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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the and. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this news hour i'm rob matheson at our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a u.n. convoy finally gets into syria's battered east in the hotel but not all of the aid
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supplies have been allowed through. the leader of italy's far right anti immigrant league party declares he has a duty to form a government after an election with no clear winner. shaken again aftershocks in papa new guinea following last week's major earthquake plus. the shape of a water. love story involving a fantasy river creature wins best picture oscar night that's all hollywood confronted self about sexual misconduct and racism. i'm joining with the sports including crossing an ethical line at british parliamentary report finds that photo to france champion bradley wiggins and his team against performance enhancing drugs within the anti doping rules. we begin this hour in syria where a u.n.
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aid convoy has entered duma the main town inside the besieged rebel held on place of eastern gota but before being allowed past army checkpoints most of the convoys medical supplies were confiscated meanwhile syrian and russian air attacks have continued killing almost thirty people in just the past twenty four hours zain a call to reports let me give you a warning some of you may find the images in this story disturbing. it's the first time aid has entered the rebel controlled enclave of eastern huta since the latest offensive began just over two weeks ago but world health organization officials say seventy percent of what was loaded on the trucks was removed during inspection. it's not the first time syrian government officials have prevented trauma kids and surgical supplies from reaching besieged areas they have been systematically removed from aid convoys in the past to prevent rebel fighters being treated but
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such life saving medical equipment is what is urgently needed medics say they are struggling according to the united nations up to one thousand civilians some of them critically ill need to be evacuated to receive proper treatment already a few thousand people have been injured in the airstrikes and the toll continues to rise. we were sleeping when my cousin came and told us my sister's husband was killed god bless him then the warplanes hit nearby my cousin my mother and father and two of my siblings were injured two of my other siblings are safe because they were in the underground shelter. i on the ground a pro-government forces are advancing on several fronts taking territory in recent days mainly farms and villages in the east forcing many people to flee to the western parts of the enclave there spite international criticism and outrage the
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syrian president bashar assad promised to continue the offensive until eastern recaptured the government says it is fighting what it calls terrorists and it blames rebels for holding civilians as human shields the people in eastern would say the government wants to depopulate the area. they are wrapping children killed in the bombardment with u.n. aid bags to show their anger over the organizations inability to help them others had a message to the syrian government backer russia. putin wants to displays the people of eastern you have no business here neither does your army that you shouldn't be opening doors for us to leave you should stop getting us we will remain steadfast and no one can force us to leave our land god willing the united nations says it has permission to deliver supplies enough for seventy thousand people in the next few days but it is estimated up to four hundred thousand people are in eastern huta
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an area that has been under siege for four years an area that doesn't receive aid regularly whatever aid does reach those trapped inside will help but it is far from enough. beirut well under tom's the spokesperson for the united nations office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in syria she's joining us now from damascus via skype thanks very much for being with us what can the convoy actually achieve if it's had all this equipment taken from it. well the convoy still contains you sure she supplies somehow supplies along with food for over twenty seven thousand people in need so this is of course we are extremely disappointed that many lifesaving health supply were not allowed to be loaded but we also have a follow up conway on thursday and we hope that we both medical supplies will be able to be loaded in in the rest of and the rest of the supplies that are destined
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for dumas as we have said earlier the full caucus is for seventy thousand people in need in dumas but this is far from enough we haven't been able to reach on a regular basis the last time was on the fourteenth of february and before that it had been over seventy days that we had not been able to reach. i mentioned before that you're based in damascus want to kind of reaction are you getting from the process the government there. well i mean we are we are working with all parties we're working with the government of syria we are also working with the non-state armed groups and our our main message is about access you know we are calling on all parties to give us unconditional sustained and unimpeded access to those so that we can meet people in need with the lifesaving supplies that they have been waiting for i can understand that you're making those calls to all sides as you say but it sounds as though there isn't much of a response is anybody actually listening to you. well we have to do the best that
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we can i mean we're here you know we have been working on all fronts and we have been we have been working with the with the security council and with the cessation of hostilities that was promised by member states on the adoption of a thirty day cessation of hostilities we were hopeful that that would be impossible i think so that we would be able to deliver assistance to people in need wherever they are but as we have such that even just this morning you want to partners were informed that many of the supplies that were intended for dumas were not allowed to be loaded and in addition to that we were even not get it in order to replace the supplies that were taken off with other lifesaving items so these are basic things such as trauma kits and other life saving medical supplies going by your past experience is there anything that you and other aid agencies can do to try to reassure both sides in this conflict that your intentions are purely humanitarian
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that they would vent allow you through. well we have to have we have to keep trying out for the touches have always been humanitarian based on humanitarian imperative and we continue to deliver assistance to millions of people a month in all areas and wherever we have access you know we're ready to provide the full the full package of humanitarian assistance to people in need this includes things like food medicine water and sanitation supplies and shelter items these are people don't need just you know certain types of things they need many types of things and the other thing in addition to supplies is that we need regular access so that we can assess what the situation is on the ground and that we can better inform the type of assistance that we're bringing and as you just described this the scale of this is sheer huge going on for your information you're getting from the teams on the ground from the aid agencies can you actually cope with the
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something on the scale we have a presence here in in syria and it's many u.n. agencies that are working together and then of course we're working very closely that the syrian arab red crescent and the i.c.r.c. so we are all working together in response to this to the humanitarian crisis in syria and it's. yes it's we need to respond on a massive scale but the process is here our warehouses are full of humanitarian supplies the people are ready for they're on the route there right now they're inside the hoping to be able to proceed hoping that those trucks will be able to enter dumas and that the offloading can take place and we are hoping that we will be able to return on thursday and deliver the rest of the supplies that are needed to get your insight on this linda tom thank you very much indeed you're welcome. a surge in support for populist and far right parties in its unease election has left
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it in political deadlock after a campaign dominated by anger against immigration unemployment the euro skeptic league party is the best performer among a dominant right wing coalition which is secured thirty seven percent of the vote but the strongest single party result went to another populist movement five star as lawrence lee reports. just five years after they first got into parliament the five star movement the and the politicians policy or the clear individual winners in this election overcome pain that sold them found to fight corruption and overturn traditional politics the vote share was more than ten points ahead yet to pull new governments would have to betray their promise not to go into a coalition. equally lega formally the northern league led by matt seo salvini also appended the established order but his hardline n.c. immigrants euro skeptic policies it would be the biggest player in a right wing coalition but that group still fall short of being able to fill
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a jar it is well. oh yeah this is a victory an extraordinary victory which makes us proud joyful and responsible thanks to the italians who asked us to take this country by hand and free it from uncertainty from renzi from brussels and the banks it's a vote for the future we have the ghosts of the past but we have to look forward one of the clearest outcomes of the five years in power the center left him a classic party have taken hits but they are still the second biggest party in the absence of any other solution they might stay on in government until another voting system and elections are organized and maybe ginty loney will be asked to continue as a caretaker in the mean time and then they will work hopefully on a new electoral law that satisfies of everybody and forces the formation of a majority would be with us a lower percentage maybe thirty five percent is also a setback for silvio berlusconi who had looked like being kingmaker in an
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extraordinary political comeback but the biggest losers of all of the european union after a whole slew of election results in countries like austria the netherlands and france in recent months where the populace got close but will be sent back this is their breakthrough moments the result will be applauded most in capitals like budapest in warsaw where and see immigrants euro skeptic parties are already in power they will see this result in italy as their entry into the european mainstream all in all it's a deeply uncertain outcome for now italy is ungovernable barnsley al-jazeera wrote it all as long as mentioned there the five star movement has always vowed never to join. a coalition but speaking not long ago party leader luigi the mo appears to be changing his tune. responsibly that you don't go at an early talia we feel responsible and we can give a government to sleep today coalitions haven't got the numbers to fill
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a government we are open to confronting all political parties starting from the guarantees and also the changes in the presidency walking across live tonight in baba for the latest from rome we've been describing this as a political deadlock in italy in the team but going by that statement by the five star movement leader do you think we're beginning to see them the start of son form of movement some form of negotiation. well i think what is clear is that everyone's being very cautious at the moment about exactly what they say given the uncertainty that's come out of those election results as lawrence was saying in his report the populist party see this as very big breakthrough and for him for more on that i'm joined by nicole i'm a genie from the italian center for electoral studies nicola tell me exactly how certain we can be that those populist policies will be in the next government we are not certain about do we know that the decide between five star movement the
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nose in the league and braless of easily the absolute majority in the popular vote at the moment but of course true to form the government isn't enough is another scene it does moment the. we have no majority between forty thousand and democratic parties so the two possible outcome in my opinion are northern league last five star movement or five time movement of the last democratic party of course the two option how difficult and we will see because at the moment we don't know but we have two different eateries that the both of before these corporate spot these four different cities i'm pretty sample the five star movement that now is the dominant party in the south they are over forty percent in all the regions of the south and income parnia they are around fifty percent and they voted.
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especially for social economic reasons there is a strong correlation between the provinces with a higher unemployment and they both pull back five star movement whereas the roles for the northern league are is we can explain this vote for other reasons there is a strong correlation for example between provinces with high level of foreigners and their vote before a league in the as the other real winner. this election because the the expanded they they wrote especially not only in the north about also in the bill in the center traditional left wing regions like the media romagna the area around twenty percent and also. it safe to know my own also in the south six to seven percent so this strategy of sort of being was was good because they like him more or less money miliband in france we had a right wing nationalist party we thought our stance is against
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migration we were just hearing from luigi demaio he seems to be shifting towards talking to other groups yes if he tries to do the changes he's learned that he would never so many coalitions i mean as an anti establishment figure how will he sell vote to his voters yet this is their program because they are there we know of these elections but the reality may be frequent situation because if they ally with the democratic party going to lose all day right we will it is be a lie with the sun rini party they are going to rules that left me with it because five star movement is this. cross-cutting to be traditional left and right divide. you for the ally the problem is that maybe i'm going to lose of the voters so we will see because these are the first time that we have to block there's
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a government and not just as a protest because i'm a genie thank you very much for your time well we'll be following the latest statements by those political leaders throughout the day and we still see here from matteo renzi who led the democratic party he was formerly prime minister and it's still possible with all these permutations being talked about that he might end up in a grand coalition with the center right trying to form the next administration but we can say with some certainty that it will be several days at least before we have a clear picture that him thanks very much. very more ahead on the news out of the immigration success stories flying in the face of u.s. president donald trump's tough policies. china's national people's congress meets to make changes that could see president xi jinping stay in power for life and basketball legend kobe bryant keeps winning even in retirement details coming up
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with joe in the sport. south korean officials have met kim jong un for the first time since he took power at the end of twenty eleven the meeting at a banquet dinner in pyongyang comes at the start of a two day visit that will focus on a virgin nuclear conflict and restarting talks with washington but mcbride has more from seoul. from seoul with smiles south korea's delegation heads north hoping to build on the goodwill momentum generated at the winter olympics when a high level north korean delegation attended the games as guests of south korean president moon j.n. kim jong sr of north korean leader kim jong un hand delivered the invitation to visit from her brother south korea hopes this will be more than just
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a courtesy call. most of all i will deliver president moon's firm will and resolve to achieve the denuclearization on the korean peninsula and create true and permanent peace even before the delegates left on their controversial trip it wasn't clear they would meet with the north korean leader but soon after their arrival they were hosted to a dinner that fact along with the seniority of the officials who welcomed the south koreans and their accommodation in an official guest house shows the importance north korea places on this trip according to seoul meetings between north and south are rare. summit talks were held in two thousand at the height of the so-called sunshine policy period that brought the two koreas closer together then again in two thousand and seven but with north korea's missile development and nuclear program increasing in pace in recent years relations slumped to their lowest and
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most dangerous point for decades for many people in south korea just holding talks is a welcome change to the hostile rhetoric of the recent past but without a commitment from north korea that it's willing even to discuss giving up its nuclear arsenal many conservative groups have condemned these talks as meaningless fasts this visit is meant to lead to more talks between the two koreas that is certainly achievable it's fun less certain this mission can jump start talks between north korea and the skeptical united states they want a meeting to lead to denuclearization to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons and north korea has no intention of doing that so there's no likelihood that the united states and north korea would be meeting as a result of this this visit could prove in the long turn either to be important in the search for a negotiated solution all right another false start in dealing with the north korean crisis of macbride al jazeera sold. pop and you're going to has been shaken
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by three strong aftershocks a week after a major earthquake killed at least fifty five people the mountainous southern highlands are worst affected six hundred kilometers from the capital port moresby one hundred fifty thousand people remain in urgent need of emergency supplies damaged roads and landslides are hampering aid delivery food water and sanitation are badly needed a.b.c. australian journalists eric classic has more for us from the capital port moresby. one of the things this earthquake did was destroyed food gardens most people up there are subsistence farmers without those gardens they don't have food and it also dammed rivers the mountains have caved in upon river systems and most people's access to water comes from those rivers and streams and they're now backing up and becoming polluted so there's an ongoing problem now about access to clean drinking water aid has only just started arriving that's because the area as i said he's
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quite remote but also because the government's capacity to deliver services is quite limited the ideas coming in from the australian government and it's being distributed by an oil and gas company or oil search that has thirty three sites right around that region so at the moment it's the private sector and a foreign government that are actually doing the i deliver ease so people were wondering where the government was but it said it had real trouble getting information from the quake here is about sixty three my both towers were damaged a number of them collapsed and they've only been able to restore about forty of them so there's extensive damage that has limited the amount of information that's come out in the pages government said it was basically flying blind and it didn't know where to send the ide but now that situation's improving they've got i going in tomorrow and it's been coming over the weekend from foreign governments and that's going to be ramping up over the next few days so everybody involved says the people there that really need food and water and medical care will start receiving that now that it's time for the weather here is ever to know what's the latest on this cycling hitting madagascar where they still strengthening rob so that's the
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bad news but the good news is it's starting to pull away if you have the satellite picture you can see it's still quite well organized still see the the eye of the storm but it's the outer bands that have been spraying bucket loads of rainfall across northern parts of the country in particular and we can see over two hundred millimeters of rain coming down in the space of a twenty four hours that will continue to drive its way further south which as we go on through the next twenty four hours of say but we are still looking at sustained winds of around one hundred eighty five kilometers per hour ago. staying two hundred thirty kilometers per hour that makes it the equivalent of a category three a major hurricane if it were in the atlantic so that is really quite a significant feature as i said it is pulling away lots of rain still coming in taking our union for example we are going to see some very heavy rain continuing to make its way across the island here would see one hundred seventy three millimeters of rain but it will sink further southwards and a switch as we go on through the coming hours then has to stays picture but notice
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how wet weather still linking its way back across northern parts of madagascar all the way to northern areas of mozambique and also into tanzania spot the difference really as we go on through wednesday more heavy downpours coming through here we are like this is a further flooding but in terms of the site by this date it should be just about gone. the shape of water a fine to say about a woman and a hybrid creature has one top on his including best picture at the oscars but far from the i know glamour and glitz this year's ninetieth ceremony has been overshadowed by sexual misconduct in the industry from the sounds of his own battles has more. hollywood had more than awards on its mind at the ninetieth annual oscar ceremony host jimmy kimmel quickly brought up disgraced hollywood producer and accused sexual predator harvey weinstein who was expelled from the academy last year the academy as you're no doubt aware took action last year to
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expel harvey weinstein from their ranks there are a lot of great nominees but harvey deserved this about. the far reaching sexual harassment scandal in the growth of the b. two in times up movements were on the minds of many finally saying time's up it's a new day in hollywood with new challenges ahead for all of us while those serious issues overshadowed hollywood's big night to a certain extent the show as they say must go on and it did. and the oscar goes to. the shape of what i. this may very well be the shape of water when the best picture award to be the story of a love affair between a mute cleaning lady and a strange and hideous creature at the center of a cold war weapons program it beat out stiff competition from get out lady bird and
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i told ya among other films the shape of borders film director key del toro won the best director award. frances mcdormand won the best female actor award for her role as an angry and grieving mother in three billboards outside at the desert she asked all the women in the audience to stand and take up a. thank you. thank you thank you the world thank you for all the overall. as many predicted the best male actor nod went to gary oldman for his did it in polluter in performance as winston churchill in the darkest hour. allison janney portrayal of an unlevel mother in i tonia one her the best female supporting actor award. i did it all by myself. sam rockwell took home the best male supporting
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actor oscar for playing a violent racist police officer who turns over a new lease in three billboards i like to thank the academy never thought i'd say those words the chilean transgender drama a fantastic woman won the best foreign language film oscar. and the audience pleasing cartoon coco one for best animated feature the biggest thank you of all to the people of mexico coco would not exist without sugar and lucy beautiful culture and tradition costume designer margaret olley woods big night is over but the movement against sexual harassment in the film industry continues to expand and grow stronger by the night everybody robert oulds al-jazeera calling. for more on this film critic dominic car is joining us via skype from the sounds of his thanks very much for your time do you think that they also has managed to strike the night the rights notes between the glitz and glamour on
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a very serious message. yeah i think it did and there wasn't as much focus on this new movement as we saw at the golden globes earlier this year but there were certain certainly enough mentions of it to make it a focal point we had. annabel it's your and ashley judd. and mira sorvino coming out who are three. sorry and. not mira sorvino who is who are three of the main accuses of harvey weinstein and they got to sort of acknowledge the phone in the room as it would it wasn't the most political evening there were lots of meet thousands of of certain issues but it was a relatively subdued affair on the whole i mean the most important thing to notice is that it was incident free in terms of. someone getting the wrong reading out the wrong name which of course is what happened last year so that
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didn't happen so that's that's an achievement on a certain level in rob's report there we heard dr jennifer lawrence saying it's a new day in hollywood but we have a lot of work ahead of us is it too soon to assume that things in hollywood are going to change. these these things and liches these things look forward in that they swing back i think it's a hopeful time i think the awards demonstrated that it was that there is a change occurring and i think it gave us all a lot of a lot of reason to be hopeful do you think that the debate about sexual have a smooth and the long running debate about diversity as well has been reflected in the films that are being put forward for nominations. to a certain degree. you know. represents how the industry wants wants to see itself so it's kind of aspirational so it's we can perhaps take some from
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the fact that a film celebrating the other one based picture in the shape of water. i thought that honestly i thought that the. that movement would lead to get out winning because hollywood wants to present itself as a progressive place and so i thought that might lead to get out what in this picture at one based original screenplay which was very well received in the in the moment on the on the night and. yeah i think the the ones show that that hollywood wants to move forward and show that it can be an inclusive and diverse place from critics don't encourage thank you very much indeed i had in the second half of this news are new questions over whether hundreds of thousands of refugees can ever go back to me and also.
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finally makes a comeback in colombia where thousands of locking music lovers in the groove. and in sports job will have all the details from a dramatic final day of the world indoor athletics championships. more than forty thousand africans are facing deportation from israel is awarded more than ninety percent of their ten. point one percent of the two of those in danger of being thrown out of the country in which they sought refuge. at this time i really felt liberated as a journalist about. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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you're watching on his ear a reminder of our top stories this hour u.n. aid convoys entered syria's duma the main town inside the besieged rebel held on flavor of eastern gota bus before being allowed past on the checkpoints most of the convoys medical supplies were confiscated. a hung parliament is expected in italy
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following sunday's general election the anti establishment five star movement is the single largest party but it trails the center right alliance which is a thirty seven percent vote share so far. and boys from south korea have met with north korean leader kim jong un and his aides in pyongyang the delegates of the first south korean officials to meet kim since he took power at the end of twenty eleven. china's parliament is expected to approve a change to the constitution which will allow president xi jinping to stay in the job for life largely ceremonial national people's congress is holding its annual conference in beijing china correspondent adrian brown is there. tiananmen square has been the setting for some of the most of fining moments in recent chinese history not all of them peaceful now a new political drama is unfolding this carefully choreographed gathering involves almost three thousand delegates and almost as many journalists like parliament the
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media in china is controlled by the party offering uniform coverage of the national people's congress normally last for ten days but this year it's being extended by five days possibly to give delegates more time to discuss proposed changes to china's constitution which could mean she jingping being president for life the issue is overshadowing this congress but most delegates we spoke to didn't want to talk about it i don't want to discuss it i asked them he said. and no comment from him either. party discipline though would ensure the amendment is passed that. those capable people should stay in their posts as long as possible. the decision is made by the party as a delegate i fully support it. the decisions
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made here will affect almost a fifth of humanity premier league chang presented his annual work report with his boss seated just a few rows behind him. he said the communist party not the country had faced an extremely complex environment both at home and abroad in his forty five page address he mentioned cheating paying eighteen times well now. that we were rarely even close around the party central committee was camera xi jinping at his coal hole high the banner of socialism with chinese characteristics and follow the guidelines xi jinping saw on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era the premier presented a vision of a vibrant growing economy but in language often reminiscent of the mao era and there was one overriding message china will be great again so long as she jean
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pings at the helm adrian brown al-jazeera beijing more have been fleeing from me in my mobile phone video is said to show hundreds escaping rocketing states into neighboring bangladesh at dawn on sunday the blogger who posted the video says homes in both the dung were torched on saturday night in the seven hundred thousand range or have fled meum are since august reporting mass killings rape and torture by the military men mars' leaders deny ethnic cleansing in a separate development hundreds of me and more soldiers are refusing to leave an area on the bangladesh border mean mars government says they've received intelligence reports of an imminent attack critics say the troop presence is proof that repatriation to me in march is not an option which are the best reports. this sprawling koos pull on camp near the bangladesh meum our border home to nearly six hundred thousand ranger refugees the majority have arrived since august.
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one refugee who witnessed the influx is kemal hussein has lived here since he was two his parents also fled violence in myanmar in the ninety's. my concern was people are coming to bangladesh who've never been here before they don't know the place they don't know anyone they don't know the roads where to go what to eat where to sleep i want i want them who are we have first mc in october after he saved up a missing persons both in the scramble for survival into bangladesh many refugees became separated and disoriented he reminded some seven hundred families in the first two months. come out his clothes the bush it's no longer needed ranjan no longer stream over the border they sit laying into a crucible on camp as hard just like he did some twenty years ago. my concern is i've been living here since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight i
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came from burma when i was only a child now i'm twenty eight i'm still here what will happen to those who are coming now i believe they'll suffer more. in the air and bangladesh governments have been negotiating over a petrie ation deal that would return more than seven hundred thousand russian jets but critics say me n ma is not an honest broker the government has deflected accusations of ethnic cleansing and even genocide and cannot be trusted to re home the very people it pushed out they say the latest troop build up on the border is a hostile miss it for the revenge or the whole purpose of forcibly even doing and destroying the communities over rangers across the northern arc on is to make sure that like you know burma. no longer has ranger as a group and so why would. that take the you know nearly one million rangers
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back. in just say they wouldn't return anyway until they have a guarantee of safety compensation for the destroyed villages and citizenship something they've been denied for thirty five years. bangladesh remain said one million revenger entirely dependent on handouts from low income our making khushboo long kemp their home charlotte ballasts and his ear. u.s. aircraft carrier has arrived in vietnam for the first time since the end of the vietnam war and a further sign of warming relations denying for the carrier has dogged was where american combat troops first arrived to join the conflict when hey is there. this visit by the u.s. military to vietnam is very symbolic the aircraft carrier the carl vinson anchoring off the city of dun neighing which is where u.s. ground troops first came ashore in one thousand nine hundred sixty five to begin their campaign in the vietnam war ever since that war came to an end particularly
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in the last couple of decades relations between the united states and vietnam have been steadily improving in this visit will be seen as another important step in that process but it's also about the south china sea where the carl vinson is anchoring is the south china sea or the e.c. as it's known in vietnam china claims pretty much all of the south china sea and over the last couple of years in particular it's been very busy developing islands and reefs in that area which has caused a lot of tension with other claimant countries in southeast asia in particular with vietnam so this visit is about the united states sending a message to china as well that it wants freedom of navigation through the south china sea and also it's about vietnam sending a message to china that in the united states it has a strategic partner that it could call upon if the situation in the south china sea deteriorates. u.s. president donald trump's promises to get tough on trade and immigration are
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particularly welcome in rural communities across america but as diane estabrook reports from bairds town in illinois immigration has helped tons to thrive particularly in the midwest. on the banks of the illinois river quiet beardstown illinois is getting a second wind diners flock to la familia bakery for lunch. workers at amigos tire busy themselves rebuilding a car engine and su casa grocer rafael trujillo welcomes a beer delivery. though diverse these businesses all have one thing in common their own by immigrants. a lot better than mexico. for roughly one hundred seventy five years beardstown was an all white community but its racial composition started changing three decades ago when immigrants started working at this port processing plant after many local
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workers quit in a dispute over wages today forty percent of beardstown residents are hispanic or black they've helped the town maintain its population and are propping up the economy realtor buffy tillett says immigrants account for more than half of the homes bought and sold in beardstown they'll buy a house fix it up and make it worth more money than it was when they first bought it you'll notice a natural wood work francisco and barbara cortez are hoping to buy their first home before the birth of their second child we think with his parents for a while and rented there and then. moving out and getting her own way there have been challenges since immigrants began changing the complexity of this community nearly three decades ago there have been language barriers and cultural barriers a visit from a white supremacist group twenty years ago but the community has worked aggressively . to bridge the divide. travis scroll says this book about new arrivals
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helps he was part of a diversity committee that help distribute it throughout the community i think thirty nine different nations represented so it brought an awareness of the different cultures and put a face with somebody who is from that culture. carol tyson has watched beardstown change from behind this barber chair for sixty years he says he's not sure if his town is changing for the better but he says it is surviving and credits his new neighbors for that there appeared to try to have a better living and you can't fault him for that in the work immigrants are still blending into beardstown fabric and some say their continued integration is vital to the town survival dian estabrook al-jazeera beardstown illinois it is said i made a sanchez better known as carlos the jackal is again on trial in fronts to appeal
4:44 pm
a life sentence he was once the world's most wanted fugitive series of attacks in the one nine hundred seventy s. in the one nine hundred eighty s. on behalf of palestine liberation of world revolution. as the details. well carlos the jackal has always denied that he took any pot in that attack in paris back in one thousand nine hundred seventy four it was around five o'clock in the afternoon local time when a man threw a grenade into the a publicist's shopping center in central paris two people were killed and more than thirty people were injured and it really shocked the people in the city of the time now at his trial over this crime last year here in paris because the jackal said that he didn't take any part in this crime that he was not the man that threw the grenade but the judges found otherwise and they sentenced him to life in prison but as noise of all was said that the evidence was very shaky and in fact that when there was no d.n.a. there were no fingerprints and they call that trial false which is why we now have an appeal hearing well at the end of these hearings judges will then decide whether
4:45 pm
or not to commute the sentence or to uphold as either way carlos the jackal will remain in jail because he is serving two other life sentences one for a series of bombings carried out in front of the nineteen eighties and another for the murder of three people including two french police officers in the one thousand nine hundred sees it was back then at the time because the jackal venezuelan born was one of europe's most wanted men he managed to evade police for many years before french police finally caught up with him in sudan in one nine hundred ninety four he has called himself a professional revolutionary saying that he carried out his attacks in the name of pro palestinian and communist causes sports just over a minute away the long wait for the trover is over for this golfer chose the player to tell us more.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
you. and it's time for sport here's joe rob thank you very much cycling is under the diaper spotlight again a long awaited report by british members of parliament suggests that former told a france champion bradley wiggins and his team exploited an anti duping doping loophole to take performance enhancing drugs were guinn's won the most prestigious rice in cycling in two thousand and twelve but the report claims that he was able to take a sarah hoye before that to treat his asmer after he and his team were given a therapeutic use exemption for it the system allows athletes to take medication to treat legit legitimate conditions wiggins and team sky say they strongly refute the
4:48 pm
claims in the report all the reporter knowledge is that what we didn't and team sky did was within the rules of the world anti-doping agency it allows it also says the two crossed an ethical line but the report didn't just look at doping in british cycling it then turned its attention to athletics the committee said it was shocks that four time olympic champion mo farah had received an injection of an illegal supplement for the two thousand and fourteen london marathon but that the chief medical officer at the time had failed to record it on the run as medical records the report also strongly criticised the head of the international athletics federation said code it says he provided misleading officers to their questions on the scale of russian doping saying he knew more about the scandal than he revealed but as a sports correspondent lee explains the report may not change much. what we're dealing with here is effectively legitimized cheating nobody's going to get by and
4:49 pm
for anything nobody has technically broken any rules but this is a massive problem for all those that watch and enjoy sports want it to be clean want it over to be don't people for it does see very clearly as if what's happening here is the boundaries of being pushed and people are getting away with it the fallout has to be limited in terms of actual action remember the m.p.'s in britain that big power really is being i was a get things out into the open under parliamentary privilege though terms of actually doing something about it there's a limit there so what we're talking about here is very damage and how far does that hurt someone like bradley wiggins or my foreign who's been mentioned or indeed sebastian coe a slightly different issue with him that was more about the politics of said how much does it hurt that their reputation is being damaged when you consider just how poisoned the sport of cycling in athletics has been everyone has to live with suspicion but these accusations when you go into the detail are quite damning so
4:50 pm
these are meant far and we consider been held up as heroes particularly around the london twenty twelve olympics in britain and beyond well now their reputations going to suffer a lot when the story of russian doping has also been a big hit at the oscars. chris. campbell and led to the countries in the band one best documentary the director paid tribute to the russian whistleblower gregory rich who featured in the film. i wanted to acknowledge that in this moment of happiness in winning this war there are real world stakes and there is a human life at stake and there are clean athletes who have been cheated and there is a a russian government that continues to not deny all facts and all truth while they hunt the man who literally brought this information forward. dear basketball.
4:51 pm
usually during. that wasn't the only big sporting achievement at the academy awards basketball legend kobe bryant continues to be a winner even in retirement the former l.a. lakers star won an oscar in the animated short category for basketball a poem he writes after ending his twenty year career on the court in two thousand and sixteen i feel better than winning the championship if you ask me i swear i do it's you know growing up as a kid i dreamt of winning championships you know and working really hard to make that dream come true but then like to have. something like this seemingly come out of left field you know. i heard a lot of people tell me when i started writing and he would ask me what are you going to when you retire and i said well i want to be a writer and be a storyteller i got a lot of that's cute that's cute you'll be depressed when your career is over and you're come back to play and you know i got that alive and so to be here right now and i have like a like a sense of validation it's you this is this is crazy. that's crazy.
4:52 pm
the world into athletics championships wrapped up in birmingham on sunday with eight gold medals awarded but amid the celebrations the athletics world also mourn the passing of one of its icons helen gleason reports ladies and gentlemen we remember the great so roger bannister. the final day of the indoor athletics began on a somber night with a tribute to serve roger bannister the first man to run a mile in under four minutes he died on sunday age eighty eight. bannister would have enjoyed the action that followed the loudest she open itis for great britain kasi he won the men's sixty metres hurdles final by the narrowest of margins at the world indoor title to the european gold he won twelve months ago absolutely middle distance finals also took center stage on the track and there were two called so
4:53 pm
ethiopia you're me can tell had defended his three thousand meters title and samuels a pharaoh won the men's fifteen thousand meter becoming the youngest ever winner of the event at just eighteen i were randy's bronstein me and saba made it back to back you up titles as she won gold in the women's eight hundred meters. controversy came in the women's school by four hundred meters relay to make it cross the line second when later disqualified for being in the wrong position on one of the change obits for men to crane to silva i'm great britain to bronze behind the united states i draw on the two in the men's relay the usa in that certain to win gold until poland can storming to victory down the home leg and set a new indoor world record. that should have been the final medal of the knights but a thrilling men's pole boat contest took more than three hours to complete the
4:54 pm
world record holder renner level any eventual prevailed as. the only compact sets a clear five meters ninety to win the world in those title for a third time. helen gleason they are. filmmakers one has ended a five year trophy drought with victory at the world golf championship in mexico mickelson beat fellow american justin thomas in a play off place first tournament win since the open in two thousand and thirteen the play up to the last moment mickelson made on the first extra hole to secure a forty third career title at forty seven years old this applewood out of a well go championship. this is a very meaningful when i can't really put it into words given the tough times of the last four years in the struggle to get back here and knowing that i was able to compete at this level but not doing it the frustration that led to and to finally
4:55 pm
break through and have this validation means a lot to me. the netherlands topped the medal table at the track cycling world championships winning two golds on the final day on sunday custom filled one hundred gold medal at the championships for the double of performance in the points right will also top the podium in not only him and the sport. that is all the sport for me for now rob joe thanks very much indeed now colombian pop stars such as luma dominates the modern day music scene there but old school music lovers are getting in the groove for alternative songs at a festival that celebrates vinyl records will run p.s.e. reports from cali. scoring the beans searching for that missing record or a rare treasure it might seem like a relic from a bygone age but not for the thousands who crowd columbia's traditional meeting of music lovers and collectors. it's our twenty sixth year it's a calling for all lovers of latin music salsa afro cuban all united by the same
4:56 pm
passion salsa music and vinyl records for six consecutive days fans about for a caribbean music gather to trade stories i think it's an alpha piece. they kept coming as the analog formats was replaced by see these first then digital and they're still at it now that finally seeing a worldwide resurgence. it's an old format which was presumed dead but it refuses to go away and actually it's coming back with force people are dusting off the records they had stored away the passion is back just. like any i was albums go for just a few us dollars to up to two hundred seventy some cases even more than one thousand u.s. dollars depending on how rare it is or how highly sought after by collectors and it's not only old nostalgics the an adult man this is part of a group of young salsa music aficionado's who arrived from new york she says these
4:57 pm
albums also remind her of her father killed by me i think that picturing him thank you and what i want to do are more evenings by the end of the day where everything is very high for waking me up thank you don't be a guy from over oh my god in america why are country no so be an explosive that i've heard pretty much every minute yeah i want to want to thank some i wrote for my life. as night falls the meeting he never did leave turns into a record playing party with people shaking my back as hitting on cowbells. dancing collectors polished their soon to be player to rarities for the excited crowd. means to maybe now proud owner of five thousand of them says it's difficult to choose this favorite. they're all special to me but the music lover like the first artist for it runs in our blood like a disease. no doubt it's
4:58 pm
a contagious but cheerful illness and one that won't let you stand feel offended and be at the. and that's it from a rob matheson for this news stay with us if we can have another full round up in just a moment and. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way. our impeccable some of us remain. but now comes breaking. business climbs. the altar for the sea the family stone cold. weather conducting business sharing
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a special journey to use when you've been still. the same one that. saddam was in the trunk so mild. you'll sanctuary in the sky. produce a few screws. loose to use. as own it was going places together. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems their challenging systems and shaping new one it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. the refugee problem is something which is
5:00 pm
a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under one thousand refugees don't have the right to war freely on the other boards and will freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is of the i'm not a woman over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. the. u.n. convoy finally gets into syria's battered eastern makoto but not all of the aid supplies have been allowed through. i'm about us and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.


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