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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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they watch us. they gather evidence but so can we. an american cyber activist develops an app used in brazil to monitor police. we have more cameras than they do because the people a bigger brother. level peaks. this time on a zero. aid is finally allowed into eastern but syria's military confiscate seventy percent of what was on board. hello i'm. in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up but iran's he
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resigns after italians reject his democratic party voting for anti establishment parties instead. there uncovers evidence the four country's current blockading couto were involved in a foil to attempt in one thousand nine hundred six. a south korean delegation meets north korea's leader kim jong un for the first time since he came to power also. the shape of what i. call you would celebrates its star performers but also hits a serious note. a u.n. aid convoy has and to do the main town inside the besieged rebel held enclave of eastern. before being allowed to pass on the checkpoints that most of the convoys medical supplies confiscated this syrian and russian air attacks continued killing almost forty people in the past twenty four hours holden now reports and
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a warning that you may find some of the images in this story disturbing. it's the first time aid have entered the rebel controlled enclave of eastern huta since the latest offensive began just over two weeks ago but world health organization officials say seventy percent of what was loaded on the trucks was removed during inspection. it's not the first time syrian government officials have prevented trauma kits and surgical supplies from reaching besieged areas they have been systematically removed from aid convoys in the past to prevent rebel fighters being treated. but such life saving medical equipment is what is urgently needed medics say they are struggling according to the united nations up to one thousand civilians some of them critically ill need to be evacuated to receive proper treatment already a few thousand people have been injured in the airstrikes and the toll continues to
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rise. there yeah. we were sleeping when my cousin came and told us my sister's husband was killed god bless him then the war plane hit nearby my cousin my mother and father and two of my siblings were injured two of my other siblings are safe because they were in the underground shelter. on the ground a pro-government forces are advancing on several fronts taking territory in recent days mainly farms and villages in the east forcing many people to flee to the western parts of the enclave their spite international criticism and outrage the syrian president bashar assad promised to continue the offensive until it is recaptured the government says it is fighting what it calls terrorists and it blames rebels for holding civilians as human shields the people in eastern would say the government wants to depopulate the area they are wrapping children killed
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in the bombardment with the u.n. aid bags to show their anger over the organizations inability to help them others had a message to the syrian government backer russia. putin wants to displays the people of eastern water you have no business here neither does your mother you shouldn't be opening quarter doors for us to leave you should just stop getting us we were remain steadfast and no one can force us to leave our land god willing. the united nations says it has permission to deliver supplies enough for seventy thousand people in the next few days but it is estimated up to four hundred thousand people are in eastern hooter an area that has been under siege for four years an area that doesn't receive aid regularly whatever aid does reach those trapped inside will help but it is far from enough that. beirut earlier we spoke to rafael had just folks passing for the international committee of the red cross in a way. after weeks and weeks perhaps months of asking both
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parties to allow humanitarian aid in today we managed to enter duma and provide the syrian arab red crescent warehouses with humanitarian aid basically food medical items and other items essential to help ease the suffering of people inside . about twenty seven thousand five hundred people will benefit from this convoy however this is not enough and we are continuing to ask for further convoys to be allowed in in the coming days so that we are able to to help more and more people who are desperately in need of humanitarian aid. a surge in support for a populist year a skeptic in sunday's election has left italy in political deadlock farai anti
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immigrant policy was the best performer in the right wing coalition which has secured thirty seven percent of the vote but the strongest single party result went to the anti establishment five star movement barbara ports now from iran. just five years after they first got into parliament the five star movement politicians policy of the clear individual winners in italy's general election after a campaign that saw the violence of fight corruption the vote share was more than ten points ahead of any other single party. when i felt we are a political force that represents an entire nation we can't say it is the same for the others which instead a more geographically biased this is very important because representing the entire nation projects us unavoidably towards governing the country. towards governing italy that by is best. down yet. but to form
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a government they'd have to betray their promise not to go into a coalition. formally the northern league led by matteo salvini also appended the established order with its hardline nancy immigrants euro skeptic policies it would be the biggest player in a right wing coalition led by former premier silvio berlusconi but that group still falls short of being able to form a majority. salvini though insists the result is proof that italians are fed up with the status quo digital cable. i read in brussels that some people are worried they are wrong the european people with the italian vote have taken a step forward towards liberation. from closes in cages which are bringing hunger job uncertainty and insecurity. but it. is. one of the clearest outcomes after five years in power the center left democratic party have taken
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a hit but they are still the second biggest party in the absence of any other solution they might stay on in government until another voting system and elections are organized you had the referendum. to change an institution and seize them and these are the way and so now we will see for example water. pipes that want i want to do on these things because in departure they were against but now we we are there we now as we were outnumbered. meanwhile silvio berlusconi who had looked like being a kingmaker in an extraordinary political comeback seems a diminished figure it's clear that many italians have sent a message that they're not happy with the state of politics here what's not clear is who's going to be in government in the near future and of course it's really has a history of governments that don't last very long the next one may be no difference nadine barber al-jazeera wrote. well materiels he has resigned as leader
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of italy's democratic party following sunday's poor showing the former prime minister says he won't make any post-election deals with what he described as extremist r.t.s. forty three year old renzi has led the party since two thousand and thirteen. is enrollment has the latest for us now so with renzi resigning what future for him on the democratic party. mario it's really hard to say in the press conference he gave when he stepped down as party leader he said that he was proud of everything that he done in office and as well you as you just referred to he rejected the democratic party trying to form any coalition with either the labor party because of their strong anti immigrant rhetoric and with the five star movement which was the single largest party which
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is due to be the single largest party in the building behind me the below chamber of parliament saying that they are anti scientific one of their big campaign issues was the rejection of the idea of compulsory vaccinations now renzi himself resigned at the end of twenty sixteen because he called a referendum on changing the constitution to make politics a bit smoother to get things passed that failed and he referred to that in his press conference blaming. all those so-called populist parties he says that they now have landed the country in a situation where no one really can govern what he's referring to is the fact that it's not clear which group can actually form a majority in parliament the center right bloc fell short of the forty percent that they need and it looks like we're going to have an extended period of talks between different groupings to try and win the right to govern. and it could be weeks
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before we see the formation of the new government nonetheless what does this what do the results from these elections essentially tell us about the direction and future policies that the new government will implement or the first question is will the new government includes the former northern leading of a how to that had a huge upsurge in support in the last few years they've come up to to to win more more in terms of percentage than their sense or right allies force italia or silvio berlusconi they took around seventy percent of the total vote they say that they are now the party which should get the first chance to form a government and to nominate a prime minister in the form of their leader matteo salvini who was speaking earlier on monday he says the there's been a clear message that people fed up with the high levels of immigration one of his
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policies is to start deportations mass deportations and they're very euro skeptic as well but people will say that the past experience in italy suggests that even if they do form a coalition they are likely to have to tone down some of their policies they're not realizable and of course they'll have to basically form partnerships with people who are who have lived very little in common with them perhaps even the other so-called populist party the five star movement themselves people aren't ruling out any permutations right now but they are saying that all of these parties will have to get a bit more realistic about where the money will come from for some of their policies and where the practicalities will come in terms of immigration for example all right thank you very much indeed in rome. an al-jazeera investigation has revealed new evidence of saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain's attempt to overthrow the country government in one thousand
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nine hundred six this includes interviews with two leaders who conspired to remove chef hamad bin funny the father of the current america cateye who was then the country's leader investigation comes eight months into a blockade against cattle by the same country saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt they have accused of supporting terrorism a claim cattle it denies the. mock up on the four countries that conspired against qatar in the coup attempt of ninety nine to six of the same countries that were behind the attempt of two thousand and seventeen the actual military attempt of the time was in preparation for a military invasion. and with al-jazeera much more to come for you on the program donald trump stirs up controversy over the u.s. embassy move from tel aviv to jerusalem during a visit from the israeli prime minister. and a former russian spy is critically ill in hospital in the u.k. after being exposed to an unknown substance.
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hello there for many of us there's a lot of rain over parts of europe but not quite as much snow is there have been there's still plenty of cloud showing up on the satellite picture all circulating around this area here giving most of us some heavy rain and fortunately it's not too cold at the moment so we're looking at a maximum of around eleven in madrid matching the temperature we're expecting in paris so mild but wet there for the western parts then in the central belt we have more in the way of wintery weather and then if you extend further south for us in parts of the mediterranean we think of strong winds and heavy rain and all of that's pushing its way towards the east as it does so it will give us some snow it will turn increasingly wintry but it will also be chasing out that very very cold air that's up in the northeast so cold for now but it should get a bit milder over the next few days for the northern parts of africa largely fine
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and dry in the eastern parts of arm up but for the west there's more in the way of wet weather here's a robot is looking pretty soggy force on tuesday the heaviest most persistent of that rain is easing as we head into wednesday but still a good deal of cloud around and they could just be one or two more showers there is further towards the south for many of us here there's plenty of dry weather just a couple of showers perhaps around the coast of west africa the wetter weather there is further towards the east it looks like we'll see some heavy showers there in parts of uganda. the i. too often on the streets of india women are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combat sexual assault and domestic abuse. is a challenge and so is life behind the badge.
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i'm back with out as they are a recap of the top stories this hour a u.n. aid convoy has entered the besieged syrian rebel held enclave of eastern but two thirds of the convoys medical supplies were confiscated before it was allowed passed on the checkpoints. former italian prime minister mattel renzi has resigned following his democratic party's all showing in sunday's election far right in populist parties including the five star movement with a big witness. and an al-jazeera investigations revealed new evidence of saudi
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arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain attempt to overthrow the country's government in one thousand nine hundred six. when u.s. president donald trump says he's considering visiting israel for the opening of the american embassy in jerusalem he made the comment while entertaining israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house it is the fifth time the two men have met since trump took office let's get the latest from our white house correspondent can really help get these two men are very comfortable in each other's company and they can be with this being that the fifth such meeting between them tell us more about that conversation what was said. right all smiles mariam as the two met in the oval office making no acknowledgment of the scandals that both her and broiled in their respective countries instead it was praise particularly from benjamin netanyahu to the u.s. president donald trump with respect to the declaration of jerusalem is israel's
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capital of the recognition at least by the united states something that was done in december and of course you'll remember that infuriated palestinians and palestinian leaders for their part said that they will no longer deal with the united states looking instead to the international community to try and negotiate mideast peace that seems to be a point though that the president ignored because when he was speaking in the oval office he in fact said that he believes the palestinians want to come back to the table possibly also i'm not saying that so was a pretty conflicting statement from the u.s. president with regard to the mideast peace process that really seems to be completely stalled for the moment and also conflicting positions in terms of the future of that deal having said all that the one thing they could agree on was the fact that iran in their view is the one top priority when it comes to security concerns both saying they believe the iran nuclear deal emboldened iran and did not limit its nuclear powers as intended right so that's latest on the meeting between
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trump and yet and yet next in yahoo but the other big story from washington is the continuing fallout from president tom's decision to impose tariffs on steel an island many m what how has congress been reacting to this. well i can tell you that just like the rollout of this policy now some with regard to tariffs which was a bit of a surprise donald trump again kind of adding fuel to the fire which if you will with regard to this trade war that seems to be ignited as a result of those announcements. what we're hearing in fact from the president is that he believes that despite the fact that canada one of the top trading partners when it comes to aluminum is not happy with this plan declaration for this twenty five percent. tax if you will on any canadian air imported or any foreign nation
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for that matter coming to the united states of imports instead what donald trump is said in this meeting is that he may make exemptions for canada as well as mexico but only if there's a renegotiation of another trade deal known as now after the north american free trade agreement listen to what he had to say we are renegotiating nafta as i said i would and if we don't make a deal o. terminate nafta but if i do make a deal which is fair to the workers and to the american people that would be i would imagine one of the points of we're going to go sure there will be tariffs on steel for canada and for mexico. well the canadian prime minister justin trudeau said on friday that he believed any tariffs on canadian products into the united states was unacceptable and certainly we have not had any strong reaction get out of canada to these latest statements but what has been very clear is that donald trump has been repeatedly very vocal when it comes to the issue of
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not only how trade deals have hurt american manufacturing sectors but also how the industrial sector has been harmed so it seems that's very much a focus of his attention right now he was tweeting about it monday morning with respect to this issue now it seems he has combined the issues of not only trade deals but also the issue of tariffs into one focal point and continues to press very hard what he sees as agree just. unfairness to american workers that he himself is trying to rectify can really help just the white house thank you very much now as many as forty mexican politicians have been killed since december in the lead up to this year's general election most of the victims were local mayors or candidates in july as vote drug gangs are suspected of using violence to influence and intimidate politicians or than twenty three thousand people murdered in two thousand and seventeen making it mexico's bloodiest year since the records began south korean officials have met north korea's leader
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kim jong un for the first time since he took power at the end of twenty eleven the meeting at the banquet dinner in pyongyang comes at the start of a two day visit that will focus on the conflict and restarting talks with washington robin wright has more now from seoul. from seoul with smiles south korea's delegation heads north hoping to build on the goodwill momentum generated at the winter olympics when a high level north korean delegation attended the games as guests of south korean president moon j.n. kim jong sr of north korean leader kim jong un hand delivered the invitation to visit pyongyang from her brother south korea hopes this will be more than just a courtesy call from tampa most of all i will deliver president moon's firm will and resolve to achieve the denuclearization on the korean peninsula and create true
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and permanent peace even before the delegates left on their controversial trip it wasn't clear they would meet with the north korean leader but soon after their arrival they were hosted to a dinner that fact along with the seniority of the officials who welcomed the south koreans and their accommodation in an official guest house shows the importance north korea places on this trip according to seoul meetings between north and south are rare summit talks were held in two thousand at the height of the so-called sunshine policy period that brought the two koreas closer together then again in two thousand and seven but with north korea's missile development a nuclear program increasing in pace in recent years relations slumped to their lowest and most dangerous point for decades. for many people in south korea just holding talks is a welcome change to the hostile rhetoric of the recent past but without
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a commitment from north korea that it's willing even to discuss giving up its nuclear arsenal many conservative groups have condemned these talks as meaningless past this visit is meant to lead to more talks between the two koreas that is certainly achievable it's fun less certain this mission can jumpstart talks between north korea and a skeptical united states they want a meeting to lead to denuclearization to north korea giving up its nuclear weapons and north korea has no intention of doing that so there's no likelihood that the united states and north korea would be meeting as a result of this this visit could prove in the long turn either to be important in the search for a negotiated solution or another false start in dealing with the north korean crisis of macbride al-jazeera souls. a former russian spy is critically ill in a u.k. hospital after reportedly being exposed to an unknown substance sixty six year old
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sergei script and a woman in her thirty's are being treated by doctors after they were found unconscious on a bench in the town of souls very in southern england script has been living there since two thousand and ten authorities are treating it as a major incident al-jazeera is charlie angela joins me now what's the latest on this and what do we know about sarah this cripple well police and want to just held a press conference and in it they confirm the details that you've just explained the man and woman the sixty's and thirty's were found unconscious on a bench no visible injuries they received a call from the public very near a very popular shopping center they were taken to hospital and they're being treated for contamination exposure to an unknown substance now that the hospital ward has now had to be decontaminated and they are calling this a major incident we now know the identity of the sixty six year old man he is a former russian spy service cripple he was a national who was convicted in two thousand and six for spying on behalf of the m
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i six the u.k.'s specialist intelligence service but in twenty ten he was released on a spy swap deal with the u.s. for russian spies with swaps in exchange for ten u.s. spies now it seems that. in his time spying for m i six he was a colonel in the russian military intelligence and he was supplying the identities of undercover russian agents to m i six has since been living in the u.k. obviously keeping a low profile probably being given a new identity by m i six but it's hard not to draw comparisons with the case in two thousand and six the poisoning of former russian spy alexander litvinenko. government inquiry found that as litvinenko lay dying on his deathbed having been poisoned with radioactive polonium he pointed the finger at president putin and
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a government inquiry later announced that putin probably was behind his murder obviously it's far too early to tell but obviously there are comparisons being drawn in the two cases and there will be an investigation here we're keeping our eye on this story charlie angela thank you very much. well it's the morning off to the night before in hollywood is the home of the u.s. film industry white south off to the oscars ceremony top on his went to the shape of water a fantasy romance about a new woman and a sea creature four awards including best picture up but amongst usual glitz and one thousand the cademy awards for overshadowed by the ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct in the film industry as now reports. hollywood had more than awards on its mind at the ninetieth annual oscar ceremony host jimmy kimmel quickly brought up disgraced hollywood producer and accuse sexual predator harvey weinstein who was expelled from the academy last year the academy are no
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doubt aware took action last year to expel harvey weinstein from their ranks there are a lot of great nominees but harvey deserved this about. the far reaching sexual harassment scandal in the growth of the b. two times up movements were on the minds of many finally saying time's up it's a new day in hollywood with new challenges ahead for all of us while those serious issues overshadowed hollywood's big night to a certain extent the show as they say must go on and it did. the oscar goes to. the shape of what. this may very well be the shape of water one of the best picture award the story of a love affair between a mute cleaning lady and a strange him phidias creature at the center of a cold war weapons program it beat out stiff competition from get out lady bird and
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i tonia among other films. shape up waters film director. won the best director award. frances mcdormand won the best female actor award for her role as an angry and grieving mother in three billboards outside of being she asked all the women in the audience to stand and take up. her own right. as many predicted the best male actor nod went to gary oldman for his vivid in belligerent performance as winston churchill in the darkest hour. allison janney portrayal of an unlovable mother in i tonia won her the best female supporting actor award. i did it all by myself.
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sam rockwell took home the best male supporting actor oscar for playing a violent racist police officer who turns over a new leaf in three billboards i like to thank the academy never thought i'd say those words the chilean transgender drama a fantastic woman won the best foreign language film oscar. and the audience pleasing cartoon coco won for best animated feature the biggest thank you of all to the people of mexico coco would not exist without sugar and lucy beautiful culture and tradition. desire more really woods big night is over but the movement against sexual harassment in the film industry continues to expand and grow stronger denied everybody robert oulds al jazeera hollywood. a look at the top stories for you now a u.n.
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aid convoy has and to demand the main town inside the proceeds syrian rebel held. but while health organization says more than two thirds of the convoys medical supplies were confiscated before it was allowed past checkpoints syrian and russian air attacks killed at least forty people in the past twenty four hours as. about twenty seven thousand five hundred people will benefit from this convoy however this is not enough and we are continuing to ask for further convoys to be allowed in in the coming days so that we are able to to help more and more people who are desperately in need of humanitarian aid former italian prime minister mattel renzi has resigned as leader of the democratic party after its poor showing in sunday's election a hung parliament is likely with no party winning enough of the vote to form a government the far right and populist parties including the five some of them were the big winners after previously insisting his party would never enter a coalition the five star movement leader is now striking
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a different tone. responsibility that he got over at an early talia we feel responsible and we can give a government to sleep today the coalition's haven't got the numbers to fill the government we are open to confronting all political parties starting from guarantees and also the chambers in the presidency and al-jazeera investigation is revealed new evidence of saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain's attempt to overthrow the country government in one thousand nine hundred six this includes interviews with coup leaders who conspired to remove share a funny the father of the current emir of qatar the investigation comes eight months into a blockade against qatar by the same gulf neighbors and u.s. president donald trump says he is considering visiting israel for the opening of the american embassy in jerusalem he made the comment while entertaining the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house are expected to discuss issues including regional policy on iran and of course the embassy
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relocation to jerusalem as the headlines the stream is coming up next on their. and you're in the stream today a wave of african-americans are choosing to move to the african continent but why and what happens when they get there join the conversation using the hostile a.j. stream or if you're watching live on you tube you'll eventually see us in that box you can leave your comments in the chat box and you too could be in the stream.


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