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but it didn't have the power to who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. in the queue is due to all. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families if i could just kind of think about i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes inter-mountain to bombings and plans of a ground assault the reality of the partial pause in fighting in syria's eastern
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quarter. i'm going to stop this nonsense it's. the u.s. president voices support for some gun control measures at a meeting with members of congress. another of the u.s. president's closest advisers steps down we go live to washington for more details. let's build afghanistan together president ashraf ghani offers amnesty to the taliban in a bid to and sixteen years of conflict. day two of the partial poles and fighting in eastern little has changed for syrians besieged in the rebel held on klav the five hour truce was expected to allow the sick and the injured to leave and aid to get day in but nothing of that sort has happened syrian government troops are reportedly planning a ground assault and sporadic bombings are continuing
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a summer benj of it reports from gaza on top and turkey near the border with syria digging more graves is how some spend the five hour pause in the daily bodman of eastern with many deaths every day the ranges for mass burials. on the syrian government side of the buffer been crossing buses and ambulances waited for civilians to cross but people deny a claim by the russian president that some civilians crossed over on the second day of the poison fighting. we have managed to get out quite a big group of those who wanted to leave but the second group could not leave because the militants just did not give them an opportunity to do so people in eastern called a five hour daily pause in hostilities a joke they ask how can anyone expect them to want to cross to the same people who bombed them for the other nineteen hours of the day. not much has changed for the nearly four hundred thousand in besieged east and many have been stranded in basements like this one here is this woman says her family has survived on pieces
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of radish for the last three days. there is human flesh everywhere says this man who also tells how he has been disabled by his injuries there are similar tales of despair in other shelters having left the situation here is just hunger and sickness no showers the children sleep hungry here. activists say the price of bread is one hundred times more than just a few kilometers away in the syrian capital damascus and very expensive rice is rarely available this woman says he found some spinach near the river and that's going to be their meal for medical supplies are limited and many hospitals have been destroyed doctors in eastern good to have recent a list of eighty five people to the united nations who are mostly women and children among the more than one thousand people who need medical evacuation but in east of water no aid has come in and then on the people who are sick or wounded have been able to go out. on the turkey syria border all russia's own
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ambassador to the u.n. has contradicted lot to me a person's claim the large numbers of people have been moved out of our diplomatic editor james various reports from the united nations. proof just days after these ambassadors unanimously demanded a ceasefire their resolution continues to be ignored and repeatedly violated the u.n. undersecretary general mark local crystal world's most senior humanitarian official told them he would answer some of the question is he's received in recent days have there been any medical evacuations. have any civilians left eastern ghouta and. is there any actual improvement in the humanitarian situation in eastern guta since the passage of the resolution demanding as it did unimpeded access. he ended his briefing with one last question for the ambassadors when will your resolution
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be implemented when the u.s. and the u.k. put the blame squarely on russia since we adopted resolution twenty four zero one russia has announced a daily five hour humanitarian pause in the it's in the aerial bombing at civilians in eastern. this is senekal callous and in flagrant defiance of the demands of twenty four a one. the russian ambassador didn't repeat earlier claims by his boss president putin that a large number of people had been evacuated but he said some medical help had been provided to eastern ghouta underscores the need for the parties to agree on human ukrainian pauses these of binocular he read part of the resolution passed on saturday before giving his explanation why it was not yet halting the violence yes there's a new stooge attorney. did you read the resolution the whole resolution we stated
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that any enduring pulls must be preceded by agreement by the parties for deescalation demanding an overnight and immediate halt toss deliveries suggests either a failure to understand realities on the ground or a deliberate exploitation of human tragedy. the three main opposition fighting groups in eastern cooter of written a letter to the president of the security council in it they pledged to kick out the group the council still refers to by its former name. they also say they will give the un resolution their full support the syrian government's representative ambassador bashar al jeffrey was in the council chamber he gave a typically rambling nineteen minutes speech but he made no such commitment james days out of the united nations u.s. president donald trump a meeting party leaders to discuss options for gun law reform he told politicians to seriously consider raising the age limit for purchasing assault style rifles
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like they are fifteen used in the florida school shooting two weeks ago from syracuse senators of being afraid to take on the national rifle association lobby and says it's time to end the non-sense. we have to keep the guns out of the hands of those that posed a threat and this really includes background checks and i know senator that you're working on things joe i know you're working and. i mean i look at a number of the folks around the table you're working in different bills we have to get in we have to get it done between them to get them done. and they have to be strong the background check say look i'm the biggest fan of the second amendment many of you are i'm a big fan of the n.r.a. but i bet i had lunch with them with wayne and chris and david on sunday and said it's time. i'm going to stop this nonsense and start. david barnett it's the former
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president students for concealed carry it's a firearms advocacy group and he's joining us live via skype from akron ohio thank you very much indeed for giving us your time and al-jazeera for our global audience or give us some context if you will because every time there's a shooting incident like florida like sandy hook for example eight seems as though there is little response to gun control advocacy from people who would regard themselves as responsible gun owners but surely will be there in their interest to try and promote responsible gun ownership and responsible gun control why is that. well i think there's a perception that gun owners are willing to sacrifice the lives of children in favor of having a gun in the closet and i don't think that's the case at all i think it's more a question of as simple as these solutions sounds how would those new laws of help me look in florida if you had systemic failure on multiple levels you have
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a bunch of different agencies who are supposed to be protecting us and keeping the guns out of the wrong hands you have the f.b.i. you have the local police have the school board you have social workers you have the deputies in the resource officers that should have gone into the school and didn't no one is saying that this particular kid in his particular state had a right to a gun and if we'd known his situation we would have acted to take that gun away the systems in place to catch those people to catch this kid in this case failed so personally i don't see that a new law is going to hope that the question is what new law is going to help when this person already broke multiple laws in order to kill people i mean the president's called on the n.r.a. to help to do something to you think that the n.r.a. is going to be able to respond and if so in what way that it's not doing already. you know again i think it's a question of what laws are going to work i think this is a very complex question and there are a multitude of people who are proposing laws and who are suggesting solutions that have shown to fail in the past are going to continue to fail the reality is that
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you know again the system broke down in catching the killer here the system broke down with the shooter in texas in las vegas in california multiple different occasions again nobody says that these people have the right to bear arms and if the government done their jobs they would have had their guns taken away but we do have to weigh the cost against the law abiding citizens and their access to firearms because in america we do have the right to protect ourselves and according to government estimates guns are used to protect lives at least one hundred eighty five times a day contrast that with homicides approximately twenty four per day so guns are used far more often to save lives and they are to take lives and if we take those guns away or if we find some way of making it harder for every day while fighting citizens we're going to reduce the number of lives saved and the criminals are going to use the firearms anyway. john rather proud was at that meeting with the president this afternoon he's a us house rep can and he talked about carrying a concealed weapon because he wants to protect himself in the event that he gets
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into a shooting incident but if you have to carry a gun in order to protect yourself from being fired upon you kind of already lost the argument haven't you because that the shooting has already taken place it's more about prevention isn't it rather than reaction it absolutely is and once again we do have these systems in place and they fail the f.b.i. was specifically reported about this guy's threats and they did nothing this is an individual like so many others whose warning signs were flagrant and screaming at the people who are willing to listen i don't blame the school children for being angry i don't blame the teachers for being angry because they were failed but ultimately at the end of the day if i'm a teacher in the school room i don't blame them for wanting to have a concealed carry firearm because that might be their only option to survive no i don't think that's a question of just concealed carry or the second amendment i think that we're dealing with a school and we're dealing with a situation where you have to have very highly specialized training and presumably even the worst critic of concealed carry and guns would allow for
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a certain level of training be it a us navy seal be at the secret service whatever level of training we have to provide these safe but again if the government is not going to keep you safe who can blame the individual for wanting to have a gun even in the classroom to protect themselves really interesting to get your point of view on the state of bernard thank you very much indeed for your time my pleasure. students from the florida high school have returned to classes for the first time since the attack the principals called it a day of healing it's been two weeks since the alleged shooter nicholas clothes walked into the school and parkland with an assault rifle and opened fire i think golic are reports. that despite the fears and despite the trauma these students have been through they came back to marjorie stillman douglass high school just two weeks after losing so many local police on hand to greet them many wearing the school's colors hung shakes and hugs were plentiful the acts of walking through these gates hard to imagine a little nervous
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a banquet i guess we feel safe parents and hundreds so much security here to speak back to my friends and i'm pretty certain to be back at school for. a little bit nervous this is how different everything feels but i think that it exactly. that way. over the past two weeks the students have become a force for change the calls for gun reform a fueled a national debate they're rallying call of never again echoed by parents who lost children you see me here i don't want to do this but you guys look at me i want to be the last fall there of a murdered kid that's ever. in this country that's it this is me i'm the last fall that everyone is going to say yep that's the last that was his daughter that died that was the last one from protesting at the state capitol to social media campaigns many here plan to keep pressure on politicians next month many of these
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students will march in washington d.c. with the hope their voices will be heard i lost one of my really close friends in this massacre and. so never again it's just we refuse to be systemic we refuse to let anything else happen we're going to actually advocate for gun control for the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school this has been a traumatic but important day many were keen to be reunited with friends and teachers in what was a day of healing going forward students will only attend half days the building where seventeen lives were lost is likely to be demolished and turned into a memorial and a gallacher all deserve a parkland florida the white house communications director is stepping down the third to leave the post since the us president came to the office hope it says one of donald trump's longest serving advisors in previously worked for the trump organization she also served as press secretary during the twenty sixteen election
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campaign that comes a day after hicks testified before a congressional panel investigating alleged russian interference in that campaign alan fisher is joining us live from washington d.c. you know alan one of the things that i noticed about hope picks that is significant about her is that for such a high profile job she actually stayed out of the spotlight what's the background to this. well she's twenty nine years old she walked with the trump organization she was a fashion p.r. and when donald trump launched his campaign she decided to work with him and she traveled all over the country with them she was the point of contact for many of the media throughout the twenty sixteen campaign and often she wouldn't respond to any requests for interviews or moments with donald trump because that is not what he wanted but she was regarded very much as the donald trump whisperer someone who could calm him down that he liked having your own that he enjoyed being with it so it was a surprise when she was given the job of communications director in the white house that is a big high profile job and i think even more of
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a surprise that she decided that she would stand down now the white house says it has nothing to do with the evidence that she gave to the house intelligence committee yesterday this is something that had been in the works for a while should spoken to donald trump about it and she will go at some point over the next few weeks when a successor is appointed but certainly the fact that she told the house intelligence committee not a great deal of refusing to answer many of the questions we were told this was all done behind closed doors but one of the things that we did find out is that she had said that she often told little white lies for donald trump that this is along the lines of or he's been caught in traffic or he's a meeting has been extended when that simply wasn't the case but it's difficult to be communications director if the very next day people know that you might be telling them something that quite simply isn't true yet allan i mean as you were mentioning there she overstay has had a long relationship with donald trump and a very significant and close one as well and her resignation is coming at
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a time really when he could use all the friends you can get at the moment. what's interesting is well the whole plays into the russian investigation she refused to answer questions about the transition she refused to answer questions about time in the white house she of course is the focus of part of robert miller's investigation because it was reported by the new york times that when donald jr was in communications with the russians she suggested to a lawyer that don't want the those e-mails will never see the light of day no of course they did but the problem for her are is that is an indication of obstruction of justice so it may well be that during the hearing yesterday she realized just what legal jeopardy she is in she has been very close to donald trump but many of those who have been close to him have no go on if you think names like kolo and boesky you think about keith schiller who is his pastoral bodyguard they have gone really of all the people that were around him at the start of the campaign it's
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really only hope picks and kellyanne conway and steven miller who are still there and no hope hicks is gone as well so that leaves donald trump probably slightly isolated away from the people that were closest to him through what was a barnstorming campaign in twenty sixteen those that helped deliver the white house for donald trump but he says he's very pleased for her but will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few weeks and importantly who takes over the two poorest of communications director which is a key position in any white house thanks allen the u.s. president's former campaign chairman has pleaded not guilty to charges related to the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election campaign the charges against coleman afford include allegations of money laundering conspiracy and making false statements about lobbying work he did on behalf of a pro russian party in ukraine his trial is set to begin in september. plenty more
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ahead on the news hour including. u.k. prime minister could ever agree to. the u.k. fires back at the european union solution to a major sticking point in bragg's that negotiations plus. i'm kathleen foyer in central african republic a town that is controlled by one of the largest rebel movements in the country i'll be telling you yet despite the presence of the length. and russia's officially reinstated to the olympic movement is going to have all the details and the support . afghanistan's president is offering to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political party made the announcement during the couple peace conference where twenty five countries met for talks aimed at ending the sixteen
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year long war tony bartley reports from kabul it was a warm and far reaching speech in which the afghan president offered the taliban a peace deal without precondition he also promised official political recognition and an office in kabul if the armed group joins the peace process of the taliban a machine. i call on the taliban and the leadership today the decision is in your hands accept peace a dignified peace come together to safeguard this country which has been the results of our sacrifices and struggle. they were his most conciliatory words as president garny has previously described the taliban as terrorists and rebels but now he says he'll not prejudge any group he even went as far as to say taliban fighters and officials could be removed from international blacklists delegates representing twenty five regional and international countries have come together in
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the afghan capital to try and devise a peace strategy aimed at ending sixteen years of conflict it comes at a time when all sides are showing they are willing to talk the door is still open and they have shown softness in their stand. not just the taliban but the afghan government and its international counterparts as well and i think it's the perfect time maybe in maybe not for the peace deal to be struck a distinct but probably for a temporary ceasefire which could then pave the path for is sustainable peace in the long term the taliban previously insisted on changes to the afghan constitution and the removal of the u.s. military from the country as a precondition to peace talks but it has always refused to talk directly to the afghan government which it describes as american puppets the group no longer mentions withdrawal all the constitutional changes on top of this the americans are said the door to peace is still open to the taliban and they have put much pressure
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on pakistan to help in this regard the u.s. military has been increasing its bombing missions from the air while the taliban has been stepping up its suicide attacks on the ground but everyone agrees that this war cannot be won militarily even as president ghani was delivering his speech news came through about how thirty people were abducted by the taliban near kandahar nineteen of them policemen their fate is uncertain and it shows that the violence in afghanistan is continuing as normal. no one is suggesting that peace is about to break out in afghanistan but the encouraging signs and language which are coming from all parties are raising hopes here that may be the first tentative steps of ending this brutal war of being taken tony berkley al jazeera kabul for united nations peacekeepers have been killed in mali when their vehicle hit a landmine for all the troops have been seriously injured in the explosion in the
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multitude region the un vehicle was blown up on a road linking the towns of the one side and boney six money and soldiers were killed in a similar incident on tuesday. u.s. president donald trump has invited the emir of qatar to visit the united states in april check time and been hunted and funny is said to have received the offer during a phone call with the u.s. president on wednesday both nations say they are keen to strengthen cooperation lebanon's prime minister saad hariri is back in saudi arabia three months after he suddenly resigned joining a trip to riyadh how he met king solomon and is expected to hold talks with crown prince mohammed bin someone it's the first time he'd he's visited saudi arabia since november when he made a tell if i did drop it televised address announcing he was stepping down lebanon accused saudi arabia of forcing how do you need to quit and putting him under house arrest while riyadh denied this id's resignation plunged lebanon into a regional and political crisis between saudi arabia and iran how they returned
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home weeks later after france intervened and withdrew his resignation cinna holder is monitoring the visit from beirut. these press office insisting that the heavy d. is in riyadh he did not request this meeting he is responding to an invitation ties that really have been strained not just between the saudi leadership but between lebanon and saudi arabia since shock resignation from the saudi capital and the vendor for and the bizarre sequence of events that followed many in lebanon including the president accused saudi arabia of holding the prime minister hostage and since then the prime minister has withdrawn his resignation but. the relationship has not been the same for example have used to visit saudi arabia more often and you know saudi officials used to visit beirut so the first time a saudi official delegation arrived was on monday and now how do you do in saudi arabia sources saying that they hope to open
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a new phase in the relationship the timing is quite interesting just a few months before parliamentary elections in may saudi arabia lost a lot teddy was their man in lebanon and if they want to maintain influence in this country they're going to need him because he is the most popular sunni leader in lebanon we have to remember this is a sectarian. system of government is based on sectarianism so saudi arabia miscalculated in the past maybe trying to you know trying to reverse the losses following this resignation and the whole affair around a bit it is still too early to say whether the relationship is back on track britain's prime minister to be some may has criticized an e.u. proposal that would see northern ireland remain within the blocs customs union after brags that the suggestion was revealed in a draft one hundred twenty page document would resolve the need for a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland but may says northern ireland remaining in science and customs union would betray the braggs that vote u.k.
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has been asking for a transition period after it leaves the european union the chief negotiator warns that this is not a given significant issues like the status of e.u. citizens in the u.k. have not been resolved but in baba reports. just over a year before brits it's due to happen brussels and britain still seem far apart european union chief negotiator michel bunny says one of the main points in the new draft withdrawal treaty is how to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland and controversially it contains as a solution of last resort a common regulator e area in effect keeping northern ireland in a customs union with the e.u. separate to the rest of the u.k. the. middle i simply say to be put to specs and we'll discuss it with our british counterparts out of percussion so that there is a solution to preserve the good friday agreement relationship brings a better solution will replace it but will suppress just vertical it's as simple as
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that if the whole of britain is no longer in a customs union with the e.u. after brics it many experts warned that means border checks between northern ireland and the republic of ireland as an e.u. member and that could endanger the good friday agreement which brought peace and power sharing to the north. on wednesday to resume a told parliament no prime minister could accept what the u. draft text was proposing but she remained committed to avoiding a hard border the foreign secretary and i i'm absolutely committed to ensuring that we deliver on no hard border between northern ireland and that's the position of the u.k. government it's the position of the parties in northern ireland it's the position of the irish government and it was what we agreed in the december agreement at that joint report it comes as a letter to the british media suggests foreign secretary boris johnson downplayed the dangers of a hard border something he's rubbished if i may respectfully say so i think the the particular problems around the irish border are being used politically to draw even
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the whole brics it argument and effectively to try to frustrate bricks it is the opposition labor party has just committed itself to keeping britain in some sort of customs union avoiding the problem of the. border wednesday they went on the attack remember when we had to break c. mains breaks it. and then we had red white and blue bricks which presumably appealed to the members of the search then we had liberal break states and now we have ambitious managed divergence the government is so divided the prime minister is incapable of delivering a coherent and decisive plan for brics it. next week michelle will be meeting the leaders of the parties in northern ireland's power sharing government including fosters do you pete was staunchly progress the new text could still be changed
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significantly but it's acted as a reminder of how much progress needs to be achieved between now and march next year that. still ahead on al-jazeera. what exactly. like. women detainees at a british immigration detention center tell us why they've begun a hunger strike. meet the families living underground in libya and a modern take of a traditional way of life. and in sports the world champion surfer who once fought a shark off his wetsuit. welcome to look at the weather across the americas in north america we've got more
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rain across southeastern arizona the state of their high river for instance we could really well do without this but nervous there's some heavy rain to come some snow on the northern edge of the system there's another area of low pressure bringing a brace of rain indeed over the rockies and that is the cascades some snow for other parts the west area not too bad denver colorado bright with sunshine highs there of ten degrees moving the forecast on we've got about the area of snow extending further towards the east the rain eventually pushing away further towards the south temperatures up of fifteen for dallas but as the wind continues to blow in from the north will find those temperatures falling away atlanta just fourteen but miami hangs on to the woman twenty nine is the high here into the caribbean has been looking good over last couple of weeks and they should stay that way largely fine conditions same really goes for the isthmus as well showers a very few and far between yucatan peninsula lots of sunshine mexico city looking bright with highs of twenty four down into south america it is much as you'd expect
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really with plenty of showers across the amazon basin some showers into northern parts of argentina pose a bit of a problem we've got some heavy rain across parts of paraguayan but for one is areas should be fine for rio still a chance of showers heise here of thirty. fourth to be displaced by their governments in nineteen twenty three. it was a very bad greek and turkish villagers returning to their roots. to. reconnect with the past the last forever. people shouldn't be forced to move from the labor board which are. great population exchange at this time. when the news breaks when people need to be heard. like it a good thing is. there in the happiness of my brain and this story needs to be
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turned ages largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring a movie winning documentaries. and live news on air and on. watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour there's been no letup in attacks in syria is eastern despite russia's pause in his teletubbies activists reported government shelling and fighting on three fronts during the five hour pause syrian troops have reported
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a launched ground assault on the edge of the damascus suburb. afghanistan's president is offering to recognize the taliban as a legitimate political party they made the announcement during the couple peace conference where twenty five countries have met for talks aimed at ending this sixteen year long war u.s. president donald trump's urging members of congress to seriously consider raising the age limit for buying assault style rifles he's been meeting party leaders to discuss options for gun law reform. wallace congressman does bait to gun control teenagers are walking out of class to protest against inaction students are rising up across the country as part of a broader movement kennedy caucus reports. since the deadly florida school shooting two weeks ago teenagers across the united states have been making their voices heard i pray that there is listening and that this passes on to the next because we're tomorrow's leaders. it would be
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a shame it really could do it ourselves the educators school safety network reports threats against schools have been increasing since the florida shooting approximately fifty threats of violence a day most recently in washington state students this week were locked in their classrooms after a gun was fired on campus in missouri students say they've had enough of the threats dozens of students walked out of the classroom carrying signs with the names of students killed in the florida school massacre in stockton california hundreds of students from five high schools walked out of their classes. protest of gun violence this is the point to every school no matter where we are this could happen it doesn't matter if you're informed of the matter for instructing no matter where we are there could be a gun on campus and someone could get hurt president trump says he also wants change and is still holding school safety listening sessions thank you for your writing this thank you for your thoughts but some of trogs proposals such as arming
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teachers are being rejected according to a representative of the national education association who vetted the idea with public school teachers she represents they didn't want more guns in their schools they didn't want their schools to be turned into prisons and their teachers and other educators to be turned into prison in prison guards armed prison guards in the absence of new federal gun laws one top u.s. sporting goods retailer has announced it will take corporate action to curtail the sale of firearms ending sales of assault rifles and banning gun sales to customers younger than age twenty one good afternoon and state prosecutors or attorney generals an individual states are also considering their own action this is a movement moment in our country and it is being led by these young voices and it's time for politicians to listen new polls show roughly two in three americans now
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say gun control laws should be made stricter it's a wake up call for the nation's lawmakers typically reticent to restrict gun ownership now under pressure by a growing grassroots movement of anti-gun you can really help get al-jazeera washington. fighting in central african republic between muslim and christian groups has forced more than a million people from their homes and more than two million that's half the population in humanitarian aid the conflicts now spreading to areas that were once considered peaceful in the first of our three part series catherine sawyer went to a diamond rich region in the east that's controlled by one of the largest rebel movements here's her exclusive report from bria. yes rebel gunmen make sure that everyone entering bria is unarmed and don't belong to rival groups the checkpoint is controlled by the popular front for their own
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essence of the central african republic the f. p.r.c.'s one of the largest factions of what was a mostly muslim group called seleka the town is on important supply routes and has the largest diamond mines in the country. so we are all abundant. and organized we have structures we're not so just get out of line we deal with them when i see one commits a crime we have a judicial system to deal with that. business is a town center which is only now coming back to life after armed groups which had previously quite exhausted began fighting just over a year ago this is the main markets in which. they keep people here. and support them and their arrangement that seems to be working for now. at one end
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of town and right on the doorstep of the un peacekeepers base is a complex placed people. more than seventy thousand people in brianna have been forced to flee their homes the un says this complex been infiltrated by gunmen from . a largely christian group in the competition i that. during the fighting. sure that a good three. of the ones who protected us in the company more. what you see in bria plays out in many other towns and villages across the country people who are living together have now created their own religious and ethnic boundaries . binoy need leaves on the christian side of town he says he can go to the muslim dominated market during the day but has to return before nightfall. even at night i don't sleep well. afraid that people might come and kill me i always
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have to be prepared to run. most of the countries controlled by armed groups often fighting over men drawls cattle and trade routes forging an easy alliances and then violently breaking up un peacekeepers in the central african republic are overwhelmed and caught up in all this central african such as jani who are just trying to stay alive catherine saw al jazeera bria central african republic three nobel peace prize winners the same man mars military campaign against that is genocide they've been visiting raija refugees in bangladesh and they are doing fellow laureate and me and mars leader also on sochi to speak out against the crisis. i'm really sorry to say someone like on song suchi turn a blind eye to the crimes that may have been perpetrated in her country and the act of genocide that is taking place right. there for anyone the
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people have. to have their say. here see if she would. do human rights and democracy because of the other one hundred thirty five in the. we look forward to her sister. and we hope she will have. the courage to speak i guess the genocide has been. a number of women have gone on an indefinite hunger strike at an immigration detention center in the u.k. and this month then it states a three day protest before restarting again on monday they say they're protesting against her confinement and violation of their human rights so you're going to go reports the yarl's wood detention center has never been far from controversy it
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houses some four hundred people mainly women in family groups and reports are rife of desperate inmates driven to extreme situations in the sixteen years that it's been open campaigners say many of the detainees are in a state of limbo with no knowledge of how long they're meant to be that we spoke to one such detainee who asked us to call her sarah she would say her real name or which country she's from and she says she's too afraid of the repercussions from the authorities already attained for three months sarah has no idea when she can leave what exactly are the conditions like you and other detainees are facing. crude very very oppressive because. we've got is losing your life or certainty all that hard you don't know where you didn't go you don't know where you're going to go this is not the first time that yarl's wood has been under scrutiny the center has been criticised for failing to meet the needs of the most
2:42 am
vulnerable women there well the report last year said that the conditions had improved significantly women on strike say that the authorities are failing to uphold the laws that are meant to protect them and we hope. despite various appeals to the british home office little has changed for the women detained there activists for the hunger strike to say that they use who do protest are singled out for punishment the british home office gave this statement to al-jazeera detention and removal are essential parts of effective immigration controls especially in support for the removal of those with no lawful basis to stay in the u.k. we do not detain individuals indefinitely when people are detained it is for the minimum time possible and detention is reviewed in a regular basis opposition politicians who have managed to gain entrance to the center to see the conditions for themselves have also raised concerns about how detainees are being treated one of the issues that are being raised is women.
2:43 am
sexually harassed. it was difficult for them to say everything they wanted to say because the home office never left me alone. and coming. without permission for sarah and her fellow hunger strike because the hopelessness they feel in their surroundings has called for desperate measures for a lifeline they hope will come soon so yeah. london. some of amsterdam's iconic canals have frozen over his coat temperatures gripped much of europe the city's ban the boats in the canals so people can skate on the frozen waterways snow and freezing conditions from a siberian cold stop causing traffic and flight delays in many parts of mainland europe and britain these baka has more from london. there be many more disruptions up and down the country is the so-called peace from the east cruising much more arctic and a must will slew dumping it up and down the u.k.
2:44 am
and across the continent at launch here at heathrow airport dozens of flights had to be counsel reshape mainly to other parts of the u.k. or to the republic of ireland a small airport struggled with a deluge of snow there. is a fact for you it takes roughly four thousand lorry loads to shift only ten centimeters of snow from this entire trip and given the amount of snow that we've seen here recently is pretty much a twenty four hour endeavor cold weather in winter holiday a surprise you may be asking but what's worrying the climatologists is that for the past few days it's been consistently colder here in europe than it has been in the arctic and they are blaming manmade global warming for causing all of this they say the warm air is being drawn up north over the arctic displacing cold rare and pushing it down south over siberia and here first into eastern europe and then into western europe here in the u.k.
2:45 am
and over in ireland they know we have to be much more research to find out whether or not all of this freak weather is the shape of things to come. how many houses are built from the ground up but in libya some have been dug downwards in the mountainous city of copy and cave homes can be hundreds of years old the northern city once had three thousand of them now only a few survive to provide modern day living i'll go ahead has more from god again. in these mountains libyan's execute of ated these cave houses hundreds of years ago to retain social bonds this house has a visitor's room separated from the others inside a cool dude leads to a terrace that has a natural drainage system there are a true means each used to be inhabited by one family from the same grandfather
2:46 am
a lot of people had in his family members are comfortable in their inherited house . after the great grandfather. dug this house in the seventeenth century this house is three hundred fifty two years old and since them all the sons and daughters and grandchildren have been living here the house has not been abandoned for a single day the reason why we live here is that we find tranquility in this place plus it's our birthplace and heritage he also says the ten meters deep eccentric design has health effects. swallows which make their nests nearby provide a morning alarm and warn over snakes dools are usually made of all the ward to resist dk here you can smell the aroma of ancient times and the rooms are decorated with primitive exotic household utensils each one has
2:47 am
a single purpose such as this clay pitcher used for preserving oil this one is for me it and this one for milk everything here looks natural mats made of brush plants land furs wool carpet traditional outfits and oil lanterns. it's cooling. privacy you can't hear what the families in the. modern houses also ceilings are painted with white lime to give light from living in spaces and absorb humidity. only.
2:48 am
with. the. still ahead.
2:49 am
jeev executive of the u.s. olympic committee has resigned citing health problems scott but blackmon had been
2:50 am
under fire following the committee's response to a series of sexual abuse scandals in january former u.s. gymnastics team doctor laurie nasser was jailed for life for molesting hundreds of girls many victims criticized the olympic committee for not doing more to keep safe and now it's time for the sports his li windings. thank you russia is officially back as parts of the olympic movement when stated with immediate effect this national epic committee had banned russia from competing as a team for the winter olympics in south korea following state sponsored diving in the previous winter games which they hosted in such a rush and how to watch their athletes compete as neutrals in the rich finished on sunday one hundred sixty eight of them competed as olympic athletes from russia winning seventeen medals and rising criticism that this was effectively russia only the flag and the missing there were two more failed drug tests by russian athletes of the games the i.o.c.
2:51 am
said all their other tests came back negative long hours and years and she would use new and reassuring yeah today's decision from the i.o.c. is incredibly important for us because the version of olympic committee has once again completely reinstated its rights and is now completely full fledged member of the olympic family that you wish to remove those three months from december the fifth or last year with some of the most difficult in the history of russian sports on the olympic movement in russia so in our shows you might not but unfortunately our relationship with the world anti-doping agency and i mean the complete reinstatement of the bush an anti-doping agency is not complete some serious work needs to be done on the smarter it will be difficult but it has to be done and it has to be done as soon as possible. well for one drivers used to dealing with wet weather but not usually snog the third day of pre-season testing in barcelona was ruined by the bad weather that's sweeping across europe the truck was eventually cleared of snow but only
2:52 am
a few drivers made it onto the circuit i mean the current fernando alonso managed to complete a timed lab with red bulls daddy ricardo and sobbed as marcus eric said almost on braving the conditions the site is voting but us have been unsurprisingly quick before the snow but even he admits his team's domination hasn't necessarily been good for the sport. i think the group would be would be nice to have competition close competition but of course we in the other hand we would prefer to be miles away from everyone and that's because well all we want to do is win but it is true that to win this challenge when there is hard but also it makes you appreciate more the good results of how it goes with with everything so for for us to keep us developing for everyone informal one i think it will be better to have close competition in football at authors of the quarter finals of the english f.a. cup after an instant packed match against thirty a side watched while they wanted six one the fernando llorente scoring
2:53 am
a hat trick at a snarly wembley stadium but it was levelled at one goal the pace at half time in the match was marred by a number of controversial video referee incidents roger city manager pep guardiola says he will continue to wear a yellow ribbon in support of imprisoned politicians in catalonia despite being charged by the english football association he is allowed to wear it out of sight so it was only jumper under a coat for the league cup final against arsenal on sunday he said he doesn't want to have a dispute with us i. know but of course we're going to i'm going to write the letter i'm going to explain our position but the thing i am available what. if you. absolutely so no problem or guardian is tame put more pressure on astana jacen vanga by baiting in three million that caught fire not wembley the two sides meet again in the premier league on thursday with angrily denying he's ready to walk away i am just amazed
2:54 am
diable raced to answer. but di exactly the same i'm here for twenty one years i turned the whole world down to respect my contracts so i'm still amazed would i still have to answer these kind of questions in tennis while number of dollars poured out of the next five when just a day before his opening round match the sixteen time grand slam champion is often the hip injury that also forced him to withdraw from the australian i'm. going to work hard to try to recover as soon as possible now for me is in is it possible to them out or to say something realistic about if i want to be in the wells are not them my goal is to be there and i want to work to try to be there but of course i can't say yes' or no and. i hope that this will be as positive as possible and then let's. finally the professionals suffer in from the state attacked by
2:55 am
a shark has announced his retirement three time world champion mick fanning says next month will be his last on the circuit nearly twenty years since his debut in twenty fifteen family has an encounter with a great white shark journey an event in south africa and punched the shark as it tried to bite through his lunch try and survive to return to competition but his world title days were over now his top level surfing time is up and that's all the sport back here in the u.s. president has joined thousands of mourners in washington to pay their respects to evangelical preacher billy graham influential reverend was given the rare tribute of lying on or in the u.s. capitol graham died last week at the age of ninety nine shihab rattansi reports. america's political leadership was a few serve and its eulogies for billy graham as he lay in the capitol rotunda the north carolina farm boy walked out of those fields into a great and beautiful history that an evangelical preacher was being owner of this
2:56 am
way by those who make the law in a country where in thomas jefferson's words a wall of separation between church and state was intended to have been built is in the small part a result of billy graham success as an evangelist he ministered to all walks from some of the greats to statues lined this very hall. eisenhower king fording reagan to every day citizens lining up to pay their respects his preaching was welcomed by d.c.'s powerful and he used his position as america's pastor to advocate for war against those whom you felt with the u.s. is enemies of tory asli he didn't win the support of richard nixon for a plan to bomb the dikes of northern vietnam that could have killed millions. of communists their words crime. against spirit unions people that there would be
2:57 am
no unions in heaven. you know fear fear and of course the solution always was except she says as her savior graham's legacy as a force for racial and into faith tolerance is still debated some say he broke down barriers others that he and his formidable p.r. machine shifted only as necessary his advocacy for soviet jews and the state of israel a notable yet he was caught on tape telling nixon that despite being friendly with jews what he called their stranglehold on american life had to be broken he apologized for the remarks which he said he did not remember making he said he took down the ropes resay between the blacks and whites but he changed his story of abuse and he was never sure which city it was. and i could i could find no temporary accounts. here in this room. we're reminded that america is a nation sustained by prayer in later life graham expressed regret at having been
2:58 am
so political a figure but he opened the way for the current ascendancy of christian fundamentalism in washington d.c. from the white house to capitol hill she average hands the al-jazeera washington. and that's it for me rob matheson for this news our i'll be back in a public. place
2:59 am
finisher. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi is poised for a second time in power. a series of short passing stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene his reelection becomes more apparent we assess what direction russia might take. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news has been covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and researchers gather in brazil to address
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a critical issue in march on al-jazeera facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. have any civilians left eastern ghouta nad transport awaits but there's no way out of the reality of the partial pause and fighting in syria's eastern.


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