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a chechen president going on to the kremlin. and orchestrating the. in the dark anyone who dares to remember. an intimate detail of repression chechnya war without trace at this time announcing. north and south korea agreed to hold a summit to discuss a possible nuclear deal. i know i'm in london you're watching algis they're also coming russia off a safe passage out of besieged eastern anti-government fighters and their families
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trying to declares a nationwide state of emergency off the riots target the country's muslim minority and a cold war style mystery unfolds as a former russian double agent who spied for m i six lies critically ill in a british hospital. hopes of building for a breakthrough in peace talks on the korean peninsula after a successful meeting between the north korean leader and a delegation from the south high level talks on the escalation took place in pyongyang and a joint summit is set to take place next month but president trump's cautioned against what he's called false hope. reports. the delegation arrived back in seoul clearly delighted the mission had achieved all its objectives and more most importantly an apparent commitment from north korea to denuclearize under the right conditions that. north korea made it
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clear that there will be no reason to possess nuclear capabilities if there is no military threat and also north korea's regime security is guaranteed the two sides have agreed to a summit between president when j. end of south korea a north korean leader kim jong un and john inside the demilitarized zone separating the two koreas where a truce was signed to end the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three and for the first time a hotline will be set up between the two leaders to diffuse any future crises south korea says the north has also agreed not to hold any provocative new clear or ballistic missile tests while these talks are ongoing and has shown its willingness to discuss denuclearization with the u.s. washington has always insisted that north commits to giving up its nuclear arsenal
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as a precondition to talks but it's far from clear this agreement gives that commitment . greenman follows an extraordinary visit lasting little more than twenty four hours with a banquet and smiles at the invitation of kim jong il on north korea's state run media giving the visit extensive coverage. president government will held this as a landmark achievement of his policy of engagement early a choose day he was attending a graduation ceremony at a military academy he clearly believes in his mission of long term peace through dialogue but this was a reminder to his critics that south korea should remain militarily strong if the initiative falters. you know how. we must talk to north korea you know there to the . koreans. but at the same time so we must put our maximum effort into establishing
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effective measures against north korea's nuclear and missile capabilities south korea's envoys now travel to the united states to fill in the allies on the details of the agreement that will be a far tougher sell. macbride al-jazeera so. russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern ghouta rebels are accusing russia of escalating the fighting and ignoring a temporary truce russian air strikes killed ten people on tuesday holder has the latest from beirut and neighboring lebanon. the latest bombing campaign an easterner who is into its third week. with the number of civilians killed is climbing to hell with them away. from the law for nothing.
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else and civil defense volunteers are overwhelmed now russia is offering a way to stop the war russian military commanders say they will guarantee safe passage out of the besieged enclave for rebel fighters and their families this. immunity for all fighters who choose to leave is still an order was personal weapons and with their families is guaranteed by the russian center we call upon the leaders of all illegal armed groups to make everything possible to release the civilians from suffering and secure unobstructed delivery of humanitarian aid to. the hundreds of thousands of people in eastern who are trapped in a war zone many refusing to cross. into government controlled territory because of the lack of security guarantees the pro-government alliance blames the rebels for preventing civilians from leaving and holding them as human shields the rebel
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factions deny that and accuse russia of insisting on military escalation and force displacement what is not is the revolutionary leadership announced general mobilization to defend the cities and towns of eastern huta. in order to show that this unite and forget the differences of the past the world with your steadfastness and perseverance with all your sacrifices during these hard victories near many many requests to join the so we opened many recruiting centers for volunteers and the should be the opposition has lost ground in recent days rebel defenses collapsed in the eastern side of the enclave the fighting hasn't yet reached heavily populated areas but pro-government forces seem to want to avoid direct combat the strategy appears to involve surrounding the main towns and cutting rebel supply lines to force a surrender. that is what they did in the battle for aleppo they laid siege to the
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rebel controlled east of the city for months and then they launched an all out military campaign it was only when the rebels found themselves trapped in a small pocket of territory that they agreed to leave with their families many others left with them particularly those involved in opposition activities. the people of eastern fear of the same fate doctors civil defense volunteers media activists are all considered terrorists by the government they don't want to be forced from their homes but the likelihood is increasing dozens are killed every day the suffering is only getting worse. so to. beirut. well u.n. investigators say war crimes were committed in syria in two thousand and seventeen by all sides in the conflict including russia and the united states a report by the un's commission of inquiry on syria found that an attack that killed eighty four people in the market in a market in west of aleppo in november was carried out by russian aircraft the
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attack using unguided weapons may amount to a war crime for launching indiscriminate attacks it also concluded that u.s. led coalition strikes on a school now iraq in march two thousand and seventeen killed one hundred fifty residents the u.n. rejected the pentagon's claim that dozens of militants were killed and found that the u.s. failure to protect civilians was a violation of international humanitarian law investigators said syrian government forces used chemical weapons in densely populated areas of east and three times in july and again in november the report found the siege of eastern ghouta characterized by pervasive war crimes the report also covered armed groups finding that isolates actions in june two thousand and seventeen in preventing residents of rock leaving areas under attack amounted to the war crime of using civilians as human shields joining us now via skype from geneva galley one of the commission is
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behind the u.n. report thank you very much for speaking to us and so your report here reveals that all sides are perpetrators of war crimes potentially what should the international community's priorities now be with regards to this. well first as you said all parties seem to be blatantly violating international law humanitarian law and human rights law and so the first thing should be the pressure from the human rights council in the international community to all parties to comply with international law. and what we're seeing with the flagrant violations of the law or the types of incidents that you just mentioned an attack on the marketplace the attack on the schools indiscriminate bombing over the population in eastern will by the syrian state and its allies. you know if we go back to basics and say there are laws that are in place that all parties or states have signed on to that are not
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being blatantly violated by everyone. what do you do when you have repeated and extensive violations. through the years and there is this consistent failure to comply with international humanitarian law what then. right there is as we've seen you know the debates have gone up to the security council the security council until very recently has failed to reach agreements between the states of the security council to to take it further to refer to these cases to the international criminal court or. those responsible could be held to account we've seen efforts to create a mechanism that may take these cases forward. eventually maybe at the i.c.c.
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but also in other jurisdictions but i think we go back again to trying to remind people that these are laws that everyone has agreed to abide by and if and if they don't as we've seen we're back to the rules of the jungle were basically you know the laws are there to protect everyone and if they're not respected then they come back to haunt you you know they're there to protect detainees and if they don't protect the detainees they'll apply to everyone who is put in detention by all sides right so then what because everything that you said is very logical you first then is a pressure to comply with international law. but what we've seen is a failure to comply with international law yes it's gone to the u.n. security council they have failed to agree as well what can be done now can anything be done now to protect civilians. i mean again the bombardments have been the worst aspect because people are dying every day because
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of these one bergman's and so the the pressure no is for a cessation of these on board minutes for the thirty day session that would also allow humanitarian access to help those who most need it. you know if we can get that moving we can begin to talk about some of the other issues like the people in detention or the people who are missing that you know secret detention places or have completely disappeared or been killed but the families are still looking for them. has to be a progressive effort but if we can get a cease fire or a suspension of hostilities even for a short period we can begin looking at these other issues that you're mentioning well thank you very much danny magali one of the commish commission is behind the un's latest commission of inquiry on syria thank you thank you very much.
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she has declared a ten day state of emergency to stop rising violence against the country's muslim minority the military has been deployed to the city of candy and a curfew is now in place of the muslim and homes and businesses beset like damaged in riots and rest began after reports a truck driver for the majority but his community died after an altercation with four muslims men elfin and as has more from candy province. a heavy blanket of security around the affected area as a beginner and can be instead to sri lanka the thought it is very keen to make sure that there is no room for any further flare ups any more confrontational the muslim community and the singh haley's know what had started off as a fluke prickly small scale argument or an altercation about broadway's all right of way. has basically taken on a communal proportion it never start of this way and this is what the government is
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urging people not to give in to sort of hate rhetoric or any of this hate crime and violence but ensure that they work together the government has pointed towards the violence this country has seen for almost thirty years reminding people that they can't afford to go back to that era now basically the muslim community burying one of its own a youth who was caught in a house that was born down by an unruly mob last afternoon he couldn't get out on time and basically his funeral happening on tuesday afternoon now the single is community also sort of hurting after a truck driver forty one year old truck driver basically was assaulted to death a few days ago which formed the sort of catalyst for this tension for this country hoping very much that they don't return to this kind of commuter clash because the country simply cannot afford it. so to come for you on the program trapped in
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a church compound the people seeking safety in one of the most dangerous towns in the central african republic who have an exclusive report. it was an election that saw a rise in anti immigrant rights or could it inspire attacks on foreigners in italy . however got some pretty wet weather pushing into central parts of china at the moment that rain making its way over towards shanghai you can see how it is all the way back down toward the southwest it'll stay dry i generally fine in hong kong twenty three cells just but cooler as we go on into day normally when speaking in those temperatures back at the station pushing that wet weather down towards the gulf of tonkin will see some rather heavy showers to into the far north of vietnam
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hanoi at around twenty one degrees not too much in the way of what weather across india at present here is fine and dry as you can see the heat really starting to ramp up a little more cloud up towards the northwest easing through pakistan getting up to thirty one celsius in new delhi you notice is a set it is lousy dry added sunny that is the case across a good part of south asian this is similar picture as we go on into thursday karate by this stage getting up to thirty three degrees we're not far behind here in qatar actually we're getting up to thirty one celsius over the next couple of days he started to push through the the spring warmth showing its hand quite nicely abu dhabi at around twenty seven celsius and again a similar picture as we go on through thursday jentzsch away in city pleasantly warm with pretty good as we head towards the weekend. from satellite technology to three d.
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printing and recycled waste to fill up our classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back to with al-jazeera here at the top stories north and south korea all told and historic summit next month after pyongyang said it would be willing to
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give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees. russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern greta and has declared a ten day state of emergency to stop rising violence against the muslim minority. the u.k. has threatened russia with more sanctions if the russian government is shown to be behind this is fact of poisoning of a former double agent sergei script was found unconscious on a bench in southern england on sunday along with his daughter he's a former russian intelligence officer has been convicted of betraying dozens of spies to british intelligence from salisbury means barker. a police cordon surrounds the scene where surrogates could paul and his daughter yulia visiting from moscow were found fighting for their lives the bench where they've been sitting is covered by a forensic tent there by police have set up an investigation unit both victims of
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critically ill and in intensive care. forensic teams combs the area sealing off the shopping precinct where they were found the hospital where they were rushed . this is been a fast paced investigation and our focus has been on trying to establish what has caused these people to become critically ill and whether or not criminal activity has taken place. police say they're being treated for suspected exposure to an unknown substance but say there is no known risk to public health the possible i who called the emergency services said the two were in a semi paralyzed state vomiting and foaming from the mouth before passing out yearly ascript always then airlifted to hospital a father surrogate followed by road sixty six year old surrogate strip our was a retired military intelligence colonel this is the moment he was arrested by russian security services he was jailed for thirteen years by moscow for passing
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the identities of russian agents working in europe to british intelligence it was released during a high profile spy swap in two thousand and ten one of four prisoners released in exchange for ten russian sleeper agents planted in the u.s. he was later flown to the u.k. where he's been living and though i am not not pointing fingers because we can't this is because your standpoint think is i see to governments around the world that no taint to take innocent life on u.k. soil will go either unsanctioned or unpunished the mystery poisonings led to comparisons with the two thousand and six killing a former russian agent alexander litvinenko he died in agony twenty three days after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium one of his suspected killers and look of oil is now a russian m.p. immune from prosecution an inquiry into the death concluded the president vladimir
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putin probably approved the killing police say they're keeping an open mind over what happened here the life of a russian double agent is fraught with danger. well neve joins us with the latest from seoul's bree now the police have just had a press conference need any more information from them. i was you may have heard in my report there will to police of course confirm that this is a fast paced investigation a complex one and a highly unusual one which is why it's been decided to the counterterrorism policing network will take over control of this investigation from the regional police service just to explain what that organization actually is pulls the resources and the expertise of specialist offices officers also from region from the national and international domestic intelligence services m i five and m i six
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also forensic specialists toxicologist as well we know from the key press conference given this afternoon that the two are still in a critical condition still in intensive care we don't entirely know exactly which hospital they are in and shortly after they were found they were taken to salzburg district hospital but having visited there earlier on of the day was pretty clear that the level of policing there was very low no security at all i was quite easily able to walk in very close to the intensive care unit so they may well be under specialist control guards somewhere else while this fast paced investigation continues to unfold as you can probably see behind me the various layers of cordons still here around the site of the where they were found a forensic tent still over the bench where a passer by located them and alerted the author of seize what we now need to
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establish is the kind of substance use that actually led to the good time anation off the to the poisoning of the two and we are probably likely to hear more about the actual substance possibly from the sea evening but more likely tomorrow morning all right now thank you very much. and. sunday's election in italy has seen the anti immigrant party known as the lego or a comma dominant force in italian politics. says he's the only possible candidate for prime minister but era is increasingly xenophobe it rhetoric from politicians is feeding into attacks on foreigners a debugger reports from iran. i allow lego rally in the run up to sunday's election for marie the northern league it's grown from a northern separatist movement to a nationwide populist party under matteo salvini and there's a familiar slogan with a clear subtext for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who've made
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italy their home more interested in i mean. those that use the league to something clear the talents first italians first. and it's that same slogan you can see on the banners of the extreme right like at this gathering in rome of the cars a pound to movement there was a small party and failed to win seats in parliament but their opponents such as these counter protesters say electoral success is not their only purpose and the. school and the most of them some organizations are hiding disguising themselves as speaking about democracy but using words of hatred discrimination racism and carrying out aggression and stabbings. one attack last month hit the headlines a gunman drove around shooting at african migrants in the central city of much errata wounding six of them when police arrested suspects look at trainee he had the italian flag draped over his shoulders but inside his home they found nazi
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material people who know him say trainee was a leak party candidate in local elections before turning to the neo fascist group fortson over as well as cause a pound here in the capital the bangladeshi community is one group that's been targeted more than seventy bangladeshis many of the street vendors have been beaten up in the last few years a sort of initiation. for young fresh activists this wrong based journalist says the anti immigrant language that dominated much of the election campaign is having a knock on effect it is using immigration and. selfies that that extreme right fact is not just these two parties. they are creating small groups to. target they make it and parties like their electoral allies the brothers of italy deny links to neo fascist groups and have spoken out against physical attacks on foreigners but their detractors say
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they're knowingly creating hatred with dangerous consequences gently maybe present growing climate of fear in the country and often that immigrants don't report violent incidents but because they might not have risen. well because they're scared that speaking out might have worse consequences. material salvini and his party are on the rise and expanding their support base but as attitudes harden against immigrants some fear that's already making life dangerous for minority communities here dean barber al-jazeera wrote. hundreds of muslims have been trapped inside a church compound in central african republic for the past nine months with no sign of their ordeal coming to an end i've been sheltered by the catholic church to protect them from a christian group that overran the town of banga soon last may the muslims risk being killed if they leave the protection of united nations peacekeepers catherine so i traveled to bank for this exclusive report.
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friday prayers for muslims in a compound of the largest catholic church in bangor around fifteen hundred people have been trapped here since last may when fighters from a mainly christian group stormed into the town leaving the compound can be fatal for muslims the last i do shows is where his brother was abducted then killed two weeks ago as he looked for firewood. these gunmen are always fighting and waiting for us it is an issue at the compound one bullet went through my tent where i was with my children. the world food program supplies the camp every ten days u.n. peacekeepers guarding them other aid agencies help but getting medical supplies is a major problem. is just over a year old she's sick but it's too dangerous to take her to the hospital in town even the roads are not possible because they are controlled by the armed groups
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therefore we as humanitarians have to fly the assistance from to this location and sometimes the transportation is very expensive than the food of the. people they were forced to flee their neighborhood. which is just about two kilometers away their homes and the mosque they first took refuge and destroyed the area is now an operational base for the mainly christian group which now calls itself the fonts and is a vigilante group that was formed in twenty thirteen to fight against the mostly muslim seleka armed group with cognac to time when a lot of tension fighters from their armed group in control of benghazi who are quite nervous afterward that another rival group is planning an attack. this is one of the most dangerous towns in central african republic people are always on edge they say the other group which is just outside town wants to come in to rescue the
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muslims taking refuge in the charts compound. guns they don't comprehend the church because they see that the church is the one who's keeping the most muslim people so they're also against as you see and also the muslim people also they don't understand us because for them we are like. the godfather of the people were guns so the church in the middle of. the un is leading efforts to return the displaced to their homes it's a delicate process that involves talks with the communities and gunmen people in this camp are a prehensile of but hopeful that maybe they may have their lives back some catching sight al-jazeera. central african republic. the wreck of famous u.s. navy aircraft carrier has finally been discovered seventy six years after being sunk in a historic well or two battle the u.s.s.
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lexington and a craft appear remarkably preserved three kilometers beneath the pacific lady lex as she was known went down the battle of the coral sea in one thousand nine hundred forty two when the u.s. halted the japanese in violence towards australia the ship was discovered off the coast of queensland by a search team led by a us billionaire alan there's more in everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com is the address. quick look at the day's top stories for you now north and south korea are to hold an historic summit next month after pyongyang said it would be willing to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees the agreement follows a two day visit by a south korean delegation to pyongyang this will be the first such meeting for more than a decade and the first since kim jong un took power in north korea the u.s.
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which is always insisted on denuclearization before any talks can be held says it's cautiously optimistic. so korea says the north has also agreed not to hold any provocative nuclear or ballistic missile tests while these talks are ongoing under shown its willingness to discuss denuclearization with the u.s. washington has always insisted the north commits to giving up its nuclear arsenal as a precondition to talks but it's far from clear this agreement gives that commitment russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern ghouta but rebels are accusing russia of escalating the fighting and ignoring a temporary truce in the enclave near the capital damascus russian astronauts killed ten people on tuesday. sri lanka has declared a ten day state of emergency to stop rising violence against the muslim minority
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military's been deployed to the city of candy and a curfew is now in place after muslim homes and businesses were set alight and damaged in riots began after reports a truck driver from the majority buddhist community died after an altercation with four muslims. police have confirmed the u.k.'s counterterrorism network will lead an investigation into the suspected poisoning of a form of double agent sergei script was found unconscious on a bench in seoul's brain southern england on sunday along with his thirty three year old daughter they are both critically ill in hospital and the united nations says it's impossible to safely send rangar refugees back to myanmar because of continued violence amounting to ethnic cleansing the u.n. assistant secretary general for human rights andrew gilmore says rangle muslims will still face killings rape and for starvation in iraq kind state government denies such abuses a taking place in of africa is next i'll be back in twenty five minutes time with
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more news for you. this is a live aid africa a series highlighting innovation and creativity across a call to read that is on the rise. today. african scientists using satellite technology to bump the future. is an economic one who has information. as south african physicist invents the world's first digital laser so what we want to do come up with diagnostic tools for a child abuse.


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