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tv   The Great Population Exchange  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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life behind the bags for india's lady cops. at this time and i just see that. al-jazeera. where ever you want. your child deserves the whole robin and all these are all top news stories russia's president vladimir putin has unveiled plans for the development of its nuclear weapons arsenal the announcement has raised concerns of a new arms race with the west the us is accusing russia of violating global arms treaties and responded by a preview in plans to sell antitank missiles to ukraine. president putin has
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confirmed what the united states government has known for a long time that russia has denied prior to this that russia has developed been developing destabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations but was called as a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he says the announcements a tactical move by putin ahead of the election later this month that it's unlikely the new weapons exist. no indication that all of these things he's talking about are coming to for wishin or anywhere close to being ready to be deployed because he'd have to be doing testing which we would be able to monitor i think he was basically say don't worry everything's under control nobody's going to push us around and here are some of the new things that we're talking about and i think it was also a response to president trump talking about rebuilding the american nuclear arsenal
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and talking about building two new types of nuclear weapons the new start interesting enough that it's puts a limit on the long range missiles went into effect on february fifth and that limits the amount the ploy nuclear weapons to fifteen hundred fifty on both sides there is a concern about the i and therefore intermediate nuclear forces treaty but none of these weapons he was talking about today had any. post is also obsessed with our missile defenses which he thinks are against him no we're putting more missile defenses in cause we're worried about north korea that's why we're you know beefing up our missile defense systems but he thinks it might negate his nuclear weapons and then we could take advantage of them australian prime minister malcolm turnbull has rejected new zealand support of a nuclear provision treaty he so says told with his counterpart to send in sydney
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the two leaders say that they have conflicting views on the nuclear ban we will continue to be advocates around and nuclear. presentations we asked seeking to expedite the ratification of that agreement but that's obviously a domestic matter for us and one that we advocate internationally not in any one particular territory with one particular leader. everyone would like to aspire to a world which is free of nuclear weapons but we have to focus in the here and now it's our perspective in a very clear eyed pragmatic way on preventing proliferation whether it's in the korean peninsula or elsewhere and in doing so we obviously have to work very closely with the existing nuclear powers including our great ally the united states
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russian and syrian government air strikes have killed at least nineteen people in the rebel held enclave of eastern cooter this u.n. footage shows some of the damage caused since december the deaths are happening despite a five daily ceasefire to civilians leave the area. also three people have died in a suicide bombing in afghanistan as capital police say an explosion was heard in an area close to the foreign embassies in kabul the blast happened two days after president of the offer to start peace talks with the taliban also venezuela's presidential election has been disposed by a month to date the decision follows an agreement between the government and opposition parties to give candidates more time to campaign present nicolas maduro is running for a second term. u.s. president donald trump says he'll opposed new tariffs on steel an element of imports he's announced a twenty five percent levy for steel imports and a ten percent tariff on alan minium trump is promising to rebuild the american steel and elevate new industries those were the headlines the news continues in
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half an hour with martine dennis but we continue here on ars there with a great population exchange. there was a joke bigger in there. in the novella about some in the middle i may get a spot in there get about that in the us most news on the top of this must. have
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both the photo tied down and i mean bob i'm on a chain and get a dime out of the. most that make it teeth in your one month he can polish. it really good play your given topic then you're not getting the mean good middle aged jazz mossad with if you guys are going to go have a go at where the civil wasn't about history and that act like to call it system now but it does that because he is shawn i never will find jeff there is in the sort of. the tickets think that talk practically. no go there no service there just everything. you do so you should never say the kid never did get through the room. but. but she did.
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or does a good job of this is bizarre. she used to predict . sort of but it was. has that they on the get in the bed and up the commute three didn't sit did they miss a bill of good. didn't get through life on those are the gold of the know who did it aka that you david. never gonna put up to their petty clerk in a cup of. the better so from now know all the giver but after that the net is bitter good enough for siberia everyone on a barricade that bin laden crowned after that event. in the early twentieth century
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iran's two million muslims and greet often talks christians travelled enormous distances often in terrible conditions from one country to the other both directions in one of the great population movements of modern tellings yang run in the. guise of a sadat a get upset. for a misstep. of the good job might see only she could. only be for a. get out to see him pick up show that the emotion of the south. on the planet know myself and kill its present other than that i'm a mother telling you all the old rabbit the morning oh she don't shine it mimic it of that particular you must have clothes that are much to their trick on those shows are going to get this in the middle of the bubbles of the misery or the dirty
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set of bases and all their show which i thought he would look at the real the doctor and then get out of the aisle of the head. headed you know it's done in and out of the lot. of out of the dead the up the clergy that are not to the name that is on the kitchen of the glue. to get did you really need any gear bisht learned. or yeah danger the erosion. but i pushed. the dogs christian and muslim communities live together under autumn and rule for centuries although not always peacefully. but the rise of nation states including
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greece and gradual decline of the autumn an empire created new tensions. the greek war of independence from the ottomans was fought between eight hundred twenty one and eight hundred thirty two and the greek state found. the ottoman empire continued to decline throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century and in the balkan wars of nine hundred twelve and thirteen the ottomans lost nearly all the remaining territories in this region. muslim minorities who remained in the balkans and greece began to suffer persecution and expulsion. large numbers of muslims were expelled or killed. in one nine hundred thirteen the ottomans also began the expulsion of up to two hundred thousand greek off the docks christians from the aegean region saying that they were
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a security threat. when the autumn of those were defeated in world war one in one thousand nine hundred eighty the european allies maneuvered to divide up their old empire under a series of treaties and agreements as a result of the greek army occupied smyrna and the surrounding area in may nine hundred nineteen triggering a three year war. the killings and massacres continued on both sides. however in one thousand nine hundred twenty two the greeks were forced to withdraw by the turkish nationalist forces of most of a comma ataturk. at the conference of laws than the nine hundred twenty two and twenty three britain france italy and turkey meant to agree and new regional order the conference addressed the difficult relationship between greece and turkey and as part of the treaty. agreed. the forced expulsion of greek orthodox
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christians from turkey and the expulsion of a lower number of muslims from greece. two million people were forced to undertake painful and dangerous journey on foot by train and by sea for the next three years. no one consulted the ordinary people affected by this momentous decision and caught up in the opinion even though their identities as greeks and turks christians and muslims were far more blurred than the terms of the agreement assuming. the ships involved in this mammoth operation were full to overflowing the elderly and the young east specially suffered because of the shocking travel conditions. when the exchanges arrived at their destinations they faced serious problems
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integrating into their new communities and some of their social problems have persisted to the present day. miss harrison a lot of those are the. good of it why didn't you hear it was a little bit then as you alluded you dish it joel and the loose roll of it cost a lot to learn that you're clueless. check it out you love build a shuttle or so here it is a ship workers should do what it is that it is illegal that trucks will to live you also look to. give me do a little bit corporately there is over. which stubs i should as she will other then him by name in daily gillick will give individual it. will not yet another name and be recruited should
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not. sure bull shack you know a lot of them dealing in the let the clock strike sure sure is in big trouble with the target. newman talking has donated items his family brought with them from greece to the population exchange museum in istanbul the building housing the museum was built in one thousand nine hundred thirteen and was once a greek to verna and then a bank in the one nine hundred sixty s. it opened to the public as the first population exchange museum in turkey in twenty ten it's managed by mugu took here and she and her husband and many are descended from exchange people. her paternal great grandmother came to turkey from greece in the one nine hundred twenty three exchange of actually two years ago ma. nomic they
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don't really have it in the form the all the returns are at. and then neither chance on the last one and shake it again and i miss this one question life. if. one we call this the father. things are. you know in general now it's the time to quickly folk up can the love aka the last word your guiding all orange and bunch of dogs are told. no that one in the home enjoy around with. that moment of being new and they mean yuck to them on the way out. the zakah while the music was on the invisible moment when in some lads it done to gleeful new. the first clause in the luzon exchange agreement says that these persons shall not return to live in turkey or greece respectively
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without the authorization of the turkish government or the greek government. the political tension between turkey and greece for much of the past century meant that it was very difficult for exchange people and their families to visit their ancestral homes until the one nine hundred ninety s. . this can do so i has been doing research into the exchange treaty for seventeen years he's travelled forty thousand kilometers between turkey and greece and met two hundred twenty five first generation exchange emails his findings are published in a series of six books. possibly because you. get a debate about what happened is that the it your larger your larger we're going although that might make it they get rid of them in your deck there may be a ticket in there not just so you don't know but are there let me get there it
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would have to. take effect then i would argue that if you have to overdo arjen going to get you know that i don't know whether you actually have that or little bit of a lot of earth and that direct that there is less in the. extreme g.'s like john who had to leave greece in one thousand nine hundred twenty three for turkey were obviously originally greek speakers and it was hard for that first generation to learn turkish having grown up with greek as their native language. while perth and they're there. they're now allowed in there again you know. where you're going where that i am living my flat and then. going to their. third or third and fourth. keep it that it. isn't even in there or that area and i got that on them bumped up believe me
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a lot of the sort of bumbled other than the bomb are never should have burned but the member got there just and i got them. there may have been big game if i owned my yard because john that's one know what the lot of em when i'm at sound limit that bump bump other cause damage then sun the last sunday i'll dump the color misc . members to numb the cork on all the bubble manoƫl to love the job well give it some the limits in there well no of that lot of us got to say how they love mum all the muslim the monthly honestly little yellow she got here somebody and they did on the river last week to some she didn't know. and the skaters that they know of the little condition going to live a number of the can do. or
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a lot of them. and they did in the name and now that you. should get your letter that they're young they had a question i think yeah yeah company b. she didn't need killing the new one can't get in and nothing or question question. remarked and could cause then that douche in there could have been there done that miracle the like a ten to me and b. cannot be seen peachy did they were these really do you do it in your four hundred detainees that they didn't trick you didn't yet treat. them alert so innocent of mice and barbarism that the. real liberal scum of a soulless tell a small world all i get the sun are tantric took the. you know if you had you had those great again i think they gave me a psalm of better talk about this shoulders that have said. that is the end.
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to the end of that i visit that he didn't help much. and the name is asked to come back to have me there and in the end on that they're good because dr done that god this image that done the flock you have been a man you have not been what you've got to do because but you know tomorrow so i never thought about government no no i don't don't look to you to. show you they're dying they're not up at your door marked either. get tickets now. she needed to hear that because of the budget of what's going to start done it dislikes cost a lot of dead deal with stuff we left in the bargain that will look good it was easy to live up libby because it was a relief because it over but given the two kids were just out of a district and the other chair then you had a lot of it in
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a tricky set it mish you admit it to your very soul what's on the chinook when you had to learn it in the lead you're going to start as editor you need to targeted toward it what's on the schmidt loopers or cox opened up i didn't get involved with a book but i did. a lot of space with the. bank. and she said you know. we did all them getting to me get the deal only sure let me into all. the discs that's really the play deals. now you need my question has a little minuses given for jack one year which says that you have seen exactly when all of them are. now greek and turkish exchange ease and their families are traveling to where they originated including this group from istanbul. the same selfie is ninety seven and traveling with his son i can't. vet and her
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daughter belle game shook iran and her husband ali and norman and his wife i know that they are all second generation exchange ease. emery is third generation and his wife is fourth generation even must come to. the end of the plate. in the. old and be at least. a little. but she really should be listening. to them thank god i think you know despite the fact that it's pure made them mad over nothing. and it and i like a good death and xan my name turned it up
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a little bit that's a joke but really don't want all the fuss. with a new career who will no longer. would look to lucia. through the night lives to be there by yadav the mini make up a good god to meet. you should i think you could more easily fit a hundred here. it is says i if you. could. hear. schumacher fuck. varvara and out of ways i mean young i mean you alarm also must really be of all know your only safe little of.
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coca-cola and. that i'm name isn't a quitter. on my god lives. b. david you know i think obviously those are tougher than most. of them like all the good. guys are going there larry you were right there also i thought it was a learning in the doing this is really i think it was the beginning i mean it will be the only decree it will not be mueller to be made that gets the depth of all that and. all of that all of it all up here is like you think i would think everything might get. your. job.
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i'm. told is not. man they can't legislate meaning medevacked on pomo and says that and that chucky. will and some won't. be seen on terms of sun you. know you can always end up possibly not presuming about that many of us through the unity that you lent he's a nice zim was one of the given bishop who are so you. i only meant to do with those that let him to get it and would understand us with it you won't be here for the abduction of political. jokes either is to close out of those critical in istanbul you like to get it
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thank. you no laws because hello love yes i do you differ with him i did so as the fuck was a. joke got across that idea for what i believe a little yours. thank you thank. you you. thank . but act alone gave them the bubbling ducat yappin even as a bit of the cause them do it or they didn't you got the beat all the movie is the
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lead did you give you that a top of the. oh they are you big but i could get to do us. a lot of jim well one joke that. joke um yeah there is a man on the road yeah they're all that good then as. the the the thing that. their bus is now driving toward was. now known as plot on yeah the village where most of its father left. down. in the obamacare negative he's on the on the list up like me yet if it turned out to a little bit soft i don't get it. i never found it but that's. going to be you know
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i've been there dad not a good deal the beginning of the year the good that anything you came to me and a good long of it didn't i didn't get the meaning until i did love love eat the palm up it did it and it is. coming up modified searches for how mothers house and plot and. a group of exchanges from greece and their families make a reciprocal trip to turkey. and letter to mike to god to come never to get the desert the goodies so. that it is all because all my good men never did that but i am the god. does this and that get cities all sick god loved us of this think of the love the dizziness and the go. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always
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possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as opposed to. the crowds in tahrir square to appear. as. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we're able to cover news like no other news organizations. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. too often on the streets of india. are victims but
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a new force is that place. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's. at this time either. hello i'm a fiend in this endeavor and these are the top stories here at al-jazeera russia's president vladimir putin has unveiled plans for the development of its nuclear weapons arsenal the announcement has raised concern of the new arms race with the west the us has accused russia of violating global arms treaties it certainly did
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not enjoy watching we don't regard that as the behavior of a responsible international player president putin has confirmed with the united states government has known for a long time that russia has denied prior to this that russia has developed been developing destabilizing weapon systems for more than a decade in direct violation of its treaty obligations president trump understands the threats facing america and our allies in this in this century and is determined to protect our homeland and preserve peace through strength u.s. defense capabilities are and will remain second to none president trump says he'll impose steep new tariffs on steel and elam in new mim poults he's announced a twenty five percent levy for a seal and ten percent on a new mr trump is promising to rebuild the american steel and dollar menu industries saying other countries have treated them unfairly for decades russian
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and syrian government airstrikes have killed at least nineteen people in the rebel held district of eastern ghouta this u.n. footage shows some of the damage cool since december the deaths are happening despite a daily five hour ceasefire to let civilians leave the area further north in afrin a truck convoy carrying aid for fifty thousand people has been allowed in is the first since the turkish offensive against kurdish why p.g. fighters began in january. two days president. by the president. to make a decision. between the government. to give. the
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these visitors to grieve include survivors of the massive upheaval in the one nine hundred twenty s. in which greece turkey exchange large numbers of greek orthodox christians and muslims. they and their families prevented from returning to the places they only regionally came from until twenty years ago. i don't. think they're doing. that i made the call from sudan i don't i mean even if you know me there's no way i'm missing never read about it you know that i'm with you if you hadn't been there
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a lot of wondering if that of that if i was lucky. enough to be with you know i am really i'm sure you know that we are to never ever see how can i get out of it that i had in the u.s. is that what you do you get to make this doing. anything. she know that you love and i do not really love the u.k. completely you. know. i did not hear your flu then. oh no now. here i am i don't think i ever got. out i don't know what i'd like to clarify that . they didn't bother that it's not arduous they chase my honor to scream so i. wanted to do that. to the service let you know and that is
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a take it makes you on. that yeah definitely i do have more faith in the. look on and his family also came from the same village as most vets mug. and when you see the miscue when you see they're good and it was them who is immune to all of that they said let me tell you know the drill i'm going i'm alone and there's a good and i want to look closer but. will notice individual will still be seen given. that most of the old properties in the village had been knocked down so we was impossible for shook on and on to find. us. a little bit in time. but i was in the glare and the
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good news. they had well i think you know the guys in the cells and they get this thing oh i get. too caught. up. in. the. binnacle of all of the deal and then we go on the real i don't know i guess. the wolf i think all of them look like they've been. to a concert. and used it with get me to feel like yeah i did. yeah to take you down you saw a lot of you because i saw on t.v. sort of like invitation is there i'm john was look i name is there but was like rush rush to keep it it will that they really believed. in him and yet i think a lot of people i didn't usually goes there studied i don't. take that to learn.
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i don't you didn't go to political pressure but i quickly learned that get arrested dead yet if you don't look shocked. the population exchange involved around two million people half a million muslims moving from greece to turkey and one and a half million greek orthodox christians going in the opposite direction. the
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resulting social and psychological scars have been slow to heal a group representing greek exchange ease visited turkey as part of a cultural project supported by the european union. no miss of the process that i managed to sear little but as with i wouldn't give it a rest in it will you. see what i mean that's it's it look at s e at this so much less if you have a thought the i get on i get on with all of us and want the top up was more it ended up this. executed before though it's in wichita there's always many or usually after. you should know my guess is going to want to go on and look at me. but now you who don't know shit can with i said this but i was as much but now you are almost under one almost a lot of other. little open air fish in a vision with
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a mark you should put your career was a very planned out as is make a serious. but this really early so it also had i os kind of yes i was kind of gas not a fucking up. the homage up again if anybody who doesn't get if given that after would be one years without effort on the phone. it was obvious we were polite but it is in yes. but afaik a thank you at home i. don't care if the guy he happened to visit. was a lease that is. leaving the bill in. to put all the men of the nested in to his dam after. with me some funny thought of on about the way he left the v.m. up to the chemist and then. into voile out of all of the meth but
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he has her. do you know that that if you meet him going to start is with nasty. ed never to medical exam never did get the disease or the kiddies. that it is will all be could all make the many of the nonprofit that of. does this and then get. cities all sick i think of us and though. a single does in a day i'll simply have added. in the morning news not some of those actually named a kid these things he said. in the previous month get the. day
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is that my nose they know them like said me to them but you call crack mayor. would miss it yeah that's the figure i need for make you spin a lot though. right more than your from but then some of them can about their. are you suggesting. you know even call but some of you but i guess you know. i think what it was you know what i think oh yes it's very clear they are giving them. a look or they're making you look that is are really searching the internet out of the church could learn to. not be true oh no i'm going through the motions now looking into getting.
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crushed by the speed. of those tiny bubble to say yeah those it's a figure number the thin you get about that either figure together the evidence i get is somewhat the. but the thing is to. get. down to. that only to go yes. they could use it. he said. he said little girl oh.
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yes yes. this is. what. i'm. after this bethany. and i need to see it from supervisor and see if you can see at me and not you know. take it off it was clear that none of this is someone talking. about the greeks descendants of extremist people hoped to see the huns in turkey where their ancestors were born and grew up but sadly they're no longer standing having been replaced by mortar so. the missing may kill.
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them i was just. there the families have the support of. the foundation of treaty emigrates. and. all the muskets must. be feeling. this. because. this keep up with. maybe. star in that. one must. be some of those most feel yes get it for. yes thank you
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thank you yes. yes . good good and georgia platter would be them as my bed because the desktop at a very difficult time with their wrecked car should i be. going to stand in the front lawn how could this month with the court creature there to be sure all more of them or it could get everybody better get
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a good membership to some on the left and they have the notion to put the a piece can stick on him like that to talk soothing voice i love this sense of place that they focus a on a level song i almost then stake it all soft bellowing that i'm innocent of. in their time when no let me. guess i'm going to get much i did also then hit the good numbers for us to get even they still can they stop with the skeletons holding the oh you'll be able to take it said is that your gun on us oh d. the cop a nazi if he don't get the guy from the ass for my. could give us a dozen of us us about somebody's going to have what is a little bit in this audience but if i set it up it at all about the fault. of the populate are you going to start giving. it a little believe. all the time for
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a huge goddess interview which will be able to be fair like it that you're going to get royally of the docs on the bottom or to be able to see that you really started out in a debatable would have been admitted to schmidle that i did it shock spawn going to be a bitch and they've been busy out there would have pushed the civil government which is a second generation exchange whose parents died without seen their birthplace in greece . he's also had of the foundation of luzon treaty emigrants and n.g.o.s representing the exchange. the group organizes cultural events but also lobbies on housing and education issues. where you're sure that in your own group your column on the level of the president and the muslim numbers are a little. bush going that are pure mud not.
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that i think i think they're going to go up with him although they're going to let out the fellow. cena was finally able to visit the village he was forced to leave over ninety years ago so for him it was about rediscovering his past. but it. will. have a lot. this little
9:50 am
gem to make that he could lead to take up the word. above look beautiful i don't know about. ukraine just did more good rejigger ya circa. for a guy who was not going to have a lot of luck. her grandmother margaret river here. where we're going there's rope is her love. for. her sort of. book all of the members of the little girl he might know me by me then historically they didn't get out they were those who don't know it up the wrong you. are all over healing and everybody will all be there and we've already been through that it is awful i'll do better than you can go to the ring. with earlier but they're probably there will be there are.
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certain sure of her in the. same funds the water fountain in his house used to be he knew the village as. it's now called kind of natty but it's where he was born if you. took him he has to do it again. the way you know it no you knew that. there was a stick were occurring in the rain has kind of worn rolled he has he's not very well you know you're a man i do like you michel yeah and he's that minute and david's and i even the irony is that. oh oh. yes. you know you're living. as she should way they should get over it. yeah
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chuck attitude check at this. he misled about them in the steam i can just came out the night and it's in there the senate i guess as action came chase them less. bomb on base they go out the action that gets at. it keep been there the fight that sex and the question that. you them at the need them joke is that the. earlier ten by now that they've heard every lot them. then maybe it gets picked. out that it will bust. out and that's when. the i get to them and. i get mish that they have
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a fight that. plan on me getting one good deal on kundalini ok they are. all small that really stuck dimitris is here for his grandmother's sake nomen talk yet he's here for his father who died never having been able to revisit the village where he was born just the legions. she truly beautiful because it was. when newman's father was forced to emigrate when ninety years ago he was twenty five. well known even got on to run the monologue would allow the. court of the judge. to put. a bookie in the brush on yeah the big question in the mold let's say then among them
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based on the judge of. well done i am going to not who's that. like a genital. bags with some of it as they are they handle them but. to. look at it in the midst of i dislike it is. look. there's be would be used. by someone. who. looked old.
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so but it isn't going to be look. a little number for you to judge the judge look alike i look at the. gentleman jeff. yeah. he. looks worse than. just did he. this. it's supposed to look. like you're just. like. the last stop in greece for the turkish group was the village once called serious crime now left the village where no man's mother came from. a legacy from being among them. and.
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yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and you know i'm sick i need a new one on us. and i have only that it was to go to going to bring. that you live another reason i. live. for that well this kind of the night of the. bomb would. i don't buy. the bombing if you need be they can give you that if they did not commit should i take them. well of the body let. you get on this you get out of the ship to warm water on one of the search for the soul and something you saw was just one mission is yours here chick you know
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there's a lot you have the higher chance of the spirit that we want almost that it's all of the book but what of those which are so long lost. while these reciprocal visits helping courage understanding between today's turkish and greek communities there's no question that the emotional political and social legacy of the all riginal population exchanges has been painful and very hard for man to overcome. an issue. legend that. i don't see with. all of the full set up.
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for a man who's decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not to be want to present a positive image and choose to steer a typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good on lonely woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera the arab. head over there we've got plenty of wet weather across parts of the middle east at the moment lots of cloud here in the east making its way across parts of afghanistan and further up through tashkent and in south marty and behind it there's a bit of a break before the next system here is making its way across turkey that will make
9:59 am
its way across that caspian sea there for friday still giving a few outbreaks of snow behind it it's a little bit quieter than it has been so many of us seeing some drier weather on saturday twenty one in beirut but do expect the winds to be picking up in the western parts of turkey again with a few outbreaks of rain particularly around the coast now for the south and for us across the arabian peninsula there's a good deal of cloud around for some friday with a chance of one or two showers most likely over parts of the u.a.e. but all of that moves away as we head into saturday and then things will return to normal buddy of sunshine around we're looking at a top temperature doha of around twenty six degrees as we head down towards the southern parts of africa here there's a fair amount of rain it's been very very wet for some of us recently and we've got to watch out for this little circulation here because it's a developing feature and it could turn out to be rather sinister giving us a very heavy rain and some pretty strong winds further south just a handful of showers in the southern parts of madagascar and force across cape town
10:00 am
looks like it should be dry twenty five degrees temperature. just is influencing. the to. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for out in the media or opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. claims of a powerful new career also rattles washington. low enough into the show with al-jazeera live from doha also coming out.


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