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human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene and his reelection becomes more apparent as what direction russia might take . with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being caught. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking leaders and research as governor in brazil to address a. march on al-jazeera. zero . zero zero zero i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in
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the next sixty minutes twenty eight killed and fifty others wounded in coordinating attacks and capital french embassy and army headquarters a targeted. a bombardment of eastern ghouta is getting worse despite a so-called cease fire ordered by russia the u.n. released a satellite imagery. troops to its border with bangladesh triggering fears it plans to expel thousands of refugees living in no man's land. with the day's sport including a limpid gym the only raise money has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. olympic committee saying they knew disgraced dr larry was abusing her and. her first a bikini so where is twenty eight people have been killed in during coordinated attacks on the military headquarters and french embassy in the capital. when to say
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the mosque attackers used guns and explosives cheering the assault on a gaggle has more. plumes of smoke rising above booking a fast says capital the third major assault on the walker dugu in two years. this latest attack conducted by islamic extremist fighters according to the book government coordinated and well planned the targets the army headquarters and the french embassy. seven soldiers were killed at that when a tree h.q. several of those wounded eight attackers were killed by the armed forces but it's not known if there were more people involved witnesses said the attackers had arrived in a pickup truck and started shooting off shouting allahu akbar they set fire to the truck and continued to shoot their video we did hear that. there were a lot of shots fired damage everywhere two policemen went by and near the army
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headquarters there was a car with around four to six people they fired there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired a lot of smoke and then people started running but you know fast says the cation in the sun so hard has made it a target for groups of fighters who operate in the region tens of thousands of people have fled the area because of frequent attacks. last year an al qaeda affiliated group attacked a turkish restaurant in a market killing nineteen people in two thousand and sixteen thirty people died in another assault in a hotel and restaurant in the city the region was once a french colony france now has four thousand troops in the sahara region supporting the armed forces in five countries that the attack is the latest against the country's security forces in a region where violence has increased in recent years. al-jazeera.
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michael caine is a senior political scientist at rand corporation that focuses on security in west africa and france joins me live now from washington thanks very much for taking the time to speak to us so we have to treat the information that we have so far with caution there hasn't been a great deal around the circumstances of the attack from any official sources but looking at the information we do have what are your thoughts on the perpetrators of the attacks we saw and like i do today. unfortunately i'm just going to. repeat your reservation about saying anything definitive about who did this it could be any of a number of suspects there's sort of a cast of usual suspects in the region it could have been groups based out of mali it could have been homegrown but at this point i think it's too early to tell that said i don't think it's actually been determined definitively who was responsible for the attack on the restaurant in august of two thousand and seventeen so it's actually possible that we won't know exactly who was responsible for today's attack
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why now. well there's sort of the one answer is that there's a lot of operations going on right now on mali where the french have really been pushing hard on some the terrorist groups in mali at the same time this is a period of political particular pill political instability in book enough aso there is a major trial of a general who attempted to have a coup d'etat against the government in two thousand fifteen in the trial it started on monday but then was immediately suspended for two weeks so in other words there's sort of the country is a very fragile at the moment at the same time that the french are pushing very hard on islam is elsewhere so this could be simply an act of opportunism given the need to strike back here the vulnerability of the perking up a state and perhaps the inability to strike in mali given the fact that the french are leaning so heavily on the islamists what do you will what is your assessment on
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the way security forces in responded to the attack today. well again it's very hard to tell from afar get the impression that the park cannot be forces did well although there were more casualties one will note at the military headquarters than at the entrance of the french embassy. but in general the cannot be forces with this kind of crisis i think in equip themselves well the larger problem though has to do with their ability to create security on the margins of the country in the periphery where you really have a there's a homegrown growing islamised insurgency particularly in the sunni area in northern faso and that's where the big security forces are having a very difficult time creating security in creating positive relations with the local population some one hand one can say yes they probably quoted themselves well with regard to this particular emergency in the capital but with respect to what's
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going on elsewhere in the country i think that most would agree that the security forces really need a lot of help and they are a long way from being able to handle this kind of threat adequately does that mean that the insurgency is likely to get much was before it gets better and what are the implications of that for security in and around the capital. oh absolutely so these are sort of two separate separate but connected issues the the ability of the brook in a big government to deal with the periphery i think that's the insurgency there is just going to get worse long before that ever gets better with respect to the center probably the security i can imagine it getting better in the center just because that's an easier thing to do it is relatively easy for let's say westerners and french in the u.s. are involved in this to train the security forces in the capital to handle certain
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crises in the capital similar thing is happening in mali were the security forces responsible for security in the couple bhaumik or receiving a lot of attention and frankly are quite good this is what happens outside of the country that's a problem but so long as the rest of the country remains a mess that means that the capital will never be completely secure not withstanding the quality of the security forces there so it's a just a piece of a larger puzzle that is it's a complicated picture but you have helped us to understand it somewhat thank you very much michael ken with the rand corporation there in washington now the u.n. human rights chief says as strikes in the besieged syrian neighborhood of eastern ghouta probably amount to war crimes and should be prosecuted at least twenty two civilians have reportedly been killed as government forces re took more ground from rebel fighters on friday this is the fourth day of a russian backed cease fire between the hours of nine am and two pm each side
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accuses the other of violating the truce well the u.n. has really satellite images of areas around east in showing the destruction in the space of a week i'm joined now by. from the u.n. operational satellite applications program in geneva now we have some images that you have taken that the satellite imagery of eastern can you start by telling us what these images show. well these images shows that there has been increase and. the garment in using ghouta and in particular in duma that to be animal is based on a satellite image taken this morning compared to an image taken on the twenty third oath emperor so what we observe in the imagery is continued. to continue shelling and continued damage to infrastructure in doing this civic ace
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in duma. and now you're able to establish from this imagery what infrastructure where we're talking about here the types of buildings. it can be sometimes difficult to distinguish between residential areas and businesses etc but we do observe damage to a large number of different types of buildings including what seems to be residential areas so it's quite widespread damage that you observe including you know damage to infrastructure where our service roads are areas that cetera. and in the images that you've seen do you find that the damage is widespread over a large area or does it tend to be concentrated in. more smaller parts it does tend to be some work concentrated in the areas that we compared this morning
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we see certain areas where there's severe damage we could go all the areas where there's no damage that we can see in the satellite images certain areas but also let's say but what red damage but that there are definitely areas that the we see you know heavily affected what does the damage indicate about the type of weaponry used. can be difficult to to be absolutely certain there but we we see indications so arrow. or shelling and and in general destruction to infrastructure of course and some of these areas have also been earlier so based on the ticket also sometimes be difficult to distinguish and draw conclusions as to specific. types of weaponry that has been used and if i can ask you finally about methodology in the accuracy of these images. yes
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basically the methodology we use is that the images are analyzed by our expert team here in geneva and we use we compare basically an image taken today with one taken a week ago and then we observe the difference between the two images and this is done at the resolution a level of detail as we say of fifty centimeters so so we can we can distinguish objects that are fifty centimeter in diameter which makes us able to do this in fairly high level of detail so that also means that damage that we can observe we can go into fairly details and not serving that and also seeing certain craters. and all the types of dentistry infrastructure i think very much for sharing observations whether it's. from the u.n. operational satellite applications pile cram all
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the animals army is being accused of bullying and intimidating rangar refugees in the no man's land between its border with bangladesh al jazeera has spoken to witnesses who say the troops fied to sling shots and threw bottles at the refugees some even tried to climb a fence into bangladeshi territory bangladesh's told me with jor its forces from the shad border where thousands of rangar assault refuge emraan khan has more. range of muslims fleeing me on my face harassment the troops that pushed them out back making it very clear they want their engine gone for good this woman shows a suitcase which she says was hit by ricocheting bullets fired into the camp al-jazeera producer tom vitale spoke to those who fled from the only troops they said they were intimidated they were using bullhorn and mikes warning them to get out of this area. alcohol bottles and right using even sling shot at
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some point some of the troops even tried to climb the fence into the no man's land to intimidate them about where stopped and warned by the buying of there's a broader god. bangladesh is protesting the deployment of troops along the border and says it's highly irregular it prompted bangladesh to summon me. and demand the troops people back as. they came at around ten am brought in seven trucks with two ladders in each vehicle a total of fourteen and they tried to cross the barbed wire fences to forcefully destroy our camp. this area is widely referred to as no man's land the week's myanmar soldiers have up their patrols of the border fence. and use loud hailer is to order the estimated six thousand range to leave but hundreds of the refugees have already given into the soldiers orders and crossed into bangladesh. it's been six months since almost seven hundred thousand range of
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muslims fled a military crackdown m.e.n. miles and rocking state united nations called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing refugees spoke of systematic murder sexual violence and arson. but the government insists it was simply defending itself after attacks from. myanmar reportedly claim some of those range of fighters are hiding within the border camp agencies meanwhile are helping refugees prepare as best they can for the coming monsoon season one assessment says more than a hundred thousand people could be affected by floods and landslides the diplomatic route of a troop movement to the border now threatens a controversial deal to send the range of refugees back to myanmar many will be questioning whether it will ever really be safe to go back to me on them wrong. watch more to come for you on this news hour from london as the african union discusses plans to withdraw troops from somalia al-jazeera spends time with
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a police patrol to see if the country is ready to go it alone but as prime minister to resume a admits the u.k. while get everything at once when it comes to break said. the women's well cup champions open and not a tournament victory will have and much more in the sport. now stock markets around the world are tumbling in response to u.s. president donald trump's plans to impose heavy terrace song imported steel and many i'm japan's nikkei index finished down two and a half percent on friday european markets also taking a hit with alum and human automotive companies particularly hard hit america's allies and key partners meanwhile of plan with a long warning of its potential threat to trade and thousands of jobs while wide normally if we don't need more we have to find the opportunity to tell the united states that steel and i would mean you'd be imports from japan which is an allied
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nation poses absolutely no threat to its national security may find that the. the us has already taken at least one hundred countermeasures against imported steel and aluminum products providing excessive protection to the domestic markets of all countries follow the us example this would result in a serious impact on the international trade order people in the sleeve only intelligent so let the german government reject such tariffs they would considerably damage the international trade flow of our elementary and steel industry the problem of global overcapacity in steel and elemental will not be solved by such one sided us measures. president trump not backing down from his tough words on trade which joined now by kimberly heloc following it all from washington so it can be as we were hearing that katie with braces from trump's moves that go way beyond the u.s. but president trump isn't concerned about international consequences no
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he definitely is not doubling down on all of this which was really a surprise announcement on thursday he sent out a tweet on thursday he's followed it up with two friday morning including this one where he says what a country is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with trade wars are good and easy to win well donald trump may have the upper to find out just whether or not they are easy to win or not because it appears that we have the makings of a trade war brewing as a result of these aluminum and steel tariffs that have been announced by donald trump we've heard from canada we've heard from mexico australia china brazil the list is growing even canada prime minister weighing in on this saying in fact this is absolutely unacceptable many of these countries now considering retaliatory measures and the concern being is that retaliatory measures could really drive up
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the prices of american goods being passed on to american consumers essentially almost working like a tax and so that is certainly got a lot of people concerned particularly as you mentioned the financial markets around the world. speaking about trade wars here the potential for them and trump is very bullish on this he's saying well look trade wars are a good thing does this put him on a collision course with his own party. once again yes i mean if there's anything about donald trump it is that he is consistently inconsistent in he's long been charged by republicans as not being a true conservative really being a lifelong democrat who decided to run for office as a conservative so you see these sort of waffling positions this position this protectionist position is typically one we'd see from a left leaning politician on the political spectrum so not surprisingly republicans here in the united states who typically favor free trade open markets and sort of
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globalization are not happy about this because in essence donald trump said that what he wants to do is with these tariffs protect the industrial sector that there's no question has been decimated in the last twenty years not just though because of globalization but because of automation many of these jobs are coming back so there's this is sort of back and forth if you will and the feeling is that donald trump is really appearing more like a left leaning politician so there's there's pushback within his own party there's pushback from business executives the global financial markets certainly this is not popular so far not being well received and really leaving the white house staff a little bit unprepared because the president just kind of sprung this announcement in a way that typically we see a lot of from donald trump but not typical for washington usually these are rolled out in an organized manner there are discussions with international partners doesn't appear any of that happened this time and just briefly spin one thing to
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add here the reaction from the i.m.f. is trading partners to work together to achieve trade barry is and to result disagreements without resorting to such and much unseen measures that the reaction from the i.m.f. can really help in washington thank you. boko haram has killed eleven people including three u.n. aid workers in northeast nigeria it happened in the remote town of ran near the border with cameroon outside a camp fifty five thousand people displaced by the conflict comes nearly two weeks after book around kidnapped one hundred ten schoolgirls from the town of neighboring yobe a state search for the girls has now been extended to neighboring countries there's been a second suicide car bombing attack in two days nance somalia's capital market issue this time a suicide bomber rammed a car into a military base thirty kilometers from the city killing one soldier says it was behind both attacks. well fish oils from the five countries contributing to the
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african union force in somalia are discussing plans to withdraw their troops by the end of twenty twenty the force is known as amazon has been battling al shabaab for ten years it's now training local police forces for me to miller spend a day in bed it with an african in police patrol in. these local police offices a stationed at one of several high risk areas in mogadishu it's not far from the old parliament building an african union police patrol made up of kenyan nigerian and ugandan officers stop to check in where they are what are the odds what they're up to but the local police meant to keep the area safe and not armed we have done the training we have been with them in terms of knowledge and skills what is remaining married meant if they're going to hope equipment ok because the mud hole that you expect somalia is
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a national police force is twenty thousand strong but sometimes haphazard it's still finding its feet securing the capital often relying on residents to gather intelligence some areas in mogadishu are targets writers trying to overthrow the government. one challenge is that sometimes places explosives and paper bags in dust bins african union patrols like this one a meant to coordinate security activities between foreign and local police the patrol takes us through some of the busiest parts of the city crowded with people and traffic aside from being used to assist and train local police these patrols by the african union's amma some force there's a very much about making people here feel safer the more police to see the war people feel secure the government is preparing its own security forces to to. take
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over when african union police and soldiers leave the country in two years the united nations says al shabaab has been weakened in the past year but the somali government says its security forces also face challenges our security force used to have the training outside the problem became when they come back. they don't have. in. their nationalistic. view. and why they are fighting. there were not fully prepared in terms of the current situation in somalia. the government says its twenty six thousand troops are stretched thin somalia lacks the institutions to properly supported the police and soldiers sudden changes in leadership plan affiliations political infighting and low salaries don't make it any easier we are not going to be here for good right now as we talk the discussion
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is transition so i'm son is soon moving out and as the reality in december one thousand amma some soldiers pulled out of somalia african union says it could consider extending its mission in somalia but ultimately its mandate will end for me to al-jazeera mogadishu. britain's prime minister has laid out more details on what kind of trading relationship the u.k. will have with the european union once it withdraws from the bloc terry's may has been under pressure to spend hours exactly how she'll avoid a hard order in ireland while also satisfying the demands of competing factions in her own party if barker reports. a rallying cry for bricks it from the british prime minister to resign may it's her fourth major speech on britain's departure from the e.u. in which she set out the government's vision on future trade ties with europe this
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is a negotiation and neither of us can have exactly what we want. but i am confident that we can reach agreement we both want good access to each other's markets we want competition between us to be fair and open and we want reliable transparent means of verifying we are meeting our commitments and resolving disputes may suggest that the u.k. would mirror some e.u. rules and break away from others to ensure a continuation of frictionless trade with the e.u. she suggested setting up a system to mutually recognise each other's goods and services but is all this complexity really worth it lest it the answer is no we won't think again on bret's it the british people voted for brics it and i think it is incumbent on their politicians to deliver on the decision that we asked them to take the british prime minister has been accused over very good on workable proposals by the european union and of being paralyzed by divisions within her own political party she's
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hoping that this key speech restore some credibility in her ability to deliver. but before negotiations can move forward outstanding issues need resolving including what's going to happen here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and e.u. member to reason may said the border will remain open palm. singh a combination of new technology and trust to keep goods and people moving without a hard border. text contains their legal commitments on wednesday the ease chief negotiator michel barnier said northern ireland should remain part of a customs territory with the e.u. after brics it. to reason maces any e.u. attempt to effectively annex the region will never happen she now has to provide more detail on how her high tech plan will work in the u.k. and e.u. also can't agree on what's going to happen immediately after breaks it during the
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two year transition period the e.u. wants its courts to have the final say in any disputes of a you nationals arriving joining that time to have the same rights as those arriving before brick set to resume a switch to the planned. these and other issues need to be resolved before the e.u. summit on march the twenty second without any progress trade remains off the table negotiations. al-jazeera london. still ahead for us hour could be eighty one year old former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi really be the man to decide the country's parliamentary election and. why this controversial symbol of south africa's era is still causing problems. and in sports juan martin del potro extends his perfect bracket against dominate team to advance and mexico.
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one of the weather throughout this part of the world western asia so iran back towards the levant is a lot quieter than it was the still obviously cloud run in the caucasus not been turkey and some in turkmenistan moving up through afghanistan but it's moving through now so little is because snow is possible on the higher ground on saturday but these daytime marks is two plus five in baku it's ten if anything is getting warmer a sea breeze is coming up from the south eighteen in the forecast by sunday twenty eight for baghdad a bit of cloud in the sky for iraq and to syria in a bit of a breeze on the show for by repute still talking about twenty three degrees so you know this will end up considerably since this is also quite an darren from the point of view of showers have been some pretty beefy ones you know mon the last day or so brief bit of flooding but looks like total dispersement a sunny couple of days to come twenty seven thirty three in mecca seems about the
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right ratio east to west of the peninsula there are still major showers around every now and again in south africa but the concentration of white top clancy's rather further north lazzaro from lusaka certainly down in mozambique and you'll notice over the argand madagascar who she's very closely coupled to a spinning jinnie. true confessions might never be clean up but not or a cynical example of communist propaganda and i wanted to put it up a bit here i want to walk bear all i want to do it was in twenty ten al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets at this time on al-jazeera. the big breaking news story can be chaotic
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frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions if you're trying to provide the best most curious up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on things thinking that you realize this is history in the making. welcome back you with the news outlets update you on the top stories there are reports that as many as twenty eight people have been killed and dozens more
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wounded in coordinated attacks on the military headquarters and the french embassy and the capitol. united nations is ready satellite images from the from last week which showed major damage to parts of east and despite the cease fire at least twenty two civilians have reportedly been killed as government forces we took more ground from rebel fighters on friday. and bangladeshis told me i must withdraw its troops from their shared border with the number of soldiers they're multiplying in recent days the area is where thousands of rangar are seeking refuge in myanmar has been telling them to leave for weeks. now is the final day for italian politicians to win over voters ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election expected to be one of the most polarizing in years many analysts predict that former prime minister silvio berlusconi's party is likely to be part of a potential coalition with polls suggesting no party will win enough to govern on its own laurence leamer reports now on the impact of a hard right wing coalition which has been campaigning on an anti immigrant
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platform. cashin a central italy very old very pretty and people are very angry. stuck in the fields outside the town the government has housed one hundred asylum seekers they're about as popular as a mole hill a sign you. want to. be. in the suburbs so many women have complained that the euro dating in the street should we wait until something bad happens fair enough we have to protect the immigrants but who will protect italians. the town has forty five thousand people living in it so it isn't as though it's being overrun but cashin which had a left wing local government for seventy years since world war two recently voted in the right swing northern league it wants to deport four hundred thousand undocumented migrants from italy on to just on our immediate arctic something to
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get out and of course we don't want to deport all of them it's only the right immigrants who work here who are integrated there the right criminals coming here to take houses from italians and we pay tax for them to do nothing. immigration of course is always fertile ground for the right wing in european politics as indeed as a general this in charmed with the state of the european union and longstanding concerns about the economy and it's all particularly good news for one man who dominates italian politics for so long and is increasingly being seen as europe's answer to donald trump. at the age of eighty one silvio berlusconi is back his plastic scheme and rictus grin all over this election despite his criminal record he still has his own political party and media empire there is every chance he could get to choose the next prime minister since like he never went away more
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thoughts. we are united for pushing back against all the bad things the left wing has done to our country we're going back into power because the left has put three million people into poverty and three million unemployed the third party in this potential coalition is called brothers of italy one of several groups with fascist roots that have a chance of seats in parliament even given italy's history it appears immigration has made the electorate ready to consider what the european union dreads the most the far right in government. was we are committed to stopping migration flows and paying more attention to a tally and families other governments already do this the italian state won't spend more on asylum seekers than italian pension is. if you ask the far right how they would actually deport nearly half a million people they talk about putting them in boats and dumping them in libya
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that is being discussed at all tells you much about the state of the european union with berlusconi right back in the mix lawrence leigh al-jazeera. we can cross now to the final campaign rally for the mayas anti establishment five star party where there is a team standing by what's even saying. to my own left the stage just five minutes ago the leader of the party he's just thirty one years old he got a really good reception here with slogans like i want to to allow people to fly but with the protection of the state underneath that he's talking about boosting entrepreneurship he's got lots of popular ideas especially among young people there's a high unemployment rate here in italy and he's suggesting a guaranteed basic income of around one thousand dollars a month he also wants to raise taxes on energy companies now the five star movement when they really burst on to the brits go see it in the parliament in twenty
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thirteen were known for their euro skepticism. they had promised a referendum on the currency the euro they backtracked on that perhaps moving towards the center but they still are seen. as pushing policies which are rather different from the mainstream if you like so at the same time as running several towns apart from rome in italy they position themselves as the party that's not part of the the same old business not part of the corrupt political system but there have been some hints term wrongdoing within the party that have made people raise an eyebrow in recent weeks certainly mr dimaio will say that they are the straight party that they're the modern party will change things here. right so we are right now the election on sunday is expected to produce a hung parliament what are the five star movement prospects in this.
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it's really hard to say. they are the largest main party on their own easily nationally there they were on twenty eight percent in the last polling but they were around ten percent behind the coalition that you're hearing about in lawrence's report the center right coalition now if the five star movement get enough marginal seats particularly in the south of italy. take them off the center right it is possible that they could emerge with a majority in parliament most people predicting they won't do that the five star movement have said they won't entertain the idea of a coalition they're different they don't do deals but in the last week while again insisting stance missa to my own has come up with something that he's called a government coalition meaning that he might offer. some kind of role to other parties without offering them ministerial seats bit of
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a mystery how that's going to work it's also a big mystery exactly what the numbers will be on sunday evening it will be an interesting day thanks very much and. now in the nelson mandela foundation is asked a court in south africa to ban culture test displays of the country's flag the foundation believes displaying the flag constitutes hate speech and racial discrimination as malcolm webb reports from johannesburg. the symbol of the apartheid era government of africa's old flag is controversial to many deeply offensive here members of the white supremacist a.w.b. party held at the funeral of their leader in twenty ten the nelson mandela foundation has asked a court to choose displays of it the flag is synonymous with a part of it and to have it displayed is really it's a celebration of the apartheid crime against humanity and humiliation of its
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victims its unambiguously. expression that denies the human dignity of those who suffered under apartheid and particularly black people i am flag was designed to the end of apartheid the rainbow nation. here at the twenty ten well it was graced the old ones they were to be seen. but not everyone agrees the all of them should be found after forum is an organization that represents afrikaners who are among south africa's white minority its deputy c.e.o. told us the organizations against anyone trying the flag says it should not be banned if someone stands somewhere waving the alltel if you can flag that's not hate speech it's offensive it's not hate speech if that person waved the flag and says let's go unheard black people then it had speech. the petition to ban the flag will be presented to the equality court which sits in here opponents will also be
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able to make their case and if the nelson mandela foundation succeeds in the flag is banned anyone who flies it thereafter could face a penalty that is unlikely to ever amount to more than a fine this couple were both born after the end of apartheid the whole. of never i mean i. never even heard of it but after we explained i think often some people really should be coming up after it is an up or did you. think it should be if it over the other people in our country it's a free country you see everyone it's will come here so i think you can still have it is the truth. where you come from. it is rare for the flag to be shown in public to nelson mandela foundation and once and for all malcolm where our zero johannesburg south africa out somalia says it doesn't recognize
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a port deal between the breakaway region of somaliland the u.a.e. and ethiopia the berber a poor agreement was signed with the u.a.e. owned company d.p. world in dubai on first day somaliland declared itself for a public in one thousand nine hundred one but it's not recognized by market dish you almost have the international community somali are saying the port deal undermined its unity and goes against its constitution now the poor provide some transport links for its lang lot labor ethiopia which has friendly relations with somaliland a dollar explains. the somali federal government sees an agreement between the united arab emirates that if your plane government and the break away republic off somalia and all of the portal but about are in northwest somalia is illegal an affront to its sovereignty the somali port ministry in a statement saying the agreement did not fall or do you law and that it was illegal
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and it was of course tweet and it's interesting also about the agreement was signed between three thirty this time the similarly prime minister who was also in the united arab emirates but he did not attend the signing ceremony now this comes just a week after djibouti kicked out the dubai ports world from one of its ports the containers hummel thirty year contract between the dubai ports world. government was shredded by the government saying that it was also an affront to its sovereignty and was doing the country a lot of harm now the agreement signed into by between the united arab emirates and somaliland also affected you bootsie because for most of the past two decades djibouti has been to get through to landlocked if you know most of the
9:44 pm
export imports of ethiopia used to pass through beautiful and if you look here taking us in the portal but rather in some island means the buddha would lose some of its business. now venezuela's presidential election has been pushed back by almost a month it's all going to take place until may twentieth it comes as the beleaguered president nicolas maduro announced a fifty eight percent rise in the minimum wage his latest attempt to address this nation's economic crisis and euro and some opposition parties made a deal to reschedule the vote but the main opposition coalition is causing the whole. well thousands of venezuelans aflame the economic crisis most of them crossing the border to colombia to the west or brazil to the south in iten nations is calling it a humanitarian crisis gabriel elizondo is at a temporary camp in brazil home to hundreds of venezuelans. i'm here at this makeshift encampment and people are hungry and food has finally arrived for many of
9:45 pm
these venezuelans this will be the only real be all day they're trying to keep it organized like the women lining up on one side the men on the other side you can really get a sense of the true desperation that is going to swellings have united nations who say that this is really a humanitarian crisis and they're calling these people refugees and that's essentially what there are economic and social refugees people were left in israel because they say they don't have enough food to you there's not medicine and that their money there is not worth anything because of the higher wage and in this park alone here in the city a border used to brazil there over a thousand people it's mostly families it's men young hardworking people their wives here you see in this part of the line mostly the young men these are all people that simply say they could no longer live in venezuela so they have to be here this is their only hope they say to have
9:46 pm
a better life. now if you and here it this is coming as no surprise to you the region is in the grip of a deep freeze after the so-called beast from the east a blast of siberian as it brought snow and freezing conditions at the start of the week the united kingdom and ireland and now being battered by storm amma it's forced dublin airport to close and twenty four thousand homes and businesses without power across island while in person the army has been called in to help rescue hundreds of drivers stuck in the snow. gas supplies are also beginning to be affected in a number of areas in ukraine people there are being asked to cut usage after russia's gazprom unexpectedly decided not to restart supplies. to open up a new front in a long running route between kiev and the company a byproduct of political tensions following russia's amec saying of crimea in two thousand and fourteen. and is making the most of conditions he is snowboarding through the streets of essex and
9:47 pm
england a twenty eight year old taking bronze in the big event in the winter games and chat . on the. russian estates that were once home to royalty could soon be lost forever. and in sport a doping scandal is just one problem affecting the start of a famous dog sled race. back
9:48 pm
to back sport now with peter. thank you very much and the limbic gold medal
9:49 pm
winning gymnast allie raise money is suing the u.s. olympic committee this is just six weeks after her compelling testimony against disgraced former national team doctor larry nasser that saw him same turns to more than one hundred years in prison raised and filed the lawsuit on wednesday in california the twenty three year old alleges that the organization as well as usa gymnastics were negligent and should have known about nasa's sexual abuse against her and other athletes now so was jailed for up to one hundred seventy five years in prison for decades of abuse against hundreds of gymnasts. footballs rule makers will decide on saturday where the to adopt a v.a.r. that video replay technology across football to help cut down on referring mistakes if it's approved it could be brought in for this year's world cup in russia but critics say it's not without its faults and could make the game much more stop start as was the case of friday's melbourne dobby in australia the match began with controversy when melbourne victory i thought they'd take the lead up to just the
9:50 pm
second of the referee stopped to use the v.a. our system for the ninety seconds later victory celebrations were halted when one of their players was adjudged to be offside the victory eventually got a goal in the twelve minute time despite melbourne city's equaliser the roy george c. of the two one with the victory. is just over one hundred days to go until the world cup in russia and fee for officials have been inspecting stadiums on friday it was the turn of rostov on don or where brazil will kick off their campaign against switzerland on june the seventeenth that will be the first of five matches taking place in the self eastern city. over in spain real madrid will look to bounce back from tuesday's loss to espanyol when they host. in league or on saturday third in the table and fifteen points behind league leaders barcelona they defeat against espanyol made it the club's league defeat of the season now before the important
9:51 pm
round of sixteen champions league second league fixture with p.s.g. next tuesday their attention turns to tough it out although rail have won each of the last eight meetings against the manager's innings of ben is expecting a tough game so. the problem we have well it's not a problem it's just a fact and that is that we are playing against an extra motivated extra focused team it's the game of the year for them and we need to think like that as well in every game like it's the game of the year for us too. some of the world's best to women footballers or in international action the she believes camp is a fourteen tournament played out between the usa england france and germany and it got underway on thursday top ranked to usa hosting the tournament in ohio and their stars were out in force against germany megan rapinoe schooled in the seventeenth minute for the world cup champions to seal out one nil. the
9:52 pm
u.s. is next opponents will be francois to come straight from a four one thrashing at the hands of england goals from tony dugan joe squad jody taylor and francesca kirby helped former england international phone levelled make a successful start to he's coaching career. martin del potro has reached the mexican open semifinals while also maintaining he's perfect career record against opponent dominant theme the former u.s. open champion beat the australian austrian i beg your pardon in straight sets in acapulco on friday a storm days away to a first said victory but team showed more resistance in the second sit with it going down to a tie break which dr managed to clinch in the end after a successful challenge on teams final so he now leads the pay is head to head record for nothing. next up for del potro is this man world number five alexander very of the german made the same ease after his victory over
9:53 pm
american ryan harrison a comfortable win for the twenty year old six four six one the final score one. also making it to the last four in mexico is kevin anderson the first seed beating australian open semifinalist yong chong of south korea another straight sets win here for anderson seven six six four. waiting for anderson in the semifinals will be twenty one year old unseeded american jared donaldson who shot her in venezuela lopez threatened six three six one three advance three three it's a case of advantage of stray leo after the second day's play of the first cricket test against south africa in durban the aussies resumed play on two hundred twenty five for five in thanks to mitchell marshes ninety six reach three hundred fifty one all out mitchell starc then took five wickets to bundle the south africans out for just one hundred sixty two the aussies lead by one hundred eighty nine the
9:54 pm
world's most famous sled dog race gets underway on saturday but allegations of dog doping just won't go away in october it was announced that four dogs belonging to four time winner their c.v. tested positive for a banned painkiller c.v. finished second in last year's race but has pulled out this year to protest his innocence doping isn't the only problem race organizers face they've lost a major sponsor and are under pressure from animal rights advocates following the death of five dogs last year certainly we've we've had to deal with some some new a new issue and that. hopefully is in the rearview mirror at this point we think we've . figured out the best path forward in terms of changing. a rule row or two for a drug testing program that will make things much easier to manage going forward more sport for me again in the twenty one g.m.t. hour but for now i'm going to hand you back to merriman london lovely peter looking
9:55 pm
forward to it now thousands of the world's most beautiful stately homes a crumbling the victims of russia's turbulent political history to crash because states were nationalized after the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution but a fall into disrepair in the quarter of a century since the collapse of the soviet union or a challenge reports on whether anything can be done to save them. silence and snowflakes inhabit a grave and over now but before its current desolation this grand estates thirty kilometers northeast of moscow was home to royalty and rich merchants tuberculosis patients and finally soviet science students such a history should make this place special but across russia eight to ten thousand estates a quietly crumbling to dust says this conservationist what. most of these things are in the horrible condition where someone could put money in for many years with an unclear idea how they take it back and you'd have to work hard on it at the
9:56 pm
movies i felt like great never most estates are formally owned by the state the communist seeds them off to the one nine hundred seventeen revolution and in the years following the u.s.s.r. as collapse very few have passed back into private hands. one of the handful of success stories is so redneck over when we visited it was hosting boisterous maslin it's a festivities the slavic celebration of winter's imminent demise have oh oh is it her i'm going to move her. over from like a state where the life me koreans are one in the right circumstances are all or like my tug of war efforts restoring set of nick over wasn't easy but it's new custody in this did at least when now they host weddings film crews charge admission to the grounds and the profits help restore other bits of the estates mccullum and some of the namesake and relative of one of russia's most famous
9:57 pm
nineteenth century poets calls himself a romantic but he believes this and well on necessary attributes for taking on such a project. and a state is how a russian person understands what heaven on earth should look like it represents the philosophy in the soul of a russian man today this is being just. that's why it's important to restore not just one or two states but the entire culture of all the greatest poets writers and philosophers were raised among this beauty of quantum. mechanical is now working with other owners and the governments to nurture and estates tourist industry and simplify many tax and regulate free complexities that person vest is off for grabs me of or perhaps it's already too late it's been more than a hundred winters since this place was lost her family home perhaps thirty or so since it was last used to tall and if someone can be found to show the love and
9:58 pm
warmth that it deserves then who knows how many more winters it has before it finally vary by the snow. al-jazeera moscow region has worn everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com for the latest on our top stories but also analysis that takes buying the headlines which will be coming up very shortly in just a couple of minutes when i'll have a usefully stay with us. a
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context it's hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. on counting the cost the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the first drop rates a treaty gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s all about and if it even matters is counting the cost at this time. twenty eight killed and fifty others wounded in coordinated attacks and the capital the french embassy and the army headquarters a targeted.


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