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on the other hand gord's can move freely as far and as much as they want it's multinational colonialism this is a v i'm not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the moment europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. steel is steel you don't have steel you don't have a country. president trump defies warnings of a trade war and opposes tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in the u.s. . this is down to zero live from london also coming up in chile eleven countries sign
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a new transpacific trade deal without the united states. the syrian government is accused of extreme tactics and is on bottom interest and future with claims it's carrying out chlorine and forced first bomb attacks. five million women joined a twenty four hour strike in spain as international women's day is marked around the world. hello president donald trump has officially imposed controversial tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the united states imports of steel will now be charged to twenty five percent and a minium at ten percent comes into force in fifteen days' time but there are exemptions at least initially for neighbors canada and mexico on thursday the trans-pacific partnership trade deal was also signed in chile without the us trying
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to pull us out of the tepee just three days out of becoming president donald trump gave the trade sanctions final approval at a ceremony at the white house while surrounded by steelworkers he said it was his duty to address the aggressive foreign trade which amounted to an assault on the united states but he said the u.s. would show flexibility and cooperation with friendly countries possibly removing tariffs for individual nations we have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are really friends of ours. both on a trade basis at a military versus a strong steel it aluminum industry are vital to our national security absolutely vital steel is steel you don't have steel you don't have a country our industries have been targeted for years and years and decades in
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fact by unfair foreign trade practices leading to the shuttered plants and mills the laying off of millions of workers and the decimation of entire communities and that's going to stop. me an outpouring of global disapproval of the tariffs announced by the white house but in the u.s. industrial heartland as you might expect there's jubilation this is what steel workers and there's a left of u.s. politics have been wanting as the country's industrial base has with it she had the times he has this report. when we when we had burning in steel back that message hope to donald trump become the first republican presidential candidate since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight to take pennsylvania but just a few weeks ago at this union who in the state's mohmed valley steelworkers told us trump's lack of action suggested he was no different to all the other politicians who promised them protection were still flatline like not
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a mean since the election i'm all sorted he believes in another day and you know money but money for money for now for the top. that's what i see and now trump has delivered and there's widespread opposition to the tariffs in washington on wall street and among the u.s. as trading partners there is relief elsewhere unions and progressives have long said the u.s. needs to decide whether to fight unfair international trading practices and save the u.s. industrial base and the service industries that supply it from extinction you've got to start someplace if we allow our manufacturing industries to be just stolen by other countries we're going to at the end of the beach day be left with an economy of hamburger flippers. when george w. bush imposed steel tariffs in two thousand and two the economic cost was negligible according to u.s. government study a loss of some thirty million dollars
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a year and thousands of steel jobs did return but there were also job losses in other industries those calling for a rebalancing of international trade now except this but all guitarists just a starting point in negotiations which will have wider benefits over time these trade balances or are threatening to destabilize not just steal momentum but in fact broad sectors of the economy not just in the us but in our countries as well areas like the moaned valley risk becoming yet another u.s. industrial waste land without support and no one really knows why don't all trump decided to ignore his corporate backers who up until now have been very satisfied with their huge tax windfalls and the scaling back of regulation or whether he's truly committed to fighting for manufacturing workers and has a comprehensive plan to do sir but for now the president has kept a key campaign promise that helped him secure the white house she habitants the al-jazeera john hendren joins us live from washington d.c.
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as are already some reaction and some unfavorable reaction especially within his own republican party. that's right people on the far left have long called for protection for the manufacturing industry here in the u.s. but right now most of the reaction on capitol hill has been pretty negative a democratic senator from illinois dick durban said it was like dropping a bomb on a fleet and jeff flake a republican from arizona who's often been a critic of trump said if this comes out as trump has outlined it in fifteen days when the administration rolls out its plan he will offer a bill on capitol hill to nullify this trade deal it's very upsetting to free traders and among them has been gary cohn the top economic adviser for president trump who announced his resignation recently and it is rumored that he did so because of this deal at least in part so a number of these free traders here in the u.s. they agree that this is an industry that's particularly vulnerable ninety percent
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of steel in the u.s. is imported china has an overcapacity situation they accuse china of dumping steel on the market at cheap prices but the problem is they're concerned about a trade war that could start as a result of this so it's been largely opposed by the free traders here in the u.s. but for trump this is been a matter of fulfilling a campaign promise he has been consistent in saying he was going to bring back manufacturing jobs and in particular steel jobs and as you heard in shihab story there it was those states as manufacturing states that often vote for democrats that allowed to cross over and it really helped make him president and you mention the possibility of a trade war europe already saying before this even happened that they might hit back how concerned are americans that this might spread to other areas and actually causing more damage than good. very concerned europe has already thought about going about retaliating about putting taxes on things like levi's jeans
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bourbon iconic american products in retaliation and they've talked about doing it in the states that really matter to republicans states like florida states like pennsylvania the states that helped trump win this election so that could be a significant problem if a trade war begins that would hit the u.s. economy significantly there are tens of thousands of jobs in the steel industry here in the u.s. but there are hundreds of thousands of jobs in related manufacturing industries that use a fair amount of steel the auto industry and others and those industries would have significantly higher costs so most free trading analysts here in the u.s. say the net in the end would be a major loss for manufacturers here in the u.s. that the number of jobs would tend to be lost if there were a trade war and that is what has people here and around the world concerned john hundred thank you very much for the u.s.
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is pursuing a protectionist approach levon asia pacific nations have signed a trade deal in chile a trans-pacific partnership deal will span a market of nearly five hundred million people and amount to thirteen percent of the global economy japan's economic minutes to hail the deal. keep. is a historic achievement created. i was a twenty first century asia street grieve. over the many seuss i read today to make the most effort to expand the experiences and dream to force and to seuss. of disagreement. was sexist we could attract a number of countries and economies to this how you stand and we're monster remember. our head. on latin america and it induced in human as more from
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santiago well nobody believed it could happen but the comprehensive and progressive transpacific partnership is now signed a very very long name for a much shorter trade deal which now brings together three asian pacific nations minus the united states it was going to be twelve countries but the united states as we know pulled out three days after president donald trump took office now for a commerce and foreign ministers gathered here say that this is an antidote to washington's increased protectionist policies and in fact the timing of this deal that was signed just one day after the european union and the i.m.f. one president donald trump that he is on the verge of unleashing a trade war if he insists on making good on his promise to impose duties on steel and on aluminum imports into the united states stay in south america for more reaction to those u.s. tariffs john holdren is in cancun and he's been speaking to the mexican president john what did he say. well president mary kay pena nieto was
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quietly pleased we grabbed him in a spare moment the oceans summit where we are at now and he said that really dis was about a harmonious relationship between the three countries mexico the united states and canada that make up the nafta trading zone that's the north american free trade agreement zone and he said he was looking forward to construct to building with the united states and canada in the future so he was quietly pleased but obviously this comes with an asterisk this this agreement to exempt or this decision to exempt makes current canada from the terrace because it's all about how the negotiations on nafta going forward at the moment they're progressing very slowly mexico and canada say that's because the united states is looking to get a lot of them for the agreement that doesn't really benefit them so what president trump is of ministration is saying that they will hold off from the terrorists
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while those negotiations go on and see how much they can get he's using this is a bargaining chip so we've yet to see how that will play out so if they don't manage to do the deal if the terrorists have to go ahead in the end it makes it isn't exempt what what would it mean for mexico. well from its current steel an aluminum producers obviously would have a big impact mexico is the fourth biggest importer exporter of still sorry to the united states so for those it would have an impact and those steel or aluminum producers were already calling for tit for tat tariffs if this didn't go through the economists that i was talking to said that that wouldn't really be helpful for mexico a tool to get caught in those retaliates or retaliate three terrorists to the united states that it was better off just letting them this ride and one of them was one of the original negotiations for the nafta agreements but the real question here for mexico is how much is nafta worth is it worth giving the united states as much
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as they want to avoid those deals and other minium tariffs or is it best just to do away with the down home and live in cancun for us thank you. still to come on the program the u.s. secretary of state warns african nations against surrendering their sovereignty to china in return for loans. more attacks against the muslim community in sri lanka the government is forced to reimpose a curfew. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the strait here is still looking very sharia across parts of northern territory through into queensland that's where we've got a southerly flow giving conditions for cities looking pretty warm for melbourne and across western australia we've still got thirty warmer for perth there at twenty
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six degrees celsius but you'll notice some showers for alice springs those showers pushing a bit further towards the west of the following twenty four hours but still for these northern areas the risk isn't really quite big storms so as you move across into new zealand to seen some pretty big storms affecting the north island over the last twenty four hours or so i'm still a chance of a few showers here the south island certainly seen better weather hisor fifteen degrees in christchurch but it is drawing and it should say largely find here in the course of such a day but we've got this tropical cycle whoa the remnants of it moving down from the north and in the coming days we'll see more the way of cloud and rain affecting the north island of new zealand so we'll keep you updated on that one as a heads up into northeastern parts of asia are going to react to a weather system moving across japan some really heavy rain spreading east was just in the course of friday so a space of really heavy rain if you're in tokyo some heavy rain and the turning to snow across northern part of a kind of model across the korean peninsula with highs of nine in seoul.
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as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being bought sold and given away in refugee camps one used to best the gates yet another dark side of the crisis at this time on al-jazeera the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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one of the top stories when i was there president donald trump has officially imposed controversial tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the united states imports of steel will not be charged at twenty five percent and aluminum at ten percent. a new version of the transpacific partnership agreement known as the p.p. eleven has been signed in chile after languishing for more than a year after the u.s. withdrew connect five hundred million people in economies worth ten trillion dollars. chilling new video has emerged from inside syria showing what appeared to be phosphorous bombs being dropped on the rebel held enclave of east and go to activists say they were dropped on a residential area in the town of how morea the bombs start fires where they land and cause excruciating burns if contact is made with the skin. activists have also posted video showing what looks like a chlorine gas attack syrian government forces are pursuing a relentless offensive against the rebel stronghold they're now on the verge of
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cutting the territory into two isolated pockets so hard is following developments from neighboring lebanon. the assault on eastern who is intensifying pro-government forces have pushed deep inside the besieged enclave rebels are finding it increasingly difficult to hold their ground there has been heavy shelling extreme levels of bombardment to help ground troops. even civilians are not. over nine hundred people have been killed in nearly three weeks of what many describe as one if not the fiercest military campaigns of the searing war. medical workers reported yet another chlorine gas attack the government denied the claims and blamed what it called desperate rebels for distorting facts but videos appear to show victims struggling to day and i was. most.
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used. just the bombs. situation because it's like two thousand and thirteen when. the remaining aid supplies that were not are floated on monday because of the shelling were supposed to reach the besieged population on thursday but according to the international committee of the red cross the conditions on the ground did not allow that. sources have told us that the russian government and the rebel factions in eastern who are holding the gauche ations over a withdrawal it may involve them one of the main rebel factions leaving two rebel controlled territories in the southern province of daraa the other main faction failing men will leave to areas under the control of turkey backed rebels in the north of the country elicia zero also understands that international humanitarian
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organizations are meeting to prepare for what could be a mass evacuation even though that is not what the hundreds of thousands of people in peace say they want. i swear by god i will never leave our country i'll stay here till death look at the structure in our own jewel they are asking for in countries to help them get rid of us this is inhumane and you are killing children and displacing people you are displacing the people of your own country. that has been part of the ceasefire deals reached in the past an effective surrender rebels their families and civilians who are either afraid of arrest or who don't want to return to government areas have little choice but to leave bussed out to other rebel controlled areas that is what the pro-government alliance wants to happen in eastern huta it's the deal on the table if it's not accepted it has made it clear it will push for an all out military
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victory. meanwhile turkish soldiers working with the free syrian army have captured a strategically important town in northern syria the town of generis was held by the u.s. backed y p g fighters who are promising to fight off the turkish assault an official reports from the turkish syrian border. the final assault began just before nightfall on wednesday. less than twelve hours later the free syrian army backed by the turks entered the city of jenin that its. doctors treated those caught up in the fighting some too young to fully understand why they were in pain. some too late to help the taking of a strategically important for the free syrian army and also the targets to give them control of the higher ground and also give them control of one of the main roads towards afrin city itself the final target speaking in vienna turkey's
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foreign minister said the operation against the kudus militia the y p g called all of branch should end by me the question whether now that we have passed the critical stage use mountainous areas or captured the border control is sustained we are moving towards africa of course when we get to a friend we have to be even more careful to avoid civilian casualties our aim our target is the terrorists we are more sensitive compared to anyone else when it comes to humanitarian aid and civilians dinda this is the biggest turn that has fallen to the f.s.a. backed by the turks since this operation was launched in january but before they can even consider moving on from here they have to take complete control of genderless first. today first we targeted the town of ginger us by artillery shells and took full control of the town from like e.g. fighters we've captured and killed a few of their members and one of their fighters blew himself up to spite the bravado they may not have complete control yet sporadic fighting is reported to be
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continuing in the tyrant the battle for free in may not be as quick or the straightforward the cards are moving seven hundred fighters across the country away from the battle against eisel on to the front lines for the coming assault alan fischer al jazeera on the turkey syria border. u.k. police say twenty one people are being treated as a result of the poison attack on a former russian double agent sixty six year old sergei scrip arland his daughter remain in a critical but stable condition after being found unconscious on sunday a police officer also harmed by the rare nerve agent is still in a serious condition britain's home secretary has vowed to pursue whoever is responsible and under the court has been shown security footage of the moment a huge fireball exploded in a packed train carriage panicked commuters can be seen fleeing from the flames a parson's green tube station is in west london in september last year eighteen
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year old ahmed hassan is on trial accused of planting a bomb which will force he say didn't fully detonate security footage shows him buying matches and batteries allegedly used to make the device has and has pleaded not guilty the a six year state has warned african nations against surrendering their sovereignty to china in return for loans rex tillerson has been meeting with chairman of the african union in the theo p. and capital at a suburb or as part of his first official visit to africa the united states is the leading aid donor to africa but china us a passed it as a trade partner in two thousand and nine. we are not in any way attempting to keep chinese investment dollars out of africa they're badly needed however we think it's important that african countries carefully consider the terms of those investments and we witness the model that the chinese follow follow. their lead they do not bring significant job creation locally they don't bring
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significant training programs that enable african citizens to participate more fully in the future and often times the financing models are structured in a way that the country when it gets into trouble financially loses control of its own infrastructure or its own resources through default. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has criticized innocense comments as inappropriate or offers on his own african tour hoping to strengthen ties on the continent this country is competing with china the e.u. and the u.s. for influence. zimbabwe's president. in harare in which us are reports. the last time sergei lavrov visited the mother was in twenty fourteen when robert mugabe was still president the plan was to build a platinum plant with an estimated four billion dollars but the deal stalled the country's new leader is under pressure to create jobs his administration needs to
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attract foreign direct investment to turn around the struggling economy it used to desire. that we can. benefit our only technology was the russians are quite competent in that we can also develop in terms of upgrading through the. example you have just asked so that we can invest realized value and then create value in what we do russia's platinum project is one of the biggest investments in the country since one nine hundred eighty has a second largest known deposits of platinum after south africa president gives his support to prison or zimbabwe in force to stop the lies the internet political situation in the country in a consolidating society as well is developing a comprehensive in multifaceted cooperation with countries that are willing to help zimbabwe you know addressing its problems. but russia's volume of trade economic
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interaction with countries in africa is less than other trading partners the cooling of russia's relations with the waste and sanctions against moscow have forced it to look for new partners in africa is competing with china the e.u. and some arab gulf states after sanctions were imposed nearly twenty years ago for less human rights abuses some western countries stop supplying military equipment technical and agricultural support to zimbabwe russia says it doesn't interfere in domestic politics russia's politicians and investors seem eager to strengthen their interests as the battle for africa's resources intensifies. al-jazeera. anti muslim violence is continuing in central sri lanka despite the government imposing a curfew and deploying hundreds of soldiers to candy riots there have killed at least three people and damaged more than two hundred muslim owned businesses but he say they've now arrested ten people connected to the violence including the suspected leader from candy bennett's misreports. a muslim
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business owners here don't need to take to tell them who's destroying their shops and homes. nationalist groups have again been exploiting long simmering resentment among some ethnic sinhalese who think muslims dominate the economy. this is my country i born here going to die here. i'm three long time after that. there is nothing worth including today but i am. proud of my three month. using social media rumors of alleged muslim wrongdoing spread fast and regroup quickly for before the mob came through the military and the police told the muslims living here to get out so they did when they came home and it was all over i came back to this or many of the people living here have told us that they have been left with the impression however right or wrong the security forces
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weren't interested in looking after their property the local police chief tells us they did everything they could. the government to send troops imposed a curfew and cut access to social media with the coalition administration led by prime minister rana wickramasinghe is politically weak and some have accused it of not doing enough to tackle rising nationalist it's very difficult these are going to be questioned to answer because of the emotions involved it's very easy to for somebody to give me that. that idea and something in me and then and get my emotions run riot in me maybe in the future there may be things that we. and do better so. it's a topic that we have to discuss in the future. three quarters of shoreline because population is sinhalese and overwhelmingly poorest but nationalist promoted long held fears that the character of the island is under threat first from british colonialism then there was a twenty six year civil war with tamils now it's muslims and they are destroying up
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all the sites and we definitely cannot stand by sinhalese as but this and watch as that is happening. one or two temples have been targeted but most victims of the violence are muslim the region of candy is vital to sri lanka's multi-billion dollar tourist industry but it's on the curfew once again but it's made out of syria camp. three members of the more deaves main opposition party have been arrested they were taken into custody after police raided the more deviant democratic party's office but he's reportedly refused to disclose their charges and said the arrests were made under the state of emergency declared last month president abdoulaye you mean granted sweeping powers to the police to investigate a suspected coup after the top court released nine political prisoners women have been rallying across the world to mark international women's day hundreds of been gathering at turkey's border with syria to raise the plight of
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syrian women after years of civil war organizers of the protest say more than six thousand women are currently being held in prisons in syria and some are being subjected to torture and rape and these were the scenes in madrid they have been unprecedented demonstrations across spain thousands of women taking to the streets to defend their rights and call for gender equality it's estimated that more than five million people have observed the twenty four hour strike across spain. the mind of the day's top stories president donald trump has officially imposed controversial tariffs on steel and aluminum imports into the united states imports of steel now be charged at twenty five percent and aluminum at ten percent trump
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gave the trade sanctions final approval at a ceremony at the white house surrounded by steelworkers he said it was his duty to address the aggressive foreign trade which amounted to an assault on the united states we have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are really friends of ours both on a trade basis at a military versus a strong steel little man i'm industry are vital to our national security absolutely vital steel is steel you don't have steel you don't have a country a new trans-pacific partnership trade deal has been signed in chile without the united states remaining eleven nations have agreed to partnership connecting five hundred million people in economies collectively worth more than ten trillion dollars is the world's third largest trade agreement new video has emerged from
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inside syria showing what appeared to be phosphorus bombs being dropped on the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta activists say they were dropped on a residential area in the town of how maria syrian government forces have been pursuing a relentless offensive against the rebel stronghold u.k. police say twenty one people are being treated as a result of a poison attack on a former russian double agent sixty six year old and his daughter remain in a critical but stable condition after being found unconscious on sunday a police officer also harmed by the renovation and is still in a serious condition. yes extra state has warned african nations against surrendering their sovereignty to china in return for loans rex tillerson has been meeting with chairman of the african union in the theatre in capital addis ababa as part of his first official visit to africa the united states is the leading aid donor to africa but china s├ębastien it as a trade partner in two thousand and nine so for now what i wanted east is up next
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thanks very much watching. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape over your. hundreds of thousands of real hinge are muslims.


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