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many people here think the government failed. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combat sexual assault and domestic abuse. is a challenge and so is life behind the badge. at this time. lan. strikes claim more lives in eastern guta but russia says the syrian army has now agreed to suspend the bombardment to allow aid to get in.
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a low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up russia uses its veto to block a u.n. resolution that would have condemned iran's involvement in the war in yemen. and unprecedented food crisis in south sudan west sixty percent of the population is at risk of starvation. and it may one day save the world the global seed vault home to nearly a million song pulls as its tenth anniversary. the syrian army has agreed to suspend as strikes and rebel held eastern for a daily five hour long truce russia's defense ministry says syria's military will now halt its bombardment so the injured can leave this agreement comes forty eight hours off to the united nations pasta resolution for a thirty day cease fire in the area but that was ignored and russia has now set the
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terms of this new deal meanwhile on the ground in the east and twenty six people have been killed in the latest strikes zain hodder has our report. orders of private lives good. opposition fighters say they are repel an attempt by pro syrian government forces to storm the besieged enclave. dozens of soldiers the ground offensive began on sunday just hours after the u.n. security council agreed to a cease fire throughout. since then there has been no letup in the war the intensity of. strikes and the shelling appears to have dropped when compared to the relentless bombing campaign during the first week of the assault but civilians continue to die those who are able to find underground shelter outside more than five hundred people have already been killed children and women
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among them. god give me patience to face this tragedy my children are scattered here and there my son lost three kids. i lost my house six days ago. i have been here for. there's no. chlorine gas has also reportedly been used activists medics a victim suffered breathing problems and. today we have more than thirty dozens of launching of chemical weapons. we don't know what they. don't care about un council decisions. and use chemical weapons against us pro-government forces have been accused of using chemical weapons in the past especially when they want to clear an area to allow their forces to advance the syrian government. security council cease fire resolution the
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military campaign. by what they call terrorists. groups. and. they have sent representatives to russian sponsored talks. but there are also a few hundred. fighters belonging to a group previously. the opposition says. fighters are ready to leave but the pro-government alliance wants all rebel factions to surrender there are thousands of fighters in eastern and between three hundred to four hundred thousand civilians says the. un. god be with us where's the ceasefire the airstrikes haven't stopped we've been going through this for the past week no food no water the kremlin says the people it is to be held hostage but the fighters and their families are also the people of this damascus suburb surrendering would
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probably mean forcible displacement to another unsafe rebel area and never returning home that. they built well united nations says it's prepared to deliver humanitarian aid as soon as conditions on the ground enable them to do. we stand ready as soon as the conditions are safe for truck drivers humanitarian workers to roll into these areas. we for that to be effective. the fighting needs to stop we need to ensure that there are no roadblocks whether physical or administrative. whether or not. five hours is enough or not enough it's a difficult question to answer five hours is better than no hours but we would like to see any sation of haas's be extended thirty days as the security council
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had said but we will effort to do whatever we can within the time that we're able to work. well russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of who's the rebels in yemen this is the first time russia has protected iran in the security council the fifteen member council did however unanimously adopt a resolution drafted by russia that extended targeted sanctions related to the war in yemen and diplomatic editor james bass has more from the united nations well we've seen some pretty high drama in the last few minutes in the security council on yemen to rival u.n. security council resolutions the mechanics of that gets pretty complicated i'll explain it in just a moment but actually the take away from this is not about yemen it's about iran russia for the first time in the security council has used its veto power to
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protect iran remember a central point of the trumpet ministration is that iran is involved in destabilizing the region well if there's going to be any action against iran russia has just shown it will use its veto there were two resolutions to renew the u.n. xm mandate for its panel of experts and it sanctions in yemen one was a u.k. drafted resolution which included language criticizing iran the other was a russian version that didn't have that language and didn't have that detail in eat well it came to a vote a short time ago at the security council they voted on the two resolutions one after the other the first one they voted on the u.k. resolution with the iranian language in it and eleven countries were in favor of that but there were four others who were not they were starting china who abstained bolivia who voted against and russia who voted against which means that resolution
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did not pass because one of the five permanent members vetoed it so then they voted on the russian resolution without the iranian language because and. none of the nations around the table wanted the sanctions in yemen which would be expired it would not to run out that was passed unanimously but an important moment in the security council russia backing iran very very strongly and sending i think a signal to the white house. south africa's new president has appointed his deputy and new finance minister and carried out wide ranging shuffle of his cabinet several run the post has replaced several ministers including shaking up the planning energy and public enterprise ministries a number of ministers have been linked to a growing scandal relating to the influence by private citizens of the public officials has this update for us from johannesburg. it's
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not the overhaul that many ram opposed the supporters or many south africans who were hoping for a clear change of direction and an anti corruption drive would have hoped for many ministers from the previous cabinet who appointed by former president jacob zuma and implicated in many of the corruption scandals that afflicted his government have been reappointed but in different positions the most controversial of those reappointment is malusi gigaba the former front former finance minister he's been reinstated in another powerful position the ministry of home affairs one position that will point and that will reassure people who are hoping for a change of direction is the appointment of pravin gordhan the former finance minister he's been appointed in the ministry of enterprise he has a reputation for cleaning up any ministry that he's been in charge of so that will reassure people who were hoping for some change poses stuck with iraq and a hard place on the one hand trying to please the supporters and those who wanted
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a complete change of house and a new direction on the other hand he still has to take the a.n.c. as national executive committee that put him in position as the leader of the a.n.c. and can recall him at any time to keep his job he has to keep different factions within the a.n.c. placated as well as trying to push through what he says is his agenda of cleaning out corruption and fixing the economy u.n. agencies say food insecurity in south sudan has reached unprecedented levels more than sixty percent of the population is at risk of starvation by july displacement due to ongoing violence and a weak economy is contributed to the crisis and the morgan reports from the capital juba. barely able to stand and too sick to eat that's what john told the doctors when she brought in her two year old son garen for a checkup but she cannot hide her grief when asked why he was in that condition. we have no food in the house i plan to basic grains but that's not enough and we
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can't afford to buy food from the market every day sometimes we eat one meal sometimes we don't eat dr say getting his money and is not alone the u.n. children's organization unicef says more than one point three million children are at risk of being malnourished by july if not given assistance ok my son philip is one of them. i brought my child here because he hasn't gotten proper food for so long that the little food we do get he can't eat it and we can't afford regular meals africa standers nation has been at war for more than four years in fighting between rival groups has claimed thousands of lives and displaced a quarter of the twelve million population it's also resulted in what the u.n. calls an unprecedented level of food insecurity as much as it is hard for those here in the capital juba to get food and the situation is worse for millions of others around the country who have no access to markets and rely on aid to survive
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that total is rising the u.n. says six point three million or fifty seven percent of the population is a trick of starvation by april and the u.n. says one hundred fifty five thousand people are at risk of being classified as in catastrophic things of food insecurity by july it is serious and that is why we are seeing a less drastic measures to can by the imagery and actors in this situation is likely to fall from last year we have an increase of food into fuel food insecurity forty forty percent so if you compare last year with the year is zero to do better . but the u.n. says without an end to the conflict it will be hard to fight against the hunger as long as you have the conflict continuing people will not feel secure in their own being and where they are and without that you don't have them actually producing food and actually contributing to the food needs of what our imperatives.
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lactase is to look at now the people who are in need and make sure we get the resources to provide them the assistance that in the needs that keep increasing day by day with adults and children at risk of starving to death and there are millions of people morgan out of there are juba the u.s. supreme court has dealt a blow to attempts by president onil trying to end protections for children of undocumented immigrants on monday ruled the trunk administration must wait before ending the program can really help it has the story. it's an issue that has divided americans for years the deferred action for childhood arrivals daca program was put in place by president barack obama it allows hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children to live and work in the united states trump wanted to end it and plan to start phasing out the program in march raising the threat of deportation for many of the so-called dreamers but last month two federal judges
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blocked that saying it needs to go through the legal system so the trumpet ministration tried to bypass the federal appeals court by taking it to the country's highest court on monday the supreme court refused to hear the case well it makes its way through the appeals court. the administration is appealing lower court rulings to the ninth circuit the same court that block the president's controversial travel ban that would deny entry to people from mostly muslim majority countries it's really sad when every single case filed against us is in the ninth circuit we lose we lose we lose and then we do fine in the supreme court but what does that tell you about our court system the supreme court announcement is a victory for roughly seven hundred thousand dreamers. for months they've been demanding congress act to protect them from deportation but congress has failed to come up with a solution the white house says it's not giving up but that legal process could take
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months leaving the ultimate fate of dreamers uncertain kimberly health kit al-jazeera washington so ahead on the program. so you're right to be martha kearney killer like left. an emotional a pale eyes and sang sea cheese fellow female nobel peace laureates visit bangladesh to meet rangar refugees. in two weeks after a mass shooting as a florida school teaches return to what but questions remain a police action. out of there been some tremendous thunderstorms recently in queens and and they generate in the afternoon down new south wales as well affecting sydney and brisbane but the heaviest rain as record has been further north not far away from
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darwin ninety minutes in twenty four hours this is where you would expect to find the right in the top end of australia or right back towards darwin. is the same type of thing the next dance or rather fewer forecast through queens and on the coast or in the afternoon in new south wales the sun shines out it's warming up in melbourne and adelaide it looks like it could still be potentially stormy inland from perth the next day also some useful shot perth itself looks like quite down in new zealand feeding into the air that was flooded by other means that tropical cyclone there is more cloud and it's curling up that is a rather telling shape usually means some sort of circulation is trying to form so once again for i think south island the site includes the north or south in the south and up to wellington rain seems likely to fall on tuesday and indeed wednesday. seventeen degrees but a very wet seventeen degrees now just quickly mills record breaking star has
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fold in japan and you know what is more in the way. we are going to announce the biggest step in the monkey. decay activists in seats of government and we didn't want to be part of this information and all we really didn't want technologically challenging politics and implementing direct democracy open source code to use the freedom for everyone to look we are in a very curious we are activists we are to replicate. madrid at this time on a just so you know.
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welcome back with al-jazeera let's update you on the stories making headlines this hour russia's defense ministry says syria's army has agreed to a daily cease fire in rebel held eastern goods and a humanitarian corridor also civilians can leave at least twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel held by. russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have expressed concern over sanctions violations by iran in the conflict in yemen the security council instead adopted a russian proposed resolution that did not mention iran and south africa's new president several run opposed has appointed his deputy and new finance minister as part of a wide ranging cabinet reshuffle on other stories we're following teachers have returned to work nearly two weeks after a mass shooting at a school in florida seventeen people were killed when a gunman entered the school in the city of parkland and opened fire the shooting has reignited a debate about gun control and questions remain over police actions as andy
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gallacher reports. in the days since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history of a moral to those that lost their lives has grown as parents and stewed. survive at the school some carry flowers others simply bow their heads classes will resume on wednesday but for many emotions a still rule my daughter hasn't been back since this happened and she wants to see her friends as she wants to resume a somewhat normal life which we know here is never going to be the state but what are we going to do i mean. she she can't stay in her house and do nothing something has to be done. in florida state capital of the us from marjorie stoneman douglas high school continue to campaign for a change in gun laws the students have become the voices for a movement now sweeping the us downhearted when most importantly i feel angry. that we let this have the angry that we did not solve this problem alone time ago
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and angry that children are going one pushing and advocating for change and not i am like an official and investigations now been launched into the police's handling of the shooting sheriff scott israel has been accused of incompetence after his department received warnings about the alleged shooter nicholas cruz and a deputy's resigned after it emerged he stayed outside while the shooting took place president trump has indicated he may raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles says he would have handled it differently i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know most of you. but the way they performed was was really a disgrace some of the u.s. is biggest corporate sponsors are now cutting ties with the national rifle association is pressure for change grows the organization says it's against banning assault rifles or raising age limits politics aside parkland is
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a community that continues to mourn and heal when classes resume on wednesday it will only be for part of the day the building was seventeen people died may be demolished and turned into a memorial but when students walk through these gates it will be a traumatic experience and they gallacher al-jazeera parkland florida. three female nobel peace prize winners have called on and sun city to speak out about violence against wrangham muslims in myanmar warning she risks prosecution for genocide the women of visiting rango refugee camps in bangladesh they've told their fellow nobel laureate to wake up to the atrocities facing the minority clique does not recognize they were and is blamed violence in iraq and state on terrorists on the right why is one of the peace prize winners visiting cox's bazaar. that is genocidal really a chore murder and the people and the world has to do something to stop what so that's what it will day but also we want to take the burmese government to the
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international seething to mix them up trying to build what i would like to go into burma to visit our sister laura to ask her sister laureate to go to the villages where these people and mostly been flattened and destroyed the evidence of genocide is being well covered as we speak and i would like and thankfully she kept pumping us to the villages and a lot of people until i actually had knowledge there you. know we were ready to light. you know right to be massacred kill like us. south korea is pushing for both the u.s. and north korea to compromise so direct talks can go ahead soon but the white house remains resolute to any meeting mislead to pyongyang ending its nuclear program a north korean general visiting south korea's repeatedly expressed his country's braiding as for discussions with the u.s.
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kenyan charles presence has been met by protests and sell though many a blaming him for the deaths of dozens of south korean sailors in two thousand and ten from brian explains. continuing protests in seoul that the presence of general kim young child on south korean soil a man that many people here blame for the attack in twenty ten that sank a south korean warship with the loss of nearly fifty lives the north koreans have denied they were never involved but people here believe it's an evidence that the north korea can never be trusted under the current leadership but it is true to say the all of the people here share the same kind of optimism of many people in south korea after the build up of goodwill over these olympic games the talks though continue between the visiting north korean delegation and their south korean counterparts according to moon jay in the south korean president it is the only way forward to try and deescalate tensions here looking for the ultimate
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denuclearization of north korea but in the background is the united states concerned that this is a continuing charm offensive by north korea and that the south koreans are being beguiled the united states and also many protesters here believe that north korea has not changed despite all the smiles and that now is the time for a united front against what they believe is still a potentially very dangerous adversary. israeli forces have arrested one thousand palestinians in the occupied west bank off of the arrest took place in the village northeast of ramallah they included a palestinian teenager who was shot in the head with a rubber coated steel bullets last december israeli security forces say they arrested jews to an increase in violence in the area. an investigative journalist and his girlfriend have been shot dead in slovakia in an attack police believe was linked to his reporting which focused on tax evasion bodies of twenty seven year
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old siac and his partner were discovered in their home by minister robert fico has condemned what he calls an unprecedented attack on freedom of the press and democracy and is off a million dollar reward. germany's ruling christian democrat party has overwhelmingly approved an all the coalition deal with the social democrats at its party conference in bubblin this means i'm going to muckle is a step closer to a fourth to a chance of the social democrats now have to approve the deal themselves results of that postal vote will be announced next monday. now if you've ever waited for a video web page to load on your phone faster more advanced five g. connectivity could be the onset and it's not just phones that stand to benefit from this companies at the mobile world congress in barcelona say self driving cars and connected homes will be transformed by the new wireless network charlie angela's
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been along to have a look. entering an exhibition of the future over one hundred thousand people six thousand c.e.o.'s and delegations from one hundred eighty governments here to see what new products will transform our lives but the most significant innovation is invisible five g. a wireless network that will enable self driving cars virtual reality and smart cities there's a path of evolution through mobile telecoms and you know we've gone through the first generation second third fourth generation so four g. is the fourth generation of botswana comes five g. is another generation but it's fundamentally quite different to everything we've seen so far for us five g. will mean faster data transfer ten times faster than forty five d. will mean we can download a feature film on trial in a second and stream virtual reality application and also i mean quick response time five people wouldn't zeus' the amount of time it takes the data is to be
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transferred which could be especially important in connecting cars like this which might have to break suddenly it will also mean more devices them over the local service will mean millions of products could be connected to the internet from cars to lighting systems. one of those devices could be this taxi developed by while away a passenger drone operated from a control center that can travel over fifty kilometers we're still a few years away from full five g. coverage here industry leaders the united nations and government are trying to iron out policy standards and regulations and five g. compatible devices appear in shops until twenty twenty at the moment five years good question very well we standardizing the technology in two thousand and eight. and then what we're looking to roll out new networks in two thousand and nineteen the leading countries at the moment for the u.s.
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when you. and south korea. it might be revolutionary but it's also going to be expensive three hundred billion dollars to cover the united states is an estimate by bookies bank the majority of countries won't be able to afford five g. widening the global digital divide millions of people already don't have reliable access to the internet and as a result the knocks out of the digital economy jobs market so while this new wave of technology promises a better future it doesn't promise an equal future charlie out to al-jazeera bustling. now it looks like the entrance to an underground hideout in a james bond film doesn't it bought these global seed vault in norway could one day save the world it was built in the town of long abbey on thirteen hundred kilometers from the north pole ten years ago on monday its mission to safeguard seeds plants and plant material used for global food and agriculture since then
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more than seventy individual groups have deposited more than five thousand different species of plant as of monday the total number of seeds held in the vault as growing to more than one million that includes crops like the black ip a major protein source in africa and south asia and the norwegian government has pledged millions of dollars to future proof the facility well i spoke to maria the executive director of the crop trust which helps fund the deposit of seeds in the vault she says this facility is more important than ever. so the small particles will even back up or crop collections are bad around the world on a day to day basis it's more important what happens in the east and that's then what happens in this large global it will. chase something goes wrong around the world and courtly we might have to go just like that and the tree you see now
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we have also been working recently really. back in aleppo in syria. actually for five six seven years we have backed up their material in. religion that in the book couldn't operate any more due to the work we had to exceed our goal that will insult and reestablish the d.n.a. back partly in morocco and partly eleven so now. it seems again to farmers and readers and sound is and this is the way it is for our siegel is managed to operate if things go wrong around the world then we can still sleep well at night because we can't go to school and retrieve the material.
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but look at the top stories for you before we go russia's president vladimir putin has ordered a daily cease fire in eastern in syria and a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave at least twenty six people were killed on monday in the rebel held and east of damascus despite a u.n. resolution calling for a nationwide truce on sunday syrian troops launched a ground assault trying to enter the enclave through three towns when one of those towns a child was killed and several others experience breathing difficulties after a suspected chlorine gas attack witnesses reported smelling the gas after an explosion in the area the syrian government denies using chemical weapons in the war. we stand ready as soon as the conditions are safe for truck drivers humanitarian workers to roll into these areas. which for that to be effective. the fighting needs to stop we need to ensure that there
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are no roadblocks whether physical or administrative. in all the developments russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution that would have expressed concerns of a sanctions violations by iran in the conflict in yemen the security council instead adopted a russian proposed resolution that did not mention iran south africa's new president cyril ramaphosa has appointed his deputy a new finance minister as part of a wide ranging cabinet reshuffle u.n. agencies say food insecurity in south sudan has reached unprecedented levels woman sixty percent of the population is at risk of starvation by july displacement because of ongoing violence and a weak economy has contributed to the crisis. three nobel peace prize winners have called on unsung suchi to speak out about why it's against wrangham islams warning that she risks prosecution for genocide the women of visiting refugee camps in bangladesh they told the myanmar leader to wake up to the atrocities facing the rangar does not recognize there were hanged as an ethnic group and blames the
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violence in state on terrorists. that's it for myself of the team in london more news from doha in twenty five minutes. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while it is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself here their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. digital technology offers that imus engine is seeing an easement and even longer not. in the ability to billions of calculations in our pockets it seems we discovered a need i mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and then turned into money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only
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use these in power. now leak generation of a bookie.


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