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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 9  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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interference in the election of donald trump has reportedly been widened to include the united arab emirates the new york times as an advisor to the u.a.e. crown prince has been questioned special counsel robert muller wants to know whether george another was a regular visitor to the white house attempted to buy political influence the us president contradicted years of policy when he initially backed the u.a.e. and saudi led blockade against. saudi arabia's crown prince is due to land in cairo later for a three day visit to meeting gyptian president of the c.c. it's mom and then sal man's first official foreign trip since becoming crown prince last year. to meet with leaders in the u.s. and the u.k. . at least three people have been injured during a car ramming incident in the northern israeli city of arka israeli police are describing it as a terror attack they say an israeli palestinian attempted to run over a border policeman and uniformed officers.
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those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the listening post is coming up next thank you very much for watching. on counting the cost the italian job what the next government has to do when it comes to the economy the first drop breaks a treaty gets a frosty reception in the u.k. plus we'll explain what five g.'s all about and if it even matters is counting the cost at this time and i just. like. the word chinese. playing right i'm ready to play. this for the. next china. no doubt about. hello i'm richard gilbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories we're following this week the rise of xi jinping and the part the chinese news media have played in that the coverage of the head tell me the palestinian who
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doesn't fit the mold the two biggest media companies in the world comcast and disney both want big pieces of rupert murdoch's media empire and celebrity journalism the dark side the indian news media on the death of a bollywood electorate the news release was nondescript bordering on the routine given the kind of news being delivered it came from china's state owned news service and simply said that the communist party proposes to a balazs term limits on the presidency paving the way for president xi jinping to stay in office as long as the party is willing to keep him there the reaction online was instant and critical but those posts were quickly censored none of the criticism made it into china's mainstream media state owned outlets which make up the bulk of the news landscape in china swung into propaganda mode singing she's praises stressing the importance of his leadership to the nation media have long been political tools in china but five years into she's rule the fourth estate has
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been melded much more thoroughly into the political machine they are essential component in the cultivation. she's image and the backing of his policies securing his and the party's hold on power our starting point this week is. it's what's known in the news business as burying the lead beijing issues the list proposed amendments to china's constitution twenty one of them tucked away at number fourteen the end of term limits for the president a momentous change that would allow xi jinping to remain at the helm of the planet's most populous country a growing superpower. social media was already blowing up as the first newscast on the state owned c.c.t.v. went to air. your archery. the coverage of all those constitutional
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amendments was dance painstakingly dull with no real explanations given it took them eighteen minutes to get to the real story and amendment number fourteen which also got the surface street. receipt for two he made. thereafter the state controlled news media in china had a sales job on their hands as we saw on monday the day after the announcement of the proposal that people's daily published a long piece basically saying you know that chinese people really welcome the abolishment of the term limits and it quoted a whole bunch of ordinary chinese people basically praising it and saying this was a great decision and it seemed like almost you know an answer to all the criticism well well what in the official media like the people's daily have combined cropped in terms of trust people will not pay attention to what they say anymore this is
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not to say that the party paper has absolutely no influence over the people in for . it is limited and they have no choice but to follow the script. what criticism there was of the announcement was confined to social media almost three quarters of a billion chinese are online platforms such as twitter and facebook are banned but the country's microblogging equivalent sign away bo has more users three hundred and forty million the vast majority of them in china than twitter does around the world way bo has long been a principal platform for political dissent with users often hiding behind fake names since last year beijing has made it mandatory for waybill users to register with their real name dissidents can still find ways though to get their messages out cryptically sometimes taking advantage of the flexibility of chinese languages
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and their written characters sometimes using fictional figures to make political points about real people in power. when you have who is kind of a stand in for xi jinping i guess it's because he she didn't like short and pudgy we saw means of winnie the pooh being crowned king winnie the pooh holding a honey pot with the message if you find something you better stick with it so kind of funny but they're also subversive and they were censored pretty quickly but it's important to note that chinese internet users are not for the general population because people who use social media tend to be more educated they tend to be urban and so that is not really representative of the population at large. so within chinese society has become quite diversified different people have different opinions it's a sign of a sophisticated society with waves and we chat being so advanced these days you hear many different voices and there's nothing wrong with that however in
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traditional chinese culture there is a need for guiding voice leading well so the official press has to convey the significance behind the amendments to. constitution. the chinese media space has a recent history of opening up slightly only to close again based on events prior to the tiananmen square protests of one thousand nine hundred eighty nine journalists had enjoyed a period of relative freedom which ended in the aftermath of the crackdown restrictions were loosened again prior to the two thousand and eight olympics in beijing then tightened again once the foreign media contingent had gone home. five years later she jinping took power having marketed himself as an anti corruption champion. by the time he toured china's top three state owned news outlets in two thousand and sixteen the anti graft campaign was in full swing and the media outlets reporting on that story played
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a central part in fact. she did not mince words the president told journalists working at c.c.t.v. among others that their ultimate loyalty must be to the communist party as he put it the party and the media were part of the same family. sitting here only. having grown up in the era of mao xi jinping accepted the education of that time and believe the propaganda of that era was useful to his return to the propaganda model of the cultural revolution with its emphasis on strong leadership and cult of personality however he wants to disassociate himself from the negative side of the culture of lucius and just make use of the power of the cult of personality and then. under the current regime there is a much greater control over the press than we've seen previously the censorship has become much more severe than the journalists who don't toe the party line now receive treatment and they do actually very old only puts out the good news and
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reduce the so-called negative energy or whatever is critical control. the press is often unprecedentedly of. another kind of overarching trend that's happened during sheen's that ministration is his drive to circumvent the bureaucracy by putting his trusted boy lists in places of power in large part through this anti corruption hand and state media has not been an exception to that there was a big anti corruption purge t.v. which is the state broadcaster and one of the country's most famous television anchors. basically disappeared one day it was really a clear message to the network that they had really better behaved. in most countries where governments take an authoritarian approach to the media there are clear red lines established which cannot be said about a ruler or opponents china takes that approach a step further recommending terminology for the media to use in november of last
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year the communist party issued so-called guidance to the news media advising them to focus on the fact the general secretary xi jinping is a leader with the support of the whole party is beloved and the steam by the people and is fully worthy and deserving. of because you know that is the message they're trying to send. does it have any impact for chinese nationalists or people who are not as committed to the news they will see it positively but the leader and the people are united but i don't think it has an effect on people that it's a very well you shall we it was so. in my opinion the most important thing is not how the government commands of media how it plans. but rather if there is some room for the media to express different opinions do they have any freedom of speech is it possible that the party control even more media. if so then with this
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kind of propaganda no matter how unsophisticated it is it is easy to brainwash the crowd. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar today with one of our producers will yong will sky the european broadcaster launched by rupert murdoch is the target of another takeover bid what are the details well it's a new bid richard and it's from com costs the u.s. media giant which is already the world's biggest entertainment company comcast announced this past week that it's prepared to pay just over thirty billion dollars for a controlling interest in sky p.l.c. which is europe's biggest pay t.v. broadcaster so where would that leave the murdoch's very much on the outside looking in murdoch currently owns thirty nine percent of sky through twenty first century fox and last year the docs tried to buy the remaining sixty one percent british regulators stepped in and said that may not be in the public interest since
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it would leave one company holding far too much power in the u.k. news media bear in mind that murdoch also controls more than thirty percent of the u.k. newspaper market but comcast is not the only bitter in on this is it that's right in december disney which is the world's second biggest entertainment company put in a bid for a sizable chunk of murdoch's twenty first century fox which would have included his stake in sky but this bid from comcast is big sky is an important target because it has twenty one million paying subscribers across the u.k. and italy and germany so that would help both companies to diversify into the european market but no matter who ends up buying sky the murdoch's are clearly moving away from entertainment and refocusing on the side of the media industry where rupert got his start the news business all right moving on we now know a little bit more about a case of a photojournalist in kashmir he's already spent five months behind bars one of the specific. well the photojournalist in question is twenty two year old come run
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yousef who was among a dozen kashmiris arrested during on rest back in september now this past week we've learned that he's accused by the national investigative agency which is india's counterterrorism force of supporting quote anti national activities and they say he's not a real journalist they're arguing that a real journalist would have performed a reporter's moral duty which is to cover both the good and the bad and good news stories they say would be things like hospital openings school openings or social programmes undertaken by the indian army so what is this the indian authorities defining the kind of journalism that they approve of sort of like an official editorial policy being delivered from on high in a way yes and it's quite unprecedented they're also arguing the use of isn't even a professional journalist because he's never received any formal training but that's true of the majority of photographers currently working in kashmir now amnesty international who are following use of case say he could face life imprisonment if convicted and this fits in with the pattern of intensifying
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pressure on journalists in kashmir ever since prime minister narendra modi introduced his more hardline policy in the region ok thanks well palestinians in the occupied territories are among the most watched people on the planet they're under the constant gaze of israeli soldiers but in the israeli media palestinians are not as visible as you might think and when they are covered they're often framed as problems for the most part security problems the relative absence of palestinians in israel's media does have an effect on audiences to the extent that many israelis refuse to believe that an occupation that has lasted more than half a century now even exists. but the story of a young palestinian girl and her confrontation with an israeli soldier that landed her in prison has got people talking part of what makes a head to me story different comes down to appearances she does not fit the israeli stereotype of what palestinians look like the coverage of that one incident one of
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it is a case study of a narrative in dispute and this past week to name his cousin and his story were also being argued across the media there were listening posts tarek and often now on the case the coverage and the incarceration of the head to me. of the every day encounter residents of never thought to have the brady folgers the long. view that if any have had the power to shift to fit the needs narratives the way this one. has video then sixteen year old i had this to me in a column in the occupied west bank. the video resonated far beyond israel's borders stunning to me me into a villain hero a paid for and a symbol of resistance. what happens with that it's i mean the case is that it got
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a massive coverage on the outside which we haven't seen lately when it comes to palestine and i think that's confused the israeli propaganda machine they didn't know how to deal with this bus and you are raising your daughter. peter is a violent gangster they say to find ways to heal it's in my eyes or put doubts on this i mean the family the first reaction of the israeli public. they love this clip as everyone should be saying look they're very proud of the soldier for constraining himself. and when it began then something interesting happened and people thought to watch it from a different angle how do we let a little girl talk like that threatening and hitting a soldier with garfield this is one of the staff as. they really were two
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narratives one was of the heroic soldier who did not respond to the blow he received the second narrative was of the weak soldier we should have for instance taken the weapon and delivered the blow with even fired a shot both of these narratives entirely ignore the palestinians i mean and this reminds us that in israeli media palestinians actually do not exist for the state in that you know what the play and the imagine palestinian women are all oppressed passive veiled always in the background i hate is the extreme opposite of that she's young has supposedly european features she reflects the image israelis have of themselves suddenly a palestinian sabotages that self image so how do they deal with it. look at her hair look at her eyes she can be palestinian she's just acting palestinian and all of this is just theater when you are deemed. you name
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a new machine in. baseball for. the israeli media reaction to tell me me cannot be understood without examining the case of. an army medic who in two thousand and sixteen was filmed executing a palestinian man who just tried to stop a soldier. he was put on trial which outraged many israelis some in the media argued it would limit the ability of soldiers to act decisively in the future. now having seen that flag go unchallenged they say should not go unpunished one israeli journalist ben cast but right. that a price would be best extracted from to me on another occasion in the dark without witnesses and cameras. on him what we're talking here about an unknown journalist we're talking about one of the most influential and important journalists in israeli society put out an article full of insinuations that are really horrifying
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everyone can imagine what he's referring to when he writes about a lesson in the dark with no cameras would feel. the presence of cameras helps fuel a media war both sides understand that sometimes the right image at the right time can be a powerful weapon. this was not to head it to me means first viral encounter with an israeli soldier images like this one time tyrant to a national icon aged eleven fourteen a video of trying to prove how brother from the grips of a soldier received international attention. which is why so many people in israel refused to believe the latest video was anything more than a provocation atrox designed to elicit a violent response. that could be used to discredit israel abroad.
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but to me means high profile resistance to an illegal land grab by a neighboring is ready settlement. has made them a target of the israeli military perhaps coven mohammad was shot in the head minutes before the now infamous slap but the army have confidant on the story calling it fake needs saying the injury that led to a third of its goal being removed the school is not by bullets but a bike crash yes i'm sure by the look in the to me time has been raided dozens of times often in the dead of night i want to know all the people in this room right now for us this is beginning a lot of ruckus we decide to go you have will be as i'm a bit away oh i know that violent things that the media is ready and what the cruel and that we put see this is clearly a way that that we are facing now it's a boy it was a lie. but
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a little boy would try. a lot of story is that that was. the sound you hear is volleys of tear gas and rubber coated metal bullets being fired by his ready soldiers a routine occurrence and you never saw it. they get rid of it the mother what us we are having the tools to record and having new media enables you to challenge the israeli authorities narrative we can instantly document and stream in the moment life this has changed the conflict equation to some degree the media skills can be seen within the frame of the rise of new media if there were no cameras we should have been handled in a completely different way not just this case but plenty of cases say a hell of a hell of a day but unlike other this case has received the level of exposure palestinians rarely get in the media the listening post tried repeatedly to speak with israel's two largest t.v. stations about their coverage but they refused to speak to us on the record off the
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record some of those we spoke to defended their coverage of palestinians and rejected the notion that telling israeli audiences exactly what they want to have conflict doesn't. if you watch commercial channels and websites newspaper you hardly read about the conflict because we can live without knowing about the suffering of the palestinians it's not hurting us even tummies case they decided now to close the doors and do the trials without the israeli media because nobody want to hear my daughter on t.v. news broadcasts you can track ratings minute by minute and when a feature about arabs does not present them in an entirely negative way and actually even if it does present them in an entirely negative way the ratings go down all the commercial media outlets know that not only will you lose audience interest you later receive complaints asking why you even dealing with them they're
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our enemies we're not supposed to know anything about them. finding balance on this story is particularly difficult given the media's comfortable relationship with the military almost every israeli in the army some of the country's top editors and reporters even learn their craft in the army radio station that intimacy is best illustrated by israel's military correspondent this is channel ten's or head let's . look at what really stood out in the segment broadcast by channel ten is the way the military reporter speaks for the i.d.f. spokesperson as he does every day actually. you can criticize the political system but you cannot criticize the media says these little correspondents are the mouthpiece of the military industry but it comes to patient of. late you could use
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the propaganda of the israeli military and they don't challenge it. and establishment media the my. sleep protect the image of the army audiences that have little time for a new on threat has been stations and out of the news and john left who are happy to keep it away and the hair on the vent for the internet age being tried behind closed doors in a minute wrinkles given a hundred percent conviction rate. this is how you render a fifty year occupation. invisible. finally like it or not we live in a celebrity driven culture and when a famous person passes away in mysterious circumstances like bollywood film star sridevi who was found dead recently in her hotel room bathtub in dubai that story is considered news for journalists there's a fine line not to be crossed between answering the questions of the curious and
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respecting the memory of the deceased news outlets in india however crossed that line repeatedly on this story through lurid speculation in new endo and exhausting amounts of hypothesizing even seasoned news junkies found the coverage difficult to stomach as the bounds of good taste fell victim to the lust for ratings and clicks we'll see in x. time. let's be upfront tonight. actress sridevi is dead is not and when and shut gates makes any of the boys want them reporters concluded it was an accidental death by drowning who feel that that is that important that. it is shelley software that any quickly began without a fraud in the bag. because he bought the machine and even a shop was going on a shop. visit. or
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accidental drowning. the mother got get there we don't. need. to go. to the. water. this is the. real world which is not being investigated just by you where your qualities alone it's being investigated frankly by everyone. the only nation ever hit by an atomic bomb once again braces for the worst. when he explores life in japan under north three years nuclear threat at this time on al jazeera. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the
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way egypt's president abdullah fattah el-sisi is poised for a second time in power. a series of short passing stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scene his reelection becomes more apparent we assess what direction russia might take. with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and researchers gather in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera. a new poll ranks mexico city as the full first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have
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a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened think about how to react what do i do if this gets way no money on a uses a new service it's called lateral drive it's for women plus a just only drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven monitoring of drivers. this is al-jazeera. and live from studio fourteen here al-jazeera headquarters in doha for the bad old welcome to the new straits a test of europe's appetite for populist movement. of the polls to elect a new condiment the out.


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