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the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture of the same language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture. sporadic attacks and reports of syrian troops trying to push their way into eastern huta during the second humanitarian forms. you're watching al jazeera live from london also coming up on the program on the
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olive branch for the taliban the afghan president to recognize them as a legitimate political party songbird but students return to the florida school where a gunman killed. two weeks ago plus. u.k. prime minister good grief anger in the u.k. is the e.u. proposes a common area across the northern ireland border. and campaigners celebrate is a supermarket in amsterdam the world's first. thank you for joining us syrian government troops are reported to have launched a ground assault on the edge of eastern who spied a russian order pause in hostilities footage from inside the damascus suburb
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appears to show renewed airstrikes on the rebel held town clave russia and syria were supposed to stop their offensive between nine am and pm local time to allow for civilians leave the syrian observatory for human rights says government shelling and limited reported three from the five. well there are four hundred thousand civilians trapped in the damascus suburbs empty buses ambulances. crossing points. to go in and evacuate people president putin says russia managed to get quote quite a big group of civilians out but other sources say no civilians left. humanitarian aid went in when the massacres have a. rebels of shelling the corridor to prevent people leaving rebels deny this. because they fear the government. is the people of syria face
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a direct humanitarian crisis un security council resolution two four zero one has established a framework for all parties to agree upon conditions to elevate the plot of civilians throughout the country russia together with the syrian government have already announced the establishment of humanitarian corridors in a sting now it is the turn of the militants and this sponsors to act the militants entrenched they continue the shelling of damascus blocking i deliver ease and the evacuation of those wishing to leave. well some have been jeff joins us live now from. turkey's southern border with syria. president putin says that a lot of people have actually left this do we have some kind of clear picture of what exactly did happen on the ground today. from the people we've been speaking to inside they don't seem to think that it was a large number of people but there might have been people who left the pictures that we were seeing earlier today from state media clearly showed that it was an
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empty area where there were buses and ambulances in waiting but we haven't seen that large number that president putin is talking about leaving eastern yet it was more of the same on day two of this humanitarian pause for five hours the rebels have been saying that the they have been continuing to be bombed by russian and syrian jets for nineteen was straight and as of now in the last few minutes we've heard from rebels on the ground that there are strikes as well as shelling continuing in various parts of eastern ghouta and there is a renewed push from. there is another push by the syrian forces this is the special elite troops called the tiger force which are trying to make their way inside the rebel held and played and they're being facing resistance by these rebels we've also heard from doctors saying that they are struggling to deal with the number of casualties because the number of casualties has steadily risen in the last eleven
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days or so they've been saying that they're fast running out of medical supplies as well as places to treat people there sent another list of eighty five people this is eighty five people from more than a thousand people who are already on the u.n. list who need urgent medical evacuation before this onslaught began but eighty five of them mostly women and children need to be evacuated now. just going to ask you about the medical evacuations because as you say the situation of course has been desperate there for a long time but it certainly. the last ten days or so do we have an idea of how people are continuing to cope with. this because this onslaught continues and one rebel that i spoke to one activist who i spoke to said that it is absurd that the world thinks that the these forces will continue to bomb us for nineteen hours and at one minute past nine o'clock we should cross the road and go into their territory they say there's been no guarantees not just activists on the ground but medical workers as well there's
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been no got into these provided by the government there's no mechanism in place by the syrian arab red crescent that works on the other side of damascus which is not perceived to try and evacuate these people so so far we haven't seen any of these big medical evacuations taking place it's worth noting here that medics are also reporting that there are many people who are afraid to go even though that they need medical evacuation they're afraid to go with their families to the government side because if you remember there were a few people who were evacuated in december and people on the ground are saying that they have been treated as hostages in government. some of it with the latest there speaking to us from the summer thank you. well they are currently discussing the ceasefire perhaps like they're off sometimes in syria at the u.n. security council let's go live to our diplomatic editor james bays who is at the u.n. in new york so what have they been saying what's the reaction about the situation on the ground. well this was a pre-planned
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a meeting on the humanitarian situation in syria but it's very timely because the security council only on saturday passed that latest resolution saying there should be a cease fire across syria and in particular in eastern guta clearly that's not come into force the russians talking about a much shorter five hour pause we've actually heard from the humanitarian chief of the united nations marlow cock and also for the undersecretary general in charge of political affairs jeffrey feltman both of them talking about the failure so far of that resolution these were the words of marlowe coke have you got any interagency cross-line convoys through to hard to reach your besieged areas. have you been given permission to access any of those locations and. have you received the necessary facilitation letters for convoys now. have there been any medical
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evacuations. have any civilians left eastern ghouta now. is there any actual improvement in the humanitarian situation in eastern guta since the passage of the resolution demanding as it did unimpeded access. marlo caulk the humanitarian chief of the united nations who coordinates all humanitarian agencies there again making it clear that he has the supplies ready to go to get to eastern ghouta and make it clear the information he has right now here in new york is that no aid has got in and there have been no medical evacuations that he has had confirmed at this stage she read out a long list of questions he said he'd received in recent days and you heard the answers there it was pretty grim he ended his security council briefing with a simple question two members of the security council who are now in turn speaking
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in fact the french ambassador is speaking at the moment we'll be waiting for this meeting the most important speaker many memories will be the russian ambassador who be speaking towards the end of the meeting the question he asked all the fifteen ambassadors is when will your resolution be implemented a good question to ask james bays live at the u.n. james thank you. now a leaked u.n. report suggests that north korea has been supplying the syrian government with the means to create chemical weapons and ballistic missiles according to the report pyongyang made more than forty shipments the syria between two thousand and twelve and two thousand and seventeen the syrian government has repeatedly been accused of using chemical weapons in rebel held areas most recently on sunday when civilians and he said what that showed symptoms consistent with exposure the korean gas.
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afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of negotiations aimed at ending more than sixteen years of war. made the offer of the start of an international conference aimed at creating a platform for peace talks that may propose the cease fire and the release of prisoners as part of a range of options including fresh elections. we are making this offer without any preconditions in order to lead to a peace agreement i call on television and their leadership today the decision is in your hands except peace a dignified peace come together to safeguard the country which has been the result of sacrifices and struggle tony burke he has more now from kabul. so there are encouraging signs coming out of this process president danny said some very
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encouraging things which making people think that things are moving in the right direction his offer to recognize the taliban as a political party is one also his offer for the taliban to open an office in kabul moving it from doha is another and then he can operate with impunity so there are encouraging signs also encouraging signs from the taliban in recent weeks that they are not really opposing the constitution any longer including women's rights suggesting they want to talk their open letter to the americans for example where they say they would like to have direct talks it's all moving in the right direction there are stumbling blocks however the fact that the taliban have always viewed the afghan government as a puppet of the americans they've always insisted that they must deal directly with the americans but president garvey made it quite clear that the afghans will have to be included the americans always say that they will have to include the afghan government so they're asked on sticking points but some are some encouraging signs now this kabul process conference which is lasting wednesday and thursday is shoring up regional and international support for the peace process and very
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importantly it includes pakistan pakistan is seeing being seen as essential to this whole process and with them onboard perhaps it's going to be a speedier time everyone agrees that this war cannot be won militarily the americans have increased firepower they're bombing more from the air now the taliban on the ground using more suicide bombers but nobody can win this conventional war it has to be won and done at the negotiating table everyone here is hopeful that we're heading towards that situation. teachers and students have returned to marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida two weeks after a gunman stormed the school and killed seventeen people students will attend half days of the school until further notice the three story building where the shooting actually took place has been closed indefinitely and is likely to be torn down pressure continues to mount on republican lawmakers to tighten rules on wednesday
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a large sporting and hunting chain announced it would stop immediately selling assault style rifles like the one used by the gunman and would not so guns to anyone under the age of twenty one or one student spoke about how she felt to be returning to the school. very soon hundreds so much to hear. from my friends i just hope we've started to change and that something is going to come out of this and. have so much more faith. if we can make a change and that we've done something and. made sure it won't happen again and the gallagher joins us live now from outside the school in parkland florida and the first of all what's the atmosphere there like and also we just heard one of the students say she hopes that they started to change have these students started to change. well firstly the atmosphere as you
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can imagine is fairly traumatic one can only imagine what returning to a school like this must be like for these children having watched fourteen of their fellow students and three teachers die but this is a community that's very resilient very strong members of the community just turning up handing out t. shirts like this just simply say part strong and i think the students here as for whether they're making any changes i think you know at the moment this is these students are the tip of the spear they really are at the forefront of a national movement that is bringing momentum but whether it will bring change is the big question of the day at the moment the florida legislature of putting forward a raft of proposals including possibly raising the minimum age for buying assault rifle from eighteen to twenty one they're also talking about passing legislation to enable teachers to be armed that is something that is incredibly unpopular here among the students and parents in this community they simply want to see assault rifles banned but as for returning to school today they're out of school in about
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thirty minutes the principal of the school is saying this is not a day of teaching this is a day of healing inside the school grief counselors are on hand the principal telling students don't bring your backpacks don't bring your notepads and pencils just simply talk to each other talk to grief counselors and get through this incredibly difficult day what most people here want more than anything else is to return to something like normalcy that is going to be incredibly difficult in this school as you said in the introduction the building where seventeen people died is most likely to be torn down and turned into a memorial but a lot of the students we've spoken to over the past couple of days are fairly keen to get back they want to see their friends they want to see their teachers they want to console and talk to each other and they want to try and get back to some kind of normal life and it's been interesting just to see the change and i guess this shift that we're seeing a little bit. over this issue of gun control of the lack there of what do you think
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it was that. this particular case this group of students why now when unfortunately we have seen so many other school shootings. i think the key difference with this school shooting is that these students are eloquent they're well educated they're passionate they've been good speakers and you know in the past when we've seen things like the sandy hook shooting in which five and six year old children were killed by someone using the same assault rifle you didn't have that kind of immense and we didn't have those people getting up speaking with such passion and saying look we're children we want to see some sensible gun reform and you as adults are the ones that have the power to do this that is beginning to resonate with american society far beyond florida recent polls showing that american people are seventy percent in favor of some kind of gun reform and really the responsibility for all this is being laid on the doorsteps of politicians without any doubt that's what they want to see happen they're pretty powerless in
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the sense of changing the laws but they're pushing hard but what we're seeing in the florida legislature is is yes some good things putting the age upwards for buying assault rifles but then planning to on teachers which is incredibly unpopular here but what people are really waiting for is action from washington d.c. you've heard president trump talk about possibly taking on the n.r.a. and then he spends a weekend meeting with n.r.a. officials and starts to peddle back some of those pledges that he made but i think the students here know that this is going to be a long hard fought battle because any changing gun laws here even incremental will be a monumental move in this nation's history that hasn't happened before it hasn't happened with other mass school shootings it may happen again but people aren't waiting with bated breath they know this will be a long hard fought battle and the galley there with the latest from parkland in florida thank you. and still to come in this half hour president transformer campaign chairman needs not guilty to charges. adding conspiracy to the fraud big
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united states and australia orders the recall of millions of cars with their bags a link to more than twenty deaths worldwide. hello we've got a good push of warm air across much of southern china twenty five celsius there in hong kong with those southerly winds little bit of wet weather just into central parts with the temperatures in chengdu it around twenty two celsius not too bad here but there's that rain and that will sink a little further south as this because through friday similar temperatures twenty three which on the and also for hong kong a little more cloud coming through for friday but the main feature you notice is the heavy rain which will push across towards shanghai it's also some rather lively showers also pushing their way towards over the next day oh say we're seeing
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a few showers on and off from time to time much of india on the other hand looking five advised pleasant sunshine coming through but notice up to the fall northwest little more cloud coming in here some rain some snow over the higher ground and that will be the situation as we go on into friday the wintry mix just nothing and little further east which in the process thirty three celsius in new delhi thirty seven celsius therefore not poor now will be a little while before we see those kind of temperatures across the right information but there is some heat around twenty five celsius in doha that's not too bad a twenty seven there for abu dhabi as we go on through thursday by friday it's a tad colder here at twenty three doha looking fine and try at twenty six.
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documentaries. at this time. of the top stories here on syrian government reportedly carried out. around the rebel held. a russian order. afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as
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a legitimate group as part of negotiations aimed at ending. the war and dozens of armed police. more secure they returned to. high school in florida for the first time since a former. thing in the u.s. president former campaign chairman has pleaded not guilty to one number of charges come out of ford has accused of conspiracy money. the united states and. as a foreign agent now before we get more on that story let's take you to the united nations now where we are home. to hear from the russian ambassador soon but that is now the u.s. representative speaking to the un security council medicals lies and immediate and
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unconditional medical evacuations based on need and emergency our goal was clear and simple the assad regime and their supporters have been pummeling eastern ghouta where four hundred thousand people live under siege and constant bombardment resolution twenty four zero one demanded this assault stop that was this council speaking with one clear voice. opposition groups operating in eastern good to have made clear their commitment to the cease fire and letters to this council the free syrian army. islam that ramadan legion. are. all committed to implement resolution twenty four a one against all odds we hoped that assad might respect twenty four zero one cease hostilities and allow unfettered humanitarian access to all those who need it and against all odds we hope that russia would use its influence to ensure assad's commitment to twenty
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four a one. but once again that hope has been crushed because so far for the people of eastern nothing has changed despite the unanimous call for a ceasefire the regime's attacks continue unabated hundreds of syrians have been killed or injured since we passed the resolution on saturday it gets worse less than twenty four hours after we demanded the cease fire there were reports that the assad regime once again used chlorine gas as a weapon such attacks demonstrate syria's complete and utter contempt for this council and the united nations. on monday one human rights organization reported eighteen tat attacks that defied this council's demands on tuesday another organization reported at least twenty three air strikes and four barrel bombs in eastern guta syrians on the ground are reporting that tuesday was worse than monday
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when it comes to strikes from the regime how can that be on the humanitarian front the assad regime has allowed no deliveries of assistance into eastern guta as mark lowcock said not one of the opposition groups in the area have expressed their commitment to allowing aid in but of course the assad regime is still saying no since we adopted resolution twenty four zero one russia has announced a daily five hour humanitarian pause in the it's in the aerial bombing of civilians in eastern guta. this is cynical callous and flagrant defiance of the demands of twenty four and one the cessation of hostilities is for at least thirty days every day all day russia does not get to unilaterally rewrite the terms of the resolution they negotiated and they sat here and voted for russia iran and the assad regime are not even trying to hide their intentions they are asking civilians
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to leave to on the false premise that they can then attack anyone left in the area as much as they would like let's call these actions what they are assad and his allies want the civilians of eastern ghouta to walk into the arms of that has been attacking them and starving them for the last seven years this is not a humanitarian gesture they don't care if the four hundred thousand people of israel good to suffer as long as they can continue pursuing their military and political objectives. we know what iran syria and the assad regime are doing because they have done exactly the same thing before this is the same playbook they use for aleppo and twenty sixteen once again we including russia demanded and this security council chamber that assad stop the bombing. and yet russia iran and assad continue their attacks defying the wishes of this council and the international community because we've been through this before we know what russia
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will say today they will say that there are terrorists in eastern guta so the assad regime can bomb as ferociously and indiscriminately as it wants and kill as many civilians as it wants that defies the principles and shrines in the laws of war the assad regime should not get to bomb and starve its own people into submission under the guise of counterterrorism this russian argument makes a mockery of this council and international law russia also accuses the united states of somehow being responsible for humanitarian crises in syria but these accusations are ludicrous the united states does not block humanitarian aid anywhere in fact the united states has provided more than seven billion dollars in humanitarian aid in response to this crisis. this council must not fall for russia's misdirections. when the cease fire was adopted unanimously last saturday
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including by the russians and master haley said our resolve to stand by our demands in this resolution will be tested so it has come to pass despite everything that has happened since saturday we are not casting aside this ceasefire in syria just the opposite we want to redouble our efforts as a security council to implement it but the only way to change the situation on the ground is for all of us every single one of us around this table and each member state of this united nations to speak the truth about what is happening these past four days should show us that when it comes to demanding a cease fire it's not enough to say all parties should show restraint or all parties must commit to the ceasefire because in eastern there is only one party dropping barrel bombs there is only one party gassing the syrian people there is only one party that is denying deliveries of food and medical assistance it is the
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assad regime with the full support of russia and iran on saturday we said that the only way to restore the credibility of this council is to make the ceasefire a reality russia iran and the assad regime have not complied with this council's demand and they have not silenced their guns. unless we take action they will stop at nothing to destroy eastern ghouta and we will yet again fail to help the syrian people thank you. with the let's learn through to he definitely on how he is going he will on the limb and that was kelly curry the u.s. acting deputy representative to the u.n. the security council there are discussing the events in syria the resolution that was meant to create a cease fire for eastern huta and which has so far certainly failed to to be as was outlined in itself will of course bring you more from that meeting in the security council as more developments come out of it. now let's take you back to
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the news that the us president donald trump's former campaign chairman has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges patrick elaine is following developments in washington d.c. we're talking about paul mann afford of course tell us a little bit more about what's happened. here originally pled guilty to the original charges but since then his top aide gates has pled guilty he's flipped he's testifying against his once boss and now we've seen robert mueller the special counsel come down with even more even more charges not just here in the district of columbia but also in virginia these are incredibly serious charges everything from conspiring against the united states to bank fraud tax evasion it is a very long list and this is a man who's sixty eight years old he is facing the very real possibility that he will die in prison if convicted and this is a very thorough indictment they go line by line they've got bank transactions and
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now they have this key testimony against him all of this of course is a push by the special counsel to try and get man afford to flip up remember he was high up in the campaign of president donald trump for a short amount of time before he was forced out after these allegations came out that was taking money from the pro russian ukrainian government at the time but still there is an intense amount of pressure on him to go ahead and flip if he has evidence on anyone higher up in the campaign to give that the special counsel he has said that he is innocent and he set out messages possible in looking for a presidential pardon and that is something president could do on federal crimes but we believe. also working with state attorney generals and the president can do absolutely nothing to interfere with state charges so it's all unwinding in the court system and they've set a trial date for late september that's going to be bad news to republicans they will be in the height of campaigning for the midterms the democrats trying to take the house of representatives and the u.s.
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senate in the middle. the campaign we're going to hear about what went on in the trump campaign for president bill hayne with the latest from washington d.c. thank you. australia as government has ordered the recall of more than two million cars with airbags made by the japanese firm takata it says it's not satisfied with the results of voluntary recalls carried out by vehicle manufacturers last year for airbags have been linked to at least twenty three deaths are around the world. the european union's chief negotiator has unveiled the first draft text of the legal agreement with britain on the country's the parser from the blow job for next year michel barnier says the agreement is a key the finding moment in the long and complex process barnier address the thorny issue of the future of british ruled northern ireland saying it could stay in a customs union with the e.u. after brics it the british government the rejects any measure that would create a customs border between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k.
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. oh. apologies will bring you that interview a little later on now a supermarket in amsterdam is taking action to stop plastic polluting the world's oceans the eco plaza store as open the world's first plastic free aisle more than seven hundred products including meat dairy fruit and vegetables are available in packaging made from compostable by you materials that will roll out plastic free aisles to all seventy four of its stores across the netherlands by the end of the year. we can find out much more about that and everything else that we have been covering on our website you can see it on your screens right now and of course our top story there the clashes on easter and as the attacks on the enclave continue
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despite a cease fire those are the headlines are going to have more news for you in half an hour stay with us coming up next witness i. grant. you.


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