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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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we just don't know yet where the lines when drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their entire journey for outside. the listening post that they stuck on al-jazeera. not what we'll see. elsewhere in syria on likely war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity a warning from the un's human rights chief to those responsible for atrocities you will be held to account.
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hello welcome to our jazeera live from. that is also coming up at least sixteen people are killed in coordinated attacks in the kenya fasces high security. italy's five star movement is riding high in the polls ahead of sunday's election. and back from the brink how japan's most revered bird is making a comeback. but first the u.n. human rights she says airstrikes on the besieged syrian on klav of eastern ghouta probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three more civilians were killed as government forces retook ground from rebel forces on friday our correspondent osama bin laden reports from neighboring
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turkey. makeshift clinics in eastern who to have been filling up the wounded most of the civilian casualties are women and children. waiting for the civilians to receive aid so we can preserve their lives we are waiting for reaction from the world. but that wait for the world to help stop the attacks and has gone on for years and since the government's latest offensive began last month morgues have run out of space for the dead. instead of receiving worshipers on friday this mosque god bombs people here say syrians iranians and russians are mocking the united nations and the security council since again out of a cease fire resolution on saturday there have been hundreds of attacks in eastern guta that it was so gentle with this mosque was here to praise god there are no weapons or cannon here the regime bombed it ten minutes before the ceasefire so why are you the world silent on these war crimes those allegations have echoed at the human rights council the un human rights chief says the syrian regime and its
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allies are potentially carrying out crimes against humanity what we are seeing. elsewhere in syria are likely war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity to civilians are being pounded into submission or death the perpetrators of these crimes must know that they are being identified. not dos years are being built up with a view to the prosecution and that they will be held accountable for what they have done day five of the five hour pause in fighting with no different from previous days with more air strikes and shelling close to seven hundred people have been killed in the relentless bombardment the choices for nearly four hundred thousand people are to starve surrender or die. in addition to the attacks on residential areas rebel positions on the front lines are also under heavy bombardment usually
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slammin fail after ramadan fighters have been holding meetings with families to assure them they're not going to retreat we asked a doctor in eastern huta about the potential crimes against humanity remarks and he replied with a question has the world drawn the red line and said never again he asked because the assad government attacks on civilians have become more brazen strong words from the u.n. humanitarian chief but like other statements and resolutions they remain just that words with no action. in the turkey syria border. for meanwhile the syrian government has released video of leaflets being dropped to civilians in damascus the capital that's very close to. soldiers say they contain information about safe places humanitarian corridors as well as medical aid points the leaflets also assure people safety food and accommodation if they refuse to cooperate with rebel groups. and the u.n.
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is really satellite images of parts of asia which show large increases in the levels of destruction in the span of a week i know be organ from the u.n. operational satellite applications program detailed the images to al-jazeera. well these images shows us that there has been increase and. the bombardment in using ghouta and in particular in doom of that to be animal is based on a satellite image taken this morning compared to an image taken on the twenty third oh february so what we observe in the imagery is continued. to continue shelling and continued damage to infrastructure in doing this case in duma it can be sometimes it's been to distinguish between residential areas and businesses etc but we do observe damage to a large number of different types of buildings including what seems to be
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residential areas so it's quite widespread damage that the observer thanks for reading you know damage to infrastructure. roads areas etc we see certain areas where there's severe damage we could go all the areas where there's no damage that we can see in the satellite imagery to certain areas but also out of that state but what red damage but there are definitely areas that we see you know heavily affected the number of those killed in became a fast they by coordinated attacks on the military headquarters and a french embassy in the capital while the dougie has now risen sixteen is the number that witnesses say the mof attack is used guns and explosives during the assault nicholas how cripples from the beckon me economic capital.
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downtown ouagadougou on friday another attack at the heart of the que no hostages capital coordinated and well planned the targets the army headquarters the french embassy and its cultural center witnesses say some of the attackers came by taxi others in a pickup they started shooting set fire to the truck and continued to fire off did you know we did hear that there was so much gunfire damage everywhere two policemen went nearby the army headquarters there was a car with around four to six people and they opened fire there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. eight soldiers were killed several others wounded in sent to hospital after an hour long gun battle eight attackers were killed by the armed forces the army continued to comb the area looking for more attackers that may be on the loose fighter groups and this is how it repeatedly target burkina faso the country's capital is home to a base for the french special forces deployed in the hell to fight rebel groups
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clashes and frequent attacks have led to tens of thousands of people fleeing the area fighters regularly attack police outposts in the north of the country last year and al-qaeda affiliated group attacked a turkish restaurant in walker dugu killing one thousand people in two thousand and sixteen thirty people died in an other attack on a hotel in a restaurant in the city. but this is the most brazen attack so far. these three locations are some of the most safest in security in this country many people here say in their able to attack these places then no one is safe with the death toll likely to rise so is again in warning fearing what could come next. the medical charity doctors without borders is suspended all work in the northern
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nigerian town of run after an attack by suspected baka harrumph fighters at least three aide workers and eight security personnel were killed in the raid in borno state on thursday night a female nurse is reported missing doctors without borders has evacuated twenty two national and international staff from ran the town is home to a military base and a camp for more than fifty thousand internally displaced people. while the abduction of one hundred ten schoolgirls in northern nigeria last month has once again highlighted the extreme challenges that millions of children face in getting a basic education there on top of the threat of violence is decades of corruption in nigerians education sector as well as resistance from parents of a dangerous travel to the city of soccer in the country's northwest where the government is now paying for parents to take their children to school. and the dusty streets into a classroom i did finally get your education. like ten thousand other goals to have
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a chance to pursue our dream of becoming a doctor thanks to a government funding scheme for sharing. our grandmother says the fact the new ideas as a school has also used their waters. soakaway hoping exposes girls like her to a lot of dangers like rape getting knocked down by vehicles she safe and better off here in school. where the united nations children's fund launched a twitter cash assistance program imprinted fourteen in rome and for girls and schools and supporters state rose from twelve to fourteen percent. the state government wants to encourage as many goes as it can providing parents with forty one dollars every year to keep their daughters in the classroom they feel of comfortable and only willing to release them to go to school so we with that work if it is for the peculiar benefit that you're getting from the proceeds of hawking
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by these girls release them to us let them with the classroom every month will give you this much but critics say corrupt local education administrator is the implementation of the first program and fear the new one will also feel now this isn't people who are pretty unknown the system so you never succeed. you have to get a read of this people and underdo poorly is. education. at fourteen. spices from the streets but still hopes one day. to get an education. i don't know why they don't want me to get school i really want to study no education is useless i just want to go to school for parents the priority is to save enough money from hawking before she is married
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. it's estimated ten million children of school age are still roaming the streets of baghdad and will face an education it's three decades of official corruption have had a devastating effect on public schools parents who can afford to take their kids that's offensive private school. but only a few can especially here in a region with one of the highest rates of poverty in nigeria. greece. and the united states a student from central michigan university has been caught after allegedly shooting his parents dead heavily armed police went door to door across the city of mt pleasant as they search for the missing nineteen year old john hendren reports. a domestic dispute turned deadly police say when a university student killed his parents and fled leaving more than one hundred police officers on a manhunt he should be considered armed and dangerous if your opponent mr davis
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campus police at central michigan university say they took nineteen year old james eric davis jr to a hospital thursday night due to a drug related incident on friday morning the parents who came to take him back to suburban chicago for spring break were dead police could not say why. eric davis sr was a former army national guard officer and part time policeman who had served in iraq his wife was a cancer survivor the shooting put the university on lockdown leaving students behind closed doors helicopters and police cruisers scouring the area for a wanted gunman the gunman left no note no explanation in the shooting coming just two weeks after another nineteen year old gunned down seventeen people at a high school in florida increases pressure on president donald trump and congress to increase restrictions on guns in america vice president mike pence was in detroit a two hour drive from the shooting in mount pleasant michigan our hearts go out to
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the fall and everyone in the mount pleasant community that's been impacted and especially to the local state and federal agencies who are working together as we speak on the apprehension and the investigation with most students now gone on spring break police are now searching the gunman's dormitory for clues as to why a family reunion turned deadly john hendren al-jazeera mt pleasant michigan. including the missing m h three seventy four years since the plane disappeared and the families of those on board hold a memorial service. took of retaliation from europe in response to president.
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hell i may not feel like it but the worst is nearly over storm ammar is blowing out is this thing you hear of the british isles so the visit is gong for modern but it's still an area of low pressure and it's still driving moisture into kodak so there's more snow to come it stretches dance to the western side of europe they look at the temperatures here that are all positive this is the cold bit here vienna right up to stockholm east to moscow science of bucharest is much woman this is much this is rain freezing rain admittedly for some for example down albania but generally speaking as a warming trend now given not around the edges is still plenty of snow to come the ukraine and belarus west and russia by daylight hours the snow should have stopped falling for the most part for the british isles still there in france and probably the swiss alps in the french alps on the down the knobs as well or even lower ground yet even the pope valley at sea level in this league now that should mostly
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have gone by the time you get to sunday the white patches of snow shasta in the british isles the temps has risen a bit too modest to booker us still plus eleven niagara on the snow is cold to moscow still a bit tucked back into ukraine but it's not as cold. turkey .
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there it's time for us to take a look at the top story of the u.n. human rights chief says attacks on the syrian district of. probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three civilians were killed in government raids on friday. at least sixteen people have been killed eighty others have been injured in the kenya fasces capital ouagadougou eight gunmen were among those killed during the coordinated attacks on the french embassy and the military headquarters police in the us eight of michigan have arrested a nineteen year old student who allegedly shot his parents dead heavily armed police have been searching for james eric davis jr the hours before he was caught.
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the european commission president has threatened to impose duties on some of america's most well known products including holly davidson motorcycles bourbon whiskey and levi jeans it's in response to u.s. plans to put a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports a growing list of seal producing countries a considering retaliatory steps. meanwhile president trump has repeatedly accused chinese firms of copyright theft the issue is at the heart of the current trade friction between china and the u.s. the chinese firms are fighting back in american courts and their winning adrian brown reports. just over a decade ago this electrical components firm in eastern china face an uncertain future it was being sued in a u.s. court over intellectual property rights the chinese company for the action
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eventually able to prove that the plugs and other devices manufactured here were not copies the case lasted seven years chen whooshing the company's president told me he'd do it again if he had to. try american companies are using intellectual property rights as a tool to beat competitors from other countries the final go is to rule out the patters from the american market and a decrease overtaxing is on the way. chain one is lost us lawsuit in two thousand and ten by then he'd spent more than twenty million dollars in legal fees today he's become something of a celebrity in china's corporate world dispensing advice to other executives involved in similar legal battles as a target and pretty sure that this set a clear message and in lightens many chinese enterprises to deal with. with their
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american competitors as china shifts the focus of its economy from heavy industry to innovation it's now clear that many of its companies are paying greater attention to intellectual property it is now something that is important to down the hallway. all of these technology companies they're now fighting back they're fighting with apple or fighting with whoever it is that they believe is infringing on them so they're learning the rules of the game as it was taught to them by the west and they're engaging in the process part of that process involves riches to trademarks they can show how innovative a country is twenty years ago china had none today it has more than one point three million including ones for the electrical devices made in china plant. and with chinese companies started to grasp the importance of intellectual property there also prepared to defend those rights in
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a foreign court adrian brown al jazeera in eastern china. the families of those on board malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy are attending a memorial to mark almost four years since the plane disappeared the malaysian government and a us based company have launched a new search for the wreckage m h three seventy disappeared m r c eight twenty fourteen when it was flying from kuala lumpur to beijing the two hundred thirty nine people on board it's thought to have crashed in the indian ocean. mammals army is accused of bullying and intimidating range of refugees near its border with bangladesh al jazeera has begun to refugees who say troops of bullets slingshots and bottles are in. range of muslims fleeing me and my face harassment the troops that pushed them out a back making it very clear they want their engine gone for good this woman shows
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a suitcase which she says was hit by ricocheting bullets fired into the camp al-jazeera producer tom barrett charity spoke to those who fled from the army troops there said they were intimidated they were using bullhorn and mikes warning them to get out of this area. alcohol bottles and right using even sling shot at some point some of the troops even tried to climb the fence into the no man's land to intimidate them but where stopped by the buying of there's a broader gods. bangladesh is protesting the deployment of troops along the border and says it's highly irregular it prompted bangladesh to summon me. and demand the troops be pulled back as. they came at around ten am brought in seven trucks with two ladders in each vehicle a total of fourteen and they tried to cross the barbed wire fences to forcefully destroy our camp this area is widely referred to as no man's land for weeks myanmar
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soldiers have up the patrols of the border fence. and use loud hailer is to order the estimated six thousand ranger to leave but hundreds of the refugees have already given into the soldiers orders and crossed into bangladesh. it's been six months since almost seven hundred thousand range of muslims fled a military crackdown in me and miles of rocking state united nations called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing refugees spoke of systematic murder sexual violence and arson but the government insists it was simply defending itself after attacks from. myanmar reportedly claim some of those range of fighters all hiding within the border camp at agency is meanwhile helping refugees prepare as best they can for the coming of monsoon season one assessment says more than a hundred thousand people could be affected by floods and landslides the diplomatic
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route of a troop movement to the border now threatens a controversial deal to send the range of refugees back to myanmar many will be questioning whether it will ever really be safe to go back to me on the imran khan zero if you leave holding paul imagery elections on sunday and his fifth there may be no clear outcome both the left and the right or expected to fall behind the anticipation and a five star movement or is the ripple. a rainy monday night in this is silly in the city of palermo and they're pushing to get into the theater the man they've all come to see is the leader of the five star movement what they all have in common is a desire to take back political control from people who they believe the failed them is different is not that. organization so it's made to buy from people everywhere some. make appropriate to do something for
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itself or for the community for the parson and that's exciting for us. in he came just thirty one years old luigi to my old spoke for nearly an hour without notes he didn't mention immigration once the touchstone issue for a right wing looking to turn working class italians against refugees but he mocked endlessly the corruption of mainstream politics which he said made it's really an international joke. oh it's we had better scolding from one side and bronzy from the other they stole the future from my generation. i can't understand how they dare to show their faces and promise to change things when they had twenty years in government and didn't do anything the whole point was about transparency the message that italy needs a totally new politics in all it's the man you're five star policy that's still
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written on the level of bullet points and like a lot of detail but none the less all the people what this party represents is the basic out for a. corrupt and useless political class and that's a low looks like being enough for that five the biggest party in this election. five star has been on a journey no longer the sheltie populism of the found a better grillo no longer do they wanted to lead to leave the euro or the european union but they still insist they will never do coalition deals with the other parties they despise instead five-star now demands a totally green economy funded by a publicly owned investment bank which organizes the universal basic income for the poor in chaotic cities like rome these ideas look incredibly difficult to achieve but it seems less important than the facts that they say the most all. of meant is
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a sort of. they are. in the try to collect consensus and electors from every part of political market so these kind of list of desires to some extent is a really wonderful but there is it a lot of problems in the possibility of concrete translation in policies. at the final rally in rome the crowd numbered several thousands of italian public is understandably cynical about politics and many complain the five star won't be any different to the rest of the world. their leaders are urging against apathy though if they want to govern alone only the backing of hundreds of thousands of undecided voters is to give them any chance lawrence lee al-jazeera in a city. where the wetlands of a colorado provide a rich habitat for thousands of spaces of animals and plants among them japan's famous red crowned cranes if i'm functionally there during the winter the numbers
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are now slowly recovering after the hunting and destruction of their habitat pushed them to the brink of extinction also mojado is a conservationist helping to protect them has his story. imo somehow the other chief ranger of to do itto tonto sanctuary. the red crown cranes are the largest birds in japan just one hundred forty centimeters tall the wingspan is two point four metres wide there are such dramatic birds and they're a symbol of long life and happiness the i know japan's indigenous people named them cited in coming the god of the wetlands they believe that animals are sacred. from around the middle of february the birds begin to perform the courtship dance young birds seek partners and couples raising children dance in unison they raise their head high about to one another flap their wings run around and make many gestures
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it's mesmerizing they can never get enough of. these birds used to thrive across the hokkaido region and migrated to the mainland. but by the early one thousand nine hundred over hunting and destruction of their habitat from rampant land development caused a decline in their population at one point they were believed. have been extinct the crane still here today are believed to originate from a handful that survived in the wetlands where spring water kept the river from freezing. local farmers first spotted them plucking corn in their fields and gave their own food to save the wintering cranes that's how the feeding began and their numbers gradually began to recover yes it's a moving history we followed up on their effort and continued to provide a stable feeding ground when our institution was founded thirty years ago there were about four hundred cranes now there are eighteen hundred. i'm so relieved when
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they come back to us in winter it's good to know they were well and raise their children safely it feels like reuniting with family feeding is crucial for wintering cranes and we need to keep it. but they're wild birds and they shouldn't get too used to us that's why i do my job carefully even if i want to show them how much i care i remind myself to keep a distance. their numbers continue to grow but there are downsides to think about the birds can die coming too close to him and they can also cause agricultural damage beyond sanctuary we have to lessen these incidents and their dependence on us and let them thrive in the wild. bill without is there and it's time for us to take a look at the top stories the un human rights chief says strikes on the besieged
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syrian on klav of east and guta probably amount to war crimes and those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three civilians were killed in government raids on friday. what we are seeing eastern world war elsewhere in syria are likely war crimes and potentially crimes against humanity civilians are being pounded into submission or dirs the perpetrators of these crimes must know that they are being identified not being built up with a view to the prosecution and that they will be held accountable for what they have done. at least sixteen people have been killed and eighty others injured in became a fasces capital while eight gunmen were among those killed during the coordinated attacks on the french embassy and a military headquarters the medical charity doctors without borders says the spend
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did all work from the northern nigerian town of run after an attack by suspected baka harrumph fighters at least three aide workers and eight security personnel were killed in the raid in borno state on thursday night a female nurse is reported missing the european commission's president has threatened to impose duties on some of america's most well known products including ali davidson motorcycles bourbon whiskey and levi jeans it's in response to u.s. plans to put a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports. families of those who are on board the missing malaysia airlines flight m h three seventy are attending a memorial to mark nearly four years since the plane disappeared the malaysian government and a u.s. based company have launched a new search for the wreckage emmy's three seventy disappeared on march the eighth twenty fourteen when it was flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with two hundred
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thirty nine people on board are those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera i'll be back after inside story. on counting the cost the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the first drop rates a treaty gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s is all about and if it even matches counting the cost at this time. don't trump says trade was good and the u.s. president could be about to start one needs to impose hefty tax cuts on steel and many an import a move that could harm the world economy china and even washington's allies are threatening retaliation so how close are we to an all out trade conflict this is inside story.


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