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an american cyber activist develops and used in brazil. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. begin to. read. this. this is zero. and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha with the end of the problem coming up in the next sixty minutes i'm going to merkel's political rivals confer and they'll go back into coalition giving the german chancellor a fourth term. and
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a hung parliament is expected after sunday's election. syrian government forces further into battered. trucks loaded with eight. italian football in shock because the captain has said he. found dead before a game all matches in the country's top league have been disposed. as a result which ends moms of political uncertainty in europe's economic powerhouse and gives a fourth term to its long time leader german chancellor angela merkel said to left arrivals the social democrats have an elf that their members have overwhelmingly voted to approve a new grand coalition with her conservatives as the third such coalition since two thousand and five but the social democrats also known as the s.p.d. were deep. they divided about it and that's because they have been punished at
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successive elections by voters to fear the s.p.d. is becoming too similar to me question democrats will this new grand coalition also affect the far right party that. will become germany's main opposition force to. the s.p.d. members follow the suggestion of the party leadership with a big majority we now have clarity the s.p.d. will join to make government the social democratic party did not make this decision lightly it spent the last weeks in depth transparent and open discussions over the coalition deal they were you ports in the debates that a great many members of the s.p.d. took part in we grew closer together during these discussions of this will now give us the strength we need to move ourselves forward as a party in government and to put our country on the right path let's go to our correspondent dominic cain now he's joining us live from the social democrats joining the grand coalition they have done this before but this one is going to
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look different dominick. yes elizabeth it will look different in the sense that the social democrats will have control of more key ministries than they have done in the previous governments where they've joined forces with angela merkel as it were this time around they get the keys to the finance ministry which traditionally in german coalition government formation it's usually the largest party that gets to to take the financial decisions as it were not this time that was part of the price of the deal that i'm going to merkel agreed with the social democrats they will get the finance ministry they will get the foreign ministry so when the leaders of the social democrats like you just heard there all of shards talk about a new path for the country while they're getting control of ministries they haven't controlled for some time but of course in this pact they have with angela merkel she remains as chancellor she will preside over the government as it were she gets
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as you say that fourth term so in some senses these both the parties get some of what they want but equally they both get something they don't really want and for the social democrats the problem they have is that the people opposing this deal yes it was two thirds one thirds in favor but the people opposing it were really vociferously saying that they felt that governing with merkel is really costing their party votes and that they think that they fear where this next coalition might lead their party and another interesting outcome of this coalition dominic is that the far right or anti immigration n.a.f.t. will essentially be the main opposition force in german politics what does that mean for the country. well that's right that's the one thing the interesting thing about that the f.t. will be the largest single party opposed to the government in parliament there are others and those others have already been sort of joining together on a on
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a case by case basis to vote down suggestions measures put forward by the f.t. but because of the electoral math the parliamentary seats that they have it means that the f.t. will get to have more a more prominent role in parliament than they would have done if the social democrats had gone into opposition the point also though to make as i was saying is is that the alternative for germany party is ostracised by the other parties as i say already every time the terms of germany members of parliament tried to stand for committees to get one of their members onto important committees each time that has been batted away by the combination of all the other parties going against them but from their perspective this is really what they wanted because they have campaigned for years by saying the grand coalition is bad for germany well they've got what they wanted they have another grand coalition which they took votes from
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they took votes from both parties during the general election so from their perspective they have yes the certainty that there is this government for the next three and a half years but it's a government that they are opposed to but they keep saying that the mainstream parties don't really cater to the needs the demands of the choices of the average voter and so they have the opportunity to oppose them for the next three and a half years right dominic thank you very much for that for now that is dominic cain with the latest from there len thank you. for germany and the rest of europe we're also watching italy many fear parliamentary elections there will deliver games for populist and right wing parties let's look at the big players a democratic party a p.d. led by former prime minister matteo renzi as probably europe and immigration. artists fail to engage younger voters we should in my as they problem a sterile pick of the five star movement that for the anti establishment anti corruption party which is set for
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a strong showing then there's the party led by my tail salving it is your skeptic and immigration and former prime minister silvio berlusconi returns with a center right for telling a party can't hold public office because of a tax fraud conviction but could hold significant sway in a future coalition government if his party does well lawrence live reports from rome. as the time arrives for voters to make their minds up there was every sign there were as many people who simply couldn't decide as those with any sort of conviction the policy making much of the running is the and c. politician party its thirty one year old leader held several parts on jobs before even entering politics five stars inside a proposal is to create a citizens' bloc in opposition to the corrupt excesses of the political clubs but five star vowed not to do a coalition deal with anyone else and in the country which you can't do government
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without a coalition it leads many to wonder if they would prefer not to be in government it's all they want. probably become defer to political parties to transform into influencing the transformation in the reconfiguration of political system we doubt government responsibility. the political bloc with the best chance is this group led by the it's homely youthful silvio berlusconi the eighty one year old appears to hold a magnetic attraction for his far right allies which have campaigned entirely around identity politics blaming the european union for what they see as an invasion of black people and muslims from over the mediterranean. the dream scenario for the anti establishment right wing is this man is prime minister matteo salvini wants mass deportations it's really first he says.
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that anyone who arrives here illegally must be sent back if we keep welcoming them and look after them the state will collapse it doesn't work economically or socially. but if the polls are accurate the far right might not get enough votes for a stable governments many italians are revolted at the idea of berlusconi choosing the next prime minister so what then. it's hardly unusual for italian politicians to promise one thing and then change their minds and even though silvio berlusconi insists his right wing coalition is the only war many suspect that in the events of political stacey's he in the sense a left might do a deal for a sort of grand coalition supposedly for the good of italy but even that would only be a temporary measure with a view to even more elections. could well hold the key to unlocking the confusion the fact that the european union might look to him as their best guarantor of stability says much about the state of politics lawrence lee al-jazeera wrote. the
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syrian government has seized more territory in rebel held eastern after another night of airstrikes and shelling more than six hundred and forty people of a portrait have been killed in the same enclave just in the past two weeks the united nations says the collective punishment of civilians is simply unacceptable saying a hunter has more. people on the move fleeing advances made by pro syrian government forces. they packed whatever they could carry and headed towards towns closer to the center of eastern huta displacement is adding to their suffering. pro-government forces are advancing inside eastern since friday they've seized at least ten percent of the one hundred ten square kilometer enclave they are moving in from the eastern side forcing people to pack whatever they can and move to other areas away from the front lines people are
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seeking shelter in towns closer to the center this placement is adding to their suffering. the ground offensive began just over a week ago the territory taken is not heavily populated it's mainly farmlands which are hard to defend pro-government forces want to control the do mushy phony out road which would cut rebel supply lines cut off the main town of duma and split the opposition held pocket in half. the assault is not just from the ground airstrikes and shelling are targeting towns throughout the besieged rebel stronghold the bombing may have lessened since the five hour daily pause in the fighting ordered by the russian government came into effect on tuesday but civilians continue to be killed. it's one of the deadliest offensives in the almost eight year conflict the death toll is now more than six hundred fifty rebels have
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been retaliated by firing mortars into the syrian capital killing almost thirty people in the past two weeks the ability of the opposition to threaten damascus is one of the reasons why the pro-government alliance wants to recapture eastern huta it is the last major opposition controlled area close to the government seat of power its pro-government forces take it then there will be only one small pocket of territory south of the capital out of the government's control and the pro-government alliance is making it clear not only in its words but in its actions that it is not ready to compromise and it is pushing for a military victory despite pleas from humanitarian organizations aid hasn't reached the almost four hundred thousand people believed to be in eastern huta the united nations was hoping to deliver food and medical supplies on sunday now it says that won't happen this isn't the first time restricting humanitarian access to a besieged population has been used as
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a weapon of war. and same as joining us live from that strategy saying that you speaking about the syrian government looks determined to continue using it despite new condemnation from the u.n. . yes the united nations saying that the targeting of civilians amounts to collective punishment and this is unacceptable but like we mentioned this is a military strategy it is a way to put pressure on the civilians who in turn will pressure the rebels to lay down their arms and surrender we've seen this happen in the past particularly in the battle for aleppo the divided city of aleppo in late two thousand and sixteen the military type in the siege on the rebel held area a ground offensive was under way a bombing campaign targeting residential neighborhoods so the people would say enough is enough it makes life really unbearable for the civilians to target civilian infrastructure targets schools hospitals so the rebels cannot govern on the ground so a military tactic and the fact that aid has not been able to enter yet more
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pressure because what the government wants is a surrender and it wants it as quickly as possible in order to avoid casualties because a ground offensive undoubtedly will cause a lot of casualties and international outrage as well if the death toll among civilians continues to rise international outrage saying that this will the u.n. security council demanding that cease fire how much of it has actually been implemented how much of it we seeing in the east and. well last saturday the u.n. security council adopted a resolution calling for a ceasefire that ceasefire was never implemented two days later the russian government said it ordered a five hour daily humanitarian pause in the fighting now it's day six of that humanitarian pause undoubtedly the level of the bombardment has lessened but civilians continue to die and what we are understanding and we're receiving thwarts from on the ground in eastern there is heavy bombardment because the ground troops
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are advancing what the government is. now is trying to target the areas where its troops want to advance they push the people back they push the rebels back making it easy to push inside eastern like we mentioned earlier they have made advances on the ground people are worried they have started to leave their homes so yet more suffering for the people inside this besieged enclave no aid and you know a thousand people need to be urgently evacuated for medical treatment and i thank you very much for that is the whole there joining us with the very latest from beirut thank you. head to all the news hour including find out more about. friday's attacks. that killed eight people south korea. for the first time. and the first man to break the four minute mile. will have his story and.
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the investigation into russian interference in the u.s. election of donald trump has reportedly been widened to include the united arab emirates the new york times says george mother who's an advisor to the prince and a regular visitor to the white house in two thousand and seventeen has been questioned special counsel reportedly pressed him for information about possible financial support to campaign team in return for political influence coming to office the u.s. president has forged a close relationship with the u.a.e. and saudi arabia last two years of american policy by initially backing the u.a.e. and. where the u.s. has a major military base well let's get more on this now our correspondent john hendren is joining us live from washington this is a very detailed report by the new york times john what else does it have to say about george now there and what he might have been trying to do. well
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it's nader is a lebanese businessman who came here was very involved in negotiating on the clinton administration with syria and then sort of disappeared in the early two thousand that was a time when he was apparently doing some business for the company then called blackwater run by erik prince. for generating contracts in iraq and now he has become the focus of the moeller investigation a focus i should say of the miller investigation because that has many prongs they are looking into whether money came from the united arab emirates into the trump campaign and they're looking at what kind of influence the u.a.e. is had through nutter or others involved in this particular business now he is apparently something of a name dropper and he says that he is close to mohamed bins i had the crown prince of and that is the connection that's at the crux of all this is this is just
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a couple of things about the miller investigation it suggest first of all that it's widening beyond just looking at russian influence on the trump campaign they're now looking at the influence of other countries and we know from american intelligence reports that have come out in newspapers that jared cushion or the president's son in law and aide was considered an easy target for influence for several countries including israel mexico china and the u.a.e. and of course that is where we are now so miller is clearly broadening his investigation beyond russia connections looking at money and influence into the trump campaign oh right john thank you very much for that that is john hendren with more on that from washington d.c. we're joined now by scott lucas professor international politics at the university of birmingham he's joining us on skype from ganesan it has very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so what do you make of this laces stab twist and mahler's investigation. well i think john hendren summarized it quite effectively. this is
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now no longer just about russia this is about conflict of financial interest and possible attempts by countries to get political influence with trump's inner circle both before the inauguration and after the inauguration so we know for example that there is a gulf dimension here because we know that jared kirshner was seeking loans in two thousand and sixteen for a troubled new york city building project he needs to raise one point nine billion dollars by early two thousand and nineteen and he was approaching the gulf investors now those financial talks may well have led to political talks which in four involve george notter about you a centrist and there are two specific areas to look at the first is even before trump became a not aerated. the usa was involved in a meeting in marash us with george nodders former associate erik prince of
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blackwater to discuss political affairs including a possible back channel to russia so the u.a.e. was playing a broker's role there and then secondly in were media interest to the region is that jerry christian or was discussing both financial matters or rather he and his company were discussing financial matters with both the u.a.e. and with qatar in the spring of two thousand and seventeen just a core course the rift between saudi arabia and u.a.e. did this compromise u.s. foreign policy that's what robert miller was looking at at this point and he's looking at it you know in the same week over the just a week after the the state department report which was leaked saying that four countries china israel mexico and the united arab emirates were looking also cushman as vulnerable to influence because of his financial concerns so it's not i mean how does this all look for the administration right now. well in part this is
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not a new story we know that jared christian has had these issues for. months that's why he did not get a full security clearance and that's why he no longer has an interim security clearance to look at top secret intelligence i think the wider story which the media has not caught up with is who is leaking the information against your question now in part we know the state department includes sort of your state reps tillerson has been in a fight with cushions people for months cushion has wanted to worsen out a certain state but even more importantly white house chief of staff john kelly sees cushion or as a bad influence he sees him as causing problems for the administration so i suspect that people around john kelly are helping to spread these stories in other words more is being assisted by a divided white house and this story will only escalate and the new york times report also mentioning that now there's involved with a businessman who also wanted the secretary of state rex to listen out of a very interesting developments mr new because we thank you for your time and your
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analysis on this scott lucas joining us live from birmingham thank you. now police in bombay in have arrested one hundred sixteen members of what they're calling a terrorist network funded by iran's revolutionary guard t.v. pitches a set to show weapons and explosives to be used in attacks on security forces the sunni led government on the shia majority are them to regularly accuse us of iran of supporting armed groups what you're on denies. the funeral has been held for a palestinian farmer who was shot and killed by israeli troops near the gaza border the body of muhammad the other jammy was carried through the streets of gaza before hundreds of worshippers the palestinian health ministry says the fifty nine year old was shot in the back while working on his land near the israeli border that israeli military says soldiers fired warning shots when he approached of a structured area and when he failed to stop he was shot. fighters linked to al qaeda and based in mali say they were responsible for the attacks and booking
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afonso on friday sixteen people were killed including eight government at the french embassy and army headquarters in the capital want to do good nicholas hart has more. this is an umbrella organization that includes these lawmakers maigret omar b. to an unsettled gene and several separates rebel groups operating this the hell so it comes as no surprise for people here and work enough us so that john motson us route. to me would be behind this attack it's claimed responsibility on attacks in burkina faso before and on several attacks on hotels and restaurants in mali and in i recall they say it's in retaliation to the bombing by french special forces of a convoy of their leaders in the sun held just last week in this attack. hassan alon sorry the right hand man of mokhtar belmokhtar who was responsible for these
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attacks earlier attacks in for he now faso was killed why brick you know faso well it's home to a big french special forces base. so armed forces have joined other armed forces in the region to be deployed with the french forces in this to help to try to engage and attack these groups and there's been an escalating violence and as this increases so are the attacks targeting the capitals of these countries involved in these operations so many people here fear that there will be more attacks become the new normal for people here saturday the prime minister called on this country to remain united behind to bicheno faso armed forces who are engaging as we speak these groups in this house. and the seventy nine people have been killed in the latest ethnic lines and democratic republic of congo dozens of people killed in the village of mozzie in the province of on friday and more attacks have been reported
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in three nearby villages on saturday at least two hundred thousand people have fled the area and recent months to escape conflict plan reports witnesses said the ethnic lendu militia went from house to house hacking people to death with machetes and burning the buildings afterwards the victims came from the majority ethnic him a group of the number of fatalities makes this the most deadly attack in the recent uptick in violence between them. footage from as a shows some villages looking shocked others appearing vengeful and angry the teary region was already blighted by food shortages and now this. people are dying here and there is nobody to bury the bodies and the children are also dying of hunger there is no supervision we're worried we want peace to return among the population so that everyone can go back to their homes and we can be safe. but soldiers are thin on the ground despite the reassurances of the army or something you will see
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why we are here with official instructions from the president to see what is going on and see how to resolve the situation originally. the violence in the province of atory has forced two hundred thousand people to flee their homes and the town a visit by the provincial governor did little to reassure some of them to him and lendu a longstanding enemies that outbreaks of low level violence have been common but not on such a scale as this. al-jazeera. it is time for the weather with stefano and flooding in kenya that's right all thanks to what's going on two thousand kilometers away let's have a look at why we're getting flooding in kenya then you can see this huge area of cloud all sri swirls around what's going on to the east of madagascar but the cloud all the way back around and all the way through kenya and that's what's given us our flooding then this storm has just generated plenty of confluence of rain across this whole region this is what twenty two millimeters of rain does so maybe not
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a great deal of what weather but it was heavy elsewhere in kenya in fact some places reporting seventy millimeters of rain and tanzania saw a fair amount of wet weather as well they saw one hundred fifty knowing millimeters of rain that's bound to of course them flooding and then further towards the center of that circulation we saw very heavy rain over madagascar hundred sixty two millimeters in the north aaron in the east where the storm is close to at the moment one hundred and eighteen so clearly a lot of weather currently and plenty more still to come so thanks to this site and at the moment the sustained winds are one hundred thirty kilometers per hour which would make it the equivalent of a category one hurricane that's what it would be called if it was in the waters around the americas but it strengthening quickly we're expecting it to be about a category three in twenty four hours time but fortunately the eye of the storm does stay away from land elizabeth. thank you very much steph still ahead on the news hour. abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in
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the industry throughout the oscar campaign to the dark side of hollywood specials to overshadow the movie world's greatest minds of the year the academy awards and stopping the next pandemic scientists hope the secret lies with tropical bats in thailand. and sweeping up the fans how curling has captured the attention of ice hockey lovers details coming up with joe and sports. just. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for out. there listening. march on al-jazeera. with potential challengers out of the way egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi is poised for a second term in. a series of stories that highlight the human triumph against the
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odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene these reelection becomes more apparent. russia might take. with media trends changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders in research as governor in brazil to address a critical issue in march on al-jazeera. t.v. with us on the al-jazeera new top story is months of political uncertainty in
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germany after the social democratic party join a coalition government led by chance for the. italians are voting in a parliamentary election that is expected to result in a hung parliament many fear anting establishment and far right parties will gain ground. and syrian civilians have been fleeing rebel held as the government increases its attacks on. he says it seized more territory in the area after another light and strikes reportedly in response to rebels targeting damascus more than six hundred forty people have been killed in the past two weeks. now saudi arabia's crown prince is due to land in cairo for a three day visit to meet a gyptian president the fact that i'll see see. first foreign trip since becoming conference last year then fly on to meet with leaders in the u.s. and the u.k. saudi arabia and egypt are among the countries that imposed
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a blockade on last june well earlier i spoke to juan cole professor of history at the university of michigan and he says egypt continues to be a very close ally to saudi arabia despite some differences. after the twenty thirteen who the saudis the united arab emirates and kuwait have put in on the order of thirty billion dollars in investments and give some loans to the egyptian regime so that is a lot of investment in egypt just yesterday we had the announcement by the top court in egypt giving away these two islands in the red sea strategically important islands to nod and said nothing to egypt what else is egypt getting out of all of this investment in saudi getting out of this investment. the saudis did get those islands that they have a claim on them going back but they've been egyptian territory for as long as
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anybody can think. they also have gotten egypt security help egypt however has been a little bit difficult for the saudis in some areas it hasn't been enthusiastic about the war in yemen which is one of the major projects of the saudis it also has tilted towards the bashar al assad regime in syria because it is a secular regime fighting the rebels and so on those issues there may be some tension can we expect any movement or progress on those issues on the wars in soviet or yemen you know i think egypt is just going to refuse to get involved they may talk a good game but the gyptian elite for some time now has drawn back from active in vestment in those kinds of projects. have a common the black boxes of an iranian plane that crashed two weeks ago killing all
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sixty six people on board a civil aviation spokesman said the flight recorders from the osman airlines aircraft have been handed over to investigators a twin engine plane that was traveling from tehran to yasser. crashed into the mountains and foggy weather. china as a urging the u.s. to exercise restraint in taking unilateral trade measures that comes after the us president announced he'll be introducing sweeping tariffs on steel going to a minion imports donald trump has also vowed to increase taxes on european cars and that was in response to the e.u. is warning that it would impose retaliatory tariffs on american products if trump goes ahead with his trade plan peter matthews is a professor of political science at cypress college and he's warning that trump's plans could have devastating effects he doesn't really know what he's talking about because once that began back in the thirty's it just escalated more and more countries put tariffs on their own american products and the whole world went into
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a great depression and this could happen again you cannot win trade wars easily especially when dealing macro nations like china and germany export a lot of products united states and this is going to cause havoc in the american the international economy it will cause jobs here it'll cost jobs in europe and even in china and it'll be very bad for working people around the globe it will shrink the world output of economic output as well around not just the united states or in china it's going to or worldwide phenomenon i don't thing was to try it was really fully qualified or equipped to make these decisions over some expert to advise them he doesn't have a middle of the listening to his ex reza problem. china's leaders are defending their plans to scrap term limits on the presidency which would allow xi jinping and definitely the move is overshadowing this year's gathering of parliament. according to the constitution of the chinese communist party there's no such provision as to nor more than two successive terms the general secretary and the
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chairman of the central military commission of the posse also there's no such cause of no more that two terms for the chairman of the central military commission for the country and the constitution of china so if we post the similar clause in the constitution for the terms of the presidency it's can juicer to upholding the authority of the central committee of the party with comrade xi jinping at the core and also to unify leadership also will help strengthen and improve the country's governance china correspondent a general reports from beijing. in the ceremonial heart of beijing china's political season is about to start but it will be different this year delegates to the national people's congress are being asked to do something they've never had to before approve a change to the constitution that restricts presidents to two terms dissenting voices are rare in today's china yet in the run up to this n.p.c.
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there's been token criticism over the proposed amendment. most of the modern countries in the world adopt this two term presidency that's why people find it unbelievable that if she is going to stay in power more than two terms president she is likely to get his way the n.p.c. is viewed as a largely rubber stamp body controlled by the ruling communist party and has never voted down a proposal from party leaders. the change will further consolidate she's power as he's also party chief and head of the military and in october his name was in shrines in the constitution elevating him to the status of chairman mao like president xi jinping wants to make his country great again and he often talks about the rejuvenation of the chinese nation he now believes he's the only leader that can make that happen there are no opinion polls in china so it's not possible to
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gauge what the public thinks about all of this a few people in beijing though were willing to share their views and surprisingly they weren't all positive. when they were out of miami or janice. this has happened in china or other countries before if you change the constitution that is that is back to the old days when i living back when. he should be president for more than two terms even if he serves seeks i would support him. china today is a one party state dominated now by one man adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. south korea will send a singing delegation to the north for two days of talks on monday that's in response to an invitation from leader kim jong un sister when she attended the winter olympics in south korea last month rob mcbride has more from seoul. the delegation is being led by two ministry level intelligence officials one of them an
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expert in u.s. korean relations the other an expert in into korean relations so it seems this delegation has a jewel purpose first of all of exploring the possibility of dialogue between pyongyang and washington but also looking at what is the next step in into korean relations with the anticipated visit perhaps by a south korean president moon j into north korea following on from the invitation there was extended by kim jong un sr attending the opening of the winter olympics the team will be in pyongyang for two days of talks will then return to seoul to brief officials here and then go straight on to washington to brief american officials the process does point up the differences in approach between south korea and the united states to north korea the u.s.
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position is still the north korea should commit itself to denuclearize ation before negotiations or dialogue starts increasingly it seems the south korean position is one of pragmatism that dialogue itself should be entered into and see where it goes there are concerns among more hawkish conservative elements here and also in the united states that north korea might be using this whole process of trying to get around the sanctions which many people believe are beginning to bite and trying to undermine the whole process of maximum pressure. to nato now a journalist from the country's largest newspaper have appeared in court after stories of published quite a can of the chief justice they can people daily has been charged with contempt of court subpoena stresser reports from kut monday the case is being seen as an attack on press freedom. i'm standing here outside the supreme court where the power of
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the largest newspaper. is expected to go on trial on the contempt of court case the newspaper published and lead the party and that you've done the pulse chief justice . used fake documents and voted by this date of birth which allows him to extend his term beyond the mandatory retirement age of sixty five chief justice to be says that these stories are an attack on the judiciary system that they use objectionable language and imaginary facts now that justice is sitting as a judge in his own pace and poor people including the proprietor the editor and newspaper reporter a campaign of up to one year jail term if found guilty to defend it and many other people agree and say that this is a clear case of muzzling a freedom of expression which is guaranteed under the constitution the case was on
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a friday but was adjourned until sunday morning. to thailand now where scientists are testing fruit bats and pigs to find out how viruses are passed on to people the hope is that it will help them contain and beat pandemics when he reports from chonburi law the daytime sleep patterns of these fruit bats have been sending thousands into the afternoon sky but the commotion is for a good cause they're being woken so some can be caught temporarily in the name of health and science samples are taken from the bats to try to discover more about the many viruses they carry and how and when they can be passed on to domestic or farm animals and ultimately to humans we know that some of the wild ass happy seasonal season are. so that mean. we really know this period other year. highest. the research is part of the global initiative
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to try to build a protocol and model of how to prevent or contain a major outbreak recent examples in other parts of the world of viruses being transmitted from animals to humans include ebola and sagas one of the main focuses of this research is need virus which is common in this variety of fruitbat the virus was first discovered across the border in malaysia twenty years ago when an outbreak killed more than one hundred people. in that case the virus was transmitted from bats to pigs to humans something that could happen here in thailand chonburi province surrounding the bank colony are several pig farms researchers conduct tests on the animals and educate farmers about what to look out for if for example an animal eats something that was dropped by a bat infected with the virus. are changed to better farming practices and i've learned more about diseases and how to detect them before my pigs got diarrhea and
4:43 pm
anthrax i didn't know how to treat them but now i know. as well as researching the behavior of known viruses the thais scientists have also found at least two new ones that information will now go into a database for scientists around the world to access they believe their research and discoveries will see them better equipped to manage the next dark break of a virus originating from the humble fruit bats when hey al-jazeera chonburi thailand brazilians are being urged to get yellow fever vaccinations of the country grapples with its worst outbreak and decades so hundred and thirty seven people have died and more than seven hundred and fact it the virus is being spread by mosquitoes from rural areas to towns and cities the government health workers and the state have vaccinate of ten million people and need to do at least another four million. now the red carpet has been rolled out in preparation for hollywood's biggest night the oscars but the film industry is still reeling from idea dominated
4:44 pm
by sexual harassment cases and that's not the only issue that has to deal with as rob reynolds reports from los angeles. is hollywood ready for its big need a new study casts harsh light on the lack of racial in gender diversity in the film industry michael tran helped write the twenty eight team hollywood diversity report on most arenas that we look at you know writers directors actors and cetera you would have to you know double or triple the numbers of women and minorities in those fields to get a proportional representation with the u.s. population the numbers are not news to industry insiders but may surprise the movie going public accustomed to hollywood some promoted image hollywood does think of itself as a liberal place as a progressive place and that's an important thing to believe in those values but we're here to provide the data to make sure that that hollywood lives up to the values that it purports the entertainment industry is in the throes of
4:45 pm
a cultural revolution in this year's award season hollywood professionals are talking less about the films that have been nominated and more about sexual harassment lack of diversity and an equal pay for women in the movie industry it really has consistently been since the beginning of october and all the revelations about harvey weinstein and others in hollywood abuse of power sexual harassment that has really led the conversation in the industry throughout the oscar campaign season the time's up and need to movement subprogram the culture of silence complicity in the made billing that lasted for so long you've heard a lot of stars and some agents and others involved in the industry commenting on exactly how much they did or didn't know it different times in a way because the responsibility and some level of enabling was. so widespread across the industry on the eve of its annual celebration of hollywood finds it
4:46 pm
sells with little to celebrate rob reynolds well essentially. still ahead to. what you going i thought it would be just for communicating with our family the never anticipated that it would have so many followers what started as a day message to his grandchildren has turned this into an internet sensation. that was there all at the world's most famous down sideways joe we'll tell you why they're hoping to leave controversy behind them on this year's trail.
4:47 pm
in the harvester. when the news breaks when people need to be heard it was talk of the market good to us they're. already. got us a hybrid and the story needs to be to be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and online.
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that it's time to support what jonelle starting with really sad news for italian football joe absolutely elizabeth here telling football is in a state of shock the captain of city our club here in tina david a esther he has been found dead in his team's hotel before the game the thirty one year old who also played in the italian national team was expected to play against it in a.z. karen tina say he died of a sudden illness all top flight games in italy have been postponed on sunday. the league released a statement saying it was shocked by the tragic news in even its least prime minister poor steering the country's elections to tweet this it seems impossible i'm going to state of disbelief and i cry with his family and for fiorentina goodbye captain. britain's prime minister treason may has paid tribute to roger bannister her she called a great british sporting icon but also was the first man to run a mile on the four minutes he died on sunday at the age of eighty eight elise homan
4:49 pm
takes a look back at his life. roger bannister of the british one hour record how that lines up with five other runners for the rights which ended by making history. it's rare for a sportsman to rate define what the human body can achieve the when roger bannister became the first man to run a mile in and of two minutes impossible became an didn't have to ask another twenty five year old bannister took the lead with an amazing best of speed he went on to achieve a bad record of a mile in under five minutes so i'd have to have me travel faster yet the three minute fifty nine point four second performance on a rainy day in oxford thrust him onto the global stage in one thousand nine hundred fifty four it also became a symbol of britain's emergence from the post-war years and change the perception of a major sports in the era i think that it's second nature if you think thank you ma'am the you run it in for you if you know you were a session to find somebody else in the world at seven times the lead it found that
4:50 pm
. he was right then the record lasted just forty six days a strongly and john landy batted it by a second and the pay would be long time rivals in august of nineteen fifty four they've bank stones at the british empire commonwealth games in vancouver in a rice that became known as the record while that is two wins by far your was bannister later returned to his medical studies to become a new role of just the decades he saw those four minutes as nothing more than an interlude the delight he successful quickly but he remained a respected identity in running and would often reflect on his achievements there was this magic about. sabbatical lapse of one minute each and it was just something which caught the public good by generation bannister was diagnosed with parkinson's disease in twenty eleven and ultimately it was
4:51 pm
complications brought on by the neurological disorder the broad he's history making life to an end a legacy that already carried for more than six decades will continue even longer delays homan just zero. all records continue to be broken in athletics as the world indoor championships continue in birmingham american christian coleman set a new one as he won the sixty metres title the twenty one year old going one better than the silver he won at last year's outdoor world championships he crossed the line is six point three seven seconds just three hundreds of a second outside the world record he set last month. mark and chloe di go broke the world record twice in one day as she dominated the women's individual pursuit at the track cycling world championships in the netherlands the twenty one year old demolished home favorite anime fan brighton in a one sided final knocking zero point one two seconds off the record she set in for
4:52 pm
. the n.h.l. moved outdoors on saturday with the toronto maple leafs and the washington capitals contesting the only game in the stadium series scheduled for the season. the series traditionally sees games played in football or baseball stadiums but this one was held at the home of the u.s. naval academy in maryland with all the pomp and ceremony that you can possibly imagine which comes of that location the u.s. curling team who won gold at the winter olympics swept up some extra fans as they delivered the ceremonial park attached to a curling stone. once the real action got underway it was alex of a chicken who put on the show he scored his fortieth goal of the season and the five hundred ninety eight of his career the lights went out though midway through the third period of the. optos went on to seal a five two win over the maple leafs. on the snow austrian ski a must sell her share has won his seventh overall world cup title the double in the
4:53 pm
champion won the penultimate slalom and so venia to put himself out of reach for his nearest rival henrik christofferson in the standings as the first here in the fifty one year history of the world cup to win seven over titles. doping scandals don't just affect russian olympic athletes the world's most famous dog sled race found itself under scrutiny when talks at last his events tested positive for a banned painkiller a charlotte dallas reports both organizers and passes now hoping to put that and more behind them as they set off on the eye destroyed trial in alaska believe. the . sled dogs and their drivers are off on the idea they've got sixteen hundred kilometers ahead of them and came to distance themselves from dog door ping and davis. this is the world's most famous storks wired race and for the first time in its history dogs failed drug tests for animals belonging
4:54 pm
to last year's runner up della c.v. to sue positive for a bad painkiller tramadol c.v. who has won the race four times denied doping his dogs he wasn't on the start line and protest i'm one who believes we've got will go another forty three years before the next doping scandal and this will be remembered as the year that the anomaly happened. organizers have their own obstacles to navigate beyond the last a major sponsor and are under pressure from animal rights advocates following the death of five dogs last year there's always going to be and i did a rod. we've like i consider this more of more of. a growing process. yes than anything else this year's race starts in alaska's biggest city encourage and will take the southern route thanks to heavy snow passing through twenty three checkpoints including the races namesake i do to in the
4:55 pm
remarks bering sea community of it's expected to take the winner nine days. sixty seven mushes will drive about one thousand dogs to the finish line going through with her determined to leave this year's scandals behind them charlotte dallas. and that's. very much now finally this bulletin a story that shows that it's never too late to get into social media when seventy five year old was living in brazil he started using instagram to keep in touch with south korea and the united states it started as a small family project but after less than three years he now has more than three hundred thousand followers around the world we caught up with him. he turned him in my name is. i draw pictures from my grandchildren and post them on instagram every day. so when we lived in brazil i used to drive my
4:56 pm
grand kids to and from school then move to south korea all of a sudden my grandkids were gone and so was my daily driving job i felt very lonely without much to do. when i visited my son who lives in new york i told him about this my son suggested i draw pictures for the grandkids and post them on something called instagram. i dabbled a bit in our school but trying was just a hobby. i don't really use a mobile phone to make calls i was at a bit of a loss and put off by social media such as facebook and instagram. my son explained over and over again how to use it but because i'm old i kept forgetting it was a very difficult process for me but eventually i was able to draw a picture photograph it and posted on instagram. i draw
4:57 pm
a picture of my wife writes a story in korean to go along with him. my son translated into english. my daughter translates it into portuguese. because it's in three different languages a lot of people around the world can read it. through this project my wife son daughter and i communicate every day and it has had a positive influence on our family bonding. than at first i only thought about what to draw from my grandkids but as i continued lots of people started leaving comments to. my youngest grandson is too young to understand but my two grand kids in middle school feel grateful for the pictures that people know their grandfather draws for them. all i thought it would be just for communicating within our family. i never anticipated that he would have so many
4:58 pm
followers. now under even more pressure to draw good pictures and that's it for this. but i'm back in just a couple of minutes with another full news on the tenth. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators aap propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. a suspected money laundering operation but this time it was different. an accidental discovery the wharfs initial suspicions.
4:59 pm
unraveled some unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption people in power investigates a racket of such magnitude that it threatened governments and redefining the rules of impunity. the carwash count at this time doesn't. slow the. los lobos los. lobos los. lobos los. lobos
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close. the flow for. los. alamos. i'm going to political battles confirmed i'll go back into coalition giving the german chancellor a full. welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha.


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