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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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suspected money laundering operation this time was different. an accidental discovery the war simitian suspicion. and unraveled some unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption people in power investigates a racket of such magnitude that the government redefined the use of impunity. the power was. at this time that. they were misled. the un is calling it a catastrophe but the syrian government isn't listening while marmont east and kota intensifies. alarum to macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up but rolls
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out the red carpet for saudi arabia's crime prince and mohamed bin solomon critics one of the. long queues in sierra leone as voters turn out in their droves to pick a new president plus. i'm andrew thomas in the rural land of. i'll be explaining why for bomb us here the new c p t p p trade deal without the united states is beyond even the wildest dreams. a warm welcome to the program the syrian government is intensifying its aerial bombardment of east and ota and appears to have captured more territory on the ground this means it's a step closer to dividing the rebel held on into describing the situation as a catastrophe and it's denied simply by syria's government that it's doing all it can to protect civilians is ridiculous despite the daily international condemnation . nothing is changing the tens of thousands of civilians inside
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a warning some people may find images in this report. distressing. civil defense volunteers are appealing to the un security council to make this stop they are calling what is happening in eastern huta a bloodbath. the rescuers are responding to cries from underneath the rubble in this case from a child. your mother something like you get me out of here this boy says. he survived. but at least eight hundred syrians many of them women and children have already been killed in almost three weeks of relentless airstrikes and bartman throughout the besieged and clean. but anyhow we are the free people of eastern little we want
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to freedom and the downfall of this murderous regimes which has committed crimes against the people there are more extremists and terrorists here they are the ones who are killing children and god willing we will remain steadfast in the pro-government alliance is pushing ahead with its air and ground assault they have reportedly sent reinforcements hundreds of soldiers to join the battle rebels have lost territory but remain defiant. one of the main factions. says the people and the fighters in eastern will defend their land. the faction is also denying negotiating a withdrawal proposed by the russian military the russian defense ministry says some groups in eastern who are ready to accept the amnesty offer and leave with their families the ministry did not name those groups and so far none have expressed readiness to leave even eastern civilians have not taken up the russian offer to evacuate many of them. are afraid to cross into government controlled
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territory and many are afraid of permanent displacement western nations have criticised the attacks on the densely populated opposition held territory but they have done little to stop them the united nations yet again using strong words against the syrian government and its backers russia this month it is eastern which is in the words of the secretary general hell on earth next month so the month after it will be somewhere else were people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters it is urgent to reverse this catastrophic course and to refer syria to the international criminal court hundreds of thousands of syrians are trapped in a war zone many are on the move as pro-government units advance further into the enclave the central town of misrata is the next target government forces are
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approaching the town from the east and the west just a few kilometers of territory is separating those forces capturing mr obama will cut the enclave in half making it more difficult for rebels to defend their territory said of beirut british prime minister a series of maize defended the red carpet welcome giving to saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin saleh is almost three day trip to the u.k. earlier he had lunch at buckingham palace with the queen the prime minister of st paul brennan joins us now live from central london hi there paul so many protesters and journalists too are unhappy with this war and welcome why so much opposition. well there's a very mixed opinion about how a good salmon the saudi crown prince yes there are people within the british government for example who see him as an important reforming character he is only thirty two years old they see him as
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a new groom somebody that they can work with somebody that they hope will bring modern a t to the saudi royal family but there remains grave concerns about saudi foreign policy and domestic policy things such as the arrest of wilders and dissidents the arrest of large numbers of the junior part of the royal family on the apparent corruption charges and then extracting of money from them and those around two hundred fifty protesters here in whitehall opposite downing street where they crown prince is holding his meeting with the british prime minister now complaining of many about the war in yemen and the way that that war is being prosecuted and the deaths of innocent women and children the visit produced a particularly fiery exchange in the house of commons a short distance of here at lunchtime between the prime minister and the leader of the opposition jeremy corbett. tomorrow is international women's day a chance to both celebrate how far we've come on equality for women but also reflect on how far we have to go not just in this country but around the world
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later today mr speaker the prime minister is due to meet crown prince mohammed bin salman as she makes her arm sales pitch will she also call on the ground prince to hold the shocking abuse of human rights in saudi arabia here the link that we have with saudi arabia is historic it is an important one and it's saved it has saved the lives of potentially hundreds of people. and i will be raising concerns about human rights with the crown prince when i meet him can i just say is the right honorable gentleman started on the issue of international women's day i welcome the fact that the crown prince will be sitting down with as the guest of a female prime minister. and so paul why is specially now the red cross the red carpet treatment. well i mean clearly the war is going no where in yemen apart from
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downhill as far as the saudis are going there is great concern as i said about the way it's being prosecuted in the deaths of innocent women and children and the fact that it appears to be almost a deadlocked conflict and it appears that the british government rather than being pressed to break off relations with saudi arabia prefer that the policy should be something that the policy of engagement and rather than you know they will be pressing humanitarian issues but at the same time what it was said to me by james kim in months of chatham house is there an analyst of middle east affairs she suggested that perhaps the best policy for the british government would be to work out together with the saudis the best way of bringing the war to an end the political solution so rather. the sort of. cooperation i suppose rather than confrontation. hope in their life from central on the poll thank you.
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in the last few minutes polls have closed in sierra leone's presidential election and a spike could always stepping down after ten years in the leaders of sixteen political parties are vying to succeed him unemployment a lack of infrastructure corruption and the covering from the border crisis for key campaign issues amid interest is at a polling station in the capital freetown. well it's been a busy morning for election officials across several yawn but as the day wears on the crowd started thing out by afternoon now this is what has been happening all day long will line up over to line up outside and as they come to cast their ballots they're screened by a local official election official who will check whether or not the card they are holding corresponds to the least he has before them from there they move on to this
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official who will issue but papers for the presidential and parliamentary election and from there the vote will cast his own ballot in this box which is the presidential election box and then move to drop the ballot for the parliamentary vote in this particular board after that the voter will move to this lady who will issue. cards or other forms ballot papers for the mayoral election and consulship election which are holding with the same day as that of the presidential election they mark they are ballots in this enclosure and then moved to drop them in these boxes after that they were they are marked with indelible ink on their thumbs and that would be the end of the process generally across the early on the voting has been peaceful according to the chairman of the election commission and some of the of the as we've spoken to however there were some hiccups and such an address for example the delivery of ballot papers for merrill
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and custom to ship elections and such in areas which has forced the election commission to postpone the election until a later date meanwhile we've been to the data collection collation center one of the results will become an expression of that of the presidential election the data will be collated and announced and then a candidate needs to win fifty five percent of the vote otherwise it will go to a runoff increasingly several unions are saying this is likely to happen meaning that they may be required again. to come for a second world report. israel's amended a law allowing it to remove residency rights for people who live in occupied east jerusalem anyone who endangers public safety through acts of terrorism can have their residency revoked as well as anyone who does anything that said violation of loyalty to the state of israel the palestine liberation organization called the legislation racist and a violation of international human rights israel's revoke the residency status of more than fourteen thousand palestinians from jerusalem. sixty seven still to come
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on the program the un accuses me of mars government of deliberately destroying evidence of war crimes against wreckage of muslims and cautious optimism in the u.s. and south korea as the north says it's willing to negotiate on you tear disarmament box stumbling blocks still remain. head of the eastern mediterranean is still not a settled place to be its spring storm i suppose you could argue even there any early march in the clouds and look very much but it is part of the system that's just been slowly churning to bring significant rain to turkey anchors at twelve degrees so there's not much risk of snow is that in the high ground in the east to juicy a bit of a breeze so expect a fairly windy time on the coasts and by routes you'll see big waves i think it
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twenty six degrees as current warm twenty eight in baghdad at the temps is actually relatively high strike iraq and further south as for iran slow warming trend baku seas eleven degrees and a hint of a circulation which means we're going to win hearts the snow in the coldest as the rain up in northern syria and eastern turkey and given that that's is a system running through the thames is like a drop down about eighteen berries out to be quite a shocking change at ten degrees in one day now i said to the south temps have been hard they should be that is true thirty one is the full cost for die hard for the next two days when above where it should be and it's showing not walk through it for the sas as well the remains of the tropical slaughter and i've seen the way from madagascar but the remnants big shows are still there and causing trouble.
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arts. the mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera syrian government forces are intensifying their bombardment of rebel held easter guta sixty three people have been killed and made to strikes it could be the largest daily death toll since the
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syrian offensive began. saudi arabia's crown prince has begun a state visit to the u.k. critics accuse prime minister to resign may turning a blind eye to the kingdom's when rights abuses polls have closed in sierra leone's presidential election on employment a lack of infrastructure corruption but the key issues in the campaign to requests were placed fairness by. turkey's calling on the us to stop kurdish finds us from traveling to the northern syrian city of freeing members of the us backed syrian democratic forces are heading there to help fight off the turkish offensive against their fellow kurds turkey says it's all creation is necessary to tackle terrorism on its border with syria an official reports not from gaza and. it's not just an eastern guta we're fighting scars the syrian landscape north of a green the syrian free army backed by the turks continue operations their intention to take the moment of near the city
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a strategic military target. all the villages and towns controlled by the kurdish people's protection units a very strategic for us we need to clean up this whole area of these terrorists who want syria to be divided syria must always be united and unified with the help of almighty and the heroes of the free syrian army the fighting in and around our friend provides a snapshot of how complicated the civil war in syria has become so why p.g. the kurdish militia enjoys american support when they're taking on i saw in other parts of the country they're now moving seven hundred fighters away from that battle to the front lines enough friend there they will confront turkish forces normally a u.s. ally the turkish government has told the u.s. it must use its influence to stop that troop movement the u.s. says the fighting in a friend is not its concern. that we expect the u.s. to certainly step in and halt the shifting of y. p.g.p. whitey forces from man bitch to affray forces under u.s.
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control this is almost natural rights whether they would do this or not is another matter but we took all measures necessary on the ground. in the border turn of jobless a car bomb killed several people it's still not clear who carried out the attack in an area which has been relatively peaceful for the past several months the turks are calling the operation after in all the branch into pushing a group they describe as terrorists the y.p. g five away from the border you salt and afghan city itself we start in the coming days all the world's mean focus remains on eastern ghouta and the fighting there. alan fischer al jazeera in the truck to syrian border. i mean was military is being accused of deliberately destroying evidence of possible crimes against humanity un human rights chief says he strongly suspects that acts of genocide may have been committed against muslim or hingis in their kind state since august until his time reports. life first on what a begum and her young children is
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a struggle to survive for months they've been sheltering in this refugee camp in a no man's land between the border with bangladesh and me and more the mother says she lost nearly everything when she escaped the military crackdown in her home state of. florida. we were all running away from me on march trying to save our lives we had no chance to look back my son died along the way he died crying the only way for refugees in the camp to get access to aid is to cross this river into bangladesh. like to get out of we don't want to stay here because we don't feel safe the myanmar army fire shots at us they have taken people from here day and night we can't sleep were scared for our lives nearly seven hundred thousand rows are seeking refuge in bangladesh many have described killings rape and arson by me and mar security forces the united nations
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human rights commissions has issued several condemnations of myanmar's treatment of the road into it is warning the ethnic cleansing is continuing and says the tactics have changed from mass killings and rape to force starvation this council is aware that my office has strong suspicions that acts of genocide may have taken place in rakhine state since august i am therefore not surprised by reports that ruins of villages which were attacked in recent years and alleged mass graves of the victims are being bulldozed. at the same time the bangladesh government ministers accusing me of obstructing efforts to repatriate refugees finance minister and they moved in said despite a repatriation deal signed between myanmar and bangladesh in november it's unlikely that this place muslims would ever return to their homeland that repatriation plan has been controversial from the outset its groups and the un have more than that
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the conditions for real hinge or to return are nowhere near refugees living in camps in southeastern bangladesh are also resisting the idea fearing they won't be safe if they return to their homes and. yes president says north korea seems sincere in its apparent willingness to negotiate on abandoning nuclear weapons and south korea's president says it's too early to be optimistic when jane says there's no plans to ease sanctions before next month's talk with kim jong il and well bred has more that so there is widespread optimism in south korea at what many believe is a landmark agreement but conservative opposition parties still suspect north korea of playing a game of deception to buy time for its nuclear and missile development there's been similar caution from japan which has accused north korea of reneging on previous agreements. past discussions with north korea have not resulted in the
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nuclear a cation so our response should be based on lessons learned from their talks for the sake of talks are meaningless in china one of north korea's few allies and a possible partner in brokering future negotiations has been more welcoming and a cautious welcome from u.s. president donald trump. hopefully we'll go in the very very peaceful beautiful path we're prepared to go whichever path is necessary i think we're having very good dialogue south korea's envoys now travel to the u.s. to sell the merits of the deal the question for officials there is whether there is sufficient substance to get them involved this is a huge opportunity lost if we can't get some talks going with north korea to prolong this reduction in tension because what's the alternative to talks is what
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winston churchill said if you don't jar jar you're going to be in war war south korea's desire to avoid conflict at all costs may have started this push for dialogue it is now for others it seems to take it up for it to work if americans decide that it's a time to stop talking to the north koreans and it's like if they're making business here right now they will do it again visit inference of north sells communication all sides no previous talks on the north korean crisis have been plagued by mistrust and failure supporters of the initiative say the difference this time is the sincerity to reach a deal but unlike previous attempts the north east so close to achieving its nuclear ambitions of the united states is so determined to stop it one way or another the price of failure could be far higher robert bright al jazeera so. i'm just here is obtained exclusive video from the sinai peninsula showing the
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aftermath of an egyptian military operation on forces moved in one month ago i saw an author groups the residents in the area say they're under siege and their homes have been destroyed. religious violence is flaring up in central sri lanka despite a state of emergency but a small have been sweeping through towns and villages burning muslim homes businesses some victims have been barricading themselves inside mosques to stay safe the government's blocked popular social media sites to stop the violence from spreading he's also been ordered across much of candy district from their mail fernandez has the story. the main city of candy is like a ghost town as you can see behind me as everyone has shouted down and bunkered down for a twenty four hour curfew that came into effect this afternoon now the police spokesman has said that any of the tri forces or the police can make any arrests of anyone causing violence or communal disharmony and these crimes will carry twenty
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years rigorous imprisonment under the emergency rules have been tightened and any of the security arms can crack down hard on those creating such incidents now we've been traveling around some of the cities and towns around candy and seen a number of flashpoints we've seen basically timber still burning we've seen shops been burned many of them belonging to those in the muslim community but we've also visited the temple that was basically leave vandalized by muslim youth according to what we're hearing and the tension seemed to be spilling over which is the reason the government has come down strong with extending this curfew for a period of twenty four hours in a bid to get a handle on it but one must say that even with a heavy military presence we're seeing the violence continuing. the european union and the i.m.f. of urged the u.s. to step back from the brink of a trade war many fear president don't trump will push ahead with tariffs on
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imported steel and aluminum after the resignation of his top economic adviser who oppose the plan he is trade commissioner says is prepared to take the case to the world trade organization would also in polls counter tariffs on u.s. products while the u.s. threatens a trade war a revised trans-pacific partnership deal will be signed in chile on thursday but don't some pulled out of the original deal when he took office and some see that as a problem for farmers in the street the absence of the u.s. provides a real opportunity and you tell most reports from premier immoveable new south wales these cows are pregnant when they have the cobs most of the male ones will be fat and they were slaughtered for beef this week so many of the comprehensive and progressive agreement the trans-pacific partnership c p t p p trade deal means import tariffs in australian beef. that will impact different cuts of those cobs go their kidneys and their lives in the hearts of things that could end up in our eyes
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or somewhere in japan for sure all the hard lot end up somewhere else there's a possibility that animal feed and. it could be world travel could turn into a pretty good thing simpsons wife lobbies for the agriculture industry years of work seem to have paid off in twenty sixteen after twelve countries agreed in principle to an initial t p p agreement then the huge emotional rollercoaster happened donald trump comes in suddenly you know expectations squashed but then c.p.t. p.p. between all the initial signatories except the united states rose out of the t.p. he's ashes and for australian agriculture it may be better than the initial deal for australian farmers the new france pacific partnership without the united states is the best of both worlds increase the mom for their exports through tariff reduction without a big competitor on the supply side representatives of agricultural industries can
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hardly hide that lights are you feeling sorry for your american. now would never laugh when we face a number of common challenges. that harmonize ation of trade into other markets so we're more closely aligned and people might think however in the case of tape a lever and we certainly were disappointed not to have them at the table from a grand perspective for australia's economy as a whole it's more complicated the new deal is projected to raise australia's g.d.p. by no point five percent by twenty thirty the initial one including the united states would have risen it by no point six percent and having the us in the deal might have led to other bigger benefits the whole point of the team was always to attract more members within the asia pacific region into their grouping as your track more members the market access benefits of course start to grow us again still the largest the world's largest economy having it in the t.v.
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they would make the table as a free trade agreement a much more attractive proposition in other words these cows female cars cars could have ended up in countries not yet part of any deal that now looks less likely andrew thomas al-jazeera prima. just a collision over fishing i don't want to have to end of the world ocean summit in mexico comes after a shocking video was released by a diver and ali to show water split it with waste on a long precedented scale sets us of course from jakarta indonesia is the world's second largest going to be able to marine plastic pollution after china that's why the country during last year's world ocean summit vowed to reduce plastic waste with seventy percent by twenty twenty five but this is the reality today a british diver captured these images while swimming through a sea of plastic waste not very far from where the world ocean summit was held last year you went to
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a famous location where manta rays go to feed themselves with plankton it's also a famous tourist attraction where people go to watch these gigantic animals but both manta rays and tourists now find this location too dirty to go to instead the dive for a rich horn are captured images of plastic bags plastic bottles plastic cups and all kinds of plastic waste it's a sad reminder that instead of cleaner the oceans only become dirtier not only threatening the country's rich marine life but also birds who have been found with plastic inside their stomachs and also fish meant for consumption are contaminated with plastic fish is an important source for protein in indonesia all in all a huge challenge for the delegates at this year's world ocean summit held in mexico more than three hundred delegates from governments companies and research institutes will gather to find a solution for this increasing environmental disaster while organizers have called two thousand and seventeen a year of promises they say two thousand and eighteen should be
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a year for decisions tough action is needed and not only awareness campaigns if not in the nisha and world oceans summit last year will turn into a bad example of only empty promises and very little action. and a volcano in southern japan a spearing ash thousands of meters into the air it will flow to shield the powerful eruptions of lyme schimmel duckie authorities have issued a warning to residents not to approach the mountainous area volcano famously featured in the one nine hundred sixty seven james bond film he only left twice. the top stories here on al-jazeera the syrian government is intensifying its attack on a certain quarter and appears to be making more gains on the ground that means it is a step closer to dividing the rebel held on cave into sixty two people have been killed in the latest strikes and it could be the largest daily death toll since the
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syrian offensive began this month it is eastern which is in the words of the secretary general hell on earth next month or the month after it will be somewhat islands where people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters. but just prime minister to reason may has defended the red carpet welcome given to saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin someone is on a three day trip to the u.k. before meeting the prime minister downing street he had lunch with the queen critics say the british government is turning a blind eye to saudi arabia's human rights abuses to. voters in sierra leone have been choosing a new president sixteen candidates are vying to replace are in this break up the stepping down after ten years unemployment a lack of infrastructure and rampant corruption with key campaign issues. religious
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violence is continuing to flare in central sean because despite a state of emergency but a small have been sweeping through towns and villages burning the system homes businesses some victims have been barricaded themselves inside mosques to stay safe . u.s. president donald trump says north korea seems sincere in its apparent willingness to negotiate on abandoning nuclear weapons south korea's president when j. and says it's too early the to be optimistic says korean officials made kim jong un earlier this week and said he's willing to denuclearize if his country's security is assured. european union and the i.m.f. have urged the u.s. to step back from the brink of a trade war many fear president chump will push ahead with tariffs on imported steel and many and after the resignation of his top economic adviser who oppose the plan the e.u. trade commissioner says it's prepared to take the case to the world trade
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organization you have today those are your headlines stay with al-jazeera inside story is next. what is triggering violence. in say they're being systematically targeted by the sinhalese buddhists majority governments declared a state of emergency but what will it take to end the recurrent alleges for long term this isn't.


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