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tv   A Bigger Brother  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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a year after the u.s. withdrew a slimmed down agreement is designed to all but eliminate terrorists in a market place worth close to fourteen trillion dollars britain's home secretary has vowed the u.k. will pursue whoever is behind a nerve poison attack on a former russian double agent sixty six year old sergei scriptural and his daughter remain in a critical but stable condition after being found unconscious on sunday a police officer also harmed by the rare nerve agent is still in a serious condition sri lanka's prime minister says recent anti muslim violence has damaged the island's reputation as a tourism hotspot writing in the central district of candy as their free did and damaged two hundred muslim owned businesses. the head of the un's refugee agency has visited a camp in lebanon on international women's day to speak to women who fled file insincerity or people ground he said the biggest challenges facing them are
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violence and early marriage that's all without a back in just under half an hour with more news say with this rebel geeks with a story of a phone up exposes brazilian police violence thanks watching by fire. digital technology us is that a mess of intimacy and he's mentally and even longer not. in the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems him to skive it and he didn't mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended for money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use it is
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empower us. now a new generation of rebel geeks easy mesko x. to challenge the tech giants. and enable a different technological future. one that people are not the product. of the. morning filming a film or if you get into one of them i'll pull you loyal watch your washed up over gaza you know. why moorpark are one of the caught of the public would have caught up on my when i could get out but. i felt like they were now with me but i was on the phone couldn't comment on all. the other.
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i thought i know that was that kind of i don't buy that but that ought to be it. visit that link god they want to. stop mom over there can always you and over there
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going to sell point i want to tell him by the od to fish by visual. well look it's thank. you it's well actually. i will give you some of the lift into. the store. was on a weekend message for sushi. seal simply else imprimis foskett stay up with this you'll. still be moving as a result. of watching the games live us saved my. follow along wish to allege what you let me to walk out of the sequel which. they don't wash which is a few of the camilla's yell at me because it was
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a boy make a new genre the skittish change we're going to put in because dang the so mean. i was up to him from my promise. to where. i am harlow homes i'm a software developer and digital security trainer and i'm the lead architect of
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a library called informant camp which sits in the center of the camera free app. i mean i think you wrote this code to pull in anything that might exist pretty much pretty much whatever you can why not because why not. a couple of years ago i was in a class that nathan taught and for a project i had decided that i wanted to sink a video and images with their data points that were exposed in order to you know get a kind of who what when where why and possibly even how of a particular event that you see visually. around the world. there are a number of satellites. that are constantly orbiting our globe and they usually.
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beam down position info to devices such as our cell phones that have a pretty good accuracy and also have the unintended effect of giving us a timestamp as well which we used rather than your phone's clock and order to tell what time it was if you're standing anywhere on earth and can receive the g.p.s. signal your device is then able to triangulate where you are in relation to it and several of the sources that you also use to triangulate your position can also be used by camera to further cooperate where you are such as your cell phone tower or even nearby why fight networks right now there's more photos more videos than ever being put in from social media into court they called open source right in the legal process where they go out and source things off the open web and then use that as evidence for instance but the process of verifying who and what and when
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it's really this manual labor you have to go back and kind of dig through all of this to kind of piece it together. and what we're trying to do is just. create that from the start so creating a kind of d.n.a. inside the visual media itself such that it's there from the beginning. or. what's interesting about open source development especially with android software is that just about everything is accessible using an a.p.i. an a.p.i. being an application programming interface is kind of like a door that allows you to access certain. certain assets of the phone and this case especially with camera v. it was an easy interface to the hardware screens. right since. we used to build a fix things ourselves and understand how they work and now they're you know almost hermetically sealed behind you know many tiny screws of which we have to find
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a special screwdriver for. if you open it up you actually see that little bit really is simply a computer inside of this case. this is the camera is quite powerful and it's got a jar interface on the back for the motherboard this is where all the data flows and inside here we have the lens and the sensors that focus and capture the light and turn it into you have it right and this is where it then flows into the motherboard through the bus which is then captured into the general purpose c.p.u. that hours the android operating system. so usually when someone talks about taking a picture what they mean is using a photographic sensor to capture a visible light emanating from a subject a person place when we talk about taking a picture we're actually talking about capturing a much broader spectrum of energy like infrared spectrum and radio waves and speed
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in gravity and other atmosphere is energy. coming in that you don't perceive with your eyes fortunately for us smartphone devices have additional sensor components that can gather things. for me talk about taking a picture it's about gathering the full spectrum of the visible and the invisible until i'm working through. this is the tricky part to this day maybe i can get a job here fixing cell phone yari have a job thanks. toughens different kind of job. she's android. but now i've been thinking about committing myself to i phone again because the go
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go go cross compiling on the i phone no i would never use an i phone that sat. there pretty nice. but i am not really a fan of. the particular barrier to entry that a place for people who want to get started developing yeah i think on a theoretical level i you know kind of push back against apple because of that i also think about it as star trek or star wars a little bit and there it is star wars i thought it starts. yeah when you think the opposite well i guess if i were to make any. any argument although i definitely do get what you mean i think android lends itself more to federation. than the iowa system does and also quite frankly what it boils down to is i like star trek.
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so you guys have the the form. the camera view up is already sold although it should be on your home screen so you know for a corner. selects. once promoters activate it it's all work it sort of works like a little black box recorder for sensor mother they write like do you guys know what meditators so it's information about the video and the generic to finish unformatted the race datable data here in the united states the word method david has been all over the news. because of the secret program of the and it's
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a collecting method data for phone calls. ensure that the data can be used to corroborate what the new image shows or want to witness. tell tells about what's happening in the image and it can be used to reveal additional contextual information about poulticing so it works in the background and now you can open your favorite camera app or just the camera that's the default camera on the phone and you can start shooting just the usual way you do this you don't have to do anything different at this point it just it works in the background to records your information and automatically imports all this into a camera view we can go outside and come back. to we're going to do this exercise we're going to use it to the government we're going to use. and we're going to document with. you we have a number of people we have four members that she will. we have witness on the
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front right now at this time we have a pretty unique style. you feel good let's look at the cinema this is the funniest movie trailer and that's about i so go multiple that whenever i get out tell them about the. song and you know i mean you know i don't spit in the beginning to think it's going to be watching i think should not be on the kerry campaign councell guitars i want to see what's wrong with loathing come into play with with me to meet up with some white stuff michel there's no no no no. no. don't part of it either but that one. i just asked like if there were any. let's particular experiences that they've had or situations where the where the functionalities of that immediately thought could be used but it's. sponsors to move it to call for with you if you must think i should. say what's going on
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here john you know or i'm down somebody's cell phone it up until i have no idea if it was a from woman who told me on this you know police you know they just say i think i might ask you guys i never met him but he was. but that's like it's often little that's i think. really. the name of your project kind of infamous now a bigger brother because the vision was the sum total of power of our individual smartphone cameras connected was greater than the big brothers you through surveillance technology through cameras on the street closed circuit surveillance cameras so in the past you know we with when we think about the mission of surveillance we think about these you know really tall poles with big ominous time around see you know staring down at us from every street corner and i think it's
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really exciting when we invert that and we think about you know soon failing to circumscribe the french top down and sue inverts that bottom up right so the suv aliant is really how we watch back and you know ultimately we have more cameras than they do because we're the people. in the sunset park and by the group coming in i'll buy off. the world for the operation i think so but it is money that i meant you're going to put it on the domain with about a couple have fights on a complex item oh i don't know if i valued as i can assume being cheated by my zinc woman was. so stressed only going to put it out you've got to brazil you know watch out that we got a lot of people out there how do you feel i mean this is humbling you know i just
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feel like part of a group to do that i'm not going to raise him and like film the police. is a crazy you know for you. know. we got we got forty eight s d. we loaded. seventy three so what would be will be yet because look how ready to do so that right there is telling me that there's a lot of complaints given by civilians about police misconduct in that precinct and some might say so my the things i. say again i've made to the my pm me aren't here politically so we used the c.c. . we used a y p d map and we also used the n. saw that we gather from people in the street and when you thought of. it. i did that i saw. daisy sell a lot of bra. i have the shirt i'm a shill i'm
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a shop bell lead this is something the spreading globally you know people naturally instinctively know that pulling out a cell phone camera you're going to record and this is something that you can now do social media and let the world see that's you know a shift in who controls what. but if you still might keep he just most of them will get to see you my i had to digest we're going to play some edge of. him talk or just get somebody who also then is. that from a technological police formation went to. get them out of some of the not you put
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out a lot i just don't believe. when they say if this isn't the message to me in my home .
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let. the book. look pretty good unless you want the literature know. all the reviews really forced you. to find it less yes yes there's a special one take a look at the many data here. but actually let's see previous themselves oh. yeah so this one house and cell tower. data and that. book what was interesting and i'm not necessarily sure we have it but. i'm still visible wife by
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networks haha and why that's interesting obviously is because. it puts you like in a specific place at best person killer time. and also like the wife i love all of that that you have there. gives a little bit of sense of your like you know proximity and like even kind of directionality how you're facing in in regards to that life i see you know the just the very fact of having a trajectory for a video from start to finish when we direction our you know whole night is i mean first and foremost from the begin treatment but from what you trust but from the storytelling perspective we can really think about how to leverage that right but the point of i think this entire project is that we want to be able to believe what we see and we want to be able to establish trust with the people who are showing
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us things that we see so it's not just instagram for activists this is serious business. the. up inside my city they're going to inject them with the killers element from the mostly from i hear the guards. most scummy they can always tell me one thing sam or me composed of it on themselves and gone. on. good evening my name is even holding time. as i me executive director with this
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there's one group who is amazing they are just smartest they are the most effective and they are debris so mind warner is to work with. both. i had to go and how did sound thiago. and we talk about the stock you. know me from school to keep us to. janet i don't like going to jail. there's a lot of. nice. guys if. you're lame so. much for me look. nicer job and i don't get is going to
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the form of yeah. it's just. the opposite. of the guy. going if you don't like everywhere connectivity. for infrastructure in the pen then some foreign corporation. offline now a politician and activists are building a home grown some version. of you and secure the nation's technological sovereignty . the citizens network at this time.
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capital the capital which nature created. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because to see a businessman pricing the planet as this time on al jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth of that i would say that's what is. a
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suspected money laundering operation but this time it was different. an accidental discovery the wharfs initial suspicions of unraveled some unprecedented scale of systemic international corruption people in power investigates a racket of such magnitude that it threatened government and redefine the rules of impunity. the car was. at this time just. this syrian government tightens its grip on the rebel held east and go to and it seems to be using any means necessary including the apparent use of chlorine gas and and phosphorus
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