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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the greek and turkish villagers returned to their roots almost a century later. and reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost forever. people should be forced to move over the border which are. the great population exchange at this time on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. residents say syrian government planes
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continue to bomb the eastern goodhead despite a five hour pause ordered by russia. south africa's parliament passes a motion to take private land without giving any compensation. former colombian rebels swapped rifles for cameras as they launched their own television network. and why some parts of europe are currently colder than the arctic. in sport you seinfeld will get support manchester united but not as a professional player. and charity rather than a serious career switch will see the sprint king taking to the football field. the russian president's call for a five hour ceasefire for the besieged syrian neighborhood of east and go to has
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failed to stop the bombing the pause was designed to allow civilians to leave but the un says none of the one thousand six hundred wounded people managed to get out after a brief lull residents say government planes resume there as strikes on the rebel held suburb rebels are also accused of breaking the truce but people did manage to venture out as a new honda now reports from beirut. some emerged from underground shelters to buy food and water others returned home to collect whatever is left of their belongings the relative calm gave the people of eastern some respect a five hour pause in the assault by the pro syrian government alliance on the besieged enclave ordered by the russian government the temporary truce from nine am until two pm is due to be repeated daily it's not enough for the syrians trapped in the war zone. what ceasefire we have been under bombardment all night planes flying
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above our heads death is everywhere there's no ceasefire. the bombing campaign resumed soon after the limited ceasefire expired the last rebel stronghold near the capital damascus has been under attack for more than ten days civilian deaths are already close to six hundred the stated aim of the truce is to allow civilians to leave but the opposition says the true goal is to displace the population. so how do they expect the people of ghouta to leave their homes this can never happen we call on the countries who voted for a ceasefire at the un to pressure russia and syria to implement it no one can kick the people out of guta eastern hooter surrounded by government controlled territory the russian center for reconciliation says a corridor has been opened for civilians to leave by a there was fifteen crossing point the center accuses rebels of shelling the evacuation route and preventing people from leaving the opposition denies that. but
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the people do not want to leave they don't not want to be displaced and never be able to return to their homes it has already happened to thousands of syrians after government forces recapture rebel held territories it's not just that many are afraid to cross into government controlled territory without international observers or security guarantees they fear arrest or conscription. up to four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in eastern hooter hundreds need urgent medical assistance and evacuation it's not clear if aid will be allowed during the pause in the fighting medics say they aren't able to cope when we last doctors and nurses there are women and children dying we want these massacres to stalk please end this. the procedure in government alliance has taken the decision to recapture eastern huta at any cost for now the people of eastern will have two choices death or displacement. beirut. al-jazeera
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correspondent gary sent this update from inside eastern ghouta. yes shelling is still ongoing in eastern goujet through many villages and towns and even the city of duma you can hear the intensive bombardment of several areas fierce battles are also taking place the host of a hair and front says the regime forces are trying to advance and storm east and grew to russia yesterday announced a truce between nine am and two pm in addition to humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave the area but the civilians don't want to leave to areas controlled by the regime by these corridors or crossings because of the continued shelling the syrian regime forces are only a few hundred meters from where i am civilians have been killed today and people stuck here scared administrative and medical authorities here say that there is no contact or coordination between them on one hand and the russian side all the syrian red crescent on the other hand the administrative and medical authorities
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say this is aimed at circumventing the security council's decision on the truce well earlier i spoke to panos says the u.n. regional humanitarian coordinator for syria he says the truce has done nothing to change the situation on the ground. the situation really is highly straight because we haven't been able to bring in any aid convoys for more than ten days now that has been really high intensity hostilities in a civilian area in areas where there's more than one hundred thousand people that have been there living in. this acute council resolution has not translated into action and they feel it really are ready to use the security council decision is made it is not interpret it's an action on the ground and on the humanitarian side who are within the limits distance ten miles distance from his that who are in damascus unable really roll out who had medical supplies that are desperately needed to bring to people in the area so this iteration is really highlighted
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satisfactory to say the least and we continue to worry about protection of civilians the number it's become almost like a routine daily statistics of how many people of killed how many people are injured and yet we don't see any action to really implement the security council resolution and to allow us to bring to go in and bring commits and assistance to also take out the medical cases. ranger very joins us now from on the southern border with syria and we were just hearing from the un representative in the region that the security council resolution hasn't translated to any concrete action on the ground we've been focusing a great deal on eastern good but of course it apply to the entire country what about fighting elsewhere in syria. absolutely mariyam the flashpoints across syria continuing to be lit up with multiple forces acting inside the northern parts of syria in
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a frame where turkish government is a lot has launched an operation against kurdish rebels that it calls terrorists those kurdish rebels are fighting alongside american soldiers in there is or province where they are chasing remnants of isis fighters there's also fighting happening in problems between various factions of the syrian syrian rebels as well as the government forces and then of course there is a where there was hopes that this five hour pause would bring in some sort of humanitarian aid you've been hearing from people on the ground that it's been relentless since this pause ended there have been a number of shells landing in residential neighborhoods more than six people have died in the past couple of hours and people on the ground are extremely desperate they have been running out of everything that they can use and they have been calling today will be looking at the world for help and they were there had hopes when the united nations security council said that the road be a pause but so far nothing seems to be moving on the ground. and what about the
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situation and side. because we had the russian intervention calling for a daily humanitarian pause for five hours to allow some type of aid even if it's limited to access the area but has there been any change in the last twenty four hours in the kind of concentration of fighting. when the fighting has there are two aspects to this. of the government continues into various areas. on the outskirts there are government forces which are stationed and every once in a while they try to enter the besieged and clave we've been hearing for fighters on the ground who say that they have killed a number of government soldiers and militias who have been trying to eastern from multiple fronts these are areas where the constant the concentration of airstrikes and artillery shells is also being reported. in duma and on the outskirts of these
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are areas where fighters have been placed it is estimated there could be a number as many of ten thousand rebel fighters inside eastern which is home to four hundred thousand people but the majority of the people who live here are civilians and that has been the case and that has been the plea by aid agencies including the united nations and the international red cross to allow in humanitarian aid today we heard from the russian foreign minister saying that the deal that they have struck with the syrian government the poles that was ordered by the russian president means that there will be aid that will go in and evacuations will happen but the first event came and went and nothing has moved there was the blame game that we saw earlier during the day that rebels were targeting this humanitarian corridor and rebels continued to report airstrikes and shelling on the ground but the people continue to suffer it is very cold people have been living without electricity and they're spending the night another night in down basements
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. all right thanks very much for now some avenger of aid on the turkey syria border i want i'll speak to my edward dean he is a resident inside east and go to and joins us now via skype and it's about eight pm or just gone past eight pm your time can you tell me about what's been happening about your day today. my friend. didn't notice any. fire. or the. baby. or anybody was for showing and. being. from the brink till till now when i speak to the shelling and with the rockets mortals even henry nonstop challenge. people to get ready for
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a solution but that's leaving their identity because dating about a new nose. sorry there is a near it don't know. because they heard in the news about this sort of decision on. united nations about to cease fire for thirty days did they expect to brink be used to this area this tiny area that all the countries as. it has involved in so can i ask you about your location at the moment whereabouts are you and have you just been sort of based in one place or do you change locations. you know my friend to bring all your linger. ok thank you my friend i my i and my family live in basement but when i want to talk to you i have to. walk
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about five hundred meters to two. to able to make myself ever to talk to you it's very hard it's very exhausting living in eastern guta. of course people here if using terrorism with all kinds. such as a guide our i assess our even the regime and its allies what about food and water do you and your family have enough to eat and drink. my friend. has been the sage. has been under siege for five years and if you want to know how the people. still living there have been living in basement for ten days. maybe some n.g.o.s are working here right now under the shelling and bombing
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of course. such even the. health care ambulance are still working under the shelling those who are risking their lives for the others it's very. one before how they work in and of the children for the safety of people in your so good. but. what can the n.g.o.s do for for for four hundred thousand people those people want the united nation to sober vies their decision that was committed in. the meeting hellyeah they want to stop this madness stop this. awful campaign. and start to stop the assad regime for once we can hear the
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intermittent sound of air raids as we speak to you tell me you say that you'll tell me are there with your family how do your children respond to the strikes and the bombardment my friends my kids. just. any kids in eastern good. the. fear for any is sound just like the air raid of course i have to lie to them to tell them it's ok it's fine the schools are as closed to maybe for two months now. even. they cannot go out of the ng in their garden they have to stay in the basement of course it's not it's
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not healthy it's not there for the kids it's not healthy for anyone to live in the basement with no sun in it. it's a very miserable way to live. all right well my of thank you very much for well explaining a little bit about what's been happening there and about your experience and eastern ghouta thank you thank you much for thank you. and now you at the news hour much more still to tell you about. this is outraged telling a young girl she would be honored if she were martyred for turkey. why even searching online for winnie the pooh is banned as china cracks down on criticism of its move to scrap term limits for president xi. how technology will help team doctors and referees at this world cup.
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south africa's parliament has partially passed a motion allowing the government to take private land without compensation the motion was put forward by the left wing economic freedom fighters party it was passed by an overwhelming majority of two hundred forty one votes in favor of the us is eighty three votes against south africa's new president so a ram opposed says set that land reform needs to happen immediately malcolm webb has more from johannesburg. ever since the n.c. came to power in one nine hundred ninety four its politicians have promised land reform and redistribution they've had policies and programs to do so but progress has been slow and it still remains that in south africa about three quarters of the land belongs to the white minority a lot of people say that the reason progress has been so slow is because a lack of political will from the top of the a.n.c. and also allegations of corruption and landry redistribution julius malema the
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leader of the breakaway opposition economic freedom fighters party has been saying that the problem needs to be tackled by changing the constitution to allow the government to expropriate land without compensation so he made the case to parliament to make to pass a motion to make that constitutional change we must ensure that we do store the dignity of our people without compensation as we are lent those who continue to protect these crimes themselves are accused of crime because those who protect the crime could not as themselves the motion was passed in the significant majority about two hundred forty in favor and about eighty voted against this is because the ruling a.n.c. party voted with the economic freedom fighters in recent years as the a.n.c. is popularity has declined their rhetoric has got even tougher on land reform they
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used to object to expropriation without compensation but this time they joined in the effort in a move that will begin the process of constitutional change so by the time that's made it will take months and we don't know who will be in power there's an election next year and we don't know to what extent they will use this policy to bring about radical and change but it's something generally that may be popular with voters but on popular with investors. a controversial plan to tax the christian church in jerusalem which led to the closure of one of its holiest sites has been suspended by the city's mayor the church of the holy sepak considered to be the site of the crucifixion and burial of jesus has been shot in protest since sunday christian leaders say the tax plan was a deliberate israeli policy aimed at weakening their presence in the holy city al-jazeera as harry for said has more from outside the church in occupied east jerusalem. this is the third day that pilgrims tourists and others have been gathering in front of the closed door of the church of the holy circle k.
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but right now they're gathering with increased intensity because they are aware of the news that has broken this afternoon that came from the prime minister's office saying that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had brokered some kind of an agreement between the leaders of the various churches the three churches that run this holy site together and the jewish and you know supposed to be the issue at hand is taxation it usually is musicality had been trying to collect what it says will hundred eighty six million dollars worth of back taxes owed on commercial properties rented out by the greek orthodox church the prime minister's office saying that there will now be a professional team composed of ministers to this policy and others which will assess those claims are not situation and that the collection activities will be suspended as a result the church leaders have also one negotiations on a separate issue the proposal of a law which would allow the israeli government to seize land which the church had
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sold to private investors the government and the proposes of that law saying that it leaves people who live on that land in an uncertain situation and that's why the government needed that power the church says all of this is discriminatory against christians in the holy land so for now the church daws remain shut for there does seem to be an agreement which may have been able to bring this standoff to an end. turkey's president has been criticized for telling a six year old girl that she would be. on the dish she will moderate fatah i mean a tear as was brought on stage. on delivered a speech at his ruling party's congress in the city of qom armaan us after trying to comfort the crying girl by kissing up to one turn to the crowd and commended her military uniform is increasingly taken to bringing children dressed in military uniforms on stage or in public appearances which critics say is a bid to win him more support. gold. a turkey flak in hope
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pocket if she's malted good willing this flag will be draped on her she's ready for anything you. prosecutors in south korea are seeking a thirty year prison sentence for the former president again hey the ousted leader faces charges of bribery abuse of power and coercion last year was formally removed from office and arrested of relegations she colluded with a friend to take millions of dollars from companies in bribes the court sentence parks for and choice in sil to twenty years in prison earlier this month well china's propaganda machine has gone into overdrive to defend a move to scrap term limits for president xi jinping the plan to change the constitution sparked protests in hong kong in a rare show of public dissent within china two prominent figures wrote open letter is urging lawmakers to reject it with a move to extend she's rule as president has also come in for criticism and mockery
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on social media which senses a working hard to block uses of the microblogging site weibo have been prevented from posting all searching for words and phrases including two term limit disagree shameless and named emperor. and senses have also been trying hard to crack down on any mention of winnie the pooh chinese social media users of often compare she too but they've still been sharing images like this one showing the cartoon bear hugging a jar of honey with the slogan find the thing you love and stick with it you know insaan is from the east asia program at the stimson center a nonprofit think tank which specializes in international peace and security she joins me now from washington thanks very much for speaking to us can i ask you about the reaction both in terms of the protests and on social media to what president xi is attempting to do. well there are two types of reactions in
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china that this proposed constitution the revision samba hender we hear political at this we hear intellectuals and regular users netizens in china ricin questions about what political direction this country is really going was she i'm pro or was president she seeking permanent presidency in the country but on the other hand that there are also chinese newspapers most piece public intellectuals who are praising what she is trying to do they will actually be with the motivation to a desire to have a stable and stable political system was consistent policymaking not subscribed or not subject to the political differences or as a political disagreements within the party so for china to charter a greater cause they will argue that she'd impugns permanent residency permanent presidency is required. if you look at the way the government has been responding
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to just talking about how they've been trying to ban search for words and phrases like two term limit or disagree or named even winnie the pooh might be something you know it's not that's. difficult to take that comparison seriously but nonetheless it looks as though the government is taking some offense to it how difficult is it going to be for them to control this kind of dissent in the online world. well beans in mainland china windows as the so-called the chinese internet police has see overwhelming vast capacity to concho what shows up on the block sphere or on the internet in china so sometimes it's not as those have to i love that the ability to what they call the the basically climb across the great firewall of china to access internet content outside china but those are relatively rare cases for people living urban area for people who have sea internet capability to do so but for the overwhelming majority of the chinese public in
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china as in the information that they do have access to is strictly comes toda by the chinese government so it was that the chinese government is in a pretty good position in come tolling what the chinese people will see on the internet want. scrapping of constitutional term limits for the chinese president one mean for the rest of the world given china's position as a power plant. well coming to as a justification for the move for the removal of the term limitation the chinese communist party is basically saying we are for china to be a great power we need a consistent leadership and we need a strong be novel and and wisely there who lead the country forward and that is why they are removing the term limits she will have all of the times that he needs to
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institute the economic reform and other reforms as he sees as necessary so for china is saying from the point of view of pluralism or constitutionalism or political liberalism this is not necessarily a good news because removing the term limits basically gives the possibility of she staying in power for that case and that the poppies paul where it will be relatively and checked and his power will have very little limits with scenes of political system because he is a man in charge so saying for political reform or for political liberalization this is i would call it a historical regression and for chinese foreign policy the most immediate effect is that now she has proclaimed him as this from a leader of china inns of a super future he would be men to the world to to show the respect to china as this from a leader will deserve and coming for example to us from the relations i believe she will become even more confident and
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a more assertive and the more eager to pursue this global leaders status for china in this foreign policy thanks very much for your analysis and the east asia program at the stimson center in washington. in watching the news hour live from london still to come why the killing of russian opposition leader bars name some three years ago is feeling diplomatic tension with the united states and german pork in cities the green light to ban diesel cars to help with appalachian and then in sport the basketball team inspired by hollywood to make that they have to sign an n.b.a. superstar. welcome back cross much of the dance and western parts of asia the weather is looking pretty unsettled moment we have to weather systems pushing through now at this
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particular one is or fragmenting as it moves so we still have a few showers around parts of iran but otherwise weather conditions not too bad and see that system across the east is clearing away we have got an area of low pressure moving through the eastern side of the mediterranean across turkey and as we head into thursday it's going to develop into quite an active snow situation so some very heavy snow across central and eastern parts of to hugh see the contrast in temperature one degree on aleppo in syria sixteen degrees further south it should stay dry for the time being for beirut there with temperatures reaching nineteen degrees then into raby and clinch on the western side things are looking fine thirty four degrees and sunny in mecca on the eastern side slightly different picture coming down through the gulf states lot of cloud around and the risk of some showers certainly during that wednesday i think by thursday here in doha it should be dry and brighter so the chose the old show elsewhere but certainly improved picture by then so we head across into southern portions of africa the satellite imagery shows
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a lot of cloud across parts of mozambique zambia and zimbabwe heavy showers likely here but fine for much of south africa twenty two in cape town. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president of the fattah el-sisi is poised for a second term in power. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political seem these real action becomes more apparent we your sense what direction russia might take. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and research as governor in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. welcome back you with the news hour let's update you on the top stories aerial bombardment of the besieged syrian neighborhood of east and gucci has resumed after a brief lull during the day five hour humanitarian pause called for by russia south africa's parliament as i well meaning passed a motion allowing the government to take private land without compensation. and
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a controversial plan to tax the christian church in jerusalem which led to the closure of one of its holiest sites is now being suspended by the city's mayor. when all the stories we're following anger is mounting against the government in nigeria after one hundred ten. school girls were kidnapped by the armed group last week has been criticism over the handling of the mass abduction of the school in the country's troubled northern region teaches of regime classes but many school children say they're too scared to attend parents of the missing girls have been speaking about their fears and the struggle to find their children. when i knew my all this time we have been looking for our lost daughters some were found during the attack and a few days after having tracked for days some had sword and legs some were bitten by snakes while trying to return but i and many others are still looking up to god hoping they'll be rescued those who witnessed the abduction said our daughters were whisked away in a truck. students and teachers at florida's marjorie stoneman douglas high school
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are preparing to return almost two weeks after a gunman killed seventeen people there police a facing heavy criticism that they didn't do enough to prevent the shooting meanwhile republicans are only considering minor changes to firearm restrictions and there are reports that trump president trump might be rowing back on the idea of raising the minimum age for rifle purchases. andy gallagher joins us now from pomp and where the shooting happened then andy what is the mood the atmosphere like that today. well somber as you might expect it's almost been two weeks now since seventeen people were killed here at the marjory stoneman douglas high school where they returned to classes on wednesday only for a half day but let's bring in jenna kirsten who's a senior student here come on and jenna so you are back to school tomorrow first question when you walk through those gates tomorrow having gone through what you've been through how are you going to feel i'm going to feel especially very nervous
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but i'm also going to feel pretty strong because we're all in this together as equals as one i don't know you've been out protesting in the streets the voices of the students have been resonating across the world at the moment president some seems to be rowing back on raising the minimum age for assault rifles what would you like to see what's your message to politicians who i don't like some of his messages having teachers have assault rifles because i don't like that he wants because what if a teacher baxley shoots a kid i don't like that at all but also i think that they should have teachers i think that they should have gun control guys not be limited in age but not have them at all because i think they should have that do you think the politicians do think the president is listening to you oh not at all i don't think that he has any interest i think his interest in not only that but i don't i don't agree with anything he's saying what so ever if you had a message for the president what would that be exactly that kind that they should
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be saying these kinds of ads off jenna has there is no doubt because like all of them what are the big earnings like just there's no. just having these guns sold there is nothing but a negative outcome you know we wish you all the best going back to school on wednesday thank you very much for your time so that is typical i think of what the students at this school think they've been very active their voices have been resonating across the globe their demands really are pretty simple and that is that assault rifle should be banned altogether and what we're seeing at the moment from president trump who initially said he wanted to raise the age limit up to twenty one remember nicholas cruz's nineteen and had ten weapons he seems to be rowing that back at the moment having promised immediate action banning bomb stocks and things like that but at the moment washington d.c. seems to be slowing down we're really getting nothing from the white house but certainly the students voices remain strong here in part on florida they want to see a complete ban on assault rifles and they want to see action pretty quickly all right
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thank you very much andy gallacher in part in florida well in other stories from the u.s. president may have only just finished his first year in the white house but he's already looking ahead to a twenty twenty reelection. digital expert brad pascal to be his campaign manager it's thought to be the earliest any incumbent u.s. president has officially declared his reelection campaign in a statement the trunk campaign said pascal would lead advanced planning. applause outside the russian embassy in washington has been renamed in honor of the assassinated russian opposition leader bars themselves in moscow people laid flowers a memorial on the third anniversary of his death themself was shot dead on a bridge near the kremlin in two thousand and fifteen it was a vocal critic of president vladimir putin and the u.s. move has caused friction with the kremlin but it's not the first time street names have been used as a weapon of diplomacy back in the one nine hundred eighty s.
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the street housing the vent soviet embassy in washington was renamed after the dissident scientist andre sucker of republican senator ted cruz has been pushing for the chinese embassy's current address to be changed to our plaza after the jailed human rights activist who died last year and it's not just in the u.s. in one thousand nine hundred one the british founded that found their embassy in iran was no longer on churchill street but bobby sands street after an irish republican prisoner who died on hunger strike on the moscow city authorities are considering responding to this latest u.s. move by naming the blind alley alongside the u.s. embassy north american dead end opacic ah and joins us now from the plaza in washington and still a fair few people there behind you since the last time we spoke patty what's happening now. over. well the ceremony has concluded but behind me there are people putting flowers underneath the streets and if you want to take a look at this now official this is the bourse off the plaza so what does that mean
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well it means that russian diplomats when they enter their compound they're going to have to see that sign but when they write their address or get mail still going to wisconsin avenue so this is really being seen as mostly symbolic so we had a lot of politicians u.s. senators and members of congress come here and talk tough to say that this sends a message to russia but let's put this in among the backdrop of intelligence communities here in the united states say without question the russian government tried to interfere in the truth twenty sixteen presidential election there's a special council that is investigating the possibility that there was collusion between russians and the trump campaign and just today we've had the n.s.a. director come out and say that it's still happening that the russians are still trying to sow discord in the u.s. using social media and that he could stop it but he's not going to because president donald trump has not told him to and on top of that the u.s. congress passed overwhelmingly that they wanted to see sanctions on russian president trump to simply said no we're not going to do that i asked one u.s.
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senator against all that backdrop what does this really mean and why won't the president follow congress's basically law that says he must say in them and his response was yes the president. right despite this symbolic display that we see here today is this you know pretty much the extent of it are we likely to see the president encourage or even take tougher measures against. throughout his entire presidency he has been careful not to criticize what amir putin the russian president in fact when he does speak about putin it's usually to compliment him so no it seems unlikely that the trumpet ministration is going to follow through with these sanctions even though congress over. really voted that he should yes do but he isn't right thank you very much from washington patty culhane . well now in colombia at least five soldiers have been killed and ten others
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wounded in a bomb attack by marxist rebels the national liberation army bombed military vehicles on the road between the northern towns of to be. honest it tack came one day off the group said it would hold a unilateral cease fire during elections next month. well here after the colombian government signed its peace deal with the far the former fighters are launching a t.v. network new colombian news ams to offer a different post conflict alternative to the traditional media some of their reporters are facing resistance as alessandra yeti reports. there's a new player in colombia's media landscape one that doesn't have much money or clout but dreams of being revolutionary in a country where mainstream channels of long been seen as serving the interest of the powerful and emotionally we have a clear editorial line that guides us give voice to the voiceless to those who have been neglected by the state we also want to reclaim social struggles and report on
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the peace implementation to the us what is one of twenty five former fire fighters running we have a colombian d.c.s. after a life of give your war fare as part of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal they live in housing paid by the government and receive a small stipend as they learn to operate cameras and write news stories the channel's director says it's a way to reintegrate fighters into society but it also aspires to become a distinctive voice. because we are aiming for objectivity which doesn't mean being was neutral we want to approach our journalism work with an almost scientific discipline and accuracy but without being distant or lacking sensitivity towards people's problems and for most riders the media training started while they were still in the jungle working for fights radio programs but reporting publicly on the streets means facing the public still wary of them after five decades of civil
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conflict. it is not easy we face many obstacles and the rejection of some people who don't like peace all the idea of our reintegration but each day we learn a little bit more and continue towards the level we want to reach. they're hoping in time to attract a larger audience by focusing on stories and people neglected by means stream channels but media experts say they face an uphill battle as they try to convince the public that there are more than fights broke out and. a majority of colombians have a very bad image of the fox so they need to change that they need to demonstrate that they are like everybody else and be cool be interesting instead they insist their programming employing an ideological battle one of old style counter information it's fine if they want to do that support they should offer a new formats new ideas instead repeating the old formulas for the moment their shows are seen online and small community t.v.
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networks but they're convinced they'll win over more eyeballs by covering the lives of the rule forgotten colombians and what they hope will become a televised revolution and listen to them. german cities will now be able to ban people from driving diesel cars in certain areas a federal administrative court approved lower court rulings that cities can impose bans to tackle app pollution and environmental campaigners have sued dozens of german cities arguing they have a judy to protect people's health the ruling could have had could have huge ramifications for carmakers in the country which is europe's largest com market dominate cain has more from berlin. this ruling has profound implications for much of the german automotive industry and specifically also for millions of road users let's be clear this ruling basically means that specific individual cities can now move to imposing either a ban or some sort of restriction on diesel engine engine vehicles coming into into
9:44 pm
their central areas into their vicinity specifically the cities where the emission levels of what the environmentalist calls call dangerous emissions are very high and that point is something angela merkel has said well she's reacting to this ring she believes well actually there are that many cities but actually there are quite a few also found that the question which will be posed this who will pay to deal with the sorts of retrofitting two engines that will need to happen the point is that there are millions of these lanes in vehicles in this country and some estimates suggest that to retrofit to change the hardware of these diesel engine vehicles could cost up to three and a half thousand dollars per vehicle and when you consider as i say that there are many millions of these legit vehicles it's very clear that's a very considerable amount of money and nobody has said so far who should pick up the tab on final point to to make here is the importance of the automotive industry in this country nearly a million people work in it very many millions and millions of people drive the sorts of cars created by the automotive industry here so the question is given how
9:45 pm
important this ruling might be what will the automotive industry do how will it react to this particular ruling. large parts of europe have been hit by a frequentist on bringing rest now and plummeting temperatures to much of the continent some parts of the u.k. are expected to fail colder than the arctic circle throughout this week scientists saying manmade global warming is a likely cause as need bachar ports this is what many people across the u.k. woke up to roads blocked public transport come sold from schools closed farm for some misery for others. in croatia the army were drafted in to rescue people trapped in their houses but as fast as the snow was cleared more quickly fell and then the italian capital romans experienced the first snow in six years to the vatican into a battle ground. cold weather in winter is hardly surprising but what's unsettling
9:46 pm
scientists is that europe is currently colder than the arctic a freak warming around the north pole is sending a blast of arctic cold across the continent weather experts say manmade global warming is to blame what we normally see is the winds coming in from the west the jet stream winds but with this massive womanish takes place high up in the atmosphere about fifty degrees in the space of a couple of days it breaks down that pattern allows this big area of high pressure to form sitting across much of europe and of course with that sort of wind direction coming in from the east and northeast it pulls the cold air in all the way from siberia course you know what that means desperately cold air strong winds with it cold air will penetrate across europe for some days yet in the one nine hundred seventy s. climate scientists came up with a theory for the war with the arctic the colder the european continent they even gave him an anagram w a warmer arctic sea sea colder continent or as the scientists
9:47 pm
prefer to call it wacky people here in southeast england baby surprised by this unusual or wacky weather but it could in the future be the shape of things to come on the norwegian archipelago speil barden the high arctic scientists have recorded temperatures thirteen degrees centigrade above average sea ice is for treating exposing warmer water below and releasing more heat into the atmosphere and while arctic temperatures increase the wacky weather continues to leave europe out in the cold parka al-jazeera in southeast england. still ahead we'll have all the same boat social media game underwhelms many of us. and you'll have that story. the internet of things is one of the biggest talking points.
9:48 pm
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thank you so much mary more power sanjay mounts a striking neymar still has a small chance of playing in next week's champions league game against a rail madrid the french club have thought confirmed the two hundred eighty million dollars striker has a fracture in his right thoughts the world's most expensive player was injured during his team's one of them are say on sunday appears to have denied reports that the brazilian will require surgery his team host next choose they haven't lost the first leg of that last sixteen tight three one. team early monday there is not
9:50 pm
any decision about him undergoing surgery it is all fake news this morning i had a meeting with the doctor he told me everything about his injuries after the first test once the swelling has gone down the doctor detected a fracture in the metal tassel bone we will see in the next days what is going to happen then you make a decision a person well out of football's governing body has backed the use of video technology to assist referees at this year's world cup in russia fifa president giani and francine are believed the system does improve the accuracy of decisions football lawmakers will decide on sunday whether it's alter ised the so-called v.a.r. system on a permanent basis at a meeting of senior officials the host country have decided that the same software will be made available to doctors during matches. an assistant of the doctor or a second doctor really sit in front of a television screen and can help the doctor in taking his decision because he can
9:51 pm
review very clearly very concretely what happened on the field what the doctor sitting on the bench perhaps could not see so this is a circular meant to help for the doctor to put his diagnosis and to say ok he can go on yes or no. former arsenal and man city midfielder sami now three has been banned from football for six months by football's european governing body away for nasri was found to have violated anti doping rules be thirty year old who is currently without a club received an unauthorized drip treatments at a private clinic in the united states in twenty sixty. ferrari and must say these were the pacesetters on day two of formula one pre-season testing ferrari's sebastian vettel posting the quickest some in barcelona german finished second in last year's championship behind the stage driver lewis hamilton comes in skits this session while his teammate valtteri bottas was only marginally slower than vettel the first grand prix the year coming up in australia next month. japan's winter
9:52 pm
olympic team of returned home with their record medal hold the athletes attending a reception it so close may sound sour to show off the thirteen medals the country one in south korea that achievement beating the country's previous record of ten medals from their home games in nagano in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. oh lympics alleging that you signed bolt will be switching his running sparks for football boots but not quite in the wind many of his fans have been harping on monday bolt hinted at the signing for professional club instead the sprint legend will be leaving out at same in a charity game some of whom are sure pools. like me and you think you can run the. thing and leave the ball to me so use them both will be playing at manchester united's home ground alongside some professional footballers but not in anything approaching a serious game bolt will instead be captaining a team in
9:53 pm
a charity game later this year. for you this is a game like when you're supposed children in danger around the world together he may come on the committee on monday a bold had teased his five million twitter followers with a video message that hinted he could be about to make a serious korea switch. just sign for football to find out who it is going to use it for the summer ever. the eight time a limb pick champion quit athletics last year and has often spoken of his desire to play pro football earlier this year he had a training session with the south african team member load sundowns and the thirty one year old cames german club brucia documents have offered him a trial both sides are backed by the same sports where a company that sponsors bolt pulled social media game may have raised awareness for
9:54 pm
the soccer aid game but it did also produce an online backlash from those who felt they'd been misled are you saying bowled a bit of a joke or was that a bit of. various brands of law and doing all sorts of different bits and pieces in a public forum when he delivers the goods then we'll have to pay attention. juz game would tease give the world a chance to see it does have a few of the skills he talks of and if he has any chance of one day being signed by a real team. al jazeera. are all the more traditional form of brand promotions a place in the world of basketball it seems like inspiration from hollywood to tron and tyson n.b.a. superstar why three billboards have been put up in a cleveland cavaliers legend lebron james to sign for the philadelphia seventy six is the thirty three year old come up so out of his contract with the cavaliers this year the stance is inspired of course by the oscar nominated movie three billboards
9:55 pm
outside of the missouri ok because paul is kept back to marry him in london lovely thanks very much andy also the future for the internet of things and connected devices is one of the main technology talking points at this year's mobile world congress estimated that by twenty twenty five twenty five billion devices connected to the web conference is year its biggest annual technology industry gathering from barcelona charlie angelo reports. sorry for all that. automated connected pepper is popular he can dogs and change color but he isn't solving any real world problems and that's where the focus is at this year's mobile world congress so this device you see originally impaired in blind people the internet of things or io t. is a network of devices connected to the internet that talk to each other to gather information analyze it and act on it the possibilities are endless already in use in tennessee
9:56 pm
a folk senses which to take where the changes and slow down traffic when visibility is poor also in the market the smart work pete which can send and receive messages to danger this is a fall of course so when i had to devise still in development is created a holographic version of me which could potentially travel to different countries for me others in the virtual round so it has potential in education and payment and social care all industries are now looking at how connected technologies can improve business and alan pulling at the core industrial revolution. telecoms company eight hundred eighty a designing io t. solutions to urban issues that ranges from smart parking smart. electrical lights to surveillance solutions that cities need each see each city's needs are different based on what the population is like where they're
9:57 pm
located and then there is the connected home by twenty twenty two it's estimated there will be five hundred smart devices in the average family home dishwashers t.v.'s even small mirrors but there is a concern that technology is running ahead of itself and security is suffering the threat is real or barely a week goes by that we don't hear some talk to solve the security of a thing. one of three areas the manufacturers and service providers need to take a lot more care over is the smaller the voice of the analysts predict that soon most every day devices will be connected one way or another and managed by a smartphone app it will be almost unavoidable just don't use your phone charlie and al-jazeera boston there were fifty years after humans first landed them mobile
9:58 pm
phone technology is headed for the moon now vodafone germany says it's teaming up with the phone make a nokia to set up a four g. phone network on the moon next year this will allow high definition streaming from the lunar surface almost four hundred thousand kilometers back to support future moon missions fascinating that's it for the news hour but my colleague jeanne with donald will be here in a moment with more the day's news stay with us. a
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new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you try . our impeccable service remains but none comes when breaking it is a. revolutionary business clients. also for the sake of fairness to tell us. whether conducting business or sharing a special journey. with the then still. the searchlight of it. to man saddam was in attendance trying to smile. centuries in the school introducing. liston asmus. as owen's going places together. the scene for us where they're online which is a very new sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because
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the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying another cliche and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. it's only a five hour long ceasefire but even that is too much to ask airstrikes continue to hit the rebel held on crave of eastern cool to.
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one of them julie macdonald this is a live from london also coming.


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