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but that threatened government and redefined the rules of impunity for. the car wash. at this time doesn't. al-jazeera where every. i know. about you. some of it i like. zero. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes a u.n.
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convoy finally gets into syria's battered eastern huta but not all of the aid supplies have been allowed through the leader of the city's far right the anti immigrant league party declares he has a duty to form the government after an election with no clear winner and al jazeera investigation uncovers evidence that saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain supported a nine hundred ninety six attempt to overthrow the catherine government a south korean delegation meets the north korean leader kim jong un it's the first high profile visit from seoul in eleven years. and i'm tatiana sanchez in doha with all the sports including crossing an ethical line at british parliamentary report finds that former top front champion bradley wiggins and his team used performance enhancing drugs within the anti doping rule.
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we begin in syria where a u.n. aid convoy has entered the main town inside the besieged that rebel held. but before being allowed past army checkpoints most of the convoys medical supplies were confiscated syrian and russian air attacks have continued meanwhile killing almost forty people in just twenty four hours said a hold of reports and a warning some may find the images in the story this. it's the first time aid have entered the rebel controlled enclave of eastern huta since the latest offensive began just over two weeks ago but world health organization officials say seventy. scent of what was loaded on the trucks was removed during inspection. it's not the first time syrian government officials have prevented trauma kits and surgical supplies from reaching besieged areas they have been systematically removed from aid convoys in the past to prevent rebel fighters being treated but
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such life saving medical equipment is what is urgently needed medics say they are struggling according to the united nations up to one thousand civilians some of them critically ill need to be evacuated to receive proper treatment already a few thousand people have been injured in the airstrikes and the toll continues to rise. there yeah. we were sleeping when my cousin came and told us my sister's husband was killed god bless him then the war plane hit nearby my cousin my mother and father and two of my siblings were injured two of my other siblings are safe because they were in the underground shelter. on the ground a pro-government forces are advancing on several fronts taking territory in recent days mainly farms and villages in the east forcing many people to flee to the
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western parts of the enclave this by the international criticism and outrage the syrian president bashar assad promised to continue the offensive until in eastern recapture and the government says it is fighting what it calls terrorists and it blames rebels for holding civilians as human shields the people in eastern would say the government wants to depopulate the area. they are wrapping children killed in the bombardment with u.n. aid bags to show their anger over the organizations inability to help them others had a message to the syrian government backer russia. putin wants to displays the people of eastern you have no business here neither does your army that you shouldn't be opening doors for us to leave you should just stop getting us we will remain steadfast and no one can force us to leave our land god willing. the united nations says it has permission to deliver supplies enough for seventy thousand people in
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the next few days but it is estimated up to four hundred thousand people are in eastern huta an area that has been under siege for four years an area that doesn't receive aid regularly whatever aid does reach those trapped inside will help but it is far from enough. beirut a little earlier i spoke to ralph. root he's a regional spokesperson for the international committee of the red cross he said progress had been made but more aid was needed. after weeks and weeks perhaps months of asking both parties to allow humanitarian aid and today we managed to enter a duma and provide the syrian arab red crescent warehouses with humanitarian aid basically food medical and other items essential to help ease the suffering of people inside. about twenty seven thousand five hundred
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people will benefit from this convoy however this is not enough and we are continuing to ask for further convoys to be allowed in in the coming days so that we are able to to help more and more people who are desperately in need of humanitarian aid some medical items were removed from the end convoy however we managed as the international committee of the red cross and the syrian arab red crescent to bring inside urgently needed medicine to cure and to help basically patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension usually aid convoys are our agreed upon with the parties involved and all items are inspected and checked and everything is basically checked before the trucks are loaded now unfortunately that this happened. this shouldn't happen surgical items all medical items should be allowed and this is a right for people inside is to receive humanitarian aid particularly medical aid
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because we've been saying that this is the urgent need today and a priority in terms of what needs to be distributed to people inside isn't good. a surge in support for populist and far right parties in sunday's election has left its li in political deadlock the us skeptic league party is the best performer among a dominant rightwing coalition which has secured thirty seven percent of the vote but the strongest single party result went to another populist movement the five star movement as that involve reports now from rome. just five years after they first got into parliament the five star movement politicians policy at the clear individual winners in italy's general election after a campaign that saw the violence of fight corruption the vote share was more than ten points ahead of any other single party. we are
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a political force that represents an entire nation we can't say it is the same for the others which instead a more geographically biased this is very important because representing the entire nation projects us unavoidably towards governing the country even if it does mean towards governing it and that by vessel it will better not delete down yet. but to form a government they'd have to betray their promise not to go into a coalition. with. lego formally the northern league led by matteo salvini also appended the established order with its hardline anti immigrants euro skeptic policies it would be the biggest player in a right wing coalition led by former premier silvio berlusconi but that group still falls short of being able to form a majority. salvini though insists the result is proof that italians are fed up with the status quo digital cable. i read in brussels that some people are
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worried they are wrong european people with the italian vote have taken a step forward towards liberation. from closes in cages which are bringing hunger job uncertainty and insecurity. but it. is. one of the clearest outcomes after five years in power the center left democratic party have taken a hit but they are still the second biggest party in the absence of any other solution they might stay on in government until another voting system and elections are organized we had the referendum. to change an institution and seize them and their friend free and so now we will see for example water. pipes that want they want to do on these things because in departing they were against but now we we are there we know about we've outnumbered. meanwhile silvio berlusconi who had looked like be kingmaker in an extraordinary political comeback
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seems a diminished figure it's clear that many italians have sent a message that they're not happy with the state of politics here what's not clear is who's going to be in government in the near future and of course italy has a history of governments that don't last very long the next one may be no different nadine barber al jazeera rome. well for more on this we're joined by ferdinand giuliano one economics columnist for bloomberg view joins us live now from rome for dandruff then i thank you so much for joining us here on out zero we were hearing in that report of course the political horse trading will continue it will be a while before we know what shape the government takes but regardless of what the outcome is the reality is more than half of the voters in italy opted for anti establishment populist parties that have in the past been very openly anti e.u. and anti euro how worried do you think the eurozone should be by this result from
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italy well this is the equivalent of the election of donald trump or the brics it's referendum in the euro zone too and just operation and parties which have been openly critical of the euro. the way brussels has been running the european union have storm to victory so clearly it's a signal because italy after all is the third largest eurozone economy and it's old saw a founding member of the european union at the same time however we should remember that the rest of the e.u. is actually in ok shape we have a government in germany now there is a president in france in manuel micron was about to really strengthen the euro zone and so i suspect that these leaders will want to concentrate above all you forming stronger ties between them but at the same time yes italy's clearly a problem now. a lot of the i mean the issues were unemployment in the now still
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stagnant economy it's growing a little bit it's below the eurozone average and the immigration crisis and a lot of italians have felt let down by the e.u. when it comes to dealing with immigration do you think there's any lessons in this for the e.u. for the eurozone that maybe the way things have been going so far has shown not to work at the polls. well i think immigration has been an issue and yes the e.u. has been blamed by actually old sides in this election the reason is pretty clear it's elise put a lot of effort and money into rescuing people it see in the mediterranean sea coming from libya in particular and at the same time there's been a lot of these people who haven't really been able to be relocated to our countries in the you because of internal rules within the e.u. so it is possible that had the e.u.
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been a little bit more flexible in terms of offering financial aid to chile but also relocating more people away from italy to other countries well designed immigrant sentiment but also on the use sentiment would have been less prominent so certainly there is a lesson to learn here if there is a little bit more of e.u. solidarity then possibly you're going to stop the rise of and the establishment parties i mean the past hour or so we have watched matteo renzi resign as the head of the main left wing party now obviously he had been lauded in the past as the man who was going to reform italy and he did try he raise the pensionable age to try to change some of the labor laws why do you think things ended so badly for him do you think it was the way he did things or do you think that ultimately italy just didn't want to go through the changes he was trying to implement. well i think there are two answers to your question the first one is the timing i
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mean reforms can help to boost growth but they take time to deliver higher growth floor unemployment in the specially foster wages so in a way talents didn't really see the fruits of this reform by matteo renzi and so this side is really for a radical change for the parties who were promising the good old days when it's really was without the euro and there was there had been no recession so that's part of the answer but the second on series there and his personality he's really he's gambled is success on a constitutional referendum just over a year ago where he basically run by himself in the hope of changing the italian constitution in the meanwhile he became a dominant figure in italian politics you could see space everywhere and people i think just got fed up with him partly because the economic situation was not improving so i think it's personalities mixture of charisma bravado at the same
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time also took a toll so on the one hand he was unlucky because the reforms didn't really pay off fast enough but on the other hand i think you also has himself to blame thirteen and julianna columnist for bloomberg view thank you so much for sharing your views with us thank you. now an al-jazeera investigation has revealed a new evidence of saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain's attempt to overthrow the catherine government in one thousand nine hundred ninety six includes interviews with coup leaders who conspired to remove shaikh hamad out been funny the father of the current emir of qatar who was then the country's leader the investigation comes eight months into a blockade against qatar by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt the countries have accused of supporting terrorism a clay claim that catherine denies and risk created is an assistant professor in the fence studies that king's college in london he explained the background to the
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attempted coup of the cutter government in one thousand nine hundred six. so what they did is there was one year after the father may actually came to power in one thousand nine hundred five there was still a lot of turbulence within internally within qatar he hasn't really consolidated his power yet and want to happen is that he had a conspiracy of bahrain the u.a.e. and saudi arabia were bringing weapons bringing and basically also money to certain people within the intelligence community within the military were trying to the plan was to actually infiltrate the palace take this young i mean hostage and then basically stage a coup d'etat and overthrow it you have to understand this within the context of the early one nine hundred ninety s. so first of all had been highly for just had come to power in one thousand nine hundred five within a bloodless coup within the palace against his father his father has been although having also similar difficulties with saudi arabia he generally been someone who was leaning towards saudi arabia he wasn't trying to alter the internal affairs and
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policies of qatar in the same way that his son i'm a been wholly for the father me it was going to do so now you had this new media coming in with new ideas new policies policies new visions also for the country which were very much opposed to the absolutely conservative visions that saudi arabia had so he came in they wanted to take him out and at the same time it was a great way of crying splitting up the party if you will so here's a young here's a young country that was aspiring through a natural gas that was rich that significantly growing influence as well in the region and it was a way for saudi arabia for the bahraini send the immoralities to get rid of someone that they considered to be problematic the father mia and splitting up a potentially very wealthy country and taking the spoils still to come on the al-jazeera news hour a south african food manufacturer is under scrutiny as the w.h.o. warns that deadly listeria outbreak is the largest in recorded history granger refugees have fled violence and persecution but aid agencies are now to be
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concerned about the threat from monsoon rain and in sports the european champions league hot summer with team. i think places in the quarterfinals thank you and i will have more on that later. south korean officials have met north korea's leader kim jong un for the first time since he took power at the end of two thousand and eleven that meeting at a banquet dinner in pyongyang comes at the start of a two day visit that will focus on averting nuclear conflict and restarting talks with washington rob mcbride has more now from seoul. from seoul with smiles south korea's delegation heads north hoping to build on the goodwill momentum generated at the winter olympics when a high level north korean delegation attended the games as guests of south korean president moon j.n. jiang sister of north korean leader kim jong un hand delivered the invitation to
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visit pyongyang from her brother south korea hopes this will be more than just a courtesy call from town most of all i will deliver president moon's firm will and resolve to achieve the denuclearization on the korean peninsula and create true and permanent peace even before the delegates left on their controversial trip it wasn't clear they would meet with the north korean leader but soon after their arrival they were hosted to a dinner that fact along with the seniority of the officials who welcomed the south koreans and their accommodation in an official guest house shows the importance north korea places on this trip according to seoul meetings between north and south all rare summit talks were held in two thousand at the height of the so-called sunshine policy period that brought the two koreas closer together. then again in two thousand and seven but with north korea's missile development and nuclear
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program increasing in pace in recent years relations slumped to their lowest and most dangerous point for decades for many people in south korea just holding talks is a welcome change to the hostile rhetoric of the recent past but without a commitment from north korea that it's willing even to discuss giving up its nuclear arsenal many conservative groups have condemned these talks as meaningless pass this visit is meant to lead to more talks between the two koreas that is certainly achievable it's fun less certain this mission can jumpstart talks between north korea and a skeptical united states they want a meeting to lead to denuclearization to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons and north korea has no intention of doing that so there's no likelihood that the united states and north korea would be meeting as a result of this this visit could prove in the long turn either to be important in
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the search for a negotiated solution or another false start in dealing with the north korean crisis of macbride al-jazeera sold the world health organization says the current listeria outbreak in south africa is the largest in recorded history one hundred eighty people have died in the past year but sana zambia and mozambique have now banned meat imports from south africa welcome web has more. this is the food company whose products the government says are responsible for the listeria outbreak and make all kinds of meat products which can be found in supermarkets all over south africa they are affordable to most south africans this outlet now closed its sell side one of their frank trees it will serve all across the country but the government says that some of their production lines are contaminated and that's why people are lining up here with meat products that they've bought recently come to demand a refund and ask about the risks to their health chaplain mccall advised to sausages
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regularly for her two young children when i saw on the news last night should tell us get you know i live in now and i'm still alive and. for that matter the health of makeshifts suspects now because what's going to have been more or tonight all right so and i don't know all the symptoms of this because this is not enough. like teaching for getting the disease and this bacteria is responsible for the more than one hundred seventy deaths at this lab government scientists have been testing samples from patients and food for months from all over the country to identify the source its industrial food production that enabled it to spread so far contamination occurs during processing and further manufacture because you've got mass production of it on industrial scales environmental contamination with
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in a processing plant can result in contamination of. significant number of products there are they in distributed far and wide and eaten by meaning potentially at risk people it's here in so wet when in townships like this across the country that the products the most popular takeaways like this one. thousands of them and south africa people like to come here to buy sausage is another processed meat product. it would have been removed the company's recalled all its products south africans are now hoping that the outbreak can be brought on the control that nobody else will die. tens of thousands of a hinge of refugees are at risk of death or serious injury when the seasonal monsoon rains fall on their camps in bangladesh aid agencies say the areas of the room john are saying are completely inadequate and they need urgently to be
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rehashed for and smith reports johnny is doing what he can to try and strengthen his home against the monsoon rains that will soon fall on this road camp incautious bizarre but really there's not much you can do to stop these ten being swept into the canal a few metres below. the bottom of a hill so this place could be easily washed away there's also a risk of mudslides a might be able to rebuild the heart but i'm more afraid of my family being killed by storms and floodwater. ranges started running for me and my last august and around seven hundred thousand and up in these camps in bangladesh conditions are squalid and the people living in these homes built on steep terraces will have little chance against a rental rain that will turn everything to mount. ideally we would like to evacuate
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many people from the sites but that depends on a saleable land which we don't have so we are extremely concerned and the steps we're taking are only mitigating steps we're not claiming it will help everybody and we are worried about the future very words indeed the un says around one hundred thousand refugees here could be in grave danger from landslides and floods and the ranger come from a part of me and where they have no experience of how to manage extreme weather. but. what scares us the most is if you brain strain and nine and they are sleeping on the landslides we could die and little of it in some engineering work going on a can now is being cleared to make way for the rainwater retaining walls are being built pathways reinforced but it's going to be hard work to withstand the destructive force of monsoon downpours which are on the way bernard smith. u.s. president donald trump is entertaining israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at
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the white house it's the fifth time the two men have met since trump took office they are discussing issues including regional policy on iran and the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel which trump believes could actually boost the chances of peace the biggest difficulty that anybody said you look over twenty five years nobody could get past number one juror so they couldn't get past it we've taken it off the table so this gives us a real opportunity to do peace we'll see how it works with the palestinians i think you are wanting to come back to the table very clearly if they don't you don't have peace. if you have to say what is our greatest challenge in the middle east to both our countries. to cover one. iran iran has not given up its nuclear ambitions it is came out of this nuclear deal in
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boulder and rich this practice integration that we were including on our own borders. and i think we we have to stop this country the chants death to israel to america iran must be stopped. but we're joined in the studio by al jazeera senior political analyst i'm out of one bashar to discuss that meeting and what we heard come out of it at let's start a with iran now the two leaders share pretty combis of talk when it comes to iran it's been just talk so far do you think we're going to see any action against iran definitely have been but we don't know what sort of an action the idea of a military action i think is ludicrous and it's almost impossible diplomatic actions is a certainty is whether it's on the nuclear deal or on the question of ballistic missiles or others. but in terms of the commonality of israel the united states and that one word as nothing else but of iran i have this ten year theory
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thing right. in one thousand fifty eight it was nasr of egypt the one word in sixty eight it was out of palestine in seventy eight it was hominy of iran in eighty eight it was saddam hussein in two thousand and eight it was i made in iran in two thousand and eighteen we're back to iraq they ran every every ten years except and now he is president trump agreeing with him on around but every ten years the united states and israel choose an enemy in the region and ask everyone in the region to stand on their side against the one demon threats in the region that the united states and israel needs to fight and it's a good way for the united states and israel to basically rearrange regional order center on them and iran that one enemy in the region gets focus on one thing that hasn't changed every ten years it's been the same issue well for decades now and that is jerusalem release the final status
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a solution for israel and palestine and we have donald trump saying that this would actually boost the chances for peace the fact that he seems to have taken what he says jerusalem off the table as an issue that relocation of the embassy i mean that's certainly not a view that's shared in the region well look it's either deception or delusion i can't see a third explanation to what president obama has said because number one everyone in the region everyone in the world with the exception of what the mullah thinks that this is such a horrible idea it's it's illegal according to so many and it would definitely escalate and in danger. the security within the region and would certainly not lead to peace the other thing that is kind of. midsomer rising is that white wind from prague night is jerusalem as the cup of israel the american diplomat said this does not change anything still the final status of jerusalem is up to the parties the
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negotiate yet he once again just told us that he took it off the table so it's no longer an issue of discussion so which is it is it an issue of discussion or is it no longer to discussion and last point i mean if it's just as simple as to stick it out why don't we take the nuclear issue out of the iranian american relations and this where they would have peace if that's not your results problem i want it in ten seconds the fact that jared cushion there is probably not going to be as relevant as he has been does that make any difference and he's presidential in it then you know not as relevant because both of them are under investigation so yes i think the deal of the century might take a century and yeah i'm out of one bashar a senior political analyst not one thank you. that's still to come on al-jazeera china's national people's congress looks set to approve new measures that will allow presidents see him paying to hold the top job indefinitely plus. i'm wayne
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hay on board the u.s. aircraft carrier the cow vinson which is on a symbolic visit to vietnam but it's also carrying a message to china and basketball legend kobe bryant keeps winning even in retirement details coming up in sports with the piano. hello the weather's looking a little quieter across the middle east over the next few days still a little bit of cloud just rolling out of the black sea from turkey just pushed over towards the caspian sea going well too much wet weather to speak of as we go on through the next dial so there will be some sal as of right maybe some snow over the high ground into turkey pushing little a. further east was through georgia edging towards armenia further south it's generally settled and sunny and more of that sunshine as we go on through wednesday twenty celsius and by very best not bad twenty seven there in baghdad meanwhile
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a little more cloud over towards took my stand is back to stand seven celsius the massy as we go on through the middle parts of the week sunshine meanwhile across syria input into thirty one cell she is here in doha over the next couple of days that's about how discus this gorgeous weather coming in for much of this week then so we are starting to look pretty good now as you try to across the western side of south africa we could do with the right of course into cape town the west weather still clinging on into the eastern cape little area cloud out to namibia angola pushing never into a northern parts of mozambique and into madagascar of course we have still got our tropical cyclone swirling away here not just further south on wednesday but more rain to the north. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combative
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sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady cops. at this time. when the news breaks when people need to be heard. like it good to be. and the story needs to be tone changes largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in more award winning documentaries. and live news on air and online.
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a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera a u.n. aid convoy is entered the besieged syrian rebel held town of eastern but two thirds of the convoys medical supplies were confiscated before it was allowed past army checkpoints the former italian prime minister matthew renzi has resigned following his democratic party for showing in sunday's election the far right and populist parties including the five star movement with a big winner and that al jazeera investigation has revealed a new evidence of saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain attempts to overthrow the cattery government in one thousand nine hundred six. tensions between greece and turkey are growing after a turkish courts rejected
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a request for the release of two greek soldiers who were detained after crossing the border into turkey. has more from. the arrest of the two greek soldiers by turkish authorities as the most serious land border incident between the two countries in the last thirty years back in one thousand nine hundred six there was a border shoot out which left fatalities on both sides but since then the two sides have found ways to return soldiers who have strayed into foreign soil and there has been a fairly routine procedure through which this has been done at checkpoints along the border that apparently was the procedure that the local greek and turkish commanders were preparing to execute when the order came from on high for the two great soldiers not to be handed back in the routine fashion but to be detained in charge now the incident has taken great turkish relations to a new low because the greek foreign minister has issued a call for turkey to observe international law and not to illegally complicate
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something that ought to be routine the greek defense minister is on his way to bro . seoul's to brief his european union counterparts about the issue which has the potential to sour relations even further then there are the charges at the moment it's simply a charge of illegal entry but the possibility remains open that those charges will be added to possibly espionage would be added and that would seriously burden the situation of those two soldiers and finally there's the question of the length of their custody because the longer the period of their pretrial detention the mall the mood falls between greece and turkey the worse the psychology becomes between the two countries the more difficult it becomes for foreign ministries and diplomats to execute a stable and reasonable and friendly outcome to what appears to have begun as a misunderstanding a major car factory in the u.k. has stopped production because of
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a shortage of water jaguar land rover and some has turned off its machines to reduce them and on the water supply it follows recent freezing weather which burst a large number of pipes in the region jaguar land rover says it doesn't know when production will resume. the german chancellor has welcomed the by the social democrat democrats to join a grand coalition that will see her sworn in next week for a forced term it ends almost six months of uncertainty over whether angle or merkel would be able to form a government but as donna cain reports now from berlin her troubles are far from over. the morning after effectively being guaranteed a fourth term as chancellor and for angela merkel it was business as usual in welcoming the vote by social democrats to join another grand coalition she had a message for the people first six more not the last invite are almost six months after the election they have a right that something happens now and that what we had intended to do is implement
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it. this will be a big task for everyone of the future cabinet members with a lot of projects which deal with security jobs of the future and up asperity as well as creating the same living conditions in all of germany but it's a sign of how much weaker she is now that in order to stay here at the charms three she's had to surrender several key cabinet posts to the social democrats particularly the finance ministry it's a move that angered some on the conservative right people who were already worried by the loss of seats at the general election it's led some analysts to suggest perhaps merkel's style of governing from the center is starting to wear both with her party and the people for a very long time that was exactly the kind of leadership that worked we have different times now and different times require different kinds of leadership and probably heard in leadership style isn't the style that works for you know the time we live in now in some eyes here is a potential successor just
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a few days ago and in great company was the prime minister of the small western state of desire it but as a key ally of angle america and at her suggestion she's taken on an important party role in berlin. we have a coalition agreement that came after very intensive negotiations and which is very detailed and so after is a good solid basis for this new government. for the moment angela merkel insists she will serve a full term once she is voted in next week but increasingly some people here wonder whether she's much nearer the end of her time in office than the start don it came out zero burl in. the united states says sent its largest military force to vietnam since the end of the war in one nine hundred seventy five the aircraft carrier carl vinson and two other ships have dropped anchor off the coast of the line where u.s.
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troops first landed in one nine hundred sixty five when the u.s. navy is the scribing is a routine port stop is being seen as a direct signal to china when he has been aboard and reports from that. the last time the united states military had such a sizable presence in vietnamese waters they were waging war. now welcoming the old enemy aboard and selling them souvenirs to. the visit to the city of done by the aircraft carrier calvin cement support ships is a powerful symbol that relations between the former foes have been transformed. the region dunning holds some bad memories for the u.s. military combat troops came ashore here fifty three years ago this week to begin a campaign to try to help south vietnam defeat the communist north they failed and a previously divided country was unified under communist rule which remains today.
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a huge warship back in vietnam may be uncomfortable for some but others believe it's a positive step. the war is over the past is the past and the future is opening up for us after twenty one years of normalized relationship between our two countries the situation is getting better. that's been helped by a common interest china and it's increasingly a suitable role in the region the ship is anchored in a which then becomes the south china sea where vietnam and other countries are locked in territorial disputes with china and to a large extent that seems to be what this deployment is about china is accused of building military bases in runways for warplanes on islands and reefs while the u.s. wants to ensure freedom of navigation in the south china sea it's found a strategic ally in vietnam vietnam has had historically a very contentious relationship with the chinese that has been exacerbated in recent years by what's happening in the south china sea. in vietnam is looking for
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the united states for backup for political backup for military backup in the event there is a conflict or crisis in the south china sea the u.s. navy says chinese ships have been seen on this deployment but everyone is abiding by the rules that hasn't always been the case which is created a situation that's helped bring the united states and vietnam closer together when hey al jazeera donating vietnam up in new guinea has been hit by a magnitude six tremor a week after a deadly seven point five earthquake struck killing at least fifty five people the mountainous southern highlands have been worse the fact that the remote region is about six hundred kilometers northwest of the capital port moresby one hundred fifty thousand people remain in urgent need of emergency supplies but landslides and damaged roads are hampering aid delivery. china's parliament is poised to
9:43 pm
approve measures that will allow president paying to wield power and definitely this move would reverse constitutional changes made by the former leader thing to prevent a repeat of the excesses of the cultural revolution it around has more now from beijing. tiananmen square has been the setting for some of the most of fining moments in recent chinese history not all of them peaceful now a new political drama is unfolding. this carefully choreographed gathering involves almost three thousand delegates and almost as many journalists like parliament the media in china is controlled by the party offering uniform coverage of the national people's congress normally last for ten days but this year it's being extended by five days possibly to give delegates more time to discuss proposed changes to china's constitution which could mean she jingping being president for life the
9:44 pm
issue is overshadowing this congress but most delegates we spoke to didn't want to talk about it i don't want to discuss it i asked them he said. and no comment from him either. party discipline though would ensure the amendment is passed that will until either those capable people should stay in their posts as long as possible to their decision is made by the party as a delegate i fully support it. the decisions made here will affect almost a fifth of humanity premier league chang presented his annual work report with his boss seated just a few rows behind him. he said the communist party not the country had faced an extremely complex environment both at home and abroad in his forty five page address he mentioned she jingping eighteen times when you have to redefine your
9:45 pm
that we were rarely even close around the party central committee was commerce xi jinping at his call hold high the banner of socialism with chinese characteristics and follow the guidelines xi jinping saw on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era the premier presented a vision of a vibrant growing economy but in language often reminiscent of them out here a. and there was one overriding message china will be great again. at the home. beijing. war i how words are dished out on an oscars night that saw hollywood face up to its sexual misconduct scandal and the long wait for a trophy is over for this call for the town that will be here to tell us more.
9:46 pm
9:47 pm
it's the morning after the night before in hollywood as the home of the u.s. film industry wakes up after the oscars many top honors went to the shape of water a fantasy romance about a minute woman and the sea creature which took four awards including best picture but amongst the usual glamour and glitz the ninetieth academy awards were overshadowed by the ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct in the film industry from los angeles rob reynolds has more. the hollywood had more than awards on its
9:48 pm
mind at the ninetieth annual oscar ceremony host jimmy kimmel quickly brought up disgraced hollywood producer and accuse sexual predator harvey weinstein who was expelled from the academy last year the academy are no doubt aware took action last year to expel harvey weinstein from their ranks there are a lot of great nominees but harvey deserved this about. the far reaching sexual harassment scandal in the growth of the meet to in times up movements were on the minds of many finally saying time's up it's a new day in hollywood with new challenges ahead for all of us while those serious issues overshadowed hollywood's big night to a certain extent the show as they say must go on and it did. the oscar goes to. the shape of what i this may very well be the shape of water when the best picture award the
9:49 pm
story of a love affair between a mute cleaning lady and a strange him hideous creature at the center of a cold war weapons program it beat out stiff competition from get out lady bird and i told ya among other films the shape of borders film director kiana modell call. won the best director award. frances mcdormand won the best female actor award for her role as an angry and grieving mother in three billboards outside ebbing missouri she asked all the women in the audience to stand and take up. the other side or. as many predicted the best male actor nod went to gary oldman for his did it in belligerent performance as winston churchill in the darkest hour. allison janney portrayal
9:50 pm
of an unlovable mother in i tonia won her the best female supporting actor award. i did it all by myself. sam rockwell took home the best male supporting actor oscar for playing a violent racist police officer who turns over a new lease in three billboards i like to thank the academy never thought i'd say those words the chilean transgender drama a fantastic woman won the best foreign language film oscar. and the audience pleasing cartoon coco won for best animated feature the biggest thank you of all to the people of mexico coco would not exist without sugar and lucy beautiful culture and tradition costume designer margaret olley woods' big night is over but the movement against sexual harassment in the film industry continues to expand and
9:51 pm
grow stronger denied everybody robert oulds al jazeera hollywood. ok it's time to get all the latest sports news let's go to town. thank you but our cycling is under the doping spotlight again a long awaited report by british members of parliament suggests the former tour de france champion bradley wiggins and his team exploited an anti doping loophole to take performance enhancing drugs weaken one the most prestigious race in fighting in two thousand and twelve but the report claims that he was able to take a steroids before that to treat his usma after he and his team were given at therapeutic use the exemption for the t.v. system allows that please to take medication to treat legitimate conditions wiggins and team sky say they strongly refute the claims in the report while the report acknowledges that what wakens and team sky did was within the rules of the world anti-doping agency also says the two crossed an ethical line but the report didn't
9:52 pm
just look at doping in british cycling it then turned his attention to athletics the committee said it was shocked that four time olympic champion mo farah had received an injection of a legal supplement before the twenty fourteen london marathon but the medical chief officer at the time had failed to record it on the run his medical records the report also strongly criticized the head of the international athletics federations their coach says he provided misleading answers to their questions on the scale of russian doping failing he knew more about the scandal then he revealed but as our sports correspondent lee wellings explains the report may not change much. what we're dealing with here is effectively legitimized cheating nobody's going to get by and for anything nobody has technically broken any rules but this is a massive problem for all those that watch and enjoy sports want it to be clean want it to be don't people free it does see very clearly as if what's happening
9:53 pm
here is the boundaries of being pushed and people are getting away with it the fallout has to be limited in terms of actual action remember the end pays in britain their big power really is being i was a get things out into the open under parliamentary privilege though terms of actually doing something about it there's a limit there so what we're talking about here is very damage and how far does that hurt someone like bradley wiggins or my fire who's been mentioned or indeed sebastian coe slightly different issue with him that was more about the politics of how much does it hurt that their reputation is being damaged when you consider just how poisoned the sport of cycling in athletics has been everyone has to live with suspicion but these accusations when you go into the detail are quite damning so these are men far and we consider being held up as heroes particularly around the london twenty twelve olympics in britain and beyond well now their reputations going to suffer a lot the story of russian doping has also been
9:54 pm
a big hit at the oscars. it chris. the film which exposed the scandal and led to the country's olympic ban won best documentary the director paid tribute to the russian whistleblower. who featured in the film which i wanted to acknowledge that in this moment of happiness and winning this war there are real world stakes and there is a human life at stake and there are clear now fleets who have been cheated and there was a a russian government that continues to not deny all facts and all truth while they hunt the man who literally brought this information forward. here basketball. to the sushi will usually could very. well that wasn't the only big sporting achievement and the academy awards basketball legend kobe bryant continues to be a winner even in retirement the former l.a. lakers star won an oscar in the animated short category for a day of basketball
9:55 pm
a poem he wrote after ending his twenty year korea on the court in twenty sixteen. i feel better than winning a championship to be honest with you i swear i do it's you know growing up as a kid i dreamed of winning championships you know and working really hard to make that dream come true but then like to have. something like this seemingly come out of left field you know. i heard a lot of people tell me when i started writing and he would ask me would you go into a new tire and say well i want to be a writer be a storyteller and i got a lot of that's cute that's cute you'll be depressed when your career is over and you're come back to play you know i got that a live in so it's a b. here right now and i have like a like a sense of validation is this is this is crazy. it's crazy. the gulf crisis came to the football field on monday when the qatar often met saudi team play in the asian champions league one one it was the final score saudi arabia
9:56 pm
is one of the countries that separate diplomatic ties with qatar in june but the asian football confederation has decreed that matches between the affected nations will not be held on neutral ground in addition to the group games that was also action in groups on monday north of a courtesy of a speck of sand qatar's one nail on duran's patheticness what to know when is. the united arab emirates. level polar and pole position off the champions league last sixteen tie against f.c. porto they take a five nil first leg lead into the second leg at high realm a dread to also end a good position although not as come on things and manage three want to take. the second leg on tuesday is in paris and the home team will have to turn things around with out star striker neymar suppose i say that we have won it's the first time in the recent history of p.s.g. in the champions league that in a big important game in the knockout phase of the tournament we play the second leg
9:57 pm
at home that's why we will work hard and we will aim to win on tuesday to change the recent history of p.s.g. australia and therefore much cricket test series against south africa after completing a resoundingly one hundred eighteen run when end up in the match that was mobbed by on slavery incidents off to the match david warner and quinten de kock hadn't also cation and earlier jaring play nathan lyon dropped the ball on top of a.b. de villiers who was on the ground after diving phil mickelson has ended a five year trophy drought with victory at the wild gulf championship in mexico because the bee fellow american justin thomas in a play off as fast told him and win since the open in twenty thirty to forty seven is the oldest ever winner of a while the golf championship ranked. this is a very meaningful when i can't really put it into words given the tough times of the last four years and the struggle to get back here and knowing that i was able to compete at this level but not doing it the frustration that led to him to
9:58 pm
finally break through and have this validation means a lot to me. for this boy about a foot of. that hand thank you and that is it for me for this news hour stay with us so mary minimises going to be here in just a few minutes with more of the day's news and i seem to mark thanks for watching. the scene for us when they're online what is american sign in yemen that peace is
9:59 pm
a list possible but not what happens not because the situation is bad but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that is choosing between buying medication eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been out to visit has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. net morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to be up at the gallop the government raised our hopes and then abandoned us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail.
10:00 pm
to watch. and they gather evidence so can we. american cyber activists develops and use them in brazil moments was. we have more cameras than they do because of the people. peeks. this time. aid is finally allowed into east and syria's military confiscate seventy percent of what was on board.
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hello i'm. in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up.


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