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capital the capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest climb well protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because to see your business pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. i really believe they are sincere i hope they're sincere will do soon find. cautious optimism from the u.s. as north korea says it is willing to discuss ending its nuclear program. when jane dutton this is al jazeera live from doha it was
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a coming up another top aide in the trump administration is calling it quits economic adviser gary cohen is resigning after disagreements over trade tariffs russia office to allow rebels in syria's eastern good to to leave the area which has been on the government meant for more than two weeks and the saudi crown prince heads to the u.k. company by a massive p.r. campaign. hopeful and skeptical that's how the chump administration is reacting to north korea's announcement that it is willing to discuss suspending its nuclear program and begin talks with washington the u.s. state department confirmed it will hold a meeting with south korea later this week to discuss potential deal nuclearize ation talks with pyongyang the north and south have agreed to hold a historic summit next month u.s.
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president donald trump welcomed the news saying he believes the north most is for the talks are genuine. i think that they are sincere but i think they're sincere also because the sanctions and what we're doing with respect to north korea including you know the great help that we've been given from china and they can do more but i think they've done more than certainly they've ever done for our country before so china has been a big help i think that's been a factor but the sanctions have been very very strong and very biting and we don't want that to happen so i really believe they are sincere i hope they're sincere we're going to soon find out it's going to rob mcbride he is in so how is all of this being viewed from south korea and its regional neighbors. general sense of optimism here jane in south korea
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a widely held belief that this is indeed a landmark agreement or at the very least a breakthrough that should be built upon supporters of the ruling party are calling it historic the conservative opposition here take a different view sometimes a hostile negative view of the whole process still regarding the possibly north korea is performing some sort of elaborate deception of trying to delay of trying to buy time also trying to divide the international community ranged against it as a way of trying to get around for example the sanctions if you are a more conservative hard line or here in south korea you will believe that all of this opening up by north korea is not because of some newfound sense of camaraderie with the south it is because of the effects of sanctions and now is the time not to play nice now is the time to have maximum effort on these sanctions a similarly cautious approach has been taken by japan japan's defense minister has
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questioned the motivation of north korea asking to see some concrete measures when it comes to denuclearization china i think is far more welcoming of the whole process they have a very special role being one of north korea's very few allies in the world and they have been under intense pressure to drive home these sanctions against north korea it has been a difficult time for them they would welcome any opportunity of being of being allowed to emerge from underneath this burden south korea has started this process but there is a lot of speculation given china's position its special role in the region that maybe it now takes up the initiative and could be the stage for negotiations between north korea and the united states if indeed they do take place the envoys who from south korea will visit china and japan as part of their effort to explain the. remember first of course they go to the united states where everybody agrees
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that if there is going to be gene uclear rise zation then it must involve talks between north korea and the us joy that the summit will be the first between the leaders of north and south korea since two thousand and seven rob what do you think the prospects are. there is huge excitement about this summit it is or do they expect the headlines in all of the newspapers it's dominating all of the news programs here especially the location where it takes place previous summits have taken place in pyongyang this will take place in the truce village the village inside the d.m.z. where the one nine hundred fifty three armistice was signed that ended the korean war interestingly will also take place in a building just to the south of the line between north and south korea and as many newspapers here are pointing out this will be the first time that a north korean leader will have stepped foot on south korean soil so it is a prospect that is full of symbolism thank you rob the top economic adviser to the
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white house has announced is stepping down gary cohen has been a vocal critic of trump's controversial proposed tariffs on steel and elemental he faced calls to resign last year to try and fail to condemn white supremacists attack in charlottesville doesn't jordan has more from washington d.c. . certainly the terror of issue is much more serious because that goes to the very heart of the u.s. economy its ability to trade goods with other countries in a way that doesn't cost the u.s. economy too much money and of course there's now fear that is going to be the case we don't know when gary coleman is leaving but certainly it's been a lot of discussion here in washington today this is the us president the white house has a tremendous energy and we have tremendous talent you know they'll be people i'm not going to be specific but they'll be people the change they always change
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sometimes they want to go out and do something else but they all want to be in the white house so many people want to come and i have a choice of anybody i could take any position in the white house and i'll have a choice of the ten people having to do with that position everybody wants to be there and they love this white house because we have energy like rarely before now later this evening the u.s. president did tweet out that apparently he does have someone in mind to her face gary cohn he's not dropping any has about. that who that person might be it could be a noted economist it could be a noted businessman or investor we'll just have to wait to see but again gary condit will be leaving the white house after a little more than a year on the job at least he can say that he helped push through a big tax cut plan even though the plan itself is still very controversial. an advisor to the united arab emirates with ties to several of president chimes aides
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has reportedly given evidence to the f.b.i. it's part of the probe of alleged foreign meddling in the twenty sixteen election the new york times reports george nader is cooperating with special counsel robert mueller as investigation gave testimony last week to a grand jury it says nate attended secret meetings between enron officials and trump associates during the presidential transition hail johnson is executive director of the arab sense of washington and has worked with neda personally he says he has a reputation as a political meddling there is no doubt this is very embarrassing for the administration how can a shadowy figure like george matter who basically has been known around town to be more of a political a slur if you will how did he manage to penetrate the highest levels of the campaign at the time and get to meet with people like dan and through and friends
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on behalf of the transition team and to connect them with a foreign government assuming that he was paid probably by that foreign government or some of its actors this is definitely embarrassing to the president but it's also an embarrassing to another who kind of you know made a living out of such shenanigans and washington d.c. he's not the only one known him for more than i would say twelve to fifteen years washington is full of governors like that. basically trying to present themselves as all or brokers if you. russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage to syrian rebel fighters and their families if they go to bat for the rebels it's a matter of trust they accuse russia of escalating the fighting and ignoring a temporary truce strikes killed at least ten people on tuesday. from beirut in neighboring lebanon. the latest bombing campaign in eastern into its third week
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i believe. the number of civilians killed is climbing within the hour away. from the. civil defense volunteers are overwhelmed now russia is offering a way to stop the war russian military commanders say they will guarantee safe passage out of the besieged enclave for rebel fighters and their families. immunity for all fighters who choose to leave personal weapons and with their families is government you did by the russian center we call upon the leaders of all the illegal groups to make everything possible to lose the civilians from suffering and secure unobstructed delivery of humanitarian aid to. the hundreds of thousands of people in eastern who are trapped in a war zone many refusing to cross into government controlled territory because of
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the lack of security guarantees the pro-government alliance blames the rebels for preventing civilians from believing and holding them as human shields the rebel factions deny that and accuse russia of insisting on military escalation and force displacement what is known as the revolutionary leadership announced general mobilization to defend the cities and towns of eastern thought. that this unite and forget the differences of the past the world with your steadfastness first of you. with all her sacrifice of the ring disheartening victories near many many requests to join so we opened many recruiting centers for volunteers and be your the opposition has lost ground in recent days rebel defenses collapsed in the eastern side of the enclave the fighting hasn't yet reached heavily populated areas but pro-government forces seem to want to avoid direct
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combat the strategy appears to involve surrounding the main towns and cutting rebel supply lines to force a surrender that is what they did in the battle for aleppo they laid siege to the rebel controlled east of the city for months and then they launched an all out military campaign it was only when the rebels found themselves trapped in a small pocket of territory that they agreed to leave with their families many others left with them particularly those involved in opposition activities the people of eastern fear the same fate doctors civil defense volunteers media activists are all considered terrorists by the government they don't want to be forced from their homes but the likelihood is increasing dozens are killed every day the suffering is only getting worse. said of. beirut still ahead on al-jazeera the u.k. threatens to take whatever stretch steps are necessary if moscow is behind the
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suspected poisoning of a former russian spy. plus the anti immigration rhetoric of italy's election why some fear it could lead to attacks on foreign. hello there we've had a lot of wintery weather across parts of north america recently we've seen a lot of heavy snow over parts of the midwest and also some very strong winds and that of course has given us some blizzards now this has caused quite bad visibility on some of the roads cording quite a few problems there and it's also caused the cold cancellation of several flights so few problems there and the system hasn't quite finished with this just yet it's gradually edging its way towards the east and as it does so it's going to continue to bring some snow and some rain most of the rain as you might expect is in the south but that's clearing away for wednesday and it's just going to be the snow
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that's clinging on to the northeast as we head through wednesday and thursday and by the time this system has finished with us some places could see around thirty centimeters of snow further towards the west is generally a lot quieter for many of us here but not for that far west coast where there be another weather system ringing us yet more rain and some snow at times to every further towards the south or for many of us in the caribbean it's fine and dry we have got some very strong waves and strong winds though for some of these northern island sort of the west more in the way of cloud here that stretches down through into mexico and this system still going to be with us on thursday giving us a few breaks of rain as we head down tools brazil we've got some very sharp showers here. we watch. they gather evidence so we.
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american cyber activists develops and use them presumably. we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. begin to. be. stunned. that they are watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour donald trump says he believes north korea is a willingness to discuss ending its nuclear program is genuine the u.s. has confirmed it will hold a meeting with south korea later this week to discuss potential denuclearize ation
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talks with pyongyang the leaders of south and north korea are also said to meet in a summit next month. the us president says he'll be making a decision soon on a replacement for outgoing white house economic adviser gary cohen cohens resignation on choose a marks the latest in a string of high profile departures plaguing the trump administration. russia's military has offered a guarantee of safe passage for syrian rebel fighters and their families if they leave east and go to bed rebels are accusing russia of escalating the fighting and ignoring a temporary truce. the u.k. says it will respond robustly if russia is found to be behind the suspected poisoning of a former double agent former russian intelligence officer scruple was found unconscious on a bench in southern england on sunday along with these thirty three year old daughter moscow has denied any involvement need barker reports from salisbury.
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a police cordon surrounds the scene where surrogate's cripple and his daughter yulia were found fighting for their lives the bench where they were sitting is covered by a forensic tent nearby police have set up an investigation unit c.c.t.v. footage shows the pair shortly before they became critically ill after exposure to an unknown substance they remain in intensive care in hospital this is been a fast paced investigation and our focus has been on trying to establish what has caused these people to become critically ill and whether or not criminal activity has taken place. in london the british foreign secretary promised a robust investigation he threatened to extend sanctions against moscow if it turns out the kremlin's to blame no i'm not not pointing fingers because we can't this is because you don't sound point fingers i see governments around the world the new
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tent to take innocent life on u.k. soil will go either unsanctioned or unpunished two police officers have also been treated for minor symptoms of contamination but were later discharged the authorities say there is no known risk to the public the possible by who called the emergency services so the two were in a semi paralyzed state vomiting and foaming from the mouth before passing out yulia scrip always then airlifted to hospital a father surrogate followed by road sixty six year old surrogate strip our was a retired military intelligence colonel this is the moment he was arrested by russian security services he was jailed for thirteen years by moscow for passing the identities of russian agents working in europe to british intelligence. it was released during a high profile spy swap in two thousand and ten one of four prisoners released in
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exchange for ten russian sleeper agents planted in the u.s. he was later flown to the u.k. where he's been living this is an image of yulia script while she is in her early thirty's and was visiting her father from russia the mystery poisonings led to comparisons with the two thousand and six killing of former russian agent alexander litvinenko he died in agony twenty three days after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium one of his suspected killers and look of oil is now a russian m.p. immune from prosecution an inquiry into the death concluded the president vladimir putin probably approved the killing police say they're keeping an open mind over what happened here british counterterrorist specialists have now taken control of this fast paced investigation the life of a russian double agent is fraught with danger nieve barkha al jazeera solsbury the russian embassy in the u.k. has responded to johnson's comments writing we are impressed by the statement of
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the foreign secretary in parliament today the foreign secretary spoke in such a manner as if the investigation was already over and russia was found responsible for what had happened in salzburg bill browder prominent critic of president putin has accused the kremlin of killing a number of its enemies including his own lawyer surrogate magnitsky in a russian prison in two thousand and nine. it's clear that something very dramatic happened based on the chronology of events and you had this man walking along the street with his daughter and then twenty minutes later they were found both in a state of unconscious and apparently in critical condition and so it's it's quite alarming it's not clear what was used on them what they were exposed to and i'm comforted by the fact that the that the police are taking are treating this as a as a terrorist incident and they've sent in the end anti terror unit from from the metropolitan
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police to look at this because that means that we're not going to end up in some stupid situation where they destroy the evidence before trying to figure out what happened the main thing that they've done horribly wrong is that there was a similar murder which took place here alexander litvinenko in two thousand and six and it has since been determined that this was a murder that was organized by the kremlin and it was it was determined by a high court judge and one would think that if if if a high court judge has come to a verdict that there was a russian government assassination of a british citizen on u.k. soil that there would be consequences to the russian government for organising organizing their murder but there have not been and so i would say that we don't know what happened to surface cripple but what i can say is that the duty of care is not just to him but it's to everybody who has a beef with russia which is to create consequences for russia so they don't feel like the welcome mat is open for them to do their hits on u.k. soil. saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman arrives in the u.k.
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on wednesday where he is expected to meet the queen and the prime minister to resume a saudi arabia is a key trading partner for britain but there's opposition to close the ties between the two countries. shelve explains. muhammad bin said mine is visiting london and he wants everyone to know about it adverts like these have been placed across the capital portraying the crown prince as a friend of britain a reformist who's changing his kingdom for the better. the british government is rolling out the red carpet for m.b.a.'s as he's known in what's the thirty two year old's first official visit to the u.k. since being appointed heir apparent. britain is saudi second most important partner for arms sales and security with british companies selling billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the saudis the u.k. government which is preparing for a post brigs its economy means to boost the amount of trade in other centers to.
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its why prime minister to raise a may in foreign secretary boris johnson have both visited the saudi capital recently may's government sees it's in the u.k. has interests to do more business with the saudis and to have an even closer relationship with riyadh critics are opposed to that and there's major opposition have been some months visits as well as how britain has posy the up to the saudis opponents accuse the saudis of killing thousands of civilians in yemen as well as committing widespread human rights abuses at home the leader of the opposition labor party germy corben has called for a halt on all weapon sales with several other members of parliament also against m.b.'s his visit i think most people in this country and many following terry's probably majority parliamentarians do not welcome this this desk in this country and in a given a state visit to get an audience with our head of state i think sent all the wrong signals it's legitimizing an illegitimate regime
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a despotic regime and we need to do better britain needs to do better. at a media conference by the stop the war coalition organizers announced a protest outside the prime minister's home in downing street they want to send the message to been samantha and his hosts that despite the p.r. campaign patrolling him as a reformist they believe the saudi regime is an oppressive one the argument about reform at the moment being soman is a reformer is is spin in the most superficial spin at that i mean it is one of the most backward one of the most undemocratic one of the most brutal regimes in the whole world and at that level there's a very strong argument for saying that he shouldn't leak he shouldn't be coming anywhere near britain aside from meeting britain's queen elizabeth and political leaders the crown prince and his delegation which includes several government ministers is due to meet the head of the bank of england and business leaders as well currents how to trade with the u.k. is estimated at around eight billion dollars a year the british government is expecting the saudis to increase that took ten
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billion dollars annually muhammad been so man will receive a warm welcome at downing street by a british prime minister mute of money as she struggles with bricks it negotiations but across the road protesters will gather among them several members of parliament to the mts the visit they believe the ideals and principles of freedom and human rights should not be forsaken no matter how much the saudis are willing to invest in the u.k.'s economy. and i just see the number of senior united nations official says it is impossible to safely send rangar refugees back to me in my because of what he calls an ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing assistant secretary general andrew gilmore toured a refugee camp in bangladesh he says rangar still face killings rape and for starvation in rakhine state meanwhile as government denies such abuses are taking place and has promised to take back the refugees seven hundred thousand rangar have
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sold refuge in bangladesh since a military crackdown began in august. nobody wants to reward the ethnic cleansing on the myanmar side who have driven them out but at the same time one cannot afford to go back into what could well be certain that what is going on at the moment not only are they still killings are they still rapes on a large scale not only are they driving people out with force and threats but also there is it seems always systematic attempt to destroy the future livelihoods for a second day protests have been held in italy over the death of a senegalese man in florence protesters called on the city's mayor to seek justice for the man who was shot and killed by an italian police say the killing was not racially motivated and the man was going to kill himself but turned the gun on a stranger incident has heightened tensions following it's an election that
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centered on anti migrant sentiment. the anti immigrant party known as lego where the league is now a dominant force in a talent politics after winning the largest share in sunday's election their leader says he's the only possible candidate for prime minister but their fears increasing as xenophobic rhetoric from politicians is feeding into attacks on foreigners as an addition bother reports from. i allow lego rally in the run up to sunday's election formerly the northern league it's grown from a northern separatist movement to a nationwide populist party under matteo salvini and there's a familiar slogan with a clear subtext for the hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees who've made italy their home mortgages you know i mean. those that use the league she something clear the talents first italians first. and it's that same slogan you can see on the banners of the extreme right like at this gathering in rome of the cars
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a pound of lint there was a small party and failed to win seats in parliament but their opponents such as these counter protesters say electoral success is not their only purpose and the. school in the most of them some organization is a hiding to surprising themselves that speaking about democracy but using words of hatred discrimination racism and carrying out aggression misunderstandings. one attack last month hit the headlines a gunman drove around shooting at african migrants in the central city of much errata wounding six of them when police arrested suspects look at trainee he had the italian flag draped over his shoulders but inside his home they found nazi material people who know him say trainee was a leak party candidate in local elections before turning to the neo fascist group fortson over as well as cause a pound here in the capital the bangladeshi community is one group that's been targeted more than seventy bangladeshis many of them street vendors have been
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beaten up in the last few years a sort of initiation rite for young. fascist activists this wrong based journalist says the anti immigrant language that dominated much of the election campaign is having a knock on effect but it is using immigration and. selfies that that extreme right fact is not just these two parties. they are creating small groups. and it could target they make it into parties like lego and their electoral allies the brothers of italy deny links to neo fascist groups and have spoken out against physical attacks on foreigners but their detractors say they're knowingly creating hatred with dangerous consequences gently maybe present growing climate of fear in the country and often that immigrants don't report violent incidents because they might not have residents as well because they're scared that speaking out might have worse consequences. mateo
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salvini and his party are on the rise and expanding their support base but as attitudes harden against immigrants some fear that's already making life dangerous for minority communities here the dean barber al-jazeera wrote. a top court in brazil has rejected an attempt by former president lula da silva to avoid prison he's been sentenced to twelve years behind bars for corruption the decision costs further doubts over his bid to run in october his presidential election leader was convicted last year for accepting a luxury apartment from a construction company involved in a massive corruption scandal. the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president believes north korea's willingness to discuss ending its nuclear program
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is genuine washington has confirmed it will be holding a meeting with south korea later this week to discuss potential de nuclearize ation talks with pyongyang however the u.s. says it's imposing more sanctions on north korea over the killing of kim jong un's half brother last year i think that they are sincere but i think they're sincere also because the sanctions and what we're doing with respect to north korea including you know the great help that we've been given from china and they can do more but i think they've done more than certainly they've ever done for our country before so china has been a big help i think that's been a factor but the sanctions have been very very strong and very biting. and we don't want that to happen so i really believe they are sincere i hope they're sincere we're going to soon find and trump says he'll be making a decision soon on a replacement for outgoing white house economic adviser gary cohen cohens
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resignation on tuesday marks the latest in a string of high profile departures plaguing the trump administration. the russian military has offered safe passage for syrian rebel rebel fighters and families if they leave eastern goods about rebels accuse russia of escalating the fighting and ignoring a temporary choose. moscow's blaming technical error for a plane crash in syria that killed thirty nine people it says the accident happened as the russian cargo plane was trying to land at a base near the port city of the tukey. u.k. says it will respond robustly if russia is found to be behind this expected poisoning of a former double agent surrogate screwball was found unconscious in southern england on sunday along with his daughter moscow has denied any involvement. a topcoat in brazil as well jacked an attempt by former president lula da silva to avoid
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a twelve year prison sentence for corruption that leila can be arrested if the jail term is up held on appeal as of the headlines rebel. just east is influencing. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside polling the media opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. digital technology offers the promise of intimacy and easement and even longer not. even the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems we've discovered a need to i mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended for money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use these powers. now a new generation of bookie easiness skills to challenge the tech giants.


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