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worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war at this time on al-jazeera. preaching a new era for trade eleven countries signed the transpacific partnership but without the united states president trump says he's going ahead with tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.
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this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the syrian government is accused of extreme tactics in his bombardment of eastern guta with claims it's carrying out chlorine and phosphorus bomb attacks. or attacks against the muslim community in sri lanka the government is forced to reimpose a curfew. and saving the coastline of cancun host of the world ocean summit steps up its own environmental efforts. and in the last hour a new trans-pacific partnership trade deal has been signed in chile without the united states' remaining eleven t p p nations have agreed a partnership connecting five hundred million people in economies collectively worth more than ten trillion dollars donald trump pulled the u.s. out from the t.p. just three days into his presidency he says free trade hurts his nation and is
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going to impose large tariffs on steel and aluminum china has signed up to the t.p. and for mr wang says they are ready for what he calls an appropriate and necessary response to any u.s. tariffs on their goods japan's economic minister says he hopes that other countries will join the t.p. agreement in future. keep. the story. create . i was a train to first century asia. i read today to make the most effort to expand the exclusive entry into force and implementation of this agreement if. we could attract countries and economies to this high standard and we're monster agreement in c.e.o.'s are here. and that america has and joins us now from santiago
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so what else of the tepee countries been saying. well they've been noticed there's a lot of applause a lot of backslapping as you can see the very fact that they were able to pull this off without the united states a year ago it seemed this deal was completely dead but as you just heard that under japan's leadership particularly they have signed it and they say that this is a better version of the t p p even though it has a much longer name it's now called the progressive and comprehensive transpacific trade agreement but will leave it at t.p. plus eleven days it's actually still contains a lot of what they believe very positive moves especially to counter the growing protectionist mood trend from the united states and that seems to be the big headline coming out of here they're saying that this is an antidote to that protectionism from president donald trump and how can they make this work without
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the united states what sorts of things can they do that we possible without the u.s. . well lawrence some would argue that this is as i said a better deal with out to us because it doesn't contain a lot of the more restrictive measures that are under president barack obama have been imposed by the u.s. for example much stronger than copyright agreements restrictions on pharmaceuticals in order to protect the u.s. pharmaceuticals not pharmaceutical industry etc but it can work and it was still talking about more than fifty five hundred rather million people in disagreement. more than ten trillion dollars and other countries are saying that there are going to join as well there's certainly interest from taiwan from. from south korea we are told in fact is even talk of great britain joining after goes into effect we see in human thank you very much indeed for what one is all about free trade in
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chile in the u.s. the move as we've heard is towards protectionism in just over an hour president trump will announce the new tariffs on steel and human human ports can really help to joins us live from washington d.c. security what are we expecting. well what we are expecting is despite the fact that donald trump has heard all kinds of caution and warnings from around the world concerns about a global trade war it appears he is moving ahead with this planned announcement for tariffs on foreign steel as well as aluminum is pronounced here in the united states twenty five percent and ten percent respectively but what we are hearing from the president because although this official announcement is due in the next couple of hours he's been talking an awful lot for the last week about what he intends to do in changing a little bit back and forth but what we are hearing is that while we heard lucien newman there talking about how the president didn't like the p.p. and certainly the united states not
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a part of it he also doesn't like another trade agreement that's nafta the north american free trade agreement that's being renegotiated right now with canada and mexico and as a result canada and mexico we are expecting when the president makes this announcement about these tariffs that those two countries could be exempted that there could be carve outs at the white house is calling it but it didn't do that the president seems to be signaling as he was speaking from the cabinet meeting he held here at the white house in the last few hours that there could be flexibility for other countries as well take a listen stricken return of twenty five additional oh have a right to go up or down depending on the country and i have a right to drop out countries or and countries with just one cherish because we have not been treated fairly by other countries. so again no official announcement but we do expect that is coming down at twenty thirty g.m.t. there could be a wide range of possibilities including when these tariffs could take effect we
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still don't have an answer to that and also there could be some pushback from not only countries around the world but even members of the president's own party some republicans who favor free trade and and want to see sort of a more global open market a concern about what the president's doing so there may be this window of opportunity for some challenge again that will all be clarified when the president makes that announcement from here at the white house at twenty thirty g.m.t. kimberly how could thank you very much. new video has emerged from inside syria showing what appeared to be phosphorous bombs being dropped on the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta activists say they were dropped on a residential area in the town of how maria the bombs start fires where they land and cause excruciating burns if contact is made with the skin. lots of us have also posted a video showing what looks like
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a chlorine gas attack syrian government forces have been pursuing a relentless offensive against the rebel stronghold they're now on the verge of cutting the territory into two isolated pockets so no harder is following developments from neighboring lebanon. the assault on eastern who is intensifying pro-government forces have pushed deep inside the besieged enclave rebels are finding it increasingly difficult to hold their ground there has been heavy shelling extreme levels of bombardment to help ground troops. even as u.s. civilians are not. over nine hundred people have been killed in nearly three weeks of what many describe as one if not the fiercest military campaigns of the syrian. medical workers reported yet another chlorine gas attack the government denied the claims and blamed what it called desperate rebels for distorting facts but videos appear to show victims struggling to. know i was the. most.
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used. and just the bombs. but situation because it's like two thousand and thirteen when. the remaining aid supplies that were are floated on monday because of the shelling we're supposed to reach the besieged population on thursday but according to the international committee of the red cross the conditions on the ground did not allow that sources have told us that the russian government and the rebel factions in eastern who are holding the gauche ations over a withdrawal it may involve them one of the main rebel factions leaving two rebel controlled territories in the southern province of daraa the other main faction failing men will leave to areas under the control of turkey backed rebels in the
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north of the country. elicia zero also understands that international humanitarian organizations are meeting to prepare for what could be a mass evacuation even though that is not what the hundreds of thousands of people in eastern say they want. i swear by god i will never leave our country i'll stay here till death look at the structural around europe they are asking for in countries to help them get rid of us this is inhumane and you are killing children and displacing people you are displacing the people of your own country. that has been part of the ceasefire deals reached in the past an effective surrender rebels their families and civilians who are either afraid of arrest or who don't want to return to government areas have little choice but to leave bussed out to other rebel controlled areas that is what the pro-government alliance wants to happen in eastern huta it's the deal on the table
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if it's not accepted it has made it clear it will push for an all out military victory. anti muslim violence is continuing in central sri lanka despite the government imposing a curfew and deploying hundreds of soldiers to candy riots that have killed at least three people and damaged more than two hundred muslim owned businesses and he said now of arrested ten people connected to the violence including the suspected leader from candy bennett's reports. the muslim business owners here don't need to take to tell them who's destroying their shops and homes. nationalist groups have again been exploiting long simmering resentment among some ethnic sinhalese who think muslims dominate the economy. this is my country i want here my going to die here i don't know i am three long time after that. there is nothing worth in prison today but i am. proud of my three
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month. using social media rumors of alleged muslim wrongdoing spread fast and regroup quickly for an hour before the mob came through the military and the police told the muslims living here to get out so they did when they came home and it was all over i came back to this and many of the people living here have told us that they've been left with the impression however right or wrong the security forces weren't interested in looking after their property the local police chief tells us they did everything they could. the government to send troops imposed a curfew and cut access to social media with the coalition administration led by prime minister rana wickramasinghe is politically weak and some have accused it of not doing enough to tackle rising nationalist it's going to be these are going to be questions to answer because of the emotions involved it's very easy to for somebody to give me that. that idea and play something in me and then and get my
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emotions to run riot in me maybe in the future there may be things that we can do better so. it's a topic that we have to discuss in the future. three quarters of sri lanka's population is sinhalese and overwhelmingly booklist but nationalist promoted long held fears that the character of the island is under threat first from british colonialism then there was a twenty six year civil war with tamils now is. they are destroying the sites and we definitely cannot stand by. and watch as that is happening. but most victims of the violence. african nations.
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international women's day it it is . hello and welcome to our international weather forecast as we take a look at conditions across europe you see we got some snow across some of the baltic states on friday with some fairly brisk winds it's jerry milder air though further towards the west indeed across these western there are some very heavy rain pushing we will see in some snow on the northern edge one system pushing through the u.k. presume you on through into the weekend heavy rain moderate conditions pushing up from the so so stormy picture really without rain extending down through into the iberian peninsula more snow across the alps southeastern parts who have been joining quite a weather fine enough inns there at one thousand degrees but still the cold air
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hanging on across parts of russia minus seven has a high in moscow now on the other side of the military for the most part is looking dry and fine we have got some showers like to push in across coastal parts of morocco during the course of friday and on into saturday but the southwest the flow it should be warm for algiers there at twenty five and pretty warm for tonight at twenty nine fine for cairo also for central parts of africa we have still some heavy showers across parts of kenya tanzania uganda seeing wanted to showers also liberals in some downpours but across much of west africa weather conditions are looking fine our current caliban seen sunshine highs are thirty two for southern areas it's fine across much of south africa twenty in capetown. capital the capital which makes a great if. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes in the interests. of protecting landscapes it's
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a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. they're going to remind of substories. a new version of the trans-pacific partnership agreement known as the t p p eleven has just been signed in chile without the us it will connect five hundred million people in economies collectively worth ten trillion dollars in the us president trump is expected to announce new tariffs on
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steel and aluminum imports in just over an hour. a new video has emerged from inside syria showing what appeared to be phosphorus problems being dropped on the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta. the u.s. extra state has warned african nations against surrendering their sovereignty to china in return for loans rex tillerson has been meeting with chairman of the african union in the theater in capital addis ababa as part of his first official visit to africa united states is the leading aid to africa but china supposed it as a trade partner in two thousand and nine. we are not in any way attempting to keep chinese investment dollars out of africa they're badly needed however we think it's important that african countries carefully consider the terms of those investments and we witness the model that the chinese follow follow. there
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they do not bring significant job creation locally they don't bring significant training programs that enable african citizens to participate more fully in the future and often times the financing models are structured in a way that the country when it gets into trouble financially loses control of its own infrastructure or its own resources through default. all russians for russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has criticized comments as inappropriate on his own african tour to strengthen ties on the continent this country is competing with china the e.u. and the u.s. for influence met zimbabwe's president. in harare hermie just reports. the last time sergei lavrov visited the mother was in twenty fourteen when robert mugabe was still president the plan was to build a platinum plant with an estimated four billion dollars but the deal stalled the
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country's new leader is under pressure to create jobs his administration needs to attract foreign direct investment to turn around the struggling economy it used to desire. that we can. benefit all related knowledge was the russians are quite competent in that we can also develop in terms of upgrading through the. example you have just asked so that we can industrialized. and then create value in what we do russia's platinum project is one of the biggest investments in the country since one nine hundred eighty zimbabwe has a second largest known deposits of platinum after south africa president gives his support to prison or zimbabwe in force to stop the lies the internet political situation in the country in a consolidating society as well is developing a comprehensive in multi-faceted cooperation with countries that are willing to help zimbabwe in addressing its problems. but russia is the galimore traded
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economic interaction with countries in africa is less than other trading partners the calling of russia's relations with the waste and sanctions against moscow has forced it to look for new partners in africa is competing with china the e.u. and some arab gulf states after sanctions were imposed nearly twenty years ago to be says some western countries stop supplying military equipment technical and. support to zimbabwe russia says it doesn't interfere in domestic politics russia's politicians and investors seem eager to strengthen the interests as the battle for africa's resources intensify. al-jazeera. women have been rallying across the world to mark international women's day these are the scenes in madrid there been unprecedented demonstrations across spain thousands of women take to the streets to defend their rights and king for gender equality it's estimated more than five million people have observed
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a twenty four hour strike. hundreds of women have been gathering at turkey's border with syria to raise the plight of syrian women after years of civil war organizers of the protest say more than six thousand women a currently being held in prisons in syria and some are being subjected to torture and rape scene and possibly reports from istanbul. it's an all women can watch dozens of buses carrying women activists have been under rules for two days from istanbul to hot site on the turkish syrian border the organizers of the so-called comes to school or want to remind the world of syria's forgotten women who have suffered dire conditions and syrian regime prisons and been tortured since the war began in two thousand and eleven lawyer demand musar sees the conditions violate not only international law but also syrian law
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absolutely no rights and a lot of times the families have some sort of idea where they are but for the most part they don't know which security branch they are imprisoned in or which present and for many they are forcibly disappeared which means we don't even know if they're actually detained in the prison or they have been taken hostage according to the organizers of the cold war more than six thousand seven hundred women are currently in jail at these five hundred thousand people have lost their lives in syria during the seven year conflict the british based syrian observatory for human rights says more than nine thousand were women and at least ten thousand were children thirty one year old nurul who jersey was tortured for several weeks the police in the massacres arrested her because she was an activist in two thousand and twelve she is one of the convoys leaders for thought of the.
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rule i haven't repeatedly beaten during interrogations they did. everything including electrocution they also humiliated us and tortured us the worst moment was when i officer ordered other soldiers to rape me if i don't talk for me there was always the threat for some other girls they weren't so lucky. women in this convoy are from different religious and ethnic groups they aim to create international awareness about the violations and crimes committed against the women in syrian prisons it is the least they can do on an international women's day for them and for their children no one here is expecting president bashar assad to be watching but what they are demanding is that the international community puts more pressure on his government to act at the doorstep of syria these women call out to those in prison beyond the border we are coming to save you see them al-jazeera stumble three members of the maldives main opposition party have been arrested they
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were taken into custody after police raided the mall devean democratic party's office of police reportedly refused to disclose their charges and said the arrests were made under the state of emergency declared last month president of do you mean granted sweeping powers to the police to investigate a suspected coup after top court released nine political prisoners votes are being counted in sierra leone's presidential election sixteen candidates have been vying for the top job but none is expected to receive the fifty five percent needed to win outright managers has more now from freetown. vote tallying at this data center for the national election commission has been going on smoothly according to officials at the what you see here the results of the vote counted in polling stations across that in the old they'll be brought here and sorted and immediately they are sorted then they'll be passed on to certain members of staff
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to individual members who will be looking at those and of course cross checking whether that i address the detail they correlate here will be passed on to another set of election commission workers. and there are two staff actually who would be assigned to different computers and each one will be imputing the results or the data obtained from each of the polling stations and the reason for doing that is that if there is any may day that i don't fly will come up and then what they do here finally at the end of the day well before a bigger database that will be analyzed by election officials finally before the results announced by the national election commission. the mood on the streets of freetown and other major television set is in sierra leone is that of expectations they're not someone zite is by the way one politician started asking their
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supporters to go out on the street to start celebrating even before the announcement by the national electoral commission how about people very cautious of what is coming out and for the next one or two days their attention will be on the national election commission to hear what was the outcome of this court having a president after the first round or they should be prepared for a second round of voting. and the military cargo plane is violated space. a plane was flying from abu dhabi to kuwait on sunday when it entered cattery a space without authorization for seven minutes the aircraft was intercepted by cattery fighter jets which tried to establish communication with the pilot of the u.a.e. plane but there was no response this is the third time the u.a.e. has breached country air space within four months the u.a.e. is one of the four countries that cut ties with qatar last june u.k.
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police say twenty one people are being treated as a result of a poison attack on a former russian double agent sixty six year old sergei scriptural and his daughter remain in a critical but stable condition after being found unconscious on sunday a police officer also harmed by the rare nerve agent is still in a serious condition britain's home secretary has vowed to pursue whoever is responsible thanks for your business and environmental leaders from around the world are gathering in mexico for the world oceans summit the aim is to come up with ways to use maritime resources sustainably but it's on home and reports the location of the meeting itself is a cautionary tale of financial gains trumping environmental concerns. for the delegates gathering to discuss how best to save the seas in the world ocean summit is a textbook example of what not to do in the very town that they flew into cancun it
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attracted seven million international visitors just last year but financial success has meant to buy and the thing the principles of sustainability at the summit is trying hard to promote. also changing the way the territory west conformed into a touristic area really brought lots of problems because for example we started to lose these natural barriers for the natural he says there's not only the coral reefs but also the mangroves and what do you do this transformation you cannot go back easily. mangroves have been ripped out to make way for development it reflects a global trend more than thirty percent of the unique trees crucial for storing carbon dioxide have been destroyed worldwide cancun's lagoon and seas have been polluted that together with global warming has damaged the mess where american reefs the largest in the western hemisphere worldwide over three quarters of reefs are under threat cancun is like holding up
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a mirror to the world or what happens when urban development tourism explode largely unrestricted by authorities it might look good for now but environmentalist say that here and elsewhere time is running out. but just as globally here there's a local fight back going on this project is one of several farming coral to replenish the damaged reef one piece at a time it's the key to the ocean ecosystem that's had a sea face reefs and corals generates so many habitats for fish mollusks quest haitians it's as if they were an all races in the desert warfare or fishing corporate is working with authorities and n.g.o.s are enforcing no catch sones the fishermen themselves monitor the protected areas and have seen biomass go up by more than four hundred percent you know this is the work or if we didn't do this now we'd only be thinking a short little be here now would disappear are fairly wealthy but the state
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government long lacks in holding hotel years and developers to account says it's also now on board you know you can put on these so there is a serious commitment from the government to focus on the environment because. he recognizes that tourism attends a natural resources if we exhaust them tourism is spanish to. this word for now but it's a local vision in line with the yangs of this global summit united effort business leaders conservationists and government before it's too late. and a quick reminder you can catch up any time by checking out our website address that al-jazeera dot com. recap the headlines around is there a new trans-pacific partnership trade deal has been signed in chile without the united states remaining eleven t p p a nation's have agreed a partnership connecting five hundred million people in economies collectively
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worth over ten trillion dollars it's the world's third largest trade agreement keep. its historic achievement create. i was a twenty first century in asia but street greed. i read today to make the most effort to expedience experience just entry into force and to seuss implementation of this agreement. in the united states the moves towards protectionism and just over an hour president trump will announce new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum china is among the nations who say they will take retaliatory action new video has emerged from inside syria showing what appear to be phosphorous bombs being dropped on the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta activists say they were
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dropped on a residential area in the town of how area. anti muslim violence is continuing in central for lanka despite the government imposing a curfew and deploying hundreds of soldiers to candy riots there have killed at least three people and damaged more than two hundred muslim owned businesses but he say they've now arrested ten people connected to the violence including the suspected leader the u.s. secretary of state has warned african nations against surrendering their sovereignty to china in return for loans rex tillerson has been meeting with chairman of the african union in the ethiopian capital addis ababa as part of his first official visit to africa women have been running across the world to mark international women's day these are the scenes in madrid they have been unprecedented demonstrations across spain thousands of women taking to the streets and going on strike to defend their rights and call for gender equality. that's all
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for now coming next on international women's day the stream looks at the challenges facing women in journalism on the back seat and buy from. my end of the arena back when i return with faith from them then i am in the frame . i am for me ok on this international women's day we're looking at female journalists on the front lines of journalism stay with us you're live in the stream and on you cheap. so joining the stream today at a stay.


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