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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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on the ground to bring these special reports on how people are struggling to carry on without lights a museum undergoing costly. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. this is zero. hello that i'm dealing with donald this is the news hour live from on that coming up in the next sixty minutes it's only
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a five hour long ceasefire but even that's too much to ask airstrikes continue to hit the rebel held on plates of eastern called. a decision which cut costs car makers millions the german court gives cities the green light to ban diesel cars. south african politicians vote overwhelmingly in favor of a motion that would allow the government to take private land without compensation . in sport you sign ball will gets played at manchester united but not as a professional player. and to charity rather than a serious career switch will see the sprint king taking to the football field. it's very warm welcome to this hour of news first to syria where the first daily five hour window when fighting is supposed to stop in a rebel held on cave near damascus has come and gone and with little success the
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truce was supposed to allow a way to get in and the injured to get out of the city there were multiple while. during the window from nine am to two pm two people were killed in government airstrikes rebels are also accused of breaking the deal well the truce ordered by russia was meant to allow for the evacuation of civilians but none of the injured actually go out and activists told al-jazeera that's because the russians didn't provide a trusted third party to help evacuate people well even if the daily cease fire does hold a groups are skeptical too they say five hours is simply not long enough to provide any meaningful help in a hoarder reports some emerge from underground shelters to buy food and water others returned home to collect whatever is left of their belongings the relative called give the people of eastern some respect a five hour pause in the assault by the pro syrian government alliance on the
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besieged enclave ordered by the russian government the temporary truce from nine am until two pm is due to be repeated daily it's not enough for the syrians trapped in the war zone. i mean what ceasefire we have been under bombardment all night planes flying above our heads death is everywhere there's no ceasefire. going well i'm not the mark of. the bombing campaign resumed soon after the limited ceasefire expired the last rebel stronghold near the capital damascus has been under attack for more than ten days civilian deaths are already close to six hundred the stated aim of the truce is to allow civilians to leave but the opposition says the true goal is to displace the population. so how do they expect the people of go to leave their homes this could never happen we call on the countries who voted for a ceasefire at the u.n. to pressure russia and syria to implement it no one can kick the people out of guta
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eastern huta surrounded by government controlled territory the russian center for reconciliation says a corridor has been open for civilians to leave via the wafa dean crossing point the center accuses rebels of shelling the evacuation route and preventing people from leaving the opposition denies that but the people do not want to leave they don't not want to be displaced and never be able to return to their homes it has already happened to thousands of syrians after government forces recapture rebel held territories it's not just that many are afraid to cross into government controlled territory without international observers or security guarantees they fear arrest or conscription up to four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in eastern huta hundreds need urgent medical assistance and evacuation it's not clear if aid will be allowed during the pause in the fighting medics say they aren't able to cope when we last doctors and nurses there are women and children
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dying we want these massacres to stop please end this. the proceeding and government alliance has taken the decision to recapture eastern huta at any cost for now the people of eastern will dock. have two choices deaths or displacement. the root. of some a binge of a joins us now from gas and that's on turkey's southern border with syria so all summer what have people been telling you that it's like on the ground. julie in the last few minutes we heard from rebel sources on the ground that battle bombs have hit eastern guta at this hour of night in cheerful media and in hostile shoots an ongoing campaign which is continued for the last ten days which continues tonight people have been saying throughout the day that they have been disappointed by the response to deliver sieved in the have seen in this perforce east fire by the russian government that the assad government according to them did not abide by
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been hearing from rebels saying that this is a manipulation of the resolution by the united nations security council that russia is using to try and make sure that nothing actually happens on the ground i've been speaking to a number of rescuers and aid workers who've been telling us that they have been in touch with various agencies on the other side of the blockade but they still don't have any plans as to what is going to happen if this code or is established and how are they going to take people people on the other side people are spending one more night in called dump shelters underground and it's pretty hard for parents who are having to lie to their children. my kids are just. any kids in eastern good that they. fear for any sound just like the air raid of course i have to lie to them to tell them it's ok it's fine the schools are closed to maybe for two months now.
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even. they cannot go out for thing in they go they have to stay in the basement. and also some of the big problem that a lot of people talked about it was mentioned at the u.n. is what you've pointed to you know how do people actually manage to leave practically speaking who helps them to evacuate and then how does the aid get in is this something that's going to be worked upon but according to the russian foreign minister yes it is going to be happening but from experience on the first day it didn't happen on the ground aid convoys were not allowed in we heard from the united nations humanitarian coordinator saying that they had no idea of how to get that aid in they had no guarantees this supposed part of the truth only open for five hours is not enough for them to go in and come out at the same time and then
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the strikes were designed and also on the other hand there is a big assumption that people want to leave there lots of people there for nearly four hundred thousand people in eastern and from the experiences that they have seen elsewhere in syria where the mosque displacement is taken place they don't want to leave their homes to an uncertain future where they don't know where we will they live and many of these people have families with them and they just don't trust the syrian government or their russian allies to cross the border to cross this besieged area into an uncharted territory which the government has been holding one aid worker told me that it is absurd that the world expects us to believe the same people who were born bombing us throughout the night and in the early hours of the morning to say that it's night no one you can cross over and come to it come into our arms sobbing to think their life from gaza and the whole summer thank you will pamela smooth sis's the u.n. regional humanitarian coordinator for syria he says the truth on the thing to
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change the situation on the ground. the situation really is highly straight because we haven't been able to bring in any. more than ten days now that has been really high intensity hostilities in a civilian area in areas where there's more than one hundred thousand people that have been there living. this acute council resolution has not translated into action and they feel it really is ready to use the security council of a decision is made it is not interpret it's an action on the ground and on the humanitarian side we are within a ten minutes distance ten miles distance from eastern who are in the mass was unable really roll out who had medical supplies that are desperately needed to bring to people in the area so this iteration is really highlighted satisfactory to say the least and we continue to worry about protection of civilians the number it's become almost like your routine daily statistics of how many people were
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killed how many people are injured and yet we don't see any action to really implement the security council resolution and to allow us to bring to go in and bring humanitarian assistance to also take out their medical cases well we're joined now from washington by ariel cohen his a senior fellow at the international face think tank the atlanta council very warm welcome to the program what's the endgame for russia here. the endgame for russia is to shift the balance of great powers in the middle east for russia to become at least equal to if not superior to the united states the vacuum that was created during the obama administration the inaction of the obama administration in the face of the syrians using iranian or north korean chemical weapons or domestically produced chemical weapons this all contributed to the russian insertion russian return to the middle east that we didn't see
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since the collapse of the soviet union and one more thing the russians they using syria senekal it as a testing ground for their weapons just yesterday deputy prime minister did meet that argo is in announce that all russian military procurement will be revised based on the performance in syria this is a message to the customers come and buy battle tested russian weapons battle tested and the prize that was spade is a five hundred thousand syrian lives that were snuffed in this war so aerial partly what you're saying there is that russia is to some degree of filling a void that i guess was left by the us in the middle east what are the consequences short term and slightly further into the future well first of all the consequences it's not just russia it's russia and the ambitious iranian
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quasi imperial neo imperial expansion from iran to iraq to syria to lebanon all the way to the mediterranean threatening israel threatening the gulf threatening the sunni arabs. and in terms of the u.n. we heard a sound bite just before your interview ariel where there is a mime ting frustration at the u.n. and they've proved pretty toothless i think if i can use that phrase can they wield at this point any power over a member of their number. well the tragedy of the international community's so-called is that once you have a great power such as russia with a veto power in the united nations security council there a little can be done and i think also this point we need to start thinking about
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the war crimes that were committed in syria by the regime by the iranians and by the russians who is going to have the jurisdiction over these war crimes who is monitoring the responsible people who committed horrible crimes like with you know in ghouta and also the united states need to take note we were in the middle east for violating sort of a security umbrella to a number of our allies and it started changing with the arab spring it started changing with the russian and iranian expansion the process of slow transformation and deterioration of the system that was created by the colonial powers after world war one of the imperial winners of world war one britain and france and then the american provided security that system is changing very fast
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and on the horizon there's also china so people in the region need to take note and great powers europe england and the united states also need to figure out how we're going to protect innocent lives in the middle east promote our values but also provide hard security for our allies which is to some degree easy to say that little list that you've just given sounds pretty much beyond you know at every country especially the united states i mean they haven't had a can here in middle east policy certainly since tom came to power but some would argue even before that. absolutely before that look at the quick draw down of the forces president obama undertook in iraq and that brought us isis and brought us the iranians and the russians are filling the void
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of the iranians in iraq and the russians and syria so no it's started way before president trump and also look at the absurdity of russia and the united states supporting the kurdish militia the y p g in syria and then the turks fighting them turkey our ally the us ally in nato and of the same time the assad regime coming in helping the kurds against the turks so yes it is the theater of absurd but at the same time extremely dangerous as we saw the exchange of fire between the russians and the americans for the first time in eighty years since the nine hundred twenty civil war and russia americans and russians shooting at each other and the private militia the privatization not just of foreign policy but of national security the russian businessman who owns the militia missed
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a pretty good reason also just we found out today got a contract from the syrian government to operate and secure the oil and gas fields that are in the kurdish an american zone communal cohen. thank you so much for joining us with your take on the current situation like there from washington d.c. thank you. there's much more to come on the news hour it's fun for some but ms separate for others a wintry blast leaves europe colder than the arctic. why even searching online for winnie the pooh is banned as china cracks down on criticism of its move to scrap term limits for president she. has fought how technology will help team doctors as well as referees at this year's football world cup.
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germany's federal administrative court has passed a ruling that a lot of cities the ban the use of diesel cars well the measures have been imposed to tackle air pollution problems across the country there were and could have huge ramifications for car makers in germany which is your ups largest car market dominic came reports not on her lip soon cities in germany couldn't force bonds on older diesel vehicles move environmental groups here have long campaigned for and now thanks to a court ruling on tuesday they have it is the view that we are certainly happy and satisfied as of today we have diesel bans in germany we achieved that in both of the places that we were fighting for doesn't go off and still got these cities have long been amongst the most polluted in germany stuttgart geography means vehicle emissions often linger in the air the council is considered introducing some form
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of ban on diesel engines now it's likely to act but this ruling spells trouble for the automotive industry millions of vehicles could be affected and alterations to engines or retrofitting could cost as much as three and a half thousand dollars each and then there's the uncertainty about whether other cities might want to introduce benz. the problem with the decision is that different cities could have different regulations this concerns us because a patchwork of different regulations would obviously confused drivers that's why we hope for reasonable nationwide regulation. until now the federal government has resisted diesel bans saying it hoped that emission levels could be reduced through software updates for older engines last autumn angle america's negotiated a deal with the car industry but stopped short of introducing bans on diesel engines meaning choose these court ruling was unwelcome news out of even phones and
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refined what most definitely happen is that clean air plants really have to be put into action with the help of the government who will discuss further matters with the parties concerned what is perhaps important to mention today is that the ruling is specific to individual cities where more needs to be done but it really does not target the whole country or all drivers in germany. as clear as this ruling may seem it does throw up many questions for germany's road users are their vehicles going to be affected will they need to be expensive be retrofitted and crucially who's going to pay for bus donna carrying out is there a. one of the christian religions holiest sites in jerusalem will be open on wednesday morning after the city's mayor suspended a controversial tax on the church of the holy several kirk considered to be the site of the crucifixion and burial of jesus has been closed for three days it was
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in protest against the mayor's plan to levy substantial back taxes on the christian church. south africa's parliament passed a motion allowing the government to take private land without compensation the motion was brought forward by the left wing economic freedom fighters party it was passed by an overwhelming majority of two hundred forty one votes in favor versus eighty three votes against south africa's new presidents a poser said that land reform needs to happen immediately malcolm what has more now from johannesburg. ever since the a.n.c. came to power in one thousand nine hundred four it's politicians have promised land reform and redistribution they've had. policies and programs to do so but progress has been slow and it still remains that in south africa about three quarters of the land belongs to the white minority a lot of people say that the reason progress has been so slow is because a lack of political will from the top of the a.n.c. and also allegations of corruption and landry redistribution julius malema the
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leader of the breakaway opposition economic freedom fighters party has been saying that the problem needs to be tackled by changing the constitution to allow the government to expropriate land without compensation so he made the case to parliament to make to pass a motion to make that constitutional change we must ensure that we do store the dignity of our people without compensation as we are lent those who can do to protect these crimes themselves are accused of crime because those who protect the crime are criminals themselves the motion was passed in the significant majority about two hundred forty in favor and about eighty voted against this is because the ruling a.n.c. party voted with the economic freedom fighters in recent years as the a.n.c. is popularity has declined their rhetoric has got even tougher on land reform they
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used to object to expropriation without compensation but this time they joined in the effort in a move that will begin the process of constitutional change so by the time that's made it will take months and we don't know who will be in power there's an election next year and we don't know to what extent they will use this policy to bring about radical and change but it's something generally that may be popular with voters but on popular with investors. anger against the government is mounting in nigeria after a hundred ten schoolgirls were kidnapped by the armed group boko haram last week there's been criticism over the handling of the mass abduction at a school in the country's troubled northern region teachers have resumed classes but many school children say they're too afraid to attend parents of the missing girls have been speaking about their fears of the struggle to find their children which i know to do when i knew my all this time we have been looking for our lost daughters some were found during the attack and a few days after having tracked for days some had sword and legs some were bitten
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by snakes while trying to return but i and many others are still looking up to god hoping they'll be rescued those who witnessed the abduction said our daughters were whisked away in a truck. delegate service summit in kenya are discussing how aid agencies can we gain public trust after sex scandals donations to oxfam a fall after the sacking of workers who used prostitutes in haiti and united nations peacekeepers were sent home from south sudan after being accused of sexually abusing women catherine sawyer has more now from nairobi. this is a summit that brings together key players in the humanitarian sector and one of the main talking points is finding the reason a lot of fun sign about dawn of the deep particularly when it comes to funding as some of the countries that have experienced long and protracted conflicts the summit also calmed that this time a when some aid workers from some humanitarian organizations like oxfam have been
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accused of sexual abuse in countries that they're operating in countries where that have some of the most vulnerable people this is something that the united nations of some don't the communities are very worried about we have zero tolerance to it sexual exploitation abuse we're now using this moment when it has come to light very clearly we're now using this moment to look at operating procedures and policies and to make corrections when needed whether that be in recruitment retention the policies in the way in which we deliver our aid in refugee camps as an example so we were seizing the opportunity to ensure that the reform takes place it is not just within the u.n. itself it's it's our contractors i will talk to. everyone that is working with us and in this environment must uphold we also spoke to delegates from south sudan one of the countries that has been affected by this sex scandal told us
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that they believe the situation in that country is even worse because there are so many valuable people whistleblowers face a very challenging time and it's easy for aid workers within some of these a few money tarion organizations to use money to cover up their activities in large parts of europe have been hit by a frequent a storm bringing rare snow and coming to temperatures to much of the continent some parts of the u.k. are expected to feel colder than the arctic circle throughout the week a sign to say may manmade global warming is a likely cost need barker reports. this is what many people across the u.k. woke up to roads blocked public transport become sold and schools closed fun for some misery for others in croatia the army were drafted in to rescue people trapped in their houses but as fast as the snow was cleared more
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quickly fell and then the italian capital romans experienced the first snow in six years to the vatican into a battle ground. cold weather in winter is hardly surprising but what's unsettling scientists is that europe is currently colder than the arctic a freak warming around the north pole is sending a blast of arctic cold across the continent weather experts say manmade global warming is to blame what we normally see is the winds coming in from the west the jet stream winds but with this massive womanish takes place high up in the atmosphere about fifty degrees in the space of a couple of days it breaks down that pattern allows this big area of high pressure to form sitting across much of europe and of course with that sort of wind direction coming in from the east and northeast it pulls the cold air in all the way from siberia course you know what that means desperately cold air strong winds with it cold air will penetrate across europe for some days yet in the nineteen
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seventies climate scientists came up with a theory for the war with the arctic the colder the european continent they even gave him an anagram w a warmer arctic sea sea called a continent or as the scientists prefer to call it wacky people here in southeast england baby surprised by this unusual or wacky weather but it could in the future be the shape of things to come. on the norwegian archipelago in the high arctic scientists have recorded temperatures thirteen degrees centigrade above average sea ice is retreating exposing warmer water below and releasing more heat into the atmosphere and while arctic temperatures increase the wacky weather continues to leave europe out in the cold. al-jazeera in kent southeast england. larry for decades we will put on efforts to clear afghanistan of deadly memory.
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venezuela's economic crisis spilling over its borders tens of thousands of refugees are crossing into brazil. and the basketball team inspired by hollywood make their bid to sign an n.b.a. superstar details coming up later in sports. hello again it's getting colder and colder in northern europe and while stuck cold feet in this direction with pumping up moisture in a bit of warmth from the south whether to join a lot of snow is floating out the scotches narrows the relief a sudden ukraine for rumania still gets a ball garriott it look at the difference between the temperatures modest six in bucharest and plus eleven in ankara and it's cold that temps difference we get this amount of snow this is all rule cold here until you pick up that breeze across the
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north sea ring starts of british isles and then same sort of trouble in northeastern spain and southern france the vast amounts of snow seem lucky by day and by night even once again the french riviera mass of white which means by tommy get into thursday it will be staying quite heavily in parts of switzerland for example northern italy and all off further north and this mass is spread out through ukraine towards better reuss the term has dropped in ankara mind you the differential is still there so active weather particular on the western side of you now that will affect morocco in particular wind and then rain coming in at the same time we see them nobody high temperatures in the sahara will even up in khartoum thirty four is normal but we just missed it on wednesday the full cost was nearly forty. true confessions might never be clean after many but not or
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a cynical example of communist propaganda and i wanted to put up the pay back your logical what parent would want to do it i was told in twenty ten al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. read every your.
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our mind at the top stories here on al-jazeera the first five hours ceasefire for the besieged damascus suburb of east and good says come and gone with a little success there were multiple violations with both sides blaming the other. german cities will not be able to ban people from driving diesel cars in certain areas after a federal court ruling the ruling could have huge ramifications for carmakers in the country which is europe's largest kong market. so that's because parliament has overwhelmingly passed a motion allowing the government to take private land without compensation. well l b n to fleecy is an associate professor of law in northwest university in south africa she joins me now via skype from porch of stroke of
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a warm welcome to the program but what about the current problems and how is this proposing to to solve them with land reform. ok so the current problems with land reform is that i think is quite complex because we have different programs in the land reform program but it seems like the overarching problem is that with the implementation. so it's in the government striving to implement the laws that we already have due to maybe lack of will we are not sure and that post acquisition there's not a lot of support for people there's also a problem with the way that the government. targets beneficiaries serve it's up to date the government's not really been targeting poor beneficiaries they've always been targeting people who seems to be interested in commercial farming so what we have all saw i think at the end of. a bad date with me try to move away from that is there was an acknowledgement that we do need to go for it with simple access to
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resources and that this just didn't realize in the past twenty three years so there's a great need to make sure that that that is corrected and we are not doing it right . so what. also what the government hasn't been doing in the past twenty three years is actually using the expression of powers to acquire land it's been they've been they've chosen a market need approach that means that they would go into a contractual relationship based on that mont old people or hurt their farms. and now you know without having used the expression three powers there's no this motion that wants to have a conversation about the possibility of using the expropriate three powers but without compensation so yeah that's morally so we are at the moment so it is so the situation if i'm right here on the from what you're saying is that ownership is skewed towards whites but the government doesn't know quite how much because there
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hasn't been a proper audit how how can this be exercised then in a way that said security for example. doesn't become an issue if you don't but that is a very big problem we don't have a country well we don't have the older we actually it's one last year that was released by commercial farming union union but they're only focused on commercial and. and then recently the government did release a audit but it is a highly produced at all it because it relies on very old and outdated data so we don't actually know what is going on in that and so we don't know but i mean if you drive around it is fairly clear that there's still a very skewed betta not man holding it's in africa where it white people mostly have the land let's hear it was sorry to i'm just wondering if if you can give me some insight into you know for people who were removed from their land what did they want to happen what would be sort of fair reconsider aging with dignity in
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terms of land tenure. well i think obviously and i. made this point elsewhere as well that you know when we transition from a pirate day to the democracy there was a d.l.c. process that focused on truth and reconciliation and nation building but the idea of it's distributing land and all wealth was totally disconnected from that privacy so the prose isn't giving back the land was never really seen in that context and now i think what we are seeing now is a combination of that lack of you know re storing something it cannot make the all the land with that nation building. yes and i think and i think also the failure government is not really followed through on what the mechanisms that we do have i don't know recently we had a big expose dition of
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a dairy farm you know in the free state where it was state kept it really only ten percent of the money actually went into the reform the other ninety percent went into the friends of the presidents buckets it seems that's the allegation and you know people's whose names were put up as being a fisheries as part of that in this land the full project never saw any of the benefits are we talking about that form of corruption. and yeah and now we have we are at the point where. people are getting anxious and people really want to have access to that and their idea that expression relationally expedient this which in my opinion if the government hasn't used that experience the powers i don't know if this would really be the solution to the problems coming to cressey they're telling me from south africa thank you thank you. china's propaganda machine has gone
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into overdrive to defend the move to scrap term limits for president xi jinping the plan to change the constitution sparked protests in hong kong in a way or show of public dissent within china two prominent figures will open letters urging lawmakers to reject it well the move to extend she's will as president has also come in for criticism and mockery on social media which sensors are working hard to block users of the micro-blogging site weibo have been prevented from posting or searching for words and phrases including two term limit disagree shameless and named emperor and says have also been trying hard to crack down on any mention of winnie the pooh chinese social media or users often compare she to like china correspond agent brian has more on the significance of the constitutional change certainly for the next twenty years shooting thing is going to be around at least for the next two decades and i think you know the leaders of the world are slowly waking up to the fact that cheating paying is going to be
12:38 am
around actually a lot longer than they are politically he is a leader who has really grown in confidence during the last few years this is a man who in many ways has come from from nowhere i mean he was a leader who was barely known outside of china six years ago today he's arguably the most powerful world leader he is you know general secretary of the communist party he is president he is chairman of the central military commission and also the core leader now nobody since chairman mao has been that powerful but of course there's armies i mean intellectuals academics say that this is taking china back to you know a darker era to to to the mao period the reason why they have six terms is because dung sharping wanted to avoid china going back to the madness of the cultural revolution and it was done shopping the paramount leader of china. who basically said we should have no more than two terms as president that is now being reversed
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that is now being jettisoned venezuela's president nicolas maduro has officially registers himself as a candidate for april's presidential election polls been by corsa by the opposition which says it's a fosse which will consolidate the do is dictatorship then as well as going to an unprecedented recession that's created widespread shortages of basic goods vital medicines. well the crisis is feeling mass migration into neighboring countries hundreds of thousands of people have gone to colombia but many of us are also going to pursue and the state of emergency has now been declared in the northern state of what i i'll just say as it gave elizondo is there as you can see this is been turned into basically a giant campsite for venezuelans with nowhere else to go after they cross the border from venezuela trying to reach brazil which is where they're at now they don't have anywhere else to go so they come here and this is where they've gathered by the thousands over the last couple of months we've seen men women children
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everybody trying to escape venezuela and have a better life ok unfussy it's not easy but there in venezuela there is no food we only eat one meal a day at least here we can try to eat three meals a day. it used to be about five hundred venezuelans a day would arrive here in the city of both now that number in the last couple weeks has reached nearly a thousand people a day now there are a total of forty thousand venezuelan refugees here that's ten percent of the entire population of this city now pursuing officials say under no circumstances will they close the border they're welcoming all venezuelans here with open arms because they know that this is a really a humanitarian crisis and that the situation is very bad and everyone here is just looking for a better life and as you can see the people people are running now because a truck has just arrived here bringing some food and so everyone is going to try to
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grab some of that food it just gives you an idea of how desperate the situation is right now. the brazilian better old government is expected to send the military here in the coming days to start flying some of these refugees to other parts of the country where they can better be helped. afghans have lived through decades of war and instability one of the biggest threats they face now are landmines left from either the soviet invasion or the fight against the taliban or the most known battlefields of been cleared more than a fifth of afghanistan is still mind jennifer glass has more now from southern afghanistan. local afghan farmers watering their crops came upon this and anti-tank mine birdied for decades landmines remain an everyday threat especially in southern afghanistan where they kill or injure nearly ninety people a model a tractor hit this mine but it didn't detonate that's the d.
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miners job now. about two kilometers up the road they are clearing mines from the village of possibly to do it as quickly as possible the scenes till the earth then d. miners check the soil for explosives this was once a frontline almost anywhere fighters have been there could be mines too and they're planted during the fighting so in different villages and different houses when conflict ends people are turned back to their villages it's inside their houses orchards he treats in even you know but as ours in other areas in the communities that's what happened here this was once barren desert people started to return a decade ago to build and farm instead they found mines. the mines here are mainly mines left over from the soviets in the one nine hundred eighty s. as much as two hundred square kilometers here in jari district are believed to be
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contaminated but even as the miners are getting rid of old lions from the previous conflict they face new problems from current fighting that's disrupting the local population and also causing casualties razia was herding sheep with three other children in neighboring my juan district when they pick something up it exploded two children were killed another girl lost a leg and fingers razia lost both hands with we need to be there are people who give children balloons or chewing gum in return for a piece of metal so then children go out looking for metal and sometimes when they find it it turns out to be a bomb. the u.n. says in situations like that it's impossible to know who's explosives were in the field the taleban denies using minds but the u.n. says it does as of about two thousand and ten there was verified use of improvised victim activated devices of improvised landmines and the u.n.
12:44 am
has evidence that the taliban has been planting improvised landmines in afghanistan u.n. officials want to start removing abandoned roadside bombs and other explosives to do that they'll have to negotiate with all sides of the conflict to access areas where recent fighting has ended. it's a big problem every day one or two people step on a mine both sides plant explosives but if the government and the taliban the other day an old man was looking off to his castle and the bomb exploded the un's new plan is a bold one but officials hope it will make life a bit safer for civilians who are so often the victims of this long war jennifer glass al jazeera the saab southern afghanistan sport is still ahead on the news hour the same boat social media game underwhelms many of us family here with that story. and we made the front rebels who traded their guns for t.v. cameras but they're getting
12:45 am
a chilly reception. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the. future of the internet of things and connected devices is one of the main technology talking points at this year's mobile world congress is estimated to buy twenty twenty five they'll be twenty five billion devices connected to the web from barcelona china and china reports. sorry for all that but automated connected peppa is popular he can dogs and change color but he isn't solving any real world problems and that's where the focus is at this is mobile
12:47 am
world congress so this device is used to visually impaired and blind people the internet of things or io t. is a network of devices connected to the internet that talk to each other to gather information analyze it and act on it in the possibilities are endless already in use in tennessee a focus and his wish to take where the changes and slow down traffic when visibility is poor also in the market the small work boot which can send and receive messages to a danger this is a on the portal and i eighty device still in development is created a holographic version. of me which could potentially travel to different countries for me on this in the virtual rounds that has potential in education and detainment and social catch all industries are now looking at how connected technologies can improve business and family pulling it the whole industrial revolution. telecoms
12:48 am
company eighteen t. a designing io t. solutions to urban issues it ranges from smart parking smart. electrical lights to surveillance solutions that cities need each see each city's needs are different based on what the population is like where they're located and then there is the connected home by twenty twenty two it's estimated there will be five hundred smart devices in the average family home dishwashers t.v.'s even small mirrors but there is a concern that technology is running ahead of itself and security is suffering to throw out israel really a week goes by that we don't hear some talk of solve the security attack so i think . one of the areas that manufacturers and service providers need to take a lot more power over is the small hope device that analysts predict that soon most
12:49 am
every day devices will be connected one way or another and managed by a smartphone app it will be almost unavoidable just don't use your phone charlie and al-jazeera bus and there are no. let's get all the day's foresees that and these in doha thank you so much julie will parson jim on so i struck a name all still has a small chance of playing in next week's champions league game against iran madrid the french clubs have five confirmed the two hundred eighty million dollars striker does have a fracture in his right foot. the world's most expensive player was injured during his team's win of a mass say on sunday but p.s.g. have denied reports that the brazilian will require surgery his team host royal next tuesday having lost the first leg of that last sixteen tie three while. the mother monday there is not any decision about him undergoing surgery it is all
12:50 am
fake news this morning i had a meeting with the doctor he told me everything about his injuries after the first test once the swelling has gone down the doctor detected a fracture in the metal tassel bone we will see in the next days what is going to happen then you make a decision about what without game in mind rail rested christiane or an elbow for the league game against espanyol gerrard marranos called the only goal of the game is right now slipped to their fifth league defeat of the season their third in the table fourteen points behind leaders barcelona it's the first time espanyol of beaten right now since two thousand and seven. ahead of football's governing body has backed the use of video technology to exist referees at this year's world cup in russia favor president giani in front saying i believe the system does improve the accuracy of decisions or football lawmakers will decide on saturday whether it's authorized the so-called v.a.r.
12:51 am
system on a permanent basis at a meeting of world cup same officials it's already being decided the software will be made available to doctors during tournament matches. an assistant of the doctor or a second doctor will sit in front of a television screen and can help the doctor in taking his decision because he can review very clearly very concretely what happened on the field what the doctor sitting on the bench perhaps could not see so this is a circular meant to help for the doctor to put his diagnosis and to say ok he can go on yes or no for moscow and manchester city midfielder simon nasser has been banned from football for six months by the game's european governing body your wife the french play was found to have violated anti doping rules the thirty year old who is currently without a club received an authorized drip treatment at a private clinic in the united states in twenty sixteen. top seed greg out of a trough has been knocked sales in the first round of the dubai championships chin
12:52 am
is in wildcard beating world number for the because of race thirty four year old is a very well placed dutchman robin house in round two. for rory and must say these were the pacesetters on day two of formula one pre-season testing ferrari's sebastian vettel posting the quickest lap time in barcelona german finished second in last year's championship behind driver lewis hamilton will hamilton skipped choose day session for his teammate. who is only marginally slower than vettel first year coming up in australia next month. now limping legend to sign bolt will be switching his running spikes for football boots but not quite in the way many of his fans have been hoping bolt had hinted at resigning for a professional club but the reality is rather different son homesh reports. rugby league needs and the new you say you can run the big thing and leave the ball to
12:53 am
me so use them both will be playing at manchester united's home ground alongside some professional footballers but not in anything approaching a serious game bolt will instead be captaining a team in a charity game later this year. for you this is a game like with your supposed children in danger around the world together we make them all be too busy on monday a bald had teased his five million twitter followers with a video message that hinted he could be about to make a serious curious which are just signed for fourteen via no one to use it point to something very rare. the eighth time a limbic champion that quit athletics last year and has often spoken of his desire to play pro football earlier this year he had a training session. with the south african team member load the sundowns and the
12:54 am
thirty one year old claims german club brucia documents have offered him a trial both sides are backed by the same sports where a company that sponsors bolt bolt social media game may have raised awareness for the soccer aid game but it did also produce an online backlash from those who felt they'd been misled are you saying both a bit of a joke a what's that a bit of. various brands of online and doing all sorts of different bits and pieces so you know when he delivers the goods then we'll have to pay attention to the game world he's give the world a chance to see does have a few of the skills he talks of and if he has any chance of one day being signed by a real team. al-jazeera a more traditional form of for information has taken place in the world of basketball a team taking inspiration from hollywood to try and size an n.b.a. superstar the way three billboards have been put up near cleveland urging travel is
12:55 am
a legend lebron james to sign for the philadelphia seventy six says he can opt out of his contract with the cavaliers this year the stands in spite of course by the oscar nominated movie three billboards outside of being missouri. ok let's get back to julie in london. and we thank you now one year after a peace deal was signed with the colombian fark rebel group the former fighters a launching a new t.v. network new colombian news aims to offer a different post conflict alternative to traditional media but some of their reporters are facing resistance elizondo around pity reports. there's a new player in colombia's media landscape one that doesn't have much money or clout but dreams of being revolutionary in a country where mainstream channels of long been seen as serving the interest of the powerful and emotionally we have a clear editorial line that guides us give voice to the voiceless to those who have
12:56 am
been neglected by the state we also want to reclaim social struggles and report on the peace implementation is one of twenty five former fire fighters running we have a colombian d.c.s. after a life of give me your word fair as part of the two thousand and sixteen peace deal they live in housing paid by the government and receive a small stipend as they learn to operate cameras and write news stories the channels director says it's a way to reintegrate fighters into society but it also aspires to become a distinctive voice. we are aiming for objectivity which doesn't mean big was neutral we want to approach our journalism work with an almost scientific discipline and accuracy is good but without being distant or lacking sensitivity towards people's problems and for most riders the media training started while they were still in the jungle working for five radio programs but reporting publicly on
12:57 am
the streets means facing a public still wary of them after five decades of civil conflict. it is not easy we face many obstacles and the rejection of some people who don't like peace all the idea of our reintegration but each day we learn a little bit more and continue towards the level we want to reach. they're hoping in time to attract a larger audience by focusing on stories and people neglected by mainstream channels but media experts say they face an uphill battle as they try to convince the public that they're more than five spoke by guy and. a majority of colombians have a very bad image of the fox so they need to change that they need to demonstrate that they are like everybody else and be cool be interesting instead they insist that programming employing an ideological battle one of old style counter information it's fun if they want to do that suppose they should offer a new formats new ideas instead repeating the old formulas for the moment their
12:58 am
shows are seen online and small community t.v. networks but they're convinced they'll win over more eyeballs by covering the lives of rural forgotten colombians and what they hope will become a televised revolution and listen to them. that's it for me and the team for this nice happy back there in just a second with much more. right
12:59 am
. a new poll ranks mexico city is the pull with worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women passages only and drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like
1:00 am
a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the u.s. . study after study has demonstrated the perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. it's only a five hour long ceasefire but even that too much to ask airstrikes continue to hit the rebel held.


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