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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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but a new force is at play. female police officers are combat sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's lady called. at this time. her. this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes north korea's leader agreed to meet his south korean counterpart
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next month but is he really willing to discuss getting rid of nuclear weapons russia offers a syrian rebels a safe passage out of. the number killed in the last sixteen days eight hundred plus. to take. on. a warning from britain after russian former spy and distorter are found unconscious in southern england and saudi arabia rolls out a massive p.r. campaign in london as the crown prince heads to the u.k. . and i'm sorry small have all the day's sport including the latest from the champions league as holders around madrid close in on a spot in the quarter finals.
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hopes are building for a breakthrough in peace talks on the korean peninsula after a delegation from the south a successful meeting with north korea's leader they say that kim jong il in agreed to meet his south korean counterpart in the next month and this willing to talk about getting rid of his nuclear weapons from seoul here's a bright. delegation arrived back in seoul clearly delighted the mission had achieved all its objectives and more most importantly an apparent commitment from north korea to denuclearize under the right conditions that. north korea made it clear that there will be no reason to possess nuclear capability is if there is no military threat and also north korea's regime security is guaranteed the two sides have agreed to a summit between president moon j end of south korea a north korean leader kim jong un and john inside the demilitarized zone separating
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the two koreas where a truce was signed to end the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three and for the first time a hotline will be set up between the two leaders to diffuse any future crises south korea says the north has also agreed not to hold any provocative new clear or ballistic missile tests while these talks are ongoing and has shown its willingness to discuss denuclearization with the u.s. washington has always insisted the north commits to giving up its nuclear arsenal as a precondition to talks but it's far from clear this agreement gives that commitment . greenman follows an extraordinary visit lasting little more than twenty four hours with a banquet and smiles at the invitation of kim jong il on north korea's state run media giving the visit extensive coverage. president moon's government will hail
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this is a landmark achievement of his policy of engagement. choose day he was attending a graduation ceremony at a military academy he clearly believes in his mission of long term peace through dialogue but this was a reminder to his critics that south korea should remain militarily strong if the initiative falters you know how. we must talk to north korea you know due to the nuclear ice cream. but at the same time so we must put our maximum effort into establishing effective measures against north korea's nuclear and missile capability south korea's envoys now travel to the united states to fill in their allies on the details of the agreement that will be a far tougher sell. but macbride al-jazeera so. well president trump has warned against what he's called a false hope over north korea but earlier he gave the announcement
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a cautious welcome. but we are prepared to go either way i think that their statement and the statements coming out of south korea and north korea have been very positive that would be a great thing for the world. well joining me now via skype from exeter is eighteen aiden foster carter he's an honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern korea at leeds university here in the u.k. sir welcome to al-jazeera we heard president trump there i guess be cautiously optimistic what do you make of developments coming out of the koreas are you optimistic and what are you looking for in the steps that. i asked agreeing with donald trump doesn't doris come easily but cautiously optimistic yes president moon j.n. seems to have opened up more of a space than i would have thought possible like many other observers i fear that the very welcome thought that we had for the people in china winter olympics now concluded as
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a part of the fix of course yet to come would evaporate here once that one is that it actually happened it would have been quite possible for these dead delegates from the south not to have met the leader he could have kept himself in reserve but they've come back according to style of course ruby have to hear all this from pyongyang to be certain with with more commitments and i thought possible a summit when the north korean leader will step foot in the south the just just south of the of the mood to dim occasionally jump thoughts of first a hotline between the two new leaders directly we've never had anything at that level of course the big question mark is denuclearization and will really get whether they are serious about that what guarantees they would need but i'm a bit more hopeful than i thought was possible shall we say just a couple of weeks ago so what steps would you want to see taken now and i guess crucially what action would you want to see come out of the united states because it does seem that the ball is also partially in their court right now. i do agree
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with that of course the. what's different this time from i mean older viewers may remember the sunshine policy of the last time the of the left was in power in south korea we had a decade but if it is to decade ago where the south was pretty unconditionally nice to north korea and it still remains controversial in that sense back then the north korean nuclear issue hardly arose and the first nuclear test was in two thousand and six the difference is north korea has made itself because of its nuclear missile developments a global look just a local threat so now the u.s. will occur as i mentioned is just as important as the m. to create and i'm not sure that's very frustrating for the south korean president moon j.n. because of course the u.s. is a close ally but he's a veteran of the sunshine era he went to pyongyang as a chief of staff to the then south korean president and he wants to put south korea back in the driver's seat i would say he's done that really very much have the donald trump who is rather hard to predict shall we say on many things will just give the south koreans you know some time you know keep his finger off the treaty
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and keep some of encouraging comments or at least noncommittal comments like the one we just heard and see what the north comes up with why do you think we are seeing this for pressure on from the north now making john has been in power for what seven years now and i mean arguably his nuclear arsenal or his arsenal has been getting stronger certainly showing it off more so why all of this now our sanctions starting to bite is that it. the very very good question i think that you have the claim or ings of a non-sovereign at the very least i think it's so hard to read kim jong un and s.s. why i think it's a really helpful that some south koreans have gone and actually met him and have a chance to see what he is like but i think maybe at some level he gets it this may be just too optimistic and i goodness knows what has been disappointed before i've been taking this for a long time but you know that the path north korea is on and seems ready to wish away he's inherited from his father and grandfather inheritance is so important to you come to seem to be disloyal but nonetheless it is actually a dead end so watch
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a full list of line stuff is is people are going on the limb now but i'll do it is is a way the service tabish his power so no one gets rid of him as a young with a snap who is low people thought would happen and bringing the ship into port by appearing very hardline and then actually getting to the conference table with south korea and seeing what's possible i mean maybe that's completely crazy but we have to hope and you know as i say we're in a better place than i thought was possible even two or three weeks ago while certainly one to watch anyway and i'm sure we will be talking to you about developments in the korean the syrian very soon nathan foss the carter thank you so much for your time thank you you thank. so look how many al-jazeera news hours declares a state of emergency and curfew to stop attacks on the muslim minority nine months trapped in a church compound and know when to their ordeal in sight we have an exclusive report from central african republic plus. if you are the victim of sexual abuse
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it's ok it's not your fault a lawyer spleen after a gymnast becomes the first man to accuse a jailed u.s. doctor of sexual abuse. russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern huta the rebels are accusing russia of escalating the fighting and they've norinco a temporary truce at least twenty four civilians were killed on tuesday ten of them in russian airstrikes more than eight hundred people have been killed in the enclave in just the last sixteen days sent hundreds more now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. the latest bombing campaign in eastern into its third week. with the number of civilians killed is climbing that hello within the
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hour like. thanks for the love and. civil defense volunteers are overwhelmed now russia is offering a way to stop the war russian military commanders say they will guarantee safe passage out of the besieged enclave for rebel fighters and their families this. immunity for all fighters who choose to leave is still personal weapons and with their families is guaranteed it by the russian center we call upon the leaders of all the illegal armed groups to make everything possible to what is the civilians from suffering and secure unobstructed delivery of humanitarian aid to. the hundreds of thousands of people in eastern who are trapped in a war zone many refusing to cross into government controlled territory because of the lack of security guarantees the pro-government alliance blames the rebels for preventing civilians from believing and holding them as human shields the rebel
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factions deny that and accuse russia of insisting on military escalation and force displacement what is known as the revolutionary leadership announced general mobilization to defend the cities and towns of eastern huta. that this unite and forget the differences of the past the world with your steadfastness and perseverance with all your sacrifices during these hard victories near many many requests that joined about so we opened many recruiting centers for volunteers and. the opposition has lost ground in recent days rebel defenses collapsed in the eastern side of the enclave the fighting hasn't yet reached heavily populated areas but pro-government forces. seem to want to avoid direct combat the strategy appears to involve surrounding the main towns and cutting rebel supply lines to force a surrender. that is what they did in the battle for aleppo they laid siege to the
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rebel controlled east of the city for months and then they launched an all out military campaign it was only when the rebels found themselves trapped in a small pocket of territory that they agreed to leave with their families many others left with them particularly those involved in opposition activities. the people of eastern who fear the same fate doctors civil defense volunteers media activists are all considered terrorists by the government they don't want to be forced from their homes but the likelihood is increasing dozens are killed every day the suffering is only getting worse. sent to. beirut. well u.n. investigators say all sides committed war crimes in syria in two thousand and seventeen including russia and the us a report by the un's a commission of inquiry on syria found that a november attack that killed eighty four people in a market in west of aleppo was carried out by russian aircraft it said the attack
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using unguided weapons may amount to a war crime the war crime of launching in the screen minutes attacks it also concluded that u.s. led coalition strikes on a school in iraq in march two thousand and seventeen killed one hundred fifty residents the u.n. rejected the pentagon's claim that dozens of fighters were killed saying the u.s. says failure to protect civilians was a violation of international humanitarian law investigators said syrian government forces used chemical weapons in densely populated areas of eastern huta three times in july and then again in november the report the scribed the siege of eastern who is characterized by pervasive war crimes the report also covered on the group's finding that i saw as actions in june in preventing residents of raka from leaving areas under attack amounted to the war crime of using civilians as human shields
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the lead commissioner behind the un's report says there is no justification for the suffering of civilians in syria. next month the brutal siege of eastern will be in three its fifty year i refute fifty year. beyond mere constant bombardment described by the un secretary general into new terrorists last week as hell on earth pro-government forces are using is the vision as a me to doff warfare against the hundreds of thousands of views. in the p.c. to the internet at the same time b.c. the dominant groups continue to show civilian populated areas in damascus city there can be no excuse or justification for indiscriminate attacks into civilian populated areas in damascus furnishing a population to starvation or for the nine pm money turn access and medical evacuation russia's military is considering all possible causes of
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a plane crash that killed thirty nine people at an air force base in syria the defense ministry says the transport plane crashed while trying to land at the her air base near the port city of latakia there were no survivors the base was visited by russian president vladimir putin and syrian president bashar al assad last december initial reports suggest a technical fault was to play. the u.k. says it will respond robustly if the russian government is shown to be behind the suspected poisoning of a former double agent russia has rejected the allegations as groundless surrogates cripple was found unconscious on a bench in southern england on sunday along with his thirty three year old daughter he's a former russian intelligence officer who was convicted of betraying dozens of spies to british intelligence from salisbury of barker has more. a police cordon surrounds the scene where sergei script and his daughter yulia were found fighting
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for their lives the bench where they were sitting is covered by a forensic tent nearby police have set up an investigation unit c.c.t.v. footage shows the pair shortly before they became critically ill after exposure to an unknown substance they remain in intensive care in hospital this is been a fast paced investigation and our focus has been on trying to establish what has caused these people to become critically ill and whether or not criminal activity has taken place in london the british foreign secretary promised a robust investigation he threatened to extend sanctions against moscow if it turns out the kremlin's to blame though i'm not not pointing fingers because we can't this is because you don't sound point fingers i say to governments around the world that new tent to take innocent life on u.k.
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soil will go either unsanctioned or unpunished two police officers have also been treated for minor symptoms of contamination but were later discharged the authorities say there's no known risk to the public but possible by who called the emergency services said the two were in a semi paralyzed state vomiting and foaming from the mouth before passing out yulia scrip always then airlifted to hospital her father sergei followed by road sixty six year old surrogate strip our was a retired military intelligence colonel this is the moment he was arrested by russian security services he was jailed for thirteen years by moscow for passing the identities of russian agents working in europe to british intelligence. it was released during a high profile spy swap in two thousand and ten one of four prisoners released in exchange for ten russian sleeper agents planted in the u.s.
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he was later flown to the u.k. where he's been living this is an image of yulia script while she is in her early thirty's and was visiting her father from russia the mystery poisonings led to comparisons with the two thousand and six killing a former russian agent alexander litvinenko he died in agony twenty three days after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium one of his suspected killers and look of oil is now a russian m.p. immune from prosecution an inquiry into the death concluded the president vladimir putin probably approved the killing police say they're keeping an open mind over what happened here british counterterrorist specialists have now taken control of this fast paced investigation the life of a russian double agent is fraught with danger. we've barkha al-jazeera solsbury well the russian embassy to the u.k. has responded to boris johnson's comments saying we are impressed by the statement of the foreign secretary in parliament today the foreign secretary spoke in such
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a manner as if the investigation was already over and russia was found responsible for what had happened in salzburg. while now i'm joined in the studio by bob seeley he's a conservative m.p. who sits on the u.k.'s u.k. parliament's foreign affairs committee he also lived for several years in the soviet union and has carried out research into russian warfare thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so it has to be said we heard the statement there from the embassy russia does the nie any link any involvement what have you made of the reaction so far from boris johnson for example well he had to say something today but let's wait and see i think i think if the russians are guilty then the not so new a few officials to the world cup is going to be a pretty feeble response but let's see what happens if you wrote an article today where you seem to think that i mean we may not have any proof for this case but certainly the russians have been playing similar games like this in the you know for years it's important the russian and i think i can agree with the russian embassy in one thing one shouldn't prejudge but the russians have put in people in
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this country in the past ten years very famously with the litvinenko and possibly with others and there's about a dozen unexplained link to russians russian oligarchs enemies of president putin and those that unexplained and frankly the unwillingness of the their thirty's to investigate them beyond superficially i think it was disturbing well there had been a british inquiry after the litvinenko murder that argentina proved that there was a link that the murder had been approved by the president by vladimir putin and then what happened after that well not a lot and i think both sides didn't want to take it further and maybe we're paying the price of that because the russians feel they're free to do what they want in this country and i think that's a mistake for us as it was it's always about balance of. having any kind of action like this in your case all isn't acceptable at the same time russia is obviously a very powerful country so what do you think the u.k. could do if this case is indeed proven to be linked there are lots of things we
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could do but the financial axe we could do more ninety corruption we could bring in more of the magnitsky acts that the canadians and the americans have got we could help the ukrainians more we could support more the baltic we could work more closely with european partners we could just get the information out about russian on conventional war so there's potentially lots to do what we shouldn't do is grandstand and do just your politics for the sake of it because frankly we've done too much about in the western world we need to think through a strategy to counter russia and actually get it right rather than just reach for a knee jerk reaction anything there isn't a strategy no we need a foreign policy in this country especially leaving mere opinion i think we've been too dependent for the americans and too dependent on having won the european union and when it comes to dealing with russia the russians have been thinking through their strategy about how to challenge the west our values our institutions and to try to break nato and they've been looking at this and they've been building up these nonconventional strategies in the cold war they would active measures the distance from asian propaganda cyber which is new because we didn't have cyber in the in the in the cold war assassination espionage all these sort of tactics and
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they've updated them and they've done some very creative things with them and i think we're a generation behind and it's showing going back to circus cripple himself now he had been a double agent yeah actually being released by russia is part of a spy swap in two thousand and ten so what value might he have now why i assume as a title is do you know what why him why now. that the spies once a traitor always a traitor ok that's putin's lie and that is justification enough to kill him if they can ok are you worried that this might keep on happening if the u.k. doesn't take a firmer stance this is part of a wider picture of russian hostile russian action in the united states in the presidential election in the european union and in britain and you know we do need to think about how we're going to respond and ask me better than what we're doing at the moment but sealy m p member of the house of commons fine affairs committee sir thank you. sri lanka has the cleared
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a week long state of emergency to stop rising violence against the country's muslim minority the military has been the ploy to occur few is now in place after muslim owned businesses were burned and them edged by rioters from the majority buddhist community on this reports there from the gun. a heavy military presence deployed to keep the peace witnesses organize mobs from the single majority targeted mosques. and businesses on monday afternoon mama brother abdul died in their home one of many set a late early morning. check with my parents. that day my saw my brother he was down in the. bottom of the attacks were sparked by the death of this man. the forty one year old driver was beaten by four reportedly drunk. for not allowing them to overtake his vehicle days later
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he was dead muslims were attacked on the day of his funeral after thirty years of brutal conflict lankans don't want more violence but have made increasing nationalist sentiment promoted by hardliners minorities are feeling vulnerable president. acted to address those concerns imposing a state of emergency to last for a week. i rest my deepest regrets and pain to every family and relatives suffered the loss of life and property and i strongly condemn all acts of violence i've also asked the police to strictly enforce the law against whatever group individual organization that was behind. sri lanka has had a violent past helping for many theories on why and what is happening today boils down to. the believe the us that
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they own the country and although. some observers say police and special task force personnel couldn't control the mobs that dragged right in and on monday and the state of emergency is aimed at preventing similar incidents see the image is among the last summer a leader has said enough is enough calling for inciting racial violence to be baited non-bailable offense and politicians who lead such violence to be stripped of their civic rights behalf and then there's. the. hundreds of muslims have been trapped inside a church compound in central african republic for the past nine months and there is no sign of their ordeal coming to an end they're being sheltered by the catholic church and un peacekeepers to protect them from a christian group that overran the town. catherine soy has this exclusive
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report. friday prayers for muslims in a compound of the largest catholic church in bangor around fifteen hundred people have been trapped here since last may when fighters from a mainly christian group stormed into the town leaving the compound can be fatal for muslims the last i do shows is where his brother was abducted then killed two weeks ago as he looked for firewood. these gunmen are always fighting and waiting for us it is an issue at the compound one bullet went through my tent where i was with my children the world food program supplies a camp every ten days u.n. peacekeepers guide them other aid agencies help but getting medical supplies is a major problem. is just over a year old she's sick but it's too dangerous to take her to the hospital in town even the roads are not possible because they are controlled by the armed groups
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therefore we as humanitarians have to fly the assistance from bungie to this location and sometimes the transportation is very expensive than the food of the. people they were forced to flee their neighborhood after which is just about two kilometers away their homes and the mosque they first took refuge in are destroyed the area is now an operational base for the mainly christian group which now calls itself the fans and is a vigilante group that was formed in twenty thirteen to fight against the mostly muslim seleka armed group with common yard at a time when a lot of tension fighters from their group in control of benghazi quite nervous afterward that another rival group is planning an attack. this is one of the most dangerous towns in central african republic people are always on edge they say the
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other group which is just outside town wants to come in to rescue the muslims taking refuge in the charts compound. guns they don't comprehend the church because they say that the church is the one who is keeping the most muslim people so they also against us. you see and also the muslim people also they don't understand us because for them we are like i don't know. the godfather of the people want guns so the church is in the middle. the u.n. is leading efforts to return the displaced to their homes it's a delicate process that involves talks with the communities and gunmen people in this camp are a preventive but hopeful that maybe they may have their lives back some catching some of the al-jazeera. central african republic. is also more to come on the program including its knees inconclusive election so are rising anti immigrant rhetoric that also inspired attacks on foreigners there i'll tell you why china's
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plan to reduce poverty by encouraging people to move to the city isn't working out well for beijing's or residents and sports arena williams steps up or preparations for alternative top level says that. hello there it's milder but still wet for many of us across europe the satellite picture is showing plenty of counsel swirling around but one system after another really a lot of this is rain rather than snow but we are still seeing a few outbreaks of the white stuff over the mountains there in the outs and further eastwards as well but all of this is pushing its way north woods there as we head through wednesday and into thursday and what it's doing is chasing away that very very cold and so still cold in the east but not as cold as it has been we're
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looking at minus five or the maximum on the day in moscow and elsewhere we've got temperatures much high eighteen in athens and for the west we're looking at ten degrees there in paris still more rain working its way through parts of the northwestern europe and so. still more on set of weather across the iberian peninsula as well really has been very wet here over the past few days some of that what weather has also been affecting us in the northwestern part of africa over the lake to system edging its way east with that as we head through wednesday so a little bit dry off a many of us here just a few bits and clouds around in robot that could just give us one or two showers but i think most of the day should be dry perhaps the odd shower again on thursday but again largely dry weather more cloud making its way across the northern parts of our area and into parts of china sea a tick. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own
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lives and taking these roads to scatter saving lives is a dangerous job it's a vaccine so it's on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be in pain life starts risk a week ago one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road at that can do it with weapons risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera north and south korea's leaders are to hold a historic summit next according to an envoy from seoul came john said he would be willing to give up his nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave eastern. and the u.k. is counterterrorism police have been passed with investigating the suspected poisoning of a russian former double agent in southern england. bring you more now on the situation in eastern kuta more than four hundred thousand people are trapped there with around the thousand in need of urgent medical evacuation alan fischer reports
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on how aid is at last arriving in some besieged neighborhoods but. it's been a long time coming a white line stretching through the shuttered streets of the scooter bringing relief for some disappointment for others so vital medical aid was stripped from the trucks before they set off a question mark placed over their approvals i don't have any model. we don't need most of the food supplies we need medical aid the most because the regime has prevented it from entering. then it was about getting them unloaded quickly and safely on going is strikes meant not all the trucks could be emptied fourteen had to head but. now we are dying here with our children under the bombing please save us we have no water food or medicine we are normal people we have no news for a fight is syrian people in the besieged on clepe close to the city capital. is strikes makes it too difficult to distribute the for the moment it sits and we have
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houses where the people take shelter with the camera. and. many are now living underground you. h.c.r. says basements are being turned into crude living quarters some are packed two hundred people or more seeking shelter seeking sanctuary and safety humanitarian agencies know there is a critical need for aid in east ghouta what was delivered on monday should be enough to feed their own twenty thousand people they have permission to take in enough food for seventy thousand but the population of the enclave at the moment is four hundred thousand and you eat convoys planned for later in the week it's something for the people of the scooter it's nowhere near enough alan fischer al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. on wednesday saudi crown prince mohammed bin salon will begin a trip to the u.k. where he's expected to meet the queen the prime minister and business leaders the heir to the saudi throne is backed by
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a slick public relations campaign but is not likely to get a warm welcome from everyone jamal as she explains. muhammad bin some man is visiting london and he wants everyone to know about it adverts like these have been placed across the capital portraying the crown prince is a friend of britain a reformist who is changing his kingdom for the better. the british government is rolling out the red carpet for m.b.a.'s as he's known and what's the thirty two year old's first official visit to the u.k. since being appointed every parent. britain is sal the second most important partner for arms sales and security with british companies selling billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the saudis the u.k. government which is preparing for post breaks its economy means to boost the amount of trade in other sectors to. its why prime minister to raise a million foreign secretary boris johnson have both visited the saudi capital
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recently that the government sees it in this new case interests to do much more business with the saudis and to have an even closer relationship with riyadh critics are opposed to that and there's major opposition to been some man's visits as well as how britain has cozied up to the saudis opponents accuse the saudis of killing fountains of civilians in yemen as well as committing widespread human rights abuses at home the leader of the opposition labor party jeremy corbyn has called for a halt in sales with several other members of parliament also against m.b.'s his visit i think most people in this country and many follow in terry's probably majority all of it terry and do not welcome this this desk in this country and to give him a state visit law is to give an audience with our head of state i think sent all the wrong signals it's legitimizing an illegitimate regime a despotic regime and we need to do better britain needs to do better. at a media conference by the stop the war coalition organizers announced
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a protest outside the prime minister's home in downing street they want to send the message to been said man and his hosts that this by the p.r. campaign patrolling him as a reformist they believe the saudi regime is an oppressive one the argument about reform the moment been so on the need to reform is a spin in the most superficial spin at that i mean it is one of the most backward one of the most undemocratic one of the most brutal regimes in the whole world and at that level there's a very strong argument for saying that he shouldn't be can he shouldn't be coming anywhere near britain aside from meeting britain's queen elizabeth and political leaders the pump prince and his delegation which includes several government ministers is due to meet the head of the bank of england and business leaders as well current saudi trade with the u.k. has estimated that's around eight billion dollars this year the british government is expecting the saudis to increase that took a ten billion dollars annually mohamed been so man will receive a warm welcome at downing street by british prime minister immediate money as she
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struggles with briggs it negotiations but across the road protesters will gather among them several members of parliament to denounce the visit they believe the ideals and principles of freedom and human rights should not be forsaken no matter how much the saudis are willing to invest in the u.k.'s economy. and i just you know wonder. well the billboards are in prominent places are a lot then as well as vans are driving around the u.k. capital they've drawn a mixed response from the london public a new sort of p.r. way of sharing information is worth doing so by improving awareness of what's going on in the kingdom this is a good idea i think without this kind of thing people probably wouldn't be that it's not heavily covered in the news just sport but the football going to vote again down it's not a thought but i think just showing just for show well it would. make me look behind. what they're trying to achieve with that communication if there is
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a real change we should. you know be ok with it but we don't really know how open it is even though there are signs of it kind of looks like a like us trying to advertise something else as opposed to the prince coming to the u k. sunday's election in italy saw the anti immigrant party known as become a dominant force in the tongue politics its leader says he is the only possible candidate for prime minister but there are fears that increasingly xenophobic rhetoric from politicians is encouraging attacks on foreigners now the reports now from rome. i lay get a rally in the run up to sunday's election for marie the northern league it's grown from a northern separatist movement to a nationwide populist party under matteo salvini and there's a familiar slogan with a clear subtext for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who've made
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italy their home mortgages and i mean. those that use the league to something clear the talents first italians first. and it's that same slogan you can see on the banners of the extreme right like at this gathering in rome of the cars a pound to movement there was a small party and failed to win seats in parliament but their opponents such as these counter protesters say electoral success is not their only purpose and the. school and the most of them some organizations are hiding disguising themselves as speaking about democracy but using words of hatred discrimination racism and carrying out aggression and stabbings. one attack last month hit the headlines a gunman drove around shooting at african migrants in the central city of much errata wounding six of them when police arrested suspects look at trainee he had the italian flag draped over his shoulders but inside his home they found nazi material people who know him say trainee was
12:42 am
a leak party candidate in local elections before turning to the neo fascist group fortson over as well as cause a pound here in the capital the bangladeshi community is one group that's been targeted more than seventy bangladeshis many of the street vendors have been beaten up in the last few years a sort of initiation rite. young fascist activists this based journalist says the anti immigrant language that dominated much of the election campaign is having a knock on effect it is using immigration and the result is that that extreme right parties are not just these two parties. they are creating small groups to to. target they make it and parties like their electoral allies the brothers of italy deny links to neo fascist groups and have spoken out against physical attacks on foreigners but their detractors say
12:43 am
they're knowingly creating hatred with dangerous consequences gently maybe there's a growing climate of fear in the country and often that immigrants don't report violent incidents because they might not have residents well because they're scared that speaking out might have worse consequences. vini and his party are on the rise and expanding their support base but as i said to charge in against immigrants some fear that's already making life dangerous for minority communities here the dean barber al jazeera runs. a court in brazil has dealt a blow to former president. hopes of staying out of jail the superior court of justice has turned down his request that he not be sent to prison for his corruption conviction before he's exhausted his appeals back in fiction was upheld by another court earlier this year it means he may have to start serving out his twelve year sentence in a matter of weeks. and argentinean lawmakers have introduced
12:44 am
a bill that could see abortion legalized the practice is strictly limited in the country by law it's currently only allowed when the mother's life or health is in danger or if the pregnancy is the result of rape three support reports. green bandanas have become the symbol of the fight. legalized abortion in argentina . on tuesday there were hundreds of them when the bill was presented in congress. this is the seventh time we've presented this project and for the first time it will be debated in congress that's why we're happy and it includes the possibility of having an abortion until fourteen weeks of pregnancy we've been fighting for years for something like this to happen abortion is illegal in argentina in most cases but the health ministry says that between three hundred seventy and five hundred thousand planned to stein abortions are carried out every year women in argentina are not only address come being detained if they have an abortion but
12:45 am
also thousands of them are hospitalized every year because of complications with the procedure and that's why women here i demanding they legalize safe and of abortion because they say that women's lives are at risk. for the first time in this country's history abortion will be debated in congress over seventy congress men have already signed the petition. a move that people like you and catalina are celebrating this days they're part of an age group that assists women who want to have an abortion even if that means breaking the law the group has a website where women can get information and help if something goes wrong. but if it is in some poor areas women end up going to a place to get rid of the baby easily we know it's unsafe what we try to do is give women information and put them in touch with people that could help them if they have complications. to the main opposition in argentina is the catholic church and
12:46 am
it's not clear yet whether the abortion project will get enough votes to become law . the fact that both francis is argentinean has many wondering whether the church will get involved in the debate. any says it's time legislators put their religious. police aside and start looking at argentina's dramatic health indicators that showed that clandestine abortions ira leading cause of maternal mortality in the country or this in that legalizing abortion would mean that i wouldn't see women here in the hospital with the complications that we see today that would make the doctor go to the pharmacy and then they can have a private abortion at home. the debate will begin later this month in congress and it is expected to divide argentinean society those supporting the bill say they will continue to fight for a right babe believe it will save many lives. that will want to cite us
12:47 am
china's leaders are trying to reduce poverty levels by encouraging millions more people to move to cities from areas but many who've gone to the biggest urban area of the capital beijing are struggling to cope with the high cost of living as adrian brown reports. the youth zone you is having a good afternoon he reckons ill of made around ten dollars by the end of it he collects discarded clothes plastic and scrap metal anything he can sell to recyclers. you shows me his home a room measuring just over five square metres in the rent one hundred dollars a month to economize the electric heater stays off which means it's as cold inside as out a dangerous mesh of exposed wiring loops around the room he washes outside where there's also a public toilet. my father had to share this bear with me last the sama my
12:48 am
children also visited all five of us have to live in this tiny room some of us have to sleep on the floor can you imagine five people squeeze in this room. he came to beijing almost ten years ago because there was no work in his home province of chandon his wife two daughters and a son are all in other cities he sees them just once a year. so i first daughter and my second daughter a both in college now the reason i'm working here is to save money for their education and last the chinese new year i didn't go home because i didn't have enough money. he's not bitter about his life and accept it's his choice to live this way poverty in china is defined as anyone living on around three hundred sixty
12:49 am
u.s. dollars a year you makes twelve times that but in beijing costs are much higher than elsewhere. his future though is now uncertain in recent weeks the homes of tens of thousands of migrant workers have been demolished on the grounds they violated safety codes for years china's rural poor have been encouraged to move into the big cities but here in beijing officials now want to cap the population of twenty three million and that's why so many migrant workers are being forced to leave neal on illegal i don't have any pension or medical care when i have to look after myself or with no one really cares about you to be honest and never thought about my future. china's economic transformation has for now passed him by down the road there's a new shopping mall and apartment complex aimed at beijing's permanent residence
12:50 am
a world that you is unlikely to ever know adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. the famous u.s. navy aircraft carrier has been discovered seventy six years after it was sunk in a historic world war two battle the u.s.s. lexington and her aircraft the remarkably preserved three kilometers beneath the pacific lady lake says she was no one down at the battle of the coral sea in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the u.s. hope of the japanese advance towards australia she was discovered off the coast of queensland by a search team led by us billionaire and microsoft co-founder paul allen. still ahead in this news hour it was a terrible day for one particular as. formula one season plus. of. the world's all.
12:51 am
business updates.
12:52 am
business updates. ok it's time to get all the sports news down here is fun. barbara thank you so much we start with football and european champions around madrid of book their place in the quarter finals of the champions league they beat p.s.g. five two on aggregate that's a big boost to boss and it seems that down who's under pressure with rail far off the pace in the league a title race liverpool are also through after beating porto five nil on aggregate all english premier league leaders manchester city are on course to reach the last
12:53 am
eight they take on basel at home on wednesday with a four nil aggregate lead their e.p.l. rivals tottenham are looking to complete an unlikely comeback weren't so project cino side escaped with a two two draw and turn against you am the first leg but that was after going down to no end the first ten minutes they take on a of a side to at wembley who are second in syria and are trying to complete trouble this season we nobody will we are going to play with one of the best team. but we had a brave brave team but the bush did people. do love the challenge and to lose some must each other we're going to compete on the same time to do enjoy because he's a game. to enjoy. two time asian champions league winners show ever grand had to come from behind in an eight goal thriller to beat south koreans in the group stages having trailed to no in the first half they had their very own brazilian
12:54 am
forward to thank were harder blurt scored four times it was a welcome come back for ever grand who lost their opening match of the chinese super league season fourth was a real beauty as they went on to win the match five to three. saudi arabia's al hello and captures all ryan played out to a one one draw in riyadh the visitors scored four hours through the most senior. equalized with a goal from the worry in fifty eight minutes twenty seventeen runners up allowed remain with out a win in the group have drawn all three of their games the saudis travel to doha for the return leg on march the twelfth. mclaren's preparations for the new formula one season have been majorly de rails as the final pre-season test a head of the new campaign got underway on choose days so full of van dorn's car suffered a battery problem compound and
12:55 am
a dismal winter testing period for mclaren it was the third day out of a five testing sessions in which they've had to deal with reliability problems less problems for four time world champion sebastian vettel the ferrari driver was quickest. mercedes was next asked. the rival to formula one formulate unveiled a new car for the twenty eight thousand nine hundred season the new generation two car has gone through a massive redesign it's faster and lasts longer so they'll be no need for mid race car swaps the hope is the new look will increase formula e.'s modest fan base the fifth season gets underway later this year. discover we see the most as a weapon against climate change we need to change or see these when we think these movies he would. and form. goes all around the world promoting the guards and this is our work. for the next three seasons to change the world we're like this. the
12:56 am
first man has come forward to q.'s former u.s. gymnastics team doctor larry nasser of sexual abuse jacob morris says he was abused two years ago while being treated by nasser for a shoulder injury the eighteen year old is one of more than two hundred and fifty alleged victims of nasir who's already been sentenced to hundreds of years in jail . i hope to god you know no one no one else is. has been affected by this that hasn't come out yet but. you know if they are out there. you know i don't want them to be you know scared to come out because of you know this stigma that you know guys can be you know sexually abused or you know taking advantage of this serena williams has stepped up her return to competitive tennis with an apparent sign an exhibition tournaments in new york where he has appeared in the tie break tans ahead of her return to the pro tour six months on
12:57 am
from giving birth to her daughter the twenty three time major tournament champion will play at the indian wells event in california the first match that or when. you are going to make your way back starting next week and you've made it a point to set your expectations high which i love why well i think everyone should have high expectations you know you should always believe in yourself even if no one else does and if someone tells you no you just keep going and don't let that stop you so that's kind of how i feel and that's the message that i'm spreading on this journey that and that's all your support for now it's now back to barbara and london for a thank you let me for we go it's remained undiscovered for more than one hundred thirty years before being found washed up on an australian beach this is the world's oldest known message in a bottle it was thrown from a german ship in the indian ocean back in eighty six one of thousands used as an
12:58 am
experiment to better understand the ocean's currents and the record could be broken again because hundreds of those bottles have never been found amazing. well you can find them much more about that bottle never thing else we've been covering on our website beatrice obviously right that is it for this news hour i'll be back in just a few minutes with more. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president abdullah fattah el-sisi is poised for a second term in power. a series of short passes stories that highlight the human
12:59 am
triumph against the odds as president putin dominates the russian political seem his reelection becomes more apparent we assess what direction russia might take. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news has been covered. and as more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking water leaders and research as governor in brazil to address a critical issue march on al-jazeera as poverty and desperation sweep across all hinges settlements women and girls are being bought sold and given away in refugee camps one on one east investigates yet another dark side of the crisis at this time on al jazeera.
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an act of youthful defiance we've ruled your turn next on the school will they arrested me at home at four in the morning electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war at this time on al-jazeera. progress in pyongyang as north korean leader kim jong un indicates he may be willing to suspend this nuclear program to hold talks with south korea and the united states.


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