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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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to address a crazy. march on al-jazeera just. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for out of the hole in the media the listening post at this time on al-jazeera. suffers one of its worst days for casualties as the syrian government from god meant intensifies and more territory is captured. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.k.'s prime minister meets
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the saudi crown prince to reason they insist they will talk about human rights as well as security and trade. new pictures of a former spy who suffered a nerve agent attack in the u.k. police say it was attempted murder. and destruction and violence in sri lanka as buddhist mobs burn muslim homes and businesses. under the syrian government is intensifying its aerial bombardment of east and go to and appears to have captured more territory the number of people killed in the rebel held enclave or wednesday has risen to sixty three one of the highest daily death tolls and a warning some people may find images in this report from distressing. civil defense volunteers are appealing to the u.n. security council to make this stop they are calling what is happening in eastern
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huta a bloodbath. rescuers are responding to cries from underneath the rubble in this case from a child. your mother something that you get me out of here this boy says. he survived was. not was but at least eight hundred syrians many of them women and children have already been killed in almost three weeks of relentless airstrikes and both bartman throughout the besieged and claimed. shot but any of the free people of eastern little we want to freedom and the downfall of this murderous regimes which has committed crimes against the people there are extremists and terrorists here they are the ones who are killing the children and god willing we will remain steadfast in the pro-government alliance is pushing ahead with its air and ground assault
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they have reportedly sent reinforcements hundreds of soldiers to join the battle rebels have lost territory but remain defiant one of the main factions. says the people and the fighters in eastern will defend their land. the faction is also denying negotiating a withdrawal proposed by the russian military the russian defense ministry says some groups in eastern are ready to accept the amnesty offer and leave with their families the ministry did not name those groups and so far none have expressed readiness to leave even eastern civilians have not taken up the russian offer to evacuate many of them are afraid to cross into government controlled territory and many are afraid of permanent displacement western nations have criticised the attacks on the densely populated. opposition held territory but they have done little to stop them the united nations yet again using strong words against the syrian government and its backers russia this month it is eastern which is in the
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words of the sector general hell on earth next month so the month after it will be somewhere else were people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign support is it is urgent to reverse this catastrophic course and to refer syria to the international criminal court hundreds of thousands of syrians are trapped in a war zone many are on the move as pro-government units advance further into the enclave the central town of misrata is the next target government forces are approaching the town from the east and the west just a few kilometers of territory is separating those forces capturing mr obama will cut the enclave in half making it more difficult for rebels to defend their
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territory said. beirut. the british prime minister to resign may is defended the red carpet welcome given to saudi arabia's crown prince who had been so long as on a three day trip to the u.k. u.k. prime minister's office says they've discussed the war in yemen agreeing with a political solution must be found critics say the british government is turning a blind eye to saudi arabia's human rights abuses. joins us now from central london such about how much controversy has this trip caused. a great deal in fact laura not just in terms of inside parliament in the corridors of power but actually on the streets there was a loud not very large but loud demonstration a gathering of human rights activists peace activists as well as those who have been critical of the visits that assembled outside downing street as mohamed bin some man met with the prime minister in side and they were chanting very clearly against this visit obviously main calls for their opposition is the continued one
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yemen which has killed thousands of war that muhammad inside man has waged but also because of human rights abuses at home and it was those rights abuses that the leader of the opposition party jeremy corbyn raised when he was after he had tabled in arjen question about this visit during prime minister's question time earlier today tomorrow is international women's day a chance to vote celebrate how far we've come on equality for women but it was said reflect on how far we have to go not just in this country but around the world later today mr speaker the prime minister is due to meet crown prince mohammed bin solomon as she makes her arms sales pitch will she also call on the crown prince to hold the shocking abuse of human rights in saudi arabia. the link that we have with saudi arabia is historic it is an important one i need to
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say it has saved the lives of potentially hundreds of people. and i will be raising concerns about human rights with the crown prince when i meet him can i just say is the right honorable gentleman started on the issue of international women's day i welcome the fact that the crown prince will be sitting down with as the guest of a female prime minister. well obviously the importance of that relationship is actually. based on the fact that the saudi arabia is one of the u.k.'s biggest trading partners you're talking about roughly a billion dollars worth of trade annually now one of the main outcomes of this trip is that the saudis have announced that there will be increasing that's over the next ten years to ten billion dollars a year that's roughly one hundred billion dollars in the next decade and that's much needed money as far as series a maze concerned because her government has been struggling to deal with the
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economic uncertainty that's come about as a result of the break that referendum and the inability of her government to find a clear path in terms of how the u.k. economy will look like once briggs it's. complete the process rather is concluded but as far as the people who are opposed to this visit are concerned they view that yes whilst there is importance in trying to find trading partners that should not come at the cost of ideals that the u.k. claims to adhere to and hold very dearly to its beliefs and traditions which are the ideals of freedom human rights and and so forth and that's why there's been a lot of criticism for how tourism has focused more on ensuring that's what i've been some man meets the queen meets the business leaders as well as the head of the bank of england who will he be meeting in the next twenty four hours rather than focusing on giving him maybe a stern warning as to the human cost of some of the policies he's embarked on to my
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sham thank you very much indeed. british police say a russian double agent was the victim of attempted murder they even have surrogates creep out and his daughter yulia poisoned by a rare nerve agent before being found slumped unconscious on a bench in salzburg on sunday they remain critically ill in hospital. this is being treated as a major incident involving attentive. ministration of the nerve agents. as you know these three people remain critically ill in hospital. sadly in addition a police officer he was one of the first to return the scene to respond to the incident he's now also with a serious condition in hospital. so you're going to go has more from salisbury if you look behind me that still the area where one of the areas where police often
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concentrating on the site where people in his door to you know were found unconscious but very tellingly they are not releasing exactly too many details only confirming that what they are led to believe at this time is a nerve agent that affected both mr and his daughter there was no discussion or no further discussion certainly on what type of nerve agents but of course the two most famous ones that come to mind of v.x. and sarin gas sarin of course used with devastating effect in syria and so with that they have declared this though the chief medical officer has declared that there is a low risk to the public but that hasn't stopped people from worrying. religious violence is flaring up in central sri lanka despite
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a state of emergency but just mobs have been sweeping through towns and villages burning muslim homes and businesses some victims have been barricaded themselves inside mosques to stay safe the government has blocked popular social media sites to stop the violence from spreading a curfew has also been ordered across much of candy distrait or from lebanon smith joins us live now but it is that curfew being observed laura it certainly seems to be be being much more closely observed and more rigorously enforced but it was last night that was tuesday into wednesday then the curfew the report of the curfew well the curfew was ignored by some groups because the police didn't seem to have the manpower to keep control of things this time as a much heavier police presence there is a much heavier military backed up by a much heavier military presence we've driven through candy in the last half hour or so a lot of police and a lot of military on the streets and this is also
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a twenty four hour curfew it started at four o'clock this afternoon schools have also been closed indefinitely when four o'clock struck my colleagues who've been here through the day tell me that the streets emptied very quickly and people have also been told to stay at home so this evening so far it seems quiet and certainly much quieter than last night but this is a fairly extreme measure to have to take to impose this twenty four hour curfew laws and on any signs that the violence might blow over. well i think for the moment what the authorities are doing is trying to keep a lid on things and they're trying to keep a lid on things by imposing this curfew they have also cut access to facebook i wasn't even available in colombo when i was there earlier today whatsapp is intermittent at best and other social media networks also have been blocked or greatly slowed down and this is because the government says messages inciting
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violence were distributed by these social media networks so that is an immediate a time to sort of put a plaster over it and keep a lid on things the challenge in the long term is that over the last few years there's been this rise in buddhist nationalism and those fueling sinhalese nationalism those fueling this nationalism of sort of fed on a long simmering resentment of the minority muslim community they only make up about nine percent of the population the muslims but there is a perception that they control too many businesses there too rich that too powerful and that resentment has been simmering along has been is being fed on by these people pushing this sri lankan nationalist agenda and it takes a very small incident to set a spark again for something to kick something off this was a road rage incident last week where a lorry driver died in hospital after being attacked so one small incident seems
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to set things off again alarm ben smith thank you very much. still to come one hour . caring to choose a new president in sierra leone voters have leaders from sixteen political parties to choose from. and the images are shocked the world plastic pollution dominates the agenda at the world oceans summit in mexico. hello and welcome to international weather forecast as we take a look at weather conditions across europe certainly seen a significant change of last few days much milder air pushing in across central parts of europe nowhere near as cold has been across eastern areas temperatures week or so ago look at most ten manas fifteen there from moscow and then we got low pressure moving in across the u.k. brings a wet and windy weather with it before another area of low pressure starts to push
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in from the west a movie in across the iberian peninsula through into the bay of biscay region so temperatures well up across much of france switzerland through into germany at that stage across the mediterranean region weather conditions not looking too bad there roma fifteen athens at seventeen on the other side of the mediterranean also looks largely fine though for coastal parts of algeria maybe to see it be rather cloudy at times with a chance of want to showers and real on the coast the clouds should gradually clear ways and through friday with karo seen highs of twenty seven degrees heading into central parts of africa we have some showers for kenya tanzania up into uganda some showers still for bone otherwise towards parts of west africa cherry few and far between a famine a shower expected accra in ghana sunshine and highs of thirty one for southern portion of the continent some heavy showers likely across eastern cape twenty seven into urban.
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a shining city from the rubble of a devastating. chechen president. it's an orchestrated off the wall. in the dark. and intimate tale of repression chechnya war without trace at this time and. money on the top stories. syrian government forces are intensifying their bombardment of rebel held east and sixty eight people being killed in the latest
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strikes. saudi arabia's crown prince has begun a state visit to the u.k. critics accuse prime minister to resign may of turning a blind eye to the kingdom's human rights abuses. and british police say a russian spy who defected to the u.k. was poisoned by a nerve agent they believe. and his daughter were deliberately sunday. polls have closed in sierra leone where voters have been choosing a new president the sixteen candidates need to win fifty five percent of the vote if not achieved that there would be a second round and interests reports were. announced by arrives a polling station to pull. up to ten years in power is quitting the political stage. like three million other sarah leonean is choosing his successor i am happy to have worked at i am happy that's the value. of turn out in
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huge numbers and the process is this and at the end of the day the best man will emerge and will continue supporting a new president this been much enthusiasm for this election voters started queuing accent just before dawn to choose a new president legislators and municipal officials my region is ninety four years old and i was among the early voters. many of my contemporaries aren't alive i voted for everything to be as they used to paste in people to afford the basic things of life. vote organizers say the election was largely peaceful except for a few hitches in some constituencies by. many of your. elections did not come with a hug and really not on the run all the problems by.
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the election results are expected within the next week. the election data center is ready for the outcome the results of the presidential election will be correlated and announced here there will be a runoff if no candidates win fifty five percent of the vote something many saloon in say is looking increasingly likely if that happens it's not clear if voters will again come out in large numbers as a first time around i meant it al-jazeera freetown. mean mars military is being accused of deliberately destroying evidence of possible crimes against humanity in our nations human rights chief says he strongly suspects that acts of genocide may have been committed against muslim or hinges in rakhine state since august just to have a report. life urson what a begum and her young children is a struggle to survive for months they have been sheltering in this refugee camp in
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a no man's land between the border with bangladesh and me and more the mother says she lost nearly everything when she escaped the military crackdown in her home state of. we were all running away from me on march trying to save our lives we had no chance to look back my son died along the way he died crying the only way for refugees in the camp to get access to aid is to cross this river into bangladesh. like to get out. we don't want to stay here because we don't feel safe the myanmar army fire shots at us they have taken people from here day and night we can't sleep and we're scared for our lives nearly seven hundred thousand row hinge or seeking refuge in bangladesh many have described killings rape and arson by me and maher security forces the united nations human rights commissions has issued several condemnations of myanmar's treatment of the road into what is warning the ethnic cleansing is continuing and
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says the tactics have changed from mass killings and rape to force starvation this council is aware that my office has strong suspicions that acts of genocide may have taken place in rakhine state since august i am therefore not surprised by reports that ruins of villages which were attacked in recent years and alleged mass graves of the victims are being bulldozed. at the same time a bag with us government ministers accusing jamar of obstructing efforts to repatriate refugees finance minister a.m.a. moved in said despite a repatriation deal signed between myanmar and bangladesh in november it's unlikely that this place muslims would ever return to their homeland that repatriation plan has been controversial from the outset rights groups and the un have more than that the conditions for to return are nowhere near refugees that can camps in southeastern bangladesh are also resisting the idea fearing they won't be safe if
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they return to their homes and al-jazeera the fifth world oceans summit is getting underway in mexico a three day conference brings together scientists business leaders and policy makers with the aim of balancing the needs of human activity with the well being of our oceans and when the key discussion topics will be how to prevent overfishing which threatens a third of the world's fisheries according to the world wildlife fund climate change is also on the agenda with a focus on how business is reliant on nation can respond and adapt to rising sea levels and none of us will explore the issue of plastic pollution and how a lot in national plan to reduce it might work it's estimated that eight million tonnes of plastic and dumped in our oceans every year or shocking video has emerged showing an unprecedented amount of plastic in the sea off barley steadfast in reports from jakarta. indonesia is the world's second largest going to be able to
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do marine plastic pollution after china that's why the country during last year's world ocean summit vowed to reduce plastic waste with seventy percent by twenty twenty five but this is the reality today a british diver captured these images while swimming through a sea of plastic waste not very far from where the world ocean summit was held last year you went to a famous location where manta rays go to feed themselves with plankton it's also a famous tourist attraction where people go to watch these gigantic animals but both manta rays and tourists now find this location too dirty to go to instead the dive for rich horner captured images of plastic bags plastic bottles plastic cups and all kinds of plastic waste it's a sad reminder that instead of cleaner the oceans only become dirtier not only threatening the country's rich marine life but also birds who have been found with plastic inside their stomachs and also fish meant for consumption are contaminated
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with plastic fish is an important source for protein in indonesia all in all a huge challenge for the delegates at this year's world ocean summit held in mexico more than three hundred delegates from governments companies and research institutes will gather to find a solution for this increasing environmental disaster while organizers have called two thousand and seventeen a year of promises they say two thousand and eighteen should be a year for decisions tough action is needed and not only awareness campaigns if not in the nisha and world oceans summit last year will turn into a bad example of only empty promises and very little action. a lot has been passed allowing the israeli government to remove residency rights for people who live in occupied east jerusalem and the residency rights can be cancelled if obtained falsely or in cases where the individual has endangered public safety through acts of terrorism or treason he passed on liberation organization has called the
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legislation racist and a violation of international human rights israel has revoked the residency status of more than fourteen thousand palestinians from jerusalem since nine hundred sixty seven israel's parliament has also passed a law allowing israeli authorities to withhold bodies of palestinians killed by its forces charles stratford has more on that from west jerusalem. also interesting about the amendment to the so-called entry into israel law is the particular language used in it the lore applies to anybody that israel deems as being a potential terrorist attack or it also applies to anybody deemed as having any kind of affiliation to any kind of group that israel considers a terrorist organization and it also applies to anybody who israel deems as breaching its trust now certainly the palestinians we've spoken to say that this kind of language means that the law could be applied on
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a very arbitrary level and their concern that it is part of israel so the p.l.o. describe it as part of israel's ongoing attempts to ethnically cleanse. palestinians from the occupied east jerusalem now also today another law passed by the knesset a law looking at part of the anti terror lore an amendment to it looking at the repatch relation of palestinians killed by israeli soldiers this law now saying that those bodies will not be returned until a certain conditions are met and one of those conditions is limits to the amount of people participating in funerals the israel says it's very concerned about these funerals being places where incitement for violence against israel may be committed. it's also interesting to look at the context of how these laws or when
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these laws are being passed let's not forget that prime minister netanyahu is under a lot of domestic pressure here in israel he's being investigated on the three separate cases allegations related to corruption and his critics are saying that the passing of these laws so quickly and so many of them seemingly all the same time is an indication of him trying to appeal to his domestic right wing base and deflect attention from the kind of pressure that he's under. international monetary fund says the financial impact caused by a rift in the g.c.c. is easing its latest figures show that the gulf crisis has acted as a catalyst a cattery self-reliance carter has kickstarted its twenty thirty vision of self-sufficiency in response to a blockade imposed by saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt last june sorry kyra reports from doha. but.
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out of a crisis comes opportunity and for twenty three year old abdullah it's this a new machine to make it cottons made from recycled paper it can produce as many as one hundred thousand of them a day meeting outdoor low be able to meet a boom in local egg production since the blockade after the gulf crisis last of all our main costs almost because they are mainly from saudi arabia and u.a.e. but we never gave up on our business and we continued searching another new way to run our factory also way the owns the only paper recycling factory in kotla which has four times as many customers since the blockade started in june and the factory exports eighty percent of its recycled paper to the likes of china sri lanka and amman and plans on expanding world series added to this and it turns into how it's
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simplified inside on this machine here the whole process a thirty second to end up with recycled paper for the wants to use is also recycled which means a very different way said costs are reduced and you see that it takes he's a company can deliver in this in order to the face of this on time. more than three thousand new businesses have opened in qatar since the gulf crisis spurred on by a sense of national pride and a need to rely less on imports the emir of qatar is keen to implement self-sufficiency as soon as possible we didn't actually see the blockade accept the higher prices of of some or all materials the challenges of the blockade are continuing but development bank says it has enough resources to support startups and entrepreneurs to take it from the idea stage of
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until just before the funding. investment access to markets and how we can take them globally little back in the paper recycling factory owner says a lack of trees in qatar helps teach the younger generation the importance of recycling and how the gulf crisis has helped him turn the wheel of fortune from one man's trash to another man's treasure sort of al-jazeera. and again when you can always catch up with our website address that is our dot com and you also watch us live by clicking on that orange live icon called. from london on the top stories here launches into the syrian government is intensifying its attack on eastern and appears to be making more gains on the ground that means it's a step closer to dividing the rebel held enclave into sixty eight people have been
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killed in the latest strikes one of the largest daily death tolls since the syrian offensive began this month it is eastern water which is in the words of the secretary general hell on earth. next month or the month after it will be someone else were people face an apocalypse an apocalypse intended planned and executed by individuals within the government apparently with the full backing of some of the foreign support is british prime minister to reason may is defended the red carpet welcome given to saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin sound man is on a three day trip to the u.k. before meeting the prime minister in downing street you had lunch with the queen critics say the british government is turning a blind eye to saudi arabia's human rights abuses. british police say russian double agent was the victim of attempted murder they believe sergei scraper and his
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daughter yulia poisoned by a nerve agent before being found slumped unconscious on a bench in salzburg on sunday they remain critically ill in hospital thirties in sierra leone of been choosing a new president sixteen candidates are vying to replace ernest bai koroma whose second down after ten years unemployment a lack of infrastructure and rampant corruption a key campaign issues. religious violence has continued in central sri lanka despite a state of emergency but his moms have been sweeping through towns and villages burning muslim homes and businesses the law has been passed allowing the israeli government to remove residency rights for people who live in occupied east jerusalem the residency rights can be cancelled if obtained falsely or in cases where the individual has endangered public safety through acts of terrorism or treason the palestine liberation organization has called legislation racist and a violation of human rights there's the headlines do stay with us our knowledge
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there if you can the stream is up next hour more news for you after that i have. hi anthony ok and you are in the stream today we look at how pashtoon across pakistan are rallying to end discrimination against their people or hear from activists taking part in the past in long march a movement aiming to improve the rights of one of pakistan's most marginalized groups.
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thousands of pashtuns are demanding that the back.


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