasefire across syria i've been hearing from the syrian government and their iranian allies who are active on the ground and who have been trying to and to the besieged and play of the day this area is where they are fighting terrorists and essentially the united nations security council resolution talks about these fighting will continue as long as the forces who are active on the ground getting what they called terrorists but the four hundred thousand people who needs to move to disagree they say there is a very small portion a fight is who belong to the the organizations that syria says are terrorists but
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the rest of them are civilians the united nations on its part says that it has been ready to provide aid it is not an ideal situation to provide a ceasefire for just a few hours a day it should completely be enforced but it is a good beginning here's what the united nations security council and united nations spokesman told out there we stand ready as soon as the conditions are safe for truck drivers humanitarian workers to roll into these areas. which for that to be effective. the fighting needs to stop we need to ensure that there are no roadblocks whether physical or administrative. whether or not. five hours is enough not enough it's a difficult question to answer five hours is better than no hours but we would like to see any sation of hostages be extended. thirty days as the security council
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said but we will effort to do whatever we can within the time that we're able to work. just hearing us on a staff under very saying there that five hours as a very restricted window of time what might the priorities be in terms of the type of a that they need to really get into the procedure area in that five hour window. everything we've been hearing from people on the ground that they're running out of food they have very limited supplies of. sanitation and other materials as well as medical supplies that have been running out in the last seven days since this campaign began there are more than two thousand people who have been injured according to medics on the ground and that number continues to rise and there is also in the last twenty four hours another development that syrian forces have started to storm the rebel enclave from
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multiple fronts so that this has resulted in more fighting actually happening on the ground before we were seeing that this city government was only using airstrikes rockets as well as. here's more what happened today in our colleagues in a report. one of the front lines in eastern opposition fighters say they are rebelling attempts by pro syrian government forces to storm the besieged enclave. rebel say they killed dozens of soldiers the ground offensive began on sunday just hours after the u.n. security council agreed to a cease fire throughout. since then there has been no letup in the war the intensity of the airstrikes and the shelling appears to have dropped when compared to the relentless bombing campaign during the first week of the assault but civilians continue to die those who are able to find underground
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shelter avoid going outside more than five hundred people have already been killed children and women among them. the first there's. any god give me patience to face this tragedy my children are scattered here and there my son lost three kids such awful memories i know i am blind i lost my house six days ago i have nothing at all i have been here for six days there is no food. chlorine gas has also reportedly been used activists and medics a victim suffered breathing problems and. today we have more than thirty dozens of launching of chemical weapons. we don't know what they. don't care about council decisions. and use chemical weapons against us pro-government forces have been accused of using chemical weapons in the past
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especially when they want to clear an area to allow their forces to. call terrorists. to russian sponsored talks. but there are also a few hundred. fighters belonging to a group previously. the opposition. fighters are ready to leave but the pro-government alliance wants all rebel factions to surrender there are thousands of fighters in eastern and between three hundred to four hundred thousand civilians says the un. be with us where's the ceasefire the airstrikes have been going through this for the past week no food no water. the
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people who are being held hostage but the fighters and their families are also the people. surrendering. placement to another. area and never returning home. and that is the big question that. people. they've been asking us to sources on the ground have been telling us that even a billion seeds including the united nations are not ready for an outflow of four hundred thousand people they don't know where to put them they don't have places near the door demian border in the south they can't put them in the syrian capital damascus and the car take them to italy which is also another front where fighting continues so all in all it is going to be a clear when this this community in pods come to the place at nine o'clock in the
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morning the u.n. saying that it's ready to provide aid it's not clear whether they will be allowed to or not salinger of a thank you. you know an agency say food insecurity in south sudan has reached unprecedented levels in more than sixty percent of the population is at risk of starvation by july displacement due to ongoing violence in a weak economy has contributed to the crisis in the logan reports from the capital juba barely able to stand and to stick to that's what john told the doctors when she brought in her two year old son go in for a checkup but she cannot hide her grief when asked why he was in bad condition. we have no food in the house i plan to have greens but that's not enough and we can't afford to buy food from the market every day sometimes we eat one meal
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sometimes we don't eat doctors say getting his money and is not alone the u.n. children's organization unicef says more than one point three million children are at risk of being malnourished by july if not given assistance aqim a son philip is one of them. i brought my child here because he hasn't gotten proper food for so long that the little food we do get he can't eat it and we can't afford regular meals. africa's youngest nation has been its war for more than four years infighting between rival groups has claimed thousands of lives and displaced a quarter of the twelve million population it's also resulted in what the u.n. calls an unprecedented level of food insecurity as much as it is hard for those here in the capital juba to get the situation is worse for millions of others around the country who have no access to markets and rely on aid to survive that total is rising the u.n. says six point three million or fifty seven percent of the population is a trick of starvation by april and the u.n.
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says one hundred fifty five thousand people are at risk of being classified as an catastrophic things of food insecurity by july it is serious and that is why we are seeing a less drastic measures to can by the unitarian activists in this situation is likely to form but from last year we have an increase of food into fuel and food insecurity forty forty percent so if you compare learned here with this year is zero to do better but the u.n. says without an end to the conflict it will be hard to fight against the hunger as long as you have to concede continuing people a lot feel secure in their own being and where they are and without that you don't have them actually producing food and i actually contributing to the food needs of what our imperatives i should maintain lactase is to look at now the people who are in need and make sure we get the resources to provide them the assistance that any needs that keep increasing day by day with adults and children at risk of starving
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to death and there are millions people morgan al-jazeera juba. police in dubai say the bollywood star superstar should davy cut poor who died on saturday accidentally drowned in the bath after losing consciousness the fifty four year old actress was attending a family wedding when she died the post-mortem contradicts initial reports that she died of cardiac arrest a poor career has spanned fifty years and she starred in almost three hundred films in multiple indian languages. and investigative journalist and his girlfriend have been shot dead in slovakia in an attack police believed was linked to his reporting which focused on tax evasion the bodies of twenty seven year old could check and his partner were discovered in their home prime minister robert feature has condemned what he calls an unprecedented attack on freedom of the press and democracy and has offered a million dollar reward. the norwegian government says it will spend thirteen
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million dollars to upgrade the global seed vault on the tenth anniversary of the opening of the facility on the arctic island of. the vote was opened in two thousand and eight to protect the world's food supplies its and natural deep freeze containing samples of nine hundred thousand seed samples from all over the world the upgrade is to protect the facility from global warming the vote was required for the first time in two thousand and fifteen to replenish seeds destroyed in syria's war. material is gone you have no backup backup and then it's gone forever well that is the world's last is the last to get through to your boat is that. so the vault is meant to be there in today's that anything goes wrong around the world . hope it doesn't go wrong but unfortunately things to go wrong and that is why it is comforting to know that we have backups in small guard. well al jazeera still to come on the program the message from three nobel laureates to myanmar unsung suchi
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after their emotional visit to a were hengel refugee camp in bangladesh and israel advances controversial changes to the way land disputes in the occupied west bank are resolved. hello it's snowing it has been stirring an awful lot in italy the snows tend to move in this general direction the cold tucking in behind and we're beastly i think was going to fall out over a lot with these two areas of low pressure just sucking up some moisture from the warmth the mediterranean and then throwing it out may be coming soon as it hits the ground from the hungary implying to ukraine that the northern greece in the temperature difference across these areas quite marc klaas to niagara monocytes in book arrest well that call what is the thing is now feeding through the rest of northern europe producing snow in the british isles probably as in northern france
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daytime highs are subzero night times even more so than the block or the blue background shows you the extent that stretching down halfway through space but curious to the day after madrid is going to warm up with feeding motion up from the south so the next area of significance those quite like to be up in northern spain or something falls and to get to a meter is possible here at the same time it's stirring in the british isles that's now being picked up by the reservoir of the north sea a real problem bitter winter going on here throughout europe the sun is going to feed down as does the moment throughout syria in tunisia in the form of rather breezy and coolest showers the most part north africa is fine. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives
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dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. back in with al-jazeera let's take a look at the stories making headlines now russia says syria's army has agreed to a daily ceasefire in rebel held eastern ghouta and humanitarian corridor so civilians can leave at least twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel
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held and. u.n. agencies say war displacement and an economic crisis have pushed food insecurity in south sudan to unprecedented levels. and the norwegian government says it will spend thirteen million dollars to upgrade the global seed vault on the tenth anniversary of the opening of the facility on the arctic island of. the u.n. secretary general has used his opening address at the u.n. at the human rights council to call for an immediate ceasefire in the east and go to war in syria took center stage on the first day of high level discussions which are being held over the next four weeks they've achieved a has more from geneva. the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace used his opening address to demand the immediate implementation of the cease fire in syria as the news came in of continued government attacks against the rebel held suburb of damascus eastern good cannot wait it's high time to stop these health on her death and that
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remind all parties of their absolute obligation an international humanitarian and human rights law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure at all times and similarly efforts to combat terrorism do not supersede these obligations the outgoing human rights high commissioner for the u.n. as saying that he wished to be blunt about where the blame for what he called the slaughter houses really lay the responsibility for the continuation of so much pain lies with the five permanent members of the un security council so long as the veto is used by them to block any unity of action when it is needed the most when it could reduce the extreme suffering of innocent people then it is they the permanent members who must answer before the victims reforms to the system already being
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backed by two out of the five permanent members by france and the united kingdom the high commissioner said it is time for the love of mercy for russia china and the united states to join them and stop the punishes use of the veto as the world celebrates the seventieth anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights the high commissioner said it was the worst offenders disregard and contempt for human rights which will be the eventual undoing of us all david chase the al jazeera geneva. three female nobel peace prize winners have called on unsung suchi to speak out about violence against raising the muslims in myanmar warning that she risks prosecution for genocide the women of visiting rango refugee camps in bangladesh have told their fellow laureate to wake up to the atrocities facing the minority group myanmar does not recognize the rain and have blamed violence in iraq
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and state on terrorists. maguire is one of the peace prize winners visiting cox's bazaar. germicidal really a chore martyr and the people and the world have to do something to stop but so that's one of the but also we want to tear the burmese government to the international. to mix them up trying to both but i would like to go into burma to visit our sister laura to ask her sister lauria to go to the villages where the people and they're mostly been flattened and destroyed the evidence of the other side is being well covered as we speak and i would like. you're pumping out to the villages a lot of people until i actually had knowledge there you are you have a right to live. you know right to be massacred and kill like us.
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as already forces have arrested one thousand palestinians in the occupied west bank off of the arrest took place in the now been silent village northeast of ramallah they include a palestinian teenager who was shot in the head with a rubber coated steel bullets last december israeli security forces say they arrested due to an increase in violence in the area meanwhile israeli government ministers have advanced a bill that would allow land disputes in the occupied west bank to be settled by a district court rather than being considered by the high court the proposed change in the law follows several high court rulings against settlers palestinians view this proposed changes part of a wider process of gradual an exception which imposes israeli jurisdiction of occupied land as hairy forces now reports. israeli students hit the books in the university library by the looks of it it could be anywhere in israel but it's not this is a real university in one of the largest illegal settlements in the occupied west
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bank settlement universities have until now been governed by a specific body earlier this month israeli m.p.'s passed a law bringing the universities under the auspices of israel's national higher educational forty for palestinians it's another step in normalizing news really presence in the occupied territory part of a longer term program of an accession the university's chancellor sees it differently two states solution is go going to work we are in two thirds of corp we seem to be reading this you will see it helps both jews and palestinians in is. one of the elements that can support is a longer range peace solution the university measure is one of several seen as expanding domestic israeli law into occupied land on sunday israeli ministers advanced a bill which would allow land disputes to be settled in district rather than high
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court the high court has a recent record of ruling in favor of palestinian claimants over settlers another bill which would impose full israeli law in the settlements essentially an exciting moment to israel proper has for now been put on ice by israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is really gotten into this stage of trying to find legitimizing processes such as emblem applying israeli law to colonial settlements in the west bank which is by resume for two illegal by all international law forms is illegal jerusalem is at the heart of another stalled piece of legislation which would bring illegal settlements reading the city under the jurisdiction of the municipal government for now the israeli prime minister is holding off on advancing that bill as well reportedly citing u.s. pressure ahead of the unveiling of the trump peace plan but the sheer number of proposals that could be or are heading for a vote at the israeli parliament the knesset has palestinians worried that the land
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but they want for their future state is being annexed in exile oblique piece by piece are a force that al-jazeera westerners. al-jazeera has learnt that two more members of the egyptian military have been killed in violence in northeast sinai that brings to twenty nine the number of service personnel who have died since the military launched its latest campaign in the rest of sinai region earlier this month the most recent deaths came after an explosion followed by clashes near the border crossing with gaza. germany's ruling christian democrat party has overwhelmingly approved another coalition deal with the social democrats at a party conference in berlin it means i'm going to muckle is a step closer to a fourth term as chancellor the social democrats now have to approve the deal themselves the result of that postal vote will be announced next week germany has been in political limbo for five months since merkel's party lost ground to the farai in last september's elections south
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korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise direct talks can go ahead soon but the white house remains resolute to any need thing must lead to pyongyang ending its nuclear program a north korean general visiting south korea has repeatedly expressed his country's readiness for discussions with the u.s. kim young charles presence has been met by protests in seoul many blame him for the deaths of dozens of south korean sailors in two thousand and ten. rob mcbride explains. continuing protests in seoul at the presence of general kim young child on south korean soil a man that many people here blame for the attack in twenty ten that sank a south korean warship with the loss of nearly fifty lives the north koreans have denied they were never involved but people here believe it's evidence that the
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north korea can never be trusted under the current leadership but it is true to say the goal of the people here share the same kind of optimism of many people in south korea after the build up of goodwill over these olympic games the talks though continue between the visiting north korean delegation and their south korean counterparts according to moon jay in the south korean president it is the only way forward to try and deescalate tensions here looking for the ultimate denuclearization of north korea but in the background is the united states concerned that this is a continuing charm offensive by north korea and that the south koreans are being beguiled the united states and also many protesters here believe that north korea has not changed despite all the smiles and that now is the time for a united front against what they believe is still
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a potentially very dangerous adversary. a man in the now that the olympics and china over the tension. the he says he for the next winter games and twenty twenty little become the first city to host both a summer and a winter olympics china is a relative newcomer to went to sports and government and now addressing adrian brown reports from chong in northeast china. china is a nation of production lines and here's another novice skiers children mostly going through their paces on slopes partially covered in artificial snow. the ski run is in the chong lead to strict where some of the events in two thousand and twenty two will take place to begin is include funk show high whose father brought her here from their home eight hours drive away. i really like the king i know joy the fast beat when i go dallas slope and so exciting and so much fun that fun will cost her
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father almost eight hundred dollars for two days including accommodation but it's worth it he says. it can be expensive if you want you really good at it but for some short term fun it's affordable these skiers won't be in china's next squad for two thousand and twenty two but they are helping raise the profile of winter sports where a lympics success for the chinese remains elusive. not so long ago skiing was regarded as a decadent an affordable western pastime but among china's growing middle class the sport is becoming more popular encouraged to take to the slopes by the country's president president xi jinping has set a lofty goal for three hundred million more people to take up winter sports according to government figures the number of enthusiastic in two thousand and sixteen was less than eleven million. to help make skiing more accessible to the masses hundreds more resorts are being built the approach of the winter games is
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helping transform areas like chumley when a host spends half his day working down a nearby mine the rest managing a ski rental shop he's had more than ten thousand customers since the season began four months ago. on the garmin though considers winter sports important industry investors also see opportunities ski resorts in this area now generate more tax revenue than the gold mines. just under half the venue's for two thousand and twenty two are in the capital they include several used in the two thousand and eight summit games that have been repurposed for winter events and unlike two thousand and eight chinese a limb pick officials may feel they have less to prove now than they did then adrian brown al-jazeera incheon lee northeast china large areas of europe
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being hit by freezing winter weather a strong winds and bringing cold air west from siberia the first major capital city in its path is moscow which is suffering its lowest temperatures of the year and that's with the start of spring just three weeks away it's now dropped to minus twenty degrees celsius in the russian capital meanwhile the italian capital rome is seeing its first snow fall in six years leading to some rare and footrest sites like the colosseum and trevi fountain covered in snow also the vatican groups of priest elton cello with its nobles and some piece a square one on. quick look at top stories for you now russia says syria's army has agreed to a daily cease fire in eastern guta in syria and
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a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave at least twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel held enclave east of damascus despite a u.n. resolution calling for a nationwide truce on sunday syrian troops launched a ground assault entering the enclave through three towns in one of those towns a child was killed and several others experience reading difficulties off to a suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas off to an explosion in eastern guta the syrian government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons in the war we stand ready students the conditions are safe for truck drivers humanitarian workers to rule to these areas. for that to be effective. the fighting needs to stop we need to ensure that there are no roadblocks whether physical or administrative moving to our other headlines and three nobel peace prize winners of called on their fellow laureate unsung suchi
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to speak out about violence against reading the muslims warning that she risks prosecution for genocide the women a visiting refugee camps in bangladesh and they've told the myanmar leader to wake up to the atrocities facing the rain. doesn't recognise the ranger as an ethnic group and is blamed violence in iraq and state on terrorists. u.n. agencies say war displacement and an economic crisis have pushed food insecurity in south sudan to unprecedented levels with more than sixty percent of the population at risk of starvation by july. the norwegian government says it will spend thirteen million dollars to upgrade the global seed vault on the tenth anniversary of the opening of the facility on the arctic island. the vote was opened in two thousand and eight to protect the world's food supplies it's a natural deep freeze containing samples of nine hundred thousand seed samples from all over the world it was required for the first time in two thousand and fifteen
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to replenish seeds destroyed in syria's war those are the headlines the stream is next stay with house era. your company your comic or but. also from nigeria and your also in the stream to the latest model installments may be the most political entertaining. yet it's still box office is a week ago smashing records and filling through.


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