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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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when the news breaks when people need to be heard the story goes lucky too good to be. really really good. and this story needs to be to be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy is an era has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and. calling a truce russia orders a temporary ceasefire in syria's rebel held eastern go to after days of government airstrikes.
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along jane doesn't this is al jazeera live from also coming up a shakeup in saudi arabia as the kingdom replaces its military chief and other senior defense officials a u.n. resolution taking aim at iran for fueling the war in yemen fails. and from russia with love how dancers are spreading a message of kindness around the world. after ten days of intense bombardment on syria's eastern go to the fighting is supposed to stop at least temporarily russia has ordered a pause in fighting which is due to begin about now the five a ceasefire will be observed in the rebel held district between nine am and two pm local time every day but activists say there was heavy shelling overnight more than five hundred fifty people have been killed. in the past ten days on sunday
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opposition forces reported a suspected poison gas attack russia says evacuation code rules will will be set up to allow civilians to leave the area within four hundred thousand people are tracked in eastern goods and it's unclear where they will go and the district's been under siege since two thousand and thirteen said the daily pause could offer some response it but it does fall short of a un security council resolution passed on saturday it demanded a thirty day cease fire to allow aid to be delivered and for the critically ill to be evacuated senator joins us live from beirut or i'd say it is supposed to start about now i'm just wondering what you're hearing about how it's going to work what the plan is. well very little details well we understand that this will be a daily five hour pause in the fighting like you mentioned this is not the u.n. decision for a ceasefire to last thirty days the people of eastern undoubtedly will welcome even
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if it's just an hour of a cessation of hostilities many of them hiding underground bunkers that will give them time to emerge from these bunkers and look for food look for water but they are saying this is not enough this is a game they're calling this a game by the russian government they say what they want to do is to d. populate the eastern when they talk about setting up humanitarian corridors what the russians want and this is of course according to the people of eastern good are for people to leave but the people say we don't have the stories this is not a choice for us because if we leave where are we going to go are we going to go to government controlled areas where all wanted by the government we have to bear in mind this area has been under the control of the opposition for many many years a lot of people are opposition activists they engage in opposition activities so they are afraid if they cross into government controlled territories they will be arrested or or sent to prison so for them this is not the choice leaving is not
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a choice ok so. if that's the case then what's going to happen now i mean how are they going to be convinced to come out how do we gauge aid in they want sort of pressure is on them to make this happen. well the pro-government alliance has clearly taken the decision they want to recapture eastern we've seen this before in aleppo in the rebel controlled east of aleppo we've seen the government carry out numerous battles over the years but in december two thousand and six the decision was taken just like a decision has been taken now the bombardment of residential neighborhoods over the past ten days was a way to pressure the people to turn on the rebels to force the rebels to surrender now that hasn't happened the ground offensive began but the government has not been able to take any ground in fact they've lost dozens of soldiers so what we're going to see in the next few days is the government stepping up attacks putting more and more pressure on the rebels to say ok enough is enough we're going to lay down our arms let's make a deal and you know maybe to go to other rebel controlled territories at the end of
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the day when the pro-government alliance takes a decision like this at whatever cost the people can only brace for the worse thank you. is the president of the syrian american medical society uses five isn't perfect. in the last few months when we leave the ambulance corps have taken more than two hours to cross from the. syrian more than think long distance so that. it will be cool you know. sooner or she's a do too many routes. in exactly or delivery vehicles is the. saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced top military commanders in a shake up of the kingdom's defense ministry the reshuffle includes the army's
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chief of staff and the heads of ground and air defense forces saudi state media also announced a plan to develop the ministry but didn't elaborate on how that would have enough no official reason has been given for the overhaul but it comes as saudi arabia faces growing criticism over the war in yemen so who is in and who's out the most notable dismissal was the military chief of staff general of the iraq main been on is been sidelined and will become a royal courts consultant he's been replaced by the former commander of the royal saudi air force general fired been hunted all the while while the changes were approved by king solomon analysts say it is the crown prince mohammed bin solomon he's likely to have been behind the moves he's seeking to modernize the kingdom's image in the shake up the first female was appointed as deputy minister for labor and social development as you observe he joins me now on the set he's the director of the gulf studies center at cata university always good to see you these military
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moves why now. i think this is a package of changes started when consume and came to power and it includes changing of the economy etc were around could is being controlled by hamas been send money his team the media sector also controlled by his team and now they move to the ministries the move now is to the military i think this is part of the preparation the platform for him for his you know. which is expected to come soon actually rather than later i think that's the confirms the fact that you know mohamed has been sandman is likely to become the king of saudi arabia sometime soon but not as was expected it would be late how much of an admission is it do you think that the war in yemen is an absolute disaster and how much of a challenge should be replacing important people at this time as you know those are the top leader of the day there are those leaders who are on the ground who are
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running the whole operation in yemen but those all those people also in the scene and i think the vision they are to blame some time of the mistakes to praise and they were i think the war in yemen there is a serious failure when it comes to the saudi arabia that is growing because says i'm from international community and there is a serious pressure the saudi arabia so the stop should stop what they are doing now and change course if it's needed and i think saudi arabia is trying now to open up to the international community by trying to open up airports and ports for support food or medical support so they can reduce the pressure on the so you'd have a government and alliance i should imagine it must be quite a setback absorbing the news of the u.n. resolution which failed taking aim at iran for fueling the war in yemen was an insight you think that will make i think this shows that you know how much the
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world of yemen how many players are engaged in the world in yemen the shows that. russia is the friend it's all alliance iran and trying to and actually the position of russia is very clear that. showing the world that iran has nothing to do with them and with. an accurate iran is involved in the war in yemen and different ways at least politically supported and they don't deny that actually politically but when it comes to the support they were supporting of weapon i think that is the position taken by russia today is actually giving iran a good support politically especially before the so they are trying to show iran as a matter other than. about the got right thank you thank you sir now this is what we've just been talking about russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which would have called out iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of his the rebels in yemen instead the security council
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unanimously adopted a russian proposed resolution which did not mention iran diplomatic and its james base reports from the united nations in new york for the middle east this was an important moment russia for the first time casting its veto in the security council to protect iran it came in a moment of high drama in the council chamber to rival resolutions on yemen to back to back votes. the one vetoed by russia was a u.k. draft back strongly by the u.s. which contained criticism of iran it received eleven votes in favor because of russia's position it failed they moved on to russia's own draft without any mention of iran security council members aware that sanctions in yemen would collapse if there was no new resolution back to unanimously it led to angry exchanges the u.k.'s resolution was a simple common sense when it called out iran for giving the who these the tools to
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threaten yemen's neighbors and to threaten freedom of navigation through the red sea. but this common sense attempt to hold iran accountable has failed. i will be frank the wording in the british draft is liable to have dangerous destabilizing ramifications and this is not only a political to the situation in yemen but also to the region overall this will never to believe escalate regional tensions and lead to conflicts among key regional players the vote had been postponed for several hours as the u.k. tried but failed to reach a compromise with russia the acting british ambassador had earlier told me he wanted his resolution to reflect the findings of an independent panel on yemen but that report was not only critical of iran russia doesn't like the outcome of certain expert panel reports but just doesn't like the messages doesn't mean anyone doing everything they say so will be urging our colleagues for the good of the united nations system to vote in favor of areas which your text doesn't reflect
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everything in the panel of experts reporters or mention of us torture camps is not the same mention of the bombardment by the saudis in the galatea of that in the resolution so our text books in all parts of what i'm about to assert are text has the support of the council on this moment as thank you very much in the end he did receive the support of the majority but the key takeaway is the fact that russia was prepared to cast its veto the trumpet ministration constantly says that terror on is the stabilizing the middle east region and that it's prepared to take action we've now had confirmed what we expected that russia will block the u.n. route to any such action james out zira the united nations. south korean prosecutors are demanding a thirty year prison term for former president park geun hey she was removed from her post last year of an influence peddling scandal that's hit the country's
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business and political elite are going to stand trial on charges of bribery abuse of power and coercion which she denies. played on al-jazeera. buried for decades the battle to care for thousands of landmines scattered across afghanistan. hello it's snowing it has been stirring an awful lot in italy the snows tend to move in this general direction the cold tucking in behind and we've beastly i think was going to fall out over land with these two areas of low pressure just sucking up some moisture from the warmth the mediterranean and then throwing it out may be coming soon as it hits the ground from the hungary and play into ukraine than to northern greece and the temperature difference across these areas quite marked plus ten minus eight in book arrests well that call which is the thing is now feeding
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through the rest of northern europe producing snow in the british isles probably as in northern france daytime highs subzero night times even more so in the black or the blue background shows you the extent that stretching down halfway through spain but curious to the day after madrid is going to warm up with feeding moisture up from the south so the next area of significance those quite like to be up in northern spain or southern france anything up to a meter is possible here at the same time it studying in the british isles that snow being picked up by the reservoir of the north sea every a proper bit of winter going on here throughout europe that some is going to feed down as does the moment throughout jiri in tunisia in the form of rather breezy and cooler showers but for the most part north africa is fine.
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arts. today watching out is there a mind of our top stories a russian led a pause in fighting in syria's eastern is now in effect the five hour truce is meant to be observed in the rebel held district between nine am and two pm local
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time every day. saudi arabia's king solomon is replaced top military commanders in a shake up of the kingdom's defense ministry official reason was given for the whole but it comes as the country faces growing criticism over the war in yemen south korean prosecutors are pushing for a thirty year prison term for former president park geun hye as she was ousted from her posts last year over an influence peddling scandal she standing trial accused of bribery abuse of power and coercion. south africa's new president so ram opposed . government ministers sacked by former leader jacob zuma among them to form a finance ministers including pravin gordhan who takes over as public enterprises ministers zuma as ex-wife and ram opposes rival in last year's a.n.c. leadership election was also given a position welcome weber's more from johannesburg. it's not the overhaul that many
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ram opposed the supporters or many south africans who were hoping for a clear change of direction and an anti corruption drive would have hoped for many ministers from the previous cabinet who appointed by former president jacob zuma and implicated in many of the corruption scandals that afflicted his government have been reappointed but in different positions the most controversial of those three appointments is malusi gigaba the former front former finance minister he's been reinstated in another powerful position the ministry of home affairs one position that will point that will reassure people who are hoping for a change of direction is the appointment of pravin gordhan the former finance minister he's been appointed in the ministry of enterprise he has a reputation for cleaning up any ministry that he's been in charge of so that will reassure people who were hoping for some change iran poses stuck with you in a rock and a hard place on the one hand trying to please the supporters and those who wanted a complete change of house in
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a new direction on the other hand it still has to pertain to the a.n.c. as national executive committee that put him in position as the leader of the a.n.c. and can recall him at any time to keep his job he has to keep different factions within the a.n.c. placated as well as trying to push through what he says is his agenda of cleaning out corruption and fixing the economy. many students in northeast nigeria say they too scared to go back to the school where armed men abducted one hundred ten girls last week nigeria's government admitted for the first time on monday that the girls had been kidnapped by suspected boko haram fighters classes have since resumed at the school induction village nigeria's air force has been deployed to search for the girls teachers have returned to work nearly two weeks after a mass shooting at a school in florida seventeen people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the school in the city of park and police are facing more criticism that they didn't do enough to prevent the shooting and gallagher has more
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from pocket. in the days since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the memorial to those that lost their lives has grown as parents and students arrive at the school some carry flowers others simply bowed their heads classes will resume on wednesday but for many emotions still roll my daughter hasn't been back since this happened and she wants to see a friend as she wants to resume a somewhat normal life which we know here is never going to be the same but what are we going to do i mean. she she can't stay in her house and do nothing something has to be done. in florida state capital of this from marjorie stoneman douglas high school continue to campaign for a change in gun laws the students have become the voices for a movement now sweeping the u.s. downhearted when most importantly i feel angry. that we let this had
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me angry that we did not solve this problem alone time ago and name three that children are going one pushing and advocating for change and not i am like an official and investigations now been launched into the police's handling of the shooting sheriff scott israel has been accused of incompetence after his department received warnings about the alleged shooter nicholas. who's in the deputies resigned after it emerged he stayed outside while the shooting took place president trump who's indicated he may raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles says he would have handled it differently i really believe i'd run in there even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know most of you but the way they performed was was really a disgrace some of the u.s. is biggest corporate sponsors are now cutting ties with the national rifle association is pressure for change grows the organization says it's against banning assault rifles all raising age limits politics aside parkland is
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a community that continues to mourn and heal when classes resume on wednesday it will only be for part of the day the building where seventeen people died may be demolished and turned into a memorial but when students walk through these gates it will be a traumatic experience and gallacher al-jazeera parkland florida the company co-founded by disgraced film producer harvey weinstein is filing for bankruptcy after talks about its sale collapse the announcement is creating uncertainty of a compensation for dozens of women who accuse him of sexual assault reynolds has more from los angeles. more than seventy women have accused disgraced former hollywood mogul harvey weinstein of sexually abusing them now with the weinstein company planning to file for bankruptcy it's possible those women may receive little or no financial compensation in their lawsuits against the company that's because bankruptcy law essentially puts plaintiffs of the sort that the women
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constitute in the back of the line behind the other creditors for the company and the weinstein company owes about three hundred seventy five million dollars reportedly in debt now there was a previous deal to sell the company but that the and that deal did include a victims' compensation fund of about ninety million dollars but then the new york state attorney general eric schneiderman intervened he filed a civil rights lawsuit against the weinstein company and that essentially complicated things so much that the deal fell apart now according to a statement from the weinstein company the board of directors says it is an extremely unfortunate outcome both for the employees the plaintiffs and everyone else as for harvey weinstein himself authorities here in los angeles new york and london are all pursuing separate criminal investigations into his alleged activities and weinstein himself has denied any consensual sexual
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wrongdoing. afghans have been through decades of war and instability one of the biggest threats they face now are landmines left from either the soviet invasion or the fight against the taliban and twenty seventeen more than two thousand afghans were killed or injured by landmines that's about five times the number of civilians killed in twenty two of the a group the helo trust estimates are up to six hundred forty thousand on mines laid in afghanistan since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine although most recorded battlefields have been cleared of remains one of the world's most mined countries jennifer glass has more from southern afghanistan local afghan farmers watering their crops came upon this and anti-tank mine buried for decades land mines remain an everyday threat especially in southern afghanistan where they kill or injure nearly ninety people a month a little attractor hit this mine but it didn't detonate that's the d.
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miners job now. about two kilometers up the road they are clearing mines from the village of personify to do it as quickly as possible machines till the earth then d. miners check the soil for explosives this was once a frontline almost anywhere fighters have been there could be mines too and they planted during the fighting in different villages and different houses. conflict and people are turned back to their villages it's inside their houses orchards streets in even you know as ours in other areas in the communities that's what happened here this was once barren desert people started to return a decade ago to build and farm instead they found binds the mind here are mainly mines left over from the soviets in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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as much as two hundred square kilometers here a jari district are believed to be contaminated but even as the miners are getting rid of old mines from the previous conflict they face new problems from current fighting disrupting the local population and also causing casualties razia was herding sheep with three other children in neighboring maiwand district when they pick something up it exploded two children were killed another girl lost a leg and fingers razia lost both hands with your be there are people who give children balloons or chewing go in return for a piece of metal so then children go out looking for metal sometimes when they find it it turns out to be a bomb the u.n. says in situations like that it's impossible to know who's explosives were in the field the taliban denies using minds but the u.n. says it does. as of about two thousand and ten there was verified use of improvised victim activated devices of improvised landmines and the un has evidence that the
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taliban has been planting improvised landmines in afghanistan u.n. officials want to start removing abandoned roadside bombs and other explosives to do that they'll have to negotiate with all sides of the conflict to access areas where recent fighting has ended or what. it's a big problem every day one or two people step on a mine both sides plant explosives but if the government and the taliban the other day an old man was looking after his cattle and the bomb exploded the un's new plan is a bold one but officials hope it will make life a bit safer for civilians who are so often the victims of this long war jennifer glass al jazeera the saab southern afghanistan noways mark the tenth anniversary of the so-called doomsday seed vault by promising to spend thirteen million dollars upgrading it the facility acts as a security for the world seed stock in our houses just under a million samples after receiving seventy thousand new crop varieties on monday the
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global sea vault is on the arctic island of. well this material is gone then you have no backup backup and then it's gone forever well it's dead is dead was lost is lost you can't read your boat is there and. so the vault is meant to be there in taiz that anything goes wrong around the world we always hope it doesn't go wrong but unfortunate this things to go wrong and that is why it is comforting to know that we have backups since wildcard russia's famous moyes ballet is performing and for the first time as part of a cultural exchange twenty eighteen has been declared cats are russian year of culture or many reports from opera house. it's just one hour before the performance and artistic director ellen the show copa works was on his home. section before they take opera house stage
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they can't put a foot wrong as a ballet company has to maintain a reputation as one of the back in the gold i want to bring their. over russian people all the people with. eagle morsi has founded the company in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven it was the first week traditional folk dance into its repertoire with an aim to reflect the world's diverse cultures customs and costumes. it's important to share this kind of art because the builds bridges between nations. we want to share with people the kindness in a-g. sincerity and openness of the russian people. shiver cova says the value lies a link gauging a worldwide audience to sharing and exchanging ideas through culture.
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the art is higher than politics even the political is clever by the culture for them means something you know we are not a political persons we are all the people. during the year of culture russia showcasing more than one hundred exhibitions and shows and kata and all starting with a movie set down the company here and qatar as an opera house now the artistic director of the company says she hopes the sculpture exchange will help to build bridges and showcase the rich history of russian. both carter and russia believe these offense are important to promote stronger ties between the two nations. this is the year this year of culture reflects the wealth of creativity in both countries and the desire of intellectuals and
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innovators to build bridges and revive common values to see the culture of. the service culture of you to see this wonderful city and to speak here for a couple of weeks. i relate to her more people. from throughout. this company drew on the for traditions so he. took. a legacy show because it's determined to continue. the work of the outer theora to. al-jazeera and the top stories russian made pause in fighting in syria's east and is now in effect the five hour truce is meant to be observed in the rebel held district between nine am and two pm local time every day it follows ten days of
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intense bombardment which activists say killed at least five hundred fifty people santa has more from beirut the people of eastern undoubtedly will welcome even if it's just an hour of a cessation of hostilities many of them hiding underground bunkers that will give them time to emerge from these bunkers and look for food look for water but they are saying this is not enough this is a game they're calling this a game by the russian government they say what they want to do is to populate the eastern. saudi arabia's king salmon has replaced top military commanders in a shake up of the kingdom's defense ministry no official reason was given for the overhaul but it comes as the country faces growing criticism over the war in yemen russia has vetoed a u.n. resolution which criticized iran for failing to prevent its weapons from falling into the hands of hooty rebels in yemen instead the security council unanimously
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adopted a russian proposed resolution which didn't mention iran the us is threatening its own action against iran. south korean prosecutors are pushing for a thirty year prison term for former president park geun hye she was ousted from a post last year of an influence peddling scandal she's standing trial accused of bribery abuse of power and coercion. so africa's new president has reappointed the government ministers sacked by former leader jacob zuma pose announced fishy changes in the cabinet reshuffle among them are two former finance ministers including pravin gordhan a takes over as public enterprises minister zuma as ex-wife and ram oppose his rival in last year's a.n.c. leadership election was also given a position in the company co-founded by disgraced film producer harvey weinstein is filing for bankruptcy after sale talks collapsed the announcement is creating
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uncertainty of a compensation for dozens of women who accuse him of sexual assault those are the headlines the news continues but first its inside story. and the latest violence in central african republic has more than a million people down. there right on the ground to bring a report on how people are struggling to carry on with our lives ongoing. raising awareness of the way we. visit a refugee camp in bangladesh suffering what does the visit help the muslim minority and is it embarrassing for. the this is inside story.


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