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tv   The Snake Charmer  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera facing realities growing up went to do you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while activists to live in jail just because he expressed. he had their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. although i'm maryam namazie in london here are the top stories on al-jazeera syrian government troops are reported to have launched a ground assault on the edge of east and had to spy on russian ordered poison austerities footage from inside the damascus suburb appears to show renewed as strikes on the rebel held enclave russia and syria was supposed to stop their offensive between nine am and two pm local time to allow civilians to leave the
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syrian observatory for human rights says government shelling in limited clashes were reported on three fronts during the five hour falls and eleven people have been killed so far on wednesday but there are some four hundred thousand civilians trapped inside empty buses vans and ambulances waited at the wafa dean crossing point at duma to go in and evacuate people moscow damascus have accused rebels of shelling the corridor to prevent people from leaving rebels deny this though and say that people won't leave because they fear the government sources say no civilians left and no humanitarian aid why did the russian president vladimir putin insist that some civilian evacuations did take place none with which we managed to get quite a big group of those who wanted to leave but the second group couldn't leave because the militants just did not give them an opportunity to do so some have been generators following the story from. sources on the ground have not confirmed this large number as reported by the russian president who has crossed over from the
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buffeting crossing into government held parts of damascus many people are still stranded in besieged easton who the home to nearly four hundred thousand people that the second day off this so-called truce and pause went away without any major developments on the ground no aid convoys went inside because the united nations and other aid workers have been saying that this is too short of a window without any guarantees of if they're allowed in whether they'll be able to make it back and also medics on the ground have been saying that they have sent an additional eighty five people to the united nations this is this list is from the more than one thousand people who are already but the united nations and the names are with the united nations as aid workers have been saying these are people mostly women and children who need urgent medical evacuation because you have to remember that besieged eastern huta has been under siege since two thousand and thirteen there is very limited capacity and capability of medical facilities who are operating in this area they're also running out of medical supplies because in the
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last eleven days of the onslaught no medical supplies have been allowed in and the tunnels that were operating and then last year around eastern with which some supplies were able to be smuggled in have also been shut down so it is at this hour a more airstrikes and more shelling is being reported on besieged eastern and rebels are saying that the united nations security council resolution is just words . students have returned to the. high school in florida for the first time since a form a student shot and killed seventeen people inside the grounds dozens of police and grief counselors were on campus to help students back into classes the shooting has galvanized a nationwide debate of the gun laws but students promising to keep the pressure on . afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political group as part of negotiations to end the more than sixteen years of war ashraf ghani made the proposal at the start of an international conference aimed at creating a platform for peace talks to reuters journalists imprisoned in
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myanmar have called for press freedom and protested the innocence choice. to detect denied bail after appearing in court on wednesday charged with illegal possession of state secrets that journalists have been covering the violence against for him the muslims in iraq and state arrested in december of allegations they violated the country's official secrets act they faced up to fourteen years in prison and a supermarket is taking action to stop plastic polluting the world's oceans the eco process store has opened the world's first plastic free aisle more than seven hundred products including meat dairy fruit and vegetables are available in packaging made from compostable materials eco possible roll out plastic free aisles to all seventy four of its stores across and evidence by the end of the year although the headlines witness is coming up next as always our web site as well
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i think. that the. only way maffet level health care eighty to one ted has rights activists i'll get to some of these films we have forced on health care to chase towards women. needles that there were twenty five years of down about forty or forty five films for us to have a significant impact on people. who we be sure women or the we is unfortunately not really nice hollywood reinforces these bad values. so young kids
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watching all of this believe that this is our means should be the sole means should behave to made us and be more forward on so. we strongly condemn this usage and stick and what it is that this juliet sitting the twenty three year old woman raped or. you know it's die. in the world because of what is happening because of the kind of reporting that's happened also on a number of incidents should be invisible to tragic people feeling that he sees police. places like dave i would feel comfortable to know if old woman who i knew was out alone after dark i would be water. all this would disturb me.
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and i kept thinking. contribute to changing. the. way i. was was the easy. way. i mean come as a really big surprise for the hollywood industry when he made his debut in now. that injury jonah was also knew it was originally a kind of a modern stuff and it was a very very big hit and he came to be known as a man to kill at that time we didn't know how long he would last as some of the
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cinemas also flopped and then he came in to is on and i started doing very different kind of films. because you're made of market guy tonic and became a hot all over the world and on i became obvious from his first film starring the girls liked him of the spectrum of young or you know everybody just you know. as a vent for being a student to become a good assistant director and from an assistant director i became an actor in my first film was a huge success i was all when i tore into stardom and i suddenly became the star.
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right through like in school i had this big door friend of mine. and he was adopted in class from a guy who was going to be an engineer would be whatever he wanted so he went into law and he started doing a lot of social work and whenever he would meet he would tell me about what's happening in india and he would get upset about what's happening in society would get angry and i would you know feel guilty and i still feel that you know he's doing so much i'm not do anything you know. i mean should i be doing something as well. i met and he mentioned to me that he wanted to do a show on social issues he has so many things on hand but i thought it's impossible given all the commitments and all the opportunities and options that he has in life that you would hope also we want to do something for television.
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creative people who make you feel good that make you love to make you cry they make you forget your stress give you a good time but that's not all that a sponsor did a poor creative person is also to bring greece to society to build the social fabric of the site to infuse mottoes in people. this talk which started as a seed in my head kept going to keep going to keep in that young actually television is to be in. india be able population of one point two billion people and only three percent of india actually goes to appear to watch it for. the large majority of indians to watch his films on television.
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if too many shows in india especially in news channels that engage an aggressive journalism which is essentially intended to embodies on needy or or know somebody it should be assured that draws in the largest possible audience. to discuss the issues that deal with all of us as indians and on. set that means at the wasn't counted breaking in that sense that had brought very i'm comfortable questions into the drawing room massage any sexual assault lack of access to education. and mischa's things like dolly being
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huge amounts for the good old format inch women being burnt to death at the v.a. gangaji. justices they fight elite. who were talking about them in changing swimmin getting educated women getting jobs been realizing that they will be men fighting for this women fighting for that and a look at inning so lord ancient are doing to have him in their heads what their aspirations are awarded their will what day of huge it is and what may not willing to allow them to make them and hold back the engine is leading to a lot of these atrocities yet several drones are meetings first and don't you can then with on me and essentially what i mean in god is just to do is he said why
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don't you guys woad and put your talks your such on get into. and let's see what life is throwing out at us. team name or not even limited. by that weird india teacher leave us much when you. made the study clearly. they're going to enjoy.
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belly pregnancy if he. wanted to he was going to teach. relatively. little a field but the i was me. but all people are just barely. if you're born a hero. inside lebanon. in my. in italy. and alone i think one of the men a school. name and i was in my. league. even though. getting by revealed on the shore was very very important she had no idea that
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anything to do with this act was when the decision happened aboard i think by being on the shore i called her and i had a long chat with her and she said but can you pulling a fast one on me. was going to be this. is. when the first episode went on air there was such an immense sense of expectation the streets were empty and people waiting and watching what is on that kind of thing with.
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the most god are the obvious wrong with the so there may have. up so we go. for it the thought of a loss of us have you yeah. i. mean well houses near the park area. jericho. a psychiatrist medical mask you were. that i love but at the end of number of me so low i'm not a big hurry. so we're. going to get
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a job. in sign if you have your bit of the boss of you. you know but we may remember when i met her she came across as a person who was very strong and very self-assured someone who had been through a very traumatic period but had come to really strong so she was some someone who actually really inspired a lot of people in the shore came out in the group and they heard a historian and they heard her she used to be and how she educated herself and how she's looking after herself and her you know and her children. and. the met out there and you have lucky needed that i've thrown money i was. making the mother of here. go in and. get bag of video come join with the. american eagle be.
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on the first episode fifteen hundred thousand people responded to us and initially everyone will see our movie love you and there you are the greatest you're the best you're my hero but within. the quality of the messages are changed and they were about the issue people were starting to talk about why is there so much massaging the wire goes not one hundred. we very early on realized that this shore was actually more than an invasion and since these were issues that were live in rio there was a possibility of action to build stuff so we did pick up one actionable agenda point with every episode and we pushed for people who vote on that subject so that required it but asians to government or the right authorities and he took can you
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please do this now. when you want to celebrity when you have such a huge fan base in people just follow you without questioning you need to be more careful with the facts that you present you can do and want careful of the act most of them be are trying to create this show actually contributed including at last year which vilifies men which puts men negative being a woman complaints you're supposed to have is the man that's a kind of sin that you are that is trying to put feldman what did that just about or were you the john of empathy should only ninety five percent in so good a market be to if you make you see more of the god heart with. issues like you should not be coming up on national television there are children watching
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would you like your daughter or your son to us to tell you what is the rape how is it done even if such things are there people who have undergone this agony and this pledge really is implied for you to bring them on to the television to disconcert things if you have to claim that it has and is in the can talk of them. just but it . on the market looks almost. the entire show is sold on the concept that aamir khan is the anchor and is doing a very good job of it and he uses his cure glance to great effect by crying all the time and by impress izing that may not surprise but he is using it as a commercial gimmick to make the show or commercial success a hell of it is out about this on the one hand they try to shore different things in their films and on the other when they are coming on a reality show there is this big schism and their identities and it's very
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difficult to find out that where the actor ends and the person begins. so we just give you a mini the vicinity of me. if you don't maybe i'm mean or is say you take a pill give it a benny i was a man take a pill get it out men yeah you know the. last up on but they got money. in the book about one government got it all the way. it was an entire machinery that was working in the digital domain to defame us so there were photographs of me with somebody religious looking people muslim who would be labeled as under the condit muslim terrorist its doors minorities new born
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want things to change who don't like what assures revealing. i'm aware of the fact that i'm annoying a lot of very powerful lobbies and a lot of any powerful. is a small number but that extremely powerful and i'm aware that i'm doing more than knowing that i am affecting them economically sometimes i'm setting them in many ways. but that just tells me that i think you're on the right track because there are people who benefit a lot from things that are meaning that we do. but i do take the necessary precautions in case of looking after myself and my family i don't to be stupid i don't want to be seen but.
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the record give wash here. up and down. in berkeley you didn't. really see that. but it would have. just said they really did issue good terms about their image there. but i saw a second or don't mean it does because it was really are hurting me really. was. the king by the now years edna so i'm elected as a damage yet is it hard long ago filed our our boss along get our lad blood badly. dieted we can only go. yes or music i mean again meaning usually has are
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going to. our best and this was a guess that was who are beginning that going to do the lead here in the gay marriage is at those dishman would. that should be abolished because again oh well there's always a cost i mean i know that there were times when it was quite frightening especially when he was doing things about camilla zation of politics and things like that it was very tricky for us as a family and fairly well known criminals have been spoken about and you know one has always wanted that there could be a backlash anything that you do especially in a country like india is bound to find some criticism especially a show like this which was taking on so many you know institutions it was taking on you know powerful people and powerful existing establishment was going to come up against some criticism. that
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a project outside mumbai residents up and that have a sense of insecurity in the country and that his wife has even suggested leaving india during the thing that we don't really need in the people is what's happening in d.c. good news what's happening and certainly i want to be alone i can't deny that i've been alarmed by. by a number of incidents. you know it's what any society. it's very important to have a sense of security it will be collector's item at the head site the card with the hat on. and i should give a piece of paper the guess how much gold jordan we v.s.e. but it could be i just some odd maybe if i didn't use a bob not with a final giggle was but it could be a call up now look at a king or. what have you there she talked at the paper about ya in case you know my gave it to. you on the other hand was a kid. and put their children down
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a day year. in them if he could deny. it you. didn't die when you feel very dejected and depressed and you feel you know what why are you doing this nothing's going to change like this you're entirely and we've only said to maybe get done two films in this period but i'm going to television sure. it's a loss for me to be really honest. and swati the other day just today is a good set of the i need to stop doing the show. it's a bit lazy and it's very emotionally traumatic for me as we go to material which is very difficult to absorb and understand and come to terms with but for me to
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understand what a person goes to i have to seed it's very ready. oh . so. right now in the middle of total finishing one season. so i don't as i mean feel. i should. so i said we should take a break so i. as a beautiful brick you will. also get in less than one generation of developing countries and one of the the developed
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countries in the world we have to be pretty full for one new bridge and fear to throw off and. singapore's founding father created a nation of political dynasty put a family disputes undermining that make you see what's happened to the family and what's happened in singapore's institutions i just don't know what would have caused a whole grief people in power investigates the house that leave at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks. is a since all of renewed hope with a president who enjoys why is it he'll with details coverage they are dodging distractions that appear to be hurting president ability to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in the south korean database for separated families. a survivor of a genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i
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didn't have the heart to who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. will in the future is to draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just find a finger i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie in london here is the top stories on al-jazeera syrian government troops have reportedly launched an air and ground assault on the edge of east and despite a russian ordered pause in hostilities footage from inside the damascus suburb appears to show when you guessed rights on the rebel held enclave. russia and syria were supposed to stop their offensive between nine am and two pm local time to
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allow for civilians to leave united nations has been discussing the progress of the evacuation efforts all the lack of it the humanitarian affairs chief saying not enough has been achieved have you got any interagency cross-line convoys through to hard to reach your besieged areas. have you been given permission to access any of those locations and. have you received the necessary facilitation letters for convoys. have there been any medical evacuations. have any civilians left eastern ghouta. is there any actual improvement in the humanitarian situation in eastern guta since the passage of the resolution demanding as it did unimpeded access. students have returned to the marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida for the first time since a former student shot and killed seventeen people inside the grounds dozens of
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police and grief counselors were on campus to help ease students back into classes the shooting has galvanized nationwide debate over gun laws with students promising to keep the pressure on. afghanistan's president has offered to recognize the taliban as a just a political group as part of negotiations aimed at ending more than sixteen years of war ashraf ghani made the proposal at the start of an international conference aimed at creating a platform for peace talks. to reuters journalists imprisoned in myanmar of call for press freedom in protest at their innocence choice who and why lone were denied bail after appearing in court on wednesday charged with illegal possession of state secrets that journalists have been covering the violence against muslims in iraq and state they face up to fourteen years in prison in ited nations is calling for their immediate release was more on that story and everything else on our web site al-jazeera dot com is why you need to go for that the news hour is also coming up
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in twenty five minutes time so do join me then but witnessed starts now on al-jazeera a bit later on. mum mum. mum. let. one. mum cluck. cluck cluck. cluck
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. but there was. because costs. a dollar bill this monthly fee. should be. why you would is the law just put in the auction industry and the word inducing about one thousand feet. to there is a macho image is concern are made con is not the only want to have contributed to the march we meet in fact he is doing right the marjorie made from the others they have only said who is number one me so one card he takes off his chart at the door . i think the films are becoming way the way that you are going to wait even to be a woman.
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there is nothing wrong in being sexy or beautiful but the concern is that just gone be the only expectation from him that you just have to go on for a song and just shake your ass and then just get out and the rest of the work is done by the main protagonist. i knew we did have more opportunities than one woman going to object to and there were a lot more opportunities but somewhere in the eighty's and ninety's it just got really bad and women were just reduced to mere sort of sex object. i. chose to be the villain
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the bad guy you know aggression. two words of inman were common initial for us it's reduced all of the reduced a lot. worse namely i dislike all those individuals who have done or do any kind of aggression towards them those individuals are to be looked down upon and punished but since cinema is a make believe we are acting we are not truly truly harming anybody their colleagues and my new friends of mine those female costars of friends of mine you dug the mick jagger up out of. the mighty johnny but now don't look i mean admit it. we used to be so many tips earlier on the audience and were dealing with
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a very strong woman has indeed been the ideal phone who knows their mind and. that be a very uncomfortable moment. and if a woman in a movie for example in a bollywood story is very independent people in the film thing that she needs to be punished and they probably do something to oppose justification she had it coming. rape has been portrayed in different ways but in recent times we are not seeing the portrayal of real because there are other things which are replacing rape and even in a film like three idiots the same army of khan who is running a reality show like september jet davies talking about against domestic violence he's talking against child sexual abuse monks talking in a hundred different things and at the same time the same amida communist cd it uses the word about the cattle in guinea which we every even if they're talking about
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laughter without trouble after a leg they mean use is one part of the energy army of a woman's body to make a joke about. actually but these are. e's college me but not could be bulletproof. it's the bit about. me they are good because. i. still use. the inside. good stuff. and everybody has a good laugh at it and even the women in the audience laugh at it we don't realize in that it is reducing the whole concept and the whole reality of rape to stupid joke so it is glorifying the repressed and it is abusing the rape victim two zero zero zero.
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i think with a better understanding of the politics you know gender politics the learning experience for me and today i want to have the things on i mean a lot of the things that i do know that a lot of things that i didn't feel unhappy about a quarter ago and i think that when people see me on the shore i'm hoping that a lot of young boys when they see me on the show would would would get affected by the fact that this is how i am in real life when i'm doing a film i'm playing different characters and what i'm going to show and i myself that's been. set up recently about the first. johnny to funny is in the good you know remember the you go through. every job should be good the one of us made economy a pretty cheat sheet for the victim job he had. so
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then jordan went to a body one night to have a drink with friends and then she was leaving some people off at a lift for a short distance that's right don't duck to be fitted. and then says it became the victim of a broken gang to be the shoved a pistol in the home mounts. the. be told violently brutally without a head in chunks and finally when they taught that she was unconscious and she would die the too hot out of the moving god. i was there in the middle of it all my jeans wound up lost a limb practically naked i was in shock i didn't know record they'd come back and
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run me over and i just stood up and i ran. and i ran and and ran and as fast as i could. so this happened number six morning and on the ninth i went to the police station and i tried to hire a fire because i did file for they tried to rush it off they made me feel humiliated they made me feel like you know you went to the michael drank you drink you deserved it. but they're not just the community numsa said. message for the victim yet he said i've been here make in son just geeks in the kitty and when it isn't. for me to come out and speak about it i want women to feel that way to feel color is to
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feel strong to feel that they don't have anything to be shameful for dead they can get their lives back once they start doing that they will break the ice. with them it looks to be a body fine because what the warm got is that shared that the example of somebody last time it isn't the other fighting we've got a lot of the big white it's against women to drop the idea of the other one stop the person becoming got that it was the minister of the minute. she's announced that she's been one stopping place and that what the country actually made all her secretaries was that abyssal. privilege she meant is that it made so many people doing work in the field made them nor it made a change that big don't have to live with problems solutions are possible and in
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some cases where the government responded for example i nor off the medical tests done on rape victims that i was. because of the public opinion because of your all the recommendations made i will not say bias at the may with the recommendations made by the people of india who so the may budget. this week was hoping to know what i don't even think would tell more of the campus for what they want to know i'm on the down when one is down we are not seeing. anything but i will look to find that and i will add that what we do you mean we had we've. heard that of this guy. who can take. or ask how many l.
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got to do with any abashed at the. market up an r.v. then again i ask. that to make me in the near light tactical advantage of the hot start one hundred. cannot reach the moon as a new kitchen on display at the end of the nazis and only school because everybody i see. every twenty minutes you know one is raped here in india i'm looking for all you know crisis in like i said oh and every every district around india toilets for women so that you know we can reduce the numbers intervene into the ground level the ground reality is not changing i know that you are making people who are socially aware that's important but as an activist i would prefer that what the victim is given to.
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you. in that you. may have but your child made it look that he would be sure to go that day is if you smoking good enough today which i don't but i like a he be good at it there is a maniac at entertaining relist. kind of but i could see. that desire is it can. be they. give looks it then that we added to it if you will
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achieve it they would seek an image. that them illegitimate cuz vaneta anyway if they need believe that it is a magic. bullet and up at a child maybe the child there would joke is that many small. but look i did. the. whole me. the what was he going to get the insurance who. thought it was there was such a few minutes on the united women said. that about it towards the goal me jonna can't you see the. subset breach in tokyo and he guesses. somebody out there are all rich i think it's a good game but. you have some money. but he has sheer support
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a little. bit. you need to. keep it that takes up not. let you know what champions winning. particular year gordon. comes to tell you that. thank you but of course but i think the commonwealth. fifty five kilograms much to the peace of mind you can see i'm still so. sick i. really think your comment please spell come commonwealth gold medalists do you talk of money and the comedy. thank. you our name of the dog gone with the little.
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wrestling with the will be up and he is gone not me. again. will have been. mauled i think we've got a little cave a lot of. the little kids where waffler never going to be offered again how you got a lot of thought to call them. in sand simulink didn't give you disagree that would be the champions many of the mojave for good singer. mahmoud you know this guy that he was there obviously but you get reading the os particular won't get the action the whole turnover in broad. look at a moderate that minutes we're going to stick to just at the core of what he wanted to let go again when your if course i haven't had. a very good show others
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a lot of good but darling they resent it a little but i don't even as it. all begins to bite me. i'm gonna. actually. my next choice is a film called bungle which means wrestling the typical mainstream for. i think the film is trying to see that you have to empower our girls and when you do that you know a girl is as good as a guy named revie and that's what the thrust of the film is. so you want to say nothing. but me so you know the.
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action of the man who is rather unusual he is happy to train his daughters and wrestling take them for wrestling from village to village in the local market wrestling that happens in india it's called the gods. i think that whole mojave it is as a person i'm hoping will affect how a lot of meals feel and when i meet him and i spoke to him he said when i had my first daughter i felt happy and satisfied i didn't want any more children. because in india usually when you have a daughter that you want to know the child will be gets a boy and then another child looping it's a boy. i'm
11:51 pm
going to be in my opinion is as a commission from canada at the same time it is as a nice friend should be but i'm here because it has all the ingredients of. a
11:52 pm
classic of family honor of a mission the sense that it's telling a story which needs to withhold it has more to it is you know it's not just of our billing and. it's a lot to do with a man his belief his love for the country itself. and then the mindset of a society. being god in a box and you don't need that you go. so i mean that inspiration coming from of a small town and achieving what they've achieved. i feel very lucky to get a phonetic this because otherwise you would get a film which is very. where you play and. dancing and
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that's not how i saw myself. in most of the india it's like you should stay at home you should instead you should do household chores and you should not go out. and get the opportunity to even go outside and study. was very happy and then you see you had a politician thing that she went out at seven pm seven pm in the evening so it's ok today for the boys are being boys but how mentality like that that shows where you're coming from.
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then have to change to be true to what i would say it's not just the men i think it's anyone who was a bit patriarchal thinking and even a woman who would have to. you have to understand that human beings should be due to the equal respect and love and i'm hoping that a lot of young girls will see hope. and get inspired from them you know be able to dream big and try and fulfill their dreams. you're going. to be i'm sure. you know we've been growing up watching to see if a hit or smoking people start smoking if i you know is wearing it is clear is there
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no other way they would it be that probably somewhere in a small town a father would say maybe he's right i think even i should promote my daughter or push my daughter to a board that was she wants maybe i think i should stop because i'm a candidate. i spy with my little something written scene so. i spy something. back but. no individual can change society individuals can give way. and then it depends
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on the people the public on the governments on the bureaucracies of the police all of them have to pull together. in the scheme that each. of my bringing about change this just it meant to me so i'm saying i'm attempting to change the real people look at things and feel about things but not from above and i don't want to have a norm which tells you that do not kill your daughter i want you to emotionally. and in every other me. start feeling that you know i really love my cortana go more or kill my daughter or to go to them. i want you to be looking forward to having a daughter or gene to be you feel toward the girls.
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so i think you have to go through the various layers in the revealing of our children and what kind of influences we expose them to what kind of creative writing we expose them what kind of stories we tell them. ok now you know what i want to do i want to break the street and we see the guy going oh you. know you know there are four children. would love to have a. gift.
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welcome back let's start by looking at a straight in weather conditions and for the most part things aren't looking too bad we've got a southerly flow keeping temperatures just nineteen degrees from melbourne certainly warmer in sydney still some showers across the coast of northern parts of queensland but across the top and generally weather conditions are better down in that thirty one and a few showers across parts of western australia pursed quite warm temperatures edging back slightly as we head through friday stage again change wind direction so we should see the temperatures rising slightly from melbourne but those showers
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continue some big storms there with the risk of some flooding as they head across into new zealand we've had a weather system moving across both on is that it remains rather cloudy here we shower some longer spells of rain and some quite strong winds coming in from the northeast so temperatures remaining quite high but the risk particular the western side of both the north and south on it's remains quite high let's head up into northeastern parts of asia where for japan has seen some pretty stormy weather some very strong winds some thunderstorms some heavy rain and across more northern areas of japan as well as the far east of russia and northeastern parts of china the chance of some heavy snowfall that system will tend to push away as we head through into friday brighter conditions behind in fact should be quite pleasant in tokyo with highs of thirteen. forced to be displaced by their governments in one thousand twenty three for it was
12:00 am
very bug the greek and turkish villagers returned to their roots on most a century later. and reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost forever. people should be forced to move from dilemma that were born which are. the great population exchange at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty.


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