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p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes conflicting reports of shelling just hours into a temporary ceasefire in syria's eastern guta district. a shake up in saudi arabia
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as the kingdom replaces its military chief and other senior defense officials. prosecutors in south korea push for a tough sentence for the president. and a cabinet reshuffle in south africa office clues about the priorities of the new president. and i'm far as be here with all the day's sporting clearing a time olympic champion the same ball makes a highly anticipated announcement about its future but it turned out not to be what is fans were expecting. welcome to the program after ten days of intense bombardment on syria's eastern go to the fighting was supposed to have stopped at least temporarily but russia's military is reporting heavy mortar fire and laying the blame with the rebels but they are denying this. well on monday russia or the daily five hour pause in the
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rebel held district more than five hundred fifty people have been killed in the past ten days and on sunday opposition doctors reported a suspected poison gas attack well russia says evacuation corridors will be set up to allow civilians to leave the area more than four hundred thousand people are trapped inside eastern ghouta and it's unclear where they will go with the district's been under siege since twenty thirteen so the daily pause could offer some or spite but it falls short of the un security council resolution passed on saturday what that demanded a thirty day nationwide cease fire to allow aid to be delivered and for the critically ill to be evacuated well dean lives in duma that's inside eastern ghouta he says the assault on the area has continued despite the ports there was a fighting. we hear that. this fire expected.
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maybe. even that there is more. that. it matters. to my city how we trust this regime that is shelling gas. a bomb being gas for the for the for the last five years how between night and the day. the one who is telling me the night. truce and. humanitarian cross for the eastern goods and the morning we are. we. want the united nation. supervise this truth not the regime and the recent addition.
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to how to joins us live now from the lebanese capital beirut say no so what are you hearing there about the russian cease fire is it holding. well it is largely holding yes there is relative calm in eastern huta no airstrikes we have to remember the past ten days really a relentless bombing campaign at this office really summer spite to the civilians who are trapped inside we understand some of them managed to bury the dead some of them emerge from underground bunkers try to search for food for water some of them have been underground for days now the russian military like you mentioned earlier blaming the rebels for targeting an evacuation route that they designated for civilians to leave the rebels denying this saying that they're not preventing civilians from leaving and they are not targeting this evacuation route but what is clear is that the majority of the people inside eastern who do not want to leave not because they want to die it is because they don't know what will happen to them if they cross into government controlled territories they would like security
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guarantees because these people lived in opposition controlled territory some of them have been media activists over the past few years so they're afraid that if they cross into government controlled lie. they will be arrested detained or even killed so no civilians have not started to make their way out we have to remember that is the stated aim of the russian military for this pause in the fighting this five day daily pause in the fighting. has become a form in the side of the syrian government as the demi seems clear that the syrian army backed by the russians were going to take place. yes or in the side of the government to the last remaining rebel stronghold close to the capital damascus the government's seat of power the rebels there are able to target the mouse this with mortars we have to remember that in the over the past two years this this enclave has been under siege but now the government has managed to recapture a lot of territory so their men are not really as overstretched this before so now
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their focus is on eastern and from the actions of the statements from the pro-government alliance they are bent on recapturing this territory at whatever cost i mean. for example one of the groups inside eastern they've attend the talks and asked that are russian sponsored talks and now they're telling the russians ok a group they're ready to leave why don't you accept this and it seems that the answer that's coming back from the pro-government alliance is we want all rebel fighters in eastern f.s.a. affiliated or not to leave to lay down their arms and leave but this is what the people of these tent with do not want it is not die or displacement they do not want to have to leave their homes to get another rebel controlled territory in the north which is also unsafe say no thank you. saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced top military commanders the defense ministry shake up comes nearly three years after saudi and forces went to war in neighboring yemen but on monday russia vetoed a u.n. resolution criticizing iran for failing to prevent weapons from reaching iranian
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back to the rebels in yemen and just reports. saudi arabia's military might on display. generals have been leading a coalition of forces attacking the p.c. and yemen for nearly three years runyan backed rebels who pose the internationally recognized government of president of the rubble of the door how to remain in control of large areas of the country and the saudi armed forces have been internationally criticized for killing thousands of yemenis widespread destruction and achieving little. been abilities all sod has announced a reshuffle of the army's chief of staff and the heads of ground and air defense forces the water in yemen there is a serious failure when it comes to the so the idea that is growing because says i'm from international community and there is a serious pressure there so the stop should stop what they are doing now and change
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course if it's if this is needed and i think so that it is trying now to open up to the international community by trying to open up airports and ports for the support of food or medical support so they can reduce the pressure on the so you have a government and the alliance the most notable dismissal was the military chief of staff general abdul rahman bin salah bin yen is being sidelined to become a royal court consultant is replacement is the former commander of the royal saudi air force general fayyad been honeyed of the brady while the changes were approved by king some months analysts say its crown prince mohammed bin someone who's like that you have been the driving force. the shakeup followed russia's vetoing of a un resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent weapons falling into the hands of who the rebels in yemen it's the first time russia has protected iran in the security council the fifteen member security council did however unanimously adopt
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a russian proposed resolution which extends targeted sanctions on iran related to the war in yemen russia doesn't like the outcome of certain expert panel reports but just doesn't like the messages doesn't mean i'm doing everything they say so will be a change in our colleagues for the good of the united nations system to fight in fact that is what you will change does not affect everything in the panel of experts reports that the mention of you he told you camps is not the same mention the whole thing bombardment by the saudis in the in the galaxy of that you know resolution so are textbook single posts of what the problem but for the passage text comes the support of the council on this moment and thank you very much whatever the case saudi arabia continues to face international criticism for airstrikes which have targeted markets hospitals and other civilian areas aid groups also blame a saudi led blockade for pushing millions of yemenis to the brink of famine in al-jazeera south korean prosecutors are demanding a thirty year prison term for the deposed president park geun hye she denies
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bribery abuse of power and coercion last year she became the first democratically elected south korean president to be impeached of a corruption scandal involving business and political elite will rub a bride has more from salt. parkin hay has faced an array of charges from alleged bribery to abuse of power even to things like discriminating against artists who she felt were opposed to her government all this dates back to an unfolding scandal in twenty sixteen and much of it related to a friendship with her longtime confidante choice and still it's claimed that together and choice forced a number of conglomerates to hand over more than fifty million dollars in return for business favors the whole scandal led to massive street protests calls for her resignation she clung on to power and was eventually impeached and which brought
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about her downfall at the end of twenty sixteen since then choi has been found guilty of her part in all this two weeks ago she was sentenced to twenty years in prison something she is appealing against parker and hey though has pleaded not guilty and indeed has said that she's been treated unfairly by the judicial system and has been boycotting a number of of her court appearances but according to the prosecutors she's guilty not only of these crimes but also of damaging the very constitutional fabric of south korea itself north korea has confirmed it will send athletes to next month's paralympics and south korea that's according to local media representatives from both countries met in the truce village at panmunjom to discuss the logistics the north plans to send one hundred fifty people including athletes and supporters soul has tried to use the pyongyang games to open up dialogue between north korea
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and the united states let's talk to b.j. kim is a professor at hancock university of foreign studies in seoul he joins us live from the south korean capital how significant are these latest round of talks between both koreas i mean they seem pretty high level so what's the expectation here. the expectation is this somehow that the talks in the korean talks will somehow lead to the talks between washington and county and eventually and that's what government has in mind basically and for the last three days you know at the closing at the occasion of the closing of the olympic games north korea sent a delegation led by the chief for. policy towards south korea there and they have been pretty much in the hotel meeting with wide range of south korean officials and specially several rounds of talks with key korean government officials here and the expectation is south korean government i have tried very hard to persuade north korea to open their talk with washington so this is
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a part of all dynamics that i'm just talking about but it is interesting to point out that despite this hint of rapprochement countries like the u.s. and japan remain deeply wary of north korea's intentions i mean president trump has already said any talks with the north must include denuclearization. that's very true but for the perhaps past few days we've been getting indications from washington that united states is actually carefully watching what's happening in terms of into korean dialogue at this point and as the united states has expressed their willingness to come to the table somehow if north korea is willing to move towards the do nuclear radiation so united states is not staying firmly in its place it's coming closer to the table the way many observers are seeing here so this is only going movement right here and north korea has repeatedly said specially the head of the delegation this time has repeatedly said for the last three days that they want to talk so therefore i think one way or another we will
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get to see some kind of dialogue or you know united states is making this an issue between talk and dialogue and talk as initial form to get to the dialogue and we'll get this is some kind of talk happening between washington and pretty soon so let me ask you then how come south korea helped to bridge this divide because north korea is sort of saying no to talks about denuclearization the americans have had already said preconditions over the nuclear program so it's going to be delicate balancing act for the south isn't it. absolutely south korea is definitely on the side of the united states it's not like like a neutral mediator here but i think so far more government has succeeded considerably in terms of moving washing the both more washington and coming on closer to the to the table of talk and coming out has repeatedly said they want to now talk and they haven't said they're there are now willing to talk about the
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nuclear and yet however it looks like they're getting close to it in washington seems to be getting closer to the idea of opening talks so that they will talk about move taking steps towards talking about denuclearization let me get a final thought from you b.j. came away from the diplomacy both sides have been talking about the north's participation in the winter paralympics i mean pealing chang sees this as a big deal perhaps but many ordinary south koreans still think that they governments cozying up too easily with the north india that there is such sentiment is special among the conservative voters and some of north korea trusts him to have tried very hard to. smooth smoothing the mood here the way south koreans feel toward them but that has not worked out very well south koreans especially young people here have remained quite firm that they do not like north korea and whatever of north korea has done this time in the occasional regularly
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became say whatever they will do in the occasional paralympic games later on looks like the young young south koreans not have been moved at all at this time b j k thank you very much indeed for your time lots more still to come here on the news hour including. i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know donald trump says he would have run into the florida school unarmed during the my shooting early this month. and now the next generation of oneness networks will change our lives we'll have the latest in the world. and you start with something a problem to. welsh on. south africa's new president has announced thirty changes in a cabinet reshuffle on reappointed government ministers such by the former leader
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jacob zuma they include former finance minister pravin gordhan who is the new public enterprises minister seumas ex-wife was also appointed from a post or has promised what he calls a new dawn to fight corruption malcolm webb has more from johannesburg. it's not the overhaul that many ram oppose the supporters or many south africans who were hoping for a clear change of direction and an anti corruption drive would have hoped for many ministers from the previous cabinet who appointed by former president jacob zuma and implicated in many of the corruption scandals that afflicted his government have been reappointed but in different positions the most controversial of those reappointment is you've got a foreigner former finance minister he's been reinstated in another powerful position the ministry of home affairs one position will point and that will reassure people who are hoping for a change of direction is the appointment of private the former finance minister he's been appointed in the ministry of enterprise he has
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a reputation for cleaning up any ministry that he's been in charge of that will reassure people who were hoping for some change poses stuck with iraq and a hard place on the one hand trying to please the supporters and those who wanted a complete change of house and. new direction on the other hand he still has to pick eight. national executive. position as the leader can recall any time to keep his job yes to keep different factions within the a.n.c. located as well as trying to push through. cleaning out corruption and fixing the economy let's talk to last night he's executive director of the council for the advancement of the south african constitution and joins us live from cape town last night how much is this cabinet reshuffle being seen perhaps. stumping his mark as the country's new president well i think it's
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certainly you know a departure from what we've had before i think one of the striking features of this new cabinet is that ten ministers who served under jacob zuma have been fired by a sort of interim report and i think that's a real statement of intent yes it does not go as far as some people would have liked and it's clearly not to. oppose those first choice cabinet he described this morning as a transitional cabinet to take the governing party from now until the next elections in twenty nineteen and it is to be hoped that term opposable there. on the new national executive from that point forward but having said that i think the clear signal that has come out of yesterday's reshuffle is that the economic cost of ministries finance public enterprises trade and industry and so on have been strengthened and that's a clear sign of the priority that drama policy is going to see his new government take and one fly in the ointment here is that zoomers ex-wife and courses on i mean who lost that leadership race. has surprisingly been given
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a cabinet job is that being seen as a way to heal the divide within the a.n.c. and is there a worry here she could be quite destructive to the new leadership and its policies . well i think it's certainly is an attempt at unifying at what has been a very divided party we saw at the national conference of the a.n.c. in december that the party was deeply divided opposed a triumph over courses are not let me needs them out by a margin of just one hundred seventy nine votes out of a total voting delegate number of over five thousand so that gives you an idea of how close it was i think this is been a smart move by the graham opposer to bring her into cabinet to show that. that there is unity in the a.n.c. and they need to forge a new kind of unity and i also believe that. many of them will play a role she will not be a destructive element she's committed to the future of south africa and i'm sure
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that she will do all that she can so i think roma post has taken he's also appointed lindiwe sisulu another woman if he challenges in december as minister of international relations and cooperation so it really is a unifying cabinet seeking to put kate all of the different factions within the a.n.c. ok and what about this proposed notion by journalist malema and his economic freedom fighters to expropriate land without any compensation i mean it's hugely controversial and we've seen it fail miserably in zimbabwe. well we saw a similar motion brought by the economic freedom fighters friendly in parliament last year there is now a new n.c. policy on the issue which embraces the expression of land without compensation but doing so within the constraints of the constitution so the constitution currently allows for land to be a expropriated in particular circumstances without compensation and the way that
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president drum up was up has defined this in these recent state of the nation address was to say land reform is an inevitability in south africa we all accept that not enough has been done so far but he says where expert creation does take place it would need to ensure that food security is not threatened threatened that job losses do not occur and in fact that he could actually adds to and contributes towards economic economic development in rural areas let me get would be done but on those very limited circumstances and it's highly unlikely that the a.n.c. will will support the effort of mercian this afternoon let me get one final thought from you lawson how of ordinary south africans reacted to the dramatic changes in leadership and how hopeful are they for the future now that zuma has gone well i think initially there was great hope in the country i think last week was a mood of joyous celebration across the country with their zuma finally being
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removed from office and replaced but i'm opposed i think the reality is beginning to sink in now that change is not going to be imminent and overnight and that i think there's mixed feelings about this cabinet post as announced but i think people need to give him time in order to clean up what has been a very very messy government that he inherited from jacob zuma last night it's thank you for talking to al jazeera. now don't trump as a lashed out at some law enforcement officer saying that didn't do enough to prevent the florida school shooting seventeen people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the school in the city of parkland well a school is due to reopen on wednesday on the gallagher has more from auckland. in the days since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the memorial to those that lost their lives has grown as parents and students arrive at the school some carry flowers others simply bowed their heads classes will resume on wednesday but for many emotions still roll my daughter hasn't been back since this happened and she wants to see
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a friend as she wants to resume a somewhat normal life which we know here is never going to be the same but what are we going to do i mean. she she can't face her house and do nothing something has to be done. in florida state capital of this from marjorie stoneman douglas high school continue to campaign for a change in gun laws the students have become the voices for a movement now sweeping the us downhearted when most importantly i feel angry. that we let this have the angry that we did not solve this problem alone time ago and angry that children are going one pushing and advocating for change and not i am like you know official and investigations now been launched into the police's handling of the shooting sheriff scott israel has been accused of incompetence after his department received warnings about the alleged shooter nicholas cruz and
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a deputy's resigned after it emerged he stayed outside while the shooting took place president trump who's indicated he may raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles says he would have handled it differently i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know most of you. but the way they performed was was really a disgrace some of the u.s. is biggest corporate sponsors are now cutting ties with the national rifle association is pressure for change grows the organization says it's against banning assault rifles all raising age limits politics aside parkland is a community that continues to mourn and heal when classes resume on wednesday it will only be for part of the day the building where seventeen people died may be demolished and turned into a memorial but when students walk through these gates it will be a traumatic experience and gallacher all does era parkland florida. in a few moments we'll have all the weather with richard but still ahead here on
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al-jazeera we'll tell you why china's communist party has banned online discussions about winnie the pooh. you're right we must think. an emotional appeal to save the ranger by fellow nobel peace laureates and support thousands of german football fans boycott their clubs latest hunger we'll have the latest coming up more on that stings. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. europe remains in the grip of an icy blast coming all the way from siberia those are some of the overnight temperatures we've had well down into double minus digits you see it cold there all the way down as far as italy and indeed in rome and the batek and we've had them people out
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enjoying but cold chilly weather yes in the seminaries are taking part in the fun and games so not used to that sort of weather there elsewhere where they are used to more in the way of severe weather center we've seen temperatures overnight down to minus thirteen degrees and there is more typical of what i think you can expect to see in the coming days because the snow is going to get really intense across this part the world and really is blizzard conditions for this area. further north i was looking at copenhagen less an hour ago temperatures there of minus six not too bad but the wind is blowing at something like forty six kilometers per hour and that makes for a wind chill of minus twenty degrees celsius so desperately cold so if you look at the forecast in the analysis big area of high pressure continue to push in many areas continue to see some very heavy snow i think we'll see some heavy snow developing across parts there be implant across the balkans again intense no four.
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the weather sponsored by cattle and race. from the bamboo harvest is navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finish are scared to the fish and dicing with death. i'm afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying but if i don't go a coffee klatch family meet the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. not you have to be a stronger swimmer otherwise the surf and risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera.
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it's. where every. welcome back time for a quick recap of the top stories at this hour russia's military is reporting heavy mortar fire in syria's eastern ghouta expanding the rebels who deny involvement russian led pause in the fighting was supposed to have come into effect more than three hours ago. saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced talk military commanders and a shake up of the kingdom's defense ministry no official reason was given for the overhaul but it comes as the country faces growing criticism over the war in yemen
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. and south korean prosecutors are demanding a thirty year prison term for the deposed president denies bribery abuse of power and commission she's the first democratically elected south korean president to be impeached over a corruption scandal involving business leaders. propose changes in china which could see the president stay in power for life or provide protests in hong kong the ruling communist party wants to change the constitution to remove the current to tell him that it china's government is blocking criticism of the change and publishing praise of the party instead china correspondent adrian brown joins me in the studio now and a genset. is it now safe to assume there's no rival on the horizon no impediment to president xi remaining in power perhaps indefinitely yes i think certainly for the next twenty years shooting ping is going to be around at least for the next two decades and i think you know the leaders of the world are slowly waking up to the fact that cheating paying is going to be around actually
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a lot longer than they are politically he is a leader who has really grown in confidence during the last few years this is a man who in many ways has come from from nowhere i mean he was a leader who was barely known outside of china six years ago today he's arguably the most powerful world leader he is you know general secretary of the communist party he is president he is chairman of the central military commission and also the core leader now nobody since chairman mao has been that powerful but of course there's unease i mean intellectuals academics say that this is taking china by too you know a dark era to to to the mao period the reason why they had fixed terms is because dung sharping wanted to avoid china going back to the madness of the cultural revolution and it was done shopping the paramount leader of china. who basically said we should have no more than two terms as president that has now been reversed
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that has now been jettisoned and let's just remind ourselves agent he is relatively young is only sixty four but i mean how long can he stay in power realistically well i think realistically he probably feels he can stay in power as i say at least for another two decades or years young but by comparison to previous chinese leaders he's only he's sixty five in june so he's relatively young and i think he feels that actually he is the only leader there is right now who needs to do what has to be done in china his his priority is to reduce poverty the state television just last week spent twenty three minutes of its half hour broadcast showing xi jinping touring one of the poorest parts of the country and it was hero worship and this is what's important what's also underpinning his strength of the moment his power is state media they are firmly in the control of the party their loyalty first and foremost is to him and the party and let's stay with the media for a moment agent because it seems that the censors have been have been in overdrive
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since it was announced that they'll be no longer be fixed terms for the president i mean what sort of things that we've been saying about xi jinping well i can tell you what you won't be seeing online at the moment in china you won't be seeing pictures of when you the pope now that sounds fairly innocuous but a few years ago somebody posted online a picture of winnie the pooh beside the profile of xi jinping making the point that the two look very similar so no mentions of winnie the pooh no mentions of honey no mentions of sticky no mentions of emperor xi jinping no mention was of amendment but this is what goes on you have this amazing game of cat and mouse going on between the netizens who use ingenious security as ways of trying to get around the great wall of china and censors looking for strange repetitions of words now surveillance is something that china does very well they've written the textbook on surveillance but they are very very good at eliminating any. and vague reference to xi jinping that could be seen as slightly derogatory but it does show also that you
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know any idea of even minimal freedom of speech in china is dissipating or. china correspondent thanks very much for talking to us. now the european court of justice has ruled that a fisheries deal between the e.u. and morocco may not include the waters off the disputed western sahara region the air has been contested since morocco claimed the territory as its own in one nine hundred seventy five and that's when spanish colonialist withdrew from the region well the u.n. says the western sahara has a right to self determination. afghans have lived through decades of war and instability one of the biggest threats they face now are landmines left from either the soviet invasion or the fight against the taliban more than two thousand afghans were killed or injured by landmines last year about five times the number of civilians killed six years ago while the a group the halo trust estimates there are up to six hundred forty thousand landmines laid in afghanistan since nine hundred seventy nine although most known
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battlefields have been cleared afghanistan remains one of the world's most mined countries jennifer glass has more from southern afghanistan. afghan a farmer's watering their crops came upon this and anti-tank mine buried for decades land mines remain an every day threat especially in southern afghanistan where they kill or injure nearly ninety people a model a tractor hit this mine but it didn't detonate that's the miners job now. about two kilometers up the road they are clearing mines from the village of personify to do it as quickly as possible machines till the earth and then d. miners check the soil for explosives this was once a frontline almost anywhere fighters have been there could be mines too and they planted during the fighting in different villages and different houses when conflict ends people are turned back to their villages inside their houses orchards
1:36 pm
streets in even you know but ours in other areas in the communities that's what happened here this was once barren desert people started to return a decade ago to build and farm instead they found finds the mines here are mainly mines left over from the soviets in the one nine hundred eighty s. as much as two hundred square kilometers here a jari district are believed to be contaminated but even as the miners are getting rid of old mines from the previous conflict they face new problems from current fighting with disrupting the local population and also causing casualties razia was herding sheep with three other children in neighboring maiwand district when they pick something up it exploded two children were killed another girl lost a leg and fingers razia lost both hands with we need your brain there are people who give children balloons or chewing go in return for
1:37 pm
a piece of metal so then children go out looking for metal and sometimes when they find it it turns out to be a bomb the u.n. says in situations like that it's impossible to know who's explosives were in the field the taliban denies using minds but the u.n. says it does as of around two thousand and ten there was verified use of improvised victim activated devices of improvised landmines and the u.n. has evidence that the taliban has been planting improvised landmines in afghanistan . u.n. officials want to start removing abandoned roadside bombs and other explosives to do that they'll have to negotiate with all sides of the conflict to access areas where recent fighting has ended or. it's a big problem every day one or two people step on a mine sites plant explosives but if the government and the taliban the other day an old man was looking after his cattle and the bomb exploded the un's new plan is
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a bold one but officials hope it will make life a bit safer for civilians who are so often the victims of this long war jennifer glass al-jazeera the saab southern afghanistan i'm saying cinci faces a new warning from the three women who like her are nobel peace prize winners their edging men miles leader to condemn the violence against a range of refugees or possibly face prosecution for genocide but it comes as the un's human rights council in geneva is set to hear from me and minister of international cooperation in the coming hours as a doing on a story. accounts of violence and bloodshed now victims share their stories with three nobel peace laureates irish peace activists movement choir is one of peace prize winners visiting for him to refugee camps she is urging me on mars leader aung san suu kyi to visit some of the country's most affected areas i would like to go into burma diverse and our sister laura to ask our sister laureate to go to the
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villages where these people and mostly been destroyed the album is being well covered as we speak and i would like to thank your pumping us to the villages. people who are actually i know there you. are right larry. all three laureates united for the same cause tawakkol karman from yemen and iranian she remembered also visit a cock's bazaar they say myanmar's government and suci also a noble laureate must be held accountable for what's happening to the revenger failing to do so they warn could lead to prosecution for genocide if she couldn't stand all this is going to resign now that's a very important otherwise she will be. with the international criminal court almost seven hundred thousand have fled the country since the start of a military crackdown six months ago myanmar's army said it's targeting terrorists
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these nobel laureates are urging the u.n. security council and the international criminal court to hold the government accountable suchi has not yet publicly condemned the violence. we have not only come to listen to the tragic stories of these refugees we are above all a loudspeaker for their voices to be echoed throughout the world and to make the world aware of their plight we urge the international community and governments to help end this crisis we urge the u.n. security council to take measures to bring me an mars' government to book we are the voice of the oppressed range. a call for accountability and hope that the call of these peace laureates will be heard beyond this community devastated by violence cartel opus a began al-jazeera. joins us live now from geneva david so we understand minister for international cooperation has been speaking earlier that
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what more they have to say. daryn first of all a bit of context that the united nations calls the situation in myanmar the world's fastest growing refugee crisis as you saw in the package some seven hundred thousand refugees have been forced out of their homes and are now established in refugee camps in pretty appalling conditions in bangladesh as we saw now the the minister for foreign cooperation was actually it's had twelve minutes of a speech in which he didn't mention the word wrecking your once not once he said that this was not a religious conflict it was essentially a political conflict he then moved on to say that the government in mean are mean ma words attempting a peaceful solution to more than seventy years what he called ethnic conflicts within me and ma and he he said that this was the main push for the government and
1:42 pm
he said that much of the crisis and the fear driving many of the written jar out of their homes was down to the media and it was the media that was causing this panic so there was no demonstration that that he was going to try and respond to the the u.n. charge that what's happening there is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing he very much rejected those words of ethnic cleansing he very much rejected the idea of charges of genocide being brought in the international criminal court so he turned very much a deaf ear to the the rest of the world's opinion ok and it's a very clear example of some of the worst human rights abuses going on in the world at the moment and david me and mine isn't the only issue being discussed at the conference what else is on the agenda there.
1:43 pm
well in the next hour or so daryn we're going to be hearing from the minister of state foreign affairs in ethiopia now ethiopia is a very important area because it's described as being on the edge of a precipice now the parliament there is being called on to recess to ratify the state of emergency that was declared after the resignation of the prime minister and more violent protests against the government are beginning to break out this is a very serious situation at the moment there are calls from these opposition opposition groups for protests and democratic elections and fair democratic elections the point being that they say that the the biggest ethnic minority has never had a prime minister they don't have control of the government and they believe that not only the six thousand political prisoners that have already been released as a method of trying to cool the situation but every political prisoner should now be
1:44 pm
released but there's still no real sign that the government is going to exceed to those demands david thank you. voters will have to wait longer to elect a new government off to another delay to the promised general election was announced the prime minister says the poll which was meant to be held in the would now happen no later than for a break next year with thailand's military junta has controlled the country since it overthrew the government in twenty fourteen and pressure is mounting on the military to return to civilians. the u.s. supreme court has dealt a blow to donald trump's attempts to end protections for undocumented immigrants who enter the country as children it's refused to hear a plea by the trumpet ministration to end what's called the dreamers program to help get us more from washington d.c. . it's an issue that has divided americans for years the deferred action for childhood arrivals daca program was put in place by president barack
1:45 pm
obama it allows hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children to live and work in the united states. trump wanted to end it and plan to start phasing out the program in march raising the threat of deportation for many of the so-called dreamers but last month two federal judges blocked that saying it needs to go through the legal system so the trumpet ministration tried to bypass the federal appeals court by taking it to the country's highest court on monday the supreme court refused to hear the case well it makes its way through the appeals court. the administration is appealing lower court rulings to the ninth circuit the same court the blocked the president's controversial travel ban that would deny entry to people from mostly muslim majority countries it's really sad when every single case filed against us is in the ninth circuit we lose we lose we lose and then we do fine in the supreme court but what does that tell you about our court system the supreme court announcement
1:46 pm
is a victory for roughly seven hundred thousand dreamers. for months they've been demanding congress. act to protect them from deportation but congress has failed to come up with a solution the white house says it's not giving up but that legal process could take months leaving the ultimate fate of dreamers uncertain kimberly health at al-jazeera washington now technology companies are promising to change people's lives with super fast wallace mobile networks so-called five g. systems are the main focus of the mobile world congress in barcelona challenging reports. entering an exhibition of the future over one hundred thousand people six thousand c.e.o.'s and delegations from one hundred eighty governments here to see what new products will transform our lives but the most significant innovation is invisible five g.
1:47 pm
a wireless network that will enable self driving cars virtual reality and smart cities there's a path of evolution through mobile telecoms and you know we've gone through the first generation second third fourth generation so four g. is the fourth generation of botswana comes five g. is another generation but it's fundamentally quite different to everything we've seen so far for us five g. will mean faster data transfer ten times faster than forty five g. will mean we can download a feature film on trial in a second and stream virtual reality application it also means quick response time five people would susa the amount of time it takes the data is to be transferred which could be especially important in connecting cars like this which might have to break suddenly it will also mean more devices them over the apple service will mean millions of products could be connected to the internet from cars to lighting systems one of those devices could be this taxi developed by while away
1:48 pm
a passenger drone operated from the control center they can travel over fifty kilometers we're still a few years away from full five g. coverage here industry leaders the united nations and government are trying to iron out policy standards and regulations and five g. compatible devices appear in shops until twenty twenty at the moment five years progressing very well we standardizing the technology in two thousand and eight. and then what we're looking to roll out new networks in two thousand and nineteen the leading countries at the moment for the u.s. when you. and south korea. it might be revolutionary but it's also going to be expensive three hundred billion dollars to cover the united states the estimate by barclays bank the majority of countries won't be able to afford five g. widening the global digital divide millions of people already don't have reliable
1:49 pm
access to the internet as a result and knocks out of the digital economy jobs market so while this new wave of technology promise is a better future it doesn't promise in the future charlie i'm sure al jazeera bustling. norway's mark the tenth anniversary of the global seed vault by promising to spend thirteen million dollars upgrading it the facility has a security for the world seems now houses just under a million samples after receiving seventy thousand new crop varieties on monday reports. they call this the doomsday seed vault the name is apt it's designed to protect the world's food supply and on monday it marked its ten year anniversary with hidden away under the frozen island of norway it acts as a natural deep freeze and it's in need of an upgrade in two thousand and sixteen an unexpected saw in the permafrost meant to water into the facility but the vault
1:50 pm
itself wasn't damaged maria hager is the executive director of the crop trust which helps fund the deposit seeds from all over the world she says the vault is more important than ever when this material is gone you have no backup and then it's gone forever well it's dead is dead lost. is there and. so the vault is meant to be there and goes wrong around the world. hope it doesn't go wrong but unfortunately things to go wrong and that is why it is comforting to know that we have backups in. no is about to spend thirteen million dollars on the upgrade in two thousand and fifteen the first withdrawal from the bank seed bank was destroyed in syria's civil war those seeds have since been read and redeposited with seventy thousand new seeds at the facility and the research is
1:51 pm
a hoping that it will be featured proved. him wrong car which is a. hollywood. team. with far with us.
1:52 pm
welcome back time now his far there and thank you so much the same board highly anticipated announcement on his future turned out not to be what many of his fans were expecting the eight time lympics print champion had announced that he signed
1:53 pm
with a football team on sunday however in the end it turned out that he wasn't referring to a professional side but hell he teaming up with celebrities to play a match for the british charity soccer ball had trained with south african top terrorist side mamelodi sundowns last month our correspondent lee wellings has more . well this is a very social media story with lots of hype and lots of expectation because people the world wanted to see your son bought sign for a football club because he keeps teasing us with this and he's desperate to play football for it's up to you isn't good enough we simply don't know yet but he was trying for a moment to sundowns who talk of the league in south africa have an excellent work and you think he isn't quite up to the standard to get a game we could work out for them even if he wanted to sign for them but it's been brilliant publicity for that he would love to play for manchester united because that's never going to happen despite his. limp eight medals this is a completely different sport he wondered if maybe he could play for it seem
1:54 pm
a bit down the leagues in a country whose dad obsessed with football and that's why there was a real possibility that paul published. genuine scripts in power as he was going to sign for one of those but in in the end of course it's a child was he not at the unicef it's going to bring the funds and it's going to be great publicity for them on june the tenth the man just he's beloved manchester united's maybe he will play so well in this going between west of the world in england that he will get signed for a proper football club. up to fifteen thousand more us your dortmund fans boycotted the club's home game against augsburg german football fans are unhappy with games being moved to monday night sol though over three hundred groups agreed to protest about fifty four thousand did attend what was the second of five money games this season the move followed eintracht frankfurt supporters disrupting the start of their game last monday by throwing tanis balls onto the pitch a new t.v.
1:55 pm
contract for germany's top football league has seen games played on a monday for the first time. earlier we spoke to paddy higgs a writer for one football based in germany and he explained why monday night football is such a dividing issue in the country. you will german football fans is certainly a very traditional bunch and they're not scared about showing any disdain for anything that more challenge that monday night football they believe is certainly something that strikes to the heart of tradition they see it much more as a commercial decision rather than one for the fans you can sort of see their point i mean fans from berg are going to find it hard to travel on monday not all the way from where they are to dortmund so we can see with the scenes of dormant or not and the scenes at frankfurt that it's it's not a popular decision the clubs themselves have actually supported some of these protests. your converts go of dortmund said that he understands the. upset that this is cause for fans and this to be reviewed at the end of the season
1:56 pm
he thinks that the couple of million at the club on top of this for this monday not deal is certainly not worth the the yanks for the fans the man in charge of european football says video assistant referees won't be used in next season's champions league you know for president alexander suffer in size he's yet to be fully convinced by the use of technology and helping referees make key decisions. we. a new start but some familiar problems for former f one world champion for nando alonso the spaniard losing a wheel from his mclaren car on day one of pre-season testing and barcelona alonso's team are starting a new engine partnership with the renault after three below par years with honda
1:57 pm
the two time title winner finished fifteenth in the driver standing last year with his team nine out of ten alonso was eventually able to get his car back on the track after this that. now a clever business in philadelphia has taken some inspiration from hollywood to try and lure an n.b.a. superstar to their team three billboards have been installed outside cleveland urging cavaliers star le bron james to sign with the philadelphia seventy six ers the thirty three year old can opt out of his contract with the caps this summer the signs are inspired by the movie three billboards outside adding the story a film that's been nominated for an academy award. elsewhere the houston rockets good form has continued they racked up a thirteen straight when james harden hitting twenty six points as they beat the ninety six to five the rockets have the best record in the western conference. and that's all your sport for now i'll be back with more later but for now it's
1:58 pm
back to you there for us thank you very much indeed all the news of course on our web site there what is on your screen the address is there dot com that's it for me down jordan for this news hour will be here at the top with all of the day's news stay with us also watching.
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carcinogen. conservation is helping kick the stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the slow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species but they also did in less than one generation of
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developing countries one of the most developed countries in the world we have to be pretty full for just any point you revere and fear to the very rough and tough men singapore's founding father created a nation of political dynasty but a family disputes undermining that legacy what's happened to the family and what's happened in singapore's institutions i just don't know what would have caused them all great people in power investigates the house that leap out at this time on al-jazeera. conflicting reports of shelling and strikes just allies into a temper ceasefire in syria's eastern good district.


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