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mitri think it's how you approach an individual and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. inject a story in out. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. the syrian government sends more troops to rebel held eastern the border as the u.n. calls again for an urgent cease fire. i'm sorry is a down this is al jazeera live from the hall so coming up south korea's president
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echoes the cautious sentiment of world leaders about the summit with the north the saudi crown prince heads to the u.k. supported by a massive p.r. campaign. voting to elect a new president in sierra leone but many people are frustrated with the main two parties. now the syrian government has sent reinforcements to join the battle for eastern also according to the syrian observatory for human rights the u.k. based monitoring group is reporting at least seven hundred fighters have arrived at the front lines near the capital damascus it says the government's retaken forty five percent of the rebel held area after days of intense fighting that's despite calls from the u.n. secretary general for all parties in syria to implement a cease fire the u.n. security council is set to hold an urgent meeting on the escalating violence later on wednesday more than eight hundred people have died since the races defensive in
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the east and also began on february eighteenth was in a hole the joins us now live from beirut in neighboring lebanon reinforcements and going there what is the situation with the fighting. well yes like you mentioned more reinforcements to the front lines up to seven hundred men to join the battle according to the syrian observatory for human rights the pro-government alliance is bent on recapturing. they're making that clear in their actions and in their words just a few days ago the syrian president himself. defying international criticism that the military campaign to recapture will continue and now the government has taken ground from the rebels particular particularly in the eastern side of eastern a lot of farmlands and small towns in those areas and now they're pushing further west what they want to do is link up with their troops in the western side in the suburb of so the government's military strategy seems to be to split. into
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two and sever supply lines and then surround the maven towns the main suburbs like . this way you put pressure on the rebels to surrender and it's not just the ground campaign the airstrikes continue already more than eight hundred people have been killed in this bombing campaign which is now entering its third week. what sort of . stance of the opposition the rebel fighters taking i mean news of government reinforcements. well the rebels are remaining defiant we're getting the first direct response to the russian offer for an amnesty the russian military telling the rebels you can leave with a secure safe passage for you and your family. as one of the main factions in eastern with they're saying no the people of eastern with the rebel factions we will defend our land also saying or denying that there are any negotiations over a withdrawal now the russian defense ministry
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a short while ago saying that there are some rebel groups willing to accept our offer but they didn't mention which groups and it's very hard for us to independently confirm that for the time being but clearly there is defiance and despite the suffering because the people know the choice is displacement and this placement to another rebel held area which is under attack and these people do not want to leave their homes and it's not just that they're scared to go into government controlled territory without any safety guarantees so the rebels remain defiant the government bent on taking. and the civilians really trapped in a war so. we'll leave it there for now thanks so much dana hold on. says north korea seems sincere in its apparent willingness to negotiate with the united states on giving up nuclear weapons but south korea's president says it's too early to be optimistic when jane says he's no plans to ease sanctions before next month's summit with conjunction. from seoul there is widespread optimism in south
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korea at what many believe is a landmark agreement but conservative opposition parties still suspect north korea of playing a game of deception to buy time for its nuclear and missile development. there's been similar caution from japan which has accused north korea of renee going on previous agreements made in here or past discussions with north korea have not resulted in the nuclear a cation so our response should be based on lessons learned from their talks for the sake of talks are meaningless in china one of north korea's few allies and a possible partner in brokering future negotiations has been more welcoming. and a cautious welcome from u.s. president donald trump hopefully will go in the very very peaceful beautiful path we're prepared to go whichever path is necessary i think we're having very good dialogue south korea's envoys now travel to the u.s.
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to sell the merits of the deal the question for officials there is whether there is sufficient substance to get them involved this is a huge opportunity lost if we can't get some talks going with north korea to prolong this reduction in tension because what's the alternative to talks is what winston churchill said if you don't jar jar you're going to be in war war south korea's desire to avoid conflict at all costs may have started this push for dialogue it is now for others it seems to take it up for it to work if americans decide that it's a time to stop talking to the north koreans and it's like if they're making business here right now they will do it again there's not any inference of north south communication all sides no previous talks on the north korean crisis have been plagued by mistrust and failure. supporters of the initiative say the
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difference this time is a sincerity too weak to deal but unlike previous attempts the north is so close to achieving its nuclear ambitions the united states is so determined to stop it one way or another the price of failure could be far higher robert bride al jazeera so . human rights groups are urging the u.k. prime minister to deliver a tough message when she meets the saudi crown prince later one hundred sandman is due to arrive in london in a few hours ways expected to meet the queen and the prime minister saudi arabia is a major trade partners britain that leaves prepares to leave the e.u. but there's opposition to closer ties between the countries explains. have been some man is visiting london and he wants everyone to know about it adverts like these have been placed across the capital portraying the crown prince as a friend of britain a reformist who's changing his kingdom for the better. the british government is
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rolling out the red carpet for m.b.a.'s as he's known in what's the thirty two year old's first official visit to the u.k. since being appointed heir apparent. britain is saudi's second most important partner for arms sales and security with british companies selling billions of dollars worth of military equipment to the saudis the u.k. government which is preparing for a post brigs its economy means to boost the amount of trade in other sectors true. it's why prime minister to raise a may in foreign secretary boris johnson have both visited the saudi capital recently mays government sees it's in the u.k. has interests to do more business with the saudis and to have an even closer relationship with riyadh critics all opposed to gotten is major opposition chipped in some months visits as well as how britain has posy dup to the saudis opponents accuse the saudis of killing thousands of civilians in yemen as well as committing widespread human rights abuses at home the leader of the opposition labor party
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germy corbin has called for a halt all weapon sales with several other members of parliament also against m.b.'s his visit i think most people in this country and many following terry's probably majority of voluntary do not welcome this this desk in this country and to give him a state visit to give an audience with our head of state i think sent all the wrong signals it's legitimizing an illegitimate regime a despotic regime and we need to do better britain needs to do better. as a media conference by the stop the war coalition organizers announced a protest outside the prime minister's home in downing street they want to send the message to been some man and his hosts that this by the p.r. campaign patrolling came as a reformist they believe the saudi regime is an oppressive one the argument about reform at the moment being sound money is a reformer is a spin and the most superficial spin at that i mean it is one of the most backward one of the most undemocratic one of the most brutal regime. in the whole world and
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at that level there's a very strong argument for saying that he shouldn't leak he shouldn't be coming anywhere near britain aside from meeting britain's queen elizabeth and political leaders the crown prince and his delegation which includes several government ministers is due to meet the head of the bank of england and business leaders as well current saudi trade with the u.k.'s estimated that's around eight billion dollars a year the british government is expecting the saudis to increase that took ten billion dollars annually mohamed bin so man will receive a warm welcome at downing street by a british prime minister in need of money as she struggles with briggs it negotiations but across the road protesters will gather among them several members of parliament to denounce the visit they believe ideals and principles of freedom and human rights should not be forsaken no matter how much the saudis are willing to invest in the u.k.'s economy. and i just see the number of. voters in sierra leone are choosing
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a new president ernest bai koroma stepping down after ten years in the leaders of sixteen political parties are vying to succeed him three million voters are registered for the third election since the end of the civil war. is in the capital freetown for so how's it look so far there are people are turning out to vote. absolutely sammy the enthusiasm here is great and people looking forward to whoever succeeds and is by koroma they have several hopes and aspirations to be met. things like employment where you find the youth unemployment rate is more than seventy percent there people who people good roads infrastructure development across every leo on basic education to make it free at least one of the political parties is promising that the enthusiasm here is so so great that a lot of people even before dawn have queued up in this polling station here
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exactly there are more than a dozen polling stations and people like you enough to cast their vote by lots to choose a president members of parliament and local council officials that include mayors and councillors now across southern yawn we hear that things are moving on fine in sutton place and in most places but in certain places there are few which was where elections cannot start i had of shadow now to talk about that is our made sally you giallo election monitor here is certainly on can you talk to us what do you hearing from your team your colleagues across syria on what are they saying about voting in other areas of the moments of hot sun to speak to my colleagues across the country and reports coming from the other parts of the country indicates that the process of this started according to. the police is it didn't start to get to seventy a large that it doesn't peaceful and
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a lot of people have come out in the numbers to cast their votes for the flock on the night before this election there were warnings about election violence a possibility of violence breaking out a jew ring in after the vote what are you hearing are these concerns justified from what you're hearing from your colleagues across the lower in the of. because we're also monitoring the incidence of elections violence across the country and before the polls today they reported incidents we have to monitor this once i'll have all the polls. in the us of course a good deal votes in that we have notes any instance of. we doing basically it's only a few hours since voting started the show was to continue to monitor the process i would hope it doesn't end soon now prior to these start to voting today there was a ban on vehicle or movement which was resisted by rights organizations and such and political parties talk to us about that as well how was it impacted on the
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election while of course it is not scots. on the deal votes and because. that's of course it will stick into thoughts. and stop to doubts by the courts but then it gets lost he said yesterday with some amendments of course with also that said amendments have been able to cater. for people with disabilities and other categories and even doubt been and some concerns that some. people come on this the rank you so much i'm a child you an election monitor here inside and you're monitoring the elections now voting will continue across syria until five o'clock local time five o'clock g.m.t. when the polls will close and then the coalition of results will start over to some it will come back to you to get those results from the coming thanks so much for now. still ahead on al-jazeera.
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homes destroyed and lives shattered in egypt's sinai our exclusive report on the military operation against armed groups that plus find out why green bananas have become a symbol of the fight to legalize abortion in argentina. and i was a good line of visible big showers now on this particular sequence from satellite that runs from papua new guinea right through southern borneo his three figures i've picked that show you what twenty four hours worth of those shows delivered hundred seventy millimeters in some parts borne the sounds kind of on time and the same could be true in some parts of sumatra and certain the full cost retains that potential that money even reached singapore and kuala lumpur still include sudden
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borneo and to some degree java rather less than of late but you couldn't expect to be bone dry in jakarta it does look relatively dry in the philippines but the southern philippines might see some passing fairly big shows the real heavy stuff is just to the south run new caledonia where we've got a tropical storm surge of cycling but more especially in land in queens in the noway dying to new south wales has been significant falls of rain in the last twenty four hours i mean this is real flooding in parts of tropical queensland that looks on the rains moving slowly west so that flooded part of tropical queen's it will probably see a bit of an east to the to the rain but given the potential it might well reach as far west as alice springs on thursday twenty three is max sas summer continues nice and warm me. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our own lives
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in taking the details of saving lives is a dangerous job the vaccine talks on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for his mother since we must be in pain life's worth risking their lives so we can go one of the gang stops some vehicles on the road that can just do what for them risking it all guinea at this time on al jazeera. you're watching are just zero time to recap the headlines now the syrian government to send reinforcements to join the battle for eastern the halter according to the syrian observatory for human rights russia says some of the rebels have agreed to leave the proceeds neighborhood moscow has promised them safe passage and in the
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community. voters in sierra leone are choosing a new president by koroma stepping down after ten years leaders of sixteen political parties are vying to succeed him. south korea's president says it's too early to be optimistic about progress with the north when jane says he has no plans to ease sanctions against pyongyang head of an historic summit with the leader kim jong un next month. bill richardson is the former governor of new mexico and former u.s. negotiator to north korea he says negotiating a deal is the aim game for north korea. i think sanctions are starting to bite the north korean economy's in bad shape these sanctions have. oil sanctions food stops energy north korean workers not bringing money back to north korea that's one reason the second it could be that north korea realizes that they've reached the
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highest point of their nuclear and missile arsenal so they feel emboldened to negotiate and thirdly i believe that kim jong un has a plan to get something in return obviously an end of sanctions end of the armistice agreement the war with the united states that hasn't happened some kind of economic assistance i think possibly long term long term a bargaining situation where north korea get some economic relief and sanctions relief that's what i think the end game for can john moon is but he so unpredictable he doesn't talk to anybody in the first talkies ad has been with the south korean on boys which is good so let's be positive about a development that in the past maybe has not worked but still so much tension but there is less tension in the korean peninsula at the day and that's good. al
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jazeera has obtained exclusive footage from the sinai peninsula showing the aftermath of an egyptian military operation armed forces moved in one month ago to root out i saw an armed groups for residents in the area say they're on the sea and their homes have been destroyed shallop ballasts reports. buildings pulverized by egyptian explosives. this exclusive video shows the carnage inside sinai one month after the egyptian ministry of defense began a major operation against eisel and other armed groups. witnesses told al-jazeera the military has demolished schools and dozens of homes displaced residents say they have nothing to return to their own lives the moment you and i am god will punish those who forced us to leave our homes in our lands we've been here since our great grandfather and we're very sad but we can't do anything we will always hope to come back again to our houses and land. the military hasn't
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talked about the destruction of homes but in its latest statement it says one hundred forty five hideouts outposts and store houses have been destroyed along with the workshop used for making explosives and twenty one plantations of marijuana and poppies used for r.p.m. they say they've made two hundred forty five arrests. the most recent defense video uploaded on saturday is unapologetic egypt's had five years of failed military campaigns in the sinai president abdul fattah el-sisi is doing everything in his power to change that using abrams battle tanks how woodson's if sixteen fighter jets and apache attack helicopters has very strong symbolic meaning by sending a message to the educators and also the egyptian people maybe you will feel that some stick is being done seriously messages are important for president sisi who's
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up for reelection in less than three weeks and is reeling from a run of attacks in twenty seventeen in april forty six people were killed in twin suicide bombings that coptic churches intend to and alexandria during easter a month later i saw a gunman shot days thirty christians south of cairo as they traveled to a monastery. in november the worst attack in egypt's modern history up to thirty islamic state gunmen stormed a soofi mosque and killed more than three hundred people. this is payback but in these rare images the first from a source other than the government egyptians living in sinai say they are surrounded under siege by their own military shelob eles al-jazeera. sri lanka's president is ordering police to stop those responsible for causing religious tension across the country he's declared
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a weeklong state of emergency to try and stop the violence against the most the minority the military's been deployed to the city of candy and a curfew is now in place as the moment homes and businesses have been set on fire and damaged in riots the u.s. secretary of state has announced an african aid plan worth more than half a billion dollars it will see ethiopia somalia south sudan and nigeria among others receive humanitarian assistance rex tillerson revealed the plans as he began his first official tour of the continent she had returned see as more on the u.s. is charm offensive. mr rex tillerson. eight days the u.s. secretary of state will visit the capitals of ethiopia and kenya chad and in nigeria rex tillerson says the u.s. wants to show its commitments to african development this administration six to deepen our partnership with africa with the name of making african countries more resilient and more self-sufficient the trip was first announced in january shortly
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after donald trump allegedly used a profanity to describe african countries other than that sentiment which the president denies having expressed this is one of the few on the record elements the president has made about the council much money friends going to your country is trying to get rich it is not clear that president shop has ever been to africa that he knows very much about the continent it's all. and nor does he appear particularly interested in learning which is the great irony because for that administration such as his which is trying to grow economic relationships around the world as a means of improving american businesses there is enormous opportunity at the state department background briefing about to listen strip officials they were keen to emphasize the u.s. sees more in africa than u.s. corporate profits and military bases in fact u.s. officials criticize china and russia for exploiting the resources of african countries without giving back to the african people but while china has poured
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money into the development of african infrastructure and trade the u.s. under president obama massively expanded the u.s. his military and cia footprint throughout the continent and it is notable that while key african vacancies remain in the trump state department for example an assistant secretary to coordinate diplomatic policy the white house has managed to appoint a former cia official to be its senior director for africa but the five countries are fifty four trays in for to listen strip key to the u.s. is military strategy in. the region suggests here at least there will be continuity with president obama's african policies thank you for your very kind of tension. to listen this trip will be the first of many to africa but there is a suspicion that the trumpet ministration doesn't intend fully to engage with the continent diplomatically there's a debate as to whether that's necessarily a bad thing for african nations you have returned to the old washington. senior
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british ministers a centimeter over the suspected poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. counter-terrorism police are investigating why former russian intelligence officer scott paul and his daughter were found unconscious on sunday they remain in a critical condition in hospital the u.k. says it will respond robustly if russia is behind the incident moscow is denying any involvement. calls are growing in argentina for abortion to be legalized it's allowed in specific cases in the mainly catholic country for instance if the pregnancy is the result of rape congress is expected to debate the controversial issue for the first time throws a bow reports from the scientists. green bandanas have become the symbol of the fight a legalized abortion in argentina. on tuesday there were hundreds of them when the bill was presented in congress. this is the seventh time we've presented this
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project and for the first time it will be debated in congress that's why we're happy and it includes the possibility of having an abortion until fourteen weeks of pregnancy we've been fighting for years for something like this to happen abortion is illegal in argentina in most cases but the health ministry says that between three hundred seventy and five hundred thousand planned this tiny abortions are carried out every year women in argentina are not only address come being detained if they have an abortion but also thousands of them are hospitalized every year because of complications with the procedure and that's why women here i demanding the legalization of abortion because basically that women's lives i risk. for the first time in this country's history abortion will be debated in congress over seventy congress men have already signed the petition. a move that people like lisa and catalina are celebrating this days they are part of an aid group that assists
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women who want to have an abortion even if that means breaking the law the group has a website where women can get information and help if something goes wrong. but in some poor areas women end up going to appease to get rid of the baby easily you know it's unsafe what we try to do is give them information and put them in touch with people that could help them if they have complications. two of the main opposition in argentina is the catholic church and it's not clear yet whether the abortion project will get enough votes to become a law. the fact that pope francis is argentinian has many wondering whether the church will get involved in the debate. any says it's time legislators put their religious beliefs aside and start looking at argentina's dramatic health indicators that showed that candace tine abortions ira leading cause of maternal mortality in the country. legalizing abortion would mean that i
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wouldn't see women here in the hospital with the complications that we see today they would meet their doctor go to the pharmacy and then they can have a private abortion at home. they d.p.t. will begin later this month in congress and it is expected to divide argentinean society supporting their bill say they will continue to fight for a right believe it will save many lives. as. police in colombia have seized more than four and a half tons of cocaine what they say is their biggest anti drug operation this year four hundred thirty million dollars worth of the drugs were found in a shipment of banal is headed for belgium police believe they belong to the gulf clan the country's largest criminal gang colombia's one of the world's largest cocaine producers despite government efforts to stop the trade. least eighteen people have died in the largest aftershock after last week's earthquake in papua new guinea the magnitude six point seven tremor struck early on wednesday the
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strongest since last monday's magnitude seven point five quake aid workers fear the death toll could rise to more than one hundred. in the world ocean summit to get underway in mexico to work out what to do about the impact of humans on the sea it will address issues like overfishing and the invasion of plastic. rich dive a rich horn or rather captured this video off the coast of bali he says it's the worst he's ever seen. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now the syrian government has sent reinforcements to join the battle for eastern according to the syrian observatory for human rights russia says some of the rebels have agreed to leave the besieged neighborhood moscow's from acing them safe passage and immunity so in
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a hole that has more from beirut more reinforcements to the front lines in eastern up to seven hundred men to join the battle according to the syrian observatory for human rights the pro-government alliance is bedtime recapturing eastern they're making that clear in their actions and in their words just a few days ago the syrian president himself. defying international criticism said that the military campaign to recapture will continue and now the government has taken ground from the rebels particularly particularly in the eastern side of eastern farmlands and small towns in those areas south korea's president says it's too early to be optimistic about progress with the north. he has no plans to ease sanctions against pyongyang ahead of a storage summit with leader kim jong un next month donald trump says pyongyang seems sincere in its apparent willingness to negotiate with the u.s. on giving up nuclear weapons voters in sierra leone to choosing
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a new president by koroma stepping down after ten years the leaders of sixteen political parties vying to succeed him. exclusive al-jazeera footage from the sinai peninsula shows the aftermath of an egyptian military operation armed forces moved in on a month ago to root out eisel and other armed groups residents in the area say they're under siege their homes have been destroyed sri lanka has frozen and is ordering police to stop those responsible for causing religious tension across the country is declared a week long state of emergency to try and stop violence against the muslim minority muslim owned homes and businesses have been set on fire and damaged in riots and candy senior british ministers ascent to meet over the suspected poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. counter-terrorism police are investigating why four out former russian intelligence officers surrogates cripple and his daughter were found unconscious on sunday they remain in critical condition in hospital as the headline is these continues here on
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al jazeera after risking it all stay with us. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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