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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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from cincinnati the situation improving but the river levels will rise of a nice day or so but general weather conditions much improved sunshine in york city the weather sponsored by race. related violence in central african republic has forty one and a million people to meet the afternoon. race on the ground supreme court on how to. carry on with our lives ongoing. this is al jazeera. hello i'm down in jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour law you from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a temporary ceasefire in syria's eastern ghouta district ends but both sides accuse
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each other of violations. a shake up in saudi arabia as the kingdom replaces its military chief and other senior defense officials. prosecutors in south korea push for tougher sentence but they all said president park geun hye was accused of corruption. and a victory for german green groups that want to clean up the air by banning certain cars from the roads. welcome to the program a ceasefire in syria's eastern ghouta has now ended russia ordered the daily five a pause in the fighting after ten days of intense bombardment by government forces but both sides are blaming the other violations and the rebel held district where russia said corridors will be set up to allow civilians to leave and allow aid to come in well this is one crossing between buthe and damascus. the world health
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organization says more than a thousand sick and wounded people need to be evacuated from the area where more than five hundred fifty people have been killed and hundreds more wounded in the past ten days and on sunday opposition doctors reported a suspected poison gas attack more than four hundred thousand people are trapped in eastern guta which has been under siege since twenty thirteen with a deal fall short of a u.n. resolution calling for a thirty day cease fire while france's foreign minister has told his russian counterpart that getting aid into eastern ghouta should be the top priority. held talks with sergei lavrov in moscow. a un resolution talks about the truce lasting all day we hope all the parties concerned will actually support the split measure so that it can be extended to make sure that all those who need urgent medical care can be evacuated as soon as possible children should be given priority it. says it's the rebels and not syrian government forces who are violating the truce. on
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the strength of. new york the official representative of the white house expressed the situation almost in the same words that the truce is not working the syrian government is shelling rebel troops in eastern guta and mr tarif stated that unfortunately violations are still taking place that's because the eastern ghouta rebel forces are shelling damascus we would like to express the hope that also those who represent the opposition will bear responsibility for reconciling themselves to the u.n. security council resolution one i spoke to some a binge of aid he is in the turkish city of gaziantep that's near the border with syria so most of the day any cease fire is now over there are mixed reports about whether it hell not. been two hours since the pause that really was and has been. hearing reports from from the ground activists have been reporting at least four people have been killed in the first day where the ceasefire was supposed to kick and there have been strikes and
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strikes in multiple parts of eastern people have been telling us that there wasn't much there wasn't anything different that they have seen in the last nine days since this offensive began on eastern although there was supposed to be a cease fire violations. happening in eastern huta people were telling us about how bombs have been falling and how they had been taken to shelters again while the cease fire between nine am to two o'clock was supposed to be in place doctors have been saying that it is worth noting that language of how russia ordered the syrian government to impose a cease fire as if this was part of russian territory and the russian province and there's also been activity on the ground who have been sending us messages about how it is a cruel game they say it's a messy game where they don't kill us according to them and they let them go around
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wounded and they come back and try to kill us again so it is a very grim situation on the ground people have been angry they were expecting that the united nations will do more to try and implement this thirty day ceasefire but there's nothing that seems to be changing on the ground as you say are sama a very grim situation has become a form in the side of the syrian regime it now seems that with russian backing they are absolutely determined to finally take the on clay. absolutely daryn this is this is an area which is controlled by at least four major rebel groups in the eastern on just a few kilometers away from the seat of power for the syrian government these fighters have been able to lodge mortar shells into government held territory we saw a couple of videos that were posted by government media showing that there are still mortars that have been coming into damascus from from this area so it is absolutely
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certain that the government wants to take this area at any cost but it is worth noting that this is an enclave home to four hundred thousand people which is about four times the size of what aleppo used to be aid agencies have been telling us that there is no plan to evacuate these people which seems to be the direction that the government wants to go and they don't know where these people will go because there are no places that can house just many people and people also inside the sun who do not want to go anywhere they've seen what has been happening to people who went to they've been seeing what happened to deal in homs in aleppo as well so they are scared that they will know how they won't have any place to go they will go into another phase of fighting and they will no longer have the home that they have been living in for years and years sana thank you. dean lives in duma that's inside eastern ghouta he says the assault on the area has continued despite the ports there was a fighting. we hear
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that. this firing we expect. maybe. even that there is martyrs in. that. matters and. how we can trust this regime that is shelling gas and a bomb being gassed for the for the for the last five years how between a night and a day. the one who is telling me tonight. truth and. humanitarian cross for the eastern goods and the morning we are. we. want the united nations.
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supervise this truth not the regime and the recent addition let's talk to you linda jackie may she's the spokesperson for the middle east at the international committee for the red cross she joins us from geneva on skype jackie may in your opinion would five hours be enough really to get people out and provide aid to those who are desperately in need of it inside eastern ghouta. the first thing is that actually humanitarian corridors to be safe have to be agreed upon by all parties to the conflict otherwise people are put in an even more difficult position second if your questions were to take place people who would have actually of course to be evacuated of their free will there must also be again to vent on the other side for them to receive shelter to receive protection to receive assistance and indeed when we speak of convoys and touring five hours are absolutely not sufficient we know it from past experience it takes
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a lot of time to pass checkpoints even when you have the agreement of all parties it takes time to offload and to bring the goods to the warehouses so five hours are absolutely insufficient so just talk us through what needs to be put in place then for the safe evacuation of residents and people who are injured what we need is a clear agreement of all those fighting in this conflict there are several parties and as long as they have not all of them agreed on the window the safety of the people is not ensured second very carefully just. aspects have to be put in place particularly the go but equally if they are injured or seek there is a need for hospitals to be ready to receive them flee next doctors. and then of course in the other direction we need green lights for convoys to get thin because
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we think of the place of close to four hundred thousand people clearly or you're certain number can be evacuated the others are in desperate need of medical assistance of medicine of food and of clean water let me get a final point from you what are the challenges of evacuating residents under such horrific conditions. the first challenge is security. weapons have to be quiet on your side for people to be able to be taken out. they have to be taken out of course by their own free will and if they are injured or seek their transport. make certain that their conditions do not get worse and that the other end of the i received in the appropriate medical facility that can provide them with treatment. if the international committee for the red cross thank you very much indeed for your time
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now saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced top military commanders the defense ministry shake up comes nearly three years after saudi led forces went to war in neighboring yemen but on monday russia vetoed a u.n. resolution criticizing iran for failing to prevent weapons from reaching iranian back to the rebels in yemen reports. saudi arabia's military might on display. generals have been leading a coalition of forces attacking the yemen for nearly three years running back rebels repos the internationally recognized government to. remain in control of large areas of the country and the saudi armed forces have been internationally criticized for killing thousands of yemenis widespread destruction and achieving little. ability has announced a reshuffle of the army's chief of staff and the heads of ground and air defense
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forces. the war in yemen there is a serious failure when it comes to the so the area that is growing because says i'm from international community and there is a serious pressure there so to stop to stop what they are doing now and change course if it's needed i think so that it is trying now to open up to the international community by trying to open up airports and ports for support food or medical support so they can reduce the pressure on the so you have a government and the alliance the most notable dismissal was the military chief of staff general abdul rahman bin salah bin yen is being sidelined to become a royal court consultant is replacement is the former commander of the royal saudi air force general been honeyed brady while the changes were approved by king some months analysts say it's crown prince mohammed bin someone who's likely to have been the driving force. the shake up followed russia's vetoing of
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a un resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent weapons falling into the hands of who the rebels in yemen it's the first time russia has protected iran in the security council the fifteen member security council did however unanimously adopt a russian proposed resolution which extends targeted sanctions on iran related to the war in yemen russia doesn't like the outcome of certain expert panel reports it just doesn't like the messages doesn't mean it's been doing everything they say so we'll be urging our colleagues for the good of the united nations system to fight in fact that is what you want change doesn't affect everything in the middle of exposer bourses the mention of us told you counts is not the same mention of the bombardment by the saudis and the illegality of the you know resolution so our textbook single post of what i'm about to the passage text has the support of the council on this momentous thank you very much whatever the case saudi arabia continues to face international criticism for airstrikes which have targeted markets hospitals and other civilian areas aid groups also blame
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a saudi led blockade for pushing millions of yemenis to the brink of famine in al-jazeera south africa's new president certainly has announced thirty changes in a cabinet reshuffle and reappointed government ministers sucked by for money to jacob zuma and conklin then it would tends to head the finance portfolio after being fired in twenty fifteen he's regarded as having a tight grip on government spending another former finance minister pravin gordhan will be the new public enterprises minister a popular figure with investors he's been a vocal critic of corruption meanwhile seumas ex-wife was appointed minister to the presidency responsible for planning and monitoring the causes. now only last to run a post in december as a.n.c. leadership election what malcolm webb joins us now from johannesburg malcolm how much is this reshuffle being seen as from a post stamping his mark as the new president of the country. well not nearly as
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much as some people hoped and expected supporters around opposer and those people who were hoping for a complete cleaning of house a change of direction and a clear signal that there was going to be a fight against corruption somewhat disappointed at this stage because as you said many of those ministers who had been appointed by jacob zuma and were in the previous cabinet and have been afflicted in the many corruption scandals that flicked it is government many of them are back in they've been reappointed the most controversial of those is probably malusi gigaba who is the finance minister now and he's in another powerful portfolio his home affairs minister and when he was in the ministry of finance many south africans believed that that ministry the control of been lost from the state to private interests and in particular a family of indian businessmen known as the cook has you've been implicated in the whole string of corruption scandals here but as you say the reappointment of praveen go down he's going to reassure many people he's now in charge of the
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enterprise ministry and that's a ministry had also been seen very much as what they call in south africa captured the state it lost control of it people thought it was reflecting corrupt private interests go down has a reputation for cleaning up anything that he's put in charge of so that will reassure people he's now in charge of that industry but overall not the kind of overall overhaul and cleaning of house that many south africans might have hoped for and malcolm what about this proposed motion by julius malema and his economic freedom fighters that d.f.s. to expropriate land without compensation i mean it's a hugely controversial thing and we've seen exile miserably in zimbabwe. it's being discussed in parliament right now as we speak the a.n.c. ever since it came to power in one thousand nine hundred four what is politicians of a militant speeches promising radical land reform to try and address the fact that
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the vast majority of arable farm land is owned by a minority of white farmers including some very large very profitable farms whereas the black majority have been dispossessed from that land allege ascendants were violently during colonialism and rim any of them remain in relative poverty ever since some people say that this hasn't been addressed effectively because the lack of a lack of political will from the a.n.c. to implement policies they do already have a lot of people blame corruption as well collusion between wealthy white farmers and a.n.c. officials to buy off small amounts of land that inflated prices for julius malema he just mentioned say that's not the problem he says the stumbling block is that it's the constitution doesn't allow the government to expropriate land without compensation so that's why he's pushing through trying to push through parliament right now waiting to see if the a.n.c. will vote for this constitutional change or not in recent months they said it's that policy to bring about this change but it is as you say quite radical and we're
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going to find out in the next hour or so if they're going to back it in parliament if this will actually go through and begin the process of a constitutional change come way there and john is that malcolm thank you. but more still to come here on the news hour including. buried for decades the battle to clear thousands of landmines scattered across afghanistan. i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that to president trump takes aim at police who responded to a school shooting in florida. and in support same boat makes an announcement about his future but it wasn't what his fans expect. that the european union's top court has ruled that official raised deal between the block and morocco doesn't include waters off the disputed western sahara region the
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case was brought by a lobby group supported by the policy area front which is fighting for independence in western sahara well the areas been contested since morocco claimed the territory as its own back in one thousand nine hundred fifty five and that's when spanish colonialist withdrew from the region when a year later an armed dispute began between morocco and the policy area front which so self declared the arabic democratic republic in one thousand nine hundred seventy six it's now recognized by many governments and it's a full member of the african union when in one thousand nine hundred one the u.n. monitors ceasefire failed to break the deadlock leaving the territory status undecided the un says the western sahara has a right to self determination let's talk to abdel moneim el amrani joins us now from what is this ruling by the news top court mean for morocco is a setback for the kingdom. well daryn like an hour ago the response of the moroccan response came in in
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a joint statement by the moroccan foreign minister and the high representative of the foreign policy of the european union for the comer more greeny in brussels they issued a joint statement reaffirm in their strategy partnership that is in force between morocco and the european union both sides their fear was that the european court of justice would. follow the conclusions of the advocate general and declare the the fisheries convention as null and void but the courts hadn't didn't didn't do that instead it just said that as far as the fish the boats are not fishing in the waters adjustment the western sahara the accord remains valid this is number one number two this fisheries protocol would be coming to an end next july and then would be another but the two for the european union specially
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for spain and other countries that because the biggest number of the boats that are fishing and moroccan waters in the western sahara waters ok are basically from spain portugal and netherlands so there will be another bottle to renew this accord observers they think morocco wouldn't be renewing the accord because it doesn't get anything from it and it can live without this financial compensation which is about forty ok in yours premier and it's not just briefly at the money i mean is it likely to strain relations then between morocco and the e.u. just briefly. i don't think so that it would strain the relations but it would the moroccans and the high commission of the european union would still be working together because in that same joint state statement they say that morocco is a very important player to the european union to fight illegal immigration in terms
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of security in fighting terrorism and it remains the number one strategic partner for the european union in the area of of north africa but it's a wait and see situation the most important thing is that the ruling hasn't declared. the fissures accord as null and void it's still there so as i said it's a wait and see whether it's going to strain relations or wait and see basically will concern the developments about finding a solution or a definitive solution to the problem on western sahara that's a problem the conflict between the rocco and the polystyrene front i don't want him l m ronnie thank you very much for talking to us now south korean prosecutors are demanding a thirty year prison term for the deposed president park geun a hate denies bribery abuse of power and coercion last year she became the first democratically elected south korean president to be impeached of
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a corruption scandal involving business and the political elite run mcbride has more from seoul. parkin hay has faced an array of charges from alleged bribery to abuse of power even to things like discriminating against artists who she felt were opposed to her government all this dates back to an unfolding scandal in twenty sixteen and much of it related to a friendship with her longtime confidante choice and still it's claimed that together and choice forced a number of conglomerates to hand over more than fifty million dollars in return for business favors the whole scandal led to massive street protests calls for her resignation she clung on to power and was eventually impeached and which brought about her downfall at the end of twenty sixteen since then choi has been found guilty of her part in all this two weeks ago she was sentenced to twenty years in
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prison something she is appealing against park in haiti though has pleaded not guilty and indeed has said that she's been treated unfairly by the judicial system and has been boycotting a number of of her court appearances but according to the prosecutors she's guilty not only of these crimes but also of damaging the very constitutional fabric of south korea itself north korea has confirmed it will send out leads to next month's paralympics and south korea that's according to local media representatives from both countries met in the village of john to discuss the logistics the north plans to send about five hundred about a hundred fifty people including athletes and supporters seoul has tried to use the pyongyang chuang games to open up dialogue between north korea and the u.s. with b.j. kim from hancock university of foreign studies in seoul thinks it's pretty likely that the u.s. and north korea will start diplomatic level talks soon. for the perhaps past few
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days we've been getting indications from washington that united states is actually carefully watching what's happening in terms of into korean dialogue at this point and as the united states has expressed their willingness to come to the table somehow if north korea is willing to move through or is the do nuclearization so united states is not staying firmly in its place it's coming closer to the table the way many observers are seeing here so this is only going movement right here and north korea has repeatedly said it specially the head of the legation this time has repeatedly said for the last three days that they want to talk so therefore i think one way or another we will get to see some kind of dialogue or you know united states is making this friendship between talk and dialogue and talk as initial form to get to the dialogue and we'll get to see some kind of talk happening between washington and pretty soon. our time for a check on the weather now here's richard with the latest on the big freeze
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gripping europe impressive down it really is yes we've got this because char completely covered with blue and these are the latest temperatures these if you like daytime high temperatures so they were minus thirteen in moscow rome is going to freezing madrid is that plus one really warm and then towards athens there plus fifteen degrees earlier on a showing of the wind chill in copenhagen it's warmed up in copenhagen it's a balmy minus four at the moment but again when you add on the effect of that wind which has dropped slightly to thirty seven kilometers per hour it makes the wind chill minus fifteen degrees so that's what it feels like so this cold air that we've got at the moment going to trace its source you have to move further towards the north over scandinavia we have this anti cycling with the central pressure in excess of a thousand and fifty five millibars and what you've got then this is circulation the winds go that way around the high so it's pulling the cold air in from the north to the north east across siberia what happens eventually if it goes around
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enough times the i guess slightly marred with time and that will happen as we get towards the weekend and things will then start to be marching less cold but we've also issues of snow quite a bit of snow pushing towards the u.k. you see developing there during the course of wednesday and further towards the south we have other areas as snow threatening parts of the iberian peninsula and also across towards the black sea where the could be some to wrench will falls of snow in the coming days. richard thank you for that still ahead here on al-jazeera . from russia with love. spreading a message of kindness around the world. thousands of german football fans. will have the details coming up later more on that story with us. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming
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young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving. their challenging systems and shaping. it's about creative thinkers continence future innovate africa at this time. running six continents across the. aisle to serious correspondents bringing the story state. of the one. that's missing out. there at the. time for palestinian back out to syria in world news.
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welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here this hour france has appealed to russia to ensure that aid is allowed into the syrian rebel held on clay the beast and the daily truce came into effect early on tuesday but both sides are blaming each other for violations. saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced top military commanders in a shake up of the kingdom's defense ministry no official reason has been given for the overhaul but it comes a saudi arabia faces growing criticism over the war in yemen. and south africa's new president cyril ramaphosa has announced thirty changes in the cabinet reshuffle and reappointed government ministers such by former leader jacob zuma thank you the former finance minister pravin gordhan and zoomers ex-wife. now on the eve of an
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international conference on afghanistan the taliban says it wants to find a peaceful solution to the conflict with the united states in a letter the armed groups said the war had been imposed on them and that what they want washington to accept what it calls the legitimate demands of the afghan people let's get more now from tony berkley who joins us live from the afghan capital kabul tourney so what importance should be placed on this statement is anything significant in it. well there are two ways of looking at this one that it was an open letter which was basically an accident the omitted certain things or it was deliberate now normally when the taliban issue a letter or a statement they always say that before any direct talks happen the americans have to withdraw militarily they haven't said that this time so if it was a deliberate mission it does suggest a softening of tone from the taliban and that is quite something different it may be for several reasons you mention the conference which is happening in kabul on
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wednesday it also could be something to do with a statement made by a second assistant secretary of state department for south and asian affairs alice well she said the door was always open for direct talks with the taliban so maybe this is moving things along it could also have something to do with the increased american firepower now in place in afghanistan you know that under president trump the force here american forces going up from eight thousand to fourteen thousand and a month's time there's going to be another thousand combat troops who will be in the front line and that's the first time that will have happened since two thousand and eleven and of course on top of that you've got increased american aerial power that's being brought to bear the american bombs have been falling they say they've been successful they're pushing the taliban back from areas that's not what the taliban say they say they still control up to seventy percent of the rural areas but still there is fire power being brought to bear so the taliban are responding with suicide bombs the americans with aerial firepower so it may be too difficult
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mike paints the u.s. vice president when he was here in december he said they were on a relentless pursuit to victory and they will win but i think if you ask most people here that nobody can see an eventual winner here nobody can win the taliban nor the u.s. so therefore at some stage you're going to have to have people coming to the negotiating table now under what conditions there have been lots of conditions from both sides the taliban say no direct talks with the afghans. it has to be with the us the us what the afghan government to be involved so it has to be decided at this conference that's going on on wednesday it's about the modality of the peace process it's also about fighting terrorism some of the major players in the region will be here but one notable exception the taliban and nothing will be achieved in this situation without the taliban agreeing all right attorney but even in kabul tony thank you now afghans have lived through decades of war and instability one of the biggest threats they face now are landmines left from either the soviet
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invasion or the fight against the taliban more than two thousand afghans were killed or injured by landmines last year about five times the number of civilians killed six years ago the aid group the halo trust estimates there are up to six hundred forty thousand landmines laid in afghanistan since nine hundred seventy nine of the most known battlefields have been cleared afghanistan remains on the world's most mined countries jennifer glass has more from southern afghanistan. afghan farmers watering their crops came upon this and anti-tank mine buried for decades land mines remain an every day threat especially in southern afghanistan where they kill or injure nearly ninety people a model a tractor hit this mine but it didn't detonate that's the miners job now. about two kilometers up the road they are clearing mines from the village of personify to do it as quickly as possible machines till the earth then d.
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miners check the soil for explosives this was once a frontline almost anywhere fighters have been there could be mines too and they planted during the fighting so in different villages and different houses then conflict and people are turned back to their villages it's inside their houses orchards streets in even you know but ours in other areas in the communities that's what happened here this was once barren desert people started to return a decade ago to build and farm instead they found binds the mind here are mainly mines left over from the soviets in the one nine hundred eighty s. as much as two hundred square kilometers here a jari district are believed to be contaminated but even as the miners are getting rid of old mines from the previous conflict they face new problems from current fighting disrupting the local population and also causing casualties razia was
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herding sheep with three other children in neighboring maiwand district when they pick something up it exploded two children were killed another girl lost a leg and fingers razia lost both hands with we need to be there are people who give children balloons or chewing go in return for a piece of metal so then children go out looking for metal and sometimes when they find it it turns out to be a bomb the u.n. says in situations like that it's impossible to know who's explosives were in the field the taliban denies using minds but the u.n. says it does as of about two thousand and ten there was verified use of improvised victim activated devices of improvised landmines and the u.n. has evidence that the taliban has been planting improvised landmines in afghanistan . u.n. officials want to start removing abandoned roadside bombs and other explosives to do that they'll have to negotiate with all sides of the conflict to access areas
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where recent fighting has ended. it's a big problem every day one or two people step on a mine both sides plan explosives both the government and the taliban the other day an old man was looking after his cattle and the bomb exploded the un's new plan is a bold one but officials hope it will make life a bit safer for civilians who are so often the victims of this long war jennifer glass al jazeera the sob southern afghanistan german cities will not be able to battle people from driving diesel cars in certain areas the federal administered of court back to a lower court rulings that cities could impose bans to tackle air pollution environmental campaigners had sued dozens of german cities are going they have a duty to protect people's health well the ruling could have huge ramifications for car makers in the country which is europe's largest car market well the german chancellor says only a handful of cities have a mission rates that need addressing. even as i've gotten the ruling has
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a cost only just happened and we will examine it a first look at this ruling tells us that it is of course basing itself on the ado woods to the legal limits for emissions values now we'll have to look into just who has the legal rights to a course of action and regarding this we will of course have talks with the mint tea parties and the federal states we know that many of the cities affected today don't have all too big an excessive emissions targets but i go live to dominic cain who is in berlin dominic tell us what this ruling is basically. well down the point specifically what you were saying in the introduction is that this now allows german cities to proceed with some sort of ban or restriction on diesel engine vehicles the thing that you heard angela merkel there saying there aren't that many cities which have a mission levels which are so high but there are two which stand out one that i was in just a few weeks ago stuttgart in the south of germany which has
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a very high levels of of the sorts of emissions that the environmentalists consider to be very dangerous so the point here the specific ruling but it was an appeal by the federal states of germany against allowing bans to happen which gives you a sense of the the degree of opposition that this idea has created that there the sense that the population is in two minds about whether it's a very good idea but specifically now cities can go ahead with imposing some sort of restriction on the kinds of diesel cars you see in the main cities as i am here in berlin right now dominic one of the implications then of this ruling. well the point to make is that there are millions of diesel engine vehicles in germany right now and the point that the automotive industry until now had been saying is that they wanted to introduce what's called software updates in other words they wanted to tweak software in the computers event of diesel engine vehicles to try to reduce emissions and they said that that might be able to reduce
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emissions by somewhere around twenty percent perhaps twenty five percent but the environmental lobby was always opposed to that and said no we want hardware updates we want retrofitting of the engines and the point to make is that the the estimate for how much that might cost for each vehicle what it could have costed up to around three and a half thousand dollars per vehicle and when you're talking about millions of vehicles potentially to be retrofitted that is a very substantial amount of money and the point also to make is that nobody has said so far who should pay for that clearly the automotive industry is very reticent to say that it wants. pay for it and then hearing from angela merkel just now the government the governing parties both parties the social democrats and the christian democrats were very resistant to the idea of introducing bans in germany because they didn't want to alienate the driving population which is very considered one final point here down the automotive industry employs nearly a million people in this country the economy is very much boyd by the automotive
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industry that's why this decision has such profound ramifications thank you now britain's counterterrorism chief has warned the country is facing an emerging threat from violent far right groups mark riley says they're increasingly organized down their reach is spreading beyond protests and hate crimes three right wing groups have been banned since the brags that referendum and the domestic spy agency m i five is investigating other organizations about a third of the people referred to counter radicalization programs connected to the far right. we last year stopped for developing right wing terror plots we have put there are probably for we have said before about stopping ten is the most plots working with the service and obviously one of those where the five attacks with those four really illustrate the challenges that we're face and this is because there's no organized right wing target element. donald trump says he would have rushed in to save students and teachers during the florida school
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shooting even if he was unharmed the president's criticize a slow police response as a gunman killed seventeen people high schools going to reopen on wednesday on the calicoes in the city apartment. in the days since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the memorial to those that lost their lives has grown as parents and students arrive at the school some carry flowers others simply bowed their heads classes will resume on wednesday but for many emotions still roll my daughter hasn't been back since this happened and she wants to see her friends as she wants to resume a somewhat normal life which we know here is never going to be the same but what are we going to do i mean. she she can't stay in her house and do nothing something has to be done. in florida state capital of this from marjorie stoneman douglas high school continue to campaign for a change in gun laws the students have become the voices for
4:42 pm
a movement now sweeping the u.s. downhearted when most importantly i feel angry. that we let this had to be angry that we did not solve this problem alone time ago and angry that children are going one pushing and advocating for change and not i am like you know official and investigations now been launched into the police's handling of the shooting sheriff scott israel has been accused of incompetence after his department received warnings about the alleged shooter nicholas cruz and a deputy's resigned after it emerged he stayed outside while the shooting took place president trump who's indicated he may raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles says he would have handled it differently i really believe i'd run and even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know most of you. but the way they performed was was really a disgrace some of the u.s. is biggest corporate sponsors are now cutting ties with the national rifle
4:43 pm
association is pressure for change grows the organization says it's against banning assault rifles all raising age limits politics aside parkland is a community that continues to mourn and heal when classes resume on wednesday it will only be for part of the day the building where seventeen people died may be demolished and turned into a memorial but when students walk through these gates it will be a traumatic experience and gallacher all dizzy or parkland florida. has defended its military operation against ranger muslims the minister of international cooperation was speaking to the un human rights council which is meeting in geneva but since august almost seven hundred thousand ranger have fled violence in myanmar and taken refuge in bangladesh iraq an issue issue is not a religious one i repeat it is not a religious one but a political and economic challenge involving migration competition over limited
4:44 pm
resources already and the rule of law it has recently evolved from community conflict into the issues of national security and terrorism it has never been a case of religious discrimination or conflict between the two different feet majority of muslims are residing peacefully and how many actually in their remaining but of this multi religious country them a check to has more now from geneva. myanmar's minister for international cooperation didn't want mention the word what i hear injured during his twelve minute speech here in geneva he said the conflict was very much a political challenge rather than a religious issue view totally at odds with what many people and observers and n.g.o.s and journalists have seen on the ground in myanmar he said that the whole
4:45 pm
crisis was started by terrorists and the challenge to national security he also very much objected to the words ethnic cleansing and genocide despite the fact that the u.n. has described what's happening in million mark as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing the u.n. authors said that it's been the world's fastest growing refugee crisis but this issue was largely ignored by myanmar's international relations minister he said that what was going on in his country at the moment was an attempt to reestablish a stable democracy he said that myanmar was a multi religious and multi ethnic nation and they've been trying to put an end to the seventy years or so of of ethnic conflicts inside his country and that the world should support their cause and their case trying to reestablish democratic
4:46 pm
security turkey has condemned the release of a syrian kurdish leader after ruling by a check court solid muslim was a former leader of the democratic party of p.y.t. which turkey regards as a terrorist group he was detained in prague on sunday on a warrant issued by turkey over twenty sixteen bombing which killed thirty people ankara says the decision to release him supports terror. also to come here. is hollywood. superstar. coming up with us.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
what about time for the sport though his for there and thank you so much the same bolt highly anticipated announcement on his future turned out not to be what many of his fans were expecting a time olympic sprint champion had announced that he signed with a football team on sunday however in the end it turned out that he wasn't referring to a professional side but healthy teaming up with celebrities to play a match for the british charity soccer aid trained with south african top tier side mamelodi sundowns last month. but for more on this so let's go to michael gerson he's a communication consultant for brand finance and he joins us live from london michael do you think this was a smart p.r. stunt to benefit what might otherwise be a small charity match. so this is a stunt i think that is committed with. both represents and so what let's also be
4:49 pm
remember that this is quite a big event so last year was done this event was seventy thousand people turned up it's raised over twenty million pounds for unicef over several years now and so in that sense you know it makes sense with who you sign both to use and who wants to be using transitions from being a professional athlete into morphing into total football it has been saying that he wants to play football for quite a while now next time he starts he has a big announcement will people take him seriously. so i guess that when you same boat has a has a big announcement then and it and it delivers on it i think the people will listen and appreciate that but at the same time he's also you know has a bit of a reputation as a bit of a jokester and so in that sense what the brand finance research indicates that people want seriousness and reliability from the bank or from the car manufacturer whereas at the same time you know you same boat a bit of a joke or whatever bit of. various brands of online and doing all sorts of
4:50 pm
different bits and pieces so you know perhaps next on when he delivers the goods then we'll have to pay attention but the same time that this is for a good cause and you know everyone you know recognise that unicef is doing good things to children you know especially in developing countries right across the world yeah he is a bit of a joker and michael can you think of examples a sportsman or celebrities in the past that played with their supporters and then have it backfired. sure quick a couple of good examples come from in fact this sort of in back in two thousand and twelve when gordon ramsay injured himself with a bit of a rough tackle on the receiving end he was ended up spending a bit of time in hospital fortunately worked out all right but also will ferrell in this going back in two thousand and twelve he injured himself as well and so and so i guess this particular event does bode well for those people who aren't in fit. keeping you know in touch with the fitness but i suspect that you so involved is
4:51 pm
probably a little bit fitter than some of the other participants in the survey and you know this guy's a leader but we've been at the top of his game for a long time now and you know the unfortunate injured himself in his last start last year you know i think we can expect that you. withstand the rigors of playing soccer for for an hour to. great to get your thoughts michael jones some thank you so much for your time. up to fifteen thousand brassiere dortmund fans boycotted the club's home game against our spark german football fans are unhappy with games being moved to monday night's although over three hundred fan groups agreed to the protests about fifty fourth track frankfort supporters destructing the start of their game last monday by throwing tennis balls onto the pitch a new t.v. contract for germany's top football league games played on a monday for the first time earlier we spoke to paddy higgs a writer for one football based in germany he explained why monday night football
4:52 pm
is such a dividing issue in the country. you know what german football fans are certainly a very traditional bunch and they're not scared about showing any disdain for anything that marred challenge that monday night football they believe is certainly something that strikes to the heart of that tradition they see it much more as a commercial decision rather than one for the fans you can sort of see their point i mean fans from are going to find it hard to travel on a monday not all the way from where they are to dortmund so we can see now with the scenes adornments are not in the scenes at frankfurt that it's it's not a popular decision the clubs themselves have actually supported some of these protests. your converts go of dortmund said that he understands the. upset that this is cause for fans and he to be reviewed at the end of the season he thinks that the couple of million at the club on top of this for this monday not deal is certainly not worth the the yanks for the fence the man in charge of
4:53 pm
european football says video assistant referees won't be used in next season's champions league you know for president alexander saffron says he's yet to be fully convinced by the use of technology and helping referees make key decisions. both. and you start but some familiar problems for former aff one world champion fernando alonso the spaniard losing a wheel from his mclaren car on day one of pre-season testing in barcelona allowances team are starting a new engine partnership with bruno after three below par years with honda at the two time title winner finished fifteenth in the driver standings last year with his
4:54 pm
team nine out of ten alonso was eventually able to get his car back on the track after the set back. a clever business in philadelphia has taken some inspiration from hollywood to try to lure an n.b.a. superstar to their team three billboards have been installed outside cleveland urging cavaliers star le bron james to sign with the philadelphia seventy six ers the thirty three year old can opt out of his contract with the cavs this summer the signs are inspired by the movie three billboards outside adding missouri a film that's been nominated for an academy award. elsewhere the houston rockets good form has continued they racked up a thirteenth street when james harden hitting twenty six points as they beat the utah jazz ninety six to eighty five the rockets have the best record in the western conference. and that's all you sport for now daryn back to you all right fara thank
4:55 pm
you very much indeed now russia's famous ballet is performing in doha for the first time as part of a cultural exchange twenty eighteen has been declared qatar russia europe culture. reports from doha opera house. it's just one hour before the performance of artistic director of the show the copa works the zones it's hard to ensure. before they take opera house stage they can't put a foot wrong as the company has to maintain a reputation as one of the best in the world. to bring their. over russian people all the people who. eagle morsi have founded the company in one thousand nine hundred seventy. the first week traditional folk dance into its repertoire with an aim to reflect the world's diverse cultures customs and
4:56 pm
costumes. it's important to share this kind of art because the build bridges between nations. we want to share with people the kindness in a g. sincerity and openness of the russian people. should recover says the value lies a link gauging a worldwide audience to sharing and exchanging ideas through culture. the art is higher than politics even the political is clever by the culture for them means something you know we are not a political person we are all the people. during the year of culture russia showcasing more than one hundred exhibitions and shows and kata and all starting with a movie set down the company here and qatar as an opera house now the artistic
4:57 pm
director of the company says she hopes this cultural exchange will help to build bridges and showcase the rich history of russian. both carter and russia believe these offense are important to make stronger ties between the two nations. this is the year this year of culture reflects the wealth of creativity in both countries and the desire of intellectuals and innovators to build bridges and revive common values to see the culture of. the service culture of you to see this wonderful city and to stay here at least for a couple of weeks. i would like to have more people from. come to russia. the happiness company drew on the for traditions of southeast and took the world by storm a legacy sheva cofer it's determined to continue. the
4:58 pm
revised plan in the outlook there are. all it is of course at our web site there it is on your screen the address out of syria dot com that's it for me for this news hour stay with us i'll be back in a moment of the top of the hour with more news. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. to bring to our behavior and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers ahmed khan witness at this time. when we managed
4:59 pm
the financial system between one nine hundred forty five one thousand nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seventy one the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sufferance why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalisation of finance just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be getting to already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went to cough to my interest then i would look for a strong magnet here if he's a fascist i don't care if he promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will fight for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. too often on the streets of india women are victims but
5:00 pm
a new force is at play. female police officers are combating sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's. at this time is either. a temporary ceasefire syria's eastern or go to a district but both sides accuse each other of violations.


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