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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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every day you are. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but i didn't have the heart to do and he's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. in the curious to draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because if i could just kind of think about i could bury him bone hunter at this time on al-jazeera. eastern or elsewhere in syria are likely war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity. a warning from the un human rights chief to those responsible for the assault on the syrian city of.
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bugs in the room when you're watching all this our life my headquarters here in doha coming up sixteen people also killed in the killer fast after gunmen attacked military headquarters and the french embassy in the capital plus. police in the u.s. state of michigan searching for a student suspected of killing his parents at a university halls of residence. and europe shivers in subzero snowstorms across the atlantic fierce winds batter the east coast of the u.s. as well. welcome to the program the u.n. human rights chief says as strikes on the besieged syrian and lave of eastern probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at least
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twenty three more civilians have been killed as government forces read talk more ground for rebel fighters on friday a solid bit of it reports from the turkey. makeshift clinics in eastern who to have been filling up the wounded most of the civilian casualties are women and children . waiting for the civilians to receive aid so we can preserve their lives we are waiting for reaction from the world. but that wait for the world to help stop the attacks and has gone on for years and since the government's latest offensive began last month morgues have run out of space for the dead. instead of receiving worshipers on friday this mosque god bombs people here say syrians iranians and russians are mocking the united nations and the security council since again one of a cease fire resolution on saturday there have been hundreds of attacks in eastern guta that it was ok for this mosque was here to praise god there are no weapons or
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cannon here the regime bombed it ten minutes before the ceasefire so why use the world silent on these war crimes those allegations have echoed at the human rights council the un human rights chief says the syrian regime and its allies are potentially carrying out crimes against humanity civilians are being pounded into submission or death the perpetrators of these crimes must know that they are being identified not dos years are being built up with a view to the prosecution and that they will be held accountable for what they have done syria must be referred to the international criminal court attempts to war justice and share these criminals are disgraced from day five of the five hour pause in fighting it was no different from previous days with more airstrikes and shelling close to seven hundred people have been killed in the
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relentless bombardment the choices for nearly four hundred thousand people are to starve surrender or die. in addition to the attacks on residential areas rebel positions on the front lines are also under heavy. bombardment usual islam and fellow man fighters have been holding meetings with families to assure them they are not going to retreat we asked a doctor in eastern huta about the potential crimes against humanity remarks and he replied with a question has the world drawn another red line and said never again he asked because the assad government attacks on civilians have become more brazen strong words from the u.n. humanitarian chief but like other statements and resolutions they remain just that words with no action some of it under the or. near the turkey syria border syrian government forces have released video of leaflets being dropped to civilians in damascus nice to give to the military soldiers satiates giving information about safe places humanitarian corridors and medical aid points they also tell civilians
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that if they do not cooperate with syrian rebels i'll be assured safety food accommodation and free first aid. well satellite images of parts of innocent jews are being released by the un they show the destruction of the span of just a week i hope your goal is from the un operational satellite applications program in geneva he says duma is the worst part of the hit city well these images shows us that there has been increased and heavy bombardment in using ghouta and in particular in due mother to be animal is based on a satellite image taken this morning compared to an image taken on the twenty third oath temporary so what we observe in the imagery is continued. to continue cellucci and continue to damage to infrastructure in doing this case in
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duma it can be sometimes difficult to distinguish between residential areas businesses etc but we do observe damage to a large number of different types of buildings including what seems to be residential areas so it's quite widespread damage that we observe including you know damage to infrastructure where our service roads areas cetera we see certain areas where there's severe damage to a week ago and other areas where there's no damage that we can see certain areas that are also out of that state like what red damage but that there are definitely areas that we see you know heavily affected by the traffic and indicate a fast so sick sixteen people have been killed by coordinated attacks on the military headquarters of the french embassy in the capital work at duke who witnesses say the massed attackers used guns and explosives during the assault
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nicholas her cousin wolf. downtown ouagadougou on friday another attack at the heart of the you know hospice capital coordinated and well planned the targets the army headquarters the french embassy and its cultural center witnesses say some of the attackers came by taxi others in a pickup the started shooting set fire to the truck and continued to fire paul you know we did hear that there was so much gunfire damage everywhere two policemen went nearby the army headquarters there was a car with around four to six people and they opened fire there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. eight soldiers were killed several others wounded in sent to hospital after an hour long gun battle eight attackers were killed by the armed forces the army continued to comb the area looking for more attackers that may be on the loose fighter groups and this is how it
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repeatedly target burkina faso the country's capital is home to a base for the french special forces deployed in this hell to fight rebel groups clashes and frequent attacks have led to tens of thousands of people fleeing the area. fighters regularly attack police outposts in the north of the country last year an al qaeda affiliated group attacked a turkish restaurant in walker dugu killing one thousand people in two thousand and sixteen thirty people died in an other attack on a hotel in a restaurant in the city but this is the most brazen attack so far. these three locations are some of the most safest and secured in this country many people here say if they're able to attack in these places then no one is safe with the death toll likely to rise repeated faso is again in warning fearing what could come next dickless hauke al jazeera out walker do. well police in the u.s.
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also she voiced student suspected of shooting his parents dead central michigan university is accused of killing them when they came to pick it up police say the suspect is considered armed and dangerous she has a possible police say nineteen year old james eric davis and to the dorm and shot his parents officer james eric sr and david janine killing them both a chilling voice message was sent to students and staff warning them not to leave the mount pleasant campus this is an important notice from central michigan university police listen carefully we're going this morning tim sent the amused campus the suspect is still at large at this time please shelter in place where you are if you are located on the emmy's campus this video was posted from inside a cafeteria where stuff were taking shelter and that's in america for us policies of benton detroit the u.s. vice president spoke about the shooting promising to strengthen gun reform our
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hearts go out to the farm and everyone in the mount pleasant community that's been impacted and especially to the local state and federal agencies who are working together as we speak on the apprehension and the investigation the night before the shooting davis was picked up by police steam your police department did have contact with the involved in the virtual last evening at some point evening he was transported to mclaren hospital due to what the officers believe may be drug related type incident an overdose or a bad reaction to the drugs. at that point he was released to the hospital staff more than one hundred policemen looking for davis while the university community begins a tragic staats to spring break. well john hundred joins us now from central michigan university. seems to continue full the
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assailant. that's right so it's been many hours since james davis jr was believed to have killed his parents on the fourth floor of this dormitory building and police still know where he is they have been searching for many hours there is a helicopter overhead continuing to search form along with more than one hundred police officers and his parents are being mourned not far away in illinois father james davis sr was a police officer and he was a former army reservist who served in iraq his mother was a cancer survivor her name is dive but in illinois and here in michigan no one seems to know what happened in what upset this young man and left his two parents dead and why a family reunion here the beginning of spring break at this university in michigan ended in death and of course of the nation is already quite jittery after the
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florida school shooting with so much pressure. to do something regardless of the circumstances behind this particular she saying. that's right so this is the twelfth school shooting this year in the u.s. and a little over two months into the year in most other countries that would result in some significant reaction but this is the united states and that is frankly normal here on wednesday president trump surprised a number of people by saying he was willing to consider significant changes in gun law raising the age to own a gun from eighteen to twenty one universal background checks something that doesn't happen here right now and also in some cases he said sometimes you have to take the guns away and worry about due process later well twenty four hours later he had met on thursday with representatives of the national rifle association
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a program a pro-gun lobbying group here along with vice president mike pence that group came out afterwards and said the president still believes in the second amendment and not and gun control and then trump himself tweeted that he had a great meeting with the n.r.a. that suggests there may not be significant action here although the white house says he's still considering raising the age to own a weapon from eighteen to twenty one but even if he were to favor that on capitol hill it has been an uphill battle for decades the pattern has been that the republicans now running congress have opposed any kind of changes in gun laws and that the democrats who want change in many cases have not been able to succeed in pressing for it so despite the fact that this is the twelfth school shooting this year in the u.s. there is no certainty of any kind of action happening on capitol hill or at the white house. but to continue to events with youth in michigan thank you.
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well still ahead here on al-jazeera and neither of us can have exactly what we want . but i am confident that we can reach agreement the british prime minister treason i said bret's it vision but big divisions remain with the european union over the u.k. the departure turns out story after the break. had of the advice was evacuate the northeast coast this is a brief nor'easter spinning out there the cloud which means a strong wind coming in the gates or in cold and snow seems like a bigger risk and this is it happening because sirte is the storm surge which comes out of the coast near boston for example in the daylight hours should see it
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diminish a lot but that doesn't mean it's all necessarily gone this is a picture take about middle of the day after all then it's fine weather off that nothing like as cold right back to the plain states but back in montana stretching down towards california chances are we'll see this snow but of again not a particularly heavy in idaho worthwhile snow but it's still there now we're on to sunday by this time much quieter weather now in boston still of her freezing in toronto the wrists of c├Žsar coated in canada that is a quite picture for you even the trade winds are much lighter taken a big step back and i would mean they're not driving any shots anyway they're not going to showers on the coast of nicaragua but if you see any more in there you're a better man than i am and that's true for the next two days the breeze if anything changes direction completely comes down from the north.
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the only nation ever hit by an atomic bomb once again braces for the worst. one when he's explores life in japan under north korea's nuclear threat at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every new. welcome back you're watching all of this there are so robin a reminder of our top stories the u.n.
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human rights chief says airstrikes on the besieged syrian enclave in eastern guta probably about a war crimes of those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three more civilians have been killed as government forces we took ground for rebel fighters on friday also picking a fight so security minister now says at least sixteen people have been killed and eighty others injured in the capital will be due to eight gun but also about those killed during the coordinated attacks on the french embassy and a military headquarters. police in the u.s. all searching for a student suspected of shooting his parents dead at central michigan university nineteen year old james eric davis is believed to have killed them when they came to pick it up police say davis is considered armed and dangerous. now the european commission has to stop duties on some of america's best known products in response to u.s. plans to increase tariffs on foreign media and steel commission president says
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harley davidson motorcycles of bourbon spirits and levi jeans could be hit with a twenty five percent tariff if president doll trump follows through on his promise as kimberley health care reports a growing list of countries have also vowed to retaliate. it's a move targeting china and the lesser quality steel u.s. president donald trump says is flooding the american market foreign steel brought into the united states will be slapped with an additional fee of twenty five percent ten percent on aluminum all purported to protect u.s. jobs to bring steel back it was a major campaign promise to steel and aluminum workers in states like pennsylvania and michigan and helped trump win the white house and well trump has singled out china it isn't even in the top ten among steel exports to the united states according to the u.s. commerce department it's canada that ranks number one as sixteen percent of all
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exports to the u.s. well china is it number eleven responsible for less than two percent of the steel imported into the united states may find that they pad the u.s. adopting anti-dumping anti subsidy tariffs in hundreds of cases of imported steel and aluminum products is to protect their domestic products of all countries imitate the u.s. approach then this would have a serious impact on the global trade order fears of a global trade war have sent world financial markets into uncertainty and on twitter trump defended his position arguing the trade wars are good and easy to win that trade war appears underway canada mexico china australia brazil and the european union are all threatening retaliatory measures against u.s. products this is not something we wanted to see that we will continue to engage with all of the american administration in the coming days so that the understand that this proposal is on except we don't sit idly while our industry is hit with
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them for measures that put thousands of european jobs at risk if you react firmly and commensurately to defend our interests one of europe's largest appliance. sure is electrolux says as a result of trump's announcement it is delaying an investment of more than two hundred fifty million dollars in the us state of tennessee it appears that trump's tariffs designed to save american jobs in the industrial sector now putting other u.s. jobs at risk kimberley health care al-jazeera washington well president trump has repeatedly accused chinese firms of copyright faffed now the issue is not the heart of the current trade friction between china and the u.s. but chinese firms are fighting back in american courts and winning a tree abroad reports. just over a decade ago this electrical components firm in eastern china faced an uncertain
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future it was being sued in a u.s. court over intellectual property rights the chinese company for the action eventually able to prove that the plugs and other devices manufactured here were not copies the case lasted seven years chen whooshing the company's president told me he'd do it again if he had to. say this is an american company was a using intellectual property rights as a tool to beat competitors from other countries the final go is to rule out on patters from the american market and protectionism the way shane money is lost us lawsuit in two thousand and ten by then he'd spent more than twenty million dollars in legal fees today he's become something of a celebrity in china's corporate world dispensing advice to other executives involved in similar legal battles as a target and pretty sure that this set
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a clear message and in lightened many chinese enterprises to deal with. with their american competitors as china shifts the focus of its economy from heavy industry to innovation it's now clear that many of its companies are paying greater attention to intellectual property it is now something that is important to down the hallway. all of these technology companies they're now fighting back they're fighting with apple or fighting with whoever it is that they believe is infringing on them so they're learning the rules of the game as it was taught to them by the west and they're engaged in the process part of that process involves registered trademarks they can show how innovative a country is twenty years ago china had none today it has more than once. point three million including ones for the electrical devices made in general showings
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planned. and with chinese companies started to grasp the importance of intellectual property they're also prepared to defend those rights in a foreign called adrian brown al-jazeera in eastern china. britain's prime minister has laid out more details of what kind of trading relationship think u.k. wants to have with the european union once it withdraws from the blog trees in may has been under pressure to spell out exactly how she'll avoid a hard border in ireland while also satisfy the demands of competing factions in our own party the barker reports now from london. a rallying cry for brakes it from the british prime minister to resign may fourth major speech on britain's departure from the e.u. in which he set out the government's vision on future trade ties with europe this is a negotiation and neither of us can have exactly what we want. but i am confident that
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we can reach agreement we both want good access to each other's markets we want competition between us to be fair and open and we want reliable transparent means of verifying we are meeting our commitments and resolving disputes may suggested the u.k. would mirror some rules and break away from others to ensure a continuation of frictionless trade with the e.u. she suggested setting up a system to mutually recognise each other's goods and services but is all this complexity really worth it journalist the answer is no we won't think again on bret's it the british people voted for bracks it and i think it is incumbent on their politicians to deliver on the decision that we asked them to take the british prime minister has been accused over very good on workable proposals by the european union and of being paralyzed by divisions within her own political party she's hoping that this key speech which store some credibility in her ability to
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deliver. but before negotiations can move forward outstanding issues need resolving including what's going to happen here on the border between northern ireland a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland and e.u. member to reason may said the border will remain open promising a combination of new technology and trust to keep goods and people moving without a hard border. text counting their legal commitments on wednesday the ease chief negotiator michel barnier said northern ireland should remain part of the customs territory with the e.u. after brics it. to reason maces any e.u. attempt to effectively an extra region will never happen she now has to provide more detail on how her high tech plan will work prime the u.k. and e.u. also can't agree on what's going to happen immediately after breaks it during the two year transition period the e.u. wants its courts to have the final say in any disputes of even nationals arriving
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joining that time to have the same rights as those arriving before brick set to resume a switch to the planned. these and other issues need to be resolved before the e.u. summit on march the twenty second without any progress trade remains off the table negotiations he park at al-jazeera london. while staying in europe italian politicians have wrapped up campaigning ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election now the ruling center the democratic party has made a last push for votes in florence as polls put its leader renzi firmly in second place many analysts predict former prime minister silvio berlusconi's party is likely to be part of a potential coalition with a new party winning enough to govern on its own well opinion polls suggest however that it's in the five star movement could emerge as the single largest party in parliament but the barber in rome has more on the euro skeptic and tea establishment party's campaign. well this final rally by the five star movement did
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feature betty grillo at the end he's the man who co-founded the party but there is a new generation now running it thirty one year old louis due to my own hopes to be italy's next prime minister and he hopes he says he can do that without going into an alliance or a coalition with other parties but the new electoral system that italy has which is a mixture of proportional representation and first past the post might make that very difficult his party was the biggest single party on around twenty eight percent but they were way behind this coalition led by silvio berlusconi and his puts a tally a party his partner is a well known for their hard line stance on immigration luigi demaio has made a thing of the not really talking about immigration trying to reach out both to the right and to the left on the youth vote he's promised things like a guaranteed basic income of around a thousand dollars
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a month he also wants to raise taxes on energy companies whether or not he will stick to that line of not forming an alliance in parliament is hard to say because if as many people predict they'll be a hung parliament after sunday then he has suggested he could do some kind of deal with other parties without the giving them ministerial seats at the moment then really really hard to say who will emerge as the next prime minister well europe is in the grip of a deep freeze the so-called east from the east a blast of siberian have brought widespread snow and freezing conditions at the start of the week now the u.k. and ireland have also been battered by storm and there it's forced dublin airport to close and twenty four thousand homes and businesses across the island are without power in britain the army has been called in to help rescue hundreds of drivers stuck in the snow. well a powerful stall hammering the northeast of the united states has flooded streets
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grounded flights in the hole to trains for babe to fit genea kristensen leave the house will. an unwelcome intrusion at the official washington residence of bytes president mike pence when high winds sent a tree crashing through a perimeter fence. the federal government closed offices in the u.s. capitol as what's known as a nor'easter hit with gusts of up to nearly one hundred kilometers an hour it made its way north up the atlantic coast of the country it didn't stop some tourists from visiting the white house but did halt other travelers in their tracks thousands of flights canceled or even if i was a forklift it is the airline called me told me to change i changed to the now forty misted they put me on a travel clock going to the gate and been told it will caucus council. and there but never to fourteen and then they say that it was cancelled i got a lot more new york and boston airports were particularly hard hit you can't do
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anything so why cry or else you would be miserable i would never fly if i if i got all upset about all of the struggles and troubles from new york. majority of specifically coastal flood watches and warnings were put in place by the national weather service from north carolina to southern maine including new york's eastern suburbs times square got soaked with rain while an upstate new york it was snow and lots of it causing power outages and making travel treacherous. back in the capital of bald eagle ever the national symbol hunker down in its nest to ride out the storm kristen salumi al-jazeera.
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your child has their arms a whole raft of these well top news stories the u.n. human rights chief says that strikes on the perceived syrian enclave of east and probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three more civilians have been killed as government forces retold ground for rebel fighters on friday. because if security myth minister now says at least sixteen people have been killed and eighty others injured in the capital what to do eight killed by the armed forces and the coordinated attacks on the french embassy and a military headquarters it's not known how many more people were involved in the attack . did you know we did hear that there were a lot of shots fired and damage everywhere to place more by the army headquarters at least four people were inside a car they fired there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. well the european commission's president has threatened to pose duties on some of america's best known products
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including harley davidson ball but and levi jeans in response to u.s. plans to put a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports a growing list of steel producing countries are considering retaliatory steps. britain's prime minister treats may has said that there have to be compromise on both sides of a go she actions for the u.k. the exit from the european union they laid out her details on a vision for the trading relationship after breaks into the keynote speech but deep divisions still remain even if it's the final day of campaigning for italian politicians ahead of this weekend's parliamentary election the ruling the center left democratic party has made last push for votes influence science polls put its leader at a red sea fairfield second place the anti establishment five star movement is tipped to gain the largest single party vote. as you just said europe is a group of a deep freeze so-called beast from the east a blast from siberian air brought widespread freezing of snow across the europe and
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the u.k. it's also falls dublin airport for example to close at twenty four thousand homes and businesses across the island without power those were the headlines we continue with these in half an hour next one east. on counting the cost the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the news first drop bracy treaty gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s all about and if it even matters counting the cost at this time and i just hear them. for the first time in decades there's a palpable fear of nuclear war in asia. with north korean missiles landing close
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to japan's shores relations between the two countries.


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