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too often on the streets of india women are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. at this time. last. a temporary ceasefire in syria's eastern district but both sides accuse each other of violations. this is. also coming up in saudi arabia as the kingdom replaces its military chief
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and other senior defense officials. in another sign of ease tensions the two koreas hold more talks. and a victory for germany as the one to clean up. from the road. a cease fire in syria's eastern. russia or the daily pause in the fighting off the ten days of intense bombardment by government forces but both sides are accusing the other. in the rebel held district russia would be set up to allow civilians to leave and allow aid in well the world health organization says more than a thousand people need to be documented from the area. is in eastern from where he sent us this report. yes shelling is still ongoing in a very many villages and towns and even the city of duma you can hear the intensive
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bombardment of several areas battles are also taking place the host of a hair and front says the regime forces are trying to advance and storm east into russia yesterday announced a truce between nine am and two pm in addition to humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave the area but the civilians don't want to leave to areas controlled by the regime via these corridors all crossings because of the continued shelling the syrian regime forces are only a few hundred meters from where i am civilians have been killed today and people stuck here scared administrative and medical authorities here say that there is no contact or coordination between them on one hand and the russian side or the syrian red crescent on the other hand the administrative and medical authorities say this is aimed at circumventing the security council's decision on the truce. has more from beirut. there was a little violence artillery shells hitting airstrikes targeting two towns but there
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were no civilian deaths in the five hour pause in the fighting undoubtedly is not a permanent lasting cease fire that is what the people of eastern the hotel was it is what the people of eastern are demanding the u.n. security council meeting on saturday resolution calling for a thirty day truth a little violence in an hour from now that five hour temporary lull in the fighting and we're expecting bob argument to resume it really has been ten days of hell really for the people of more than five hundred fifty people killed thousands injured in an enclave which is under siege the russian military accusing the rebels of targeting an evacuation order that they set up so that civilians can leave the enclave the rebels of course denying this saying that that we are not preventing civilians from leaving but we understand from talking to people inside eastern no one wants to leave because they're too scared where are they going to go to they're going to have to cross into government controlled territories what the security guarantees do they have that they will not be arrested or sent to prison so
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civilians too scared to leave most of them are telling us that ok after the five hour truce is it legitimate to start killing us again or do they just want us to leave our homes so the choice is death or displacement saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced top military commanders the defense ministry shakeup comes nearly three years after sounding and forces went to war in neighboring yemen on monday russia vetoed a u.n. resolution criticizing iran for failing to prevent weapons from reaching iranian backed rebels in yemen interest reports. that saudi arabia's military might on display the saudi generals have been leading a coalition of forces attacking the yemen for nearly three years on the undock rebels reposed the internationally recognized government to stand up to rubble to do or how to remain in control. of large areas of the country and the saudi armed forces have been internationally criticized for killing thousands of yemenis
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causing widespread destruction and achieving little. can summon been abilities all sod has announced a reshuffle of the army's chief of staff and the heads of ground and air defense forces the war in yemen there is a serious failure when it comes to the so the idea that is growing because says i'm from international community and there is a serious pressure there so there may be a sudden stop to stop what they are doing now and change course if it's needed i think so that it is trying now to open up to the international community by trying to open up airports and ports for the support of food or medical support so they can reduce the pressure on the so you have a government and the alliance the most notable dismissal was the military chief of staff general abdul rahman bin salah bin yen is being sidelined to become a royal court consultant is replacement is the former commander of the royal saudi air force general fayyad been honeyed other brady while the changes were approved
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by king some months analysts say it's crown prince mohammed bin some months who's likely to have been the driving force. the shake up followed russia's vetoing of a un resolution which would have criticized iran for failing to prevent weapons falling into the hands of who the rebels in yemen it's the first time russia has protected iran in the security council the fifteen member security council did however unanimously adopt a russian proposed resolution which extends targeted sanctions on iran related to the war in yemen russia doesn't like the outcome of certain expert panel reports it just doesn't like the messages doesn't mean it's been doing everything they say so we'll be watching our colleagues for the good of the united nations system to fight and fight a virus which your text doesn't reflect everything in the middle of exposed reports as the mention of us being told to camps is not the same mention of the bombardment by the saudis in the in the galaxy of that you know resolution so our textbook
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single post of what i'm about to that i said tex because the support of the council on this moment is thank you very much whatever the case saudi arabia continues to face international criticism for airstrikes which have targeted markets hospitals and other civilian areas aid groups also blame a saudi led blockade for pushing millions of yemenis to the brink of famine in al-jazeera south africa's economic freedom fighters e f.-f. set to introduce a bill to parliament which would allow the government to seize land without paying compensation malcolm what has more from johannesburg. ever since the a.n.c. came to power in one thousand nine hundred four its politicians frequently promised radical land reforms and often militant speeches trying to address the fact that the vast majority of south africa's farmland is owned by a minority of white farmers including several very large very profitable commercial farms and the black majority own just a fraction of the land ever since their ancestors were displaced by colonialists
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wrestling here in past centuries the a.n.c. has policies to try and redistribute land haven't been well implemented and some people think this is because of corruption and a lack of political will julius malema the leader of the f.f.a. opposition party thinks that's not the problem and the problem is the constitution needs to be changed to allow the government to expropriate land without compensation he's trying to put a bill through parliament today what we're waiting to see is whether the a.n.c. will back that bill or not they've said in recent months that it will be their policy to do so waiting to see if they're going to take this relatively radical step and if they do that would trigger the beginning of a constitutional change now delegates at a summit and kenya are discussing how aid agencies can regain public trust after sex scandals donations to oxfam a former after the sacking of workers who use prostitutes in haiti and un peacekeepers were sent home from south sudan after being accused of sexually
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abusing women catherine sawyer has more from nairobi. this is a summit that brings together key players in the humanitarian sector and one of the main talking points is finding their reason a lot of concern about particularly when it comes to finding some of the countries that have experienced long and protracted conflicts the summit also comes at a time when some aid workers from some humanitarian organizations like storm have been accused of sexual abuse in countries that they're operating in countries . where that have some of the most vulnerable people this is something that the united nations or some don't know communities are very worried about so we have zero tolerance to it sexual exploitation and peace we're now using this moment when it has come to light very clearly we're now using this moment to look it up and whaling procedures and policies and to make corrections when needed whether that be
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in recruitment retention policies in the way in which we deliver aid in refugee camps as an example so it was seizing the opportunity to ensure that the reform takes place it is not just within the u.n. itself it's it's our contractors our partners everyone that is working with us and in this environment must uphold we also spoke to delegates from south sudan one of the countries that has been affected by this sex scandal told us that they believe the situation in that country is even worse because so many vulnerable people whistleblowers face a very challenging time and it's easy for aid workers within some of these of humanitarian organizations to use money to cover up their activities south korean prosecutors are demanding a thirty year prison sentence for the deposed president. denies bribery abuse of power and coercion last year she became the first democratically elected south
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korean president to be impeached over a corruption scandal involving business and political elite. north korea has confirmed it will send athletes to next month's paralympics in south korea that's according to local media representatives from both countries met in the truce village of amman jump to discuss the logistics the north plans to send about one hundred fifty people including athletes and supporters seoul has tried to use the jiang games to open up dialogue between north korea and the u.s. b.j. kim from the university of foreign studies in seoul thinks it's pretty likely that the u.s. and north korea will start diplomatic level talks soon. for the for past few days we've been getting indications from washington that united states is actually carefully watching what's happening in terms of into korean dialogue at this point and as the united states has expressed their willingness to come to the table somehow if north korea is willing to move poor is the do nuclearization so you know
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states it's not staying firmly in its place it's coming closer to the table the way many observers are seeing here so this is all going movement right here and north korea has repeatedly said it specially the head of the legation this time has repeatedly said for the last three days that they want to talk so therefore i think one way or another we will get to see some kind of dialogue or you know united states is making this an issue between talk and dialogue and talk as initial form to get to the dialogue and we'll get this is some kind of talk happening between washington and pretty soon turkey has accused the czech republic of backing terrorism after a court ruling chillies a syrian kurdish leader solid muslim was a former head of the democratic union party or p y d which turkey regards as a terrorist group was detained in prague on saturday after turkey issued an arrest warrant muslim was wanted in connection to a twenty six thousand bombing in ankara in which thirty seven people were killed he denies allegations of disrupting the state and aggravated murder turkey's interior
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ministry had offered a bounty of nearly a million dollars for his arrest. but also to come here now to zero including. i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that to donald trump says he would have run into the florida school unarmed during the mass shooting earlier this month. and how the next generation of wireless networks would change our lives we have the latest on the world of our congress more on that stay with us. welcome back across central and southern parts of china we've got a night to weather front which is clearing southeast was cheering the course of wednesday's fuzhou is going to be wet and windy cheering the day that all clearing through as we head on through into thursday another area of rain up towards the yangtze river valley fine weather conditions across much of indo china hanoi there
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looking at temperatures of twenty seven degrees and then fine across listen into me and mark so let's now move across into south asia we've got the satellite imagery here showing showers affecting parts of sri lanka and up towards the north we've got an area of cloud and rain and the snow a high of ations pushing across pakistan so across much of pakistan during the course of wednesday fine for delhi temperatures there are thirty one showers still for colombo as we head on into thursday there you can see the area developing more widely with snow on its leading edge as it pushed up through the hindu kush and into the himalayas but otherwise fine conditions the most part again sri lanka still seeing some showers here the right being potentially looking to a bit more unsettling to more cloud around here in the course of wednesday across the gulf states generally in the risk of one or two showers temperatures just twenty five degrees here on the other side the potential is looking fine for the top temperature of thirty four in mecca.
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the scene for us where on line what is american sign you meant the piece is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people there are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join a global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome
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back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera france has appealed to russia to ensure that aid is allowed into the syrian rebel held on five eastern the daily truce came into effect earlier on tuesday both sides are blaming each other for violations. saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced his top military commanders in a shake up of the kingdom's defense ministry official reason has been given for the overall but it comes a saudi arabia faces growing criticism over the war in yemen. north korea has confirmed it will send out cleats to next month's paralympics and south korea according to local media representatives from both countries met in the truce village apartment june to discuss the logistics the north plans to send about one hundred fifty people including athletes and supporters. has defended its military operation against ranger muslims the minister of international cooperation was speaking to the un human rights council which is meeting in geneva but since august almost seven hundred thousand ranger fled violence and taken refuge in bangladesh.
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the iraq issue issue is not a religious one i repeat it is not a religious one but a political and economic challenge involving migration competition over limited resources of r.t. and the rule of law it has recently evolved from community conflict into the issues of national security and terrorism it has never been a case of religious discrimination or conflict between the two different faiths as majority of muslims are residing peacefully and harmoniously in the remaining parts of this multi religious country or they project or has more from those meetings in geneva. myanmar's minister for international cooperation didn't want mention the word but a hinge or jury his twelve minute speech here in geneva he said the conflict was
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very much a political challenge rather than a religious issue view totally at odds with what many people and observers and n.g.o.s and journalists have seen on the ground in myanmar he said that the whole crisis was started by terrorists and the challenge to national security he also very much objected to the words ethnic cleansing and genocide despite the fact that the u.n. has described what's happening in million mark as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing the u.n. also said that it's been the world's fastest growing refugee crisis but this issue was largely ignored by myanmar's international relations minister he said that what was going on in his country at the moment was an attempt to reestablish a stable democracy he said that myanmar was
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a multi religious and multi ethnic nation and they've been trying to put an end to the seventy years or so of of ethnic conflicts inside his country and that the world should support their cause and their case trying to reestablish democratic security. now voters in thailand will have to wait longer to elect a new government after the postponement of the promised general election in november the prime minister now says it will happen no later than fabric next year it's four years since the military coup and precious mounting for return to civilian rule. donald trump says he would have rushed in to save students and teachers during the florida school shooting even if he was unarmed the president's criticize a slow police response as a gunman killed seventeen people high schools due to reopen on wednesday on the galaxy reports for the city of parking. in the days since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the memorial to those that lost their lives has grown as parents and students arrive at the school some carry flowers others simply bowed their heads
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classes will resume on wednesday but for many emotions still roll my daughter hasn't been back since this happened and she wants to see her friends as she wants to resume a somewhat normal life which we know here is never going to be the same but what are we going to do i mean. she she can't stay in her house and do nothing something has to be done. in florida state capital of this from marjorie stoneman douglas high school continue to campaign for a change in gun laws the students have become the voices for a movement now sweeping the u.s. downhearted but most importantly i feel angry. that we would have been angry that we did not solve this problem alone time ago and angry that children are the one pushing and advocating for change and not i am like you know official an investigation is now been launched into the police's handling of the
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shooting sheriff scott israel has been accused of incompetence after his department received warnings about the alleged shooter nicholas cruz and a deputy's resigned after it emerged he stayed outside while the shooting took place president trump who's indicated he may raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles says he would have handled it differently i really believe i'd run into even if i didn't have a weapon and i think most of the people in this room would have done that too because i know most of you. but the way they performed was was really a disgrace some of the u.s. is biggest corporate sponsors are now cutting ties with the national rifle association is pressure for change grows the organization says it's against banning assault rifles or raising age limits politics aside parkland is a community that continues to mourn and heal when classes resume on wednesday it will only be for part of the day the building where seventeen people died may be demolished and turned into a memorial but when students will through these gates it will be
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a traumatic experience and gallacher all does era parkland florida the u.s. supreme court has dealt a blow to donald trump's attempts to end protections for undocumented immigrants who enter the country as children it's refused to hear a plea by the trump administration to end the dream as program committee khalq it has more from washington d.c. . it's an issue that has divided americans for years the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program was put in place by president barack obama it allows hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the u.s. illegally as children to live and work in the united states trump wanted to end it and plan to start phasing out the program in march raising the threat of deportation for many of the so-called dreamers but last month two federal judges blocked that saying it needs to go through the legal system so the trumpet ministration tried to bypass the federal appeals court by taking it to the
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country's highest court on monday the supreme court refused to hear the case well it makes its way through the appeals courts say the administration is appealing lower court rulings to the ninth circuit the same court the blocked the president's controversial travel ban that would deny entry to people from mostly muslim majority countries it's really sad when every single case filed against us is in the ninth circuit we lose we lose we lose and then we do fine in this. sure but what does that tell you about our court system the supreme court announcement is a victory for roughly seven hundred thousand dreamers better for months they've been demanding congress act to protect them from deportation but congress has failed to come up with a solution the white house says it's not giving up but that legal process could take months leaving the ultimate fate of dreamers uncertain kimberly health kit
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al-jazeera washington. now drivers of diesel cars face bans in germany the federal administered of court backed lower court rulings that cities can impose bans to tackle air pollution environmental campaigners of soon dozens of german cities arguing they have a duty to protect health the ruling could have major implications for car makers in germany which is europe's largest car market dominate came reports in berlin. this ruling has profound implications for much of the german automotive industry and specifically also for millions of road users let's be clear this ruling basically means that specific individual cities can now move to imposing either a ban or some sort of restriction on diesel engine engine vehicles coming into into their central areas into their vicinity specifically the cities where the emission levels of what the environmentalist cold call dangerous emissions are very high and that point is something and i'm actually said was reacting to this ring she believes well actually there are two cities but actually there are quite
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a few also then that the question which will be posed is who will pay to deal with the sorts of retrofitting to engines that will need to happen the point is that there are millions of these landed vehicles in this country and some estimates suggest that to retrofit to. the. dollars per vehicle when you consider as i say there are millions of these vehicles it's very clear that's a very considerable amounts of money but even said so far the couple have one final point to make fortunes of the automotive industry in this country nearly a million people work in it very many millions and millions of people drive the sorts of cars created by the automotive industry here so the question is given how important this ruling might be what will the automotive industry do how will it react to this particular ruling. norway's mark the tenth anniversary of the global seed vault by promising to spend thirteen million dollars upgrading it the facility
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acts as. security for the world's seed stock now houses just under a million samples after receiving seventy thousand new crop varieties on monday imran khan reports. they call this the doomsday seed vault the name is apt it's designed to protect the world's food supply and on monday it marked its ten year anniversary. hidden away under the frozen but island of norway it acts as a natural deep freeze and it's in need of an upgrade in two thousand and sixteen an unexpected saw in the permafrost meant to water into the facility but the vault itself wasn't damaged maria hager is the executive director of the crop trust which helps fund the deposit of seeds from all over the world she says the vault is more important than ever when this material is gone then you have no back up and then it's gone forever well it's dead is dead lost is lost to get rid of what is there.
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so the vault is meant to be there anything goes wrong around the world. hope it doesn't go wrong but unfortunately things to go wrong and that is why it is comforting to know that we have backups and. noise about to spend thirteen million dollars on the upgrade in two thousand and fifteen that research is made the first withdrawal from the bank after a seed bank was destroyed in syria's civil war those seeds have since been redrawn and redeposited with seventy thousand new seeds at the facility and the upgrade research is a hoping that it will be featured proved but not needed in wrong car which is a. technology companies are promising to change people's lives with super fast wallace my bomb networks so-called five g. systems are the main focus at the mobile world congress in barcelona is charlie actually. entering an exhibition of the future over one hundred thousand people six
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thousand c.e.o.'s and delegations from one hundred eighty governments here to see what new products will transform our lives with the most significant innovation is invisible five g. a wireless network that will enable self driving cars virtual reality and smart cities there's a path of evolution through mobile telecoms and you know we've gone through the first generation second third fourth generation so four g. is the fourth generation of when it comes five g. is another generation but it's fundamentally quite different to everything we've seen so far for us five g. will mean faster data transfer ten times faster than forty five t. will mean we can download a feature film on top in a second and stream virtual reality application and also i mean quick response time five people wouldn't use the amount of time it takes a day just to be transferred which could be especially important in connecting calls like this which might have to break suddenly it will also mean more devices
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them over the local service will mean millions of products could be connected to the internet from cars to lighting systems one of those devices could be this taxi developed by while away a passenger drone operated from the control center that can travel over fifty kilometers we're still a few years away from full five g. coverage here industry leaders the united nations and government are trying to iron out policy standards and regulations and five g. compatible devices won't appear in shops until twenty twenty at the moment five years with us and very well we're standardizing the technology in two thousand and eight. and then that we're looking to roll out new networks in two thousand and nineteen the leading countries at the moment for the u.s. when you. and south korea. it might be revolutionary but it's also going to be
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expensive three hundred billion dollars to cover the united states is an estimate by barclays bank the majority of countries won't be able to afford five g. widening the global digital divide millions of people already don't have reliable access to the internet as a result and knocked out of the digital economy jobs market so while this new wave of technology promise is a better future it doesn't promise in the future charlie and al jazeera bustling. right after a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera france has appealed to russia to ensure that aid is allowed into the syrian rebel held eastern ghouta the daily truce came into effect earlier on tuesday but both sides are blaming each other for violations well we spoke earlier to dean he lives in duma that's inside eastern
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ghouta and he described the situation there. there was a fighting. we hear that. buildings this firing we expect. maybe. even that there is mortals in that. saudi arabia's king solomon has replaced his top military commanders in a shake up of the kingdom defense ministry. no official reason has been given for the overhaul but it comes as saudi arabia faces growing criticism over the war in yemen a saudi led coalition is supporting pro-government forces fighting who the rebels backed by iran. north korea has confirmed it will send athletes to next month's
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paralympics in south korea that's according to local media representatives from both countries met in the truce village of panmunjom to discuss the logistics the north plans to send about one hundred fifty people including athletes and supporters it will be the first time pyongyang's taken part in the paralympic games turkey has accused the czech republic of backing terrorism after a court ruling to release a syrian kurdish leader salim muslim was a former head of the democratic union party which turkey regards a terrorist group was detained in prague on saturday after turkey issued an arrest warrant whose name was wanted in connection to a twenty six thousand bombing in ankara which thirty seven people were killed he denies allegations of disrupting the state and aggravated murder. voters in thailand will have to wait longer to elect a new government after the perspire went up the proposed general election in november the prime minister now says it will happen no later than february next year it's four years since the military coup and pressures mounting for a return to civilian rule but those were the headlines news continues here on
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al-jazeera after the stream state of thanks for watching. this is really an attack on the movie itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. why you need to do more on that to come to feel comfortable that it is. ok i'm also from nigeria and your also in the stream today and the latest marvel installments may be the most political entertaining and provocative and yet it's still box office is a week ago smashing records and filling theaters with viewers over or ages it has won praise from critics at celebrities and audiences alike and it has also sparked a huge reaction from black people or.


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