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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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a shiny new city sprouting from the rubble of a devastating. chechen president moving on to the crime. and orchestrating of the war. in the dark anyone who dares to remember. and intimate detail of repression chechnya war without trace at this time and how to zero. zero. other than angela macdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. the u.n. is calling it a catastrophe sixty three people are killed in just twenty four hours as the syrian
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government's bombardment at least include intensifies. britain rolls out the red carpet for saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin song and critics on the. images that show the world plastic pollution dominates the agenda at the world summit in mexico. and i'm far a small we here with all this sport on a tanf night in the champions league as tottenham looked to complete a comeback against eventis and book a place and the quarterfinals. he's still in government is intensifying its a real bombardment of east and appears to have captured more territory on the ground the number of people killed in the rebel held on cave on wednesday has risen to sixty three that's one of the highest day tolls to. de un is describing the
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situation in the sector as a catastrophe despite the daily international condemnation nothing is changing the tens of thousands of civilians inside they all play a warning some people may find images in this report from say the holder distressing. civil defense volunteers are appealing to the u.n. security council to make this stop they are calling what is happening in eastern huta a bloodbath. rescuers are responding to cries from underneath the rubble in this case from a child. your mother something that you get me out of here this boy says. he survived. oh. well. it was but at least eight hundred syrians many of them women and children have already been killed in almost three weeks of relentless airstrikes and both bartman
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throughout the besieged and claimed. shot but anyhow we are the free people of eastern little we want to freedom and the downfall of this murderous regimes which has committed crimes against the people there are extremists and terrorists here they are the ones who are killing children and god willing we will remain steadfast in the pro-government alliance is pushing ahead with its air and ground assault they have reportedly sent reinforcements hundreds of soldiers to join the battle rebels have lost territory but remain defiant. one of the main factions. says the people and the fighters in eastern huta will defend their land. the faction is also denying negotiating a withdrawal proposed by the russian military the russian defense ministry says some groups in eastern are ready to accept the amnesty offer and leave with their families the ministry did not name those groups and so far none have expressed
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readiness to leave even eastern civilians have not taken up the russian offer to evacuate many of them are afraid to cross into government controlled territory and many are afraid of permanent displacement western nations have criticised the attacks on the densely populated. opposition held territory but they have done little to stop them the united nations yet again using strong words against the syrian government and its backers russia this month it is eastern which is in the words of the secretary general hell on earth next month or the month after it will be somewhere else were people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign supporters it is urgent to reverse this catastrophic course and to refer syria to the international criminal court hundreds of thousands of
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syrians are trapped in a war zone many are on the move as pro-government units advance further into the enclave the central town of misrata is the next target government forces are approaching the town from the east and the west just a few kilometers of territory is separating those forces capturing mr obama will cut the enclave in half making it more difficult for rebels to defend their territory senator al jazeera beirut. which is fine misted series in may has defended the red carpet welcome given to saudi arabia's crown prince mahmut been solomon is almost three day trip to the u.k. earlier he had lunch at buckingham palace with the queen and he's also been meeting the prime minister dunning street critics say the british government is turning a blind eye to saudi arabia's human rights abuses. tomorrow is international women's day a chance to both celebrate how far we've come on equality for women but also to reflect on how far we have to go not just in this country but around the world
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later today mr speaker the prime minister is due to meet crown prince mohammed bin solomon as she makes her arms sales pitch will she also call on the crown prince to hold the shocking abuse of human rights in saudi arabia. the link that we have with saudi arabia is historic it is an important one and it's saved it has saved the lives of potentially hundreds of people. and i will be raising concerns about human rights with the crown prince when i meet him can i just say is the right honorable gentleman started on the issue of international women's day i welcome the fact that the crown prince will be sitting down with as the guest of a female prime minister. as a pole brennan he's in central london and has been following the protests against the visit hi there paul so what's the of protesters. what we've
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just seen the crown prince's cavalcade actually departing from downing street and heading off to his next engagement but it hasn't dampened the spirits of the protesters but on me around two hundred fifty three hundred also the move kept up the high volume of protest and demonstration despite the helicopter from the police that you can hear probably over the top of my head the sentiments that we heard from the stage of. the pentagon stars say for example saying that this rolling out of the red carpet legitimize is a dictatorship that's their words not mine and effectively helps to sell arms up the main point of it according to the campaign for hours straight and warchild u.k. said britain is complicit in the humanitarian crisis in yemen through providing diplomatic support to saudi arabia the balance that the british government has to find is whether it could. it used to engage and encourage the new crown prince in his reform plans while at the same time having to try to moderate all mitigate what's going on this crisis in yemen i spoke to
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a senior research fellow jane kininmonth from chatham house she advocates the engagement process says that what she thinks will be happening at downing street and elsewhere is that the crown prince and british advisers will be trying to find some way of ending the war in yemen reaching a political solution if that's the case it would certainly be welcomed by the people protesting behind me program have a life in central banks no. one joined my boundaries here a senior political analyst. marwan can you put this into some sort of context for us talk to me about the endgame here for mohamed bin salman well which part of the strategy are we seeing. this is actually a whole new breed of sodhi indeed arab leaders showing up in london not not just young going industrious and wanting to change the world and saudi arabia in the process but the totally different from his predecessors so the king's much much
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older more humble modernists and more implicit what we're seeing here is a far more explicit boasting a younger man with lots of pretensions about the region so much so that on the eve of his arrival here he would say something like yemen is done we're done there are only a few who he's left qatar not important we can deal with that with the deputy prime minister palestine not important at all with taking care of that turkey is part of a triangle of evil with iran and fundamentalists iran we're going to take the war to iran. was such easiness he's talking about basically taking over the whole region with perhaps a dictator in egypt who can't even help himself within the country but it's all done in this context of in trump we trust right and on the way to london basically it's all talk and talk tends to be cheap
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except when money talks when money talks that it's very loud and it's expensive and here probably prime minister may is not listening to the crown prince just listening to the money and with with the question of money the u.k. has eight to ten billion dollars of balance of trade with saudi arabia it wants to enlist five percent of the saudi oil company around co which is valued at one to two trillion dollars it sold something like five billion dollars what a weapon since the yemen war started and continues to sell about a billion a year and so on so forth so it's really won't coming the crown prince because in post briggs it u.k. countries like saudi arabia could be quite handy how is this strategy and you pointed to it they're changing the region i mean even if it is just talk what sort
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of impact does it have. well for the time being it's actually destabilizing the region so the war in yemen of course has led already to tens of thousands of casualties millions of displaced people millions of various you know other sorts of casualties and source of what the country is basically on its knees and sold eurabia is at the end at an impasse in yemen nothing is over in yemen if anything the future of saudi arabia the future of this crown prince will be determined in yemen because it's anything but over there the crisis in the gulf has already eliminated three gulf partners kuwait oman and of course cutter and cut those bags basically come out a defacto winner out of this thing because it broke out of isolation and it's really you know normalizing its relationship with others of the world how is the crown prince a thirty two already a defense minister wants to be fighting iran when iran has already won against
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saudi arabia and places like syria like iraq a bit like yemen in various parts of the region and how would you fight in arnie's already isolating the likes of turkey i mean seriously why denies turkey dimon eyes ever do and call them as part of an a triangle of evil and what has turkey done against saudi arabia for them to be treated as a follow sunni you know almost enlightened villages like you know leadership in turkey to be called an evil act under sun was that the liberals in europe in the u.k. or the sense would want to criticize president of the arm for being a bit more authoritarian for not being kind to the press and so on so forth but for for a young you know boasting prompt friends to be calling the likes of turkey. as a part of a triangle of evil along with iran and other religious fundamentalists is a problem well on the sarah thank you you thank. let's go now to jamal.
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been following the visits around downing street hi they are also britain's red carpet for the saudi ruler it was called shameless by one newspaper but but the prime minister basically said you know this is a great relationship for us she called it historic one. of course historic and important as far as she's concerned more important than historic because it is in that relationship that she's looking to get some sort of relief in terms of the pressure she's under to try and find some sort of economic boost as she struggles to figure out post briggs it plan for the country's economy but obviously aside from the importance that she's tried to focus on it's we have spoken to some saudi opposition figures who ironically actually chose the united kingdom to seek asylum in one of them was telling us how the fact that someone is
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being portrayed as this reformer is just a joke because there are still hundreds if not thousands of political opponents as far as he was saying behind bars inside saudi arabia but away from the controversy over this in terms of the actual tangible things that are going to come out of this visit aside from those protests that we heard about from paula we saw the pictures of here is this announcement of the creation of a joint. high coordination committee i'm not sure exactly the precise title wording they gave for it which will see closer cooperation between the two countries across education security obviously economy and other aspects of corporation and that is something that the prime minister was trying to highlight as she looks for some sort of good news out of this visit but the underlying message. is that there is an extreme amount of controversy to say the least if not extreme amount of criticism directed towards a man who the. government's been trying desperately to print
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a progressive another myth a lot of people are buying that that's people small child their life in central and jamal thank you. that's much more to come on the news hour a busy day of voting in sierra leone as sixteen political parties look to replace the outgoing president. the u.n. accuses me of my government of deliberately destroying evidence of war crimes against what should the sense. a no name are no problem this forward reminds found that brazil still has plenty to offer at the world cup even without their star player. which is placing a russian spy who defected to the u.k. was poisoned by a nerve agent so gay script all that has still so you will find something conscience and on the bench in souls free on sunday they remain critically ill in hospital. if he's being treated as
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a major incident evolving attempted murder ministration in the nerve agents. that you know these three people remain critically ill in hospital. sadly in addition police officer he was one of the first to attend the scene to respond to the incident he's now we so we did serious condition in hospital. so again joins me now from seoul spree in the u.k. so in your souls prius a little kind of english time isn't it and of course everybody's watching with interest the twists and the turns in this case. absolutely and it's certainly something where the low local people here have also been feeling. really it's happening here in salt spree but it has happened it is happening and if you look behind me that still the area where one of the areas where police are can concentrating on the site where people in his door to your were found unconscious
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but very tellingly they are not releasing exactly too many details only confirming that what they are led to believe at this time is a nerve agent that affected both mr and his daughter there was no discussion all no further discussion certainly on what type of agent but of course the two most famous ones that come to mind and sarin gas sarin of course used with devastating effect in syria and so with that they have declared this though the chief medical officer has declared that there is a low risk to the public but that hasn't stopped people from worrying but with that they hope to get a bit more reassurance that but for this investigation which has multiple strands to it it's not just concentrating on where they were found but also where the
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victims had visited other sites and also the home of mr pearl is being finally combed now in detail by investigators to see fields any more results and so on what do we expect to happen next in the investigation is it going to be pretty long way i mean the russian government are obviously denying any involvement at this stage. yes they are and but while the evidence has so far not yielded any of they do the investigators and indeed certain politicians have said we need to keep an open mind on this however if it is if there is any pointing towards any suspects in russia or that indeed if it were a state sponsored attack then that has extremely serious implications of course britain has been through this before with the assassination of alexander litvinenko
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some twelve years ago and this is what in fact the government at the time did come under attack for not coming down hard enough on russia yes there were sanctions that were imposed but of course. russia has managed to somewhat come back from the sanctions that were imposed after living but what what would happen if it does point to moscow it will be an opportunity perhaps for the government to really state what it has been doing so in the past few days as the foreign minister pointed out that they came out on the offensive to that saying they would be very serious implications if indeed the road to that investigation does lead to more so you go there joining me from salisbury sonia thank you pulls of course in sierra leone's presidential election ernest bai koroma is stepping down after ten years and the leaders of sixteen political parties are vying to succeed him on employment a lack of infrastructure corruption and recovering from the
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a border crisis will key campaign issues have made it greece is in the capital. well it's been a busy morning for election officials across several yawn but as the day wears on the crowd started thing out by afternoon now this is what has been happening all day long will line up over to line up outside and as they come to cast their ballots they're screened by a local official election official who will check whether or not the card they're holding corresponds to the least he has before them from there they move on to the official who will issue but papers for the presidential and parliamentary election and from there the vote will cast his own ballot in this box which is the presidential election box and then move to drop the ballot for the parliamentary vote in this particular board after that the voter will move to this lady who will
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issue. cards or other forms ballot papers for the mayoral election and consulship election which are holding with the same day as that of the presidential election they mark they are ballots in this enclosure and then moved to drop them in these boxes after that they were they are marked with indelible ink on their thumbs and that would be the end of the process generally across the early on the voting has been peaceful according to the chairman of the election commission and some of the of those as we've spoken to however there were some hiccups and such an address for example the delivery of ballot papers for merrill and customer ship elections and such in areas which has forced the election commission to postpone the election until a later date meanwhile we've been to the data collection collation center one of the results will be coming in especially with out of the presidential election the data will be collated and announced and then a candidate needs to win fifty five percent of the vote otherwise it will go to
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a runoff increasingly several unions are saying this is likely to happen meaning that they may be required again. to come for a second round of voting. was militias being accused of deliberately destroying evidence of possible crimes against humanity the united nations human rights chief says he saw only suspects that acts of genocide may have been committed against muslim are hidden just in rakhine state m.t.s. tire locals. life first on what a begum and her young children is a struggle to survive for months they have been sheltering in this refugee camp in a no man's land between the border with bangladesh and me and more the mother says she lost nearly everything when she escaped the military crackdown in her home state of. florida. we were all running away from me on march trying to save our lives we had no chance to look back my son died along the way he died crying the only way for refugees in the camp to get access to aid is to cross
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this river into bangladesh. to get out of we don't want to stay here because we don't feel safe the myanmar army fire shots at us they have taken people from here day and night we can't sleep were scared for our lives. nearly seven hundred thousand row hinge or seeking refuge in bangladesh many have described killings rape and arson by me and maher security forces the united nations human rights commissions has issued several condemnations of myanmar's treatment of the road into it is warning the ethnic cleansing is continuing and says the tactics have changed from mass killings and rape to force starvation this council is aware that my office has strong suspicions that acts of genocide may have taken place in rakhine state since august i am therefore not surprised by reports that ruins of villages which were attacked in recent years and alleged mass
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graves of the victims are being bulldozed. at the same time the bangladesh government ministers accusing me of obstructing efforts to repatriate refugees finance minister and they moved in said despite a repatriation deal signed between myanmar and bangladesh in november it's unlikely that this place muslims would ever return to their homeland that repatriation plan has been controversial from the outset it's groups and the un have more than that the conditions for real hinge are to return are nowhere near refugees living in camps in southeastern bangladesh are also resisting the idea fearing they won't be safe if they return to their homes and al-jazeera us president donald trump says north korea seems quite sincere in its apparent willingness to negotiate on abandoning their weapons it says korea's president says it's too early to be optimistic when jen says he has no plans to ease sanctions before next month's talks with kim jong un has more now from seoul. there's widespread optimism
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in south korea at what many believe is a landmark agreement but conservative opposition parties still suspect north korea of playing a game of deception to buy time for its nuclear and missile development there's been similar caution from japan which has accused north korea of reneging on previous agreements. past discussions with north korea have not resulted in the nuclear a cation so our response should be based on lessons learned from their talks for the sake of talks are meaningless in china one of north korea's few allies and a possible partner in brokering future negotiations has been more welcoming and a cautious welcome from u.s. president donald trump. hopefully we're going the very very peaceful beautiful path we're prepared to go whichever path is necessary i think we're having very good
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dialogue south korea's envoys now travel to the u.s. to sell the merits of the deal the question for officials there is whether there is sufficient substance to get them involved this is a huge opportunity lost if we can't get some talks going with north korea to prolong this reduction in tension because what's the alternative to talks is what winston churchill said if you don't jar jar you're going to be in war south korea's desire to avoid conflict at all costs may have started this push for dialogue it is now for others it seems to take it up for it to work if americans decide that it's a time to stop talking to the north koreans and it's like if they're making visits here right now they will do it again there's not a inference of north sells communication all sides no previous talks on the north korean crisis have been plagued by mistrust and failure supporters of the
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initiative say the difference this time is the sincerity to reach a deal but unlike previous attempts the north east so close to achieving its nuclear ambitions of the united states is so determined to stop it one way or another the price of failure could be far higher robert pride al jazeera so. stay with us on the news hour still ahead the battle in efraim gets even more complicated and seventeen hundred kurdish fighters head to the front line. the afghan president pursues peace with the taliban but ordinary afghans say they're no more ready to forgive and forget. and they think three in a row or the council winning in the n.b.a. details ahead with far in sports.
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head of the eastern mediterranean still not a settled place to be its spring storm i suppose you could argue even though any early march in the clouds and look very much but it is part of the system that's just been slowly churning it'll bring significant rain to turkey was a twelve degrees and there's not much risk of snow is that in the high ground to the east to juicy a bit of a breeze so expect a fairly windy time on the coasts and beirut you'll see big waves i think it twenty six degrees as quite warm twenty eight in baghdad the temp is actually relatively high as shot iraq and further south as for iran slow warming trend baku sees eleven degrees and a hint of a circulation which means we're going to win hearts the snow in the coldest as the rain up in northern syria and eastern turkey and given that that's is a system running through the thames as well as a drop down about eighteen in barry said to be quite a shocking change at ten degrees in one day now i said to the surface temperatures been hot they should be that is true thirty one is the full cost for doha for the
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next two days well above where it should be and it's showing not warm through it for the south as well the remains of the tropical soccer and i've seen the way from madagascar but the remnants big shows are still there and causing trouble. what makes this movement this era we live in for the show unique this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion is that what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level what to publish if you have a jew cheek to be offensive will provoke as if there were no nice people do. setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera
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. where ever you are. a mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera syrian government forces are intensifying their bombardment of rebel held east includes sixty three people have been killed in the latest strikes could be the largest daily death toll since the syrian offensive began. saudi arabia's crown prince has become
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a state visit to the u.k. critics accuse prime minister it's reason may of turning a blind eye to the kingdom's human rights abuses. let's just face that say a russian spy who defected to the u.k. was poisoned by a nerve agent they believe sergei's could have paul and his daughter were deliberately targeted on sunday. turkey's calling on the. yes to stop kurdish fighters from traveling to the northern syrian city of a three mm members of the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces are heading there to help fight off the turkish offensive against their fellow kurds turkey says it's operating as necessary to tackle terrorism on its border with syria alan fischer reports now that. it's not just an eastern guta we're fighting scars the syrian landscape north of a green the syrian free army backed by the turks continue operations their intention to take the moment of near the city a strategic military target. all the villages and towns controlled by the kurdish
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people's protection units a very strategic for us we need to clean up this whole area of these terrorists who want syria to be divided syria must always be united and unified with the help of almighty and the heroes of the free syrian army the fighting in and around our friend provides a snapshot of how complicated the civil war in syria has become so why p.g. the kurdish militia enjoys american support when they're taking on i saw in other parts of the country they're now moving seven hundred fighters away from that battle to the front lines in our friend there they all confront turkish forces normally a u.s. ally the turkish government has told the u.s. it must use its influence to stop that troop movement the u.s. says the fighting in a friend is not its concern. that we expect the u.s. to certainly step in and halt the shifting of why p.g.p. why the forces from man bitch to affray forces under u.s. control is almost natural rights whether they would do this or not is another
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matter but we took all measures necessary on the ground. in the border turn of jobless a car bomb killed several people it's still not clear who carried out the attack in an area which has been relatively peaceful for the past several months the turks are calling the operation after in all the bridge into pushing a group they described as terrorists the y.p. g five away from the border you salt and afghan city itself we start in the coming days all the world's been focus remains on eastern ghouta and the fighting there. alan fischer al jazeera in the truck you syrian border. the fifth world ocean summit is getting underway in mexico the three day conference brings together scientists business leaders and policy makers the aim of balancing the needs of human activity with the well being of our oceans now amongst the key discussion topics will be has to prevent overfishing which threatens a third of the world's fisheries according to the world wildlife fund climate
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change is also on the agenda with focus on have businesses rely on the ocean could respond and adapt to rising sea levels and delicates delegates will explore the issue of plastic pollution and how a multinational plan to reduce it might work it's estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped in our oceans each year or shocking videos of mars showing an unprecedented amount of plastic in the sea off bali said boston reports from jakarta. nisha is the world's second largest going to be able to marine plastic pollution after china that's why the country during last year's world ocean summit vowed to reduce plastic waste with seventy percent by twenty twenty five but this is the reality today a british diver captured these images while swimming through a sea of plastic waste not very far from where the world ocean summit was held last year you went to a famous location where manta rays go to feed themselves with plankton it's also a famous tourist attraction where people go to watch these gigantic animals but
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both manta rays and tourists now find this location too dirty to go to instead the dive for rich horner captured images of plastic bags plastic bottles plastic cups and all kinds of plastic waste it's a sad reminder that instead of cleaner the oceans only become dirtier not only threatening the country's rich marine life but also birds who have been found with plastic inside their stomachs and also fish meant for consumption are contaminated with plastic fish is an important source for protein in indonesia all in all a huge challenge for the delegates at this year's world ocean summit held in mexico more than three hundred delegates from governments companies and research institutes will gather to find a solution for this increasing environmental disaster while organizers have called two thousand and seventeen a year of promises they say two thousand and eighteen should be a year for decisions tough action is needed and not only awareness campaigns if not
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in the nisha and world oceans summit last year will turn into a bad example of only empty promises and very little action. well joining us now is louisa kaesong campaigner with the environmental and geo greenpeace and lose a very warm welcome to the program when we're looking at pictures like that it feels like the scale of the problem of these of the plastics in the ocean is so enormous it does making even a minimal effort make a dent in it well absolutely i mean plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats facing our nation with about rubbish trucks worth of plastic entering our oceans every single minute but equally we are seeing this huge wave of public momentum of political appetite to be tackling this threat at source i mean where we really need to see action is reducing the actual production of single use plastic that packaging things like bottles food containers even things like straws and plastic cutlery is
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a single use plastic items that are designed simply to be used for about five minutes and then thrown away that risk of getting into our oceans so everyone can make a difference in reducing that plastic footprint but also calling on governments calling on businesses for their customer to say actually we need to be moving away from single use plastic we need to be ditching throw away packaging and we need to be exploring these reusable alternatives that won't oceans and so much harm this idea of balancing the the human needs how do we first of all figure out what is the human need you know is it what humans want to use the ocean for is it the human need how do we establish what i mean we take our guidance from science which is saying that actually we need to be protecting at least thirty percent of our oceans by twenty thirty so that's quite so easy fact to remember and that's in order to create an ocean that is healthy enough to sustain human life but also can be a thriving home for all the thousands of marine creatures which is so amazing and
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can help us tackle the worst effects of climate change as well so that's why we also need to be creating these large oceans sanctuaries which put waters off limits to industrial fishing vessels and governments have a huge opportunity. this year to actually create an antarctic ocean sanctuary a lot of people don't realize that industrial fishing is happening in the antarctic but they're targeting krill which the tiny shrimp like creature upon which all antarctic life relies from whales to penguins so again there's opportunities for people to be calling on governments and saying actually we really need to be acting this year with concrete solutions at sea and on land by tackling pollution at source to really restore the health of our oceans because we all benefit from healthy oceans louise that when we see a summit like this and there were numerous on their environmental summits the tendency is to think of them sometimes i think is talking shops you know a lot has talked about but what's achieved what was your view well you know i think
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it's really positive that we've got leaders and government and business public all around the world really calling for more action but i agree you know we need to be using these kind of summits as catalysts for action that's going far beyond these summits and that's why we need to be seeing really strong measures to reduce the amount of plastic pollution at source so they're taking action on land and be creating this this network of large scale fully protected ocean sanctuaries at sea so that actually we can we can really restore our oceans to health and i said that we can we can all benefit from these accounting thanks very much. now afghan president ashraf ghani has attended the opening of parliament just days after offering to hold peace talks with the taliban the armed group has yet to respond to requests which would pave the way for them eventually to be recognized as a political party and as tony berkeley reports from kabul not all afghans are happy for ghana to pursue peace at any cost. it's the eight opening of parliament the
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third under his presidency it comes at a time of pressure as well as increased hopes for peace but after afghani's popularity rating is at its lowest since taking office three years ago in a recent survey more than half of afghans said they were dissatisfied with him and the government gunnies accused of breaking election promises unemployment has increased so has poppy cultivation people are less well off and he's argued that the country is more divided than when he was elected there's also been a mixed reaction to his surprising offer to the taliban last week of peace talks without precondition his offer welcomed by the international community but not by all afghans the people of afghanistan who serve or should be consulted should know that their quarter of the process the taliban has been using suicide bombings to devastating effect especially in kabul attacks including the killing of more than one hundred people when an ambulance was blown up doublet twenty six year old son
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juma was killed in that attack in january. whoever has blood on their hands cannot come and negotiate pace they should be held accountable enough blood has been shed there are tens of thousands of people who have lost loved ones at the hands of the taliban not all are ready to forgive for peace at any cost and not all are happy with what his government has achieved. about educate people have been expecting much more than not even one percent of those expectations have been beds and the taliban has taken more towns and territory. it's almost a case of heads they win tails i lose the gunny pressure is building internally and from international allies being president of afghanistan requires a delicate balancing act obviously you cannot make everybody happy especially when you have so many parties involved internally and externally and to the african conflict but looking out the african situation i think this is the best afghanistan
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has got. when we speak about alternatives we really don't have one at the moment the next presidential election isn't due for two years but hopes of building that before then all parties including the taliban will have come to the negotiating table it's not just about peace most people here believe that will come eventually it's more about what that peace will cost in terms of concessions how they can hear the wounds of this terrible conflict and how afghanistan can achieve true reconciliation tony betty al-jazeera. israel has amended a law allowing it to remove residency waves for people who live in occupied east jerusalem anyone who endangers public safety through acts of terrorism can have their residency revoked as well as anyone who does anything in violation of the loyalty to the state of israel palestine liberation organization has called the legislation racist and a violation of international human rights israel has revoked the residency status
9:43 pm
of more than forty thousand palestinians from jerusalem since one nine hundred sixty seven. well there it is in papua new guinea say at least eighteen people have been killed during a strong earthquake aftershock the six point seven magnitude earthquake struck p. and g.'s my mountainous southern highlands early on wednesday morning is the most severe aftershock in an area that was badly damaged by a seven point five magnitude quake nine days ago killing sixty five people. poverty is a major problem in china government statistics say more than thirty million chinese survive on less than two dollars a day the president's promising to tackle extreme poverty by twenty twenty when the government is working hard to meet that deadline and shunting problems are china correspondent adrian brown is there a chunk of land has one hundred and sixty goats so in this impoverished part of china that makes her wealthy but a few months ago she was told to leave her found by local government officials
9:44 pm
along with the rest of her village they left she stayed taking people out of the countryside sometimes against their will is one of the ways the government's trying to end rural poverty but this is the only livelihood chung has ever known. there were no i don't know why the government wants us to move to did hound most people already left but i have these goats i can't leave where will i put them the demolition of the village has begun the rubble will soon be cleared away but other reminders of the primitive way people lived will be harder to raise some created a home by burrowing into the clay hillsides china is now a world superpower but until a few months ago people here were living in caves with little protection from the heat or cold. the only source of water was half a kilometer away in winter little grows in the dry fields the heart where june
9:45 pm
chunk hsien lived has gone it was wedged into this hillside he's been resettled in a government provided apartment and doesn't miss this place for that shell gas or this village is very poor most people barely had enough to eat potato used to be a main vegetable he couldn't get at the vegetables to eat eighty years ago china's nascent communist party was literally battling for its survival in this area today it's in the midst of another battle against poverty but local officials insist they are making some headway last year the local government said four thousand nine hundred people were lifted out of poverty in this county one hundred fifteen of them in this village last july china's president xi jinping came to visit villages which showed heaping praise on him later they were told they'd be moving now the president has set a lofty target in his campaign to eliminate poverty share we must ensure
9:46 pm
that by twenty twenty all rural residents living below the current poverty line how be lifted out of poverty we wanted to talk to other villages who'd made the move to hear what they thought about apartment living instead we were detained by police for more than two hours and then scored it out of town they said foreigners were not allowed here adrian brown al jazeera in chancey province northern china a volcano in southern japan has asked thousands of relatives into the air it will that is still the powerful eruptions that mansion one day well sources have issued a warning telling people not to approach the mountainous area famously flee to the one nine hundred sixty seven james bond will he live twice. mazing still to come on the news hour. to become self-sufficient by.
9:47 pm
the sea the ravens started that's in sports.
9:48 pm
international monetary fund says the financial impact caused by a rift in the g.c.c. is easing its a suspect just think show that the gulf crisis has acted as a catalyst for qatari self-reliance qatar has kickstarts its twenty thirty vision of self-sufficiency in response to a blockade in polls by saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt last saturday reports from doha. but. out
9:49 pm
of a crisis comes opportunity and for twenty three year old abdullah it's this a new machine to make it cottons made from recycled paper it can produce as many as one hundred thousand of them a day meeting outdoor low be able to meet a boom in low tech production since the blockade after the gulf crisis we lost all our main customers because they are mainly from saudi arabia by land and u.a.e. but we never gave up on our business and we continued searching another new way to run our factory also way the owns the only paper recycling factory in kotla which has four times as many customers since the blockade started in june and the factory exports eighty percent of its recycled paper to the likes of china sri lanka and amman and plans on expanding world series added to this and it turned inside out
9:50 pm
and sent five inside on this machine here the whole process but the second to end up with recycled paper but the one thing use is also recycled which means very little white fish sauce. reduce the said it take his company to the livery this in order to the face of this one time. more than three thousand new businesses have opened in carthage since the gulf crisis spurred on by a sense of national pride and a need to rely less on imports the emir of qatar is keen to implement self-sufficiency as soon as possible we do them actually. accept the higher prices of of some. materials. the challenges of the blockade are continuing but development bank says it has enough resources to support startups and entrepreneurs to take it from the idea stooge
9:51 pm
it's just a form of funding and. access to markets and how we can take them. back in the paper recycling factory owner says a lack of trees in cotton helps teach the younger generation the importance of recycling and how the gulf crisis has helped him turn the wheel of fortune from one man's trash to another man's treasure sort of al-jazeera. let's get all the day's sports news now forus here julie thank you so much we start with champions league football english premier league leaders manchester city are in course to reach the last days they take on basil at home and just under an hour from now they won the first leg four nailed taught them are looking to complete an unlikely comeback against you ventus to cheney's side escaped with eight two two draw inter in the first leg after being to kneel down inside the first ten minutes against last season's runners up. we know what he will we are going to play with
9:52 pm
this team. but we are a brave brave team billy bush did people. do love the challenge and tourism us each other we're going to compete in the same time to enjoy the game. to enjoy the brazilian star oscar show brazil fan there's plenty to be positive about ahead of this summer's world cup even with neymar far from certain to recover from injury on time oscar who's hoping to get picked for russia was in great form for china's shanghai s.-i p.g.a. as they face south korea's also on haiyan die in the asian champions league group stages the former chelsea man scored two impressive goals helping his team comeback twice from a goal down as i.p.g. took home a two two draw in the end and remain top of the group with seven points and all saying in second there were four group games in the asian champions league on
9:53 pm
wednesday japan's kallis saki frontal and melbourne victory also drew in group after group after leaders kachin antlers beat sydney f.c. while second place to one remain one point ahead of shanghai shun wah after both sides true joseph parker says he is relishing being the underdog in the world heavyweight title unification fight against anthony joshua later this month eighty thousand people are expected in cardiff for the bout which sees both champions put their undefeated streaks on the line a few seconds go no there's no more pressure on there's a lot of pressure on him but he's don't pressure i'd easily been able to show that he and you can come back from being on the ground also. it's. i know it's going to be a tough i'm going to go back and forth you know it's going this way for me that was for this one but i feel like it's. like it's a good time to be of those who would. little
9:54 pm
league. the rules. six north korean athletes have arrived in south korea as the country prepares to take part in the winter paralympics for the first time last month north korea took part in the pyung chang winter games this latest news comes a day after north and south korea unveiled a landmark agreement to ease political tensions on the peninsula and october two thousand and fourteen australian shaun pollarded was attacked by two great white sharks while surfing the then twenty three year old lost his left arm and right hand in the incident within a year polaroid had tried snowboarding for the first time and now he's getting ready to represent his country at the winter paralympics you know i. i'm a professional athlete from bomber. a little over three years
9:55 pm
ago i lost my left hand in a shark attack since then i have many of the wives which i wanted to. turn to snowboarding and. definitely snowboarding has kind of through that hole that surfing left lead probably almost four thousand ties from the nearest scares or coming from bomber there's no it's not anywhere near a lot of i'm trying to go off to do down a lot of parts i'll just go down there and lots. all compete in the sports bank slalom and snowboard cross on top second is pretty much the bottom of the hill wins if you buy stock in whoever gets out quicker and gets across the lawn when spot yeah if you stack it in the other god doesn't fall off and usually they're going tight when. losing a nominee and a lot of them trying has to do with cool strength and i'm down the gym
9:56 pm
a lot strengthening that core and a con to get driven to push myself knowing that you know i lost and got to the best of it while you can my diet i lost i get by using this process it took a while to learn and it took me a good couple wasteland out a bout of ties and even just can't dress to walk to get. everything figured out when it's usually try to keep relaxed in or around the contests it's as soon as you're in the stock i kind of switch to rice mode and it's. never really crossed on representing my country when i was younger and kona since launching enjoyed being challenged and it's been a big challenge to try and get to the top level my family's really exhausted it's rewarding for them and myself to say that i've got these amazing opportunities that i have now when lose or draw i'm just going to be happy to be represented on the
9:57 pm
big stage the biggest thing i've learnt three marks appearance is you never know i have things are going to turn out you have to just have a big challenges and you'll be surprised what you can actually. the portland trail blazers have extended their winning streak in basketball's top plea to eight games damian lillard scored thirty seven points and made a three pointer he says would be to new york next c.j. mccollum added nineteen in the one hundred and eleven to win sees the blazers moved into third place in the n.b.a. western conference damage. to. daniel ricardo broke a track record in barcelona at formula one's pre-season testing the red bull drivers set the best the best ever laps since a new track was introduced in two thousand and seven defending champion lewis hamilton a burst sadie's with less than a tenth of a second behind ricardo followed by ferrari sebastian vettel for problems or a clarinet in fernando alonso as he was forced to retire because of an oil leak.
9:58 pm
and that's all your sport for now it's now back to you julian london. thanks for well you can find out much more on our web site head to. al-jazeera dot cough itself twenty four seventh's definitely three was at that set for me in that same lauren will be with you in just to set. the scene for us where they're on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing
9:59 pm
between buying medication and eating basis is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. march on al-jazeera. with all potential challengers out of the way egypt's president. is poised for a second time in. a series of personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the on. as president putin dominates the russian political scene these reelection becomes more apparent we see what direction russia might take. with media trends consummate changing listening post analyzes how the news is being covered. and there's more people around the world struggle to find clean drinking leaders and research as governor in brazil. you address
10:00 pm
a critical issue march on al-jazeera just is influencing the to. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the hole in the media opinion the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. office one of its worst days for casualties as the syrian government on vod meant intensifies and more territory is captured. or entirely this is.


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