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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping you want it's about creative thinkers shaping their continence future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera . we don't regard that as the behavior of a responsible international player the animation of a nuclear attack on america that's triggering a new war of words with russia. i'm
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not matheson this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the number of wounded and dead keeps rising in syria's eastern ghouta when there's meant to be a partial ceasefire. nicholas matilda's fragile foothold on power by a delayed vote could help the president's chances of reelection plus. a blog called oh. taking a more treacherous turn a warning more people will be killed in the east of the east storm sweeping europe . two of the world's super powers are flexing their military muscle russia's president has showcased his nuclear weapons arsenal that amir putin says it'll make russia invincible the u.s. has reacted to the threat by approving plans to sell more than two hundred anti-tank missiles to ukraine and is accusing russia of violating global arms
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treaties. i certainly did not enjoy watching we don't regard that as the behavior of a responsible international player president putin has confirmed what the united states government has known for a long time that russia has denied prior to this that russia has developed been developing destabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations president trump understands the threats facing america and our allies in this in this century and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength u.s. defense capabilities are and were main second to none without any approach in unveiled the missiles during his annual state of the nations for each raising concerns of a new arms race with the west on the whole reports from moscow. been our isn't and the speech that it seemed relentlessly domestic suddenly took an explosive turn. no one expected let me at putin's annual address to parliament to involve advanced
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missile systems and strategic weapons and maybe talk of job creation and bit of roads in the years ahead it was a response he said to years of unchecked advances by the united states in missile defense. russia has always been a big nuclear states you know wanted to speak constructively with us in the past and no one to to listen well listen to us now one missile in development putin explained could travel the globe with unlimited range and entirely undetected by radar defense systems because three weeks before the presidential election it was all greeted with ecstatic applause by russia's political elite president putin made a strong message to. the russian audience which can be spelled out as the fall of end of the situation in the world this prevents reus surrounded by a dressers but you have. to be rest assured that deal the country is run
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by a person whose name is of like you're a poet and. you will have nothing to worry about as well as showcasing these extraordinary new defense capabilities let me a putin speech was full of inspiring promises of investment lifting people out of poverty improving their lives in what was expected to be his last major speech before the election this was putin presented to the russian people as a pillar of political stability economic stability and perhaps above all security its full impact may have been intended for a domestic audience but there was more than a hint of menace in putin's warning that any outside threat would be met with annihilation russia's current defense spending is only about one tenth of that of the united states obviously combined defense spending. is even much larger than that of the u.s.
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the trump administration announced plans to increase defense spending. and russia with its economic conditions is unlikely to be able to spend much more than it currently does. i don't think there will be a real arms race after eighteen years in power this was a mere putin reminding russians that their country is a world power once again the strength of its conventional military on full display in syria he said its nuclear capabilities now soon to be more than a match for us might join a home al jazeera moscow lawrence korb is a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense and he says the announcements a tactical move by putin ahead of the election and it's unlikely the new weapons exist. no indication that all of these things he's talking about are coming to for wishin or anywhere close to being ready to be deployed because he'd have to be
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doing testing which we would be able to monitor i think he was basically saying don't worry everything's under control nobody's going to push us around and here are some of the new things that we're talking about and i think it was also a response to president trump talking about rebuilding the american nuclear arsenal and talking about building two new types of nuclear weapons the new start interesting enough that puts a limit on the long range missiles went into effect on february fifth and that limits the amount the ploy nuclear weapons to fifteen hundred fifty on both sides there is a concern about the i and therefore intermediate nuclear forces treaty but none of these weapons he was talking about today had anything potent is also obsessed with our missile defenses which he thinks are against him no we're putting more missile defenses in cause we're worried about north korea that's why we're you know beefing
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up our missile defense systems but he thinks it might negate his nuclear weapons and then we could take advantage of them there's been more bloodshed a nice areas eastern who said despite russian inforced partial ceasefire at least one thousand nine hundred seventy s. were killed in the rebel held on klav and russian and syrian government air strikes on thursday age groups say more than six hundred people have died in nearly three weeks in a heart of reports from beirut in the burning lebanon. eastern hooters the last major rebel stronghold around the capital damascus un satellite assessment of sixty two point five square kilometers of the enclave shows major damage in most areas the offensive is the latest in a series of attempts by the government to recapture eastern huta but it is being described as the deadliest the opposition controlled area has been under siege since two thousand and thirteen. this is a checkpoint through which civilians have been told to leave eastern it's day three
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of the five hours humanitarian pause no aid has entered no medical cases evacuated and no civilians have left the besieged enclave apart from an elderly pakistani couple and the residents say they don't trust the truce. we will never leave our homes i hope god will take revenge against them we will die under what. they open the crossings but you cannot trust them they open them and then they bomb them they want to displace us now russia is calling its daily humanitarian pause a failure president vladimir putin is blaming the rebels for preventing civilians from leaving and the russian officer is warning the truce may not last if there are no results the russian government could be sending a message that the relentless bombardment on eastern during the first week of the military campaign could resume civilians are dying even with the pause in the fighting but before the temporary truce took effect dozens were killed on
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a daily basis. doctors say the medical situation is desperate even before the latest bombing campaign began the u.n. repeatedly requested permission from the government to evacuate hundreds of patients who needed medical care now the list includes one thousand names people who were wounded in the assault that i started i loved it in the past ten days there was a lot of pressure on medical care and we have large numbers of were injured and now seem to us there are thousands of wounded and more than five hundred martyrs there is a shortage of medical supplies. three main rebel factions are proposing taking out fighters linked to the former al qaida affiliate or front as a way to stop the government assault the pro-government alliance wants. to leave. we will be ready to discuss our repeat any options which will neutralize the terrorists stop their activity if they can be taken out somewhere we will not bad
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but this all must be discussed we will be ready to discuss any options which first of all help to save people's lives. there has been limited advances in ground fighting but the front lines are not just on the edges of the enclave residential neighborhoods are also under fire the syrian government and its allies don't seem willing to compromise for them this is the final battle for eastern. senator their leader. for the north and offering a truck convoy carrying aid for fifty thousand people has been allowed into the area it's the first since the turkish offensive against kurdish wipe fighters began in january. of it has more from gaza into southern border with syria. more details of deaths despair and misery out of eastern huta as this united nations security council resolution passed on saturday continues to go ignored by warring sides we've been hearing from the ground more reports of more attacks
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artillery shells an air strikes happening in residential areas people saying that everywhere is a frontline in eastern guta activists on the ground saying that the net now the death toll that has been climbing in the last few days has gone over the grim mark of six hundred people more than six hundred people have been killed in eastern route the very people have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen food aid and medical supplies have been very limited and they've been waiting on these promises that have been reiterated by the syrian government today as well that aid will be allowed in but so far no aid has come in and none of the evacuations have happened in for the north of syria in the are free region we've been hearing that the international committee of the red cross has been able to take aid inside africa this is an area which has been under attack by turkish military as well as turkish backed rebels who will be trying to take this area from kurdish right from the fighters who they call terrorists this aid that has been provided by the
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i.c.r.c. makes the first convoy this air that has gone into help about fifty thousand people in the rough area and it's surrounding people who've been displaced in the not just the last few months since turkey began its operation in january but also earlier where they have been displaced by the because of the fighting with isis and in other areas across the turkey syria border this aid will be provided to people predominantly to try and give them much needed help against the very bitter winter but they have been saying that they need more and they need this aid to continue the u.n. envoy to syria is urging all sides to implement a cease fire across the country which the u.n. security council unanimously approved last week. we will continue asking until we are ready in the face blue in the face for both sides i see both sides because they have been on both sides surely not comparable in terms of proportion but they have
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been both sides to stop shelling each of those areas and for convoys to be allowed to get to. in particular because this otherwise becomes the copy cut off a lip book. as well as not presidential elections being postponed by a month the decision follows an agreement between the government and opposition parties president plans to run for a second six year term against a background of severe economic problems that is a bow as more venezuela is expected to elect a new president this year but the date of when the elections are expected to take place has been changed once again. this year the government announced they would happen on april twenty second but now they're expected to happen in may. where it is establishing the agreement for the election to be in the second half of the next month may of two thousand and eighteen there is no other alternative the only
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option is an election critics accuse the authorities of shifting the vote forward to wrong foot the opposition to improve president we'll action chances the leading opposition coalition is boycotting the poll describing it as a farce to legitimize a dictatorship however one presidential hopeful and the falcon has already launched his candidacy and. that's the government that we want for venezuela a government of national unity that includes and doesn't exclude a government that can save us from this misery from this tragedy this debacle that the government has turned us into i repeat this incapable inept government. that's what we want for venezuela and that's why we're here at the national council and we demand all these conditions. on a fifty six year old former state governor believes he can win by taking advantage of widespread dissatisfaction with the ruling socialist over venice way less dire
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economic crisis that have millions struggling for food and medicines. to strongest opposition rivals among them former presidential candidate and they kick up i barred from standing the united states a sole so considering imposing sanctions against government due to what it says are unfair conditions for the presidential vote for venezuela it is and now there are attempts from the u.s. to interfere in the country and its avowing to hold the presidential vote in spite of the criticism from abroad. still ahead an al-jazeera the controversial video showing israeli soldiers beating a palestinian man just hours before he died in custody. warnings of a potential trade war with china as the u.s. sharpens its stance on steel imports.
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from the waves of the soon. to the contours of the east. that are there for some of us in china that's quite a big change in the weather on its way and it's all thanks to the wind direction you can see it on friday all feeding up from the south and that is dragging in some from malda as so the top temperature in hong kong will be around twenty two degrees in shanghai will still be suffering out around ten here on friday the story a fair amount of cloud of rain around that looks like the weather is likely to stick about as we head into saturday look at that shanghai up at twenty two degrees they really quite mild for us seventy two in fahrenheit a bit further towards the south and for many of us here we've seen a fair amount of cloud of rain recently feel a showers here on the satellite picture so in the northern parts of the philippines we've seen some fine dry weather that's also extending through many parts of vietnam as well little bit more cloud across vietnam there for friday but the
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wettest of the weather is a bit further to was the south some of us in indonesia really does look very wet and that's going to stick around during the day on saturday for the west a handful of showers making its way just about on to the north coast of java now as we head a bit further towards the west is that wet weather making its way across parts of pakistan and into the northern parts of india so say given a fair amount of snow more wintery weather to come on friday for the south along just the chance of a shower there in parts of sri lanka there with sponsored by the time race. violence and discrimination are all too familiar. to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind because. they're looking to take a journey and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers comic con witness at this time on and is eating.
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watching all of us in a reminder of our top stories this hour president vladimir putin has revealed that russia has developed nuclear weapons that he says khan's be intercepted the u.s. is accusing the russians of violating global arms treaties it's responded by approving plans to sell anti-tank missiles to ukraine. the russian and syrian government air strikes have killed at least nineteen people in the rubble how don't claim the recent protests on thursday this and u.n. footage shows some of the damage caused since december. venezuela's presidential elections been postponed by
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a month to may the decision follows an agreement between the government and opposition parties to give candidates more time to campaign president nicolas maduro is running for a second. but there's a causing widespread destruction across europe for the third day britain has issued its most severe weather alerts at least forty people have died across europe the sun you're going to go reports. if the first day of march is supposed to him to the spring to come there's little evidence of it here after a visit from the beast from the east the worst storm to hit britain in seventeen years even chaos in its wake many train services ground to a halt in scotland more than three hundred people were stranded on this highway some for up to twenty hours in their cars all before with your brother mark all conditions so bad that the first minister nicholas sturgeon even urge people not to travel. schools in the worst affected areas have to close some make the most of it
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. others gave up fighting against the conditions i phoned in to work so i can like them stuck in the draft. so. i really don't think we're going to be. so good through trade treaty because they've got through and i write this trick britain's meteorological office has issued a red warnings throughout the country meaning a risk to life as the siberian storefront is set to collide with storm heading north from the atlantic snowstorms of this a varity are highly unusual in europe at this time of the year and it affected countries all the way from the far north down to the mediterranean it may look pretty but these storms have been highly disruptive and dangerous all over the continent flights were cancelled and airports closed from switzerland to island
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with thousands of homes were left without electricity and people were advised to stay at home dozens of people mainly rough sleepers have been reported dead across europe even venice the city of canals didn't escape the big freeze it's historic buildings and monuments blanketed and white the waterways still flowing just about . and in parts of croatia a road maintenance team even used explosives. to remove piles of snow with more gales a blaze it's expected over the next couple of days the west may not be out of a yet sunny al-jazeera london seven people have been arrested in slovakia in connection with the death of a journalist police raided houses linked to alleged members of the italian mafia in two titans the man aged between twenty six and sixty two are being held suspects twenty seven year old young krycek was shot dead on sunday he'd been investigating alleged high level corruption and my feelings in slovakia new footage has emerged
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of israeli soldiers beating and kicking a palestinian man just before he died in custody and is really human rights group says the man didn't receive proper medical attention for twenty five minutes his family is considering legal action before such reports from jericho in the occupied west bank. yes seen our saudi runs at israeli soldiers carrying a large iron rod one fires at close range he's kicked and beaten he grabs a rifle barrel and is dragged off the street into an alleyway now another video released by the israeli human rights group at selham shows what happened next damningly they say it was essentially nothing no proper medical attention for twenty five minutes as he lay bleeding on the ground they are kicking him they are beating him with their rifles dragging him into the alley as though he wasn't a human being let alone a wounded person and for very long in crucial minutes they avoid providing him
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with any medical treatment a sorry he had been involved in confrontations before shot and wounded in two thousand and two thousand and four in this case he was eventually carried to an army jeep and later pronounced dead and initial investigation said the probable cause was tear gas inhalation a further investigation into the shooting and the behavior of army medics is now underway israeli media citing sources close to the soldiers say they weren't aware of his injury and couldn't see in the dark that he was bleeding so this is the only way in question yassin are sarah who was shot at and was beaten by israeli soldiers at the corner there before being dragged in here his family say he was aiming for that doorway the doorway to his uncle's house his uncle's family says soldiers searched the property demanding id papers as the group of local men began throwing rocks from the street nearby in a statement the israeli military said a military police investigation has been opened which includes investigating the
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circumstances of his death as well as performing an autopsy meanwhile the full operational de-briefing of the event is ongoing. in jericho yes you know saudi's mother is still receiving mourners a week on from osama's death israeli army has yet to hand over his body. they could have had him but not like that imprisoned him i wish they had but don't kill him and withhold his body they didn't rescue him my darling i keep thinking of that he called for me when they had this is a young mother of god knows what he said my beloved son. i sardi's family say they're considering legal action over his death before that their priority is to be able to bury him are a force that al-jazeera jericho in the occupied west bank. u.s. politicians are having another look at gun laws soft on the school shooting in florida in which seventeen people died there's been talk of change before but this time the campaign seems to be making headway john hendren has the story.
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across the u.s. a crusade by the country's young is pushing for gun control the youth of our nation are shaming the adult world into action in florida the teenage survivors of the parkland high school shooting are pressing state lawmakers devote on a new three day waiting period and raising the age limit to buy a gun in oregon the state legislature is barring stockers and domestic abusers from owning firearms and in illinois the state house is backing a new law to license all gun sellers restrict sales of assault weapons in ban bump stocks. which allow a semi automatic weapon to fire almost like an automatic this is a watershed moment in illinois history after a long long dry spell. without any comprehensive gun legislation the teams of parkland florida and their classmates across the country are doing what u.s. lawmakers and gun control advocates for decades have failed to do forcing the beginnings of change it shows that with really local strategic work on the
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part of our representatives in states you can actually get something done but you have to be very deliberate about it the biggest fan of the second amendment even gun friendly president donald trump is proposing limiting access to guns for the mentally ill and raising the age limit for assault weapons so i'm just curious as to what you did in your bill you know he didn't he didn't dress in this present what i think you want is your friend of the n.r.a. . that has put the powerful national rifle association on the defensive they want to sweep right under the carpet the failure of school security the failure of family. the failure of america's mental health system on capitol hill there is tentative talk of change there are things that we can do that have widespread bipartisan support that we can act on that we can get passed that will actually
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make a difference. but these student activists and other americans have heard talk of change after almost every school shooting without national action to follow it up this time some young americans insist they are taking no chances pressing for a change in u.s. gun laws state by state john hendren al-jazeera chicago u.s. president donald trump says he'll impose steep new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports and he's announced a twenty five percent levy on steel imports and a ten percent tariff on imported all the many a while meeting industry officials at the white house tops promising to rebuild the steel and aluminum industries saying other countries have treated them on fairly for decades christensen only has more from new york. president trump's decision to raise tariffs was not unexpected and not without criticism this is an issue that he talked about on the campaign trail when he. promised to bring back business from
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china and rip up what he considered bad trade deals he met earlier on thursday with representatives of the steel industry who complained that imports in their business have flooded the market and lowered prices what was unexpected in this announcement however were the specific details that the president let slide as the meeting was coming to an and the twenty five percent increase for steel tariffs and ten percent for aluminum this seemed to catch his staff off guard sarah huckabee sanders said she didn't have details in terms of whether or not those increases would apply to all steel imports or just chinese ones and canada for one has expressed its concern saying that any increase would be unacceptable the european union also other trading partners worried about the impact this will have and even members of the president's own party have expressed their disapproval worrying that this move could spark a trade war but the president his own administration still in battled with a
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a russia investigation and the departure of his communications director took this move too which has been promised to some of his strongest supporters and appears to be an attempt to appeal to some of the strongest supporters they've been very unfairly treated by bad policy by bad trade deals by other countries they've been horribly treated by other countries. they have not been properly represented more importantly because of that our workers in our country have not been properly represented the president's announcement sent steelmakers stock prices soaring but was bad for the markets overall the dow jones industrial average closed down more than four hundred points and more than one point seven percent. on the day the president said a formal announcement will be coming in a week presumably will get more details about the tariffs at that time as well the u.s. ambassador to mexico has announced a resignation made strained relations between the two countries are about to
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jacobson told embassy staff should leave the post in may ties between the two neighbors have been tense with president tom pledging to build a border wall hindus in the majority pakistan a celebrating the start of a holy the festival of colors. the ancient tradition marks the beginning of spring hundreds of people gathered at a temple in the port city of karachi indians make up only about three percent of pakistan's population ali is many of us up to india nepal and sri lanka. this is all just zero these are the top stories president vladimir putin has revealed that russia has developed nuclear weapons that he says can't be intercepted you know this one does raise concerns of a new arms race with the west the u.s.
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is accusing russia of violating global arms treaties and responded by approving plans to sell antitank missiles to ukraine president putin has confirmed with the united states government has known for a long time that russia has denied prior to this that russia has developed been developing destabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations russian and syrian government air strikes have killed at least nineteen people in the rebel held on flavor of eastern ghouta this u.n. footage it shows some of the damage caused since december the deaths are happening despite a daily five hour ceasefire to let civilians leave the area. further north enough freen a truck convoy carrying aid for fifty thousand people has been allowed into the area it's the first since the turkish offensive against kurdish y p g fighters began in january venezuela's presidential election has been postponed by
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a month to made the decision follows an agreement between the government and opposition parties to give candidates more time to campaign president because little is running for a second term. u.s. president donald trump says he'll imposed on steel and aluminum imports he's announced a twenty five percent levy for steel imports and a ten percent out of foreign imported oil you many i'm promising to rebuild the american steel and aluminum industries saying other countries have treated them unfairly for decades the u.s. ambassador to mexico has announced her resignation amid a strained relations between the two countries roberta jacobson told embassy staff to leave the post in may the ties between the two neighbors have been tense with president trump pledging to build a border wall blizzards are causing widespread destruction across europe for the third day at least forty people have died across the continent heavy snow falls calls to road and airport closures in france and switzerland the u.k.
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and ireland have issued their most severe weather alerts those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera its inside story about. a leaked un report blames regional powers for much of the violence in libya the u.a.e. and egypt are singled out for supplying weapons to rival armed groups in violation of un sanctions so what can be done to stop this this is inside story.


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