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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from headquarters in doha with me and i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes at least sixteen people killed in coordinated attacks. securities are. syrians living in a struggle for food and medicine as the government strikes continue despite a partial. top court in egypt that two disputed islands do belong to saudi arabia
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following a deal last year. i'm joined with the sports instant replays of the world cup in russia as football's approved video assistant referee technology. prime minister poor will be visiting the army headquarters which were attacked on friday at least sixteen people annoying to have been killed in friday's attacks which have further highlights of the country's struggle to contain the threat of groups like alice hawk reports. downtown ouagadougou on friday another attack at the heart of the q no classes capitol coordinated and well planned the targets the army headquarters the french embassy and its cultural center witnesses say some of the attackers came by taxi others in
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a pickup the started shooting set fire to the truck and continued to fire you know we did hear that there was so much gunfire damage everywhere two policemen went nearby the army headquarters there was a car with around four to six people and they opened fire there was an explosion we saw a lot of shots fired and a lot of smoke and then people started running. eight soldiers were killed several others wounded in sent to hospital after an hour long battle eight attackers were killed by the armed forces the army continued to comb the area looking for more attackers that may be on the loose fighter groups of this repeatedly target brooke enough the country's capital is home to a base for the french special forces deployed to fight rebel groups clashes and frequent attacks have led to tens of thousands of people fleeing the area. fighters regularly attack police outpost in the north of the country last year an al qaeda
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affiliated group attacked a turkish restaurant in walker dugu killing one thousand people in two thousand and sixteen thirty people died in other attack on a hotel in a restaurant in the city but this is the most brazen attack so far. these three locations are some of the most safest in security in this country many people here say if they're able to attack these places then no one is safe with the death toll likely to rise repeated far so is again in warning fearing what could come next nicholas hawk al jazeera out what to do. so i want to other news now the un's human rights chief says strikes on the besieged syrian enclave of east and probably amount to war crimes and that those responsible should be prosecuted at least twenty three civilians were killed in government raids on friday. what we are seeing. and elsewhere in syria are likely war crimes and potentially crimes against
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humanity civilians are being pounded into submission or death the perpetrators of these crimes must know that they are being identified that last years are being built up with a view to the prosecution and that they will be held accountable for what they have done. well saturday marks the fifth day of a version led partial ceasefire. but it's once again failed to produce a deliveries or evacuations of the critically ill more than one hundred people have now been killed in the rebel held on klav since the un voted for a ceasefire a week ago saying a hold of reports from neighboring lebanon. is desperate he is just one of about four hundred thousand people trapped in eastern huta which is under attack he is very ill and poor living in
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a besieged enclave means medicine and food are hard to find i remember all the roads you are i am crying my children are crying because i am unable to buy anything for them my situation is very bad we have no money. and for the past two weeks this is what the people have been facing. airstrikes artillery shelling more than six hundred civilians have already been killed. syrian aircraft are dropping leaflets over the besieged rebel held eastern some provide information and what they call safe exits out of the enclave others urge rebels to lay down their arms promising amnesty if they turn themselves in the pro-government alliance has been calling on civilians to leave and blame rebels for using them as human shields. for many especially those involved in opposition activities crossing into government territory is not an option there are no
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security guarantees and people don't want to leave their homes. while the over year growth show is a terrorist state and it has carried out the massacre as against the people of eastern rule the humanitarian corridor they talk about is aimed at displacing the people and changing the demography of this region. there are voices of defiance from inside the war zone but the suffering is immense it's not clear how long they will be able to ensure the syrian national coalition the main opposition body in exile is calling on the united states to enforce a cease fire that was recently adopted by the un security council it also wants washington to stop what it calls russia's monopoly of decision making in syria the us president donald trump discussed syria with germany's chancellor angela merkel and france's president and manuel mccraw they all called on russia to stop bombing
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eastern and to force the syrian government to stop offensive operations against civilian areas. destroying civilian infrastructure and making the lives of civilians unbearable our military strategy it has worked in the past it's now being applied in eastern. beirut. to egypt now where the top court has invalidated a do transfer to red sea island to saudi arabia the agreement was signed when king solomon visited egypt in two thousand and sixteen situated between the two countries in the red sea and salafi remained largely on occupied box they live in a politically sensitive area where the sea is israel's only gateway to its southern port and vital trade connections to southeast asia when president than fattah el-sisi signed the transfer deal in two thousand and sixteen it provoked widespread protests across egypt opponents say it amounts to selling off egypt's sovereign
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territory since he was criticized for handing over the islands while receiving billions of dollars in aid from saudi arabia. now a growing number of u.s. companies are taking steps over gun control as politicians stall to come up with a solution the world's largest asset management company black rock says it's looking to create new investment firms that exclude fire manufacturers and retailers. and some other major companies have announced that they won't sell guns to anyone under twenty one let's get more on this our correspondents died estabrook is joining us live from washington d.c. more and more companies taking garden sales manufacturing into their own hands here . that's right elizabeth and basically what corporate america is saying is we're not waiting for the government to act on gun control and it's one thing when you see companies these airlines like a delta and united and in partnership with these gun manufacturers when you see
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dick's sporting goods and wal-mart saying we're going to make it tougher for people to buy guns but i think black rock saying that they are going to create funds that exclude gun manufacturers is very significant because you are hitting these companies were it really hurts potentially affecting their stocks their stock prices this is very significant we haven't heard yet from some of the other big funds likes adeleke and vanguard but you can bet that they are also hearing from their shareholders and this is coming at a critical time because the annual meeting season is just around the corner and these big funds tend to send representatives who will grill these c.e.o.'s about what they're doing you often have demonstrators that will show up outside of these annual meetings and put pressure on these companies so it's going to be very interesting to watch and if the government if the federal government here in the u.s. doesn't move these companies could have
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a huge influence on what happens with gun sales in this country will be very interesting to see just how much pressure corporate america will be able to put on the government we know how powerful the national vice association zulfi is with them what is the government doing about this tie and have they moved at all since that florida school shooting. well there's been a lot of talk and there were meetings this week and the president has gone back and forth president from earlier in the week sort of stun conservatives by saying he embrace to gun some gun control measures not selling guns to the mentally ill increasing background checks reducing restrict restricting gun sales to young adults and then on thursday he had a meeting with the n.r.a. and he reversed course so we don't know where. tighter gun control legislation may stand here in the federal government here in washington but you are seeing states starting to move florida is making gun sales is restricting gun sales just this
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past week in illinois the legislature passed sweeping gun control legislation banning the sale of bum stocks licensing gun dealers so if we don't see any movement at the federal level we are likely to see states step in and tighten gun control and tighten gun laws very interesting diane thank you very much for that is on estabrook joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. now the european commission's president has threatened to impose tariffs duties on some of america's most well known products like harley davidsons bourbon and levi's jeans it's in response to u.s. plans to put a twenty five percent tariff on steel imports a growing list of steel producing countries are considering vitaly tree steps. one of the big issues at the heart of trade friction between the u.s. and china right now is alleged copyright theft chinese firms along going to accuse to these crimes but now they're fighting back in u.s. courts and winning china correspondent adrian brown reports.
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just over a decade ago this electrical components firm in eastern china faced an uncertain future it was being sued in a u.s. court over intellectual property rights the chinese company for the action eventually able to prove that the plugs and other devices manufactured here were not copies the case lasted seven years chen whooshing the company's president told me he'd do it again if he had to. so this was american companies are using intellectual property rights as a tool to beat compared to research from other countries the final go to rule out. the american market and the disease. chain money is lost us lawsuit in two thousand and ten by then he'd spent more than twenty million dollars in legal fees today he's become something of
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a celebrity in china's corporate world dispensing advice to other executives involved in similar legal battles as a target and pretty sure that does send a clear message and in lightened many chinese enterprises and to deal with. with their american competitors as china shifts the focus of its economy from heavy industry to innovation it's now clear that many of its companies are paying greater attention to intellectual property it is now something that is important to down the hallway. all of these technology companies they're now fighting back they're fighting with apple or fighting with whoever it is that they believe is infringing on them so they're learning the rules of the game as it was taught to them by the west and they're engaged in the process part of that process involves riches to trademarks they can show how innovative a country is twenty years ago china had none today it has more than one point three
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million including ones for the electrical devices made in china plant. and with chinese companies started to grasp the importance of intellectual property there also prepared to defend those rights in a foreign cooled. there are plenty more ahead of the news hour including the missing m h three seventy four here since the plane disappeared families of those on board all of the memorial service plus. i really want to study no education is useless i just want to go to school millions of children in nigeria denied education because of corruption and the race to recover for the world cup against the name details coming up in sport with.
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families on those of those rather on board of an asian airlines flight m h three seventy have attended a memorial to mark nearly four years since the plane disappeared the boeing triple seven vanished in march two thousand and fourteen while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing with two hundred thirty nine people on board about an hour after takeoff the copilot made what would be the final radio contact with air traffic control in kuala lumpur then the plane plane veered well off course malaysian military radar plotted m h three seventy over the strait of malacca west of its last known location after a loss of radar satellite data showed the plane flew out over the southern indian ocean for a stray malaysia and china scholar huge area thought to be the crash site but found nothing and now a u.s. based seabed explorer on the case at least three pieces of debris that are confirmed to be from the missing plane have been discovered on beaches and the french island of reunion and tanzania from kuala lumpur flying slowly reports.
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united by grief and a quest to know the truth families and friends of those on board malaysia airlines flight three seventy gathered in kuala lumpur to mark four years since the plane disappeared. was on that flight and grace has been leading the demand for the search effort to continue in the beginning it was a lot about myself about my. my feeling and my how upset i was at how things were going but as time went on it became more and more about aviation safety about a more global issue a more national issue about setting a good resort and we don't want something like this happening again m h three seventy disappeared on its way to beijing from kuala lumpur in march two thousand and fourteen. crash investigators say the flight ended in the indian ocean a path that drastically different from its intended direction is not clear how or
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why that happened after a two year effort the malaysian chinese and or strayed in governments suspended the search then in january ocean infinity a private exploration company hired by the malaysian government began a new search it will be paid if it locates the wreckage within ninety days it's not yet known if the search will continue if the plane is not located within the stipulated time families of the passengers have never given up hope but they understand that this could well be the last attempt even if the aircraft is found retrieving the wreckage could require substantial time and effort extensive marketing will have to be undertaken to determine the spread of the wreckage i imagine the c.c.t.v. the robots we sent dale to take pictures and video all of the wreckage so they can come up with a lifting plan decide which of the most important parts to look from the surface and then come up with a plan to do that perhaps then will there be some concrete answers to one of the
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greatest aviation mysteries of all time florence li al jazeera kuala lumpur. the u.s. envoy is on a three day visit to assess the one hundred crisis who works on the white house national security council has arrived at a particularly tense time there are new accusations that on the as a bullying and intimidating refugees nea its border with upon the the un estimates that around seven hundred thousand one hundred have influenced across from myanmar and since august last year says the u.s. will keep doing what it cat along with other countries to help the rich. and. sponsor that they have. to protect and. to meet the basic needs.
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a volunteer. to do so. conditions but i wanted to visit the first to make sure. and. once to see their safety their protection and. to resolve this. humanitarian catastrophe. well as accused of bullying and to have a dating refugees near its border with bonded they has spoken to refugees they say troops have fired bullets slingshots and throwing bottles at them and run con reports. face harassment the troops that push them a back making it very clear they want
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a good. this woman shows us her suitcase which she says was hit by ricocheting bullets fired into the camp al-jazeera producer tom barrett charity spoke to those who fled from the army troops there said they were intimidated they were using bullhorn and mikes warning them to get out of this area. alcohol bottles and right using even sling shot at some point some of the troops even tried to climb the fence into the no man's land to intimidate them but where stopped by the buying of there's a broader gods. bangladesh is protesting the deployment of troops along the border and says it's highly irregular it prompted bangladesh to summon me. and demand the troops be pulled back as. they came at around ten am brought in seven trucks with two ladders in each vehicle a total of fourteen and they tried to cross the barbed wire fences to forcefully
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destroy our camp this area is widely referred to as no man's land for weeks myanmar soldiers have up their patrols of the border fence. and use loud hailer is to order the estimated six thousand ranger to leave but hundreds of the refugees have already given into the soldiers orders and crossed into bangladesh. it's been six months since almost seven hundred thousand range of muslims fled a military crackdown in me and miles of rocking state united nations called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing refugee spoke of systematic murder sexual violence and arson. but the government insists it was simply defending itself after attacks from. myanmar reportedly claim some of those range of fighters are hiding within the border camp agencies meanwhile are helping refugees prepare as best they can for the coming that monsoon season one assessment says more than a hundred thousand people could be affected by floods and landslides the diplomatic
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route the troop movement to the border now threatens a controversial deal to send the range of refugees back to myanmar many will be questioning whether it will ever really be safe to go back to me on all them wrong . russian president vladimir putin has addressed large crowds at a rally in moscow just two weeks from the presidential election is widely expected to win the vote on the eighteenth of march. crowds are gathering here for this stadium political rally it is in fact the old olympic stadium here in moscow and people have turned up two weeks before the presidential election in support of just one man hoping to see him here in fact it is of course bloody. after eighteen years in power putin is going for another six year term constitutionally possibly his last but the result isn't really much doubt there is a field of seven candidates running against him but it's more of
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a picture of democracy just as his critics might say this is a picture of his support the opinion polls presumably don't lie president putin's popularity ratings consistently at the moment around seventy five percent of roses he made in his speech to parliament a few days ago not just economic growth but functional technological advances in the years to come and he promised to restore russia to its rightful place as a nuclear military superpower writes our eyes with the united states that really made big stream really well with people in far corners of this country who simply can't imagine another leader capable of doing all that i don't know how al-jazeera moscow. police have detained at least fifty people in the ukrainian capital kiev while dismantling a protest camp supporters of the deported opposition figure mikhail saakashvili established a cat last october they're demanding the resignation of president bush and an anti
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corruption court police say they found remains and smart in the raid six protesters and four four police officers were injured. the former leader of georgia and one time governor of ukraine's adesa region was at first an. ally off but i need to turn against him he is now banned from entering ukraine for three years. germany social democrats will announce on sunday whether its members have backed a coalition where the angle of merkel's question democrats another vote might force new elections for the coalition debate within the s.p.d. party has already seen leader martin short step down dominant cain has more from. thursday night in leipzig and for the social democrats the hot topic is coalition across germany the party members are deciding if they want to work with anger merkel's christian democrats again young members like binyamin are clear.
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because of his tone in the. there's no grand vision in this grand coalition and i think we can only develop as an opposition party i think it's not logical that the election losers build the new government contrast that with the views of older members like christoph yaps he's proud of his fifty years as a social democrat and says pragmatism is important i was also. realist i think i'm a realist i don't want germany to become insignificant in europe we need to contribute in a way that makes our continent grow together and we can only do that with a government here that has a stable majority. certainly that's the view of the party machine reaching this point has already cost the leader martin shirts his job his designated successor and they are nihilists has tried hard to gain support for the deal which many members feel is one of the head not the heart kevin out has led the campaign
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against another grand coalition and has encouraged thousands of people to join the party to vote it down there is it's pretty high we've been in a grand coalition for four years and our election performances keep getting weaker so when we've just had our worst ever result it's time to ask if this is the right way to make our party strong again. the only opinion poll taken of the party membership so far suggests a small yes vote at the same time the party's popularity is lower now than in september's election of the party is torn in the membership is torn people are in secure what actually would help the s.p.d. to survive all of which brings us back to sunday's vote a yes will mean angle america remains as chancellor but with leading social democrats in important cabinet posts and know will mean she probably remains as
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chancellor but with no majority in parliament no social democrats in cabinet and facing the possibility of new elections down the line dominic cain al-jazeera berlin. we're going to go back to our top story now bettina fossils prime minister polka that she has visited the army headquarters which was attacked on friday at least sixteen people have been killed and eighty injured in the capital. let's go to our correspondents nicholas hawking's joining us live from there and they haven't even just been at the at the army headquarters is what did you see. that's right with their headquarters or just a few hundred meters behind you this is the main artery road of the in the capital ouagadougou when it's about this time yesterday on rising you have drove up. this road and detonated the bomb we got to see earlier on today what happened there
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there were shattered glass is five hundred meters away from the building of the vicinity that was the strength of the bomb we hear what. the army had to force and we saw a large degree we weren't allowed to go inside the prime minister went inside and i asked him what he saw the scenes were. that is the strength of the destination. visiting she went to the hospital we were allowed to see the wounded perhaps they're trying to keep it tight control of. what could be filmed or not if there are about eighty nine so far but they're still that are being treated in the hospital and with this. that it appears that happened yesterday the death toll is likely to rise in the hours and days to come and that i believe that these attacks not just at the army headquarters but the french embassy too took place and luggage a high security zone so how could this have happened and do we have any idea yet on
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who might be responsible. it was a brazen attack actually the french embassy is down this road that's right behind me. and it would have been simultaneously the french special forces that have a big base here. but of course they're going to deploy it in there's a hell area were deployed yesterday to protect the french institution the french embassy it took them about forty five minutes to neutralize or attack first the french embassy groans and helicopters. you know the forces inside the military headquarters it took them two hours according to neutralize. and so you know. you're well well prepared there's been attacks like the in. ouagadougou in this country in the last few years and. the strong man who was the president of this country for the for the last seven years left office
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a couple of years ago he did hack kind of stuff now some people here. fear that this attack is no coincidence especially the timing of this is because just a few days ago the start of the trial of general can do right now the head of the presidential guard. who could have been a few years ago and the way the man that was really in charge of security and ensuring that. you know so now a lot of people that i think you know on the ground say that they're they're upset in their ears that the government that currently in place not doing enough to protect ordinary citizens let me thank you very much that a little time joining us with the very latest i wanted to thank you. it is time for the weather now and richard has more on that the latest on the freezing weather that still has parts of europe at its grip pritchett pretty cold across the u.k. for instance where some places in the heaviest snow falls is nine hundred sixty
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five this is a so was as bad as expected to some of these areas but of course no it's the case right you making the most of it so that's going waterford in the public. skis much like i do actually dreadfully but anyway it's one way of getting around meanwhile in amsterdam a lot more grace being shown or other on the hills of gloucestershire people making the most of the weather tobogganing down the hills and over in amsterdam they're showing a great deal more grace and elegance as they navigate the frozen canals where we're going to see weather change you know it is going to turn considerably milder as we now get weather fronts coming in from the southwest in fact we got to circulations of low pressure and so we've cut off the really cold air but cold air is actually going to stick for parts of russia in particular further west you see we're going to answer double figures as far as the temperatures are concerned so brisk winds coming in initially over frozen or snowy grounds that tends to result in a call to action folks or there will be some for the problems for the u.k.
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for a time but then we start to get this mild air pushing of course they're probably got then is that thawing snow and the risk of flooding which could be quite significant across some parts of the u.k. meticulous low pressure system forms and then across parts of russia that snow gradually moves away to the north but the cold air that stays in place. very much richard still ahead on the news hour desperation and guatemala as children face extreme violence and malnutrition. where dress a often overlooked category because tunes design is nominated for oscars glory added sport south african kevin anderson as one one away from the second executive eighteen feet high and joe has all the results on the next about them seventy five . but they also get in less than one generation of developing countries and one of the most the developed countries in the world we have to be grateful for just
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a league when you bridge near and dear to the pretty rough and tough men singapore's founding father created a nation of political dynasty but a family disputes undermining that legacy what's happened to the family and what's happened in singapore's institutions i just don't know what would have caused the whole grief people in power investigates the house that leave at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and for your.
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good. on al-jazeera these are our top stories. as prime minister has visited the army headquarters which were attacked on friday at least sixteen people including eight attackers were killed and eighty injured in the capital. the french embassy was targeted to. the un's human rights chief says strikes on the besieged rebel held city an enclave of. probably amount to war crimes and that those responsible should be prosecuted he's also condemned rebel groups for firing shells into the capital damascus. and egypt's top court has validated a deal to transfer two red sea islands to saudi arabia. when president of the
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father l.c.c. announced a plan to hand over the largely on occupied are the head on and that in two thousand and sixteen provoked widespread protests across egypt. now the medical charity doctors without borders has suspended all work from the northern nigeria and town of ron after an attack by suspected fighters at least three aid workers and eight security personnel were killed in the raid in borno state on thursday night and a female nurse is reported missing. well the abduction of one hundred ten schoolgirls in the last mom has once again highlight of the extreme challenges millions of children face and getting basic education on top of the threat of violence is decades of corruption in nigeria is education sector and resistance by parents. travel to the city of soccer to the country's northwest where the government is now paying parents to take their children to school. the dusty
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streets. i do. like two thousand other girls should have a chance to pursue. doctor. a grandmother says the fact there are no ideas as a school has also used their waters soakaway hoping exposes girls like her to a lot of dangers like rape getting knocked down by vehicles she safe and better off here in school. where the united nations children's fund launched a twitter cash assistance program imprinted fourteen in rome and four girls in schools and supporters stage rose from twelve to fourteen percent. the state government wants to encourage as many goes as it can providing parents with forty one dollars every year to keep their daughters in the classroom they feel comfortable and only willing to release them to go to school so we with that work
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if it is for the peculiar benefit that you're getting from the proceeds of talking by these girls release them to us let them with the classroom every month will give you this much but critics say corrupt local education administrator is the implementation of the first program and fear the new one will also feel that isn't people who are brilliant on the system so you never succeed. you have to get a read of this people and underdo poorly is education. at fourteen the sabr mohammad hawke spices of the streets but still hopes one day our parents will allow her to get an education. i don't know why they don't want me to get school i really want to study no education is useless i just want to go to school. for parents the priority is to save enough money from hawking
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before she is married. it's estimated ten million children of school age are still roaming the streets of nigeria all the basic education is free because of official corruption have had a devastating effect on public schools parents who can afford to take their kids to its principal private school. but only a few can especially here in a region with one of the highest rates of poverty in nigeria. al-jazeera. now to guatemala the country is one of the worst in the world to be a child according to unicef and in a recent report the un says it is seriously concerned about the consistently high level of chronic malnutrition and violence against children david most reports. the stanley cup son has a rare neurological disorder when he started to lose feeling in his legs she took
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him to a doctor but the cost for surgery was in the thousands of dollars and her husband earns less than five dollars a day working in the fields if it weren't for private donations from abroad ellis sale would have lost his ability to walk. when your children are healthy give thanks to god long with him as though all they may have but when they're sick you don't even want to see them lying in bed in pain it's so hard. despite having one of the healthiest economies in latin america. is in terms of wealth one of the most unequal in the region its children particularly in rural indigenous communities often pay the price children in guatemala face a number of serious problems from chronic child malnutrition to extreme poverty gang violence to abuse in their own homes it's one of the reasons why unicef and other organizations of coldwater mol one of the worst countries in the world to be
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a child. last year forty one girls were killed in a fire at a government run children's home outside the capital guatemala city the tragedy put renewed focus on obligation to guarantee the life and integrity of all children. the committee on the rights of the child recently published dozens of recommendations and unicef continues to push for a national system of child protection and more investment in social programs. that at the on the new system at the end of this generation of children is the largest mall in history if we don't invest in such a large group of children the country will lose a huge opportunity to develop it could be a disaster. is one of the children who are falling through the cracks the thirteen year old started shining shoes full time. when he was just seven the little money he earns helps his family survive and jim would have thought as. the hind gumball
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were our come from people working in fields growing corn and beans it's hard work there are lots of laborers but there aren't many jobs that's why we came here for the oilers. dream of working in a bank someday but if the government continues to fail children like him it's likely his dream will also fail david mercer al-jazeera sick at the back is what i'm all. place in slovakia have released suspects detained over the murder of a journalist and vestiges of reporter a young back and his fiance shot dead in their home and sunday on friday thousands of people gathered across the country. and goodbye the lack of progress police have made because the act was watching an article on suspected links between the italian mafia and the prime minister when he was murdered. italian politicians have finished campaigning ahead of sunday's
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general election where the ruling democratic party made a last push for votes in florida that holds its leader in second place former prime minister silvio berlusconi's center right party is expected to be part of a potential competition but the party expected to be able to govern on its own polling suggest the n.t. establishment five star movement could gain the largest single party vote. now plans to store nuclear waste in a small french town has met strong opposition from environmentalists they were angry the waste will be buried five hundred metres below the ground and impermeable clay police have already removed an activist camp close to the site east of paris david chase reports. a large police presence has been thrown around the area where the protesters are going to try and reach the forest where the site for the burial of nuclear waste is designated to be built but there was
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a camp in the forest nearby but about eight days ago the police moved in force to break up and demolish that activists camp now the protesters are here nearby nearby the sites they're gathered in a barn they don't want their faces to be revealed or the wall their identities to be shown but france of course is the one country in the world that depend so heavily on nuclear power and nuclear power stations so this site is about five hundred meters down in old clay from the jurassic period this is essentially impermeable to water it's layer of sediment and it's believed by the scientists and geologists to be virtually as safe as there ever can be for such high level radioactive waste but the protesters say it will be dangerous there's never any guarantee that there wouldn't be earthquakes and somehow this intense
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radioactivity could leak out into the atmosphere or into the ground so they're determined to mount their protests and the police are determined to keep them away from the site so there will be a standoff and the protesters will be trying to get through the police lines any way they can now hollywood is getting out for its biggest light on sunday the oscars when they find out who's picked up the best picture and acting on it then there's the often forgotten award best costume design or blockbuster period dramas dominic nominations this year and as rob bennett's reports the film's designers plan to great lengths to take fashion back in time. clothes make the man as the saying goes and often they make the movie too at the fashion institute of designs museum in los angeles oscar nominated apparel is on display in all its glory fashion designer nick for rail says costume is
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a subtle but vital part of all great films a lot of people say you know when you really don't notice the costumes in a film and the costume designer has done their job. getting. the oscar nominated costume design in victoria and abdul sends messages about wealth class and power the clothes especially for a victorian up to and queen victoria it's showing you who she is a queen good custom design is more than beautiful dresses it requires painstaking historical accuracy for the film darkest hour costume designer jacqueline duran went to extraordinary lengths to lend authenticity to actor gary oldman portrayal of winston churchill to suit you not vanity. when you see found out the actual savile row tailor made a lot of winston churchill suits and they're still in business and so they flew out a tailor from london to los angeles to fit gary oldman for the suits that he
4:46 pm
wore in the film now they did that went with him wearing a fat suit one of this year's nominees for best costume design is a film about a costume designer daniel day lewis is neurotic couture e.a.a. in phantom threat when i was a boy. in the united kingdom i definitely think that there's a bit of kudos to the profession that we as fashion designers do that is put into the film it's almost like an obama and i what i love about it is putting fashion out in the forefront you know and it's showing you how important costumes can be to tell the story telling stories on screen stitch by deliberate. stitch robert oulds al jazeera los angeles of the sports news to the head on the news it will tell us why all the violence and the four hundred metres race were disqualified as just ahead.
4:47 pm
of the final. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents living the stories they tell.
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you sirrah saluting world news. at a time to sports now his job elizabeth thank you for bulls rule makers have unanimously approved the use of video replays in football it means that this year as well cop in russia will be the first to use the technology to help cut down on refereeing mistakes the video assistant referee or v.a.r. will be used to help award goals penalties red calls or in cases of mistaken identity a referee away from the stadium watches the game and has access to all camera angles and lets the on field referee know if there's been an era the system has
4:49 pm
been used to at the confederations cup and the free for under twenty wealth cup v.a.r. will also be adopted in spain and is already being used in germany italy and the united states bought it has its critics who are concerned about the system disrupting the flow of the game as president though wants everyone to see the bigger picture if we can one which anyway will be added on after the match at the end of the match to correct the wrong decision. of the referee then i think we have made something good and for this reason i believe that. v.a.r. at the world cup would certainly certainly help to the affair world cup but despite what many see as taping problems of the technology the a.p. is global football writer robert harris told me earlier that they are also make football
4:50 pm
safer for players so in sochi this week in russia for a welcome meetings and while there is going to be an additional all extension of replays which is in will be able to have a second doctor in the if units and stands and they will be able to sort of assess injuries particularly have impact injuries and check for concussion and relate that diagnosis to the doctor who could be on the pitch or actually attending to the player and this is all of intended to actually play a welfare it just shines out the first time in praising technology after many years of resisting it on the set yesterday actually that is to say. the world cup but i think the household it is ensuring the referees and officials using bar actually experience today because of the world cup you're not going to want people who are sort of learning on the job now there are technology in use so on saturday
4:51 pm
in the english premier league where liverpool have the chance to squeeze into second place even if it's just temporary if they take newcastle they'll go appoint a head of month's united who don't play until monday but they also have tottenham breathing down their necks spurs a currently fourth just two points behind of a poll as they host huddersfield town bunmi and everton are level in the early kick off. but i would have a chance to make up some ground on spanish league leaders barcelona later they're fifteen points behind in third place as they take on it their free rails defeat against us on your midweek made it the cubs fifth lower league a loss of the season with barcelona not in action until sunday rails coach insists they're still a chance for his team to take the title no i mean i meant no mentors and ok look i'm not interested in what they're going to do but let me tell you that little league is always going to be there for all of us your might think the league is decided even we can think so but no never in football we just need to get into our
4:52 pm
heads that the legal games we have ahead of us are important every day. the world's most expensive footballer neymar has arrived in brazil for surgery as he faces a race against time to be fit for this year's world cup the brazilian star has a broken foot and a sprained ankle and the national team doctor expects the striker to be out for up to three months brazil's first world cup match will be agent switzerland on the seventeenth of. south africa's kevin anderson is a win away from clinching his second consecutive a.t.p. title by reaching the mexican open final anderson who won the new york open only two weeks ago battled through his semifinal against american qualifier jared donaldson in acapulco took the fifth seed three sets to overcome his unseated opponent six three four six six. waiting for anderson in sunday's final will be sixth seed juan martin del potro the arjen time twenty year
4:53 pm
old alexander is there at the semifinal to front a straightforward victory for the former u.s. open champion six four six two schools that. are over in the n.b.a. the oklahoma city thunder went up against the phoenix suns hoping to avoid a fourth straight defeat russell westbrook turned around the thunderous fortunes the reigning m.v.p. school. forty three points you also had fourteen rebounds and eight assists the thunder winning this one hundred twenty four to one hundred sixty. it was a glorious night for the ivory coast at the world indoor athletics championships in birmingham friday as they won gold and silver in the women's sixty meters hurry crossed the line first in a world leading time six point nine seven seconds to win a first ever gold medal for the ivory coast as well in goals and patrick mary jo say to lose secured the landmark one two. home fans also had plenty to cheer about
4:54 pm
as great britain's katrina johnson thomson won gold in the women's pentathlon the twenty five year old finished the competition in style crossing the line first in the eight hundred meters this is johnson thompson's first global title. in men's long jump was won by cuban teenager when we go. the nineteen year old let the world leading eight point four six meters to take first prize the while there was a bizarre incident in one of the hates for the men's a four hundred metres as all five athletes in the heat were disqualified after one was dismissed for a false start gold medal favorite braylon taplin of corn ada won the race but he and his fellow competitors were later disqualified for running out of their lanes greneda launched an appeal but say it was rejected the idea that it was the first time every runner in a world championship race had been disqualified thank you very much and as always we'll find out by a future. now finally this bulletin the wetlands of hokkaido province provide
4:55 pm
a rich habitat for thousands of species of animals and plants among them japan's famous red crowned cranes who find sanctuary there during the one to the numbers on now slowly recovering off to the hunting and destruction of their habitat pushed them to the brink of extinction. of a conservation is helping to protect them and he has his story and has on words. imo somehow the other chief ranger of to do itto tonto sanctuary. the red crowned cranes are the largest birds in japan just one hundred forty centimeters tall the wingspan is two point four metres wide there are such dramatic birds and they're a symbol of long life and happiness the i know japan's indigenous people named them sided uncomely the god of the wetlands they believe that animals are sacred. from around the middle of february the birds begin to perform the courtship dance young
4:56 pm
birds seek partners and couples raising children dance in unison they raise their head high bowed to one another flap their wings run around and make many gestures it's not as marines think they can never get enough of. these birds used to thrive across the hokkaido region and migrated to the mainland. but by the early one thousand nine hundred over hunting and destruction of their habitat from rampant land development caused a decline in their population at one point they were believed to have been extinct the cranes still here today are believed to originate from a handful that survived in the wetlands where spring water kept the river from freezing. local farmers first spotted them plucking corn in their fields and gave their own food to save the wintering cranes that's how the feeding began and their numbers gradually began to recover it. yes it's a moving history we followed up on their effort and continued to provide
4:57 pm
a stable feeding ground when our institution was founded thirty years ago there were about four hundred francs now there are eighteen hundred. i'm so relieved when they come back to us in winter it's good to know they were well and raise their children safely it feels like reuniting with family feeding is crucial for wintering cranes and we need to keep it. but they're wild birds and they shouldn't get too used to us that's why i do my job carefully even if i want to show them how much i care i remind myself to keep a distance. their numbers continue to grow but there are downsides to think about the birds can die coming too close to humans they can also cause agricultural damage beyond sanctuary we have to lessen these incidents and their dependence on us and let them thrive in the wild. that's it for this al-jazeera news
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back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin thank you for watching. players. they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. an american cyber activist develops an app used in brazil to monitor at least. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. we go to brother. trouble beeks. this guy not just the. i mean this is definitely not said whether someone is paying for some of his favorites but that's about it we think it's how you approach an official and that's what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just inject a story of dying out. the capital which makes
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a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest by protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business of pricing the planet as this time on al-jazeera. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president of the fattah el-sisi is poised for a second time in power. a series of personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene these reelection becomes more apparent we see what direction russia might take. with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being
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covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and researchers gather in brazil to address a critical issue in march on al-jazeera. attacks and booking a fossil highlight the west african nation struggle to be gurps. welcome to live from a headquarters in. the purana.


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