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tv   Indias Ladycops  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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carillon. i want to do it. in twenty ten al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. had armor a column doha these are the top stories on out. the u.n. human rights chief says on the besieged syrian enclave of east and probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three more civilians are being killed as government forces return ground from rebel fighters on friday. reports from neighboring techie. makeshift clinics in eastern
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who to have been filling up the wounded most of the civilian casualties are women and children. waiting for the civilians to receive aid so we can preserve their lives we are waiting for reaction from the world. but that wait for the world to help stop the attacks and has gone on for years and since the government's latest offensive began last month morgues have run out of space for the dead. instead of receiving worshipers on friday this mosque god bombs people here say syrians iranians and russians are mocking the united nations and the security council since again one of a cease fire resolution on saturday there have been hundreds of attacks in eastern guta that it was so gentle with this mosque was here to praise god there are no weapons or cannon here the regime bombed it ten minutes before the ceasefire so why use the world silent on these war crimes those allegations have echoed at the human
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rights council the un human rights chief says the syrian regime and its allies are potentially carrying out crimes against humanity civilians are being pounded into submission or death the perpetrators of these crimes must know that they are being identified not dos years are being built up with a view to the prosecution and that they will be held accountable for what they have done syria must be referred to the international criminal court attempts to war justice and share these criminals are disgraced from day five of the five hour pause in fighting it was no different from previous days with more airstrikes and shelling close to seven hundred feet than have been killed in the relentless bombardment the choices for nearly four hundred thousand people are to starve surrender or die. in addition to the attacks on residential areas rebel
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positions on the front lines are also. heavy bombardment usual islam until after ramadan fighters have been holding meetings with families to shore them they're not going to retreat we are still dr in eastern huta about the potential crimes against humanity remarks and he replied with a question has the world drawn the red line and said never again he asked because the assad government attacks on civilians have become more brazen strong words from the u.n. humanitarian chief but like other statements and resolutions they remain just that words with no action. because young near the turkey syria border. became a security minister now says at least sixteen people have been killed in the capsule ouagadougou in coordinated attacks on the french embassy in the military headquarters the eight government were killed by own forces european commission's presence as russian term pows juices and some of america's most well
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known products including khalid davis's organ and levi jeans some as wants the u.s. plans to put a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports a growing list of still producing countries considering a teller a sri steps. presents prime minister to resign may as well not access to the view single market will be reduced once the u.k. withdraws from the block prison may laid out more details on the trading relationship after a break said during a speech in london and the final day of campaigning for italian politicians ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election the ruling center left democratic party has made a last push for votes in florence as polls put his lead in metairie firmly and second place and establishment five star movement looks certain to gain the largest single party votes europe is in the grip of the deep freeze so-called beast from the east a blast of siberian air brought why is fred snow and freezing conditions at the start of the week united kingdom an island being battered by storm. there's all the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera off to india.
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man man. take it.
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office sol is divided into a home a hole in. the heart of them and not only have tenants have. the same we love most definitely have a public event i'm on board other. so if you give me the border the hang on say. that's it only in those you know make me the league up there.
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haha got my love playstation mamdani out or do it caught up it made me want to switch from why you. say he prevented a little get up and i gotta say i get what you mean i had the king of school getting. going tonight and done getting your skull. is second in command at the women police station. she's been a police officer for twenty years. give man do minute by law man. move on people jump are kept in midweek nation did they have a gun came in they made it to maybe come get a phone so we could see a child going to also begin need.
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one of their done some six hundred minutes lost a lot of local the problem cut them with the ne the other the mere problem they are one argument all over a bit of time or times have gotten money. eleven of that out of college in mobile but when. it is in the limit what actually rag of a predicate bone up on a social issue in the border illegally should be those that are told of the thirty yr those are still the maturity to. even produce this enough for the list. too. let me one of the only way to work out because. sunday evening will come when it will be a male then see whether this will. put you know t.v.
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actors milady in with. my or. in charge of seventeen police women and nine policemen who supports her in tekken crimes against women but there are a lot. this group will never come out of the whatever people who are going to go there. are a few tiny bit of you when you look hard not to be ridiculed you didn't mean you didn't get. them but you could do that you can make quite a few get up with me i would say to that but when we bury you we ask for you could you give a nickel or not we be the one you're not. going to fuck up to her ourselves. but it's never. going to.
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listen to. you i don't have to. be that letter out of the. can take advantage of it as i regularly go to the office. and how can i prove this is the art of it i'm not the bottom deck is what the goal and i want to lead you don't know not today not the luck was a bit of it and it isn't on my put up outside i'm sure. i'm not at all just want to go what are you going to let it become i became your and i know you try to model what i want the i want to get down knowing how. to get up on a mountain i feel like a little bit above the water i have a comes a lot of people to see yeah i'm. from there a lot of. the. opposite of what if you see this why don't you get out of these a backhoe if you're going to a little bit of those that are getting their money back. i'll get you the security
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i was i was most evident in your book this is not going to be the battle for the for. all the evil because in order to see the good enough they. want for more than the public. but danny just because some guy up until until bernanke is because i'm going to get it but the put me to be to everybody and i want him to be. the police station is he when we get rich enough with joe know they're going to need someone you've got here because he has a. good idea that all the media that i'm going to say when. i was meant to retire will. open up a new office unless. i'm going to mr the senator to let me go get the guys in the room. without counsel so much check i mean are we. going to go but it won't really get you can't get it about me and what did i get from michael today. because there's
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a maximum i'm going to give. you the but in the end of it exactly just leave it to the oh my yes my. good outcome of even among those who are glued to the american side of the government and this whole next are going to do because i've got the academy regular member junk yeah. there's your this little bee as it goes on the maid anybody. that always on star mother martha got again the maximum you see i mean it and i just the low you give me he's not at the a you know out of the. up club you're going to scream a mean because he had nobody look out a little bit you can you will sort. of that there are some of. those who are indifferent i think of the. committee of the d.c. objects will. love to. take additional and.
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learn to keep saying they're going to read up here though we will tell you you could be made as many we. saw say all around me that we're not going to give me to go to. war you will shortz ghana's out of there quickly but that the will provide. what you need because of what you need the media that it was running in your local good that it was money did. not blow up with an ongoing political adia but you're going to emerge over ten years a little nobody they keep idea of which is the new little league of beckett. listen to the line up please do business and he's the king of my money. that is my obligations out of it and it's a good one to slip out again. this isn't a lot of money but it will have us going back to the good you got. it was really exciting for them and you know wall street looks at all of that in the book
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doesn't even live month and do almost none of those in the cockpit. to hear what your busy lives are but that this will pass and you know it's equal. you taught me as a mom women would be if you. like. i don't have money counseling so because you got that it was definitely the warm baby thing. when you put on a mean little bit of something. other than good ricci's or some a shelf you were going to be divorced of while and still going to keep anybody good being. built near a modern office which idea will still be let the fish love it. as she goes on to go also be gorgeous and do you live if you. are heavy on one. it is a bit odd to me number one so i'll be going to do you go up there to get what i was going to switch to me and.
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i had to do or did people about me got a cold but a lot of will donate opening a channel for you the odds of it all which we need. to clean up in the car to look at it done to me is we will look back in the home in the u. sand i do you do feel as if you know what i'm saying feeling. covered up because even though i might have gone medical just as hard to believe i'm going to move up big by the amount of good. i never been going to eat but i think that a lot of it would have been to be turned off and i think i've given up now i don't know any that doesn't mean that they know that i'm going to get that we're. all those orders or does it look or maybe. it didn't fit right into the. side of the monthly book or to get even two men but i mean you know i'm never i'm
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not. you know again but you never know what we need to buy the book to lead me. to give up the how a little bit of but. you know he doesn't mean it when he. took the woman to go but you know i said i mean i'm going to become would be a. good dancer then i will come you will be a good thing you have been so yes i am. going to be like what he was doing montezuma's people. took to get out of. the failure you got to get the feel.
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good that you go live. with who looks i'm not that old got a body like that were a. robot avoid the like he doesn't know they is a guy. what do you. do to get the blood. of. a. few men in hand before allen screenwriter who to be. maybe i want to do all investigation in accounting get some woman is going to talk about how men. but he was out of the big day which are numbered but. this time i'm a child that's the message i gave. you all still have. told
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. us. we've bonsor is a sign of times we were just to. get in when we. had. any given time let us remember. the school of the good as a taking a good deal. from monday morning here. at the do but they removed all we could but it was said to me look. here to people tani put it there what do you wish of your mind still if you knew i
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was going out in the only thing give me a break a leg. it's. either that or. the middle part on your thumb a case by him only that he now that i'm supposed to be going on who may do but this . is the again this was a home in which you remember to be. your employees joy i am my own child can be no child of panic he. well you know what it will be roomier who has a plan for the. firm wasn't which and. this is when the.
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women in india today are better educated and more independent than ever still almost possible goals of the nineteen experience harassment violence from men. such men unknown as eve jesus. combating them is the job of the school. us lead. i would do a male police station and walk the walk on which you can. walk in liquid you we need. to get going we need. we don't need it was fair so one told me it was. a will never need to be going to. do all a lot of good some good to learn again and. then later
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get on a unique moving to human dignity and one day visit without the money and joy and then a lot of you won't even admit that i who called your goal. the old are not gone we count on their names yeah getting turning in. his example but he will be going on the list for love with all those who could have been in the car not leaving nothing to do if you think that i'm sick or any good i'm told they're doing it for spinning it was still on the president's cup of the living and the world will be hauling alpinist them some depression even though. it's nearly two o'clock the busiest time for the school girls are leaving college and the patrol has found three boys acting suspiciously at a bus stand oh yeah let's turn to. the boys have been reported
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for taking drugs but malone wants to bring them in before their behavior gets out of hand. or you might want to use my blood to get to the bottom it will do with. the love of all the jungle learned in order for the dealers. i love the look of it. when you talk to the only. a little more shall not be a. good number of us are not in the mood like in the morning to that event but the love. for it was to the social. media because i have never been on the brink. of the
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coming. of the that does something you don't but then i'm up in the last ones at that. because they see that it's all that is going to lead to the age of majority in the. federal government the boys are talking to them to consultants. to put that i've done i've got to. run the river right out of the goodness of the. you know the border that. the common good. but i might you live to new york is your name the price. of it do you know that is not. a pretty good without a little bit of it you could. not shout to make the. odds you know in it or on the other fairly little bit what you read the luck good luck morning. league me action of being in love
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with too many. victim could better in solving a better school the sultan will be using. the lady cops deal with many your fences committed not on the streets but in the home. often these relate to dowdy the custom of the bride's family giving presents and money to the groom and his relatives. it's a tradition open to abuse so while it's still acceptable to give presents making demands for them is now illegal. don't give money but they're looking one hundred point one people now fredricka. when they go to securely. go on in libya and get him on volcanic yardley are your normal. people who could pick up the cold water but only into going to. china he had been
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in and usually they knew. the moment i mildly tell you the words are the batteries. and yet here. you can be marking one local but again it is that once you've got a critical. mass of political party here. that's a. history since you put in the will because. buddy here is now money you did me the. original. letter but. who gets all the work you've got there you did me good. and then he kind of got her kidneys to say he started them and we hear. that he goes again likelihood the bike article
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how. often he learned you didn't present the book you will think you have a good one me down because i have a kid to take it with. the police are obliged to treat dowry crimes as serious offenses some women claim their dowry victims because then nor they'll be heard. other than scum plan a missing watch. remember to get our image on a. whole new set of. that my goodness is only good we've got a. good team resolve many disputes by counseling so families can avoid legal formalities but the lady cops are increasingly on the frontline of more traditional police work. it was the big guns we're going to give you a list among people. do people who would. all
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be. reluctant in them as well as on a positive line with a. burning a go protocol you are probably one of the. it's in the wild when this evening it up then we get we could see on the dies are these but the log of which one of them gives out. tomorrow morning the lady cops will join forces with other police to maintain law and order if the protest violent just come back for you you know what i said was the booker elementary ordered only got to be. great i never said it was delayed for service in this case. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded
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more than ninety percent of. the if it is the way in europe it's almost zero point one per cent of the two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sought refuge talks out jazeera at this time. forced to be displaced by their governments in one thousand twenty three mm it was very greek and turkish villagers returned to their roots oh most a century later. and reconnect with the past they thought they'd lost forever. people should be forced to move from dilemma where they were born which are. the great population exchange at this time on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks. is
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a since of renewed hope with the president enjoys why is it he'll with details coverage they are dodging distractions that appear to be hurting president trump's ability to manage the mideast peace crisis from around the world over one hundred thirty one thousand people are registered in the south korean database for separated families. all these other top stories on al-jazeera here and human rights chief says. probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted these twenty three more civilians are being killed as government forces we took ground from rebel fighters on friday but security minister now says at least sixteen
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people have been killed and injured in the capsule ouagadougou eight gunmen were killed by armed forces in the coordinates attacks on the french embassy and a military headquarters it's not known how many more people were involved in the attack well we did hear that there were lots of shots fired and everywhere to police. headquarters at least four people were inside a car but for there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. european commission's president has threatened to impose judy's on some of america's most well known products including harley davidson and levi jeans as in response to u.s. plans to put a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports a growing list of producing countries considering the teller a few steps. persons prime minister to reason may has won that access to the e.u. single market will be reduced once the u.k.
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withdrawals from the bloc may laid out more details on the trading relationship after touring a speech in london. it's the final day of campaigning for italian politicians ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election the ruling sounds left democratic party has made a last push for votes in florence as polls for his lead in metairie renzi from the infection place and his top are spent five star movement looks us once again the largest single party vote. and europe is in the grip of a deep freeze the so-called beast from the east of siberia but widespread snow and freezing conditions of the sauce of the week the united kingdom an island of being battered by storm has forced to close in twenty four thousand homes and businesses across the island are without power and gas supplies are affected in number of areas in ukraine schools have been closed because of the shortage of people to cut gas usage after russia's gazprom unexpectedly decided not to restart there's all
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the headlines more news on al-jazeera after we get you back to india's lady. with every. you're going to meet. the love and. don't deal only with crimes against women they also have to handle traditional public order challenges in very poor little secret some of them one near.
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doesn't learn again we're allowing me to some insight get a get on the pill you had a pretty. good point i tend. to go pee. but i call what i can mean the as a. motto but it doesn't want to get. to did the construction of a super highway. but the land it crosses is contested and local protesters might turn violent. the lady cops presence is essential because of a change in the little not only female officers are allowed to have physical contact with women. in the. hall. of fame which got to be the cost of. a lot of. sort of god gave the public gave you mean to me would.
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get home without employing. a whole host higher level than just going to. go home or laying the character being a. victim. of the human. is leading the protest he owns two plots of land in. pos of the proposed development and he doesn't want to sell out your condom. good contact until he's going. to need money you know. if arguments over you want to know where and. management.
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names have the iraqis who made it back or you'll be able. to give your dad that's. why the good why don't ya go i don't want to find love i don't play i'm sorry but don't want to walk if you don't want to have you here. maybe i want. to do that then back out in the open out in the. genuine hand. and then you can see them coming. to me. to me kind of thing. too i was led to a decision is made. the rules must be built without the dealing on them people guardian coming to hear anything they. can move.
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some protesters are detained while the land is cleared but no one is arrested. two villages have been leveled to make way for the new road.
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monday. through sunday god didn't have so he could be had was maybe president is hard for me to meet. people. because you all make. a whole goof. the man will literally do excuse i mean. welcome to. the wall cannot have been. funny you know who she would be. that he put in the home to do this and study. law as anything other people get along so clearly isn't because she do this against kids and it was bullshit she was. going
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to let us. know when you have good parents and they're going to be down that's. what it's going to get if you're the guy you're never going. to look. i'm not. do them with you that give money from evil. evan to seek with the people you had the most of because of the exalted. good women learned when you go to school only you could get a thing it was making was with to. a level it didn't get got to be. in
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. the. good engine met her husband at a school for the deaf. he's a local boy but her family is from neighboring punjab they've been married less than a year but cultural differences are already creeping in here for going to ship for you. guys come. on out on the lake cut back in a couple of. oh you live in the town the meeting will take a look at me only
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a look. was really good in the end this. is the. sort of i'm going to get his grandmother to go good news with you a. little bit do you want to do there's. a show and the marriage for love eight years ago they defied both the communities. it's rare in india for people of different costs to marry. another man says yes which is when you can see that going to be a little unnerving to another year will you take him on a. new career as it would be a one day he always going to have
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a lot of good to malcolm you don't want it you know how critical it. into all of topical months time going on called a man younger to have a young woman back to. work most people at the moment you were to. go with her group maybe and you can say to your son they are going. to get will begin to go to school but it will be but i was going to get some of it is for you. were covering a car right. now going back to the coffee coffee my freaky you know it's. hard to get in the month maybe need to touch down the authority pretty much to. get me to ban our natural into took me many have to get up so didn't interrupt me
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in get to the best and oldest kids out there would be bending. ready at me that it would eat my shan't be adding to the place i. don't need sauce and i'm a tory to the guys that don't know me put up with a compass and then. it's a criminal offense to discriminate against a person because of the cost skin color also shows standing. always tries to get people to deal with the grievances informally. their friend they say is out of the it and i was going to. take you to go to these predicaments are going to get more than i was worth on a couch a look at the. other cases are different than one of them here our logo in a song that either put up or about anybody poor by the know what you're entirely a party kid you. know turn a good causes good by suddenly go back to school move might not be but are you
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certain if you could make it was due to capital city maybe quarter human metal time . i'm. just saying with him only got the limit and then we're going to give our number one of them to dozens of my divine x. amount of votes in the most is the god of the other ninety two do you want to get out of the hole to go to lady liberty usually we're going to get up ok right and you can see her grunting by going to a local level martin and you could end up yours unless of course you're there what you will get married to live in the lab ileka t.k. you cynical and introduce you to all dear to one which is and you will be so good continue. putting the seal on to let anybody shame and not court on a lot of you couldn't get it out little lake is in a cowboy. when there is one without an excuse not to love. obvious hundred percent because of this terrible day i got no need to need to. do
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some legs or. so would do a day or leg next door some logic of l. i will cut them all again i would not been able to use some of that up but i am talk of beyond a doubt. but meant to be a good thing without oh i'm going to go on a lot of mosconi more like god i've done whatever to. head the saloon. when there was a knock at the monk on the door to circle. to get a. ticket but it didn't. take. on a day. to day i see it these are denying me bring you in just this week to reveal new hampshire. genius the man again you want to answer but i may fail to but it's a once you begin to.
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move. on. you know more. about the other is men love these report and all year long woman job that they're nothing new . in give us some truth out of is to complain of a quick on new car radio shack and it. made him look suddenly he tries to use going out spoke earlier to set up some hours of me. barebone another new whopper bad about the out of blame. actually but at the circuit training bookie in the nick of time. once you know what's new on me that means i'm am not there's no risk a minute that's. not even your money. market only a love that the child of the boy took it. to be
4:47 am
a good citizen and see it. less so that which. is good. coming up in. a good interview the purpose of a look at the. middle of the game food in the past is to produce food and to the best of good. or didn't give us stuck. with. the introduction of women police stations has led to a sharp increase in the reporting of this and sexual violence. but i think we look. at it bearable it compelled our risk of other companies this
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is only. looking at sunday evening in. the case in real time not if i do a. very good morning station coffee some coming out on someone in particular are sick isn't that you. already are the one in the you. would do it with guy of that of they drove home and. the. rapists can now face the death penalty. to be certain that every single claim of rape is investigated fully. learned the. goal of which allegation and i. do know until school form got all go. on every year. the normally
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to. do it is holy. crime of sense we were. exhausted out from their job very well a jumble. of unleaded gas up which he. doesn't look there we get to go home to make you feel such as it was on the negotiation of being. a little while you can see this i can see nobody gets out. of money only to. let a few and down lack of a charity i'm going to give them to me even so we all pay so much that i continue to make. the last of money i can't. you know if i had
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a house which will get. larry king a do i don't. think. they will look he. can make repairs they can make in the court and be played but. all to. be in the new deal. any given their camera phone and. one hundred to keep his company. but. it would check out all things are going to and then. according to. the new protocol that second off. he's going with you know they're going to be going to get a sense wasn't mixed. i think it's ridiculous now we've.
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yes there was more to give me a call ya say will. be on the last expert is more of the you can mean you can you give him a considerable graft wasn't it not just any of them. but as on the yankee home. as if they think it really is he this make you guys who we've. got a. public up there. that live in a modern they're going to mess up putting on courses you need at the. south now you've got to have a man who can fulfill them. that. will follow. its morning live a little nutty when. you see a. lot of arlo. amid
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the study could you look at his first book. of the for those minutes before you know it was it on. me or did you hear you know . he seen it all just missed the sense of the day. in which he. did it was though there's not going to. so for you kind of going to walk around in a lot of little girl lives are unable to. do all of that even offensive of you to deliver you the scoop of. the day for. a feeling that if the navy decaying in call now but then you got pushed by they.
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always tell you that a spiritual. mobile . phone in the mostly on call advance nuclear check coming from george i mean a member of a. big. fan will know the one. thing to another location. i'm going to screen all. kinds of the government. going to them this is a way to give the. u.s. a little bit where they can and i'm going to mitigate them out of those. things but if you need to get a. clue do you because many of you know. these numbers are going to have a number of people. who are the most popular.
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even the various authors who are we took just a minute. to enjoy football match and you got to be. one difficult. one the committee is no comments i'm going. on with it all again the top it all came about that tonight the woman on our police probably. clearly involved jockey of the. and a goddamn big fan of the new of what he would call think of police as a yogi just getting got to get on bucky sit down cody said believe don't appear i made all of us a little getting on my. going there but believe it or whatever that is number two it will pull into. you did find a colleague glenn. close to planted the bombs on leg not
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one of the closest races so folks are going to get a real they're going to do more to be approved by the new thought picking up as if god. did not go to. the media to give us anything public yet off hopefuls will decide to visit as are most people keep talking. about. all of that no matter what i have told. you would you can i was helping them on the whole day i don't now go by the bulk of. me as
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a kid just comedy he had been when nicky will comment on neil by. the gentle manner but i have read. i was new but we won't need to go to him you would say die you go to god a got additional list could get him. in fact but found no evidence to support the woman's claims she concluded the accusation was folds no arrests were made. it's. on me. or did period. there. will be on this i look to.
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be born again towards eleven to go to sail with no. one game let the old dog out the afford. to don't move. head of the advice was evacuate the northeast coast this is a brief nor'easter spinning out there the cloud which means
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a strong wind coming in the gates or in cold air snow seems like a bigger risk and this is it happening because it is the storm surge which comes out of the coast near boston for example in the daylight hours should see it diminish a lot but that doesn't mean it's all necessarily gone is the picture take about middle of the day after all then it's fine weather off that nothing like is cold right back to the plain states but back in montana stretching down towards california chances are we'll see this no but again not a particularly heavy in idaho worthwhile snow but it's still there now we're on to sunday about this time much quieter weather now in boston still of her freezing in toronto there is obviously some cold air in canada there is a quiet picture for you even the trade winds are much lighter taking a big step back now which means they're not driving any shadow anywhere they're not going to showers on the coast of nicaragua but if you see any more in there you're a better man than i am and that's true for the next two days the breeze of
4:59 am
everything changes direction completely comes down from the north. the way we communicate is what defines us. you don't always has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. pioneering content creation and distribution utilising cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take us to one frontier. the future of media leaders' summit. limitless possibilities. the only nation ever hit by an atomic bomb once again braces for the worst.
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when he's explores life in japan under three years nuclear threat at this time on al jazeera al jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm nora kyle this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes what we. were.


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