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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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an act of youthful defiance. we've ruled your turn next doctor also on the school will they arrested me at home at four in the morning the electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. tell i'm rob matheson this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.n. says fighting continues as an aid convoy arrives in syria's besieged eastern quota
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where hundreds of thousands have been trapped. italy's populist and right wing party celebrates unprecedented electoral success but now the country faces political gridlock. south korean delegation meets north korean leader kim jong un it's the first high profile visit from seoul in eleven years. the shape of. a love story involving a fantasy river creature wins best picture run on all schools knights that saw hollywood confronted self over sexual misconduct and racism. at the sporting plaiting crossing an ethical line a british parliamentary report finds that the tour de france champion bradley wiggins and his team performance enhancing drugs.
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ok let's begin in syria where a u.n. aid convoys arrived in east in the hotel we're hearing that the trucks have just crossed the last position to enter the besieged wrong place but a world health organization officials say seventy percent of supplies have been seized by syrian government officials now this all comes as the u.s. directly accuses russia of ignoring the terms of a u.n. cease fire and he's an auteur and killing innocent civilians hundreds of civilians are now fleeing to the west of the clave the syrian government says it seized thirty six percent of rebel territory and is vote to continue until it's all taken . pleasured. there is no contradiction between a truce and the combat operations advancement achieved yesterday and but they before in ghouta by the arab syrian army took place in the midst of this truce that's why when we speak about the resolution there are some positives that allow
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for the achievement of humanitarian goals at the same time as allowing us to hit the terrorists this is why we have to continue with our operation while at the same time allowing civilians to leave it. as in a called who's joining us live from beirut in neighboring lebanon is in a first of all give us the update on this convoy that's moving into eastern. well yes this convoy has now crossed that government checkpoint like you mentioned heading to the main town of duma to distribute aid to the people but also like you mentioned the world health organization telling us that seventy percent of the supplies that were loaded onto the trucks were removed during inspection and what was removed the trauma kits surgical supplies things that are urgently needed inside the besieged the enclave now this has happened in the past systematic really the government does not allow such equipment to enter because they believe that rebel fighters will use them to treat their fighters those who are wounded but we have to remember a few thousand people have been wounded inside eastern over the past two weeks
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that's why these supplies are really important and it's not just that there are four hundred thousand people inside eastern. united nations estimates now the aid supplies that are going in are enough for twenty seven thousand five hundred and the united nations hope to send in the remaining supplies on march the eighth so this aid of course is not enough then to give us some indication if you count of the kind of conditions that people are living in these go to because of course the fighting is still going on. yes the fighting is still going on dire conditions medical supplies lack of food so medics are saying that we can we cannot cope we need these supplies through to treat the people according to the united nations up to one thousand people need to be evacuated to proper hospitals some of them are sick some of them have been waiting for evacuation for months now eastern what has been under siege for four years and the bombardment continues overnight fourteen civilians killed according to the syrian observatory for human rights so the death
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toll now over seven hundred civilians that's in two weeks so a very dire situation but it is clear from the pro-government alliance that they want to take. capture eastern at whatever cost a ground offensive is also underway they've taken a lot of territory mainly farmlands in the eastern side of eastern but the pro-government alliance vowing to push ahead with you know for a military victory xenophon out thanks very much indeed italy's facing a long period of political instability after voters delivered a hung parliament in an election which saw them support i'm t. establishment of far right groups in record numbers with two thirds of votes counted it's almost certain that none of the three main factions will be able to govern alone lawrence lee reports. just five years after the first questions a parliament the five star movements and see politicians policy or the clear individual winners in this election overcome pain that sold them finally to fight
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corruption and overturn traditional politics the vote was more than ten points ahead yet to form a government they would have said betray their promise not to go into a coalition. equally lega formally the northern league led by matt seo salvini also appended the established order but his hardline n.c. immigrants euro skeptic policies it would be the biggest player in a right wing coalition but that group still fall short of being able to fill a jar it is well for selvi though the result is proof that italians are fed up with the status quo. one of the clearest outcomes of the five years in power the center left and a classic party have taken hits but they are still the second biggest party in the absence of any other solution they might stay on in government until another voting system and elections are organized and maybe ginty loney will be asked to continue as a caretaker in the meantime and then they will work hopefully on
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a new electoral law that satisfies of everybody and forces the formation of a majority would be with us a lower percentage maybe thirty five percent is also a setback to silvio berlusconi who had looked like being kingmaker in an extraordinary political comeback but the biggest losers of all of the european union after a whole slew of election results in countries like austria the netherlands and france in recent months where the populace got close but will be sent back this is their breakthrough moments the result will be applauded most in capitals like budapest in warsaw where and see immigrants euro skeptic parties are already in power they will see this result in italy as their entry into the european mainstream all in all it's a deeply uncertain outcome for now italy is ungovernable. what we can cross live to lawrence of for the latest from rome lawrence are describing italy there as ungovernable so what happens now we move forward.
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it is for forgive me it isn't only me i mean that's what italian papers are all saying today as well it is it is really a mess and although you can see some arithmetic that would if you added say five star movement plus the leg of party together that would actually get to a majority is by no means clear whether any of these parties are actually in the mood to try to work together at all it's a really really complicated solution about the worst you could think of to try to get some political stability for italy let's try and make some sense with francesca she was a political analyst here in rome do you think it's conceivable for example to give that situation that the five star movement and leg to the two breakthroughs in this election could work together or knows we'll soon find out in fact we couldn't know until today there was one day in which a leader five-star sudha an italian daily over room or their leader
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and five thousand where secretly in talks before the elections all of these would be denied but now who knows certainly if you are the numbers you have an outright majority and you would be hundred percent entire establishment the other baselines now you we will be watching very closely is a hybrid so majority and italian guy in which you have some anti-establishment parties or in some mainstream parties part how it is possible to piece them together that remains a mystery what you think the european union and the people in places like brussels and berlin think about this enormous breakthrough in western europe that these populist groups have made on the one hand they shouldn't be. overly concerned. euro skepticism is on the rise but not to such extremes are there any political force or would would push for a referendum to leave the single currency or the e.u.
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what we have however ears a semantics that has become considerably harsher is a v brussels and frankfurt and of course let's not forget that next year we have the european elections but it's all a terrible indictment of traditional policies really is news yes but we we saw this coming. turnouts end of the rise of anti-establishment parties has been around for a while we can also speak of surprise just a couple of sentences if leggett did get into power they in their right wing plan is of out sort of pools hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants do you think they could do that as i have witnessed lincoln or at work in government in all i can say is that they there is a big shift between what they say in a campaign and what they do in in
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a day by day government thank you very much if you time. the leader of lega and dimaio the leader of five star and you to speak in the next hour or two so we'll see what they have to say about this side of the first back to you lawrence thanks very much indeed and voice from south korea have met with north korean leader kim jong un in pyongyang the delegates are the first south korean officials to meet kim since he took power at the end of twenty eleven rob mcbride's joining us live now from seoul rob things seem to be moving pretty quickly. that's right this delegation is. this mission is underway supporters say any chance of dialogue with the north should be grabbed at with both hands critics though argue that south korea is giving away far too much by going north with this mission with no guarantees that these talks are going to go anywhere before the delegates even left seoul earlier today there were no guarantees in fact that they
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would meet with kim jong un the north korean leader well now we have their answer they are having a dinner hosted by kim that according to supporters of this mission is a success in itself and according to the government here in seoul when you combine the fact that they have now met with kim the seniority of the officials who were there to greet the south korean delegates and also the fact that they are being put up in an official guest house according to seoul it all points to the seriousness with which north korea is treating this mission and but given the fact of the problems they are trying to overcome are so extensive given the extent of the north korean nuclear crisis it really remains to be seen just what success this mission will have. from seoul with smiles south
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korea's delegation heads north hoping to build on the goodwill momentum generated at the winter olympics when a high level north korean delegation attended the games as guests of south korean president moon j.n. kim jong sr of north korean leader kim jong un hand delivered the invitation to visit pyongyang from her brother south korea hopes this will be more than just a courtesy call. most of all i will deliver president moon's firm will and resolve to achieve the denuclearization on the korean peninsula and create a true and permanent peace for meetings between north and south all rare. summit talks were held in two thousand at the height of the so-called sunshine policy period that brought the two koreas closer together then again in two thousand and seven but with north korea's missile development a nuclear program increasing in pace in recent years relations slumped to their
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lowest and most dangerous point for decades. for many people in south korea just holding talks is a welcome change to the hostile rhetoric of the recent past but without a commitment from north korea that it's willing even to discuss giving up its nuclear arsenal many conservative groups have condemned these talks as meaningless fasts this visit is meant to lead to more tools between the two koreas that is certainly achievable it's fun less certain this mission can jump start talks between north korea and the skeptical united states they want a meeting to lead to denuclearization to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons and north korea has no intention of doing that so there's no likelihood that the united states and north korea would be meeting as a result of this this visit could prove in the long turn either to be important in the search for a negotiated solution all right another false start in dealing with the north
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korean crisis problem right al jazeera so. we've had a long period of simmering tensions on the korean peninsula since kim jong un took power at the end of twenty eleven north korea has fired sixty one ballistic missiles and conducted for nuclear tests can look to ease rising tensions at the start of the year when he offered to hold talks about his country's participation at the winter olympics the two sides held their first formal discussions in two years on january the ninth that's when north korea confirmed it would send a delegation to the games athletes from the two koreas marched into february's and then pick opening ceremony under a unified korean flag and on sunday president moon announced the make up of the delegation that would head north for two days of talks the trip is the first by south korean envoys in eleven years andrea like of is professor of korean studies at cookman university is joining us now from seoul thank you very much indeed for your time how significant is it do you think that this delegation has already met
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the leader of north korea. the world is quite significant but there is one practical question how much can be achieved and the honest answer is not much right no north and south korea are interested in teaching in the impression as their tensions are not very high because there are some seen in the us from washington that people around trump c.d.'s about a possible military strike such a strike is like you to scull it into a major war naser norse nor cells of once so they try to start negotiations and it doesn't matter that they can look really negotiate anything significant it will just produce the right impression and reduce the chances the probability of americans beginning to shoot does this however open any doors at all between the
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south and north korea with a view to talks in the future about the possible denuclearization of north korea. programmers it sounds good is not the position to talk about dennett barry's ation it has been lost thirty and position for twenty five years and not going to change that forced is the end all doing to talk about didn't there is action whatsoever second any issues related to the u.k. or program can be discussed or only busy united states and it's nobody else business for stop and it's not going to change and. normally to influence their position of the united states of such a vital question especially now when the. situation is the white house saw the are going to talk by the cannot talk nuclear weapons they cannot talk it cannot make a changes they cannot talk military matters it means they can talk only about some nice philosophy seems like annoyed shayne's of spoiled delay geisha and you know
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all good looking. and then so on is there any chance that the south korea might be positioning itself almost inadvertently as a conduit if you like between the united states and north korea in the future the two sides of course have been very antagonistic towards each other and perhaps this might serve to provide some sort of route for negotiation at some point in the future. it might be very skeptical because if you decide that it's time to stop talking they will stop talking and if americans decide it's time to start talking they will start talking they don't need any kind of negotiation intermediary between be it subtle scary or chatting on russia with your paranoia indonesian name it. eve was sites make a political decision that it's time to stop talking about major issues about all north korean nuclear program the we'll start talking bombed nor efforts of as
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a countries are likely to have but nonetheless it is goot there's such contacts being conducted because it creates basically quite unfounded but still very useful impression that situation is not that bad because vance sygate all last year there have been agreed deal of seagulls coming from washington is that people in the around president from i c b s about a military operation and military operation ease highly likely to scully into a major war so it might be a false impression it might be a lie but it's still a useful life what is this going to look like to the other countries the neighboring countries around the careers in asia or japan for example japan has a significant role to play in the security of the region. pennies are not happy about this context because he correctly see it as waste of time and probably sums
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of ways to get around the international sanctions vance again as you've been also has relatively little influence maybe more than sounds good here but still very little influence on these developments. and everybody else every all as a neighbor say china and russia feel a great deal of relief because pretty much everybody who has a knowledge of situation understands that talks this but what talks are not going to produce any significant results nonetheless the very existence of talks and it uses a probability here is that one day or more likely one night we are going to hear explosions. and then you're sol and then we'll see something we have not seen for decades now forbes regular war in a highly developed industrial action and i like of thank you very much indeed for your time let's go live now to rome but italian prime minister kind of that matteo salvini the leader of the legal party is speaking let's listen and. it is
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chosen to grow. and. thanks to the numbers thank you for those who have been close to me. i think my children. who have not seen the father there much during this period i thank the objective journalists few of them. i thank the network. the people of the network and. it is also i think free of free. communication with. many newspapers t.v. station. people with different opinions. full cast and made mistakes. thank you because the league. is
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a political party which has grown than others i mean the five star movement. also. ahead and also we thank democracy. for this. there has been a move from four to eighteen percent in. the twenty italian region and. we have had incredible results especially of course in the north. and i. talk to all those analysts i. did not consider. this would be the result because the. problem a. threat to ease our thirty two percent. in the province is also
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a large number. and on a twenty eight. this seventeen. twenty four. six percent. i was pleased to be there for st valentine's. day men and women who want. to be proud to have work security and we can move forward in this journey. eleven point six percent. twenty one percent twenty percent he's a. senator was elected. seven plus percent. eighteen
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percent. ten percent. ten twenty percent was gaining. twenty one plus percent twenty eight percent. seven percent an event six percent you're watching al-jazeera and we are watching salvini the leader of a leg up party the italian political party formally known as the northern league which is hardly anti immigrant and euro skeptic policies talking about the figures that have been coming in after the voting in italy's elections were across live now to lawrence lee for the latest from rome lawrence very obviously he's very proud of some of the figures that have been returned for his party. yes right at the top a very described as an extraordinary victory and it's all pretty transfer lists and
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you know he says he's defending what he calls hard working men and women of italy who are suffering poverty and have their pensions cuts and you know that the european union is a big corporate machine in his opinion which doesn't work in their interests and at the same time he argues that the european union has systematically betrayed italy by letting all of these undocumented migrants in and then refusing to share them out of leaving italy to put up with the whole thing all by itself and clearly if you. poor italian then then there's there's a chance that you're going to find you know that sort of argument quite quiet feeling what he hasn't yet got to is whether or not he thinks he actually wants to be prime minister even though i dare say in his right wing blog beyond there is a good argument that he should be the candidates because they've got more votes now than phillips italia but his goalie's party for example but he's problem he's got to address on some level is how he squares off the fact that the right wing block
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can get to forty percent in the polls in parliament which is what it needs to have a majority so it's a victory of sorts it's the sort of things that what the shift is into the european union in places like brussels daddy that he might be the italian prime minister we don't as you're a skeptic views is the kind of politics that the more uses in countries like hungary really in poland than to the western european countries aren't they live for us in rome lawrence thanks very much indeed i mean you're getting has been shaken by three strong aftershocks a week after a major earthquake killed at least fifty five people in the mountainous southern highlands are worst affected six hundred kilometers from the capital port moresby one hundred fifty thousand people remain in urgent need of emergency supplies damaged roads and landslides are hampering aid delivery food water and sanitation is badly needed a.b.c. australian journalist ethics of x. has more for us from on the capital port moresby. one of the things this earthquake
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did was destroy food god and smoke people up there are a subsistence farmers without those gardens they don't have food and it also dammed rivers the mountains have caved in upon river systems and most people's access to water comes from those rivers and streams and they're now backing up and becoming polluted so there's an ongoing problem now about access to clean drinking water has only just started arriving that's because the area as i said he's quite remote but also because the government's capacity to deliver services is quite limited if the ideas coming in from the australian government and it's being distributed by an oil and gas company will search that has thirty three sites right around that region so at the moment it's the private sector and a foreign government that are actually doing the i deliver as some people were wondering where the government was but it said it had real trouble getting information from the quite carries about sixty three my volved towers were damaged a number of them collapsed and they've only been i would serve a store about forty of them so there's extensive damage that has limited the amount
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of information that's come out in the painted government said it was basically flying blind and it didn't know where to send the ide but now that situation's improving they've got i going in tomorrow and it's been coming over the weekend from foreign governments and that's going to be ramping up by the next few days so everybody involved says the people there that really need food and water and medical care will start receiving that now. and a few moments we're going to have the weather with everton but still ahead on al jazeera china's national people's congress meets to make changes that could see president xi jinping stay in power for life. finally makes a comeback in colombia where thousands of locking music lovers and gathered for the i know cali fair. and sports shows going to have all the action from the dramatic final day of the world indoor athletics championships.
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from the waves of the cells. to the contours of the east. we've had some drought breaking rain in australia just around queensland you can see this little puff of cloud hair they see the thunderheads extending from the gulf of carpentaria right down into northern parts of new south wales are missing some terrific now pools over the last few days actually travel one hundred eighty nine millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours in the same time period nearby julia creek had in the thirty nine melissa millimeters of rain come down and that inevitably caused the widespread flooding that we have seen this is the road between kong cari and julia creek as you can see it is completely water logged some parts of the north so as much as two hundred fifty millimeters of rain so we have had huge down poles in the past few days still a lot of rain in the forecast as we go through the next few days as choose states
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picture you see the on shore breeze there just coming in from a nice three directions by law into showers from the sunshine coast gold coast has been it will make its way a little further west which is weak on into where to stay so the showers certainly set to stay the flooding rains will continue to spread see more heavy showers there up towards townsville right across the cape york peninsula but elsewhere for many it's going to stay fine dry and pretty warm. there with sponsored by the time piece. a survivor of the genocide there are people who beg me to kill them when they're suffering but if we have the power to do who's dedicated his life to searching the woods for bones of the victims of the srebrenica massacre. you know in the future is to draw. you know hope of finally laying the past to rest and giving peace to the victims' families because you need to if i could just trying to think about i could bury him. at this time on al-jazeera
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algeria's very assertive we just tell the reality i said this i thought think hard work on the back they call it modern snavely we call for indonesia every day not only in london breaking news story in asia is a very fascinating country and very difficult to understand from the outside and because i've been living here for sixty years i know very well it's going on and i go out there and cover the whole country and even the young al jazeera gives the opportunity for a journalist to be real generally. you're watching al-jazeera remind other top stories this hour in the syria u.n.
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aid convoy sent to the east in a hotel for the first time since the attacks on the besieged rebel enclave escalated two weeks ago but u.n. workers say seventy percent of supplies including trauma kits and surgical equipment were seized by government forces before they were allowed in. south korean amble as have been meeting north korea's leader kim jong un and their first visit to pyongyang for eleven years the south koreans are trying to encourage them to talk to the u.s. program. a hung parliament is expected in italy following sunday's general election with two thirds of votes counted the anti establishment five star movement is the biggest single party but it trails of lightwing alliance which is thirty seven percent of the vote share so far. china's parliament is expected to approve a change to the constitution which will allow president xi jinping to stay in the job for life the largely ceremonial national people's congress holding its annual
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conference in beijing china correspondent adrian brown is there tiananmen square has been the setting for some of the most of fining moments in recent chinese history not all of them peaceful now a new political drama is unfolding this carefully choreographed gathering involves almost three thousand delegates and almost as many journalists like parliament the media in china is controlled by the party offering uniform coverage of the national people's congress normally last for ten days but this year it's being extended by five days possibly to give delegates more time to discuss proposed changes to china's constitution which could mean she. being president for life the issue is overshadowing this congress but most delegates we spoke to didn't want to talk about it i don't want to discuss it i asked them he said. and no comment from him
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either. party discipline though would ensure the amendment is passed that. those capable people should stay in their posts as long as possible. the decision is made by the party as a delegate i fully support it. the decisions made here will affect almost a fifth of humanity premier league chung presented his annual work report with his boss seated just a few rows behind him. he said the communist party not the country had faced an extremely complex environment both at home and abroad in his forty five page address he mentioned cheating paying eighteen times well me out and. that we were rarely even close around the party central committee was camera xi jinping at his coal hole high the banner of socialism with chinese characteristics and follow the
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guidelines xi jinping saw on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era the premier presented a vision of a vibrant growing economy but in language often reminiscent of them out. and there was one overriding message china will be great again so long as she jean pings at the helm adrian brown al-jazeera beijing a u.s. aircraft carriers arrived in vietnam for the first time since the end of the vietnam war a sign of warming relations between the two countries the visits by the u.s.s. carl vinson to the port of dining marks the biggest u.s. military presence in vietnam since one nine hundred seventy five wayne hay has more from. this visit by the u.s. military to vietnam is very symbolic the aircraft carrier the carl vinson anchoring off the city of dun neighing which is where u.s. ground troops first came ashore in one thousand nine hundred sixty five to begin
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their campaign in the vietnam war ever since that war came to an end particularly in the last couple of decades relations between the united states and vietnam have been steadily improving in this visit will be seen as another important step in that process but it's also about the south china sea where the carl vinson is anchoring is the south china sea or the e.c. as it's known in vietnam china claims pretty much all of the south china sea and over the last couple of years in particular it's been very busy developing islands and reefs in that area which has caused a lot of tension with other claimant countries in southeast asia in particular with vietnam so this visit is about the united states sending a message to china as well that it wants freedom of navigation through the south china sea and also it's about vietnam sending a message to china that in the united states it has a strategic partner that it could call upon if the situation in the south china sea deteriorates. the shape of water a fantasy about a mute woman and
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a hybrid creature has won top honors including best picture at the oscars but far from the on no glamour and glitz this year's ninetieth ceremony has been overshadowed by prevalence sexual misconduct in the industry from listenings robins has more. hollywood had more than awards on its mind at the ninetieth annual oscar ceremony host jimmy kimmel quickly brought up disgraced hollywood producer and accused sexual predator harvey weinstein who was expelled from the academy last year the academy as you are no doubt aware took action last year to expel harvey weinstein from their ranks there are a lot of great nominees but harvey deserved this about. the far reaching sexual harassment scandal in the growth of the b. two in times up movements were on the minds of many finally saying time's up it's a new day in hollywood with new challenges ahead for all of us while those serious
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issues overshadowed hollywood's big night to a certain extent the show as they say must go on and it did. the oscar goes to. the shape of what. this may very well be the shape of water when the best picture award the story of a love affair between a mute cleaning lady and a strange him hideous creature at the center of a cold war weapons program it beat out stiff competition from get out lady bird and i told ya among other films. the shape of waters film director ke arrow del toro won the best director award. frances mcdormand won the best female actor award for her role as an angry and grieving mother in three billboards outside at the desert she asked all the women in the audience to stand and take a bot. thank you. thank you thank you the
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world thank her all the overall. as many predicted the best male actor nod went to gary oldman for his did it in polluter in performance as winston churchill in the darkest hour. allison janney portrayal of an unlevel mother in i told you won her the best female supporting actor will rule the i did it all by myself. sam rockwell took home the best male supporting actor oscar for playing a violent racist police officer who turns over a new lease in three billboards i like to thank the academy never thought i'd say those words the chilean transgender drama a fantastic woman won the best foreign language film oscar. and the audience pleasing cartoon poco one for best animated feature the biggest thank you of all to
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the people of mexico coco would not exist without your endlessly beautiful culture and tradition costume designer margaret olley woods big night is over but the movement against sexual harassment in the film industry continues to expand and grow stronger i denied everybody robert oulds al jazeera hollywood. that's craven's out as chief film critic at metro newspapers is joining us now from london thank you very much indeed for your time of course the oscars are all about glitz and glamour and entertainment at this time of course it was dealing with a very serious subject do you think it was able to deal successfully with the issues of sexual harassment in the industry. yeah i think it did deal successfully i mean it was as you say this is not quite heavy stuff for a film award ceremony to cope with but the host jimmy kimmel managed to sort of sail an even an even keel i feel i mean it's quite it was quite straightforward
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sermon it's quite bland it wasn't too risque or too jokey it sort of dealt with the issues and moved on and they really needed the safe pair of hands that he literally just needed someone to open the correct envelope of the fiasco last year where the best picture award was nominated awarded to the wrong film. you used a phrase there they dealt with the issues and moved on do you think that there's a risk that the industry as a whole is going to end up doing exactly that it will deal with these issues but it will move on from them and perhaps not much will change. i think the industry as a whole or perhaps the traditional of the wind industry would have a tendency towards that but you saw that in frances mcdormand speech winning best actress that she's determined as as are the women of hollywood in general that this is just the start of something rather than you know sort of tokenistic gesture so where it's the movement the me too movement which is against section equality of the industries are started out as victims coming forward to protest against the likes of harvey weinstein since then they've moved on to the time's up campaign
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which is literally calling time's up on the industry let's take you know proper practical steps to change things and in her speech frances mcdormand is saying right all the lady stand up not just big knowledge that there are women represented behind the camera but also to say right all the men in the room i want you to address these women's projects let's fund them let's move forward and she brought in the phrase which will become trotted out a lot now which is inclusion right which is when a big star goes into a film they can put a clause in their contract which says that there has to be good representation of diversity both in terms of the on screen talent but also in the cost of crude behind the scenes in addition to the issue of sexual harassment in the industry was there anything else that struck you as important in these awards. well i think it's just it's been a it was really exciting when the nominations the awards came out because there's been so many friends so much fresh talent coming to the fore not least to go with who is up for best director see any fifth woman in history to be up for that award
1:43 pm
jordan peele has made history as the first african-american writer to win the first african-american win the best original screenplay award there was the first female cinematographer in the shape of rachel morrison behind the camera so it's been it's been a year where in the nineteenth year of the academy awards i think they've really pulled out the stops and showing that they can be relevant to the industry rather than sometimes they have felt a bit like they're a bit of a dinosaur but that is to film critic of metro newspaper thank you very much for your time colombian pop stars such a kid dominates the modern day music scene in their buds old school music lovers literally get in the groove again for an annual festival which celebrates sons on vinyl records of sons of m.p.'s he reports from cali. scoring the beans searching for them missing records or a rare treasure it might seem like a relic from a bygone age but not for the thousands who crowd columbus traditional meeting of music lovers and collectors. it's our twenty sixth year it's
1:44 pm
a calling for all lovers of latin music salsa afro cuban all united by the same passion salsa music and vinyl records for six consecutive days fans about for a caribbean music gather to trade stories i think it's an lp. they kept coming as the analog formats was replaced by see these first then digital and they're still at it now that finally seeing a worldwide resurgence. it's an old format which was presumed dead but it refuses to go away and actually it's coming back with force people are dusting off the records they had stored away the passion is back just. like them i was albums go for just a few us dollars drop two hundred twenty some cases even more than one file. depending on how rare it is or how highly sought after by collecting. and it's not
1:45 pm
only old nostalgics the an album and this is part of a group of young salsa music aficionado's who arrived from new york she says these albums also remind her of her father in the film me i shared that experience and what i want to do are more is made by me and didn't write everything in my power for breaking even. for most of you know that america was country. so be an explosive that hurt. me remind you i want to tell you that some i wrote for my life. as night falls the meeting inevitably turns into a record playing party with people shaking my back because hitting on cow bells in . crowd. of five thousand says it's difficult to choose a favorite. they're all special to me but the music.
1:46 pm
no doubt contagious cheerful and. going to give the details.
1:47 pm
i'd it's time for the sports heroes to run out rob thank you very much cycling is under the doping spotlight again
1:48 pm
a long awaited report by british members of parliament suggests that the former top of france champion bradley wiggins and his team exploited an anti doping loophole to take performance enhancing drugs wiggins won the most prestigious race in cycling in two thousand and twelve but the report claims that he was able to take a steroids before that to treat his ass after he and his team were given a therapeutic use exemption for it the t.u.e. system allows us to take medication to treat the just to make conditions weakens and team sky say they strongly refute the claims in the report while they report acknowledges that what weakens and team sky did was within the rules of the world anti-doping agency it also says the two crossed an ethical line bought the report didn't just look at doping in british cycling it then turned its attention to athletics the committee said it was shocks that four time olympic champion mo farah had received an injection of a legal supplement before the two thousand and fourteen london marathon bot that
1:49 pm
the chief medical officer at the time had failed to record it on the run as medical records the report also strongly criticised the head of the international athletics federation said code it says he provided misleading all says to their questions on the scale of russian doping saying he knew more about the scandal than he revealed all sports correspondent lee wellings joins me now live from london the if what wakens team sky and mo farah have done is within the legal limits then why does this matter. that's the crux of this what we're dealing with here is effectively legitimized cheating nobody's going to get by and for anything nobody has technically broken any rules but this is a massive problem for those that watch and enjoy sport want it to be clean wanted to be fair wanted to be doping free and it's best summed up for me by shane sutton who is a key member of the bradley wiggins team form of i have now and effectively he told the committee that of others use of performance enhancing steroids technically was
1:50 pm
unethical but not against the rules and i've been to a lot of these hearings and that's what the overriding feeling has been here that we're dealing with something that nobody can take hard and fast action against but it's a way of manipulation and it goes against the suppose it spirit put forward by. team sky who of course had bradley wiggins win the tour de france and others because photos being investigated as world don't forget if they're talking about having clean sport with zero tolerance of doping then why is there such mystery around the package in two thousand and eleven why is there such mystery around these therapeutic use exemptions it does seem very clearly as if what's happening here is the boundaries of being pushed and people are getting away with it you know what is going to be the fallout from this sport report what will change after it's been published. the fallout has to be limited in terms of actual action remember.
1:51 pm
pais in britain that big power really is being i was to get things out into the open under parliamentary privilege to terms of actually doing something about it there's a limit there so what we're talking about here is very little damage and how far does that hurt someone like bradley wiggins or my foreign who's been mentioned or indeed sebastian coe a slightly different issue with him that was more about the politics of how much does it hurt that their reputation is being damage when you consider just how poisoned the sport of cycling in athletics has been everyone has to live with suspicion but these accusations when you go into the detail are quite done me so these are men far and we consider being held up as heroes particularly around the london twenty twelve olympics in britain and beyond well now their reputations going to suffer a lot yeah we're going to see how that goes down for the finale wedding thanks very much for unraveling that for us what about. the
1:52 pm
story of russian doping has also been a big hit at the oscars. icarus five six faced the scandal and led to the countries in the pan one left documentary the direct to pay tribute to the russian whistleblower great three. who featured in the film for which i wanted to acknowledge that in this moment of happiness and winning this war there are real world stakes and there is a human life at stake and there are clean athletes who have been cheated and there is a a russian government that continues to not deny all facts and all truth while they hunt the man who literally brought this information forward dear basketball. boy usually during. well that wasn't the only big sporting achievement of the academy awards basketball legend kobe bryant continues to be
1:53 pm
a winner even in retirement the former l.a. lakers star won an oscar in the animated short category four. a poem he wrote after ending his twenty year career on the court in two thousand and sixteen. feel better than winning the championship if you ask me i swear i do it's you know growing up as a kid i dreamt of winning championships you know and working really hard to make that dream come true but then like to have. something like this seemingly come out of left field you know. i heard a lot of people tell me when i started writing he would ask me where are you going to retire and i said well i want to be a writer and be a storyteller i got a lot of that's cute that's cute you'll be depressed when your career is over and you're come back to play you know i got that alive and so to be here right now and i have like a like a sense of validation is this is this is crazy. it's crazy. now to this football legend les no messi the argentine scored his six hundred
1:54 pm
career goal for boss line on sunday as they beat atletico madrid one nil that now eight points clear of the second place to ponens in. the world indoor athletics championships wrapped up in birmingham on sunday with eight gold medals awarded but amid the celebrations the athletics world also mourn the passing of one of its icons helen gleason reports writers and gentlemen we remember the great show roger bannister. the final day of the walk in the athletics began on a somber night with a tribute to so roger bannister the first man to run a mile in under four minutes he died on sunday aged eighty eight. bannister would have enjoyed the action that followed the loudest she opened night was for great britain kasi he won the men's sixty metres hurdles final by the narrowest of margins at the world indoor title to the european gold he won twelve months ago.
1:55 pm
three middle distance finals also took center stage on the track and there were two golds. your me can joke had defended his three thousand meters title and samual to pharaoh won the men's fifteen thousand meters becoming the youngest ever winner of the event at just eighteen. burundi's brown seamy and saba made it back to back to work titles as she won gold in the women's eight hundred meters. controversy came in the women school by four hundred meters relay to make it cross the line second but when later disqualified for being in the wrong position on one of the change from a to crying to silva i'm great britain to bronze behind the united states. drama two in the men's relay the usa that certain to win gold until poland can storming to victory down the home leg and
1:56 pm
set a new indoor world record. that should have been the final medal of the knights but a thrilling men's pole vault contest took more than three hours to complete the world record holder renner level any eventual prevailed as the only compact set a clear five meters ninety to win the world in those title for a third time. telling place and they are. now phil mickelson has ended a five year trophy drought with victory at the world golf championships in mexico mickelson beat fellow american justin thomas in a playoff for his first tournament win since the open in two thousand and thirteen the playoffs didn't last long mickelson might call on the first extra hole to secure a forty five career title forty seven he's the oldest ever winner of a well go championship event. this is
1:57 pm
a very meaningful when i can't really put it into words given the tough times of the last four years and struggle to get back here and knowing that i was able to compete at this level but not doing it the frustration that led to and to finally break through and have this validation means a lot to me. heise the netherlands topped the medal table at the track cycling world championships winning two golds on the final day on sunday custom built one hundred gold medal of the championships with a dominant performance in the points rice. had also topped the podium in the only m. and the scratch. geoffrey haviland and a second gold of the day in the men's one kilometer time trial but the effort took a lot out of him he could barely stand when he came off the track his medal was the hosts of fifth gold and twelfth overall of these championships
1:58 pm
and that's all from me for now back to you rob john thanks very much indeed and that's it for me about this and for this news hour we're going to have more of the day's news in a couple of minutes with martin stick with us with more on that convoy heading into eastern go to see a couple of public. works
1:59 pm
. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president. is poised for a second time in. a series of stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political scheme these reelection becomes more apparent we see what direction russia might take. with media trends constantly changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking leaders and research as governor in brazil to address
2:00 pm
a critical issue in march on al-jazeera more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of. so white and . almost zero point one per cent of the two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sought refuge. at this time. the first eighteen weeks of arrives in syria's besieged. the hundreds of thousands of being try. again i'm sure with that as their live from doha.


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